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wcfisht.jpg (54408 bytes) My name is Tony DeLia. I'm a technical consultant with AnswerThink Consulting Group's PeopleSoft Solutions Practice (formerly Delphi Partners). The purpose of this site is to provide SQR information and some pictures I created which are mostly of undersea life (the theme of the site). Sign my Guestbook here.
   Essential Guide to PeopleSoft Development and Customization
cover150z.jpg (9815 bytes) By Tony DeLia,
     Galina Landres,
     Isidor Rivera and
     Prakash Sankaran...

     Manning Publications...  More details to follow...

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   SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications - a.k.a. the SQR "Bible"
cover150.jpg (8798 bytes) SQR in Peoplesoft and Other Applications

by Galina and Vlad Landres - Manning Publications

Order a copy online at AMAZON.COM

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   SQR User's Group
The SQR User's Group is an excellent site designed to facilitate the open exchange of ideas amongst SQR Users. Membership is free. Questions and solutions may be posted through a mailing list to the online bulletin board. A search feature may be used to find information in the current or archived list. This is a great site and the developers should be highly commended!


   SQR Utilities
SQR Analyzer

Use this utility to analyze SQR source code. Several functions are performed which include the creation of one stand-alone source file with nested includes expanded, a report listing each procedure and called sub-routine, and finally an indented process flowchart of the SQR execution path.

pg008.jpg (50690 bytes) You may be wondering what some of these illustrations have to do with SQR. Creating a web-site can be pretty boring. This makes it a little more interesting for me. I drew this with my trusty crayola crayons on the flight back from our honeymoon. At least there's sentimental value attached!
Application Engine Analyzer

This useful utility is similar to SQR Analyzer. The user is prompted for the A/E program and the analysis begins. First a listing of the Cache record is produced, then each step is printed with all of its' attributes. An indented process flowchart is then generated illustrating the execution path of the process.

   Custom SQR Function Library - "NEW Feature"
pntigerHs.jpg (7680 bytes) I created a custom function library (TDFUNC.SQC) that contains various routines for string handling, data manipulation, comparison and more... Visit often as this library will be updated periodically... Suggestions for new functions are encouraged... Click on the tiger head to check it out!
   SQR Techniques (Here's some samples)
ftklr01.jpg (8857 bytes) Sorting Arrays - Click on the Killer Whale to view several sort algorithms. Bubble, Insertion, Short and the recursive QuickSort are demonstrated.
ftshk01.jpg (9239 bytes) Searching Arrays - Click on the Shark to view array search techniques. Two forms of binary searches are demonstrated along with the standard linear search.
fttur01.jpg (11924 bytes) File I/O Validation Prompts - Click on the Sea Turtle for a sample file validation routine. I use this for all programs requiring file input/output prompts.
   SQR Tree by Wayne Ivory
tree01.jpg (37810 bytes) One of the SQR User Group members, Wayne Ivory, has created a GUI Windows-Based version similar to my SQR Analyzer. It is written in Visual Basic and is very nicely done. Click on my 'Tree' creation to the left for more information including some previews and where to register.
   "Zoo Animals" Collection
Zalligator.jpg (24179 bytes) Scattered about on this site you'll also find samples of my original "Zoo Animals" collection... part of a 100 page sketchbook I'm creating for my daughter... this is definitely a long term project! Already completed: Alligators, Lions, Grizzlies, Pandas, Flamingos, Koalas, Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants, Giraffes, Anteaters, Hippos, Sloths, Monkeys, Moose, Polar Bear, etc... there's even a Platypus!
ftoct01.jpg (12389 bytes) I would appreciate any feedback you may have on this site. Send mail to tdelia@erols.com or click on the Octopus.
   AnswerThink Consulting Group
ftbrd01.jpg (11221 bytes) If you're 'nosey' about AnswerThink Consulting just click on the Toucan! We provide knowledge-based consulting and technology solutions and are becoming recognized as a leader in the consulting industry.      http://www.answerthink.com
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   In case you didn't come through the 'Welcome Page'...

   Thanks for the feedback!
sharkc.gif (10420 bytes) Thanks to all who've sent feedback on this site... even just to say they like my pictures! I appreciate it... special thanks to Robert Thomas for the animated shark gifs... more at end of page... great stuff!

   Latest Updates... Use Hyperlinks for quick access...
07/21/2001 - TDAUDIT.SQR - PSAUDIT Analyzer (Utilities)
02/08/2001 - SQR Send Mail for Windows (BLAT) (Techniques/Functions)
12/29/2000 - Happy Holidays (Non-Technical) - Holiday Cutouts & Mario...
12/15/2000 - COMP-3 handling (READ/WRITE/PACK) (Functions)
12/15/2000 - Revision SELECT/INSERT generator (improved SubRecord)
12/07/2000 - BIT-Func (XOR/AND/OR) Simulate Bit Operations.
12/07/2000 - Non-Technical Stuff - "Stupid Magic Card Trick" (About Me)
11/09/2000 - NL-Func - Numeric to Literal Translation (Pay Check Printing)
10/05/2000 - PARSE-Func (Put/Get) - Sample creates XML output.
10/04/2000 - Please take a moment to sign my Guestbook.
09/25/2000 - Our book was released! Thanks for your patience! Click the link!
07/15/2000 - Preview of 'Essential Guide to PS...' - Download PDF Files!
06/04/2000 - STRIP-Func - Strip Characters from String (Functions)
06/03/2000 - REPL-Func - Replace String Characters (Functions)
06/03/2000 - INSTR-Func - Bi-Directional! More artwork! (Functions)
04/11/2000 - Links page Update (New Art Links Section started)
04/11/2000 - TDFUNC.SQC Custom Function Library Update (Functions)
04/11/2000 - More Powerful SQL*Engine Directives/Parameters (Utilities)
03/10/2000 - INI-Func - INI Files / Windows Registry Access (Functions)
03/05/2000 - LIKE-Func - Simulates Oracle LIKE Operator (Functions)
03/03/2000 - NXT-Func - Increment Any String (Functions)
03/02/2000 - Custom SQR Function Library TDFUNC.SQC (Techniques)
02/27/2000 - Creating Oracle User-Defined Functions (Techniques)
02/12/2000 - Tree Node Re-Numbering Utility (Alternative to PTUGAPTR)
02/12/2000 - Tree Node Listing Utility (Utilities)
02/08/2000 - PeopleSoft/SQR Books (including Essential Guide to PS...)
02/02/2000 - Project Object Listing / Extract (Utilities)
01/02/2000 - Happy New Year! SQL*Engine @SET/@SCRIPT Sample
12/31/1999 - More SQL*Engine Directives (@SET/@SCRIPT)
12/18/1999 - SQL*Engine - Dynamic SQL Script Processor (Utilities)
10/31/1999 - Reading Comma-Delimited Files (Techniques)
10/31/1999 - SQR SELECT/INSERT Procedure Generator (Utilities)
09/16/1999 - Rounding Methods added to TDINCR.SQC (Up, Down, Round).
08/19/1999 - Dinosaurs, Disassembler, & an SQR unpack routine (Techniques)...
08/01/1999 - Supervisor Analyzer... and a "Forest Lake" (Utilities)
07/22/1999 - More of Devon, TJ and Weenie (About Me)
07/22/1999 - More Routines... and another "Rain Forest" (Techniques)
07/15/1999 - Simple SQR Routines... and a "Rain Forest" (Techniques)
07/11/1999 - A/E Analyzer Update (DB2 support, A/E 6.0 support also)
07/08/1999 - Pets Section added (About Me) See Devon, TJ and Weenie
07/07/1999 - Links Section Updated (About Me)
07/07/1999 - I finally updated my resume (About Me)
06/17/1999 - COBOL Analyzer added
06/02/1999 - Mainframe Signed Number Conversion (Techniques)
06/02/1999 - Duck Soup sketch (Utilities)
05/23/1999 - Incremental Rounding Technique (TDINCR.SQC)
05/21/1999 - COBOL Call Structure Analyzer added
05/15/1999 - Application Engine Analyzer added (downloadable)

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