Happy Holidays



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   Happy Holidays... here's some holiday cutouts for the kids...
Christmas and Hanukkuh have passed... Now you'll find many shoppers clammoring around the malls picking up "holiday" ornaments and decorations at drastically reduced prices (50 to 75 percent off)... they'll pack them away and use them next year... here's some decorations I created for my niece when she was 2 years old (in 1994)... my sister let me scan them yesterday... I drew these then copied them onto construction paper and glued them together... they're still in pretty good shape (my sister takes really good care of them)... you can click on the images to reveal a full size copy... then print them and trace them onto construction paper (or even sheets of foam used on the octopus below)... glue them together and presto... home-made holiday decorations... the good news is you have almost a full year to make them!

   Click on the images for a full size... print to use as a pattern...
Qwinnie40.jpg (14159 bytes)
Qernie40.jpg (17754 bytes)
Qbert40.jpg (13300 bytes)
Qcookie40.jpg (15476 bytes)
Qelmo40.jpg (16851 bytes)

   Mario Lemieux returns - December 27, 2000
LemieuxJersey.jpg (14209 bytes) It's been an extra special holiday season for folks in Pittsburgh (and for all hockey fans around the world)!

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