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Tony DeLia

AnswerThink Consulting Group

PeopleSoft Solutions Practice


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   My Pets - Devon (Golden Retriever), TJ & Weenie (Cats)
dev002s.jpg (15129 bytes) Back by popular demand! Some people would rather see this than SQR info! Here's Devon and TJ... Weenie is hiding as usual... I'll be posting updates to this section regularly... complete with a progressive list of damages to our home... Our dog's cute but destructive! Click Here!!!
   More of my art work
pg012.jpg (31343 bytes) This is one of my favorite creations. Use the right mouse button to set as Wallpaper. It looks pretty good using tile format (that's just my opinion). Crayon is pretty underated as an art tool. Plus it's pretty easy to clean up afterward - unlike paints. I wish I had more time for this kind of stuff! It's been "real" busy!
   Interesting Links
mantid2.gif (48519 bytes) Visit the Bug Store!


Stock up on Praying Mantis Eggs for the Spring! My wife's not to thrilled with this little idea of mine!

   Beanie Babies - My wife LOVES these things! I've spent a fortune already!
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   On the stranger side...(doodles)...
bizz04.jpg (23501 bytes) Here's a few sketches I created during an extremely boring computer class in the early 80's. It helped keep my eyelids from slamming shut! I found these bundled together with all my notes from the class... I threw the notes out and kept the pictures! I paid about $800 for the semester - you will now see what I paid for!  They're really not all that strange... I just needed a good lead in to describe my friend Dave and his web-site. For those with weak stomachs turn back now! OR click here!
  HAPPY HOLIDAYS - December'2000
snowmen.jpg (18399 bytes) Click the Snowmen for some homemade holiday decorations... Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster... also... Mario returns to the ice!

ftoct01.jpg (12389 bytes) I would appreciate any feedback you may have on this site. Send mail to tdelia@erols.com or click on the Octopus.

Tony DeLia - Updated December 29, 2000

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