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   Magic Card Trick... Hours and Hours of Magical Fun!
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zizix_sm.jpg (2767 bytes) I'd like to introduce you to "Zizix"... he has amazing mental powers... at this time I'd like you to pick any one of the cards above... keep it to yourself (don't click on your card or say it loud enough for Zizix to hear)... when you're ready click on Zizix... he'll reshuffle the deck AND remove your card! This demonstrates the amazing power of Zizix!

More about Zizix on the following page (just click on Zizix above)... or click
on the "Magic II" button on the top of the page... if you don't pick a card then
Zizix will pick one for you (and subsequently remove it from the deck)...

WARNING - this page is extremely dumb... strictly comic relief...

ftoct01.jpg (12389 bytes) I would appreciate any feedback you may have on this site. Send mail to or click on the Octopus.

Tony DeLia - Updated December 7, 2000