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Oracle Online 8.x Library
Messages, Tuning, Administration, etc.
Reference Manuals for Everything!!!
ONLINE!!! A Handy Site!
BRIO Technology
Keep up with the latest news and product offerings from BRIO Technology.
SQR Users Group
Have an SQR Question? Subscribe and post to the list... Someone may have the answer you're looking for.
Galina and Vlad Landres' new site
Have a look... Updates coming...
Ray Ontko & Co (SQR Library)
Another guy that knows his stuff...
Sam Spritzer's Web Site
Another SQRUG contributor... he recently updated his site! He even added a link to my site! Thanks Sam! Stop by Sam's site for a visit...
This link is a no brainer... Good luck finding something you need on Customer Connection!
PeopleSoft Fans
Online user forum... bookstore... chat room... news... FAQ's... links... and other junk... strictly PeopleSoft...
Another online user forum... register online... create your own forums and chat rooms... Oh yeah... it's free...
SQR in PeopleSoft & Other Applications
by Galina & Vlad Landres (
Click here to buy this book right now! What are you waiting for? CLICK!!!
More Links to come...

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ittoolbox59.gif (2998 bytes) ITtoolbox Portal for PeopleSoft. Content, community, and service for PeopleSoft professionals. Providing technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more...

  More Interesting Links (Art Related)
Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Art
Photo realistic paintings and illustrations. Originals and limited edition prints available. FREE newsletter, banner exchange and affiliate program!
Created by artist and web designer Becky Kemp...
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   More great sites... (Fun / Educational)
Orcaanim.gif (2318 bytes) Enchanted Learning
Excellent site for kids! Animals, Dinosaurs, Fish, Insects... Crafts, Science, Math, Languages... emphasizes creativity and pure enjoyment of learning... OUTSTANDING!!!
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