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SQR Analyzer

Application Engine Analyzer

SQR Tree - Wayne Ivory

        New Additions:

COBOL Call Structure Analyzer

COBOL Analyzer

Supervisor Analyzer

SQR SELECT/INSERT Procedure Generator

SQL*Engine - Dynamic SQL Script Processor

Project Object Listing / Extract

Tree Node Listing Program

Tree Node Renumbering Program (alternative to PTUGAPTR.SQR)

PSAUDIT Analyzer

  NO Outrageous Claims accompany any of these or future utilities...
pnduck.jpg (56477 bytes) I've noticed other software vendors selling similar utilities. Some market their tools with outrageous claims such as monumental savings in project cost, increased performance and productivity, improved project turnaround, etc. All these claims are crap. All you need is a good set of eyeballs and a willingness to dig into the source code. No utility can ever replicate that. They try to give you the impression that all you have to do is soak up the sun once you use their utilities. In honor of these ridiculous claims I've posted my sketch of a duck relaxing in a bowl of soup... click on it for a better view.

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