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   COBOL Call Structure Analyzer
Use this utility to determine the Call Structure of the specified COBOL program. Each CALLed module is analyzed and drilled-down to the next CALL level. Procedural COPYBOOKs are also taken into account. This means any copybooks found after the 'PROCEDURE DIVISION' are evaluated as well (A CALL may be found in a procedural copybook).
ftfrg01.jpg (11462 bytes) Click on the Frog to download the COBOL Call Structure Analyzer program. Below you will find sample output and a description of the Call Structure Analyzer user prompts.
fttur01.jpg (11924 bytes) Click on the Turtle to download the TDFILIO.SQC file found in the TDCBL01 SQR.

   Phase 1 - Display Call Structure

  Program:  c:\fs600su\src\cbl\base\glpalloc.cbl
Level     Call Structure

    1        GLPALLOC
    2           FTPRUNID
    2           GLPANEXT
    2           GLPAUPDR
    2           GLPAUPDR <R>
    2           GLPAUPDR <R>
    2           GLPAPROC
    3              GLPASTEP
    4                 GLPALEDG
    4                 GLPARECF
    3              GLPAOUTR
    3              GLPAOUTR <R>
    3              GLPAOUTR <R>
    3              GLPAOUTR <R>
    3              GLPAPOOL
    4                 GLPASPAN
    4                 GLPATREE
    5                    FTPOPNTR
    3              GLPABSWK
    4                 GLPASPAN <R>
    4                 GLPATREE <R>
    4                 GLPAFYAP
    5                    GLPASPAN <R>
    4                 GLPAFYAP <R>
    3              GLPACALC
    4                 GLPAFYAP <R>
    4                 GLPABSSM
    4                 GLPABSSL
    4                 GLPAINWK
    4                 GLPACLOG
    4                 GLPAINWK <R>
    4                 GLPAINWK <R>
    4                 GLPACLOG <R>
    4                 GLPAINWK <R>
    3              GLPAOUTJ
    3              GLPAOUTP
    3              GLPAOUTJ <R>
    3              GLPAOUTP <R>
    3              GLPAUPDR <R>
    3              GLPJEDT2
    4                 GLPJRECF
    4                 GLPJRECF <R>
    4                 GLPJREQS

COBOL Call Structure Analyzer      by Tony DeLia

   User Prompts

Enter COBOL Program Path/Filename:

        Enter the COBOL program you wish to analyze.

Suppress repeated CALLS? (Y/N):

        Prevents redundant drill-down of repeated CALLed modules.

Exclude PTP modules? (Y/N):

        Prevents analysis of PeopleSoft utility modules.

Exclude PTPSQLRT Only? (Y/N):

        Prevents analysis of PTPSQLRT module only.

NOTE: Change TDCOBDIR directive to match the COBOL source path.

           (Used to find CALLed modules and procedural COPYBOOKS)

This utility is an early version of my full-blown COBOL Analyzer. The latest version not only drills down into each nested CALLed module but produces a Process Flowchart based on the execution path of each PERFORMed procedure. This is extremely helpful when analyzing complex programs such as PeopleSoft Payroll. The 'deluxe' version will be added sometime in the future.

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   Technical difficulties?
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Tony DeLia - Updated May 21, 1999