SQR Tree by Wayne Ivory
SQR Tree is a Windows application that allows the user to browse the procedure-call structure of an SQR program. SQRtree1.jpg (17242 bytes)
   Below is a preview of the SQR Tree Application
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   Information about SQR Tree
SQR Tree is shareware ($25 to register).

As stated in the SQR Users Group:

Please note that SQR Tree is a 32-bit program; you'll need Windows 95, 98, or NT to run it. You'll also need a program to uncompress the ZIP archive (PKUNZIP, WinUnZip, etc.).

There are plenty of options included with the latest release of SQR Tree that control the visual and printed representation of the SQR procedure calls.

To download the program go to the SQR Users Group Library Section (http://www.sqrug.com/ftp/sqrtree/). To register select Register from the Help menu. For further enquiries contact Wayne Ivory.



   Since we're talking about Trees
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I created this by cutting out tiny pieces of foam and glueing them onto a larger piece of foam. Pretty tedious work - I greatly underestimated the difficulty of this project. I knew once I started it was a big mistake. But I didn't give up and it is now hanging in my office. The ripple down the middle is due to scanning three seperate pieces and trying to combine them.

Tony DeLia - Updated April 16, 1999