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   Custom Function Library - Download TDFUNC.SQC
pntigerH.jpg (30351 bytes) On this page you'll find lots of custom functions I've created... some are variations on material already on this site (File I/O, Rounding, Parsing, etc)... others are new and stress the creative aspects of SQR development... Also... I drew the tiger last night... and I'm very happy with the outcome (he looks like my cat TJ)... Click on the tiger head to download the TDFUNC.SQC file (which contains all the functions)... You can see the full tiger drawing at the bottom of the page...

Some of the routines contained in TDFUNC.SQC are merely simulations of existing
SQR Functions. For example, PAD-Func is a reproduction of LPAD/RPAD and the
TRIM is a reproduction of LTRIM/RTRIM. While these may not be very useful
from a practical standpoint they are good demonstrations of custom functions.

There are very useful functions in TDFUNC.SQC that perform various string
handling and conversion tasks. You can find full documentation for each function
within the SQC source code. Visit this page often... new functions will be added
periodically... If you have an idea/suggestion for a new function please forward
it to (or click on the Octopus furthur below).

Some of the Functions listed below will be featured in another page... Click on the
hyperlink for highlights of the function which include usage, coding and samples...
plus I'll add more pictures (which may be my primary motivation for more pages).

Some functions contained in TDFUNC.SQC are variations or modified versions
of those found from sources such as the SQR User's Group... two in particular
are enhanced versions of routines posted by Ray Ontko (BASE-Func) and
Cherno Jagne (BOOL-Func)... visit for more useful material...

   TDFUNC.SQC - Current Contents
PAD-Func Pad String with Character (LPAD/RPAD)
TRIM-Func Trim Characters from String (LTRIM/RTRIM)
CF-Func Return Ceiling/Floor for Number (CEIL/FLOOR)
INSTR-Func Find Position in String (INSTR) Bi-Directional
LIKE-Func Simulate Oracle LIKE Function (pattern matching)
REPL-Func Replace Characters in String
XLT-Func Translate Characters in String
STRIP-Func Strip Characters from String
REV-Func Reverse Characters in String
CTR-Func Count Number of Occurances in String
NXT-Func Increment Alpha-Numeric String
NAME-Func Parse Name into Last/First (PeopleSoft Format)
UL-Func Upper/Lower Case String Conversion
NL-Func Numeric to String Literal Translation (Pay Checks)
NUM-Func Numeric Validation/Conversion
RND-Func Incremental Rounding
MON-Func Month Conversion (NUM to LIT / LIT to NUM)
JULI-Func Julian Date Conversion INBOUND
JULO-Func Julian Date Conversion OUTBOUND
READ-Func-Str Read String from File (1-Byte at a time)
READ-Func-Chr Read Character from File (1-Byte)
READ-Func-Pack Read Packed from File (1-Byte/time) (COMP-3 support)
READ-Func-Num Read Numeric from File (1-Byte) (COMP-3 support)
WRITE-Func-Str Write String to File (1-Byte at a time)
WRITE-Func-Chr Write Character to File (1-Byte)
WRITE-Func-Pack Write Packed to File (COMP-3 support)
WRITE-Func-Num Write Numeric to File (1-Byte) (COMP-3 support)
PACK-Func-Set Set Packed (Transform Numeric to COMP-3)
PACK-Func-Get Get Packed Byte (1-Byte at a time)
PACK-Func-Write Write Packed Data (Entire COMP-3 Field)
UNPK-Func Unpack String Variable (from Mainframe)
MFI-Func Mainframe Signed Number Conversion INBOUND
MFO-Func Mainframe Signed Number Conversion OUTBOUND
PARSE-Func-Put Parse Delimited Record (Put Fields into Array)
PARSE-Func-Get Parse Delimited Record (Get Field from Array)
IO-Func File INPUT/OUTPUT Prompts (and Validation)
ORA-Func Parse ORACLE Error Code from SQL Error String
PSNAME-Func PeopleSoft Name Validation (Mimic Online Edit)
BIT-Func Simulate Bit Operations (XOR, AND and OR)
BOOL-Func Numeric Boolean Operations (XOR, AND and OR)
BASE-Func Convert Numeric TO/FROM Base System String
INI-Func-New INI Matrix Init - For INI Functions
INI-Func-Imp INI File Import - Load/Parse INI into Array
INI-Func-Exp INI File Import - Build/Write INI from Array
INI-Func-Put INI File Insert - Place Entry into Array
INI-Func-Idx INI File Lookup - Sequential Entry Retrieval
INI-Func-Get INI File Lookup - Direct Key Entry Retrieval
INI-Func-Reg INI File Process - Windows Registry Access

   TDMAIL.SQC - Send Mail Functions (in Windows 95/98/NT)
MAIL-Func-Init Initialize Mail Settings (clear all prior)
MAIL-Func-Parm Assign Mail Parameters (Flag/Value)
MAIL-Func-Info Display all current Mail Parameters
MAIL-Func-Send Send Mail using BLAT Executable

ftoct01.jpg (12389 bytes) I would appreciate any feedback you may have on this site. Send mail to or click on the Octopus.

   Technical difficulties?
pntiger.jpg (51463 bytes) Please report any technical difficulties you may encounter to the address above OR click on the Octopus. Thanks.

Click on the tiger for an enlarged version... this took me about an hour and a half to draw... The face was the most difficult part... the eyes are the primary area to concentrate on... I could not have accomplished this with crayons... Here's another tiger picture I created using crayons and as you can see it's not quite the same...

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