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wcturtsm.jpg (38396 bytes) Click on my Sea Turtle picture if you'd like to see a larger version (good for wallpaper).  OR... if you're too busy at the moment scroll down to view SQR techniques. More material will be added to this section.

Sorting Techniques

Searching Techniques

File I/O Validation Prompts

        New Additions:

Incremental Rounding

Mainframe Signed Number Conversion

Simple SQR Routines
Month Conversion, Numeric Validation, Number of Characters in a string...
PLUS we'll build a "Rain Forest" while we proceed through the page...

Another SQR Routine - And another "Rainforest"

Utilizing Packed Data (Unpacking Routine)
Also, Dinosaurs and a Disassembler I wrote...

Reading Comma-Delimited Files

Creating Oracle User-Defined Functions

TDFUNC.SQC - Custom SQR Function Library

TDMAIL.SQC - Sending eMail in Windows 95/98/NT (using BLAT)

   Bonus Picture... For your viewing enjoyment...
pntoad.jpg (58229 bytes) Here's a picture of a toad perched quietly under a large mushroom. I added this simply because I was getting bored with the SQR 'stuff'. If one person likes it than I'm happy. As you may have noticed I don't only work with crayons! I don't like to stick to one specific area - it's always wise to stay well rounded. Just like in the computer industry. In todays' market the ability to adapt to new technology is mandatory! Still wondering what that has to do with a toad sitting under a mushroom? Me too.

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