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1 Angel Dust (US 1975 Dharma D-804) M-/VG+ $25
Side 1Side 2
Babylon5:44Rex BundyLadies and Gentlemen4:23Rex Bundy
First Stone in a Pyramid3:40Bondage7:57
You and the Wind3:40
Rust Flakes
Take my Eyes3:02
Sing Me a Song3:22
Rex Bundy - Guild F412 Guitar, Lead Vocals, Gong
Tony Antinarelli - Drums
Bill Wisniewski - Saxes, Flute, Vocals
Lawrence J. Biernacki - Acoustic and Elecric Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
Tony Stram - Fender Stereo Bass
Conrad Green - Moog, Mellotron, Electric Guitar
Ken Sajdak - Acoustic and Electric Piano, Harpsicord, Hammond Organ
Zaido Cruz - Background Vocals
Producer: Perry Johnson
Engineer: Andy Waterman
Recorded at: Castle Studios, 1975
Cover Art: Maurice Wilson

2 Another Trip to Earth (US 1977 Dharma D-808) VG/VG+ blue vinyl, has inner sleeve $20
Side 1Side 2
Take It On A Dare6:03SchwartzNo Winners5:02Bundy
Long Time3:47BundyAll I Know3:53Bundy-Biernacki
Living in the City4:12Those Game3:55Bundy
Birth of the Unconquered Sun5:33BiernackiFallen Angel11:11R. Bundy-D. Bundy
In the Daylight4:06Bundy
Rex Bundy: 12 string guitar, tympani, and lead vocals
Tony Stram: basses and vocals
L. James Biernacki: electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, and vocals
Ron Schwartz: Steinway, Knabe and Chickering acoustic grand pianos, Hammond organ, Freeman strings, Micro Moog, Fender Rhodes, glockenspiel
Bill Wisniewski: Saxes, flutes, clarinet, and vocals
Noel Levitt: drums, and vocals
Produced by Perry Johnson, and Gabriel Bondage.
All selections arranged by Gabriel Bondage.
Recording Engineer: David Huston
Assistant Engineers: Neal Peterson, Barbara Pollizzi, Ron Schwartz
Additional Recording: Rob Kinsland
Remix Engineer: Rob Kingsland (except "All I Know" and "In the Daylight" by David Huston)
Mastered by: Gary Hedden
Recorded and remixed at Rainbow Bridge Studios - Chicago, Ill.
Mastered at Diskwerks - Schaumberg, Ill.
Barbara and the Uniques Background Vocals.
Maurice Wilson Cover Illustration and Art.
Brad Merriman Inner Sleeve Illustration and Art.

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1 Peter Gabriel (US 1977 Atco SD 36-147) VG+/VG+ has inner sleeve $10
Side 1Side 2
Moribund the Burgermeister4:19Peter GabrielSlowburn4:34Peter Gabriel
Solsbury Hill4:20Waiting for the Big One7:26
Modern Love3:37Down the Dolce Vita4:43
Excuse Me3:20Peter Gabriel and Martin HallHere Comes the Flood5:54
Humdrum3:23Peter Gabriel
Produced by Bob Ezrin for My Own Production Co., Ltd.
Allan Schwartzberg: Drums, Directories
Tony Levin: Bass, Tuba, Leader of the Barbershop Quartet
Jim Maelen: Percussion, Synthibam, Bones and Barbershop
Steve Hunter: Full Frontal Guitar, Electric and Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Pedal Steel
Robert Fripp: Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Banjo
Jozef Chirowski: Frontal Keayboard, Barbershop
Larry (Wires) Fast: Synthesizers and Programming
Peter Gabriel: Voices, Keyboard, Flute, Recorder
Dick Wagner: Backing Voices, Solo Guitar on 'The Flood' and end of 'Slowburn'
and The London Symphony Orchestra ('Down the Dolce Vita')
Recorded and mixed at The Soundstage, Toronto
Additional recording at Morgan Studios, London, Olympic Studios, London
Recorded by Brian Christian
with Robert Hrycyna, Jim Frank, Dave Harris, Rod O'Brien, Robert Stasiak, Keith Grant
Mastered at JAMF, Toronto, by George Graves and Craig Richardson

Cover by Hipgnosis
Organisztion by Tony Smith, Brian and Alex at Hit and Run
The L.S.O. Arranged and Conducted by Michael Gibbs
Larry (Wires) Fast appears by courtesy of Passport Records.

2 Peter Gabriel (US 1978 Atlantic SD 19181) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
On the Air4:19Peter GabrielIndigo3:30Peter Gabriel
D.I.Y.4:20Animal Magic7:26
Mother of Violence3:37Peter and Jill GabrielExposure4:43Peter Gabriel and Robert Fripp
A Wonderful Day in a One-Way World3:20Peter GabrielFlotsam and Jetsam2:17Peter Gabriel
White Shadow3:23Perspective3:23
Home Sweet Home4:37

3 Peter Gabriel (US 1980 Geffen GHSP 2035) has inner sleeve M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Intruder4:50Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers4:03Peter Gabriel
No Self Control3:52Not One of Us5:19
Start1:21Lead a Normal Life4:12
I Don't Remember4:48Biko7:27
Family Snapshot4:26
And Through the Wire4:58
Produced by Steve Lillywhite
Engineered by Hugh Padgham
Electronic production by Larry Fast
Recorded in Bath with the Manor Mobile and at The Townhouse, London
Assisted by Nick Thomas, Steve Prestage, Marlis Duncklaus and George Chambers
Equipment: Albert Lawrence and Dave Price
Computer Musical Instument: Peter Vogel
Management: Gail Colson & Tony Smith
Personal Assistant: Jennifer Hiles
Sleeve Design & Photos: Hipgnosis (you're as young as you feel)
SX-70 Techniques inspired by Les Krims
Drums: Jerry Marotta, Phil Collins
Percussion: Morris Pert, Jerry Marotta, P.G.
Bass: John Giblin
Bass Synth: Larry Fast, P.G.
Stick: Tony Levin
Guitar: David Rhodes, Paul Weller, Robert Fripp, Dave Gregory
Synths: Larry Fast, P.G.
Sax: Dick Morissey
Piano: P.G.
B-Vocals: David Rhodes, Kate Bush

4 Security (US 1982 Geffen GHS 2011) has inner sleeve M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
The Rhythm of the Heat5:15Peter GabrielShock the Monkey5:23Peter Gabriel
San Jacinto6:21Lay Your Hands on Me5:23
I Have the Touch4:30Wallflower6:30
The Family and the Fishing Net7:00Kiss of Life4:17
Peter Gabriel
Jerry Marotta
Tony Levin
Larry Fast
David Rhodes
John Ellis
Roberto Laneri
Morris Pert
Stephen Paine
David Lord
Peter Hammill
Jill Gabriel
Ekome Dance Company
Produced by David Lord and Peter Gabriel
Electronic production and processing: Fast and Gabriel
Engineered by: David Lord, assisted by Neil Perry
Recorded: at home (the first two weeks with Mobile One) and mixed down the road at Crescent Studios, Bath
Remix: Shock the monkey, SARM studios, engineer: Julian Mendelsohn with the help of Danny Heaps
Digital editing: Advision Studios with thanks to Mike King
Digital mixing facilities: (Sony PCM 1610 system) supplied by Digital Audio Systems
Mobile One: Andy Rose and Tim Wybrow
Fairlight CMI recording, programming and development: Stephen Paine at Syco Systems, Gabriel, Lord and Fast
Digital Delays and reverberation: AMS with thanks to Stuart Nevison and Mark Crabtree
Equipment: Albert Lawrence, Mal Craggs, Alan Terry and Ian Tucker
Management: Gailforce with special thanks to Gail Colson and Norma Bishop
Thanks to: Jill, Stephanie, Tattie, Eda, Glenn and Gaynor
Artwork: based on video images by Malcom Poynter, Peter Gabriel and David Gardner
Typesetting: Ron Hart
Photos and gluing: dj

5 Birdy (US 1985 Geffen GHS 24070) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
At Night2:38Peter GabrielBirdy's Flight (From Not One Of Us)2:58Peter Gabriel
Floating Dogs2:55Slow Marimbas3:21
Quiet and Alone2:30The Heat (From The Rhythm Of The Heat)4:41
Close Up (From Family Snapshot):58Sketchpad with Trumpet and Voice3:05
Slow Water2:51Under Lock and Key (From Wallflower)2:28
Dressing the Wound4:06Powerhouse at the Foot of the Mountain (From San Jacinto2:19
Produced by Peter Gabriel and Daniel Lanois
This is a real world production
All titles written and performed by Peter Gabriel with special musical contributions from
Jon Hassell
The Drummers of Ekome
Larry Fast
Tony Levin
Jerry Marotta
David Rhodes
with additional performances by:
Manny Elias
Morris Pert
and John Giblin

Recorded and mixed in the real world, England
Additional engineering: David Stallbaumer
Management: Gail Colson, Gailforce, London.
assisted by Norma Bishop.
Assistant to Peter Gabriel: Amanda Harcourt.
See also: Genesis

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1 You Must Be Certain of the Devil (US 1988 Restless/Mute 71403-1) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Swing Low Sweet Chariot2:44Trad.You Must Be Certain of the Devil4:55Diamanda Galas
Double-Barrel Prayer5:01Diamanda GalasLet My People Go3:22
Let's Not Chat About Despair5:00Malediction4:17
Birds of Death5:15The Lord is My Shepherd1:33Trad.
Diamanda Galas: all vocals, Hammond organ, piano, synthesizers, & keyboard bass
Charlie Terstappen: drums
Kurt Schmidt: guitar on Double-Barrel Prayer & Birds of Death
Peter Zimmermann: percussion on Birds of Death
Thanks to Naut Humon for providing string samples on Let's Not Chat About Despair
Album produced by Gareth Jones & Diamanda Galas at Studio Hansa, Berlin 1987
Assistant engineering for drum recording by Pete Schmidt.
Consultation: Paul Kendall
Mastered by John Dent at The Exchange.
Cover design by Paul White/Me Company.
Cover photography by Emily Andersen.
Drawing by James Nocito.

JAN GARBAREK GROUP     Go to Next artist (Mort Garson) Previous artist (Diamanda Galas)
1 It's OK to Listen to the Gray Voice (US 1985 ECM 1294) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
White noise of forgetfulness8:23Jan GarbarekMission: to be where I am8:11Jan Garbarek
The crossing place9:11It's OK to phone the island that is a mirage5:51
One day in March I go down to the sea and listen5:33It's OK to listen to the gray voice4:42
I'm the knife-thrower's partner0:52
Jan Garbarek: tenor and soprano saxophones
David Torn: guitar, guitar synthesizer, DX7
Eberhard Weber: bass
Michael DiPasqua: drums, percussion
All titles are quotes from poems by Tomas Transtromer
Recorded December 1984 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo
Engineer: Jan Erik Kongshaug
Cover Design: Barbara Wojirsch
Produced by Manfred Eicher
Jan Garbarek plays a Yamaha tenor saxophone

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1 Signs of the Zodiac: Aries (US 196? A&M SP 4211) gatefold M-/VG+ $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
I Know You Aries1:47Wilson/GarsonAries - Numbers, Gems and Colors3:50Wilson/Garson
Planetary Motivations1:53In Love, Aries?2:40
Aries at Work2:07The Four Seasons of Aries3:46
Where Was Your Moon6:44Those Who Knew3:14
Narrated by: Nancy Priddy / John Erwin / Michael Bell
Produced by: Allen Stanton
Script Written and Directed by: Jacques Wilson
Music Composed and Realized by: Mort Garson
Engineer: Ray Gerhardt
Art Direction: Tom Wilkes
Front Cover Illustration: Joe Di Vincenzo
See also: Lucifer

GELATINOUS CITIZEN     Go to Next band (Genesis) Previous artist (Mort Garson)
1 Rhythm of Industry (US 1987 Gelatinous GEL 001) M-/M- has the insert $100
Side 1Side 2
Rhythm of Industry5:00FerdWe're All Americans5:54Ferd
Words As Venom5:44Upright Man4:40
Always Alone4:15Your Mind's Unsound3:16
Photographic Consultant - Linley E. Juers
Cover Art and Graphics - Terri Dwyer
Composed Produced and Engineered by Ferd
Recorded at the Wigwam Washingto, DC 1986

GENESIS     Go to Next band (Gentle Giant) Previous band (Gelatinous Citizen)
1 In the Beginning (US 1968? Mercury SR 61175) M-/VG+ $20 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Angeline2:48J. Ttanna-B. MetkeGirl Who Never Was4:04J. Ttanna
Suzanne3:00L. CohenWorld Without You16:08
Gloomy Sunday4:05S. M. Lewis-R. Seress
What it's All About2:45J. Ttanna
Mary, Mary2:40B. Bennett
Ten Second Song2:58K. Henry
Jack Ttanna: Vocals, guitar
Bob "Crusher" Metke: Drums
Kent Henry: guitar
Fred "Foxey" Rivera: bass
Sue Richman: Vocals
Album Design: John Cabalka
Photography: Allan Pappe
Lettering: Mouse
Amps and Speakers: Sunn Musical Equipment
NOTE: American band of the same name that made Genesis change their name to "Revelation" in America.

2 From Genesis to Revelation (G 1969 Nova 6.21580 AO) has inner sleeve M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Where the Sour Turns to Sweet3:20GenesisThe Conqueror3:30Genesis
In the Beginning3:40In Hiding2:25
Fireside Song4:20One Day3:10
The Serpent4:35Window3:35
Am I Very Wrong3:25In Limbo3:30
In the Wilderness3:15Silent Sun2:10
A Place to Call My Own2:00
Peter Gabriel
Anthony Philips (spelled that way on the insert)
Anthony Banks
Michael Rutherford
John Silver
Notes: This has a close up of Peter Gabriel's face dressed as a flower on the cover. Inner sleeve contains lyrics, pencil sketches, and a write-up by Decca records. Album has no bands between the songs and a red label with a black Decca logo.

3 Trespass (US 1970 ABC Impulse! AS-9205) gatefold M-/M- $25
4 Trespass (UK 1970 Charisma CAS 1020) gatefold, has the insert M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Looking for Someone7:00GenesisStagnation8:45Genesis
White Mountain7:00Dusk4:15
Visions of Angels7:00The Knife8:55
Peter Gabriel: Lead voice, flute, accordian, tambourine and bass drum
Anthony Phillips Acoustic 12-string, Lead electric, dulcimer, voices
Anthony Banks: Organ, piano, mellotron, guitar, voices
Michael Rutherford: Acoustic 12-string, electric bass, nylon, cello, voices
John Mayhew: Drums, Percussion, Voices
Recorded at Trident Studios, London

Producer: John Anthony
Engineer: Robin Cable
Artwork: Paul Whitehesd/Cleen Machine Studio

4 Nursery Cryme (US 1971 Charisma CAS 1052) gatefold M-/VG+ $12
5 Nursery Cryme (US 1971 Charisma CAS 1052) pink charisma label, cos M-/M- $10
6 Nursery Cryme (UK 1971 Charisma CAS 1052) gatefold M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Musical Box??GenesisSeven Stones??Genesis
For Absent FriendsHarold the Barrel
The Return of the Giant HogweedHarlequin
The Fountain of Salmacis
Produced by John Anthony
Engineered by David Hentschel
Tape Jockey - Mike Stone
Sleeve Design - Paul Whitehead Inspired by “The Musical Box”
Tony Banks - Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Electric Piano, 12 string guitar, Voices
Michael Rutherford - Bass, Bass Pedals, 12 string guitar, Voices
Peter Gabriel - Lead Voice, Flute, Bass Drum, Tambourine.
Steve Hackett - Electric Guitar, 12 string guitar
Phil Collins - Drums, Voices, Percussion

7 Foxtrot (G 1972 Charisma 6369 922) gatefold M-/M- $12
8 Foxtrot (US 1972 Charisma CAS 1058) pink label, cos M-/M- $10
9 Foxtrot (UK 1972 Charisma CAS 1058) gatefold M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Watcher of the Skies??GenesisHorizons??Genesis
Time TableSupper's Ready
Get Em Out by Friday
i. Lovers Leap
Can-Utility and the Coastliners
ii. The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man
iii. Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men
iv. How Dare I Be So Beautiful?
v. Willow Farm
vi. Apocalypse in 9/8 (Co-Starring the Delicious Talents of Gabble Ratchet)
vii. As Sure as Eggs is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet)
Produced by David Hitchcock, Genesis
Sleeve Design - Paul Whitehead
Engineered by John Burns
Richard MacPhail - Equipment & stage sound (sound friend) Also starring Guy and Paul
Photographs: Barry Wentzell, Geoff Terill, Martin Nunn, Amando Gallo
Tony Banks - Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Electric Piano, 12 string guitar, Voices
Michael Rutherford - Bass, Bass Pedals, 12 string guitar, Voices
Peter Gabriel - Lead Voice, Flute, Bass Drum, Tambourine.
Steve Hackett - Electric Guitar, 12 string guitar
Phil Collins - Drums, Voices, Percussion

10 Live (UK 1973 Charisma CLASS 1) M-/VG+ $12
11 Live (Can 1973 Charisma CA-1-1501) M-/VG+ $12
12 Live (US 1973 Charisma CAS 1666) VG+/VG+ pink charisma label, cos $10
Side 1Side 2
Watcher of the Skies??GenesisMusical Box??Genesis
Get Em Out by FridayThe Knife
The Return of the Giant Hogweed
This album is dedicated to Richard Macphail who left April, 1973.
With thanks to
Alan Cranston, Martyn Day, Brian Grant, Tim Stewart, Jeremy Thom.
All recordings made at The De Montfort Hall, Leicester and The Free Trade Hall, Manchester, February 1973.
Co-Produced by John Burns/Genesis
Album mixed at Island Studios, Basing St, London W11
Front Photograph coutesy of Bob Gruen

13 Selling England by the Pound (US 1973 Charisma FC 6060) M-/M- has the insert $10
Side 1Side 2
Dancing with the Moonlit Knight8:02GenesisThe Battle of Epping Forest11:43Genesis
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)4:03After the Ordeal4:07
Firth of Fifth9:36Cinema Show12:40
More Fool Me3:10Aisle of Plenty
Phil Collins: Drums, Percussion, Vocal
Michael Rutherford: 12-string, Bass, Electric Sitar
Stephen Hackett: Electric Guitar, Nylon Guitar
Tony Banks: Keyboards, 12-string
Peter Gabriel: Vocals, Flute, Oboe, Percussion
Produced by John Burns/Genesis
Assistant Engineer: Rhett Davies
Cover Painting by Betty Swanwick, A.R.A.

14 The Rarest Live (US 1974? STEMRA SABAM 5001) M-/M- $40 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
White Mountain6:28GenesisIntroduction by Mr. Peter Gabriel1:51Genesis
Stagnation (FM-Radio-BBC Sound of the Seventies)8:47Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (Montreal 21.04.74)8:39
Get 'Em Out By Friday (John Peel Radioshows '72)9:16Horizons (Montreal 21.04.74)1:57
Twilight Alehouse (John Peel Radioshows '72)7:23The Battle of Epping Forest (Montreal 21.04.74)12:12

15 Romeo and Juliet (F 1974 ARC 0076) red vinyl M-/M- $40 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Britannia??GenesisRomeo and Juliet??Genesis
Dancing with the Moonlight KnightThe Cinema Show
Apocalypse in 9/8First, Second, Third, Fourth
As Sure as Eggs is EggsFirth of Fifth
Only for Promotional Use. Not for Sale.

16 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (US 1974 Atco SD 2-401) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold has inner sleeves $15
17 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (UK 1974 Charisma CGS 101) M-/M-/M- gatefold has inner sleeves $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway??GenesisBack in N.Y.C.??Genesis
Fly on a WindshieldHairless Heart
Broadway Melody of 1974Counting Out Time
Cuckoo CocoonCarpet Crawl
In the CageThe Chamber of 32 Doors
The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
Side 3Side 4
Lilywhite Lilith??GenesisThe Colony of Slippermen (Arrival - A Visit to the Doktor - Raven)??Genesis
The Waiting RoomRavine
AnywayThe Light Dies Down on Broadway
Here Comes the Supernatural AnaesthetistRiding the Scree
The LamiaIn the Rapids
Silent Sorrow in Empty BoatsIt
Production: John Burns & Genesis.
Engineer: David Hutchins.
Enossification; Eno courtesy of Island Records.
Recorded in Wales with the Island Mobile Studio and Mixed at Island Studios.
Thanks to Nick Blyth, Smith and Alex of Mole Valley, Graham Bell for Choral Contributuin, Peter the Beard, John the Drum, Ray the Truck, Philostratus and Keats.
Sleeve Design and All Photography by Hipgnosis.
Thanks to Omar for playing Rael.
Retouching by Richard Manning.
Picture of Vaults taken at the Roundhouse.
Graphincs by George Hardie N.T.A.

18 Rock Theatre (G 1974 Fontana 9299 515) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)4:07GenesisSupper's Ready22:53Genesis
Harold the Barrel2:59Lover's Leap - The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man - Ikhnaton and Itsacon And Their Band of Merry Men - How Dare I Be So Beautiful? - Willow Farm - Apocalypse in 9/8 (Co-Starring the Delicious Talents Of Gabble Ratchet) - As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet)
Watcher of the Skies3:44
The Fountain of Salmacis7:53

19 The Best (US 1976 Buddah BDS 5659-2) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold $20
Side 1Side 2
The Musical Box??GenesisSeven Stones??Genesis
For Absent FriendsHarold the Barrel
The Return of the Giant HogweedHarlequin
The Fountain of Salmacis
Side 3Side 4
Watcher of the Skies??GenesisHorizons??Genesis
Time TableSupper's Ready
Get Em Out by Friday
i. Lovers Leap
Can-Utility and the Coastliners
ii. The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man
iii. Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men
iv. How Dare I Be So Beautiful?
v. Willow Farm
vi. Apocalypse in 9/8 (Co-Starring the Delicious Talents of Gabble Ratchet)
vii. As Sure as Eggs is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet)

20 A Trick of the Tail (US 1976 Atco SD 36-129) gatefold M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Dance on a Volcano5:53Rutherford-Banks- Hackett-CollinsRobbery, Assault & Battery6:15Banks-Collins
Squonk6:27Rutherford-BanksA Trick of the Tail4:34Banks
Mad Man Moon7:35BanksLos Endos5:46Collins-Hackett-Rutherford-Banks

Mike Rutherford: 12-string, basses, bass pedals
Tony Banks: Pianos, Synthesizers, Organ, Mellotron, 12 string guitar, backing voclas.
Phil Collins: Drums, percussion, lead & backing vocals
Steve Hackett: Electric Guitar, 12 string guitars
Produced by David Hentschel and Genesis
Engineered by David Hentschel & Nick Haddock Bradford
Equipment - Tex and Jeff
Recorded at Trident Studios, London
Liquid sustenance - Neil, John and Terry
Special thanks to - Tony Smith, Alex Sim and Regis
Slleve Design - Hipgnosis/Colin Elgie

21 Wind and Wuthering (US 1976 Atco SD 36-144) has inner sleeve M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Eleventh Earl of Mar7:39Banks-Hackett-RutherfordAll in a Mouse's Night6:35Banks
One for the Vine9:56BanksBlood on the Rooftops8:03Hackett-Collins
Your Own Special Way6:15Rutherford'Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers...7:12Hackett-Rutherford
...In That Quiet EarthHackett-Rutherford- Banks-Collins
Wot Gorilla?3:12Collins-BanksAfterglow4:10Banks

Phil Collins: Voices, Drums, Cymbals, Percussion
Steve Hackett: Electric Guitars, Nylon Classical, 12 String, Kalimba, Auto-harp.
Mike Rutherford: Basses, 4, 6, & 8 String, Electric and 12 String Acoustic guitars, Bass pedals
Tony Banks: Steinway Grand Piano, ARP 2600 and Pro-Soloist, Synthesizers, Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Roland String Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes Piano, etc.
Co-produced by David Hentschel and Genesis
Engineer - David Hentschel
Recorded at Trident Studios, London
Assistant Engineer - Nick "Cod" Bradford
Tape Operators - John, Geoff, Neil and Steve
Equipment - Tex (Nibs) Read, Andy Mackrill, Paul Padun and Dale
Thanks to- Tony Smith, Alex Sim, Brian Murray-Smith
Sleeve Design - Hipgnosis/Colin Elgie

22 Seconds Out (US 1977 Atlantic SD 2 9002) gatefold has inner sleeves M-/M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Squonk6:27Rutherford-BanksFirth of Fifth8:37Banks-Rutherford- Hackett-Collins- Gabriel
The Carpet Crawl5:10Banks-Rutherford- Hackett-Collins- GabrielI Know What I Like8:34
Robbery, Assualt & Battery6:00Banks-CollinsThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway5:05
Afterglow4:18BanksThe Musical Box (Closing Section)2:44
Side 3Side 4
Supper's Ready24:30Banks-Rutherford- Hackett-Collins- GabrielCinema Show11:00Banks-Rutherford- Hackett-Collins- Gabriel
Dance on a Volcano4:22Banks-Rutherford- Hackett-Collins
Los Endos6:24
Tony Banks: RMI Electric Piano, Hammond T. Organ, ARP Pro soloist, Mellotron 400, Epiphone 12 string, Backing voices
Mike Rutherford: Shergold Electric 12 string & Bass, 8 string bass, Alvarez 12 String, Moog Taurus Bass pedals, Backing voices
Steve Hackett: Gibson Les Paul, Hokada 12 string
Phil Collins: Voice, Premier and Gretsch drums
Chester Thompson - Pearl drums and percussion
Bill Bruford - Ludwig and Hayman drums and Percussion
All Drums Chester except:
Robbery Assaut & Battery - keyboard solo Phil
Firth of Fifth - Phil & Chester
Musical Box - Chester & Phil
Supper's Ready - Apocalypse in 9/8 CHester & Phil
Cinema Show - Bill Bruford, Phil keyboard solo
Los Endos - Phil & Chester
Recorded in Paris 76/77 with the Manor Mobile
Mixed at Trident, London
Produced by David Hentschel & Genesis
Assisted by Neil Ross
Sleeve Photos: Armando Gallo (inc. front & back) Robert Ellis and Graham Wood
Sleeve layout: A&D Design
Art Direction: Frank Sanson
Management: Tony Smith, Alex Sim and Brian

23 Genesis (US 1983 Atlantic 80116-1) has inner sleeve M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Mama6:46GenesisIllegal Alien5:12Genesis
That's All4:22Taking it All To Hard3:54
Home by the Sea4:46Just a Job to Do4:44
Second Home by the Sea6:22Silver Rainbow4:27
It's Gonna Get Better5:00

Tony Banks: Keyboards, backing vocals
Mike Rutherford: Guitars, bass, backing vocals
Phil Collins: Drums, percussion, lead vocals
Produced by Genesis (with Hugh Padgham)
Engineered by Hugh Padgham
Technical Assistance Geoff Callingham
Recorded and Mixed at the Farm, Surrey, 1983
See also: Tony Banks, Brand X, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, Mike Rutherford, Famous Charisma Sampler (contains rare early Genesis tracks)

GENTLE GIANT     Go to Next band (Giles, Giles & Fripp) Previous band (Genesis)
1 Gentle Giant (UK 1970 Vertigo 6360 020) gatefold M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
Giant??Shulman/ Shulman/ Shulman/ MinnearNothing at All??Shulman/ Shulman/ Shulman/ Minnear
Funny WaysWhy Not
AllucardThe Queen
Isn't it Quiet and Cold
In his namesake, Gentle Giant are individually:
Derek Shulman - Lead vocals, backing vocals and some bass
Ray Shulman - Most bass, violin, some guitar, percussion and backing vocals
Phil Shulman - Sax, trumpet, recorder, lead vocals and backing vocals
Kerry Minnear - Keyboard, some bass, 'cello, lead vocals, backing vocals and tuned percussion
Gary Green - Lead guitar, 12 string guitar
Martin Smith - Drums and percussion
Tony Visconti/Record Producer
Our helpful friends include:
Claire Deniz - 'Cellist on "Isn't it Quiet and Cold"
Paul Cosh - Tenor Hornist on "Giant"
Roy Baker - Recording Engineerist on all titles
George Underwood - Cover Artiste Extraordinaire

2 Octopus (US 1973 Columbia KC 32022) die-cut cover has inner sleeve M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
The Advent of Panurge4:40P. Shulman- R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. MinnearThe Boys in the Band4:33P. Shulman- R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. Minnear
Raconteur Troubadour4:02Dog's Life3:11
A Cry for Everyone4:02Think of Me With Kindness3:32
Kerry Minnear: All keyboards, vibraphone, percussion, cello, Moog, lead and backing vocals
Raymond Shulman: Bass violin, guitar, percussion, vocals
Gary Green: Guitars, percussion
Derek Shulman: Lead vocals, alto saxophone
Philip Shulman: Saxophones, trumpet, mellophone, lead and backing vocals
John Weathers: Drums, percussion, xylophone
Many thanks to Martin Rushant for laugh coinspin and variable speed oscillator, and Mike Viccars, Moog operator.
Produced by Gentle Giant
Engineer: Martin Rushant
Mastering Engineer: Cliff Morris
Tape Operator: Geoff Young
Over-all American Supervision: Murray Krugman
Recorded at Advision Studios, London
Album Cover Concept & Design by John Berg
Art by Fluid Drive
Illustration: Charles White III
Design: Kenny Kneitel
Lettering: Michael Doret

3 Free Hand (US 1975 Capitol ST-11428) has inner sleeve M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Just the Same5:31R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. MinnearTime to Kill5:05R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. Minnear
On Reflection5:40His Last Voyage6:26
Free Hand6:15Talybont2:41
Derek Shulman
Ray Shulman
Kerry Minnear
Gary Green
John Weathers
Recorded at Advision Studios, London, April '75
Engineer: Gary Martin
Assisted by Paul Northfield
Cover Design by Gentle Giant
Graphics by Richard Evans
A Gentle Giant Production

4 Interview (US 1976 Capitol ST-11532) has inner sleeve VG+/VG+ $10
5 Interview (Can 1976 Capitol SN-16047) coh VG+/M- $5 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Interview6:54R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. MinnearAnother Show3:29R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. Minnear
Give it Back5:08Empty City4:24
I lost my Head.6:58
John Weathers: Drums-
Derek Shulman: Vocals, Saxes-
Ray Shulman: Bass, Violin-
Gary Green: Guitars-
Kerry Minnear: Keyboards-
A "Gentle Giant Production".
Recorded at Advision Studios, London, February/March 1976.
Engineer: Paul Northfield, assisted by Ken Thomas.
Interviewer: Phil Sutcliffe.
Cover Production: Geoff Allman for "Spoken Image."
Airbrush: Chris Clover.

6 The Missing Piece (US 1977 Capitol ST-11696) has inner sleeve M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Two Weeks in Spain3:00Shulman- Shulman- MinnearAs Old As You're Young4:19Shulman- Shulman- Minnear
I'm Turning Around3:54Memories of Old Days7:15
Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It2:20Winning4:12
Who Do You Think We Are?3:33For Nobody4:00
Mountain Time3:19
Recorded at Relight Studios, hilvarenbeek, Holland
Remixed at Scorpio Sound, Euston Centre, London
Recording Engineer: Paul Northfield
"Sound' Advice: David Zammit
Cover Concept: Ray and Tanner
Photography G.G.Toons by Shulman, Shulman and Minnear
Copyright Alucard/Friday Music
A Gentle Giant Production

7 Giant for a Day (US 1978 Capitol SW-11813) coh, has inner sleeve M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Words from the Wise4:11R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. MinnearLittle Brown Bag3:24R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. Minnear
Thank You4:45Friends1:58John Weathers
Giant for a Day3:48No Stranger1:58R. Shulman- D. Shulman- K. Minnear
Spooky Boogie2:52It's Only Goodbye4:15
Take Me3:34J. Weathers-D. ShulmanRock Climber3:52
Gentle Giant are:
Derek Shulman-Vocals.
Ray Shulman-Bass.
Kerry Minnear-Keyboards.
Gary Green-Guitars.
John Weathers-Drums.
A Gentle Giant Production.
Engineered by Paul Northfield at Ramport Studios, Battersea-
Assisted by Neil.
Maison Rouge, Fulham.
Scorpio Sound Studios, Euston-
Assisted by Steve.
Remix at Scorpio Sound Studios.
Recorded April/May 1978.
Equipent: Michael Ambrose.
Acoustic Guitars courtesy of Norman Guitars, Quebec, Canada
Cover Concept: Ray, Tanner, Eve and Pils Lager.
Front Cover Illustration: Peter Owen.
Back Cover Photography: Gered Mankowitz.

GILES, GILES & FRIPP     Go to Next artist (David Gilmour) Previous band (Gentle Giant)
1 The Cheerful Insanity Of (J 1968 Deram K16P-9081) has insert M-/M- $40 SOLD!
Side 1: The Saga of Rodney Toady (Fripp)Side 2: Just George (Michael R)
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
North Meadow??Peter AHow do they know??Michael R
Newly-wedsElephant Song
One in a MillionMichael RThe sun is shining
Call tomorrowPeter ASuite No. 1Fripp
Digging my lawnErudite eyes
Little childrenFripp
The cruksterMichael R
Thursday morning
Produced by Wayne Bickerton.
Ivor Raymonde arranged "Thursday Morning" and was M.D. on "The sun is shining" and "The elephant song".
Recording Engineer: Bill Price on all except for "One in a million"
Martin Smith on "one in a million"
Cover Photograph: Gered Mankowitz
Friends of Giles, Giles & Fripp:
Violins: R. Cohen, W. Reid, K. Isaacs, G. Salisbury, B. Pecker, G. Fields
Violas: J. Coulling, R. Patten
Keyboard: Nicky Hopkins, Mike Hill
Celli: C. Tunnell, A. Ford
Trombones: C. Hardie, T. Baker
Vocal Backing: The Breakaways
See also: Robert Fripp, King Crimson, McDonald and Giles

DAVID GILMOUR     Go to Next artist (Gordon Giltrap) Previous band (Giles, Giles & Fripp)
1 David Gilmour (US 1978 Columbia JC 35388) gatfold M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Mihalis5:48D. GilmourShort and Sweet5:26D. Gilmour-R. Harper
There's No Way Out of Here5:10K. BakerRaise My Rent5:32D. Gilmour
Cry From the Street5:13D. Gilmour - E. StuartNo Way5:32
So Far Away5:50D. GilmourDeafinitely4:27
I Can't Breathe Anymore3:08
David Gilmour-Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Wills - Bass, Vocals
Willie Wilson - Drums, Percussion
Produced by David Gilmour
Engineered by John Etchells, Nick Griffiths assisted by Patrick Jauneaud at Super Bear Studios, France
Sound equipment handled by Phil Taylor
Backing vocals on 'So Far Away' and 'There's No Way Out of Here' - Carlena Williams, Debbie Doss, Shirley Roden
Piano on 'So Far Away' - Mick Weaver & David Gilmour
Cover design Hipgnosis & David Gilmour
Outer Cover Photos - Hipgnosis
Inside Photos - David and Ginger Glmour, Willie Wilson, Vlad Vinski, Jill Furmanovsky et. al

2 About Face (US 1984 Columbia FC 39296) has inner sleeve M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Until We Sleep5:58D. GilmourAll Lovers are Deranged3:14P. Townshend - D. Gilmour
Murder4:58You Know I'm Right5:04D. Gilmour
Love on the Air4:18P. Townshend - D. GilmourCruise4:39
Blue Light4:35D. GilmourLet's Get Metaphysical4:09
Out of the Blue3:36Near the End5:43
Produced by Bob Ezrin & David Gilmour
David Gilmour: Guitars & vocals
Jeff Porcaro: Drums & percussion
Pino Palladino: Bass guitar
Ian Kewley: Hammond organ & piano
Steve Winwood: Piano & organ
Anne Dudley: Synthesizer
Bob Ezrin: Keyboards
Louis Jadine: Percussion
Jon Lord: Synthesizer
The Kick Horns: Roddy Lorimer, Barbara Snow, Tim Sanders, Simon Clark
Vocals: Vicki & Sam Brown, Mickey Feat, Roy Harper
Fairlight programming: Steve Rance
The National Philharmonic Orchestra arranged by: Michael Kamen with Bob Ezrin
Equipment: Phil Taylor
Recorded by: Andrew Jackson & Kit Woolven at Pathe-Marconi Studios, Paris
Assisted by: Robert 'Ringo' Hrycyna, Simon Sullivan, Mark Frank & Kevin Whyte
Mixed by: James Guthrie at Mayfair Studios, London
Assisted by: Bob Parr, Ollie Fitziones & Robert 'Ringo' Hrycyna
Orchestra recorded by: Eric Tomlinson at Abbey Road Studios
Mastered by: Doug Sax & Mike Reese at the Mastering Lab, Los Angeles

Special thanks to Pete Townshend and Nick Laird-Clowes

Photography: Davies/Starr, Jill Furmanovsky
Design and Production: STd
Member of The Abdabs and Pink Floyd, Co-Produced 7 tracks with Roger Waters on Syd Barrett's Madcap Laughs album

GORDON GILTRAP     Go to Next artist (Philip Glass) Previous artist (David Gilmour)
1 Visionary (UK 1976 The Electric Record Company TRIX 2) VG+/M- has insert $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Awakening??Gordon GiltrapThe Price of Experience??Gordon Giltrap
Robes and CrownsThe Dance of Albion
From the Four WindsThe Tyger
Lucifers CageThe Echoing Green
Night Music
Inspired by the works of William Blake:
Side one by the illustration The Day of Judgement and the poem The Last Judgement;
side two by the poems and illustrations as titled
Arranged by Rod Edwards and Roger Hand except From the Four Winds arranged by Joel Lazar.

2 Perilous Journey (UK 1977 The Electric Record Company TRIX 4) M-/M- has insert $20
Side 1Side 2
Quest??Gordon GiltrapHeartsong??Gordon Giltrap
The DeserterReflection & Despair
Morbio GorgeTo the High Throne
Arrangements & additional music by Rod Edwards & Roger Hand
Guitars: Gordon Giltrap
Keyboards: Rod Edwards
Bass: John G. Perry
Drums: Simon Phillips
Trumpets: Henry Lowther/Martin Drover
Tenor Sax: Stan Sultzman
Baritone Sax: Jeff Daly
Trombone: Chris Pyne
Percussion: Tony Carr
Strings led by Pat Halling
Alto sax solo on "The Deserter" and "Mobio Gorge": Roger Ball
Tenor sax solo on "Mobio Gorge": Malcolm Duncan
Recorded at Redan Recorders. Engineered by Roger T. Wake.
Sleeve Design & Concept: Graphyk.
Art Direction: Jean-Luke Epstein, Coordination: Mike Geoghegan
Illustration: Nino/Jean-Luke, Typography & Artwork: Trevor Vertigan.
Produced by Jon Miller, Rod Edwards and Roger Hand. A Triumvirate Production

PHILIP GLASS     Go to Next band (Glass Harp) Previous artist (Gordon Giltrap)
1 Music in Twelve Parts Parts 1 & 2 (UK 1974 Virgin CA2010) M-/M- $12
2 Music in Twelve Parts Parts 1 & 2 (I 1974 Caroline ORL 8049) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Music in Twelve Parts Part 120:30Philip GlassMusic in Twelve Parts Part 215:16Philip Glass
Philip Glass: Electric Organ
Jon Gibson: Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Dickie Landry: Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Richard Peck: Alto and Tenor Saxophone
Joan Labarbara: Voice, Electric Organ
Michael Riesman: Electric Organ
Produced by Philip Glass and Kurt Munkacsi
Recording Engineers: Kurt Munkacsi and Wieslaw Woszczyk
Remix - Kurt Munkacsi, Michael Riesman and Philip Glass
Tape Editor: Michael Riesman
Recorded at Big Apple Recording Studio, New York City
Cover Design: Sol Lewitt
Artwork: Cooke Key Associates

3 North Star (UK 1977 Virgin V2085) M-/M- $12
4 North Star (US 1988 Virgin America 91013-1) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Etoile Polaire (North Star)2:45Philip GlassLady Day3:57Philip Glass
Victor's Lament3:35Ange des Orages3:40
River Run1:50Ave4:42
Mon Pere, Mon Pere3:52Ik-Ook4:10
Are Years What? (for Marianne Moore)4:00Montage2:25
Philip Glass: Farsifa, Yamaha & Hammond Organs, Fender Rhodes Piano, ARP Synthesizer
Dickie Landry: Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Flute
Joan Labarbara and Gene Rickard: Voices
Recorded & Mixed at the Big Apple Recording Studios, New York City
Engineers: Kurt Munkacsi and Tom Duffy
Mixed by: Kurt Munkacsi and Philip Glass
Produced by Philip Glass and Kurt Munkacsi
Executive Producer: Francois de Menil

5 The Photographer (US 1983 CBS FM 37849) cc, promo stamp, has the insert M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Act I: "A Gentleman's Honor" (vocal)3:17Philip GlassAct III19:17Philip Glass
Act II16:25
"A Gentleman's Honor" (instrumental)3:15
Produced by Kurt Munkacsi and Philip Glass
Conductor: Michael Riesman
Paul Zukofsky: Solo violin, ACT II
Jack Kripl: Flute, soprano/alto/baritone saxophones
Michael Riesman: Keyboards, piano, bass synthesizer
Philip Glass: Electric organ
Trumpets: Lew Soloff, Ed Carroll
Trombones: Jim Pugh, Alan Raph
French horns: Bob Carlisle, Ron Sell
Strings: Marin Alsop, concertmaster; Jeanne Ingraham; Carol Pool; Lew Eley; Jill Jaffe; Maureen Gallagher; Judy Geist; Ted Israel

Chorus: Adrienne Albert; Betty Baisch; Mary Sue Berry; Rose Marie Jun; Dora Ohrenstein, lead vocal "A Gentleman's Honor"; Marlene VerPlanck

Special thanks: David Byrne, Christine Reed, Robert Perlstein, Lloyd Trufelman

GLASS HARP     Go to Next band (Godley & Creme) Previous artist (Philip Glass)
1 Glass Harp (US 1970 Decca DL75261) VG-/VG- $12 ON HOLD
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Can You See Me6:25Dan Pecchio-Phil KeaggySouthbound3:50John Sferra-Phil Keaggy
Children's Fantasy4:10Phil KeaggyWhatever Life Demands6:30Phil Keaggy-Dan Pecchio
Changes (In The Heart Of My Own True Love)6:00John SferraLook in the Sky8:10Phil Keaggy-John Sferra-Dan Pecchio
Village Queen4:00Dan PecchioGarden5:15
Black Horse2:50John SferraOn Our Own2:30John Sferra-Phil Keaggy
Produced by Lewis Merenstein for Inherit Productions, a division of Schwaid-Merenstein & Thau
Recording Engineer: Ron Johnsen
String arranged by Larry Fallon
Design: Ernie Cefalu
"Glass Harp" Photo Effects: Bill Levy

2 Synergy (US 1971 Decca DL75306) M-/VG+ gatefold $30
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
One Day at a Time3:40Philip KeaggySong of Hope4:21Philip Keaggy
Never is a Long Time3:25Dan PecchioChild of the Universe3:00Dan Pecchio
Just Always5:05John SferraMountains3:59Philip Keaggy
Special Friends2:42John Sferra, Philip Keaggy, & Dan PecchioThe Answer2:38
Coming Home3:31Dan Pecchio & John SferraDawn of a New Day2:55Philip Keaggy & Dan Pecchio
Philip-guitars & vocal
Dan-bass guitar & vocal, flute
John-drums, vocal, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Special Friends
Percussion effects by Ralph McDonald on "Child of the Universe"-bells, "One Day at a Time"-triangle, "Just Always"-congas, "Song of Hope"-assorted percussion effects. Vocal harmony by Mary Smith on-"Just Always."
Album cover concept & design: Bill Able
Photography: Bill Able
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios
Engineer: Ralph Moss, Assistant Engineers: Tom Lubin, Bill Culhane, Gordon Shaad
Project co-ordinator: Marty Thau
Produced by: Lewis Merenstein
See also: Phil Keaggy

GODLEY & CREME     Go to Next band (Gone) Previous band (Glass Harp)
1 Consequences (US 1977 Mercury SRM-3-1700) M-/M-/M-/M- 3-LP Promo with book $30 SOLD!
Side ASide B
Seascape17:00Godley and CremeSleeping Earth17:58Godley and Creme
WindHonolulu Lulu
FireworksThe Flood
Burial Scene
Side CSide D
Five O'Clock in the Morning23:12Godley and CremeRosie20:30Godley and Creme
When Things Go WrongOffice Chase
Lost WeekendCool, Cool, Cool
Side ESide F
Cool, Cool, Cool (Reprise)20:29Godley and CremeBlint's Tune (Movements 1-17)14:18Godley and Creme
Please, Please, Please
Written arranged and performed by Lol Creme & Kevin Godley
with dialogue written and performed by Peter Cook

Guest appearances:
Sarah Vaughan
Judy Huxtable (as Lulu)
Peter Wheeler
Andy Peebles

Produce by Godley & Creme
Engineered and Mixed by Martin Lawrence
Recorded at Strawberry Studios, 3 Waterloo Road, Stockport, Cheshire
and The Manor Studios, Shipton-on-Cherwell, Oxon.
Mastered by Melvyn Abrahams
Gizmo Prototype John McConnell
Saxophones on When Things Go Wrong Mel Collins
Photography Lew Long
Retouching Mike Mann
Text Paul Gambaccini
Lay-out and typography Jack Wood

2 The History Mix Volume 1 (US 1985 Polydor 825981-1) M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Wet Rubber Soup (recycled from:)18:52Godley/Creme/GouldmanCry (Single Version)3:55Godley & Creme
Rubber Bullets
Light Me Up4:30
Creme/StewartAn Englishman in New York5:52
I'm Not in Love
Gouldman/StewartSave a Mountain For Me3:34
CryGodley & CremeGolden Boy5:46
Produced and Performed by Godley & Creme, Nigel Gray, J. J. Jeczalik, Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman and Trevor Horn Produced by Godley & Creme except Cry, Produced by Trevor Horn, Godley & Creme, and Remixed by Nigel Gray
See also: 10cc

GONE     Go to Next band (Gong) Previous band (Godley & Creme)
1 Let's Get Real, Real Gone For a Change (US 1986 SST 061) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Insidious Detraction3:59GoneLast Days of Being Stepped On2:34Gone
Get Gone3:57Ch. 693:23
Peter Gone2:27Lawndale Rock City3:25
Rosanne3:35The Fifth Force Suite8:03
Climbing Rat's Wall2:11
Watch the 'Tractor2:10
The Wait
Greg Ginn - Guitar
Andrew Weiss - Bass, Bassosaurus, Sampling
Simeon Caine - Drums
Produced by Greg Ginn
Engineered by Michael Boshears
Recorded at Hit City West
Special thanks to Dave Rat
Cover artwork by Ted Knect

2 Gone II - But Never Too Gone (US 1986 SST 086) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Jungle Law2:22GoneLeft Holding Bag1:04Gone
New Vengeance4:27GTV3:34
Unglued2:26Daisy Strut2:25
Turned Over Stone3:52Cutoff0:54
Drop the Hat0:46Put it There2:01
Adams4:33Utility Hose1:54
Time of Entry0:40Yesturday is Teacher0:49
How Soon They Forget1:56
Cobra XVIII5:00
Greg Ginn - Guitar
Andrew Weiss - Bass, Bassosaurus
Simeon Cain - Drums
Produced by Greg Ginn
Engineered by Michael Boshears
Recorded at Total Access, Redondo Beach, California 4/'86
Cover - Greg Ginn
See also: Black Flag

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1 Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1 (UK 1973 Virgin V2002) VG+/M- gatefold $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Radio Gnome Invisible5:30allenThe Pothead Pixies3:00allen
Flying Teapot12:30allen:mozeThe Octave Doctors & the crystal machine2:00blake
Zero the Hero and the Witch's Spell9:45allen:tritsch
Witch's Song/i am your pussy5:10smyth:allen
Split Sax ie tenna & soprasax & so Flooth by The Good Count Bloomdido Bad de Grass
Gitbox Stevie Hillside (spermguitar & slow whale)
The Submarine Captain (Sideral Slideguitar & Dogfoot)
Dingo Virgin & others (aluminum croonguitar & stumblestrum)
VCS3 Fertilized Elect Piano & Left Bank Uptightright Pno. & Shakesperian Meat Bass: francis bacon
Drumbox Kicks & Knocks lawrence the alien
Congox by Rachid Whoarewe the treeclimber.
Pon Voicebox dingo virgin & Mi T Moonweed the favourite
Orgone Box & Space Whisper the Good Witch Yoni
VCS3Box Cynthia Size A & Crystal Machine oy hi.T.Moonweed (the Favourite)
Road Crew & Trux Venux de Luxe Switch Doctor
Wiz de Kid
Lights & Duke

2 Shamal (UK 1975 Virgin OVED 17) gatefold M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Wingful of Eyes6.19HowlettCat in Clark's shoes7.45Malherbe/Howlett/Lemoine
Chandra7.15Music: Lemoine, Lyrics: HowlettMandrake5.07Moerlen
Bambooji5.21MalherbeShamal8.58Howlett/Malherbe/Bauer/ Moerlen/Lemoine
Mike Howlett: Bass guitar, Vocals
Didier "Bloom" Malherbe: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, C&G Flutes, Bamboo Flutes, Gongs
Mireille Bauer: Marimba, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Assorted Percussions & Gongs
Pierre Moerlen: Drums, Vibraphone, Tubular Bells
Patrice Lemoine: Pianos, Organ, Mini-Moog Synthesizer
With the help of
Steve Hillage-Acoustic & Electric Guitars ("Bambooji" & "Wingful of Eyes")
Miquette Giraudy-Vocals ("Bambooji")
Sandy Colley-Vocals ("Shamal")
Jorge Pinchevsky-Violin ("Cat in Clark's shoes" "Bambooji," "Shamal" & "Chandra")
Live Sounds-Cedric Beatty
Lights-Wiz de Courbe
Stage Sound-George McQuade
Produced by Nick Mason for Mistral Music
Recorded at Basing Street Studios, London
Engineered by Phil Ault & Dave Hutchins and at Olympic Studios, London
Engineered by Ben King
Mixed at Sarm Studios, London
Engineered by Rick Curtain
Cover designed and photographed by Clive Arrowsmith
Artwork by Mustard

3 Expresso (Can 1977 Virgin V 2074) M-/VG+ coh $12 SOLD!
4 Expresso (US 1977 Virgin PZ 34428) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Expresso5:50P. MoerlenShadows Of (Part One)5:30A. Holdsworth
Night Illusion3:38A. HoldsworthShadows Of (Part Two)2:05
Percolations (Part One)3:51P. MoerlenEsnuria7:54P. Moerlen
Percolations (Part Two)6:02Mireille4:02F. Mose
Mireille Bauer: Vibraphone (1,2,5,6), Marimba (1,3,7), Glock (7), Toms (4)
Mino Cinelou: Congas (1,5,6,7), African Bell-Gong (2,5,6), Cuica, Triangle, Maracas (3), Talking Drums, Temple Blocks (5,6)
Allan Holdsworth: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Pedal Steel Guitar (3)
Didier Malherbe: Tenor Sax, Flute (7)
Benoit Moerlen: Vibra (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Pierre Moerlen: Drums, Vibra (3), Marimba (4), Timpani (4), Glock (3)
Francis Moze: Fretelss Bass, Gong (3), Acoustic and Electric Piano (8)
Produced by Dennis Mackay
Recorded at The Manor Studios
Recording Engnieer: Dennis Mackay
Mixed at Trident Studios
Engineer: Stephen W. Taylor
Mastering Engineer: George Piros
Art Direction/Design: Ed Lee
Illustration: John Thompson

5 Magick Brother (UK 1977 Affinity AFF4) VG+/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Mystic Sister/Magick Brother6.16Gilly SmythEgo3.54Gilly Smyth
Glad to Sad to Say2.55Gong Song3.48
Rational Anthemn4.10Princess Dreaming3.52
Chainstore Chant & Pretty Miss Titty5.19Five & Twenty Schoolgirls4.30
Fable of a Fredfish & Hope You Feel OK3.99Cos You Got Green Hair5.02
This album is the First outpour of Green planetary vvvvibrrrrations pon planude Earth tho Gong the Band wasn't formed til Amougies Jazz & Rock festival Nov. 69 organised by Byg daddy Kastro Kornflake & ho ho hosted by Zappa. Cover photo is from this occasion-First Ever Gig. This LP tho was recorded by Dominique Blanc Francard in September 1969 on a 3 track movie camera. Producer: Pierre lattes. Planet Gong is represented here by Didier Malherbe Flute & sop sax. Rachid Houari Drum. Dieter Gewissler Contra basso on 1 & 4. Earl Freeman contrabass 6. Piano on 7. Burton Green Piano on 6. Gilly Smyth Spacewhisper. Tasmin voices on 1 and 8. Daevid Allen guit bass guit vocal sing song.

6 Floating Anarchy (F 1978 Custom LTM 1002) M-/VG+ $20
7 Floating Anarchy (UK 1978 Charly CRM 2000) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Psychological Overture??ZeroOpium for the People??Allen
Floatin' AnarchyAllez Ali Blacksheep Have You Any Bullshit: Mama Maya MantramZero
Stone Innoc FrankensteinAllen
New Age Transformation Try: No More SagesZero
avec daevid el alien y gilli smyth and the Here & Now band
PROF. F. SHARPSTRINGS. P.A. ex school of fish guitar lips glissando guitar vocal on title track (2a)
KEITH MISSLE BASS bass guitar & tree trunk
KIF KIF LE BATTEUR drummery & asides
GAVIN DA BLITZ synthesizo swoops & mind the bend the mind
SUZE DA BLOOZ & ANNI WOMBAT choir of angels
Marie CLEARLIGHT arms legs & bodice
GRUNT SHOWBIZ switch doctorate, zounds & mouth
also there
GILLI SMYTH cum SHAKTI YONI space whisper & pome
DINGBAT ALIEN FBU & hugs drongophone, nose, gliss guitar & guitar guitar bi focal vocals & wordply

Recorded live by Tanagra of Toulouse on 8T Tascam & Mixt by very remote control at bananamoon observatory de dela except Opium for the People Recorded STUDIO FEBERT by FRANK RELISCH with JEROME LA PERROUSAZ

8 Camembert Electrique (I 1980 Oxford OX/3172) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Radio Gnome0:25AllenSqueezing Sponges Over Policemens Heads0:10Allen
You Can't Kill Me6:18Fohat Digs Holes in Space6:18Allen/Smyth
I've Bin Stone Before4:55Tried So Hard4:35Tritsch/Allen
Mister Long Shanks:
O Mother I Am Your Fantasy
3:35Tritsch/SmythTropical Fish: Selene7:32Allen
Dynamite: I Am Your Animal4:30Gnome the Second0:26
Wet Cheese Delirum0:28Allen
Recorded chez Michel Magne at Strawberry Studios Herrouville France during Full Moon Periods of May June & September 1971 Photo Phil Franks
executive producer Pierre Lattes for Jean Karakos and Jean-Luc Young
Cover by Dingo
Engineer Gilles Salle

9 You (Port 1985 Movieplay MOV.10126) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Thought for Naught??GongPerfect Mystery??Gong
A P.H.P.'s AdviceThe Isle of Everywhere
Magick Mother InvocationYou Never Blow Yr Trip Forever
Master Builder
A Sprinkling of Clouds
Mike Howlett: Bass Guitar
Pierre Moerlen: Percussion with Mireille and Benoit
Steve Hillage: Lead Guitar
Bloomdido Glad de Brass: Wind Instruments and Vocals Hi T Moonweed: Moog and EMS Synthesisers and Mellowdrone
Dingo Virgin: Vocal Locust and Glissandoz Guitar
Shakti Yoni: Poems and Space Whisper
Bambaloni Yoni: Wee Voices and Chourousings
Simon Heyworth: Engineer
Venux De Luxe: Switch Doctor and Stage Sound
Wizz De Kidd: Lighting
David ID: Road Management
Recorded at The Manor, Summer '74
Side One mixed at Paye, Marble Arch - thanx Jaimie
Side Two Mixed at The Manor, Oxford - luv to all the ladies at the Manor.

All titles written by Gong and produced by Simon Heyworth and Gong under the influence of C.O.I.T. (Compagnie d'Opera Invisible de Thibet)
See also: Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage, Allan Holdsworth, Didier Malherbe, Gilly Smyth

GOOD RATS     Go to Next artist (Edward Larry Gordon) Previous band (Gong)
1 Tasty (US 1974 Warner Brothers BS 2813) VG+/VG+ promo sticker $12
Side 1Side 2
Back to my Music2:34Peppi MarchelloFireball Express3:16Peppi Marchello
Injun Joe5:18Fred Upstairs & Ginger Snappers3:12
Tasty3:22Phil Fleish3:59
300 Boys3:49Klash-Ka-Bob2:16
Papa Poppa5:08Songwriter4:51
Peppi Marchello-lead vocal, harmonica and bats
Mickey Marchello-guitar, vocals
John (The Cat) Gatto-guitar
Lenny Kotke-bass, vocals
Joe (Bracciola) Franco-drums
All songs arranged by Good Rats
Keyboards by Brian Cuomo
Produced by Stephan Galfas
Engineered by Jeff Kawalek
Recorded and mixed at House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey
Equipment crew-Mark 'Sparky' Thomas, John Sollitto
Road Manager-EDDIETHEMOUSE Tiffany
Cover painting by CJ
Liner photos by Joe Bravo
Thank you-Ken Kohl, WLIR-FM, Ultrasonic Studios, Michael Olivieri, Warner Bros. Records, ALL THE FRIENDS
Direction by Chris Feder for Earlick, 24 Grove Ave., Corte Madera, California 94925

2 Birth Comes to Us All (US 1978 Passport PB 9830) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
You're Still Doing It3:59Peppi MarchelloSchool Days3:41Peppi Marchello
City Liners3:27Juvenile Song2:24
Cherry River3:22Gino2:38
Ordinary Man4:04Bed and a Bottle2:16
Man on a Fish3:59Birth Comes to Us All2:49
Lenny Kotke: Bass, Vocals
John Gatto: Guitars
Peppi Marchello: Lead Vocals
Mickey Marchello: Guitars, Vocals
Joe Franco: Drums
Peter Wood: keyboards
Larry Fast: synthesizer
Female background vocals: Janis Pendanvis, Joshie Armstead, Zephryn
Max Middleton: keyboards
Brian Cuomo: piano sax
Joe Zangrando: sax, flute
Richard Tee: keyboards
John Tropea: guitar
Jimmy Moelin: conga
Mel Collins: sax
Manfred Mann: organ and synthesizer
Stephan Galfas: mellotron
Produced by John Jansen and Stephan Galfas
Associate producer: Mickey Marchello for Rat City Records, Ltd.
Engineered by John Jansen and Stephan Galfas
Additional engineering by Jim Bonnefond
Assistant engineering by Judy Zeckley, Dennis McNerney, Gary Rosen, Robert Cohen
Mixed by John Jansen and Stephan Galfas with Peter J. Roulinavage
Recorded at Rampart Studios, Battersea, England
Recorded and mixed at House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC
String Arrangements on "Man on a Fish" by Peppi Marchello and Will Malone
String and horn arrangements on "Birth Comes To Us All" by Will Malone
Horn arrangements on "Ordinary Man" by Peppi Marchello and will Malone
All words, music, and vocal arrangements by Peppi Marchello
All guitar arrangements by Micky Marchello
Album cover designed and illustrated by Paul Jansen
Current photos by Chris Gabrin
Art direction by Murray Brenman
This album is the first LP ever to be mixed with the new 602B Aphex Aural Exciter System.

EDWARD LARRY GORDON     Go to Next band (Gothic Hut) Previous band (Good Rats)
1 Celestial Vibrations (US 1978 SWN 52824) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Bethlehem24:38GordonAll Pervading24:18Gordon
Edward Larry Gordon - Electric Zither Photo by John Shike
Jacket design: S. White
Audio by ZBS Media, Inc.
See also: Laraaji

GOTHIC HUT     Go to Next artist (John Greaves) Previous artist (Edward Larry Gordon)
1 Gothic Hut (US 1982 Posh Boy PBS 143) M-/M- has the insert $25
Side 1Side 2
Backstage??Gothic HutHeavy Into Metals??Gothic Hut
There Has to Be An AnswerPortrait of Pooter
C-14Bridge of Fate
Women in RedHow Thick Can a Wall Be
See Me TomorrowLRD
Go To SleepUn Want to Be
John Dyer: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Unamped Electric Guitar, Screams
Brett Henry: Drums, Synares, Sax, Guitar, Vocals
Doug Henry: Bass, Guitar, Bleed Through, Slowed Down Guitar, Percussion, Vocal, unamped Guitar
Additional Performances by
Tanya Tomkins: Cello
Dave Demaree: Bass (Vocals, Lyrics & Percussion on Portrait of Pooter)
Recorded at Telstar Sound, Burbank, CA
February-April 1982
Produced by Phil Singher & Gothic Hut

JOHN GREAVES     Go to Next band (John Greaves/Peter Blegvad) Previous band (Gothic Hut)
1 Accident (US 1982 Europa JP 2010) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Photography3:50John Greaves/Peter BlegvadSalt4:03John Greaves
Irma3:29Wax4:02John Greaves/Peter Blegvad
Milk3:28Ruby:52John Greaves
Accident3:39The Rose Sob1:58John Greaves/Peter Blegvad
Sad Emission3:30Silence3:27
For Bearings:45
John Greaves - vocals, keyboards, bass
Armand Frydman - keyboards
Pascale Son - vocals
Jacqueline Cahen - vocals on "Irma"
Pip Pyle - drums, electric drums
Kurt Rust - drums
Philippe Gisselman - alto & soprano saxes
Yoshklo Seffer - alto sax on "Irma"
Marc Richard - alto sax & clarinet on "Ruby" & "Rose Sob"
Dominique Guiot - electric guitar
Jean-Luc Fauvel - accoustic guitar
Jean-Michel Bertrand - percussion on "Salt"
Geoffrey Richardson - viola on "Silence"
Produced by John Greaves and Armand Frydman
Engineered by Armand Frydman
Recorded at Studio Solaris, Paris, '81-'82
Cover by David Larcher & Peter Blegvad also Amanda
See also: John Greaves/Peter Blegvad, Henry Cow, Slapp Happy

JOHN GREAVES/PETER BLEGVAD     Go to Next band (Grin) Previous artist (John Greaves)
1 Kew Rhone (UK 1977 Virgin V 2082) has the insert M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Good Evening0:34Greaves/BlegvadOne Footnote (to Kew Rhone)4:03Greaves/Blegvad
Twenty-Two Provers4:04Three Tenses Onanism4:05
Seven Scenes from the Painting Exhuming the First American Mastodon by C.W. Peale3:32Nine Mineral Emblems5:50
Kew Rhone3:04Apricot3:02
Catalogue of Fifteen Objects and Their Titles3:33
Music by John Greaves, Lyrics by Peter Blegvad
Lisa Herman: vocals
John Greaves: piano, organ, bass, vocals, percussion on Footnote
Peter Blegvad: vocals, guitars, tenor sax on "pipeline"
Andrew Cyrille: drums, percussion
Mike Mantler: trumpet, trombone
Carla Bley: vocals, tenor sax on "Good Evening" & "Footnote"
Michael Levine: violin, viola, vocals on "Minerals"
Vito Rendace: alto & tenor saxes, flute
April Lang: vocals on "Pipeline" & "Three Tenses"
Dana Johnson: vocals on "Proverbs"
Boris Kinberg: clave on "Pipeline"
Engineered by Mike Mantler at Grog Kill Studio, Woodstock, New York, Oct. ‘76
Arranged by John Greaves
Cover by Peter Blegvad
Photo of C.W. Peale’s "Exhuming the First American Mastodon" used with permission of the Peale Museum, Baltimore, Maryland
See also: John Greaves, Henry Cow, Slapp Happy

GRIN     Go to Next band (GTR) Previous band (John Greaves/Peter Blegvad)
1 Grin (US 1971 Spindizzy 30321) M-/M- $25
Side 1Side 2
Like Rain3:38N. LofgrenIf I Were A Song3:10N. Lofgren
See What a Love Can Do5:03Take You To The Movies Tonight1:45
Everybody's Missin' the Sun3:45Direction4:15
18 Faced Lover3:26Pioneer Mary3:45
Outlaw4:02Open Wide3:05
We All Sing Together3:44I Had Too Much (Miss Dazi)3:25
Nils Lofgren: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Gordon: Bass, Vocals
Bob Berberich: Drums, Vocals
Produced by David Briggs
Dedicated to Roy Buchanan
Cover and Back: Bruce McCauley

GTR     Go to Next band (The Gyuto Monks) Previous band (GRIN)
1 GTR (US 1986 Arista AL8-8400) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
When the Heart Rules the Mind5:25Hackett/HoweYou Can Still Get Through4:52Hackett/Howe
The Hunter4:55DownesReach Out (Never Say No)4:07Hackett/ Howe/ Spalding
Here I Wait4:54Hackett/HoweToe the Line4:29Hackett/ Howe
Sketches in the Sun2:31HoweHackett to Bits2:09Hackett
Jeckyll and Hyde4:42Hackett/ Howe/ BaconImagining5:52Hackett/ Howe/ Spalding
Steve Howe: Guitar, Synthsizers & Backing Vocals
Steve Hackett: Guitar, Synthesizers & Backing Vocals
Max Bacon: Lead Vocals
Phil Spalding: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jonathan Mover: Drums & Percussion
Acoustic guitar intro on "Imagining": Steve Hackett
Bass guitar on "Reach Out (Never Say No)": Steve Howe
Produced by Geoffrey Downes
Engineered by Alan Douglas
Recorded at Townhouse Studios, London, England
Management: Brian Lane
Art Direction: Howard Fritzson
Logo Design: Ian Miller
Front Cover & Innersleeve Photography: Miki Slingsby
Back Cover Photography: Mike Russell
Assistant Studio Engineers: Andy Mason, Noel Harris, John Brough
Additional Engineering: Owen Davies
See also: Asia, Steve Hackett, Steve Howe

THE GYUTO MONKS     Go to Next artist (Steve Hackett) Previous band (GTR)
1 Tibetan Tantric Choir (US 1987 Windham Hill WH-2001) gatefold M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Guhyasamaja Tantra, Chapter II23:33The Gyuto MonksMelody for Mahakala25:08The Gyuto Monks
Executive Producer: Fritz Kasten
Produced by Mikey Hart
Engineered by Mickey Hart and Tom Size
Re-mix Engineer: Dan Healy
Second Re-mix Engineer: Tom Size
Recorded at Fantasy Studio D, Berkeley, CA
Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering, CA
Project Consultant: Robert A.F. Thurman
Production Supervision: Patricia Belknap
Liner Notes: Fritz Kasten
Cover Photo by Eric Lawton
Liner Photo by Maria Gault
Inside Cover Photo by John Werner
Design by Anne Robinson

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