MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA     Go to Next band (Mainhorse) Previous band (Lucifer)
1 The Inner Mounting Flame (US 1971 Columbia KC 31067) VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Meeting of the Spirits6:50Mahavishnu John McLaughlinVital Transformations6:14Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
Dawn5:15The Dance of Maya7:15
The Noonward Race6:27You Know You Know5:06
A Lotus on Irish Streams5:41Awakening3:30
John McLaughlin: Guitar
Billy Cobham: Drums
Rick Laird: Bass
Jan Hammer: Piano
Jerry Goodman: Violin
Don Puluse: Engineer
Produced by John McLaughlin
Album design: Ron Coro
Photography: Anthony Hixon

2 Birds of Fire (US 1972 Columbia KC 31996) VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Birds of Fire5:44J. McLaughlinOne Word9:56J. McLaughlin
Miles Beyond (Miles Davis)4:41Sanctuary5:06
Celestial Terrestrial Commuters2:55Open Country Joy3:54
Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love:21Resolution2:09
Thousand Island Park3:21
Album design by Ashok (Chris Poisson)
Photographs by Pranavananda
Produced by The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Engineering: Ken Scott, Trident Studios, London, and Jim Green, CBS, New York
The Mahavishnu Orchestra: John McLaughlin (Guitar), Rick Laird (Bass), Billy Cobham (Percussion), Jerry Goodman (Violin), Jan Hammer (Keyboards, Moog)

3 Between Nothingness & Eternity (US 1973 Columbia KC 32766) VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
The Sunlit Path
La Mere de la Mer
Tomorrow's Story Not the Same
12:16J. McLaughlinDream21:26J. McLaughlin
Sister Andrea8:37J. Hammer
Recorded in August of 1973, in Central Park by Location.
Sound by Dawson.
Engineered by Tim Geelan
The Mahavishnu Orchestra:
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin-Guitar
Jan Hammer-Piano & Moog
Jerry Goodman-Violin
Rick Laird-Bass
Billy Cobham-Drums
Produced by Murray Krugman and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
Album Design & Photography: Ashok
Thanks to: Pranavanavda, Graham, Udayan & Aradhana
Special Thanks to: Nat Weiss, Al Teller, Lynn Volkman, Elliot, Anthony & Joseph
Star Cluster-Artwork by Helmut Wimmer
Courtesy The American Museum/Hayden Planetarium
See also: Jan Hammer

MAINHORSE     Go to Next artist (Didier Malherbe) Previous band (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
1 Mainhorse (US 1971 Import IMP 1001) M-/M- cos $15
Side 1Side 2
Introduction5:04Moraz- Lockett- GrahamBasia5:27Moraz- Lockett
Passing Years3:51Moraz- KubinecMore Tea Vicar10:11Moraz
Such a Beautiful Day4:39Moraz- Lockettgod:17Moraz- Lockett
Pale Sky9:09Ristori- Kubinec
Produced and Arranged by Mainhorse
Side One recorded at de Lane Lea Studio, Engineer: Lou Austin
Sid eTwo, First two tracks recorded at Morgan Studio
Last Track "God" at De Lane Lea, (Engineer for God: Lou Austin)
Personal Management: Pulsar Promotions.
Patrick Moraz - Organ, Electric Piano, Glockenspiel, klaviosynthsiser, Vocals
Peter Lockett - Lead Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Jean Ristori - Bass, Cello, Vocals.
Bryson Graham - Drums and percussion.
Photography: Wolfhuber.
Art Direction/Illustration: Keith Davis/Grahame Berney.
See also: Patrick Moraz

DIDIER MALHERBE     Go to Next band (Man) Previous band (Mainhorse)
1 Bloom (UK 1980 Charly CRL 5022) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Bateau-Vole??D. Malherbe/NissimDan-Dan??D. Malherbe
WhiskersD. MalherbeSuite a Tout de Sweet
Giva a Chance to To-morrow
cover & photos studio de l’air
See also: Gong

MAN     Go to Next band (Harvey Mandel) Previous artist (Didier Malherbe)
1 Back Into the Future (UK 1973 United Artists UAD 60053/4) M-/M-/M- gatefold $20
2 Back Into the Future (US 1973 United Artists UA-LA179-H2) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold $20
Side 1Side 2
A Night in Dad's Bag4:00M. Jones/ T. Williams/ P. RyanAin't Their Fight7:40M. Jones/ T. Williams/ P. Ryan
Just for You5:17Never Say Nups to Nepalese7:30
Back Into the Future4:02
Don't Go Away3:58
Side 3Side 4
Sospan Fach3:30Arr. & Adapted by M. JonesJam Up Jelly Tight21:10M. Jones/ T. Williams/ P. Ryan
C'Mon19:15M. Jones/ T. Williams/ P. Ryan
Produced by Man & Vic Maile at Rockfield, Chipping Norton & Olympic Studios May/July 1973.
Vocal accompaniment on "C'mon" by The Gwalia Male Choir.
Members of The Man Band Side One:
Michael Jones, Terry Williams, Phil Ryan, Will Youatt.
Side Two, Three and Four*. Michael Jones, Terry Williams, Phil Ryan, Will Youatt, "Tweke" Lewis.
*Recorded live at The Roundhouse, London. June 24th 1973 by Vic Maile with The Pye Mobile.
Thanks to the Rockfield Rovers (Bottom of the Table) Kingsley, Ralph, Pat and Dave for his Steel, and Winnie for being Phil's Gran.
For getting us there - Foster, Jeff and Plug. Special thanks to Vic Maile for his patience. Anton Matthews for his engineerng. Andrew Lauder for his faith. Len Brown and his gang for getting us to say what we meant to say and not what he said we meant. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Also to Nektar for coming to England.
This Album is Dedicated to The Human Race and our Captain, Barrie Marshall.
Art direction and phography inside: Pierre Tubbs. Front photography: Ruan O'Laughran.
Designed and model made by Art Direction.

2 Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics (US 1974 United Artists UA-LA247-G) M-/M- gatefold, cc $20
Side 1Side 2
Taking the Easy Way Out Again4:20Jones/ Leonard/ Morley/ Whaley/ WilliamsIntro0:44Jones/ Leonard/ Morley/ Whaley/ Williams
The Thunder and the Lightning Kid5:20Kerosene6:31
California Silks and Satins4:38Leonard/MorleyScotch Corner8:26
Four Day Louise6:04Jones/ Leonard/ Morley/ Whaley/ WilliamsExit1:56
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker Engineer: Martin Levan (Morgan Studios), Peter Kelsey (Trident Studios)

3 Slow Motion (US 1974 United Artists UA-LA345-G) M-/M- has inner sleeve $20
Side 1Side 2
Hard Way to Die5:17T. Williams/K. Whaley/M. Jones/D. LeonardBedtime Bone5:54T. Williams/K. Whaley/M. Jones/D. Leonard
Grasshopper5:09One More Chance4:20
Rock & Roll You Out3:50Rainbow Eyes6:02
You Don't Like Us4:32Day and Night4:05
Terry Williams
Ken Whaley
Deke Leonard
Micky Jones
Produced by Man and Anton Matthews with Special Assistance from David Charles
Design: Rick Griffin
Recorded at Rockfield's new flash, ultra modern 24 track studio (but we only used 16 of them).
Mixed at Olympic, Ramport, and Morgan Studios.
People who helped us on the mixing are David Hamilton-Smith, David Charles, and Robin Black.
Now there are Man musicians and people who have somehow manages to do something to the music on this album.
We would like to thank Anton's brother, James for his harmonica and Jews Harp.
Also for helping out with the vocals, Anton, David Hamilton-Smith and Clint on Knee Vocal.
We sobered up the next day we had second thoughts.
Strings on 'Grasshopper' are by the Mountain F Jord Orchestra.
Sax solo on 'Roll and Rock You' by Chris Mercer.
Strings on 'Rainbow Eyes' by Stuart Gordon.
Helpers, Hinderers, Roadies, Setter Uppers, Taker Downers, Get Theres, Get Us Backs, go by the name of Cunningham, Newcombe, Smith and Hooper.
Pipes by Puig.
Thanks to Sandos Lopez for the Bottleneck.
Don't lose it now.

4 Welsh-Connection (US 1976 MCA MCA-2190) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
The Ride and the View5:01LeonardSomething is Happening6:21Ryan
Out of Your Head4:04Car Toon6:01Leonard-Ryan
Love Can Find a Way5:13McKenzieBorn With a Future7:07Jones- Leonard- Ryan
The Welsh Connection7:18Ryan-Jones
The Manband are.....
Terry Williams: Vocals & Drums
Phil Ryan: Vocals & Keyboards
John McKenzie: Vocals & Bass
Deke Leonard: Vocals & Guitar
Micky Jones: Vocals & Guitar
The Welsh Connection was produced by the Manband at Olympic Studios, Barnes, between December '75 and February '76.
The Cast in order of Dis-appearance:
Doug Bennett...Engineer par excellence, Quality Control and Tact. A name that strikes terror into the heart of every lampshade in the world.
Nigel Brooke-Harte... of the Royal Canadian Mounted Disease. Tape-Operation and Fairweather Taxidermist. Best known for his portrayal of the title-role in the new disaster epic 'The Towering Inferno'.
Featuring brief Cameo Dis-appearances by:-
Caromay Dixon: Vocal on 'Something is Happening'.
Jeffrey 'I've said it befor' Hooper: Vocal on 'Out of Your Head'.
Anton Matthews: Vocal on 'Out of Your Head'.
Nigel Brooke-Harte (again?): Vocal on 'Car Toon'.
Pete Brown: African Talking Drums on 'The Welsh Connection' and 'Something is Happening'.
and 'The Boys'...Thier Majesties, The Kings of the Roads, 'Human Gaffer-Tape': Jeffrey 'Butch' Hooper and Robert Collins 'The Sundance Kid'.
Andrew Lauder once again lent his 'ice cool' ear to the mixing of this album. Joe Petagno designed the cover.

HARVEY MANDEL     Go to Next band (Manfred Mann) Previous band (Man)
1 Shangrenade (US 1973 Janus JLS 3047) M-/VG+ cc $15
Side 1Side 2
What the Funk3:05Victor ConteMillion Dollar Feeling3:32Coleman Head
Fish Walk4:40Green Apple Quickstep3:06H. Mandel
Sugarloaf4:15H. Mandel, R. MandelFrenzy4:32H. Mandel, C. Head, V. Conte, R. Mandel
Midnight Sun II3:42H. MandelShangrenade4:18H. Mandel, R. Mandel
Lead guitar: Harvey Mandel
Rhythm guitar: Coleman Head
Bass, Electric Upright Bass: Victor Conte
Drums: Paul Lagos
Clavinet: Bobby Lyle
String: Bobby Notkoff
Steel guitar: Freddie Roulette
Acoustic Piano: Bobby Lyle
Electric violin: Don "Sugarcane" Harris
Produced by: Skip Taylor and Harvey Mandel for Skip Taylor Productions, Inc. and GRT Corp
Production Assistance: Jim Taylor
Recorded at The Village Recorder, November 1972 to June 1973
Recording Engineer: Baker Bigsby
Mixdown Engineer: Baker Bigsby (except "Million Dollar Feeling" John Stronach.)
Midnight Sun II-remixed at Westlake Audio
Mastered at: The Mastering Lab by: Doug Saxe
Album Cover: Cliff McReynolds.
Photography and Design: Norman Seeff
Album title: Jim Taylor
Special thanks to: Marv. Schlachter, Lynda Mandel, Dennis Parins, Frances Knott.

MANFRED MAN'S EARTH BAND     Go to Next band (Mannheim Steamroller) Previous artist (Harvey Mandel)
1 Manfred Man's Earth Band (US 1972 Polydor PD 5015) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
California Coastline3:48Walt Meskill/Timothy MartinPlease Mrs. Henry4:30B. Dylan
Captain Bobby Stout6:57Lane TiefgenJump Sturdy4:49Dr. John Creaux
Living Without You3:36Randy NewmanPart Time Man3:04Mann-Sadler
Tribute5:32MannI'm Up And I'm Leaving3:07
Mick Rogers: Guitar, vocals
Manfred Mann: Organ, synthesiser, vocals
Colin Pattenden: Bass
Chris Slade: Drums
Management: Harry Maloney, Bron Organisation
*Produced by Manfred Mann and Dave Hadfield for Mann-Hadfield Productions
Others by David Mackay for Leon Henry Productions
Engineers: Dave Hadfield, John Pantry
Recorded at: Maximum Sound, I.B.C. Studios
Photography: Bob Foster
Design: Bloomsbury Group

MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER     Go to Next artist (Phil Manzanera) Previous artist (Manfred Mann)
1 Fresh Aire (US 1975 American Gramaphone AG-355) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Prelude/Chocolate Fudge4:23Chip DavisFresh Aire***5:27Chip Davis
Interlude I2:50Rondo2:33
Sonata**+2:26Interlude III2:31
Interlude II2:29Pass the Keg (Lia)*+2:27
Saras Band3:43Interlude IV2:05
Produced by Don Sears, Chip Davis
Written and Arranged by Chip Davis
Poetry by Bill Fries
Jackson Berkey/All Keyboards
Eric Hansen/Bass
Chip Davis/Drums, Recorder, and other toys
*Denny Schneider/Trumpet
*Bill Buntain/Trombone
Don Sears/Synthesizer Programming
Strings/**Omaha, ***Kansas City
Walter Griffit/Photography.
Recorded & Mastered at Sound Recorders, Inc. Omaha, Nebraska/Kansas City, Missouri
Engineered by Don Sears, Ron Ubel, and Jeff Shiller.
Album Design, Michael Deacon

2 Fresh Aire III (US 1979 American Gramaphone AG-365) M-/M- gatefold die-cut cover $12
Side 1Side 2
Tocatta4:30Chip DavisMorning2:45Chip Davis
Small Wooden Bachses2:25Interlude 62:50
Amber2:40The Cricket2:25
Mere Image6:43The Sky5:00
Midnight on a Full Moon3:10
Produced by Don Sears, Chip Davis
Written and Arranged by Chip Davis
Engineered by Don Sears
Strings on Mere Image by Ron Ubel
Mixed and Mastered by Don Sears
Jackson Berkey: Piano, Harpsicord, Synthesizer, Clavichord, Fender Rhodes, Tack Piano and Production Assistant
Eric Hansen: Bss
Chip Dais: Drums, Recorders and More Toys
Ron Cooley, Guitars
Ray Still, Bob Jenkins, Oboe
Dave Kappy, French Horn
Omaha Strings: Concert Master, Steve Ships
Violins: Mary Sokol, Kathie Spratt, Ervin Orban, Ann Cannell, Deborah Fuller, Susan Winslow, David Hagy
Violas: Sue Robinson, Bill Schroen, Pat Morrow
Cellos: Claire Sokol, David Low, Lurene Ekwurtzel
Basses: Leslie Carter, Mike Shultz
Kansas City Strings: Concert Master Hugh Brown
Violins: Dorothy Brown, Ginni Eldred, Merton Shatzkin, Joe Landes, Mortimer Alpert, Joe Rosenstein, Ruth Bransby
Viola: James Hammond, Lucinda Gladics, Phillip Wachowski
Cello: Miriam Duffelmeyer, Beth McCollum, Lou Lynch
Recorded at Sound Recorders, Omaha, Kansas City
Mastered by Don Sears, John Boyd
Photography by Carol Ann Davis
Album Design by Don Sears, Chip Davis
Art Directed by Dudycha & Associates, Inc.
Keyboard Technician: Louis Davis
Special thanks to Dougie for the downright upright

PHIL MANZANERA     Go to Next band (Mark-Almond) Previous artist (Mannheim Steamroller)
1 K-Scope (US 1978 Polydor PD-1-6178) M-/VG+ cc, has inner sleeve $12
2 K-Scope (G 1978 Polydor 2344 127) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
K-Scope4:32ManzaneraSlow Motion TV5:31Manzanera/W. MacCormick/Ainley
Remote Control2:36I. MacCormickGone Flying4:27Manzanera/W. MacCormick
Cuban Crisis6:02Manzanera/W. MacCormickN-Shift3:12Manzanera
Hot Spot5:01Manzanera/W. & I. MacCormickWalking Through Heaven's Door6:52Manzanera/W. MacCormick
Numbers3:28Manzanera/WettonYou Are Here3:16Manzanera
Simon Phillips - Drums, Electronic Percussion
Bill MacCormick - Bass, Vocals, Drums
Eddie Rayner - Yamaha Electric Piano, Upright Piano, Moog Bass, Bosendorf Piano
Mel Collins - Saxes
Lol Creme - Gizmo, Backing Vocals
Phil Manzanera - Guitars, Farsifas, Keyboards, Echo Guitar, Yamaha CS80, Synthesizer
Paul Thompson - Drums
Simon Ainley - Rhythm Guitar
Dave Skinner - Yamaha Electric Piano, Yamaha CS80
Tim Finn - Lead Vocals
Neal Finn - Backing Vocals
Kevin Godley - Backing Vocals, Hi-hat
John Wetton - Voices
Francis Monkman - Piano
Recorded at Sun Park Studios, Surrey between March-May 1978
Engineer - Greg Jackman
Mastered at Strawberry Mastering
Cutting Engineer - Mel Abrahams
Equipment - Pete Revill
Cover Concept - Chris Hopper
Design - Cream
Produced by Phil Manzanera for E.G. Records Ltd.
See also: Roxy Music

MARK-ALMOND     Go to Next band (Marillion) Previous band (Phil Manzanera)
1 Mark-Almond (US 1971 Blue Thumb BTS-27) VG+/VG cc has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
The Ghetto6:05Jon MarkLove
Hotel Backstage
11:49Jon Mark
The City
Grass and Concrete
Taxi to Brooklyn
Speak Easy It's a Whiskey Scene
Tramp and the Young Girl4:55Song for You8:25Rodger Sutton
Conceived, written, produced and recorded in London, 14 Belvedere Drive; New York: Paris and Los Angeles.
Production Supervisor: Hugh Murphy
Brass and Harmony arrangements by Tommy Eyre and Johnny Almond
Jon Mark: Classical guitar, electric guitar, second bass, percussion and lead vocals
Johnny Almond
Baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, vibes, vocal harmonies, conga drums, conert alto and bass flute
Tommy Eyre: Concert piano, electric piano, vocal harmonies, organ, second flute, percussion and second guitar
Rodger Sutton: First bass, percussion, vocal harmonies and second vocals
Management: Dennis Lunder
Recording Executives: England, Europe and Commonwealth by Dave Crocker of Harvest Records and U.S.A., Canada and Japan by Bob Krasnow of Blue Thumb Records
Cover photos by Richard Dunkley
Cover concept and design by Ian Latimer

2 Mark-Almond II (US 1972 Blue Thumb BTS 32) M-/M- cc, matchbook cover, has inner sleeve $10
Side 1Side 2
The Sausalito Bay SuiteJon MarkJourney Through New Englans
The Bridge5:31One Way Sunday5:30Jon Mark
Solitude6:05Sunset6:25Roger Sutton
Friends4:10Ballad of A Man11:42Jon Mark
Conceived, written, produced and recorded in: San Francisco, Sausalito, London and Los Angeles
Jon Mark-Lead vocals, Classical guitar, 12 string guitar, Electric guitar, Percussion
Johnnie Almond-Baritone, alto, tenor, soprano sax, Vibes, Concert, alto, bass flute, Percussion, Vocal harmonies
Tommy Eyre-Concert Piano, Electric piano, 2nd flute, 2nd guitar, Vocal harmonies, Percussion
Roger Sutton-2nd vocals, Bass, Percussion, Cello, Vocal harmonies
Dannie Richmond-Drums, Percussion, Vocal harmonies and Good vibes
Album Produced by: Tommy Li Puma
Engineered by: Bruce Botnick
Recording Executives: U.S.A., Canada, Japan - Bob Krasnow, Blue Thumb Records, Inc.
Rest of World-Nick Mobbs, Harvest Records
Concept Design by: Latimer/Field
Photography by David Field/Jon Mark/Chris Parker

MARILLION     Go to Next artist (Nick Mason) Previous band (Mark Almond)
1 Freaks (Live) 12" (UK 1988 EMI 12MARIL9) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Freaks (Live)??MarillionChildhood End? (Live)*??Marillion
Kayleigh (Live)White Feather (Live)*
Produced by Marillion and Privet Hedge
Illustration by Mark Wilkinson
Tracks taken from the Double Album, Long Play Cassette & Double CD "The Thieving Magpie"
except 'Freaks', Cassette &, *CD only
See also: Fish

NICK MASON'S FICTITIOUS SPORTS     Go to Next band (Matching ) Previous band (Marillion)
1 Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports (US 1981 Columbia FC 37307) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Can't Get My Motor to Start3:37C. BleyBoo to You Too3:25C. Bley
I Was Wrong4:10Do Ya?4:32
Hot River5:13I'm a Mineralist6:14
The Fictitious Sports:
Robert Wyatt: Vocals
Karen Kraft: Vocals
Chris Spedding: Guitars
Carla Bley: Keyboards
Gary Windo: Tenor/Bass Clarinet/Flute
Gary Valente: Trombones
Mike Mantler: Trumpets
Howard Johnson: Tuba
Steve Swallow: Bass
Nick Mason: Drums & Percussion
Terry Adams: Piano (on Boo to you Too)
Harmonica and clavinet (on Can't get my motor to start)
Additional voices: Gary Windo, Carlos Ward, D. Sharpe, Gary Valente, Vincent Chancey, Earl McIntyre
Recorded at Grog Kill Studio, Willow, New York by Michael Mantler, assisted by Nick Mason.
Mixed at Villiage Recorders and the Producer's Workshop, Los Angeles, California by James Guthrie.
Cover design by Hipgnosis and Geoff Halpin.
Studio Shots by Mumby
Produced by Nick Mason and Carla Bley
See also: The Abdabs, Pink Floyd
Related: Produced Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom album

MATCHING MOLE     Go to Next band (Les McCann) Previous artist (Nick Mason)
1 Matching Mole (UK 1972 CBS 32105) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
O Caroline??Sinclair, WyattInstant Kitten??Wyatt
Instant PussyWyattDedicated to Hugh, but You Weren't Listening
Signed CurtainBeer as in Braindeer
Part of the DanceMillerImmediate Curtain
Robert Wyatt: Mellotron, Piano, Drums and Voice
David Sinclair: Piano and Organ
Phil Miller: Guitar
Bill MacCormick: Bass Guitar
Guest Super Star Dave McRae: Electric Piano

Produced by Matching Mole, Executive Producer Sean Murphy
Recorded at CBS Studios, London, December 1971/January 1972 and mixed at Nova Studios, London February 1972.

Sound Engineer Mike FitzHenry. Aided at Nova by Richard Dodd and assisted by Phillip Beckwith.

Cover Illustration Alan Cracknell
See also: Phil Miller, Soft Machine, Robert Wyatt

LES McCANN     Go to Next band (McDonald and Giles) Previous band (Matching Mole)
1 Invitation to Openness (US 1972 Atlantic mfg Capitol SD 1603) gatefold M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
The Lovers26:11Les McCannBeaux J. Poo Boo13:12Les McCann
Poo Pye McGoochie (and his friends)12:34
The personnel is: Les McCann, piano, electric piano & moog synthesizer; Yusef Lateef, tenor sax, oboe, flute, pneumatic flute, plum blossom & temple bells; David Spinozza, guitar & electric guitar; Cornell Dupree, electric guitar; Corky Hale, harp; Jodie Christian, electric piano; Bill Salter, electric bass; Jimmy Rowser, bass; Bernard Purdie, drums & percussion; Al Mouzon, drums & percussion; Donald Dean, drums & percussion; William "Buck" Clarke, African drums & percussion; Ralph McDonald, percussion.

Arranged & conducted by Les McCann
Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, N.Y.
Recording engineer: Jimmy Douglas
Re-mixed at Fred Catero Studios, San Francisco, Calif.
Re-mix engineer: Fred Catero
Cover photo: Les McCann
Inside liner photo: Giuseppe G. Pino
Album design: Loring Eutemey
Produced by Joel Dorn

Les McCann and Atlantic Records would like to thank arranger/composer John Murtaugh for bringing his own synthesizer to Atlantic studios-programing it and in general, being of invaluable assistance to Les McCann in using the synthesizer on this album.
Special thanks to Jimmy Douglass and Fred Catero.

MCDONALD AND GILES     Go to Next band (McKendree Spring) Previous artist (Les McCann)
1 McDonald and Giles (US 1971 Cotillion SD 9042) gatefold M-/M- $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Suite in C; including Turnham Green, Here I Am and others11:21McDonaldBirdman; involving The Inventor’s Dream (O.U.A.T.), The Workshop, Wishbone Ascension, Birdman Flies!, Wings in the Sunset, Birdman-The Reflection21:45Sinfield/McDonald
Flight of the Ibis3:18B.P. Fallon/McDonald
Is She Waiting?2:40McDonald
Tomorrow's People - Children of Today7:00Giles
Ian McDonald-Guitar, Piano, Organ, Saxes, Flute, Clarinet, Zither, Vocal and sundries.
Michael Giles-Drums, Percussion (including milk bottle, handsaw, lip whistle and nutbox), Vocals.
Peter Giles-Bass Guitar
Steve Winwood-Organ, and Piano solo on ‘Turnham Green’
Michael Blakesley-Trombone on ‘Tomorrow’s People’.
String and Brass on ‘Birdman’ and ‘Suite in C’ arranged and conducted by Mike Gray.
Engineer-Brian Humphries.
Assistant Engineer-Richard Digby Smith.
Equipment-Vick and Dik.
Cover Painting: Charlotte Bates
Photograph-Richard Dilello
See also: Foreigner, Giles, Giles & Fripp, King Crimson

MCKENDREE SPRING     Go to Next artist (Wim Mertens) Previous band (McDonald & Giles)
1 3 (US 1972 Decca DL 7-5332) gatefold M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Down By the River5:49N. YoungFeeling Bad Ain't Good Enough5:37M. Dreyfuss-F. McKendree
Fading Lady5:23J. J. WalkerHobo Lady4:05K. Sykes
Flying Dutchman6:17M. Dreyfuss-F. McKendreeOh in the Morning4:16A. Guthrie
Heart is Like a Wheel3:31A. McGarrigleGod Bless the Conspiracy9:00M. Dreyfuss with F. McKendree-M. Slutsky
Michael Dreyfuss: Electric Violin, Viola, Theremin
Fran McKendree: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Dulcimer
Ring Modulator by Tom Oberheim
Violins and Viola by Barcus Berry
Drawing: Anne Malicoat
Photo: Patty Thomas

2 Spring Suite (US 1973 MCA 370) M-/VG+ gatefold $20
Side 1Side 2
Equinox (Instrumental)1:46Martin SlutskyToday's the Day3:31Peter Hodgeson
Winter3:38Michael Dreyfuss-Christopher BishopThe Storm2:43Michael Dreyfuss-Christopher Bishop-Fran McKendree-Martin Slutsky
I Was Born4:25Michael Dreyfuss-Christopher Bishop-Fran McKendree-Martin SlutskyGrowing3:52Christopher Bishop
The Madman3:44Michael Dreyfuss-Fran McKendree-Martin SlutskySpring4:09Michael Dreyfuss-Fran McKendree
The Girl4:04Michael Dreyfuss-Fran McKendree
Fran McKendree: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Piano on "Spring", Fender Bass on "Winter"
Christopher Bishop: Fender Bass, Vocals, Piano on "Winter"
Martin Slutsky: Electric Guitars, Lead Acoustic guitar on "The Girl"
Dr. Michael Dreyfuss: Electric Violin, Electric Viola, Arp and Moog Synthsizers
All music arranged and performed by McKendree Spring
Produced by Michael Brovsky
Engineer-Martin Lennard
Recorded at "The Manor," Shipton on Cherwell, England
Remixed at Island Sound Studios, London
Cover designed and drawn by Roger Dean
A Free Flow Production in association with McKendree Spring
Chuck Wiesner and John "Bugzee" Hougdahl-Road Crew, Ford C-600, Parties
"Chili" Darryl Charles Tympani on "I Was Born"
Produced by Michael Brovsky for Free Flow Productions

3 Too Young to Feel This Old (US 1976 Pye 12124) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve, woc $12
Side 1Side 2
Too Young to Feel This Old3:21Chris EastRun Like the Wind2:49Fran McKendree
I'm in Love3:06M. Rushent/H. KatoMy Kind of Life3:16Chris East
(She's a Housewife) No More Rock 'n' Roll3:07Clifford T. WardOh, What a Feeling2:50Keith Sykes
Take it From the Heart2:52Fran McKendreeI'm Gonna Lose That Game Again2:47Neil Harrison
Clown2:56Keith SykesDivide & Concord6:26Michael Dreyfuss
Produced by: Mark London
Engineered by: Martin Rushent
Assistant Engineer and Vamp Locker: Thomas Mark
Recorded at: Bearsville Sound Studios, Bearsville, N.Y.
Art Direction: DFK/David Krieger
Illustration: Michael Kanarek
Musicians: Fran McKendree: Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Michael Dreyfuss: All Violins & Violas
Martin Slutsky: Lead Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Christopher Bishop: Background Vocals, Electric Bass
Carson Michaels: Background Vocals, Drums
Additional Musician: Warren Bernhardt: Acoustic & Electric Pianos, Organ

WIM MERTENS     Go to Next artist (Pat Metheny) Previous band (McKendree Spring)
1 Whisper Me (US 1988 Windham Hill WH-1079) promo stamp M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
A Visiting Card6:49Wim MertensWhisper Me18:57Wim Mertens
The Fosse7:51
No Plans, No Projects5:04
Executive Producers: William Ackerman and Fritz Kasten
Produced by Wim Mertens
Recorded and engineered by Werner Pensaert 1984, 1986, 1987
Mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Art Direction by Anne Robinson
Design by Candance Upman
Cover photography by John Cooper
Back cover photography by Hiroya Kaji
Anne Crabbe: voice
Dirk Descheemaeker: soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Marc Grauwels: flute, bass flute, piccolo
Rika Joris: voice
Keiko Kusaka: harp
Monique Laperre: cello
Malufi Singers: voices
Anne Mertens: voice
Wim Mertens: piano, keyboards, voice
Chris Nieuwenhuysen: voice
Andre Van Driessche: French horn
Kris Van Severen: viola

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1 Rejoicing [w/Charlie Haden & Billy Higgins] (US 1984 ECM 1271) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Lonely Woman6:45Horace SilverStory from a Stranger5:48Pat Metheny
Tears Inside3:47Ornette ColemanThe Calling9:52
Humpty Dumpty5:36Waiting for an Answer2:16Pat Metheny/Charlie Haden
Blues for Pat6:00Charlie Haden
Rejoicing3:14Ornette Coelman
Recorded November 29 and 30, 1983 at Power Station, New York
Engineer: Jan Erik Kongshaug
Photo: Rob van Petten
Cover Design: Barbara Wojirsch
Produced by Manfred Eicher

2 Yolanda, You Learn 12" (US 1984 ECM PRO-A-2237) M-/M- promo $5
Side 1Side 2
Yolanda, You Learn (Edit)4:11Pat Metheny/Lyle MaysPraise (Edit)3:50Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays
Produced by Pat Metheny
An ECM Production
From the ECM album First Circle (1-25008)

PHIL MILLER     Go to Next band (Miriodor) Previous artist (Pat Metheny)
1 Cutting Both Ways (US 1988 Cuniform RUNE 11) M-/M- has the photograph $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
a)Green & Purple Extract
b)Hic Haec Hoc
c)A Simple Man
15:59Phil MillerHard Shoulder4:32Phil Miller
Figures of Speech9:06
Eastern Religion5:58Green & Purple9:32
(1) Phil Miller (guitar), Hugh Hopper (bass), Elton Dean (saxes), Pip Pyle (drums), Pete Lemer (keyboards).
Recorded & mixed at Vacant Studios November 1985
Engineered byy Pete Ball
(2) Phil Miller (guitar), Hugh Hopper (bass), Elton Dean (saxes), Pip Pyle (drums), Pete Lemer (keyboards).
Recorded & mixed at Spaceward November 1985
Engineered by Mark Graham
(1) Phil Miller (guitar, synth-guitar), Dave Stewart (DX7, MSQ, SP12, Prophet emulator), Barbara Gaskin (voice).
Recorded at Grove Park Studios 1986
Engineered by Dave Stewart, mixed at Spaceward
(2) Phil Miller (guitar, synth-guitar), Dave Stewart (DX7, MSQ, SP12, Prophet emulator).
Recorded at Grove Park Studios 1986
Engineered by Dave Stewart, mixed at Spaceward, assisted by Jim.
(3) Phil Miller (guitar), Hugh Hopper (bass), Elton Dean (saxes), Pip Pyle (drums), Pete Lemer (keyboards).
Recorded & mixed at Vacant Studios November 1987
Engineered by Pete Ball.
See also: Caravan, National Health

MIRIODOR     Go to Next band (Moby Grape) Previous artist (Phil Miller)
1 Miriodor (US 1988 Cuniform RUNE 14) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Regards (Regards)6:26MiriodorPiege (Trap)3:21Miriodor
Spirale (Spiral)5:10Suspicion (Suspicion)5:11
Marche funeral (Funeral March)1:37Insomnie prémonitoire (Premonitory insomnia)5:55
Valence (Valence)4:37Reseau (Network)3:50
En attendant Rémi (Waiting for Remi)4:56
Pascal Globensky: piano, synthétiseurs
Sabin Hudon: saxophones, synthétiseurs, percussions
Rémi Leclerc: percussions, synthétiseurs, séquences
Jean Diamant: prise de son, électronique, mixage

Gravure - Mastering: Roger Seibel, SAE
Illustration & design: Suzanne Côté
Enregistré directement sure 2 pistes (sans montage) à Montréal, entre les 17 et 24 Janvier 1988
Recorded directly onto half-track tape (no editing) in Montreal, between January 17 and 24, 1988

Nous remercions de leur aide
Steve Feigenbaum, André Paquet, Pierre Marchand, André Bergeron, René Lussier, Christian Clermont, Marcel Gouin du Studio Karisma (Montréal)

MOBY GRAPE     Go to Next artist (Ronnie Montrose) Previous band (Miriodor)
1 Wow (US 1968 Columbia CS 9613) G/VG+ gatefold $5 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Place and the Time*??Jerry Miller & Don StevensonHe**??Peter Lewis
Murder in My Heart for the JudgeDon StevensonMotorcycle IreneSkip Spence
Bitter Wind**Bob MosleyThree-Four*Bob Mosley
Can't Be So Bad**Jerry Miller & Don StevensonFunky-TunkSkip Spence
Just Like Gene Autry; A Foxtrot*
(Note: This band is to be played at 78 R.P.M.)
Skip SpenceRose Colored EyesBob Mosley
Miller's Blues*Jerry Miller and Bob Mosley
Naked, If I Want ToJerry Miller
"Just Like Gene Autry" featuring Lou Waxman and his Orchestra and starring
Authur Godfrey, Banjo and Ukulele
*Orchestral arrangement by Joey Scott
**Orchestral arangement by David Rubinson-with Joey Scott
Produced by David Rubinson
Direction: Matthew Katz Productions, San Francisco
Personal Management: Michael Gruber
Engineers: Don Puluse & Glen Kolotkin
Design and Collage: Bob Cato

2 Grape Jam (US 1968 Columbia MGS 1) VG/VG+ $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Never6:11B. MosleyMarmalade13:51Moby Grape
Boysenberry Jam6:00Moby GrapeThe Lake4:04M. Haywoth-Moby Grape
Black Currant Jam9:13
Jerry Miller: guitars
Skip Spence: guitars, piano
Bob Mosley: bass, vocal
Don Stevenson: drums
Al Kooper: piano
Mike Bloomfield: piano
Produced by David Rubinson
Engineering: Don Puluse & Glen Kolotkin

RONNIE MONTROSE     Go to Next band (Moody Blues) Previous artist (Moby Grape)
1 Open Fire (US 1978 Warner Brothers BSK 3134) M-/VG+ promo sticker has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Openers2:57B. AlcivarHeads Up3:36R. Montrose, E. Winter
Open Fire3:53R. Montrose, E. WinterRocky Road4:20J. Thomassie, C. Brent, J. Smith
Mandolinia3:13R. MontroseMy Little Mystery4:34R. Montrose
Town Without Pity3:15D. Tiomkin, N. WashingtonNo Beginning/No End5:53
Leo Rising3:46R. Montrose
Ronnie Montrose: guitars, theremin, mandolins, mandocellos
Alan Fitzgerald: bass
Rick Shlosser: drums
Edgar Winter: Moog sequencer bass, piano, harpsicord
Jim Alcivar: Sequencer programming, martenot, Moog synthesizers and special effects
Produced by Edgar Winter
Engineered by Dick Bogert
Assistant: Paul Aronoff
Technical assistance: Gary Fradkin
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Bob Alcivar
Album design and photography: Bruce Steinberg
Recorded and mixed at Group IV, Hollywood
Mastered at A&M, Hollywood
Ronnie uses Gibson LabSeries amps.

THE MOODY BLUES     Go to Next artist (R. Stevie Moore) Previous artist (Ronnie Montrose)
1 Days of Future Passed (US 1967 Deram DES 18012) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
The Day Begins5:45Redwave-KnightThe Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)8:25Redwave-Knight
Dawn: Dawn is a Feeling3:50Evening: The Sun Set: Twilight Time6:39
The Morning: Another Morning3:40The Night: Nights in White Satin7:41
Lunch Break: Peak Hour5:21
The London Festival Orchestra conducted by Peter Knight
Executive Producer: Hugh Mendl
Realisation: Michael Dacre-Barclay, Tony Clarke
Recording Engineer: Derek Varnals
Cover painting by David Anstey

2 In Search of the Lost Chord (US 1968 Deram DES 18017) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Departure0:48G. EdgeVoices in the Sky3:32Hayward
Ride My See Saw3:37J. LodgeThe Best Way to Travel3:12Pinder
Dr. Livingston, I Presume2:58R. ThomasVisions of Paradise4:15Hayward; Thomas
House of Four Doors4:11J. LodgeThe Actor3:09Hayward
Legend of a Mind6:40R. ThomasThe Word1:35G. Edge
House of Four Doors (Part 2)1:43J. LodgeOm6:27Pinder
Members of the Expedition
Justin Hayward - Twelve string Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Sitar, Tablas, Piano, Mellotron, Bass Guitar, Harpsicord, Percussion, Vocals.
Mike Pinder - Mellotrons, Piano, Harpsicord, Cello, Accoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Auto-Harp
John Lodge - Bass Guitar, Cello, Tambourine, Snare Drum, Accoustic Guitar, Vocals.
Ray Thomas - 'C' Flute, Alto Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Vocals.
Graeme Edge - Drums, Timpani, Tambourine, Tablas, Piano.
Producer: Tony Clarke
Engineer: Derek Varnals
Assistant Engineer: Adrian Martins
Cover: Philip Travers

3 On the Threshold of a Dream (US 1969 Deram DES 18025/SKAO 92034) M-/VG- gatefold w/12pg. booklet $8
Side 1Side 2
In the Beginning2:08EdgeNever Comes the Day4:43Hayward
Lovely to See You2:35HaywardLazy Day2:43Thomas
Dear Diary3:56ThomasAre You Sitting Comfortably3:34Hayward; Thomas
Send Me No Wine2:20LodgeThe Dream0:55Edge
To Share Our Love2:54Have You Heard - Part I1:23Pinder
So Deep Within You3:07PinderThe Voyage4:07
Have You Heard - Part II2:38
Instruments used were.
Pianos, organs, guitars (acoustic, electric, twelve-string and bass), double-bass, cellos, mellotrons, drums, L.A. percussion, tuned percussion, flutes, piccolos, oboes, harmonicas and triangle.
All instruments played by the Moody Blues.
Our special thanks to Pete Jackson, triangle.
Produced by Tony Clarke
Recording Engineer Derek Varnals
Assistant Engineer Adrian Martins
Cover Painting by Phil Travers
Inside Front Cover Photographs. David Wedgbury.
Inside Back Cover Photograph. Terence Ibbott

4 A Question of Balance (US 1970 Threshold THS 3) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Question5:40HaywardIt's Up to You3:11Hayward
How is it (We Are Here)2:48PinderMinstrel's Song4:27Lodge
And the Tide Rushes In2:57ThomasDawning is the Day4:22Hayward; Thomas
Don't You Feel Small2:40EdgeMelancholy Man5:49Pinder
Tortoise and the Hare3:23LodgeThe Balance3:33Edge; Thomas
Producer: Tony Clarke
Engineers: Derek Varnals/Adrian Martins/Robin Thompson
Cover Painting: Phil Travers
All instruments played by The Moody Blues

5 Long Distance Voyager (US 1981 Threshold TRL-1-2901) M-/M- gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
The Voice5:11Justin HaywardMeanwhile4:05Justin Hayward
Talking Out of Turn7:17John Lodge22,000 Days5:28Graeme Edge
Gemini Dream4:06Justin Hayward/John LodgeNervous5:42John Lodge
In My World7:18Justin HaywardPainted Smile3:20Ray Thomas
Reflective Smile:36
Veteran Cosmic Rocker3:07
Justin Hayward-Guitars, vocals
John Lodge-Bass, vocals
Ray Thomas-Flutes, harmonicas, vocals
Graeme Edge-Drums
Patrick Moraz-Keyboards
Produced by Pip Williams for Handle Artists
Recorded and mixed by Greg Jackman with Norman Goodman
String arrangements by Pip Williams
perfomed by The New World Philharmonic
Recorded at Threshold Studios
Mixed at RAK Studios
Mastered by Melvyn Abrahams at Strawberry Mastering
Cover painting courtesy of the Arts Union Glasgow
Sleeve concept-The Moody Blues
Sleeve design & artwork-Cream
Management-Jerry Weintraub
See also: The Graeme Edge Band, Justin Hayward/John Lodge, John Lodge, Patrick Moraz, Mike Pinder

R STEVIE MOORE     Go to Next artist (Patrick Moraz) Previous band (Moody Blues)
1 What's the Point?!! (US 1984 Cuniform RUNE 1) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Get the Job Done4:36RSMPuttin' Up the Groceries2:57RSM
Love Has Doubt3:10Conflict of Interest2:48
Theme from Hurricane David4:21I Don't Think She Knows1:29
Part of the Problem3:45Bloody Knuckles3:40RSM/Szzn. G.
Compatability Leaves3:34Where You Reside1:56RSM
Going Down the Way2:02 I Wanna Sleep2:40
For Vini3:09World's Fair2:35
Too Old (to Fall in Love)3:09
All performances and engineering by RSM
Mark Cudnik-A4/B1/B8
Saan. G.-B2/B4
Jon Child-A3/B2/B4/B5
Irwin Chusid-A2/B2
Jim Price-B4
Cover painting: Vicki Wulff, Providence, R.I.
Back cover: Self-portrait 1/8/84, RSM
Graphic & Design: Saro Dedeyan
Thanks to Irwin Chusid for help and energy during the early stages of the project.

PATRICK MORAZ     Go to Next band (Moraz/Bruford) Previous artist (R. Stevie Moore)
1 Out in the Sun (US 1977 Import 1014) M-/M- coh has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Out in the Sun4:25Moraz-McBurnieTentacles3:31Moraz-McBurnie
Rana Batucada5:30MorazKabala4:55Moraz
Nervous Breakdown3:20Moraz-McBurnieLove-Hate-Sun-Rain-You4:48Moraz-Zmirou
Sliver Screen4:28Time for a Change
A. Time to Fly
B. Big Bands of Ancient Temples
C. Serenade
D. Back to Nature
Patrick Moraz: Polymoog-Oberheim Polyphonic 4 voice and 8 voice, Minimoogs, vocals, Piano- Synthesizers, Vibrotronic Bubbletron, Taurus Bass Pedals, Voice box, Steinway Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, ARPS, Polyphonic Polymoog, Hammond C3, Vibraphone, Tambourine, Fender Rhodes 88, double moog, ARP 2600 & pro-soloists, clavinet, Microgmoog Bass Sequencer, Digital Sequencers
J. McBurnie: Lead vocals & harmony vocals
Vivienne McAuliffe: Harmony vocals
Ray Gomez: Mando Guitar 8 strings, Lead guitar
Wornell Jones: Bass
Andy Newmark: Drums
"Testa": Pandiero & ass. Brasiliam percussion
"Chacal": Congas & ass. Brasilian percussion
Jean Ristori: Gibson electric bass
Francois Zmirou: Lead Vocals
Jean-Luc Bourgeois: Chinese gongs, Gongs, Balian gongs
Philippe Staehli: Tympanis, Indian Finger Cymbals
Isla Eckinger-Acoustic Double Bass
P.S. Herbie Mann came too play the flute
Orchestrations by Patrick Moraz
Album recorded in Phonogram Studios, Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil, and in "Aquarius" Studios in Geneva, Switzerland February-March 1977.
Engineered by "Professeur" Jean Ristori, assisted by Erroll Maibach Tape op. Camille Broye.
Album cut by Ray Staff
Co-produced by Patrick Moraz and Jean Ristori.
Art Direction: Frank Sansom
Cover Photographs and Inner Bag: Jean Ristori
Artwork: A.D. Design
Logo by Liane Gondim Monteiro
Equipment: Ray Palmer enterprises

2 Patrick Moraz (US 1978 Charisma CA-1-2201) M-/M- cc has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Jungles of the World
Greem Sun, Tribal Call, Communion
5:56Patrick MorazPrimitivisation5:24Patrick Moraz
Temples of Joy
Opening the Gates, Overture, The Feast (A Festa)
6:07Keep the Children Alive3:27
The Conflict
Chamada (Argument), Opposing Forces, The Battlefield, Dissolution, Victory
This album was recorded in the winter in South America in Phonogram Studios in Rio de Janeiro (June 22-24 1978) and in the summer in Europe at Aquarius Studios, Gemeva (August 1978).
Engineered by "Professor" Jean Ristori, assisted by Dr. Erroll "Blackbox" Maibach in Geneva; and Joao in Rio.
Overdubs and remixing supervised by Neil Slaven.
Engineered by Alan Leeming and assisted by Norman Goodman.
Special thanks for stepping in at the last minute.
Produced by Patrick Moraz.
Mixed using an Aphex Aural Exciter, and an E.M. stereo enlarger.
Instruments played by Patrick Moraz: (in order of appearance):
Marimbas, Harpsicord, Steinway Grand Piano, Vibraphone, Hammond C3 Organ, Minimoog, Polymoog, Custom built Oberheim 8 voice and 4 voice synthesizers, Computron, Yamaha CS80 Polyphonic Synthesizer, Micromoog, Sennheizer Vocoder, Yamaha CP70 Electric Grand, Mellotron Mk. 2, ARP Pro-soloist, AKS EMS Electronic Effects, Non-random Noise Generator and Additional Percussion throughout.
Instuments Played by Djalma Correia:
Donodacasa, Cabaca, Perimbau, Tumbas, Atabaques, Cuica, Apitos, Passarinhos, Reco-recos, Gongs, Tympanis, Bells.
Additional percussion - the percussionists of Rio de Janeiro:
Wilson Carnegao, Paulo Roberto Correia, Edson Santos Leite, Armando Marcal, Guisseppe Lima, Carlos Eduardo Goncalves, Claumir Jorge, Doutor Da Repique, Nenem Da Cuica, Geraldo Sabino, Claudio Dos Santos, Renaldo Martis Da Silva, Paulino Do Pandeiro, Jorge Garcia, Milton Manhoes and Gordinho.
Military snare drum by Tommy Strebel.
Lead vocals on "Keep the Children Alive" by Joy Yates.
All other vocals by Patrick Moraz.
Cover: Cooke Key.
Photography: Brian Cooke, Doctor Phildius, Jesus Moreno and Picturepoint.
Road Crew: Mike Keys, Big John Bennett, Georges, John Abbott, Ray and Snoopy.

3 Future Memories Live on TV (Keyboards' Metamorhoses) (US 1979 Passport PVC 8922) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Metamorphoses18:50Patrick MorazEastern Sundays8:48Patrick Moraz
Black Silk10:13
Instant Keyboards and Percussions Compositions on Acoutic and Electronic Instruments
Composed, Performed, Recorded and Mixed Live on TV in Geneva, November 13 & 14 1979
TV Programm Realisation: Francois Jaquenod
Location: Aquarius Studios/Geneva
Sound Engineer (Rec.&Mix.): Jean Ristori
Future Memories Scenario: Patrick Moraz & Francois Jaquenod
Equipment Handling: Pat Buckley & Errol Maibach
Executive Production: P. Moraz J. Ristori F. Jaquenod
Licence Management: J-C. Vial
Video-Coproduction: SSR - Moraz
Produced by Patrick Moraz
Photos by Monique Delley
Cover Design by JP
Instruments for "Metamorphosis":
Yamaha CS80, Minimoog, Volume Pedal CS80, Pedal Morley for Minimoog, Taurus Bass Pedal, Roland Space Echo (for Moog), Mellotron Mk IV, Cassette Interface for Oberheim, Oberheim 8 Voices with Programmer, Stereo Pedals for Mellotron and Oberheim, Filter Pedal, Seat on Wheels, Hammond C3, Clavinet, Micromoog, Pro Soloist, monitoring System (2x Gauss 15" + JBL 2482 + 2405), Power Amplifier for Monitors (2x 650W) + Active Electronic Crossover, Double Minimoog, Yamaha CP 70 with Riser, Obie Sequencer, Roland Vocoder, Roland Computa Rhythm, Pro Soloist on Stand, Mellotron Mk II, Roland Jupiter, Oberheim 4 Voices, Clavitar on Stand, Volume Pedal for Clavitar
All instruments except Clavinet and Leslies are connected "DI" through the studio mixing desk.
Instruments on "Eastern Sundays":
Glass Bells Gong and Cymbals (Paiste), Jupiter Compuphonic, Clavitar Duophonic, Oberheim 4 Voice, Grand Piano Bosendorfer Imperial, Minimoog/Micromoog, External Compunoise, Roland Space Echos, Flandging Devices
Instrument on "Black Silk": Bosendorfer Imperial

4 Coexistence (w/Syrinx) (US 1984 PVC 8923) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2 - Coexistence (4 movements)
Mind Your Body4:15P. MorazBlack Gold3:45P. Moraz-Syrinx
Boonoonoonoos (Jamaican patois for enjoyment)4:10Moments of Love4:45
Soundrise4:35Chain Reaction6:15
Adagio for a Hostage4:15Peace on the Hills??P. Moraz
Freedom to...2:45Syrinx-P. Moraz
All orchestrations and programming by P. Moraz
The Players: Patrick Moraz:
Keyboards and electronic synthesizers, vocoder, piano, electronic percussions and additional accoustic percussions, synth. basses
Syrinx: Pan Pipe Flutes (flutes de pan)
With the participation of:
Richie Morales - Drumms and tympanis, gongs
John Wooloff - guitars, mando-guitars, Roland synth guitar & Ovation
Recorded and mixed at Aquarius Studios Gneeva between November 79 and May 80.
Engineered by Prof. Jean Ristori assisted by Errol Maibach and Norman Goodman
(Aphex and Large Stereo Processor were used in certain places)
Preliminary recordings done on location throughout the world.
Equipment and technical assistance Pat Buckley & Andre Corpateaux.
Executive Producer and licence management: Jean-Claude Vial
Illustrations: recto - Aliocha, verso - Phildius
Produced by Patrick Moral for Coex-Music Productions (M/V)

5 Human Interface (US 1987 Cinema ST-12558) M-/M- coh $12
Side 1Side 2
Light Elements6:38Patrick MorazGoTo Ophioplomal4:06Patrick Moraz
Beyond Binary4:32Kyushu11:03
Stormtroops on Loops1:15Hyperwaves6:05
Modular Symphony (1st Movement)3:04
Composed, arranged and programmed at TimeCode Studios
Performed, recorded and mixed at Blackbarn Studios
Engineering by Barry Radman
Assisted by Teo Miller
Additional assistance by Robin Black
Mastered at Abbey Road by Steve Rooke
Instruments by Soon Music, Ltd., Kurzweil Music Systems, Inc.
Macintosh Computers by Apple Computer Inc.
Korg Instruments
Sony 3324's by Feldon Audio
Additional sampling and programming by B. Radman
Freight and transportation by Rock It Cargo
Digitally recorded, mixed and mastered for Mindvisions Inc.
Digitally edited at Abbey Road Studios, London, by Paul Bailey.
'Kyushu' dedicated to the memory of Midori Yamada
Art Direction: Roy Kohara/Roland Young
Photo Montage: Roland Young
Photography: NASA
Main Photo: The Nafud Dusert, Shuttle Mission 41C, April 6 to 13, 1984.
Inset: India, The Great Himalayas, Shuttle Mission 1, April 12 to 14, 1981. The Earth's Moon at 3,000 Miles
See also: Mainhorse, Moody Blues, Moraz/Bruford, Refugee, Yes

MORAZ/BRUFORD     Go to Next artist (Steve Morse) Previous artist (Patrick Moraz)
1 Flags (US 1985 EG EGLP 63) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Temples of Joy4:51MorazMachines Programmed by Genes5:13Moraz/Bruford
Split Seconds4:37Moraz/BrufordThe Drum Also Waltzes2:51Roach
Karu3:45MorazInfra Dig3:12Moraz/Bruford
Impromptu, Too!3:30A Way With Words1:36
Flags4:27Everything You've Heard is True6:09
Patrick Moraz: Steinway D Concert Grand, Kurzweil 250 Bill Bruford: Acoustic and Electronic Drums and Percussion
See also: Bruford, Patrick Moraz, Yes

STEVE MORSE     Go to Next band (Mother Mallard) Previous artist (Patrick Moraz)
1 High Tension Wires (US 1989 Mca MCA-6275) M-/M- promo stamp $12
Side 1Side 2
Ghostwind3:12Steve MorseLooking Back3:59Steve Morse
The Road Home4:48Leprechaun Promenade6:24
Country Colors3:46Tumeni Notes4:10
Highland Wedding3:21Endless Waves3:46
Third Power4:15Modoc2:19
Allen Sloan: Violin
Steve: Acoustic 6 & 12 string, Electric Guitars and Synthesizers, Stereo Electric Classical Guitar
Rod Morgenstein: Drums
T Lavitz: Synthesizers, Piano
Jerry Peek: Bass
Andy West: Bass
Produced by Steve Morse
Executive Producer: Ricky Schultz
Recorded at M.O.R. Studio, Atlanta, GA
Recording Engineer: Steve Morse except "Leprechaun Promenade" Engineered by Rick Sandidge
Drums Recorded at: Cheshire Sound, Atlanta, GA
Engineered by: Tom Wright
Mixed by Rick Sandidge and Steve Morse at Mark V/Sandcastle, Greenville, South Carolina and M.O.R. Studio, Atlanta, GA
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee
Design/Art Direction: Kathleen Covert/Covert Design
Cover Photography: Rick Valicenti for Thirst/Chicago
Back Cover Photography: Mindas
See also: Dixie Dregs

MOTHER MALLARD'S PORTABLE MASTERPIECE CO.     Go to Next band (The Mothers) Previous artist (Steve Morse)
1 Like a Duck to Water (US 1976 Earthquack EQ 0002) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Waterwheel10:02Steve DrewsC-A-G-E Part II20:21David Borden
Oleo Strut10:37
David Borden: Synthesizers and electric piano
Steve Drews; Synthesizers and electric piano
Judy Borsher: Synthesizers and voice
Recorded at Celebration Sound, Ithaca, N.Y.
Sound engineers: David Wickstrom, Barny Cole
Producers: David Borden, Steve Drews
Cover photo: Steve Drews
Backliner photos: Edin Velez, Vito Brunetti
Art Direction and Design: Michael Boyd
See also: David Borden

THE MOTHERS     Go to Next band (The Muffins) Previous band (Mother Mallard)
1 Over-nite Sensation (US 1973 Discreet/Reprise MS 2149) M-/M- gatefold $25
Side 1Side 2
Camarillo Brillo4:01Frank ZappaZomby Woof5:11Frank Zappa
I'm the Slime3:35Dinah Moe Humm6:05
Dirty Love3:00Montana6:37
Tim Fowlwer - bass
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Ralph Humphrey - drums
Sal Marquez - trumpet & vocals
Frank Zappa
Ruth Underwood - marimba, vibes & percussion
Ian Underwood - flute, clarinet, alto & tenor sax
George Duke - keyboards & synthesizer
Jean-Luc Ponty - violin & baritone violin
engineers: Barry Keene, Terry Dunavan, Fred Borkgren, Steve Desper
re-mix: Kerry McNabb
studios: Boltic Sound, Whitney, Paramount
technicians: Paul Hof, Jay "Dunt" Slaotman, Kansas J. Canzus
otherwise: Steve Alsberg, Marty Perellis, Rhonda & Ramona
biznis: Herb Cohen
produced, arranged & conducted by Frank Zappa
cover illustration: David B. McMacken
inside: Cal Schenkel
photography: Emerson-Loew
See also: Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa

THE MUFFINS     Go to Next compilation (Music and Rhythm) Previous band (The Mothers)
1 Manna/Mirage (US 1978 Random Radar RRR003) M-/VG+ $40 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Monkey with the Golden Eyes3:50NewhouseThe Adventures of Captain Boomerang (for Mike Forrester)23:00Newhouse
Hobart Got Burned6:10The Muffins
Amelia Earhart15:40Newhouse, Sears
Billy Swann: Bass, piano, guitar, percussives
Paul Sears: Drums, gong, xylophone, vibes, percussives, pots, pans, and pennywhistle
Tom Scott: Piccolo, eb, alto and c flutes, soprano, alto and baritone saxophones, bb, and alto clarinets, oboe, soprano recorder, percussives
Dave Newhouse: Pianos, organ, piccolo, flute, alto and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, cereal box whistle, percussives
Recorded - at Catch-A-Buzz Studios
Engineered - by Tom and Colleen Scott
Mixed - by the Muffins
Mastered - by Pete Helffrich
Special thanks to: John Schmidt (baritone horn and tuba), Doug Elliot (trombone), Larry Elliot (trumpet) on "Monkey," Steve Feigenbaum (guitar) on "Amelia," (under water guitar) on "Boomerang," and to Greg Yaskovich (bubble trumpet) on "Boomerang"
Front cover sculpture by Lynn Pruitt, front cover graphics by Sunshine, back cover sculpture "Ellen" courtesy of Ellen Vincent, cover photography by Steve Abramowitz, back cover graphics and post card design by Diane Falcone (and imaginary assistant Mr. Rollo)
See also: Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa

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1 Music and Rhythm (US 1982 PVC 201) M-/M-/M- gatefold $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Drums of Makebuko: Burundi
Recorded by La Radiodiffusion Nationale du Burundi, 24th September 1977.
??Drums of Makebuko The Beat: Mirror in the Bathroom
Saxa: Saxophone
Andy Cox: Guitar
David Steele: Bass
Everett Moreton: Drums
Ranking Roger: Voice
Dave Wakeling: Voice, Guitar
"Mirror in the Bathroom" was re-mixed at The Roundhouse, London, May 1982.
??The Beat
Peter Gabriel: Across the River
Peter Gabriel: Fairlight CMI, voice, surdu
Shankar: Double-necked violin
David Rhodes: Guitar, voice
Stewart Copeland: drums, percussion
Produced by Peter Gabriel and David Lord
Engineered by David Lord, Arranged by Peter Gabriel
Recorded and mixed at Shabby Road Studios and Crescent Studios, Bath
Gabriel, Shankar, Rhodes, Copeland Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz: Sweet Mother
Produced in Nigeria 1976 by Rogers All Stars (Nigeria) Ltd.
Prince Nico Mbarga: Lead guitar, vocalist
Thommysoo Kumm: Vocalist
Pirol: Vocalist
Franeo Okolo: Conga player
Jean Chachua: Rhythm guitarist
Morris: Bass guitarist
Ashagasha: Drums
Prince Nico
Ekome: Kpan Logo
Ekome Arts are:
Barry Anderson, Lorna Anderson, Norman Stephenson, Pauline Anderson, Angela Anderson, Pauline Hawthorne, Thelma Hawthorne, Sharon Francis (who are all dancers) and George Dzikunu, Richard Davis, Trevor Francis, Stephen Blagrove, Garnet Patterson, Maxine Hawthorne (who are drummers)
The majority of the company sang.
Recorded at Crescent Studios, Bath, 1981.
Produced by David Lord, engineered by Steve Street.
Ekome Mighty Sparrow: Music and Rhythm
Produced by Slinger Francisco.
Arranged by U. Belfast and Slinger Francisco
Engineered by N. Case
Re-mix by B Lee
Slinger Francisco
XTC: It's Nearly Africa
Andy Partridge: Lead and backing vocals, semi-acoustic guitar, alto-sax
Colin Moulding: Fender bass
Dave Gregory: Prophet 5, backing vocals
Terry Chambers: Drums, drum synthesizer, percussion
Hans de Vente: Special guest vocal support
Produced and mixed by Hugh Padgham and XTC
Engineered by Hugh Padgham
Recorded at The Manor, Oxfordshire, Autumn 1981
Andy Partridge Rico: What You Talkin' Bout
Rico Rodriquez: Vocal, trombone
Dick Cuthell: Cornets, percussion, backing vocal
Jerry Dammers: Organ
Wims Wimshurst: Guitar
Satch Dixon: Percussion
Tony 'Groco' Uta: Percussion, backing vocal
John Bradbury: Drums
Horace Gentleman: Bass
Produced by Dick Cuthell
Recorded at Riverside Studios, London, December 1981.
Mixed at Jam Studios, London, May 1981
Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulai and his Dagbamba Cultural Group: Zuu-Waa
Leader: Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulai
Gungon captain: Fuseini Alhassan
Drummers: Adam Iddi, "Lun-Naa", Aburari Alhassan
Recorded in Northern Ghana by John Miller Chernoff in 1981
Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulai Morris Pert: Marrakesh
Morris Pert: Percussion, Prophet synthesizer
Garry Kettle: Percussion
Tim Holmes: Soprano sax
Morris Pert
Side 3Side 4
Pete Townshend: Ascension Two
Pete Townshend: Guitar, Violin, Keyboards, vocals.
John Entwistle: Bass
Rabbit: Piano
Kenny Jones: Drums
Produced and mixed by Pete Townshend and Steve Lillywhite at Eel Pie Studios, Twickenham.
??Pete Townshend David Byrne: His Wife Refused
David Byrne: Vocals, bass, guitar
Yogi Horton: Drums
John Chernoff: Gung Gong
Bernie Worrell: Mini Moog
Adrian Belew: Steel drum guitarProduced by David Byrne
Commissioned by The Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation Inc.
Recorded at Celestial Sound and Olympic Sound (London)
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi
??David Byrne
Vic Coppersmith-Heaven: Pengosekan
Preston Hayman: Percussion, Gamelan
Vic Smith: Guitars, Gamelan
Tony Levin: Bass
Paddy Bush: Gengong
Johnny Warman: voice
Produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven at Eel Pie Studios, Twickenham, and The Manor, Oxfordshire, Spring 1982
Engineered at The Manor by Richard Manwaring
Remixed at Crescent Studios
Vic Coppersmith-Heaven Alhaji Bai Konte and Malamini Jobate: Sudurum Kumbosora
Alhaji Bai Konte: Lead voice, Kora
Malamini Jobate: Kora, Voice
Engineered and produced by David Lord at Shabby Road Studios.
Alhaji Bai Knote and Malamini Jobate
Balinese Ketjak - A short excerpt from The Ramayana Monkey Chant
Recorded by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven in Bali, February 1982.
Balinese Ketjak Lonesi Chewane and Joni Hetara: Mkazi Wa Mulomo
Lonesi Chewane: Magogodo xylophone
Joni Hetara: Magogodo xylophone
Recorded by Hugh Tracey, Katunga, Malawi, 1958
Lonesi Chewane and Joni Hetara
Jon Hassell: Ba Benzele
Recorded in concert at Ontario College of Art, Toronto, November 14 1981
Jon Hassell: Trumpet
Michael Brook: Mbira
Aiyb Dieng: Talking Drum
Brian Eno: Treatments/synthesizer background
Richard Henderson: Live mixing
Recorded by Paul Fitzgerald
Remix by Michael Brook
Jon Hassell Shankar and Bill Lovelady: Himalaya
Shankar: Violin, vocals
Peter Oxendale: Prophet 5
Chu Chu Merchan: Bass
Nick France: Drums
Recorded on The Virgin Barge Studio, London, on March 26th-28th
Produced by Shankar and Bill Lovelady
Engineered by John Rowland
Remixed at Crescent Studios, Bath, by David Lord.
Shankar and Bill Lovelady
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Noor Azli Chamkia
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Lead Vocals
Mujahed Mubarek Ali Khan: Vocals
Farakh Ali Khan: Harmonium, voclas
M. Iqbal Qusoori: Vocals
Thalid: Vocals
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Holger Czukay: Persian Love
Holger Czukay: Guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, short waves, bass
Jaki Liebezeit: Drums, congas
Composed, recorded, mixed, edited and produced by Holger Czukay
Advised by Conny Plank
Recorded at Inner Space Studio
Mixed at Connie's Studio
Holger Czukay
Peter Hammill: The Ritual Mask
Peter Hammill: Voice, Kora, Chinese drum, Bodhran and lentil shakers
Recorded at Sofa Sound and mixed at Crescent Studios, Bath, 1982
Peter Hammill
Sleeve design by Steve Byrne and Valerie Hawthorne
Photography by Jo Swan
Illustrations by Chrissie Hill
Typeset in Optima by Jane Hopkins of I.C.M.
Typesetting and corrections by Helen Bereznicki
Album co-ordination and liner notes by Thos. Brooman and Mike White
Album concept by Music Arts and Dance Expo
Digital production master tape compiled on the Sony PCM system at Crescent Studios, Bath, and edited at Feldon Audio Ltd

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1 Music Without Frontiers: A Venture Sampler Volume I (US 1988 Venture 90659-1) M-/VG+ cc $8
Side 1Side 2
£7.50: Itchy Fingers
Producers: Richard Cottle and Mike Mower
??Mike MowerThe Pursuit of Pleasure: Darryl Way with Opus 20
Producer: Darryl Way
??Darryl Way
Vibe Waltz: Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy
Produced by Lester Bowie/Brass Fantasy
Frank LacyThe Dancer's Song: Cassell Webb
Producers: Craig Leon and Cassell Webb
Craig Leon & Cassell Webb
For Vic: Niebla & Forcione
Producer: Mick Williams
Niebla & ForcioneNebuchadnezzar's Dream: Klaus Schulze & Andreas Grosser
Producers: Klaus Schulze & Andreas Grosser
Klaus Schulze & Andreas Grosser
The Fox Chase: Micheal O'Suilleabhain
Producer: Declan Colgan
Trad. arr. Michael O'SuilleabhainPas de Deux: Hans-Joachim Rodelius (with a Czjzek Saxophone)
Producer: Hans-Joachim Rodelius
Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Myoho: Peter de Havilland
Producer Peter de Havilland
Peter de Havilland
Compiled by Declan Colgan.
Digitally Nastered at Tape One Studios, London, by Jack Adams.
Mastered by Greg Fulginiti at Artisan Sound Recorders.

VA: MUSIQUE ACTION INTERNATIONALE 85     Go to Next band (The Mystic Moods Orchestra) Previous compilation (Music Without Frontiers)
1 Musique Action Internationale 85 (F 1985 Van d'Oeuvre 8501) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Trio de Batterie: Three Legs for Two Birds2:22Brown/ Chenevier/ HaywardDavid Thomas & The Pedestrians: Whale Head King7:20Thomas/Cooper/Cutler/Maimone
Jacques Veille Quartet: Randonnee8:20Veille/ Binkeloe/ Vignon/ StaehleHans Reichel-Keith Tippett: Duet Improvisation4:50Reichel/Tippett
Keith Tippett: Solo Improvisation3:44TippetLa Marmite Infernale: Sardenia7:10Merle
Catalogue: La fille au Pantalon Noir4:25Catalogue
Ces extraits ont ete enregistres au cours du festival "Musique Action International 85", organise par le Centre Culturel Andre Malraux de Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy du 6 au 12 mai 1985. Ce disque, malgre ses imperfections, est une trace de ces journees consacrees aux nouvelles musiques. Les interviews ont ete realisees par Michel Pages pour Radio France Nancy. Nous remercions tous ceux qui ont contribue a l'organisation de ces concerts. Production: Centre Culturel Andre Malraux - 1, place de l'Hotel de Ville - B.P. 126 - 54504 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Cedex
Responsable de la production : A. Gindt / Pochette : D. Koskowitz / Photos : L. Remy

THE MYSTIC MOODS ORCHESTRA     Go to Next band (National Health) Previous compilation (Musique Action Internationale 85)
1 Extensions (US 1969 Phillips PHS 600-301) M-/M- gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
California Dreamin'3:41PhillipsWebb of Jim Collage (MacArthur Park/Yard Went on Forever)7:35J. Webb
Nothing on My Mind/Moments Ago3:28G. CaldwellThere's a Good Earth Out Tonight1:33Christensen-Tartaglia
The Last Thing on my Mind2:58T. PaxtonTheme from Shoes of the Fisherman1:35A. North
If You Must Leave My Life3:00J. WebbPaul Simon Montage (Bookends/Old Friends/Flowers Never Bend in the Rainfall)1:35P. Simon
Norwegian Wood3:00Lennon-McCartneyLalena2:58Donovan
Featured Musicians:
Jim Gordon / Drums
Larry Knechtel & Lincoln Mayorga / Keyboards
Dave Cohan, Mike Deasy, Mike Anthony / Guitars
Steve LaFever & Lyle Ritz / Bass
Vince DeRosa / French Horn
Tony Terran / Solo Trumpet
Paul Beaver / Moog Synthesizer
Bud Shank & Tom Scott / Solo Flute
Ken Watson & Larry Bunker / Percussion
Enro Neufield / Concertmaster
John Guerin / Drums (Norwegian Wood only)
Arnold Koblentz / Oboe, English Horn
Arranged & Conducted by John Andrews Tartaglia
Produced & Directed by Brad Miller
Vocal Effects-The Mystic Mood Singers
A Mobile Fidelity Production
Studio engineering by Mike Shields, Ben Jordan, Captain Nemo
Location sound effects by Brad Miller (With an assist from Pier Clifford and Master Artist)

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