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1 Trevor Rabin (US 1978 Chrysalis CHR 1196) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Getting to Know You Better4:03Trevor RabinFantasy3:19Trevor Rabin
Finding Me a Way Back Home4:49Stay With Me3:49
All I Want is Your Love3:38Red Desert3:52
Live a Bit4:55Painted Picture3:33
Love Life4:03
All instruments played by - Trevor Rabin
Except drums by Kevin Kruger
Recorded at RPM and Re-mixed at Wessex Studios, London, by Gary Edwards
Produced by Trevor Rabin

2 Can't Look Away (US 1989 Elektra 60781-1) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
I Can't Look Away7:19T. Rabin, B. Ezrin, A. MooreEtoile Noir1:03T. Rabin
Somethin to Hold On To5:05T. RabinEyes of Love6:53T. Rabin, B. Ezrin
Sorrow (Your Heart)4:28I Didn't Think it Would Last4:06
Cover Up5:17T. Rabin, G. Rabin, A. MooreHold on to Me4:42T. Rabin, P. Van Blark
Promises5:54T. RabinSludge2:26T. Rabin
I Miss You Now5:38
The Cape 2:57
Produced by Bob Ezrin and Trevor Rabin
All instruments played by Trevor other than drums.
Drums: Lou Molino III, Alan White, Basil, Denny Fongheiser
Backing Vocals: Trevor, Duncan Faure, The Passion Brokers, Bob Ezrin
The Passion Brokers are: Tsidi Leioka, Beulah Hashe, Faith Kekana, and Marilyn Nokwe
Engineers: Bob Exrin, Trevor Rabin and Stan (When Do We Eat?) Katayama.
Additional Engineering: Rick Butz, Julian Stoll, Dave Subklewe, Julie Last, Tom Banghart, and Ringo Hrycyna.
Recorded at Westlake, Rumbo, A & M, The Shed, Audio Lab, and Southcombe.
Management: Tony Dimitriades and Alex Scott for East End Management
Art Direction: Carol Bobolts
Photography: Lisa Powers
See also: Yes

GEROME RAGNI, JAMES RADO & GALT MACDERMOT     Go to Next artist (Lee Ranaldo) Previous band (Trevor Rabin)
1 Hair (US 1968 RCA LSO-1150) VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Aquarius2:55Ragni, Rado, MacDermotWhere Do I Go?3:40Ragni, Rado, MacDermot
Donna/Hashish2:45Black Boys/White Boys3:35
Sodomy:50Easy to be Hard2:35
Colored Spade1:10Walking in Space5:00
Manchester England1:20Abie Baby2:45
I'm Black/Ain't Got No1:10Three-Five-Zero-Zero/What a Piece of Work is Man4:45
Air1:15Good Morning Starshine2:30
Initials:55The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)3:35
I Got Life3:05
My Conviction1:36
Don't Put it Down2:00
Frank Mills2:05
Book and Lyrics by Gerome Ragni & James Rado
Music by Galt MacDermot
Executive Producer: Bertrand Castelli
Directed by Tom O'Horgan
Dance Director: Julir Arenal
Muscial Director: Galt MacDermot
Costumes Designed by Nancy Potts
Scenery by Robin Wagner
Lighting by Jules Fisher
Sound by Robert Kiernan
Steve Curry, Ronald Dyson, Sally Eaton, Leata Galloway, Steve Gamet, Walter Harris, Paul Jabara, Diane Keaton, Lynn Kellogg, Jonathan Kramer, Emmaretta Marks, Melba Moore, Shelley Plimpton, James Rado, Gerome Ragni, Lamont Washington
Donnie Burks, Lorrie David, Hiram Keller, Marjorie LiPari, Natalie Mosco, Suzannah Norstrand, Robert I. Rubinsky

2 DisinHAIRited (US 1970 RCA LSO-1163) VG+/VG+ gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
One Thousand Year-Old Man4:05Ragni, Rado, MacDermotElectric Blues3:00Ragni, Rado, MacDermot
So Sing the Children on the Avenue2:07I Dig1:54
Manhattan Beggar1:46Going Down2:52
Sheila Franklin/Reading the Writing2:40You Are Standing on my Bed2:40
Washing the World1:55The Bed2:50
Exanaplanatooch3:10Mess O'Dirt2:31
Hello There1:35Dead End2:54
Mr. Berger1:31Oh Great God of Power3:24
I'm Hung1:47Eyes Look Your Last/Sentimental Ending2:41
John Aman, Obie Bray, Linda Compton, Lorrie Davis, Denise Delapenha, Pat Lambert, Clifford Lipson, Charles O. Lynch, Robin McNamara, Melba Moore, Allan Micholls, Susanna Norstrand, Sakinah, George Tipton, George Turner, Donnie Burks, Natalie Mosco, Leata Galloway, Susan Morse Arranged and conducted by Galt MacDermot
Produced for records by Andy Wiswell/Assisted by Mike Lipskin
A Ragni Rado MacDermot Production
Production Coordinator: Nat Shapiro
All the songs on this album have been recorded complete and unexpurgated as written by Rado, Ragni and MacDermot.
Cover photo of Indians courtesy of Overground Art, New York
Cover concept by Ragni and Rado / Inside photos by Ragni and Rado
Nude dances by Julie Arenal
Recorded in RCA's Studio C, New York City / Recording Engineer: Mike Moran

LEE RANALDO     Go to Next band (Randy Pie) Previous band (Ragni, Rado, MacDermot)
1 From Here to Infinity (US 1987 SST 113) M-/M- carved white vinyl ltd. ed 2000 $35
Side 1Side 2
Time Stands Still2:40Lee RanaldoFuzz/Locusts1:04Lee Ranaldo
Destruction Site1:17To Mary0:40
Ouroboron0:46Lathe Speaks1:30
Slo Drone1:10The Resolution0:48
New Groove Loop0:48Sav X<><>
Florida Flower0:40The Open End0:24
Hard Left0:18
There's a reason for everything thats ever been right. Today we look up & can see. Some singular moment comes close to going around again. I hope you will drop the diamond in a groove and let it ride awhile. Artwork by Savage Pencil
Photo: Michael Wehmer
Mastering at Porky's, London
Recordings made in NYC & Nottingham, England 1983-6
See Also: Sonic Youth

RANDY PIE     Go to Next band (Rarae Bird) Previous artist (Lee Ranaldo)
1 Randy Pie (G 1974 Zebra 2949 015) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Autumn*5:34Randy Pie/ Milton Travis & John F. BacardiLuie***9:04Randy Pie/ Milton Travis & John F. Bacardi
Ad Hoc2:526/82:52
Sightseeing-Tour (When I'm On My Way)**4:10Back To Universe7:30
Drums: Dicky Tarrach
Bass: M. Thiers
Keybords: W. Becker
Guitar: B. Wippich
*Strings Arrangement By John F. Bacardi
**Leadguitar Was Played By Guest Musician Rainer Baumann
***Brass Arrangement By John F. Bacardi
Produced By R. Goltermann
Engineered by W. Klaus, D. Siddly, J. Schneider
Recorded At Windrose Studios/Studio 70 And Polydor Studios In August/September 1973
Cover-Design By Fessel & Lipp, Hamburg

2 Randy Pie (US 1975 Polydor PD 6515) M-/M- cc $12
Side 1Side 2
Microfilm4:03Randy Pie-John O'Brien-DockerIt's A (Civilised) World, That Keeps Folks Like Us Together6:31Randy Pie-John O'Brien-Docker
Super Sid7:23Sophisticated4:34
Highway Driver3:57Becker- Moaner- Peterson- Tarrach- ThieraTime Machine7:55
Winter Song5:45Randy Pie-John O'Brien-Docker
Jean-Jacques Kravetz: Fender Rhodes, Vocal, Hohner Clavinet, String Ensemble
Werner Becker: Grand Piano, Vocal, Fender Rhodes, String Organ
Manfred Thiers (Tissy): Bass, Percussion, Vocal
Jochen Petersen: Guitar, Vocal, Alto Sax, Flute
Bernd Wippich: Lead Guitar, Vocal, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Dicky Tarrach: Drums, Percussion
Volker Heintzen: Breathing
Produced By Randy Pie
Lyrics by John O'Brien Docker except "Highway Driver"
String and Brass arrangement by Werner Becker
Brass arrangement on "Sophisticated" by Kravetz & Becker
Hamburg Sound Orchestra: Conducted by Werner Becker
Recorded at Studio Maschen
Engineer: Volker Heintzen
Front Cover Art and Design: Richard Mantel
Art Direction: Bill Levy

3 Fast/Forward (US 1977 Polydor PD-1-6113) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Trust Me4:14J. J. Kravetz - P. FrenchBack Street Boy4:02J. Peterson - P. French
Hijacked5:48J. J. Kravetz - M. T. Thiers - M. BjoarklundWork it Out4:22
Stand Up4:41M. T. Thiera - S. Proffer - P. FrenchHot Afternoon4:08S. Proffer - P. French - F. Diez - D. Tarrach - M. T. Thiers - J. J. Kravetz
Star Attraction5:40F. Diez - P. FrenchName of the Game4:13J. J. Kravetz - P. French - M. T. Thiers - D. Tarrach - F. Diez
Fast/Forward:37D. Tarrach - M. T. Thiers - F. Diaz - J. J. Kravetz - P. French
Produced by: Spencer Proffer for the Pasha Music Organization
Engineer: Larry Brown
Arranged by: Randy Pie & Spencer Proffer
Mastering: Bernie Grundman, A & M Studios, Hollywood, California
Randy Pie:
Peter French - Lead Vocals
Dicky Tarrach - Drums
Manfred Tissy Thiers - Bass and Backing Vocals
Frank Diez - All Guitars
Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Clavinet, Synthesizers, Organ, Electric & Acoustic Piano
Special thanks to Carl Graves for his vocal solo on "Star Attraction"
Extra Special Thanks to Larry Brown for his creative input in the making of this record and for all the percussion work on the album
Recorded & Mixed at One Step Up Studios, Los Angeles, California
Second Engineers: Bob Stringer, Mark Curry & Spencer Proffer
Synthesizers Programmed by Larry Brown and Spencer Proffer
Art Direction: Mike Doud
Art Design: Brian Hagiwara
Illustrations: Ren Wicks
Photography: Kenneth McGowan

RARE BIRD     Go to Next band (Red 7) Previous band (Randy Pie)
1 Somebody's Watching (US 1973 Polydor PD 6502) M-/VG $12
Side 1Side 2
Somebody's Watching5:25Gould- Kelly- Kaffinetti- CurtisHard Time3:06Chaplin-Fataar
Third Time Around4:55Who is the Hero3:39Lamb
Turn Your Head4:38High in the Morning3:30Korda
More and More4:05Dollars incorporating extracts from A Few Dollars More8:38Gould- Kelly- Kaffinetti- Curtis- Morricone
Steve Gould - Vocals, guitar (Bss guitar on "Who is the Hero")
Dave Kaffinetti - Pianos, Clavinette, Organ
Andy Curtis - Guitar
Nic Potter - Bass Guitar
Fred Kelly - Drums, Northern Percussion
Paul Korda, Nicky James & Kevin Lamb assisted with vocals at various points through the album.
Al Matthews, Sammi Abu & Paul Holland played congas and percussion on "Dollars"
John Whetton played bass guitar on "Dollard"
Recording Engineers
Andy Stephens + Andy Curtis - Polydor Studios
Brian Humphries - Island Studios
Ashley How - Lansdowne Studios
Mix Engineers - Paul Holland & Andy Curtis
Produced by Rare Bird
Photography Chris Yates

2 Born Again (US 1974 Polydor PD 6506) M-/VG+ coh $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Body and Soul3:07Gould/CammRedman3:42Gould/ Kaffinetti/ Kelly/ Curtis/ Hall
Live for Each Other2:53AshtonPeace of Mind5:22Gould/ Kaffinetti/ Kelly
Diamonds4:08Gould/ Kaffinetti/ KellyHarlem3:22Gould/ Kaffinetti/ Kelly/ Curtis/ Camm
Reaching You3:29Lonely Street3:15Gould/ Kaffinetti/ Kelly
All That I Need3:56Last Tango in Beulah6:31
Steve Gould: Lead vocals, guitars, bass, overdubs (electric piano on 'Last Tango in Beulah')
Fred Kelly: Drums, percussion, harmony vocals
Dave Kaffinetti: Acoustic and electric piano, clavinet, Hammond organ, Korg synthesizer, harmony vocals
Andy Rae: Fender Bass
Kevin Lamb: Harmony vocals on 'Lonely Street' and 'Peace of Mind'
Recorded and Mixed at Polydor Studios London-
December 1973/January 1974
Director of Engineering and Inspiration: Carlos Olms
Produced by Peter Rice, Andrew Curtis and Steve Gould
Art Direction: Vincent McEvoy
Illustration: Jan Mark
Photograph: Joe Gaffney
See also: Famous Charisma 5th Anniversary

RED 7     Go to Next band (Red Crayola) Previous band (Rare Bird)
1 Red 7 (US 1985 MCA MCA-5508) M-/M- promo has the insert $5 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Relentless*3:58A. PrieboyThe Dark Hour4:37G. Stashuk-M. Becker-B. Spark
Heartbeat4:17G. Stashuk-M. BeckerQuestions and Answers4:09G. Stashuk-M. Becker
No Sorry3:24Let Me Use You3:35
Less Than Perfect*4:12Shades of Grey4:12
The Way5:09Can't Much Anymore5:02
Gene Stashuk: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Michael Becker: Keyboards, Background Vocals
Paul Revelli: Drums, Background Vocals
Produced by Mike Rutherford
*Co-Produced by Don Gehman
Engineered by David Tickle
Assisted by Geoff Callingham, Ian Morace, Peter Smith
Recorded and Mixed at Fisher Lane Farm, Surrey, England
*Mixed by Don Gehman at Rumbo Records Los Angeles California
*Engineered by Don Gehman, Greg Edward
*Assisted by Greg Droman, Julian Stoll
Mastered at Artisan Sound Studio, Hollywood California by Greg Fulginiti
Bass on 'No Sorry,' 'Can't Much,' 'Less Than Perfect' and 'Heartbeat' Mike Rutherford
Fairlight programmed by David Tickle
Choir on 'The Way' Anne Wenzel Banks, Samantha Clayden, Clare Newman, Caroline Garnett, Andy Barclay, Dale Newman, Geoff Callingham, David Tickle, Mike Rutherford
Art Direction: Jeff Adamoff

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1 Kanaroo? (US 1981 Rough Trade US 12) M-/M- $30
Side 1Side 2
Kangaroo?1:35Art & Language and Mayo ThompsonPrisoner's Model1:56Art & Language and Mayo Thompson
Portrait of V. I. Lenin in the Style of Jackson Pollack, Part I2:55The Mistakes of Trotsky3:14
Portrait of V. I. Lenin in the Style of Jackson Pollack, Part II4:4719171:15
Marches No's 23, 24, 252:28The Tractor Driver2:36
Born to Win (Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments)1:21Plekhanov3:13
Keep All Your Friends2:11An Old Man's Dream2:27
The Milkmaid1:57If She Loves You4:29
The Principles of Party Organisation2:38
Produced by Adam Kidron, Mayo Thompson, Lora Logic and Epic Soundtracks
Production co-ordinated by Geoff Travis
Recorded at Studio 80, London, Thanks to Bill Farley
Mixed at Matrix, London, Assistane Engineer Tim Thompson
Musicians: Lora Logic, Epic Soundtracks, Allen Ravenstine, Ben Annesley, Gina Birch and Mayo Thompson
Thanks also to Nina Kidron and James 'Blood' Ulmer

OLA BELLE REED     Go to Next band (Refugee) Previous band (Red Crayola)
1 Ola Belle Reed (US 1983 Rounder 0021) VG+/VG+ autographed $50
Side 1Side 2
Wayfaring Pilgrim??Ola Belle ReedThe Springtime of Life??Ola Belle Reed
High on a MountainBilly in the Lowground
The Soldier and the LadyYou Don't Tell Me That You Love Me Anymore
Fly Around My Pretty Little MissI've Always Been a Rambler
Go Home Little GirlRosewood Casket
Blues in My MindJohn Hardy
God Put a Rainbow in the CloudsMy Epitaph
Flop Eared MuleI Beleive
Ola Belle Reed - banjo, guitar
Bud Reed - harmonica, banjo, guitar
David Reed - banjo, guitar
John Miller - fiddle
Alan Reed - banjo, guitar
Ola Belle sings lead on all the vocals and all others sing backup at one time or another.
Recorded by Gei Zantzinger, Devault, Pennsylvania, Fall, 1972.
Executive Producers: Gei and Ruth Zantzinger
Cover design: Millea Kenin.
Front cover photo by Gei Zantzinger.
Produced by the Rounder Collective: Ken Irwin, Marian Leighton, Bill Nowlin.

REFUGEE     Go to Next band (Renaissance) Previous artist (Ola Belle Reed)
1 Refugee (UK 1974 Charisma CAS 1087) M-/M- has inner sleeve $15 SOLD!
2 Refugee (US 1974 Charisma FC 6066) M-/M- promo cos has inner sleeve $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Papillon5:10P. MorazGatecrasher1:02P. Moraz
Someday5:02P. Moraz & L. JacksonRitt Mickley4:52
Grand Canyon Suite16:46Credo18:04P. Moraz & L. Jackson
1st Movement The Source
P. Moraz
1st Movement Prelude
P. Moraz
2nd Movement Theme For the Canyon
2nd Movement I Believe
P. Moraz & L. Jackson
3rd Movement The Journey
P. Moraz & L. Jackson
3rd Movement Theme
P. Moraz
4th Movement Rapids
P. Moraz
4th Movement The Lost Cause
P. Moraz, Professor Ristori & L. Jackson
5th Movement The Mighty Colorado
5th Movement Agitato
P. Moraz
6th Movement I Believe (Part II)
P. Moraz & L. Jackson
7th Movement Variation
P. Moraz
8th Movement Main Theme Finale
Patrick Moraz played: Organ, Mini-Moogs, AKS Synthesizer, Piano, Clavinet, Pipe Organ, Mellotron, Marimbaphone, Alpine Horn, Electronic Slinky, Electric Piano, Occasional Vocals
Brian Davison played: Drums, Timpani, Gongs, Tibetan Temple Bells, African Drums, Kabassa, Broken Glass
Lee Jackson played: Bass, Electric 'Cello, Guitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Polyphonic Sounds recorded by Patrick Moraz and Professor Ristori at ART Studios in Geneva, Switzerland.
Equipment: Dave, Ray, Alan, Mike
Hamburger Run: Alan
Produced by John Burns & Refugee at Island Studios, February 1974
Photography, Roger Stowell
Sleeve Design, Fabio Nicoli Associates
See also: Patrick Moraz, The Nice

RENAISSANCE     Go to Next artist (Mark Renner) Previous band (Refugee)
1 Ashes Are Burning (US 1973 Sovereign ST-11216) VG+/M- has the insert $12
Side 1Side 2
Can You Understand?9:49Dunford-ThatcherCarpet of the Sun3:31Dunford-Thatcher
Let it Grow4:15At the Harbour6:50
On the Frontier4:53McCarty-ThatcherAshes Are Burning11:24
Produced and engineered by Dick Plant
Assisted by Richard Goldblatt
John Tout (keyboards, voclas)
Annie Haslam (vocals)
John Camp (bass, guitar, vocals)
Terence Sullivan (drums, percussion, vocals)
Thanks to Andy Powell for guitar on "Ashes Are Burning"
Michael Dunford on acoustic guitar
Strings arranged by Richard Hewson
Music arranged by Renaissance
Cover design and photos by Hipgnosis

2 Scheherazade and Other Stories (US 1975 Sire SASD-7510) VG+/VG+ has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2 - Song of Scheherazade
Trip to the Fair10:48Dunford/ Thatcher/ ToutFanfare2:37J. Tout
The Vultures Fly High3:07Dunford/ ThatcherThe Betrayal4:55Camp/ Dunford/ Tout
Ocean Gypsy7:05The Sultan2:46Dunford/ Thatcher
Love Theme2:29J. Camp
The Young Prince and Princess as Told by Scheharazade4:04Dunford/ Thatcher
Festival Preparations1:07Camp/ Dunford/ Tout
Fugue for the Sultan2:12J. Tout
The Festival2:12Dunford/ Thatcher
Finale2:30Camp/ Dunford/ Tout
John Tout: Keyboards, Vocals
Annie Haslam: Lead Vocals
Jon Camp: Bass, Bass Pedals, Vocals
Terence Sullivan: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Michael Dunford: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Musical arrangements by Renaissance / Orchestral arrangements by Tony Cox
Produced by Renaissance
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios during May, 1975
Coordination: David Hitchcock
Engineer: John Kurlander / Assistant Engineer: Patrick Stapley
Remixed at De Lane Lea Studios
Engineer: Dick Plant / Assistant Engineers: Mike Pela, Annie Plant
Cover design and photos by Hipgnosis / Illustration by Colin Elgie

3 Live at Carnegie Hall (US 1976 Sire SASY-3902-2) M-/M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
Prologue7:35Dunford/ ThatcherCarpet of the Sun4:15Dunford/ Thatcher
Ocean Gypsy7:55Running Hard9:43
Can You Understand?10:20Mother Russia10:48
Side 3Side 4
Scheherazade28:30Dunford/ Thatcher/ Camp/ ToutAshes Are Burning23:50Dunford/ Thatcher
John Tout: Keyboards, Vocals
Annie Haslam: Lead Vocals
Jon Camp: Bass, Bass Pedals, Vocals
Terrence Sullivan: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Michael Dunford: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Recorded at Carnegie Hall, June 20,21,22,1975 by Record Plant, New York
Engineer: Carmine Rubino
Mixed at De Lane Lea, Wembley, England
Engineer: Dick Plant
Assistant Engineer: Barry Kidd
Produced by Renaissance
Orchestra conducted by Tony Cox
Lights by Aladdin Light
Sound by Sound Specialties
Cover Artwork and Collage: Fred Marcellino
Inside Cover Concept and Research: Annie Haslam
Photography: Chuck Pulin, John Kuczynski, Dennis Degnan of Alladin Lights, Annie Haslam, Bob Gruen
Many thanks to the members of the New York Philharmonic and Renaissance road crew

4 Novella (US 1977 Sire SA-7526) VG+/VG+ gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
Can You Hear Me?13:39Camp/ Dunford/ ThatcherMidas Man5:45Dunford/ Thatcher
The Sisters7:14Dunford/ Thatcher/ ToutThe Captive Heart4:12Camp/ Dunford
Touching Once (is so Hard to Keep)9:25
John Tout: Keyboards, Vocals
Annie Haslam: Lead Vocals
Jon Camp: Bass, Bass Pedals, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Terrence Sullivan: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Michael Dunford: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Arrangements by Renaissance
Orchestral Arrangements by Richard Hewson
Produced by Renaissance
Recorded at De Lane Lea Music Centre, Wembley, November 1976
Mastered at De Lane Lea Music Centre, Wembley, December 1976
Engineered by Dick Plant
Assistant Engineer: Barry Kidd
Jacket Design: Churchmouse
Illustrations: Pamela Brown
Portrait: Amy Tuttle

5 Azure d'or (US 1979 Sire SRK 6068) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Jekyll and Hyde4:38Dunford/ ThatcherSecret Mission5:00Camp
The Winter Tree3:02Kalynda (A Magical Isle)3:43
Only Angels Have Wings3:43CampThe Discovery4:23
Golden Key5:13Dunford/ ThatcherFriends3:30Dunford/ Thatcher
Forever Changing4:48Sullivan/ ThatcherThe Flood at Lyons4:57Camp/ Dunford
Annie Haslam: Lead and Backing Vocals
John Tout: piano, Yamaha CS80 & CS30, ARP string ensemble, ARP pro-soloist, Hohner D6 clavinet, Yamaha electric piano CP 70, Hammond B3, ARP 2600, mellotron
Terence Sullivan: drums and percussion, timpani, glockenspiel, kalimba, gongs, chimes, xylophone
Jon Camp: Dick Knight custom flanged bass, Hobourn cello, vocals, Antoria and Rickenbacker basses, Taurus and MCI bass pedals, Ovation 12-string acoustic guitar
Michael Dunford: Yamaha 12 string acoustic guitar, Dick Knight custom electric guitars, Yamaha and Ovation adamas, Ovation classical guitar, autoharp
Produced and engineered by David Hentschel for Dukeslodge Enterprises Ltd.
Assistant engineer: David Babscombe
Vocals engineered by Dick Plant and David Hentschel
Recorded at Maison Rouge Studios, London Nov 78-Feb 79
Art direction and photography: Gered Mankowitz
Design: Richard Gray
See also: Annie Haslam

MARK RENNER     Go to Next band (The Residents) Previous band (Renaissance)
1 All Walks of This Life (US 1986 The Gate International TGI 003) M-/M- $50
Side 1Side 2
Feeling Blue and Grey??Mark RennerHalf a Heart??Mark Renner
Princes StreetThe Wild House
The Quiet LandMore or Less
The Man and the EchoA Glimpse of the Thirteenth Room
Book of Mercy
Few Traces
The Mirror at Saint Andrews
Mark Renner: All instruments except...
Ed Myers: bass on 2a & 2d, percussion on 2a
Bill Flayhart: rhythm guitar on 2b
John Grant: bass on 2c
Jim Matis: jx 3d on 2a
Produced by Mark Renner with John Grant
recorded at higher ground (side one) alvic studios -- london, england (side 2a) and secret sound, baltimore

engineered by john grant (secret sound), keith hancock (alvic), m.r. (h.g.)

2 Painter's Joy (US 1988 Dimension 72263-1) M-/M- white vinyl, has the insert $25
Side 1Side 2
Summer Home2:48Mark RennerThe Migrant4:48Renner/Flayhart
Painter's Joy3:38Rosshalde3:37Mark Renner
The Absence of You3:22Flood2:45
Restore Me2:01Between the Centuries4:49
To the Well and Back4:32It Might Have Been4:00
Recorded at Secret Sound, April 1987 February 1988
Produced by John Grant, Mark Renner and Bill Flayhart
Mixed by John Grant
cover painting: detail from "feeling blue and grey" by mark renner
design: the hesse associates
graphic art production: bland design group
back cover photo: louis burch
inside photo: meredith renner
Keith Davis: Drums
Ed Meyers: the Bass
Bill Flayhart: Guitar, Strings, Percussion
John Grant: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards and Programming
Mark Renner: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Programming

RESIDENTS     Go to Next band (Revelation) Previous artist (Mark Renner)
1 Instrumental Excerpts from God in 3 Persons (US 1989 Ryco RALP0045) M-/M- clear vinyl gatefold cos $15
Side 1Side 2
Main Titles (God in Three Persons)3:38The ResidentsThe Service (part 1)2:51The Residents
Hard & Tenderly3:44The Service (Part 2)1:28
The Thing About Them3:25Confused By What I Felt Inside5:37
Their Early Years2:43Kiss of Flesh9:25
Loss of a Loved One3:10Pain & Pleasure2:00
The Touch2:08
Composed, Arranged & Performed by The Residents
Song Stylist: Laurie Amat
Brass & Woodwinds: Richard Mariott
Residents photo: Henrik Kam
Package Design: PornoGraphics
Music Published: Pale Pachyderm Publ (BMI)
All tracks are re-mixed and edited instrumental arrangements from The Residents' God in Three Persons.

REVELATION     Go to Next artist (Zoogz Rift) Previous band (Residents)
1 Revelation (US 1968? Mercury SR 61301) M-/VG white label promo $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Jerusalem4:09Jim WebbSee You Then3:21Jim Webb
This is Your Life3:12If This Was the Last Song2:44
Paper Chase2:26Shepherd's Daughter3:43
Pocketful of Keys2:44Evie2:59
One of the Nicer Things3:16Someone is Standing Outside3:34
Beyond Myself3:07Psalm 1505:46
Brian, Sigris, Moushka, Michael, Melinda, Dane
All selections written by Jim Webb, produced by Brad Miller, A Mobile Fidelity Production.
Arranged and conducted by Richard Clements, A & R Director: Bob Sarenpa.
Recordists: Barry Ainsworth, Kieth Grant, George Horn, Mixer: Mark Harman.
Recorded in London, England at Trident, Olympic Studios; and recorded, mixed, and edited at Mercury Sound Studio West, San Francisco.
Art Director: Desmond Strobel, Design: Doug Taylor, Photography: Ron Mesaros.

ZOOGZ RIFT     Go to Next artist (Zoogz Rift) Previous band (Revelation)
1 Island of Living Puke (US 1986 SST 077) M-/M- has the insert $20
Side 1Side 2
Rediscover Downtown Paterson3:14Zoogz RiftThe Secret Marines (4-F, 5-0, 666, 7-11, 8-is-enough, 9-lives, 10-4) Blow Out3:07Zoogz Rift
Island of Living Puke2:49Nightclub Sequence2:22
A Very Pretty Song for a Very Special Young Lady4:31Shiver Me Timbers5:08
The Mo-Fo's are After Me3:28Escape from the Island of Living Puke2:13
Torture Sequence0:56The Breather4:20
You're Killing Me2:00I'm Happy0:54
contributing performers:
Zoogz Rift lead vocal & t-bar guitar
& his Amazing Shitheads:
Mr. California: digital sampling lead keyboard
Richie Hass: Drums
Eddie "Keltic Runes" O'Bryan: bass guitar
Scott Colby: slide guitar, bottleneck dobro & "It's got to be Funky!"
Willie Lapin: bass guitar
Jonathan Mako Sharkey: clavinet & string ensemble
with special guest shitheads:
Marc Mylar: tenor saxophone
Teicher "Tom-Tom" Ferranti: additional percussion, awards presentation
Alan Eugster: old fashioned analog synthesizers
Matt Karlsen as The Thing With No Name
Wendy Singer: additional vocals
John Trubee: additional vocals & beazy/remhod units
Jeanne Lind Huffman: additionsl vocals
Aaron T-Bar Rift: piano on Paterson & moral support
extra-special out of town shithead:
Henry Kaiser: guitar on Torture, Shiver Me Timbers abd Escape
Recorded in April 1986 at Radio Tokyo, Venice
Engineered by Ethan James
Cover art, layout, design, etc.: ZR
Front & back photos taken by Jeff Karlsen
Insert illustrations: John Trubee

2 Looser Than Clams ...A Historical Retrospective [Greatest Hits, Vol. 1] (US 1986 SST 088) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
The Eiffel Tower2:01Rift/ColbyNo Use4:57Rift
Idiots on the Miniature Golf Course0:28RiftWith the Necessary Changes Having Been Made4:23
Lobotomy0:26Mutatis Mutandis6:48
Dinkle Dance4:30Island of Living Puke2:49
Heart Attack2:06Torture Sequence0:56
Art Band4:18You're Looking Me2:00
Secret Marines-The Sequel9:28High Fidelity3:44Elvis Costello
Produced & Arranged by Zoogz Rift
Engineers & Studios: Marc Mylar/Trigon Studios/Canoga Park
Twain Recording/West Milford NJ
Hal Hellerman/Pravana Productions/Holywood
Etahn James/Radio Tokyo/Venice
All songs published by Miss Anne Thrope Music, Ltd. (BMI) except for High Fidelity (Rivera G Lobal Productions Ltd.)
Art Layout etc.: ZR
Spiritual counselor to Thalidomide Productions: Laura J. Rift

3 Water (US 1987 SST 099) M-/M- has the insert $20
Side 1 - Prelude to BarkeyvilleSide 2 - Mongoloid Middle America
I'll Rip Your Brains Out7:14Zoogz RiftBeak
a) Roy Orbit's Son
b) Mo' Mo-Fo's
c)Main Theme
7:48Zoogz Rift
Jerome, Arizona1:50
World of Depravity4:20Burn in Hell!2:39
Oh Those Secret Marines!3:26Diver Dan vs. The Worm Gobblers0:59
Getting Laid at Grace Park1:30Mongoloid Middle America7:36
You Doot?1:39Water1:03
The Shitheads:
Zoogz Rift (as the Liquid Moamo): All screaming, guitar playing & miscellaneous
Mr. California: Lead digital sampling keyboard
Richie Hass: Drum Kit & RH Factor
E. Bentley O'Bryan: Electric bass guitar & knife solo
Jonathan Mako Sharkey: Ron jobs and Reenie (keyboards, too)
Produced, arranged & conducted by Zoogz Rift
Everything on this record first manifested itself in the form of some very disturbed nightmares in the troubled head of Zoogz Rift.
Recorded in January 1987 by Marc Mylar at his world famous Trigon studios in historic Canoga Park, California...land of enchantment.
Marc occasionally blows some Mean Sax on this record, and Dadie Resch adds that feminine touch.
Mr. Colby will be your tour guide.

4 Ipecac (US 1987 SST 120) M-/M- $20
Side 1 - 22:01Side 2 - 24:13
Ipecac1:54Zoogz RiftI Was the Only Boy at the Teen Girl's Slumber Party11:24Zoogz Rift
Sunday Brunch with Faud Ramses4:36No Use4:48
Sit Down & Shut Up8:03Santa's on a Diet1:32
Secret Marines 3-D4:03You Fucked Up6:29
Pump City3:25
Zoogz Rift: Lead Vocal, T-Bar Guitar, Casio Keyboard Thing, Guiro
...and his Amazing Shitheads:
Richie Hass: Marimba, Vibes, Fuzz Vibes, Synthesizer
Marc Mylar: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Synthesizer, Flute
M.B. Gordy: Simmons Drums, Tabla, Jingle Bells
Jonathan Mako Sharkey: Synthsizer
Danny Buchanan: Bass Guitar, Fretless Bss, Slide Bass
Special thanks to:
Scott Colby for his bathroom dobro solo on "Slumber Party," and Matt Karlsen for the groovy teenage narration on "Sit Down & Shut Up."
Recorded May through June, 1984
Studio: Flipside Studios, Canoga Park
Engineer: Marc Mylar
Assistant to the engineer: Owen Green

5 Interim Resurgence (US 1987 SST 121) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Pre-Moamo Syndrome2:00Zoogz RiftImaginary Numbers3:00Zoogz Rift
With the Necessary Changes Having Been Made3:15Mutatis Mutandis7:00
Night Traffic2:00Ironic Woodwind Interlude3:00
Exquisite Corpse3:00Spit in the Fog5:00
Don't Go Outside3:45
X-Ray Girls4:00
Zoogz Rift: T-Bar Guitars, Drum Machine, Lead Vocal
Craig Unkrich: Synthesizer, Piano
Tom Ferranti: Drums
Owen Green: Bass Guitar
John Trubee: Vocals
Matt Karlsen: Vocals
Jon Mako Sharkey: Vocals, Synthesizer
Ed O'Bryan: Vocals
Scott Colby: Vocals
Richie Hass: Marimba
M.B. Gordy: Drums
Danny Buchanan: Bass
Marc Mylar: Tenor Saxophone, Solo Clarinet
All material composed, arranged, conducted & produced by Zoogz Rift.
Copyright 1985 Miss Anne Thrope Music Ltd. (BMI).
Recorded June/July 1985 at Trigon Studios, Canoga Park.
Engineered by Marc Mylar.
This is a reissue of the Snout Records Release SRR-016.

6 Amputees in Limbo (US 1987 SST 122) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Heart Attack (1984)2:02Zoogz RiftSecret Marines-The Sequel (1983)8:49Zoogz Rift
But the Picture Has a Mustache (1984)2:22Disintegration Waltz (1983)2:33
Moron Serenade (1984)3:47Eyes of Bodhidharma (1985)3:30
Evil Eye (1982)7:15Art Band (1984)4:00
Buffy & Jody (1982)1:34My Stuffed Animals Have Rabies (1982)3:45
My Daddy Works for the Secret Marines (1982)2:47
Searchin' for Clams Under the Glass Bottom Boat (1984)1:37
Zoogz Rift-Vocal, T-Bar Guitar, Prepared T-Bar Guitar
Jonathan Mako Sharkey-Keyboard, Synthesizer
M.B. Gordy-Drums
Danny Buchanan-Bass Guitar
Richie Hass-Fuzz Vibraphone, Drums
Marc Mylar-Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Synthesizer
John Trubee-Bass Guitar, Maracas
A collection of odds and ends too good to go unheard.
Everything was written and arranged by Zoogz Rift.
Copyrighted 1982-1985 by Miss Anne Thrope Music, Ltd. (BMI).
Almost everythingwas recorded at the legendary Trigon Studios in Canoga Park, California, under the engineering skills of Marc Mylar. The 1982 recordings were made at the not-as-legendary City Recorders (24 track) which used to be located in Hollywood, but got croaked.
Front cover photos by Danny Buchanan.
Art, Layout, etc.: ZR.

7 Idiots on the Miniature Golf Course (US 1987 SST 123) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Restrooms of Erotic Fantasies0:39RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course0:28Rift
The Great Apes Ate Grapes4:05HassGolden Showers2:37Hass
Lobotomy 40:35RiftJudge Bludge, the Hangin' Judge1:34Rift-Hass
Feeling in my Bones3:13Lobotomy 20:37Rift
The Night They All Came Out3:13HassThe Rabbit and the Lady3:00
Lazy Susan3:05RiftYou Can Go Fuck Yourself2:12
Ostriches Have Sex Too You Know4:05Dinkle Dance4:59
I Did So1:27We're All Born on Little Planets4:02
What Can We Feed to the Lions3:25
Copyright 1975-83
Zoogz Rift's Micro Mastodons features:
Zoogz Rift: lead vocals, T-bar guitar, ARP 2600
Richard Hass: special guest star, drums, vibes, marimba, bass guitar
Eric Williams: lead guitar, bass guitar, violin
Jim Simcoe: saxophones
Mark Zimoski: drums
John Van Zelm Trubee: rhythm guitar
Jon Sharkey: piano
Steve Bassel: guitar
Produced by Zoogz Rift

8 Water II: At Safe Distance (US 1987 SST 137) M-/M- has the insert $20
Side 1Side 2
Sleaseball3:42RiftThe Secret Marines Must Die4:41Rift
Halloween3:00Sweet Nausea Lick1:43
M'Bugulu5:04Caught in a Dream2:00Michael Bruce
Ah Peeked in Duh Devil's Secret Hell Files6:56I Can't Do This With You Looking at Me4:05Rift
Walk, Dont Run2:16Johnny SmithStrictly el Segundo2:51
Water II2:40
Zoogz Rift: lead vocals, t-bar guitars
Mr. California: keyboards
Willie Lapin: bass guitar, stand-up acoustic bass
Mike Crawford: drums
Jack Brewer: add'l vocals
Marc Mylar: sax
E. Bentley O'Bryan: electric bass guitar, rhythm guitar
Alan Carl Eugster: violin, synthesizers
John Van Zelm Trubee: mini-moog
Aaron T-Bar Rift: vocals & toy piano
Matt Karlsen: The Spirit with No Name
Recorded in June/July 1987 with Marc Mylar at the controls at his famous Trigon Studios in Canoga Park, Home of "The Next Big Thing from Britain"
Mastered by John Golden at K-Disc in Hollywood
Jacket Typesetting: The Unknown Typesetter, Cliff Typographers, Los Angeles
Photos: Thalidomide Productions
Art, Layout, etc. (as usual) ZR
Production Coordinator: Richard Ford

9 Nonentity [Water III: Fan Black Dada] (US 1988 SST 184) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Delinquent Payments8:57RiftChromium Slit Negatives2:18Rift
Locked Out2:29With My Bare Hands11:26
Look at the Fool5:41Tim BuckleyWhen My Ship Rolls In3:48John Trubee
Drums & Percussion: Richie Hass
Bass Guitars: Willie Lapin
Trombones & Tuba: Toby Holmes
Accordian: Rocky Howard
All Guitars & Lead Vocal: Zoogz Rift
Craig Unkrich plays synthesizer on Chromium Slit Negatives and When My Ship Rolls In
Photographs by Marc Mylar
Art, layout, etc.: ZR
Recorded in March, 1988
Engineered by Marc Mylar at Trigon Studios
Mastered by John Golden at K-Disc
Production Coordinator: Rich Ford
Produced and Arranged by Zoogz Rift as The Liquid Moamo
Nonentity is Zoogz Rift's ninth album and the third & final installment of the Water trilogy

10 Murdering Hell's Happy Cretins (US 1988 SST 211) M-/M- has the insert $20
Side 1 - live in HollandSide 2 - dead in Los Angeles
Story of a Soldier0:51Ennio MorriconePuke Island Paradise2:59Zoogz Rift
Alienation3:35John TrubeeMurdering Hell's Happy Cretins11:26
Mongoloid Middle America4:10Zoogz RiftTender Romance Sequence2:59
Heart Attack2:10"One of Us!"7:46
With the Necessary Changes Having Been Made3:25A Equals A5:06
Look at the Fool4:10Tim Buckley
Sleazeball2:43Zoogz Rift
When My SHip Rolls In4:05John Trubee
Willie Lapin: fretless bass
Richie Hass: drums & vibes
Tom Brown: drums
Toby Holmes: trombone
John Trubee: rhythm guitar
Rocky Howard: accordian
Dadie Resch and Greg Lloyd: additional vocals
Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar & Production by Zoogz Rift (The Liquid Moamo)
Side A recorded Saturday night, May 14, 1988, live on stage at De Effenaar in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Recording engineer in charge of digital and 16-track remote recordings: Theo van Eenbergen of Tango Studio, Eindhowen.
Mixed at Trax, in Los Angeles.
Side B was recorded and mixed in August, 1988, by Marc Mylar at Trigon Records Studios, in Canoga Park.
Album art, layout, notes, etc: ZR.
Front cover painting: "The Triumph of Death," by Peter Bruegel.
Mastering: John Golden at K-Disc.
Photos by guys in the band.
Psychedelic back cover photo of Zoogz Rift by Steve Greeno.
Typography: Cliff Typographers, L.A.

11 Torment (US 1989 SST 251) M-/M- has the insert $20
Side 1Side 2
Hi Mom I'm Home??Zoogz RiftUnited We Fall??Zoogz Rift
TormentSweet SurrenderTim Buckley
Dead Planet EarthMeet Me At Stinky'sZoogz Rift
Naked on the Mountain (Looking At The Sea)Defecation Rainbow
The Secret Marines Sex Kitten Beach PartyBad Risk
This Town SucksPopcorn Scumbago
Zoogz Rift: lead vocals, all guitars, percussion
and His Amazing Shitheads:
Willie Lapin: fretless bass, add'l vocals, percussion
Tom Brown: drums, add'l vocals, percussion
Jonatham Mako Sharky: keyboards, add'l vocals, percussion
and His special guest Shitheads:
Richie Hass: vibes
Marc Mylar: clarinet & tenor saxophone
Craig Unkrich: keyboard on "Low Life"
Paige Lapin: rain drum & "That's no way to talk"
produced by Zoogz Rift as the liguid moamo
Recorded in June, 1989, at Trigon Studios, Canoga Park.
Engineered by Marc Mylar, who is well on his way to going insane and falling into the abyss.
Mastered at K-Disc in Hollywood by John Golden.
Production coordinator: Rich Ford.
Philosophical consultations: Laura J. Rift.
The LP, Cassette, and Compact Disc versions of this Torment project all contain different material/mixes/versions from each other (a sneaky marketing ploy, but it's a good way to get a lot of new material out at one time and maybe even make a few extra bucks, which wouldn't hurt!)
Art, layout, etc.: ZR (with special thanks to Patrick at SST).
Additional thanks to Cameron Jaami and his trained weasels.
Front cover photo of ZR: Willie Lapin.
Back cover group photo: Marc Mylar.
See also: Scott Colby

TERRY RILEY     Go to Next artist (Hans-Joachim Roedelius) Previous artist (Zoogz Rift)
1 A Rainbow in Curved Air (US 1970 Columbia 7315) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
A Rainbow in Curved Air18:40Terry RileyPoppy Nogood and the Phantom Band21:40Terry Riley
Produced by David Behrman
Engineering: Glen Kolotkin, Roy Segal
Front Cover Montage: John Berg
Back Cover Illustration: Virginia Team
All the music on this recording is played by Terry. In A Rainbow he plays electric organ, electric harpsichord, rocksochord, dumbec and tambourine. Poppy Nogood is for soprano saxophone and electic organ. The spacially separated mirror images were adapted for studio recording by Glen Kolotkin and resemble the sound Terry gets in his all-night concerts.

HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS     Go to Next band (Mikel Rouse Broken Consort) Previous artist (Terry Riley)
1 Geschenk des Augenblicks - Gift of the Moment (US 1984 Editions EG EGED 34) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1Side 2
Geschecnk des Augenblicks (Gift of the Moment)4:19RoedeliusSehnsucht will dich lassen (To be free of Yearning)5:48Roedelius
Adieu Quichotte5:46Roedelius/UittenbogaardDas Sanfte (Mellowness)3:43Roedelius/Uittenbogaard
Troubadour5:16Tag fur Tag (Day by Day)4:30Roedelius
Kleine Blume irgendwo (Little Flower somewhere)2:13RoedeliusZu Fuben der Berge am Ufer des Sees (At the foot of the mountain by the lakeside)6:35
Ohm' Unterlab (Continuously)3:50Wurzeln des Glucks (Roots of Joy)3:25Roedelius/Letterie
Gefundene Zeit (Time Regained)2:00Roedelius/Uittenbogaard
Hans-Joachim Roedelius: Grand piano, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, accordian, electronic sounds with vocoder CP 33, Korg Poly 61.
Arjen Uittenbogaard: Cello
Tjitse Letterie: Violin
Cover: Roedelius
Production: Roedelius
The piano music was recorded on a home studio. The transfer to multitrack, further instrumentation and first mixing took place at the "Lux Mondi" studio, Rotterdam in late February 1983. The recording engineer was Coen de Neef. Further additions and the completions of individual pieces were done at home on the Erpel Portable Studio during the following May. In early October the album was finished without fundamental changes to the original material recorded, at the The Hit Box Studio, 1120 Vienna, Aichholzgabe 32, with the help of the recording engineer Eric Spitzer-Marlyn.

MIKEL ROUSE BROKEN CONSORT     Go to Next band (Roxy Music) Previous artist (Roedelius)
1 A Lincoln Portrait (US 1987 Cuneiform RUNE 13) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Full Flow4:21Mikel Rouse#14:56Mikel Rouse
#25:10Quick Thrust5:31
High Frontier4:23#33:50
Produced by Mikel Rouse, Julie Baer and James Bergman
James Bergman: bass
Ellery Eskelin: soprano sax
Mikel Rouse: keyboard, drum machine programming
Recorded and mixed: October & November, 1985 at B.C. Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Recording engineer: Martin Bisi
Originally mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York
Muscial Consultant: James Bergman
Communications and Administration: Julie Baer
Front cover painting: "Green Lincoln" by Tim Steele
Back cover photo by Laraine Reedy
Design: Mikel Rouse
Typesetting: Barbara Barg
In memory of Morton Feldman

ROXY MUSIC     Go to Next band (Rush) Previous band (Mikel Rouse Broken Consort)
1 Country Life (US 1974 Atco SD 36-106) VG+/VG+ cos, has inner sleeve $20
Side 1Side 2
The Thrill Of It All6:23FerryBitter Sweet4:57Ferry/Mackay
Three And Nine4:01Ferry/MackayTriptych3:09Ferry
All I Want Is You3:08Ferry/ManzaneraCasanova3:23
Out Of The Blue4:26Ferry/ManzaneraA Really Good Time3:44
If It Takes All Night3:09FerryPrairie Rose5:13Ferry/Manzanera
Bryan Ferry: Voice & Keyboards
Andrew Mackay: Oboe & Saxophone
Paul Thompson: Drums
Phil Manzanera: Guitar
Edwin Jobson: Strings, Synthesizer, Keyboards
John Gustafon: Bass
Recorded at Air Studios, London, Summer 1974
Engineer: John Punter
Assisted by: Steve Nye, Sean Mulligan, Paul Nunn, Michael Sellers
Photography: Eric Boman
Fashion: Anthony Price
Design: Nicholas de Ville
Artwork: Bob Bowkett at C.C.S.
Art Direction: Bryan Ferry
Produced by Roxy Music and John Punter for E. G. Records

2 Flesh & Blood (US 1980 Atco SD 32-102) M-/VG has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
In the Midnight Hour3:11Cropper, PickettOver You3:30Ferry, Manzanera
Oh Yeah4:50FerryEight Miles High4:52Clark, Crosby, McGuinn
Same Old Scene3:00Rain Rain Rain3:18Ferry
Flesh and Blood3:00No Strange Delight4:45Ferry, Manzanera
My Only Love5:00Running Wild5:18
Bryan Ferry: voice and keyboards
Phil Manzanera: guitar
Andy Mackay: saxes
Allan Schwartzberg, Andy Newmark, Simon Phillips: drums
Alan Spenner, Neil Jason, Gary Tibbs: bass
Neil Hubbard: guitar
Paul Carrack: keyboards
Engineered by Rhett Davies at Basing Street and Gallery Studio.
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at The Power Station.
Mastered by Robert C. Ludwig at Masterdisc.
Produced by Roxy Music and Rhett Davies.

3 The High Road (US 1983 Warner Brothers 23808-1) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Can't Let Go5:29Bryan FerryLike a Hurricane7:36Neil Young
My Only Love7:23Jealous Guy6:10John Lennon
Bryan Ferry - Phil Manzanera - Andy Mackay - Neil Hubbard - Andy Newmark - Alan Spenner - Jimmy Maelen - Guy Fletcher - Michelle Cobbs - Tawatha Agee
Cover by - Brayn Ferry - Neil Kirk - Antony Price - Peter Saville and Tharet de Oliveira
Recorded live at the Apollo Theatre Glasgow by Radio Clyde's Mobile 2
Engineered by Alan Boyd
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at The Power Station
Produced by Rhett Davies and Roxy Music
See also: Phil Manzanera

RUSH     Go to Next artist (Mike Rutherford) Previous band (Roxy Music)
1 Rush (US 1974 SRM-1-1011) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Finding My Way*5:03Lee & LifesonWhat You're Doing*+4:19Lee & Lifeson
Need Some Love*2:16In the Mood+3:36Lee
Take a Friend+4:27Before and After*+5:33Lee & Lifeson
Here Again*7:30Working Man*+7:07
*Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios
+Recorded at Eastern Sound
Remixed at Toronto SOund. Remix Engineer-Terry Brown
Mastered at Masterdisk
Produced by Rush
Executive Production - SRO
Photographs by BIC Photography
All arrangements by Rush
Album cover design by Paul Weldon
For best results play at maximum volume.
Mastering Consultant Jim Shelton
Mastering: Gilbert Kong
Geddy Lee - Lead Vocals & Bass
Alex Lifeson - Guitars & Vocals
John Rutsey - Drums & Vocals
Road Crew - Ian Grandy & Liam Birt
Executive Producer - Robin McBride
Special thanks to - Denny Rosencrantz/Cliff Burnstein/Charlie Fach

2 Fly By Night (US 1975 Mercury SRM-1-1023) VG+/VG+ has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Anthem4:10G. Lee-A. Lifeson-N. PeartFly By Night3:20G. Lee-N. Peart
Best I Can3:24G. LeeMaking Memories2:56G. Lee-A. Lifeson-N. Peart
Beneath, Between, Behind3:00A. Lifeson-N. PeartRivendell5:00G. Lee-N. Peart
By-Tor & the Snow Dog
I. At the Tobes of Hades
II. Across the Styx
III. Of the Battle
IV. Epilogue
8:57G. Lee-A. Lifeson-N. PeartIn the End6:51G. Lee-A. Lifeson
Alex Lifeson: Electric guitars, six and twelve string acoustic guitars, "Snow Dog"
Neil Peart: Percussion
Geddy Lee: Bass guitars, classical guitars, all vocals, By-Tor
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
Executive Production by Moon Records, owned and operated by S.R.O. Productions Ltd.
Management: Ray Danniels and Vic Wilson S.R.O. Productions
Engineered by: Terry Brown
Assistant Engineer: John Woloschuk
Arrangements: Rush and Terry Brown
Recorded and Mixed at: Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto, Canada
Road Master: Howard "Herns" Ungerleider
Road Crew: Ian Grady, Liam Birt, J.D. Johnson
Mastered at: Masterdisk, New York
Mastering: Gilbert Kong
Cover Concept: Rush
Cover Painting: Eraldo Carugati
Art Direction: Jim Ladwig/AGI Chicago
Design: Joe Kotleba
Photography: Richard Fegley
By-Tor Characters inspired by: Herns
Belated Mention: Mr. O. Scar

3 Caress of Steel (US 1975 Mercury SRM-1-1046) VG+/VG+ gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
Bastille Day4:36Lee/ Lifeson/ PeartThe Fountain of Lamneth
I Think I'm Going Bald3:35
I. In the Valley
4:17Lee/ Lifeson/ Peart
Lakeside Park3:00
II. Didacts and Narpets
The Necromancer
III. No One At the Bridge
I. Into Darkness
IV. Panacea
II. Under the Shadow
V. Bacchus Plateau
III. Return of the Prince
VI. The Fountain
3:48Lee/ Lifeson/ Peart
Rush are:
Geddy Lee - bass and vocals
Alex Lifeson - 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars, classical guitar, steel guitar
Neil Peart - percussion
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
Executive Production: Moon Records

4 2112 (US 1976 Mercury SRM-1-1079) M-/M- gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
211220:36A Passage to Bangkok3:30G. Lee - A. Lifeson - N. Peart
I. Overture4:32G. Lee - A. Lifeson - N. PeartThe Twilight Zone3:14
II. The Temples of Syrinx2:13Lessons3:48A. Lifeson
III. Discovery3:30A. Lifeson - N. PeartTears3:29G. Lee
IV. Presentation3:40Something for Nothing3:56G. Lee - N. Peart
V. Oracle: The Dream2:00G. Lee - A. Lifeson - N. Peart
VI. Soliloquy2:23
VII. Grand Finale2:18
Alex Lifeson-guitars
Neil Peart Peart-percussion
Geddy Lee-bass and vocals
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
Engineered by Terry Brown
Arrangements by Rush and Terry Brown
Recorded and mixed at Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto, Ontario
Roadmaster-Howard (Herns) Ungerleider
Roadcrew-Major Ian Grandy, L.B.L.B., Skip (Detroit Slider) Gildersleeve
Graphics-Hugh Syme
Photography-Yosh Inouye, Gerard Gentil (Band)
Management-Ray Danniels and Vic Wilson
Executive Production-Moon Records
Special guest Hugh Syme-keyboards on 'Tears'

5 All the World's a Stage (US 1976 Mercury SRM-2-7508) M-/M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Bastille Day4:48G. Lee-A. Lifeson-N. PeartLakeside Park4:45G. Lee - A. Lifeson - N. Peart
Anthem4:48I Overture/II The Temples of Syrinx6:48
Fly By Night/In the Mood4:50G. Lee-N. PeartIII Presentation4:25A. Lifeson - N. Peart
Something for Nothing3:50IV Soliloguy/V Grand Finale4:38G. Lee - A. Lifeson - N. Peart
Side 3Side 4
By-Tor & the Snow Dog
I At the Tobes of Hades
II Across the Sky
III Of the Battle
IV Epilogue
11:24G. Lee-A. Lifeson-N. PeartWorking Man/Finding My Way13:45G. Lee - A. Lifeson
In the End??G. Lee-A. LifesonWhat You're Doing5:44
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown

6 A Farewell to Kings (US 1977 Mercury SRM-1-1184) M-/M- gatefold has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
A Farewell to Kings5:53Lee - Lifeson -PeartCloser to the Heart2:52Lee - Lifeson - Peart - Talbot
Xanadu11:06Cinderella Man4:20Lee - Lifeson
Madrigal2:35Lee - Lifeson - Peart
Cygnus X-110:27
Neil Peart - Drums, orchestra bells, tubular bells, temple blocks, cowbells, wind chimes, bell tree, triangle, vibra-slap
Geddy Lee - Bass guitar, twelve string guitar, Mini Moog, bass pedal synthesizer, vocals
Alex Lifeson - Six and twelve string electric guitar, six and twelve string acoustic guitar, classical guitar, bass pedal synthesizer
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales, June 1977
Engineered by Pat Moran and Terry Brown (Broon)
Mixed at Advision Studios, London
Engineered by Terry Brown, Assisted by Declan (not Norman!) O'Doherty and Ken Thomas
Art direction and graphics by Hugh Syme
Cover photography by Yosh Inouye
Sleeve photograph by Roger Stowell
Liner photographs by Fin Costello
Design assistance Bob King
Mastered at JAMF, Toronto by George Graves

7 Hemispheres (US 1978 Mercury SRM-1-3743) M-/VG+ gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres18:07Circumstances3:42Lee, Lifeson, Peart
I Prelude4:30Lee, Lifeson, PeartThe Trees4:46
II Apollo-III Dionysus4:36La Villa Strangiato9:36
IV Armageddon2:52
V Cygnus5:00
VI The Sphere1:09
Six and twelve string electric and acoustic guitars, classical guitar, Roland guitar synthesizer, Taurus pedals
Neil Peart: Drums, orchestra bells, bell-tree, tympani, gong, cowbells, temple blocks, wind chimes, crotales
Geddy Lee: Bass guitar, Mini-Moog, Oberheim polyphonic, Taurus pedals, vocals
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
Arrangements by Rush and Terry Brown
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales, during June and July 1978
Engineered by Pat Moran
Vocals recorded at Advision Studios, London
Engineered by Declan O'Doherty
Mixed at Trident by Ray Staff
Graphics by Hugh Syme
Art Direction by Hugh Syme and Bob King
Cover photography by Yosh Inouye
Inner sleeve and poster photography by Fin Costello
This album was processed through the Duffoscope!

8 Permanent Waves (US 1980 Mercury SRM-1-4001) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
The Spirit of Radio4:54Lee, Lifeson, PeartEntre Nous4:37Lee, Lifeson, Peart
Freewill5:23Different Strings3:50Lee, Lifeson
Jacob's Ladder4:36Natural Science9:27Lee, Lifeson, Peart
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown

9 Exit...Stage Left (US 1981 Mercury SRM-2-7001) VG+/VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Spirit of Radio5:15Lee, Lifeson, PeartA Passage to Bangkok3:43Lee, Lifeson, Peart
Red Barchetta6:45Closer to the Heart3:06Lee, Lifeson, Peart, Talbot
YYZ7:44Lee and PeartBeneath, Between and Behind2:31Lifeson, Peart
Jacob's Ladder8:39Lee, Lifeson and Peart
Side 3Side 4
Broon's Bane1:35LifesonFreewill5:31Lee, Lifeson, Peart
The Trees4:30Lee, Lifeson, PeartTom Sawyer4:58
Xanadu12:33La Villa Strangiato9:37
Geddy Lee: Bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers, bass pedal synthesizer, and occasional rhythm guitar
Alex Lifeson: Electric and acoustic guitars, bass pedal sytnhesizer
Neil Peart: Drums and percussion
Produced by Terry Brown
Side II recorded in the U.K. by Mobile One
Engineered by Andy Rose, Tech-man Barry Ainsworth
Set-up by Tim and James
Sides I, III, and IV recorded in Canada by Le Mobile
Engineered by Broon, Tech-man Guy Charbonneau
Set-up by Cliff
And by the Record Plant Mobile
Engineered by Broon, Tech-man Jack Crymes
Set-up by Mark and Hutch
Mixed at Le Studio, Morin Heights Quebec
Engineered by Paul Northfield
Mastered at Masterdisk N.Y.C. by Bob Ludwig
Art Direction, graphics, and cover concept by Hugh Syme
Photography by Deborah Samuel
Special guest, Ian Melhuish as the Puppet King
Management by Ray Danniels
Executive Production by Moon Records

10 Signals (US 1982 Mercury SRM-1-4063) VG+/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Subdivisions5:34Lee, Lifeson, PeartThe Weapon6:27Lee, Lifeson, Peart
The Analog Kid4:47New World Man3:44
Chemistry4:56Losing It4:53
Digital Man6:23Countdown5:48
Geddy Lee: Bass guitars, synthesizers, vocals, Pitcher
Alex Lifeson: Electric and acoustic guitars, Taurus pedals, First Base
Neil Peart: Drums and percussion, Third Base
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown, Left Field
Arrangements by Rush and Terry Brown
Recorded and mixed at Le Studio, April, May, June, and July 1982
Engineered by Paul Northfield. Centre Field (a regular Albert One-Stone)
Assisted by Robbie Whelan Right Field
Digitally mastered by JVC
Mastered at Masterdisk by Bob Ludwig
Special guest performance by Ben Mink, electric violins on Losing It, appears courtesy of FM
Art direction, graphics, and cover concept by Hugh Syme
Photography by Deborah Samuel
Photographic colour optics by Kineblok Inc.
Hydrant courtesy of the Department of Public Works, Toronto

11 Grace Under Pressure (US 1984 Mercury 818476-1) VG+/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Distant Early Warning4:45Lee, Lifeson, PeartThe Body Electric4:58Lee, Lifeson, Peart
Afterimage5:00Kid Gloves4:16
Red Sector A5:08Red Lenses4:39
The Enemy Within4:33Between the Wheels5:36
Geddy Lee Bass Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals
Alex Lifeson Guitars and Synthesizers
Neil Peart Drums, Percussion, and Electronic Percussion
Produced by Rush and Peter Henderson
Engineered by Peter Henderson
Assisted by Frank Opolko and Robert Di Gioia
Recorded at Le Studio, Quebec, between November 1983 and March 1984
In memory of Robbie Whelan
Management by Ray Danniels, SRO Productions, Toronto
Executive Production by Moon Records
Art Direction and cover painting by Hugh Syme
Portrait by Yousuf Karsh
PPG Synthesizer programming assisted by Jim Burgess and Paul Northfield
Pre-production engineering by Jon Erickson
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

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1 Smallcreep's Day (US 1980 Passport PB 9843) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2 - Smallcreep's Day
Moonshine6:23Mike RutherfordI Between the Tick and the Tock3:59Mike Rutherford
Time and Time Again4:52II Working in Line3:06
Romani5:25III After Hours1:46
Every Road4:13IV Cats and Rats (In This Neighborhood)4:49
Overnight Job5:43V Smallcreep Alone1:33
VI Out in the Daylight3:49
VII At the End of the Day5:36

2 Acting Very Strange (US 1982 Atlantic 80015-1) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1Side 2
Acting Very Strange4:58RutherfordWho's Fooling Who4:47Rutherford-Palmer
A Day to Remember5:00Couldn't Get Arrested3:50Rutherford-Bellotte
Maxine5:23Rutherford-BellotteI Don't Wanna Know4:36Rutherford
Halfway There4:11Rutherford/PalmerHideaway5:58
Vocals - Mike Rutherford
Guitars - M.R, Daryl Stuermer, John Alexander
Drums - Stewart Copeland, Pete Phipps - "The Linn"
Keyboards - Pete Robinson, Paul Fishman, M.R.
Bass - M.R.
Backing Vocals - Steve Gould, Noel McCallam, Dale Newman, M.R.
Saxophone - Gary Barnacle
Trumpet - Luke Tunney
Strings - Arranged & Conducted by Martyn Ford
Produced by Mike Rutherford
Engineer & Assistant Producer - Nick Launay
Recorded - Mainly at the Farm Surrey
Assisted by Geoff Callingham The Town House, London
Tape Opps - Howard Grey & Gavin
The Manor Mobile at Home
Cover Idea - A.R.
Co-ordinated by - Bill Smith
Photography - Gered Mankowitz
See also: Genesis

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1 Whenever I Seem to be Far Away (US 1974 ECM 1045 ST) M-/VG+ cc $25
Side 1Side 2
Silver Bird is Heading for the Sun14:05Terje RypdalWhenever I Seem to be Far Away
- Image for electric guitar, strings, oboe and clarinet -
17:37Terje Rypdal
The Hunt5:18
Terje Rypdal: guitar
Sveinung Hovensjo: 6 & 4 string basses
Pete Knutsen: mellotron, electric piano
Odd Ulleberg: french horn
Jon Christensen: percussion
Members of Sudfunk Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Mladen Gutesha
Solo Viola: Christian Hedrich
Solo Violin: Helmut Geiger
Electric guitar: Terje Rypdal
Recorded 1974 in Oslo and Ludwigsburg
Engineers: Jan Erik Kongshaug, Martin Wieland
Cover Photo: Tadayuki Naito
Layout: Dieter Bonhorst
Produced by Manfred Eicher
See also: The Greater Antilles Sampler

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