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1 Worlds Apart (US 1981 Portrait FR 38246) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
On the Loose4:12M. Sadler - J. Crichton - I. Crichton - J. Gilmour - S. NegusThe Interview3:51M. Sadler - J. Crichton
Wind Him Up5:48No Regrets (Chapter V)4:44
Amnesia3:29Conversations4:44J. Crichton - M. Sadler - I. Crichton - J. Gilmour - S. Negus
Framed5:42No Stranger (Chapter VIII)7:05J. Crichton - M. Sadler
Time's Up4:08
Michael Sadler: Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Jim Crichton: Bass, Keyboards
Jim Gilmour: Lead Keyboards, Vocals (No Regrets), Clarinet
Ian Crichton: All Guitars
Steve Negus: Drums, Percussion, Simmons Electronic Drums
Produced by Rupert Hine
Recording Engineer-Stephen W. Tayler.
Assisted by Ian Morais and David Rolfe.
Recorded at the Farmyard, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, England.
Design: John Berg
Cover Photos: David Kennedy
Star Photo: Shostal Associates
Mastered at Masterdisk Studio by Bob Ludwig

JON SANTO     Go to Next band (The Scene is Now) Previous band (Saga)
1 Plays Bach: Synthesized Electrons (US 1976 MCA MCA-2220) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Badinerie (1067)1:18BachPrelude G-Major (860)0:53Bach
Courante (817)1:42Prelude C-Minor (847)1:29
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (147)2:24Chorale Prelude "Wachet Auf" (645)2:58
Gavotte (1069)2:50Fugue A-Minor (947)2:49
Corrente (829)2:00Prelude D-Minor (851)1:54
Rondeau (1067)1:38Willst du dein herz mir Schenken (518)2:15
Sarabande (812)1:18Adagio A-Minor (564)1:44
Prelude (807)3:07Gigue (1068)2:06
Produced by Jon Santo
Recorded in Germany
Cover-Art: Olof Feindt (Van Vindt), Hamburg
Synthesizers: Arp 2600, Roland SH-2000, Roland SH-1000, Farfisa Syntorchestra
Auxiliaries: Sequencer, Trigger-Oscillator (W. Palm), 400000-Bits Memory (Jon Santo), Pitch Control Yamaha PT-3, Oscilloscope HM-712, Armon Piano
Mixer: 20 Channel Mixer
Reverb: EMT Plate 140 st, WEM 400 Echo, RCL CV-571 T Reverb
Taper Recorders: Ampex MM-1100 16 Tracks (2"), Teac A 3340 S $ Channels (1/4"), Scully 280 4 Tracks (1/2")

THE SCENE IS NOW     Go to Next artist (Klaus Schulze) Previous artist (Jon Santo)
1 Total Jive (US 1986 Lost TTL8678) M-/M- cos $15
Side 1Side 2
Bank??The Scene is NowBunk??The Scene is Now
Two SpoonfulsPremium Hat
Ex-Country Song10-Day Space Shuttle Mission
AnthraciteThe Great Lakes
BrochureA Man's Coconut
EngineerCoughing Kettle
Sartre's Acid TripKid Ory's Nightmare
The Scene is Now: Dick Champ, Philip Dray, Jeff McGovern, Chris Nelson Songs 1, 4, 7, 8, 9 produced by Elliott Sharp, engineered by Martin Bisi
others produced by The Scene is Now, engineered by Jeff McGovern and Carol Parkinson
4" x 5" photos - Hal Lum

EBERHARD SCHOENER     Go to Next artist (Klaus Schulze) Previous band (The Scene is Now)
1 Trance-Formation (G 1977 Harvest 064-32 526) M-/VG+ gatefold $12
Side 1Side 2
Falling in Trance5:42Eberhard SchoenerFrame of Mind5:15Eberhard Schoener
Shape of Things to Come12:21Signs of Emotion2:48
Eberhard Schoener, Moog-Synthsizer, Organ, Piano, Mellotron
Andy Summers, Guitar
Hansi Stroer, Bass-Guitar
Nippi, Percussion
Mary Gregory, vocals
Raimund Elleder, keyboard
Members of the Tolzer Knabenchor Orchestra of the Munich Chamber-Opera
conducted by Eberhard Schoener
Monks of the monastery of SAMA
All music composed and arranged by Eberhard Schoener
produced by Eberhard Schoener
engineered by Hartwig Paulsen and Reiner Oppeland
Executive directed by Curtis Briggs
produced and remixed at the Electrola-Studio Munich, May and June 1977, and at the Pfarrkirche Lenggries
Cover A. Powel, T. Worsel

KLAUS SCHULZE     Go to Next band (Peter Seiler) Previous artist (Eberhard Schoener)
1 Mirage (G 1977 Brain LC3230) M-/M- gatefold $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Velvet Voyage
a) 1984
b) aeronef
c) eclipse
d) exvasion
e) lucid interspace
f) destination void
28:20Klaus SchulzeCrystal Lake
a) xylotones
b) chromwave
c) willowdreams
d) liquid mirrors
e) springdance
f) a bientot
29:12Klaus Schulze
A.R.P. Odyssey, A.R.P. 2600 + Sequencer, 2 Mini Moog, Micro Moog, Poly Moog, Moog Ciis (4 units + 2 sequencer) The Musical Universe, E.M.S. Synthi "A", Farfisa String Orchestra, Farfisa Syntorchestra, Farfisa Professional Duo Organ, 3 Crumar Keyboards, 2 P.P.G. Synthi + Computer Sequencer, 12 Octave Filter Moog, Octave Filter Bank E.M.S., 2 Revox A77 Dolby + Speed Control for Echo, A.K.G. 8x20 Reverb Unit, A.K.G. 8x15 Reverb Unit, Compact "A" Phaser specially built by K. Schulte/Berlin, and finally I have a very special voice computer, by pressing the correct code I can have 100 different sounds. Performed by Klause Schulze
Produced by Klaus Schulze
Recorded and Mixed at Studio Panne Paulsen, Frankfurt/Main Jan 77

2 X (US 1978 Gramavision 18-7024-1) M-/M-/M- gatefold $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Friedrich Nietzsche24:15Klaus SchulzeFrank Herbert10:47Klaus Schulze
Georg Trakl5:25Friedemann Bach18:02
Side 3Side 4
Ludwig II. Von Bayern28:40Klaus SchulzeHeinrich Von Kleist29:32Klaus Schulze
All compositions written, arranged, and performed by Klaus Schulze
Produced by Klaus Schulze
Design by Chermayeff & Geismar Associates
Cover photograph by Dennis Stock, Magnum

3 Live (G 1980 Brain 0080.048) M-/M-/M- gatefold has the poster $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Bellistique22:10Klaus SchulzeSense31:10Klaus Schulze
Side 3Side 4
Heart30:15Klaus SchulzeDymagic31:45Klaus Schulze
Recorded live during concerts in Amsterdam, Berlin & Paris by kdm & Herr Schmitt.
Composed, performed live, mastered & edited by Klaus Schulze.
On drums, side 2: Harald Grosskopf
The voice, side 4: Arthur Brown.
Photos: Frederic Pauchot (Frontcover), KD Mueller
Cover & Coordination: K D Mueller

4 Dig It (G 1980 Brain 0060.353) M-/M- has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
Death of An Analogue12:20Klaus SchulzeSynthasy23:10Klaus Schulze
Weird Caravan5:20
The Looper Isn't A Hooker8:20
Produced and Engineered by Klaus Schulze
All instruments played by Klause Schulze
All compositions and ideas by Klaus Schulze
All visuals by Klaus Schulze
All music played on the G.D.S. computer
All percussion by F.S. Drum Inc. and G.D.S.
Thanks to Ideal for looping the drums on "Weird Caravan"
All recordings by G.D.S. Digital Recording System at Klaus Schulze Studios between May and September '80
All cover ideas by Michael Weisser
All love to the listeners.

PETER SEILER     Go to Next band (Sensations' Fix) Previous artist (Klaus Schulze)
1 Flying Frames (US 1986 Innovative Communications KS 80.057) M-/M- coh $12
Side 1Side 2
Silicon Valley3:55P. K. SeilerGronland5:30P. K. Seiler
Sky Sight2:11Bolero Triste1:55
Flugansichten4:43Far East Affairs5:40
Tuya Hikes2:39Tokyo IC Salad2:32
Recorded at Big Key Studio Mannheim (between 1983-1986)
Sound Engineer: Peter Seiler / Donald Dilocker
Assistants: Kathrin Hill / Mike Burdett
All title composed, arranged, performed and produced by Peter Seiler
P. Seilers plays the following instruments: Yamaha DX7, PPG Wave Computer, Mini/Poly Moog, Korg-Poly 61/800, Roland Vocoder, CP 70 Piano, Hohner Keyboards, RX 11 Drum Computer, Bass and all percussion
Guest-musicians: Walter Helbig (Drums/Simmons) on "Gronland", Michael Lorenz (Guitars) on "Flugansichten", Klaus Nagel (Acoutic guitar), Lenny MacDowell (Flute) on "Cloudfields", Aurelio Calbaro (Bass) on "Sky Sight, The Mannheim Symphonic String-Section on "Sky Sight" and "Cloudfields"
Cover Design: IMM
Cover Foto: Mark Sakautzky
Many thanks to Donald Dilocker for technical advice, special EQ's, D'ephex, DELEC-Sound-Systems and the back cover photo

SENSATIONS FIX     Go to Next artist (Elliott Sharp) Previous artist (Peter Seiler)
1 Finest Finger(I 1976 Polydor 2448-048-A) M-/M- gatefold, has inner sleeve $50
Side 1Side 2
Strange About Your Hands3:50Franco FalsiniThe Left Side Of The Green (including Macumba Fog)5:45Franco Falsini
Just a Little Bit More On The Curve3:20Finest Finger3:40
Yardbirds Dream3:55Into the Memory6:10
Boat of Madness3:20
Musicue e parole di Franco Falsini
edizioni Kazma Jt.
produzione Filippo Milani
Franco Falsini: acoustic filtered and electric guitars, keyboards and synthesizer and vocals
Steve Head: keyboards, synthesizer and moog tambourine
Richard Uzsillo: Bass, Fuss bass and electric guitars
Keith Edwards: Drums

ELLIOTT SHARP     Go to Next artist (Pete Sinfield) Previous artist (Sensation' Fix)
1 Fractal (G 1986 Dossier ST 7515) M-/M- $30
Side 1Side 2
Singularity4:51Elliott SharpLacunal4:00Elliot Sharp
Robert Previte-drums
Charles K. Noyes-drums (A2,3), saw
Katie O'Looney-pantar, slab
Jim Mussen-slab
Ken Heer-trombone
James Staley-trombone, bass trombone
Sharp-guitars, basses, reeds, voice, slab, pantar, tubinets, violinoid
Composed and Produced by Elliott Sharp
Recorded and Mixed at B.C. Studio, Martin Bisi-Engineer
Photo-Hope Martin, Design-Sharp
Not-Yet-Time was a commissioned score for Nina Wiener and Dancers
See also: The Scene is Now

PETE SINFIELD     Go to Next band (Sir Lord Baltimore) Previous artist (Elliott Sharp)
1 Still (US 1973 Manticore MC 66667) VG+/VG+ gatefold $12
2 Still (G 1973 Manticore 86 901 IT) M-/M- gatefold $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Song of the Sea Goat??Jum/Sinfield/VivaldiEnvelopes Of Yesterday??Sinfield
Under the SkyMcDonald/SinfieldThe Piper
Will it be SoBrunton/ Dolan/ Jump/ Mennie/ SinfieldA House of Hopes and Dreams
Whole Food BoogieThe Night PeopleBrunton/ Collins/ Jump/ Sinfield
Pete Sinfield: 12 string acoustic guitar, synthesizer & vocals
Richard Brunton: Acoustic and electric guitars
Brian Cole: Pedal steel guitar (By courtesy of United Artists)
Greg Lake: Electric guitar (Hopes & Dreams), backing vocal (Wholefood), Joint lead vocal on "Still."
Snuffy: Electric guitar (solos on Envelopes & Wholefood)
Mel Collins: Alto, temor & baritone saxes, flute, alto flute & bass flute (Sea Goat) & celeste.
Don Honeywell: Baritone sax (Night People)
Chris Pyne: Trombone
Greg Bowen: Trumpet
Stan Roderick: Trumpet
Robin Miller: Cor anglais
Tim Hinkley: Electric piano (Night People)
Phil Jump: Piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, Woolworth's organ (Will It be You), Freeman Symphoniser (The Strings) & glockenspeil.
Keith Tippet: Piano (Sea Goat). (By courtesy RCA)
Boz: Bass guitar (Night People)
Steve Dolan: Bass & Bass guitar
John Wetton: Bass guitar (Sea Goat) & fuzz bass (Envelopes)
Min: Drums & Percussion
Ian Wallace: Drums (Night People) & snare drum (Sea Goat)
Brian Flowers: Tea, sympathy & equipment.
Produced by Pete Sinfield for Leaningrove Ltd & Manticore
Associate Production Mel Collins who also arranged the brass & the flutes & assisted with the mixing.
Associate Production Greg Lake who produced the vocals and also had a hand or three in the mixing.
All lyrics by Peter Sinfield
Recorded at Command Studios, London between October 1972 & January 1973 where the engineers were Andy Hendriksen, Ray Hendriksen & Phil Lever. The backing track for "Night People" was recorded at Lansdowne Studios & engineered by Peter Gallen. The steel guitar was overdubbed at Nova Sound & engineered by Richard Dodd. The final mixes were engineered at Command (Studio 1) by Andy Handriksen.
Cover concept & design by Pete Sinfield
Cover painting "The Big Friend" by Sulamith Wulfing used by permission of the artist.
Back cover Photography by Malcolm Robertson.
Layout by Mike Partridge and Patrick Woodwood.
See also: Esparanto, King Crimson

SIR LORD BALTIMORE     Go to Next band (Skin Alley) Previous artist (Pete Sinfield)
1 Kingdom Come (US 1970 Mercury SR 61328) gatefold M-/VG+ $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Master Heartache4:35Louis Dambra, Mike Appel, Jim CretecosKingdom Come6:4Louis Dambra, Mike Appel, Jim Cretecos
Hard Rain Fallin'2:55I Got a Woman3:00
Lady of Fire2:50Hell Hound3:17
Lake Isle of Innersfree4:03Mike Appel, Jim CretecosHelium Head (I Got a Love)4:00
Pumped Up4:03Louis Dambra, Mike Appel, Jim CretecosAin't Got Hung On You2:20
Louis Dambra: Lead Guitar
Gary Justin: Bass
John Garner: Drum, Lead Singer

Produced by: Edwin H. Kramer, Mike Appel, Jim Cretecos with Special Thanks to Kim King for Bandana Enterprises, Ltd.
Executive Producer: Dee Anthony
Engineers: Eddie Kramer, Kim King
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York City & Vantone Studios, West Orange, N.J.
Mastering: Sterling Sound, New York City
Photography: Joe Sia
Cover Design: Doug Taylor
Liner Design: Wm. Falkenburg
Art Director: Des Stobel

2 Sir Lord Baltimore (US 1971 Mercury SRM 1 613) gatefold M-/VG+ $50
Side 1Side 2
Man From Manhattan11:26John Linde and BaltimoreChicago Lives3:46John Linde and Baltimore
Man from Manhattan Act I
Superior One Intro.
1:00Loe and Behold3:45
Theme :45
3:00Woman Tamer5:10
Man from Manhattan Act II
Theme :45
2:00Caesar LXXI5:17
Act III MMCXI New Earth
Act IV Raca (People They Do Bad Things)
Where Are We Going3:20John Linde/Micky Lane
Recorded at Mercury Sound Studios, New York, Nw York
Engineer: Bob Fava
Mixed at Ultra Sonic Studios, Hempstead, New York
Engineers: Bill Stahl, Jeff Kracke, John Bradley, Mike Colchamiro
Sir Lord Baltimore:
John Garner, Drums, Timpani, Congas & Lead Vocals
Louis Dambra, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Gary Justin, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals
Joey Dambra, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Organ & Vocals
Produced by John Linde for Bandana Enterprises, Ltd.
Executive Producer: Dee Anthony
Art Director: Desmond Strobel
Design: John Craig
Emblem: Urban Embroidery, Chicago
Photos: Mark Rollins

SKIN ALLEY     Go to Next band (Sky) Previous artist (Sir Lord Baltimore)
1 Two Quid Deal (US 1973 Stax STS-3013) M-/VG+ D.J. Promo Copy $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Bad Words and Evil People5:15Nick GrahamNick's Seven5:02Nick Graham
So Many People6:00Bob JamesSkin Valley Serenade3:40Bob James, Tony Knight
A Final Coat5:07Nick GrahamSo Glad5:23Bob James
Graveyard Shuffle4:45The Demagogue4:54Nick Graham
Sun Music4:58Bob James
Nick Graham: Bass Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Flute, Vocals
Tony Knight: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Bob James: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Alto Sax, Flute, Vocals
Krzysztof Juszkiewicz: Hammond Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Accordian
Produced & Engineered by: Fritz Fryer for Boggle Productions
A Transatlantic Records Ltd. Production
Art Direction: Ron Gorden and the Grafe/Memphis
Cover Illustration: J. Edward Barker
Liner Illustration: Ellis Chappell
Creative Direction: Larry Shaw and Ron Gorden

2 Skin Tight (US 1973 Stax STS-3022) M-/VG+ coh $15
Side 1Side 2
If I Only Had the Time3:52Bob JamesThe Heap Turns Human3:55Nick Graham
At a Quarter to One2:53Maverick Woman Blues3:57Don Nix
How Long3:32Nick GrahamWhat Good Does it Do?5:03Bob James
Suprise Awakening4:15Mr. Heavy3:27
Broken Eggs4:07Juszkiewicz/ James/ KnightInstrumental3:43Nick Graham
Krzysztof - Organ & Electric Piano
Bob - Electric Guitar & Flute
Nick - Bass, Piano & Flute
Tony - Drums & Percussion
Brass by The Lounge Lizards
Bud Parkes, Martin Drover - Trumpets and Flugelhorns
Phil Kenzie, Geoff Driscoll - Tenor Saxes
Dave Coxhill - Baritone sax
Producer: Don Nix
Brass Arrangements: Phil Kenzie
Recording Engineer: Barry Hammond
Re-mix Engineers: John Fry, Don Nix
Recorded at: The Chipping Nortin Recording Studio, Oxfordshire, England
Re-mixed at: Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tenessee
Co-ordination: Laurence Aston
Management: Richard Thomas
Creative Direction and Design: The Stax Organization
Photography: Frederick Toma, Maldwin Hamlin, Lselie Emms, Roger Perry

SKY     Go to Next band (Slapp Happy) Previous band (Skin Alley)
1 Sky 2 (UK 1980 Ariola AD SKY2) M-/M-/VG gatefold $15
2 Sky (US 1980 Arista A2L 8302) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold, has the insert $15
Side 1Side 2
Hotta7:46Peek, FlowersFifo6:44Monkman
Dance of the Litttle Fairies3:31FlowersAdagio2:29
Watching the Aeroplanes3:33
Side 3Side 4
Tuba Smarties3:18FlowersVivaldi4:03Darryl Way
Ballet Volta2:45M. Praetorius-Arr. John WilliamsScipio12:09Flowers
Gavotte & Variations6:14J. P. Rameau - Trad.Part I and Part II Tocatta4:42Trad-Arr. Kevin Peek-kind acknowledgement to Leroy Holmes
Andante2:58Vivaldi-Arr. John Williams
Tristan's Magic Garden4:09Fry
El Cielo4:20Trad-Arr. John Williams
John Williams
Herbie Flowers
Kevin Peek
Tristan Fry
Francis Monkman
Produced by: Sky/Tony Clark/Haydn Bendall
Management: Peter Lyster-Todd
Recorded and mixed at Studio 3, EMI Abbey Road
Tuba Smarties - Recorded live at The Dominion Theatre, London
Mixed and reduced to Stereo on EMI Digital
Digitally edited by David Bell, EMI Research.
Mastered by Nick Webb and Chris Blarr
Cover design by The Hutton Company
Cover Illustration: Octave By Roy Campbell Camden Lock Gallery

3 Sky 3 (G 1981 Ariola 203 413) VG+/M- gatefold $20
4 Sky 3 (US 1981 Arista AB 4288) VG+/VG+ $15
Side 1Side 2
The Grace:30FlowersMoonroof4:03Peek
Chiropodie No.14:22Flowers/PeekSister Rose4:31Gray
Sarabande3:03G. F. Handel-Arr. John WilliamsDance of the Big Fairies3:30Flowers/Peek
Connecting Rooms7:10FryMeheeco6:35Flowers/Gray
Keep Me Safe and Keep Me Warm, Shelter Me From Darkness:54Flowers
John Williams: Ovation Classical Guitar, Fleta Spanish Guitar, Gibson Les Paul Guitar
Kevin Peek: Ovation Classical Guitar, Adanas Acoustic Guitar, Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Gibson LS5 Guitar
Tristan Fry: Premier Drum Kit, Waterphone, Premier Marimba, Premier Vibraphone
Herbie Flowers: Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Tuba (Boosey & Hawkes, of course)
Steve Gray: Oberheim OB1 Synthesizer, Oberheim OBX Synthesizer, Prophet 5 Synthesizer, Steinway Acoustic Grand Piano, Harpsicord, Electric Clavinet
Produced by: Sky/Tony Clark/Haydn Bendall
Management: Peter Lyster-Todd
Recorded and Mixed at: Studio 3, EMI Abbey Road
Mastered by: Malcolm Davies
Photography by: Ray Massey
Cover Design by: Peter Parker, Philip Bergman, The Hutton Company.

5 Sky 4/Forthcoming (US 1982 Arista AL 9604) VG+/VG+ cc promo stamp $12
Side 1Side 2
Masquerade3:20Khatchaturian - auth. arr. Steve GrayFantasy3:14J. S. Bach - arranger John Williams
Ride of the Valkyries5:07Wagner - arranger Steve GrayMy Giselle4:36Kevin Peek (from a theme by Adam de la Halle)
March to the Scaffold5:00Berlioz - arranger Tristan FryXango5:07Villa-Lobos - auth. arr. Sky
To Yelsato Pedi (Theme from 'Z')4:00Theodorakis - auth. arr. John WilliamsFantasia3:43Mudarra - Arranger Herbie Flowers/Kevin Peek
Waltz No. 2 (from Valsese Nobles et Sentimentales)2:35Ravel - auth. arr. Steve GraySkylark3:10Hoagy Carmichael - arranger Steve Gray - lyrist Johnny Mercer
Produced by Sky - Tony Clark - Haydn Bendall
Management - Peter Lyster-Todd
Recorded and Mixed at Studio 3 EMI Abbey Road
Mastered by Chris Blair
Photography - Brian Griffin
Design - Cooke Key
Steve: Steinway Grand Piano, David Rubio double manual Harpsicord, Oberheim Obx-A Polyphonic Synthe, Korg Trident Polyphonic Synth, Hohner Clavinet
Kevin: Adamas 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Roland Guitar Synth GR300, Gibson L5S Guitar, Fender 5 Guitar, Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar, Ovation Classical
Tristan: Premier Drum Kit, Permier Marimba, Celeste
John: Ovation Classical, Gibson Les Paul, Martin Fleeson Acoustic Guitar
Herbie: Double Bass, Bass Guitar

6 Five Live (G 1983 Ariola LC0116) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold $20
Side 1Side 2
The Animals20:56Flowers & GrayKP I7:26Flowers
The Swan4:36Saint-Saens, Arranged FryDance of the Little Faries4:33Flowers
Love Duet7:06Gray
Side 3Side 4
The Bathroom Song2:48FlowersMeheeco12:59Flowers & Gray
KP II3:36PeekHotta9:00Peek & Flowers
Antigua3:55Flowers & Gray
Sakura Variations7:56Peek & Williams
Produced by: Sky/Tony Clark/Haydn Bendall
Management: Peter Lyster-Todd
Recorded live at: The Comedy Theatre & The Concert Hall - Melbourne
The Concert Hall - Perth
The Festival Theatre - Adelaide
The Capitol Theatre - Sydney
Mixed (warts 'n' all) at: Studio 3, EMI Abbey Road, London
Mastered by: Nick Webb
Recorded with the invaluable help and support of:
The Sky Stage Crew: Andrew Peacock: Sky Tout Manager & Head of Production. Andrew Jones: Chief Sound Engineer. Pete Sullivan: Keyboards Supervisor/Technician. Gary Nielsen: Monitor Soind Engineer. Mick Peacock: Guitars Supervisor/Technician. Clive Standley: Lighting Designer.
AAV-Australia Pty. Ltd.-Mobile Recording Studio
David Wilson: Mobile Recording Tour Management. Martin (Casper) Fripp: Assistant Engineer. Kaj Dahlstrom: Assistant Engineer/Driver. Bill Tauschke: Maintenance Engineer. David Burton: Maintenance Engineer. Ross Cockle: Consulting Engineer.
Jands Australia Pty. - Sound & Lighting Systems
Andy Pollard: Production Manager. Howard Page: Sound Engineer & Jands Sound System Designer. Graham Hicks: Sound Technician. Jeff Merriweather: Chief Lighting Technician. T.J: Lighting Technician.
Tristan Fry: Premier Drum Kit. Musser Marimba. Waterphone - No known antecedents.
Kevin Peek: Gibson LS5. Fender Stratocaster. Ovation Classical. Ovation Folklore. AMS Digital delay unit.
Steve Gray: Acoustic Grand Piano. William De Blaise 2 Manual Harpsicord. Yamaha GS1 Grand Synthesiser. Roland JP8 Polyphonic Synthesiser. Oberheim OBXA Polyphonic Synthesiser. Korg CX3 Organ. Yamaha CS01/BC1 Monophonic Synthesiser ("Gobsynth"). Acoustic piano/Roland JP8 Interface system (used on 'Hotta' and 'Meheeco') and Harpsicord/Oberheim OBXA Interface system (used on 'The Animals,' 'Love Duet,' and 'Dance of the Little Fairies'): Developed by Andrew Jones.
Herbie Flowers: Mrs. Flowers' Basses. Old Blue Fender jazz bass guitar with five-year-old black tape (nylon) wound Rotosound strings. Amplifiers on stage...some nights a Marshall 20,000 watt, but on others, an Orange Cube; and on one other evening, a bit of each; and on two numbers, sod all: but Tony takes a direct injection for recording - so, 'sorry' Marshall Cube. String Bass (proper bass): Suzuki with a 'C-Ducer' CS8 strip micophone into the desk. No Tuba.
John Williams: Takamine Hirade: model E-9.

SLAPP HAPPY     Go to Next band (Mark Smoot) Previous band (Sky)
1 Desperate Straights (UK 1975 Virgin V-2024) gatefold M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Some Questions About Hats??Moore/BlegvadApes in Capes??Moore
The OwlMooreStrayedBlegvad
A Worm is at WorkMoore/BlegvadGiantsMoore/Blegvad
Bad AlchemyGreaves/Blegvadexcerpt from The MessiahHandel/Blegvad
EuropaMoore/BlegvadIn the SickbayDagmar/Blegvad
Desperate StraightsMooreCretecosCaucasian LullabyCutler/Moore
Riding TigersBlegvad
Dagmar: voice, Wurlitzer on In the Sickbay
Peter Blegvad: guitar, voice
Anthony Moore: piano
John Greaves: bass guitar, piano on “Bad Alchemy”
Chris Cutler: drums, etc.
Tim Hodgkinson: clarinet, piano on “Caucasian Lullaby”
Fred Frith: guitar, violin
Assisted by:
Geoff Leigh (courtesy “Radar Favourites”): flute.
Pierre Moerlen: percussion on “Europa”.
Muchsin Campbell: french horn.
Mongezi Feza: trumpet.
Nick Evans: trombone.Lindsay Cooper: oboe & bassoon.
Album arranged & produced by Slapp Happy & Henry Cow with Simon Heyworth at the Manor & Nova Sound Studios
Cover & Lithograph by Peter Blegvad

MARK SMOOT     Go to Next artist (Gilly Smyth) Previous band (Slapp Happy)
1 The Attic (US 1988 Attico ATC 1001) M-/M- has the insert $80
Side 1Side 2
The Attic-Part I??Mark SmootSometimes??Mark Smoot
Give it TimeEpsom Waltz
The TravellerStairway
After HoursRight On Time
Residents BewareThe Attic-Part II
Myles D. Evans
Tanqueray Gin
Mark Thompson-Drums
Sanjay Kumar-Keyboards
Mark Smoot-All Other Instruments and Vocals
Recorded at: Mom and Pops Basement and Ding Dong Studio By Mark Smoot and Rikki Garni
Photos by: T and K Smoot
Jacket and Insert Design: Eye Level Studio

GILLI SMYTH     Go to Next band (Soft Heap) Previous artist (Mark Smoot)
1 Mother (UK 1978 Charly CRL 5007) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
I am a Fool3:00Gilli SmythNext Time Ragtime3:30Gilli Smyth
Back to the Womb2:00Time of the Goddess5:30
Shakti Yoni3:10
Keep the Children Free1:30
Prostitute poem, street version4:37
O.K. Man, This is Your World4:15Smyth/ Allen/ Malherbe
Gilli Smith: Voices
Daevid Allen: Voices, Bass, Glissando Guitar, Guitar
Vera Blum: Violin
Tony Pascual: Piano and String Synthesiser
Rafel Aguilo: Drums
Didier Malherbe: Saxophone, and Octave Box, flute
Christian Trisch: Bass Guitar
Pip Pyle: Drums
Sam Gopal: Tablas
Pepe Milan and Joan Bibiloni: Acoustic Guitar
Patrick Meadows: Harpsicord and Lute
Voices: Gilli Smith, Peter Lewis, Mark, Till, Daevid Allen, Annie Truxell, oona Lind, Andrew Page, Frank Fehling, Taliesin Allen, Orlando Allen, Tom Lipps, Mati Klarwein, Leslie, Frank Fehling, Patrick Meadows, Phil Shepherd, Stephanie Shepherd
Tape collage and production by Daevid Allen at Banana Moon Observatory
Backing tracks for Shakti Yoni, O.K. Man This is your World, and Time of the Goddess, recorded at Herouville by Gilles Salle.
Front Cover Photo Jerome Decker.
Artwork Daevid Allen.
Photos Frank Fehling, Roso Gauditano.
Back Cover Phil Franks.
Translated Hugette Huber Esteve.
See also: Gong

SOFT HEAP     Go to Next band (Soft Machine) Previous artist (Gilli Smyth)
1 Soft Heap (US 1979 Charly CRL 5014) M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Circle Line??Hugh HopperTerra Nova??Elton Dean
A.W.O.L.Alan Gowen, Pip Pyle, Elton Dean, Hugh HopperFara
Petit 3'sAlan GowenShort HandAlan Gowen
Recorded at Pathway, London
Engineered by Wally Brill
Mixed at Riverside
Mixing Engineer Anthony David
Elton Dean - saxes
Alan Gowen - piano and synthesizers
Hugh Hopper - bass
Pip Pyle - drums
Plus B side track 2-
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Marc Charig - trumpet
Sleeve design: Starshine Graphics
See also: Soft Machine

SOFT MACHINE     Go to Next artist (Chris Squire) Previous band (Soft Heap)
1 Soft Machine (G 1968 Big Beat WIKA 57) M-/M- gatefold $15
Side 1Side 2
Hope for Happiness4:21B. Hopper, K. Ayers, M. RatledgeSave Yourself2:26R. Wyatt
Joy of a Toy2:49K. Ayers, M. RatledgePriscilla1:03M. Ratledge, K. Ayers, R. Wyatt
Hope for Happiness (reprise)1:38B. Hopper, K. Ayers, M. RatledgeLullabye Letter4:32K. Ayers
Why Am I So Short?1:39H. Hopper, K. Ayers, M. RatledgeWe Did It Again3:46
So Boot if at All7:25K. Ayers, M. Ratledge, R. Wyattlus Belle Qu'une Poubelle1:03
A Certain Kind4:11H. HopperWhy Are We Sleeping?5:30K. Ayers, M. Ratledge, R. Wyatt
Box 25/4 Lid0:49M. Ratledge, H. Hopper
Michael Ratledge: Organ
Robert Wyatt: Drums, cello, bass, guitar, vocals
Kevin Ayers: Lead guitar
Produced by Chas Chandler and Tom Wilson
Cover design by Byron Goto/Eli Aliman/Henry Epstein, rejigged by Phil Smee at Waldos
Direct Metal Mastered from digital tape

2 Third (US 1970 Columbia G 30339) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold $15
Side 1Side 2
Facelift18:54H. HopperSlightly All the Time18:14M. Ratledge
Side 3Side 4
Moon in June19:18R. WyattOut-Bloody-Rageous19:17M. Ratledge
Mike Ratledge / Organ and Piano
Hugh Hopper / Bass Guitar
Robert Wyatt / Drum and Vocal
Elton Dean / Alto Sax and Saxello
Rab Spall / Violin
Lyn Dobson / Flute and Soprano Sax
Nick Evans / Trombone
Jimmy Hastings / Flute and Bass Clarinet
Engineering: Andy Knight, I.B.C. Recording Studio
Bob Woolford, Concert Recordings*
*Facelift was recorded live at Fairfield Hall, Croydon, January 4, 1970,
and at Mother's Club, Birmingham, January 11, 1970.
Cover design: John Hays
Indise cover photo: Jurgen D. Ensthaler

3 Fourth (US 1971 Columbia C 30754) M-/VG+ textured cover $12
Side 1Side 2
Teeth9:15M. RatledgeVirtually Part 15:16H. Hopper
Kings and Queens5:02H. HopperVirtually Part 27:09
Fletcher's Blemish4:35E. DeanVirtually Part 34:33
Virtually Part 43:23
Produced by Soft Machine
Executive Producer: Sean Murphy
Engineering: George Chkiantz
Recorded: Autumn, 1970 at Olympic Studios, London
Photography: Campbell MacCallum
Jacket Design: Bloomsbury Group
Hugh Hopper: Bass Guitar
Mike Ratledge: Organ & Piano
Robert Wyatt: Drums
Elton Dean: Alto Saxophone & Saxello
Roy Babbington: Double Bass (Courtesy B & C Records)
Mark Charig: Cornet
Nick Evans: Trombone
Jimmy Hastings: Alto Flute & Bass Clarinet
Alan Skidmore: Tenor Sax

4 Triple Echo (UK 1977 Harvest SHTW 800) M-/M-/M-/VG+ has the book $40 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Love Makes Sweet Music (a)??AyersWe Did it Again??H. Hopper
Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' (b)Plus Belle Qu'une Poubelle
Memories (c)HopperWhy Are We Sleeping?Ayers/Ratledge/Wyatt
She's Gone (d)AyersA Concise British Alphabet - Part 2Hopper/Wyatt
Why am I So Short?Hopper/WyattHullo Der
So Boot if at AllAyers/Ratledge/WyattDada Was Here
A Certain KindHopperThank You Pierrot Lunaire
Have You Ever Bean Grean?
Pataphysical Introduction-Part 2Wyatt
As Long as He Lies Perfectly StillRatledge/Wyatt
Dedicated to You But You Weren't ListeningHopper
Side 3Side 4
The Moon in June (e)??WyattMousetrap (g)??Hopper
Esther's Nose Job (f)RatledgeNoisette (h)
Backwards (i)Ratledge
Mousetrap Reprise (j)Hopper
Slightly All the TimeRatledge
Out Bloody Rageous
Eamonn Andrews (k)
Side 5Side 6
Teeth??RatledgeStanley Stamps Gibbon Album??Ratledge
Kings and QueensHopperCarol AnnJenkins
All WhiteRatledgeHazard Profile - Part 1
BoneDeanThe Tale of Taliesin
(a) released as a single
(b) released as 'B' side of (a)
(c)(d) demo eventually released on 'Rock Generation Vol. 8'
(e)(f) transmitted 21/6/69 on programme 'Top Gear'
(g)(h)(i)(j)(k) previously unreleased
Executive Producer: Sean Murphy
Album compiled and researched by Al Clark
Photography Bill Richmond
See also: Matching Mole, Soft Heap, Robert Wyatt

CHRIS SQUIRE     Go to Next band (Starcastle) Previous band (Soft Machine)
1 Fish Out Of Water (Can 1975 Atlantic SD 18159) M-/M- gatefold $20
2 Fish Out Of Water (US 1975 Atlantic SD 18159) M-/VG+ gatefold, has inner sleeve $20
Side 1Side 2
Hold Out Your Hand4:14Chris SquireLucky Seven6:57Chris Squire
You By My Side5:03Safe (Canon Song)14:53
Silently Falling11:21
The drums and percussion were played by Bill Bruford
The saxophones Mel Collins
The flute Jimmy Hastings
The organ & bass synthesizer Patrick Moraz
The pipe organ (sub-organist of St Pauls Cathedral, London) Barry Rose
The acoustic & electric pianos Andrew Pryce Jackman
The basses & twelve string electric guitars were played by myself I also sang all the vocals with some help from Nikki on, "Hold out your hand."
The leaders of the sections of the orchestra were: Julian Gaillard (Strings), John Wilbraham (Brass), Jim Buck (Horns), Adrian Brett (Woodwind), David Snell (Harpist)
Throughout the album the sound engineer was Greg Jackson
assisted by Nigel Luby
The album cover design & photography Laurence Bernes
Not forgetting the front cover polaroid taken by the infamous Brian Lane
Special Thanks To:
For his orchestrations, conducting the orchestra, invaluable assistance & encouragement: Andrew Pryce Jackman
For suggestions on "Safe" Pete Sinfield
For finishing touches Trevor Spencer & Graham Presket
(long overdue) Phil Carson
& finally the rest of YesDedicated to Nicola, Carmen & Chandrika
Written, Arranged & Produced by Chris Squire
See also: Yes

STARCASTLE     Go to Next band (Jan Steele/John Cage) Previous artist (Chris Squire)
1 Starcastle (US 1976 Epic PE 34914) M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Lady of the Lake10:26StarcastleStargate2:50Starcastle
Elliptical Seasons4:24Sunfield7:40
Forces6:24To the Fire Wind5:16
Terry Luttrell: Lead vocals
Gary Strater: Bass guitar, Bass pedals, Vocals
Stephen Tassler: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Herb Schildt: Organ, Synthesizers, Pianos
Matthew Stewart: Guitars, Vocals
Stephen Hagler: Guitars, Vocals
Produced by Tommy Vicari
Engineered by Norm Kinney and Tommy Vicari at Golden Voice Studios, Pekin, Ill.
Mixed at Sound Labs Inc., Los Angeles, Calif.
Art Direction: Ed Lee
Photgraphy: David Gulick
Illustration: Alex Ebel

2 Citadel (US 1977 Epic 34935) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Shine On Brightly5:14S. Hagler - H. Schildt - M. Stewart - G. Strater - T. Luttrell - S. TasslerEvening Wind5:27S. Hagler - H. Schildt - M. Stewart - G. Strater - T. Luttrell - S. Tassler
Shadows of Song5:08Change in Time4:31
Can't Think Twice3:51Could This Be Love3:23
Wings of White4:48Why Have They Gone6:53
Engineered by Barry Hammond
Remixed at Sarm Studios, London, England by Geoff Workman
Cutting Engineer-George Marino
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, N.Y.
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker for RTB Productions
Art: Hildebrandt
Photos: Mark Hauser
Design: Ed Lee with a little help form Alan Ostroff
Starcastle is:
Terry Luttrell: Lead Vocals
Herb Schildt: Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Oberheim Synthesizer
Gary Strater: Bass Guitars. Moog Pedals, Vocals
Steve Hagler: Guitars, Vocals
Matt Stewart: Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
Steve Tassler: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

JAN STEELE/JOHN CAGE     Go to Next band (Stories) Previous artist (Starcastle)
1 Voices and Instruments (Uk 1976 Obscure 5) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1 - Jan SteeleSide 2 - John Cage
All Day??Jan SteeleExperiences No. 1??John Cage
Distant SaxophonesExperiences No. 2
Rhapsody SpanielThe Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Forever and Sunsmell
In a Landscape
Janet Sherbourne: Voice, Piano
Stuart Jones: Solo guitar
Fred Frith: Guitar
Kevin Edwards: Vibraphone
Steve Beresford: Bass Guitar
Phil Buckle: Percussion
Jan Steele: Flute, Piano
Utako Ikeda: Flute
Dominic Muldowney Viola
Martin Mayes: Piano
Arthur Rutherford: Percussion
Richard Bernas: Piano, Percussion
Robert Wyatt: Voice
Carla Bley: Voice

Recorded at Basing St. Studios, London.
Engineered by Rhett Davies & Guy Bidmead
Produced by Brian Eno.
See also: John Cage

STORIES     Go to Next band (Strunz & Farah) Previous artist (Jan Steele/John Cage)
1 Stories (US 1972 Kama Sutra KSBS 2051) M-/VG+ cos, embossed cover $20
Side 1Side 2
Hello People3:54Michael Brown and Ian LloydSaint James4:30Michael Brown and Ian Lloyd
I'm Coming Home2:38Kathleen3:14
Winter Scenes4:18Take Cover3:01
Step Back3:20Nice to Have You Here3:25
You Told Me3:06High and Low4:28
Michael Brown: Piano, Harpsicord, Organ, Moog Synthesizer
Ian Lloyd: Lead Vocals and Bass
Steve Lowe: Vocal Harmonies, Guitar
Bryan Madey: Drums
Peter Hoffman Additional Guitar
Larry Wilcox String Arrangements
Peter Buonconsiglio and Harry Lookofsky: violin on "You Told Me" and "Kathleen"
Produced by Stories
Engineered by Izzy Disenhaus
Recorded at Bell Sound Studios, N.Y.C.
Cover concept by Dominic Sicilia
Photography by Peter Kaplan
Art Direction by Glen Christensen
The cover photo was taken at the Steinway & Sons piano factory in N.Y.C.

2 About Us (US 1973 Kama Sutra KSBS 2068) M-/M- autographed by Ian Lloyd, Steve Love, Bryan Madey & Ken Bichel, promo, coh, original press WITHOUT Brother Louie $40
3 About Us (US 1973 Kama Sutra KSBS 2068) M-/VG+ gatefold $20
Side 1Side 2
Darling*2:38Brown-LloydChanges Have Begun**3:30Love
Don't Ever Let Me Down2:16Circles1:34Brown
Love is in Motion3:14Believe Me*3:31Brown-Lloyd
Hey France*2:50Words2:21
Please, Please*4:55Top of the City2:58
Down Time Blooze1:18Harwood- Lloyd- Love- Madey
What Comes After2:00Brown-Lloyd
^Brother Louie3:55Brown-Wilson
Ian Lloyd: Bass and Lead Vocals
Steve Lowe: Guitars, Sitar, Vocals and Bass on "Changes Have Begun"
Bryan Madey: on drums and percussion
Michael Brown: Pianos, Harpsichord and Mellotron
Produced by Stories and Engineered by Keith Harwood
*Produced by Eddie Kramer and Stories
**Produced by Eddie Kramer and Steve Lowe
^Arranged and Produced by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise
Recorded October 1972-January 1973 at Olympic Studios, London and Bell Sound Studios, New York
Personal Management: Dominic Sicilia
Art Direction: Glen Christensen
Cover Illustration: Tom Upshur-Photograph: Bob Gruen
Packaging: Milton Sincoff

4 Traveling Underground (US 1973 Kama Sutra KSBS 2078) M-/M- gatefold cos $20
Side 1Side 2
Bridges5:08I. LloydStories Untold4:03I. Lloyd
Soft Rain4:34S. Love, I. LloydI Can't Understand It3:55S. Love
Hard When You're So Far Away4:27S. LoveEarthbound/Freefall8:14I. Lloyd/K. Bichell
If it Feels Good, Do It*2:48J. StevensonTraveling Underground4:31I. Lloyd
Mammy Blue*3:41Giraud/Trim
Produced by Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise and Stories
*Produced by Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise
String arrangements on "Mammy Blue" by Larry Wilcox
Ian Lloyd: Vocals
Steve Lowe: Guitars
Kenneth Bichel: Keyboards, ARP Synthesizers and Mellotron
Bryan Madey: Drums and Percussion
Kenny Aaronson: Bass Guitar
Recorded 'Underground' at Bell Sound, N.Y.C., Crystal Sound, L.A. and United Sound, L.A.
Bell Sound Engineer: Warren Dewey
An Earth Song, Ltd. Enterprise
Illustrations: Gene Szafran
Photography: Joel Brodsky
Packaging: Milton Sincoff
See also: Dust, Ian Lloyd

STRUNZ & FARAH     Go to Next band (Sugarloaf) Previous band (Stories)
1 Misterio (US 1989 Water Lily Acoustics WLA-CS-08) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Preludio6:54Jorge StrunzZiryab6:55Ardeshir Farah
Anoranza (Yearning)6:39Misterio4:29Jorge Strunz
Arcades5:30Lluvia Suave (Soft Rain)5:15
Burabampo (The Deer) A Yaqui Indian peyote chant6:55Luis Perez
Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah, acoustic nylon string guitars, and percussion on Burabampo
Ciro Hurtado, acoustic nylon string guitar on Preludio, Anoranza, and Lluvia Suave
Charlie Bisharat, violin on Arcades and Ziryab, and percussion on Burabampo
Luiz Perez, Mesoamerican percussion and winds on Lluvia Suave and Burabampo and chant on Burabampo
Kathlyn Powell, percussion on Burabampo
Produced abd recorded by Kavichandran Alexander
Cover painting and lettering: Kathlyn Powell
Art direction: Kathlyn Powell
Back cover photo: Michael Sexton
Recorded at Christ the King Chapel, St. Anthony's Seminary, Santa Barbara, CA, December 12 and 13, 1988.
Cover painting dancer inspired by Marina Lorca.
Back cover photo taken at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Montecito, CA.
Technical consultanta: Tim de Paravicini and Bill Healander
Technical maintenance: Chris Donnelly
Microphones: Custom-built vacuum-tube design by Tim de Paravicini of EAR using MILAB dual rectangular capsules
Mic Pre-Amp: Custom-built vacuum-tube design by Tim de Paravicini of EAR
Recorder: Ampex MR70 (Nuvistor) "The Jack Mullin Special." Half-inch two-track with custom heads designed by Tim de Paravicini of EAR. Run at 15 i.p.s/C.C.I.R.
Tape: Ampex 456
Mastered by John Dent at The Exchange (London) on a custom-built vacuum-tube cutting system designed by Tim de Paravicini of EAR, U.K.
Plating: Allied Records, Santa Monica, CA
Pressed on Premium Quality Vinyl at Record Technology, Inc., Camarillo, CA
Cables: audioguest-LiveWire
Vacuum-tubes and Nuvistors: Gold Aero Platinum Series
This recording was monitored with Apogee Caliper Signature Ribbon Speakers.
Power Amps: EAR 509 MkII (100 Watt Mono Blocks)

SUGARLOAF     Go to Next artist (Andy Summers) Previous band (Strunz & Farah)
1 Spaceship Earth (US 1974 Liberty LST-11010) M-/M- gatefold, has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
Spaceship Earth4:27Robert YeazelMother Nature's Wine2:58Jerry Corbetta, J. C. Phillips, David Riordan
Hot Water4:10Jerry Corbetta & Robert YeazelCountry Dawg2:36Robert Yeazel
Rusty Cloud**3:01Robert YeazelWoman4:19Bob Raymond, Jerry Corbetta, Robert Yeazel, Bob Webber & Bob MacVittie
I Don't Need You Baby5:11Jerry Corbetta, Bob Webber, Robert YeazelMusic Box2:28Robert Yeazel
Rollin' Hills3:36Robert YeazelTongue in Cheek7:39
Produced by Frank Slay
**Produced by J.C. Phillips for Chicory Productions
Arrangements by Sugarloaf
Engineers: Paul Buff, side one; cuts 3, 4, 5, side two, cut 3
Bob Kovach, side one, cuts 1, 2, side two; cuts 1, 4, 5
Ken Nelson, side two, cut 2
Art Direction: Ron Wolin
Photography: Joel Franklin
Jerry Corbetta - Organ, Piano, Clavichord, Celeste, Chimes and Lead Vocals.
Bob Webber - Guitar, Dobro and Vocals.
Bob Raymond - Bass and Vocals.
Bob MacVittie - Drums
Robert Yeazel - Guitar, Bells, Classical Guitar, Harmonics and Lead Vocals.
on "Music Box" Cello by Glenn Grab, Bass Viol by Joe Julian, all other instruments on all selections by Sugarloaf

ANDY SUMMERS     Go to Next artist (Sun Ra) Previous band (Sugarloaf)
1 XYZ (US 1987 MCA MCA-42007) M-/M- coh $8
Side 1Side 2
Love is the Strangest Way4:20Andy SummersScary Voices4:37Andy Summers
How Many Days5:21Andy Summers-David HentschelNowhere4:35Andy Summers-David Hentschel
Almost There4:30Andy SummersXYZ2:46Andy Summers-David Hentschel-Charlotte Caffey
Eyes of a Stranger4:47The Only Road3:40Andy Summers
The Change2:53Hold Me4:48Andy Summers-David Hentschel
Andy Summers: Guitar, bass, vocals
David Hentschel: Keyboards, drum programs
Michael G. Fisher: Percussion on Nowhere, Love is the Strangest Way and Almost There
Nan Vernon: Acompanying vocals on Love is the Strangest Way, How Many Days, and Almost There; backing vocals on Eyes of a Stranger
Chris Childs: Bass on Eyes of a Stranger
Rik May: Bass on Hold Me
Abraham Laboriel: Bass on Scary Voices
Oren, Julia, & Maxine Walters: Backing vocals on Nowhere, Hold Me, and How Many Days
Greta Gold: Additional backing vocals on Eyes of a Stranger
Bob Casale: Recording engineer
Dennis Smith: Technical assistant
Produced by David Hentschel and Andy Summers
Mixed by David Hentschel and Bob Casale
Recorded at Devo Studios, Los Angeles, California, Summer 1986
Photography by Anton Corbijn
Art Direction by Andrew Ellis & Richard Evans, Icon, London

SUN RA     Go to Next band (Suntreader) Previous artist (Andy Summers)
1 The Magic City (US 1973 ABC Impulse AS-9243) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Magic City27:24Sun RaThe Shadow World10:59Sun Ra
Abstract Eye2:45
Abstract "I"4:01
Sun Ra, clavoline and piano;
Pat Patrick, baritone saxophone and flute;
John Gilmore, tenor saxophone;
Marshall Allen, alto saxophone, flute, oboe and piccolo;
Danny Davis, alto saxophone and flute;
Harry Spencer, alto saxophone; Robert Cummings, bass clarinet;
Walter Miller, trumpet;
Ali Hassen, trombone;
Roger Blank, percussion;
Ronnie Boykins, bass
Produced by Alton Abraham
Recorded in 1960
Sun Ra, bass marimba, piano, tympani, electronic celeste, Sun Harp, and dragon drum;
Pat Patrick, baritone saxophone, flute and tympani;
John Gilmore, tenor saxophone;
Marshall Allen, alto saxophone, flute, oboe and piccolo;
Danny Davis, alto saxophone and flute;
Robert Cummings, bass clarinet;
Ronnie Boykins, bass; Chris Capers, trumpet;
Teddy Nance, trombone; Bernard Pattaway, trombone;
Jimmi Johnson, percussion. Other drums by members of the Arkestra
Photography: Francis Ing
Illustration: Don Bied

SUNTREADER     Go to Next band (David Sylvian/Holger Czukay) Previous artist (Sun Ra)
1 Zin-Zin (UK 1973 Island HELP13) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Zin-Zin13:52Morris Pert*Orinoco12:50Morris Pert
Stardance9:57From the Region of Capricorn12:17Morris Pert/Peter Robinson
Morris Pert: Drums, Percussion
Peter Robinson: Electric Pianos
Alyn Ross: Bass Guitar
Robin Thompson played Soprano Saxophone on tracks marked *
Recorded at Marquee Studios, London, February 1973
Thanks to: Graham Davies-Zuparoad
Will Roper-Engineer
Yancy Studios-Cover Art
Concept & Design Percussion Services
See also: Brand X, Quartermass

DAVID SYLVIAN     Go to Next band (Synergy) Previous band (Suntreader)
1 Brilliant Trees (UK 1984 Virgin V2290) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Pulling Punches??David SylvianWeathered Wall??David Sylvian/Jon Hassell
The Ink in the WellBackwatersDavid Sylvian
NostalgiaBrilliant TreesDavid Sylvian/Jon Hassell
Red Guitar
Produced by David Sylvian. Steve Nye for Klangtartsen Productions
Engineered by S. Nye P. Williams
Mixed by S. Nye
assisted by D. Sylvian. P. Williams
except A2.B2
mixed by D. Sylvian N. Walker
assisted by M. Butler
Photograph Yuka Fujii
David Sylvian Vocals Gutar Treated Piano Synthesiser Percussion Tapes
Holger Czukay Dictaphone Guitar French horn Voice
Steve Jansen Drums Percussion Synthesiser
Richard Barbieri Synthsiser A1 B1
Riuichi Sakamoto Piano Synthesiser A4 B1 B3
Steve Nye Piano Synthesiser A3 A4
Jon Hassell Trumpet B1 B3
Kenny Wheeler Flugelhorn A2 A3
Mark Isham Trumpet A4
Phil Palmer Guitar A2 A4
Ronny Drayton Guitar A1 A4
Wayne Braithwaite Bass A1 A4
Danny Thompson Double Bass A2
Special thanks to Yuka Fujii and Peter Barakan for their assistance
See also: Japan

DAVID SYLVIAN/HOLGER CZUKAY     Go to Next band (Synergy) Previous band (Suntreader)
1 Plight & Premonition (US 1988 Venture 7 90904-1) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1 - PlightSide 2 - Premonition
the spiralling of winter ghosts (mixed and processed by Holger Czukay)18:26David Sylvian & Holger Czukaygiant empty iron vessel (mixed by Holger Czukay & David Sylvian)16:21David Sylvian & Holger Czukay
Produced by Holger Czukay
Recorded at Can Studio Cologne West Germany 1986-87
US mastering by Greg Fulginiti at Artisan Sound Recorders
Design and Photography: Yuka Fujii assisted by Icon, London. Artwork: Mekon
Holger Czukay: Radio, Organ, Sampled Piano, Orchestral & Environmental Treatments
David Sylvian: Piano, Prepared Piano, Harmonium, Vibes, Synthesizers, Guitar
Karl Lippergaus: Radio Tuning
Jaki Liebezeit: Infra-sound
See also: Can, David Sylvian

SYNERGY     Go to Next band (Tangerine Dream) Previous band (David Sylvian/Holger Czukay)
1 Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra (US 1975 Passport PB 6001) M-/M- cos $12
Side 1Side 2
Legacy10:05Larry FastSynergy5:26Larry Fast
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue11:46R. RodgersRelay Breakdown6:18
Larry Fast: Performance/composition, arrrangement, production, engineering, programming
Produced by Marty Scott
Sound Generation: Mini Moog c/w/ Oberhiem Expander Module/Mellotron
Control Functions: Mini Moog Systems/Oberheim Expander Module/Oberheim DS-2 Digital Sequencer/ Assorted Custom Control Devices/Galvanic Skin Response Voltage Controller/ARP-2600
Signal Processing: Mini Moog/Oberheim Expander Module/360 Systems 20/20 Frequency SHifter/Musitronics Phase Shifter/Eventide Clockworks Instant Phaser/Eventide Clockworks Digital Delay
Recorded at House of Music, West Orange, N.J., January 2-February 3, 1975
Mixed at Mediasound, New York, N.Y.
API Automated Quad (computerized) mixdown facilities, February 11-17, 1975
Remix Engineer: Clearmountain
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, N.Y. by Robert Ludwig, February 24, 1975
Cover graphic "Manchester Bridge II" by Charles Magistro
Back cover photo by Larry Fast

2 Cords (Can 1978 Passport 9167-6000) M-/VG clear vinyl, gatefold $20
3 Cords (US 1978 Passport PB 6000) M-/VG+ cos $8
Side 1Side 2
On Presuming to be Modern I3:06L. FastA Small Collection of Chords1:25L. Fast
Phobos and Deimos Go to Mars7:14L. Fast, P. SobelFull Moon Flyer7:43L. Fast, P. Sobel
Part I - Phobos
3:45L. FastTerra Incognita3:50P. Sobel
Part II - Deimos
3:29L. Fast, P. SobelTrellis3:38L. Fast
Sketches of Mythical Beasts3:32On Presuming to be Modern III3:25
Disruption in World Communications4:18
On Presuming to be Modern II2:58L. Fast
Produced, Engineered and Programmed by Larry Fast
September 1977 through April 1978.
Performance by Larry Fast with the exception of Guitar Synthesizer.
Associate Producer and all Guitar Synthesizer by Pete Sobel.
Recorded at the Synergy Studio and at House of Music, West Orange, N.J.
Mixed at House of Music - first mix in Studio B.
Special thanks to: Stephan (Electric Savage) Galfas, Charlie and Irene Conrad, Gary Rosen and the rest of the House of Music staff, Russ Hamm for the use of the Guitar Synthesizer prototypes, Peter Gabriel for help with the titles, Robert Fripp for the education in tape loops technique (Terra Incognita)...and Marty Scott for putting up with it all (and all the help).
Equipment by:
(Old friends) Moog Music, Oberheim Electronics, 360 Systems, Musitronics, Eventide, Clockworks, The Synergy System.
(New friends) Paia, Russ Hamm Guitar Synthesizer, Mos Technology (KIM-1), Apple Computer Corp., Aphex Systems, Loft Modular Devices
Mastered by George Marino, Sterling Sound, N.Y.
Cover by Hipgnosis

4 Games (US 1979 Passport PB6003) M-/M- cos $12
Side 1Side 2 - Soundcheck: Delta Three
Delta Two5:38Larry FastDelta 3/A2:24Larry Fast
Delta Four*6:18Delta 3/B2:10
Delta One**7:34Delta 3/C4:02
Delta 3/D*3:06
Delta 3/E2:18
Delta 3/F4:45
This collection of original compositions was recorded between February and June 1979 at the Synergy Studio and House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey
Digital Synthesis realised using the digital synthesizer at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey
Mixed at House of Music June and July 1979 by Larry Fast except **which was mixed by Charlie Conrad and Larry Fast
Mastered by Robert Ludwig, Masterdisk, NYC
Art direction Murray Brenman
Photography: Eric Staller
Design: Murray Brenman, Eric Staller, Mike Mangino
*Digital Synthesizer Computer programming by Greg Sims. Equipment used on this production manufactured by: Moog Music, Inc., Oberheim Electronics, Sequential Circuits, PAIA Electronics, 360 Systems, Musitronics, MXR, DBX, MCI, Eventide Clockworks, Sony, Teac-Tascam, EMT, The Synergy System, Apple Computer Corp., Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer, Deltalab Research

5 The Jupiter Menace (US 1982 Passport PB6014) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
The Alignment:52Larry FastThe Plunge/Earthquake Simulation3:44Larry Fast
Alien Earth2:38Solar Observatory/San Francisco, 19062:54
Rampage of the Elements/The Jupiter Menace3:53The Survivalists1:48
Pueblo Bonito2:24Cities on the Brink3:22
The Prophesy - The Prophesy Fulfilled/Warriors5:18The Mystery of Piri Reis/Return to Admiral Byrd's Camp3:11
Earth in Space3:32The Final Alignment1:26
Ancient Gods1:57Closing Theme3:36
Recorded January and February 1982 at The Synergy Studio.
Mixed at House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey;
film mix February 1982, album mix April 1982.
Engineered by Larry Fast
Assistant engineer: Cliff Hodsdon.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, N.Y.C.
See also: Peter Gabriel