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1 Ground Zero (US 1983 Broken Records #0) M-/M- has the insert $20
Side 1Side 2
Kings of Fleet Street4:47Jim BallCity Boy Bump4:50Steve Sandkuhler, Jim Ball
Hippos Go Berserk3:53Glenn WorkmanSellin' Out4:55Jim Ball
Hey Carmella3:10Jim BallGround Zero3:35Jim Ball, Ridia Anderson, Glenn Workman
Don't Need No Help3:30Glenn WorkmanOver the Hill5:28Jim Ball
Late at Night3:48Jim Ball
Jim Ball: guitars, vocals
Glenn Workman: piano, organ, tenor & baritone saxes, marima, vibes, toy piano, additional guitar on "City Boy Bump", vocals
Steve Sandkuhler: harmonica, congas, alto sax, percussion, vocals
Scoop: fretless bass, vocals
Dayton Alford: drums & cymbals
John Ball: all them frequencies
Additional Musicians:
Steve Krimmelbein: trombone
Jim Wesloh: trumpet
Kirsten Sandkuhler: vocal recitiation on "Hippos Go Berserk"
Evan Workman: special vocal apperance on "Hippos Go Berserk"
Produced and mixed by Off the Wall
Brass arranged & conducted by Glenn Workman with help from Jim Ball & Steve Sandkuhler
John Ball: production engineer
Bill Mueller: technical engineer
Recorded at Sheffield Recordings, Ltd., Pheonix, MD.
Mastered by Alan Moy at Masterdisk, N.Y., N.Y.
Photography by Richard Anderson, Baltimore, MD.
Album cover and label design and illustration by Pete Traynor, Baltimore, MD.

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1 Rocktronics (US 1984 Clean Cuts 001) M-/VG+ cover has some water damage $60
Side 1Side 2
Where Are We Now?4:33Barker - O'ConnorInfomania2:50O'Connor
Diane3:59Graboski - HeyrmanStill Life3:25Barker
Is That What You Said?4:30Barker - Graboski - ReeveDetached2:51Barker - Ford - Graboski - O'Connor
It Needs a Haircut2:17O'Connor - Reeve
Gyro: lead vocals
Mark O'Connor: keyboards and vocals
Jay Graboski: guitars
David Reeve: percussion
Mike Kearney: bass
Caren Parr: background background vocals
Tracey Tiernan: backgound vocals
Produced by Ty Ford & Jack Heyrman
Engineers: Steve Carr-Hit & Run Studios
Bill Meuller-Sheffield Studios
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Masterdisk
Art direction & illustration: Andrea Schamis

2 Vitamin Oho (G 1991 Little Wing of Refugees) M-/M- no. 428 of a limited first edition of 500, has inner sleeve and insert $50
Side 1Side 2
Seldom Bought??Graboski, Heck, O'Connor & O'SullivanLois Jane??Graboski
Hyphenate IcelessO'SullivanHogsheadO'Connor & O'Sullivan
Lemon FlowersO'ConnorNocturnal RecurrenceO'Connor
No Fewer DaysHeck & O'SullivanTinker's DamnGraboski
Oho belongs to: J. P. Graboski (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Jeff Graboski (percussion)
Steven M. Heck (bass, vocals)
Mark O'Connor (keyboards, vocals)
Joseph O'Sullivan (guitars, vocals)
and to: Steve Hinkel (equipment and poetry)
Jon Considine (photography and graphics)
and to: You!
Vitamin Oho is Oho's second, previously unreleased album
Scribe: Andrea Graboski-Dunkes
Cover photo: Helga Sulzle
Sleeve concept: refugees
Recorded between June, 1974 and January 1975 at Sheffield Studios in Timonium, Maryland, USA
Engineers: John Ariosa and Bill Mueller
Digitally remastered by Steve Carr at Hit & Run Studios, Rockville, Maryland, USA (04/04/91)
See also: Dark Side

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1 Tubular Bells (US 1973 Virgin 13-105) VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Tubular Bells25:00Mike OldfieldTubular Bells23:50Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield plays:
Grand Piano
Farfisa Organ
Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
Speed Guitar
Taped motor drive amplifier organ chord
Mandolin-like guitar
Fuzz Guitars
Assorted Percussion
Acoustic Guitar
Honky Tonk
Lowrey Organ
Tubular Bells
Master of Ceremonies: Viv Stanshall
Flutes: Jon Field
String Basses: Lindsay Cooper
Nasal Chorus: Nasal Chorus
Girlie Chorus: Mundy Ellis, Sally Oldfield
Mike Oldfield plays:
Electric Guitars
Farfisa Organ
Bass Guitar
Acoustic Guitars
Speed Elec. Guitars
Lowrey Organ
Concert Tympani
Guitars sounding like Bagpipes
Piltdown Man
Hammond Organ
Spanish Guitar
Moribund Chorus
Girlie Chorus: Sally Oldfield, Mundy Ellis
Bootleg Chorus: Manor Choir conducted by Mike Oldfield
Drums: Steve Broughton (Courtesy Harvest)
Sound: Tom Newman, Simon Heyworth and Mike Oldfield
Sleeve Design and Photography: Trevor Key
Recorded at: The Manor/Autumn 1972 Spring 1973

2 Boxed (UK 1976 Virgin VBOX1) M-/M-/M-/M-/M- with book $25
Side 1Side 2
Tubular Bells Part One25:55Mike OldfieldTubular Bells Part Two25:47Mike Oldfield
Side 3Side 4
Hergest Ridge Part One21:33Mike OldfieldHergest Ridge Part Two18:40Mike Oldfield
Side 5Side 6
Ommadawn Part One20:06Mike OldfieldOmmadawn Part Two17:17Mike Oldfield
Side 7Side 8
The Phaneacian Games3:58David BedfordFirst Excursion5:56Mike Oldfield/David Bedford
Extract from Star's End7:33Argiers3:59Trad. arr. Mike Oldfield
The Rio Grande6:37Trad. arr. David BedfordPortsmouth2:02
In Dulci Jubilo2:49R.L. Pearsall, arr. Oldfield
Speak (Tho You Only Say Farewell)2:54Ray Morello/Horatio Nicholis
"Tubular Bells" re-mixed in quad by Phil Newell, assisted by Alan Perkins
"Hergest Ridge" re-mixed in quad by Mike Oldfield
"Ommadawn" re-mixed in quad by Mike Oldfield and Phil Newell.
"Collaborations" re-mixed in quad by Phil Newell except "First Excursion" by Mike Oldfield
Cover by Cooke Key

3 Five Miles Out (US 1982 Epic ARE 37983) VG+/VG+ gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
Taurus II24:42M. OldfieldFamily Man3:49M. Oldfield - T. Cross - R. Fenn - M. Frye - M. Reilly - M. Pert
Mount Teidi4:10M. Oldfield
Five Miles Out4:14
Maggie Reilly - Vocals
Morris Pert - Percussion, Keyboards
Tim Cross - Keyboards
Rick Fenn - Guitars
Mike Oldfield - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Fye - Percussion
Paddy Moloney - Uileann pipes on 'Taurus II'
Carl Palmer - Percussion on 'Mount Teidi'
Graham Broad - Drums on 'Five Miles Out'
Strings on 'Five Miles Out' arranged by Morris Pert and conducted by Morris Pert
Produced and Engineered by Mike Oldfield except 'Five Miles Out,' Produced and Engineered by Mike Oldfield and Tom Newman and 'Mount Teidi,' Produced by Mike Oldfield and Engineered by Richard Mainwaring
Mastered at the CBS Recording Studios, New York on the CBS Discomputer System by Ray Janos.
Technical Assistant Richard Barrie
Special Thanks Jeremy Parker, Martin Birch
Sleeve Design by Mike Oldfield
Painting by Gerald Coulson
Photographs by Fin Costello
See also: David Bedford

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1 Distant Hills (US 1973 Vanguard VSD 79341) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Aurora7:42Ralph TownerDistant Hills6:31Ralph Towner
Dark Spirit5:50Canyon Song4:56
Mi Chinita Suite7:00McCandless, Moore, Towner, WalcottSong for a Friend5:19
Confession6:24McCandless, Moore, Towner, Walcott
Paul McCandless: oboe, English horn
Glen Moore: violin, flute, electric bass, bowed bass, piano
Ralph Towner: piano, twelve string guitar, trumpet, guitar, mellophone
Colin Walcott: tabla, sitar, clarinet, piano, mirimba, congas, guitar, tamboura, drums
Produced by Oregon
Engineering and Mixing: Jeff Zaraya
Recorded at Vanguard's 23rd Street Studio, New York City, July 2, 3, 5, 1973
Cover painting and Calligraphy: Leanne Harrison
Back Photo: Monica Mosley
Oregon Management: Vince Cirrincione/Tom Paine
With thanks to RCI-Productions, Inc.
See also: Ralph Towner

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1 Getting a Head (US 1980 Rift 2) M-/M- $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Getting a Head18:40Medwed, Ostertag, FrithIn Tundra21:10Medwed, Ostertag
Fred Frith: guitars
Bob Ostertag: tapes
Getting a Head is a live improvisation involving a real-time tape system originally conceived by Bryan Medwed, realized by the two of us working together, and further elaborated on by myself. Recorded in concert in Washington D.C., June 1980. During the last third of the piece another performance, recorded in NYC, May 1980, is also heard. All sounds appear exactly as heard in concert. Mixed at Sorcerer Sound.
Charles K. Noyes: percussion
Bob Ostertag: tapes
In Tundra began as a live improvisation using the same tape system as Getting a Head which was then reworked in the studio. Recorded at the Kitchen, January 1980. Mixed at Noise, New York.
Cover photo by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen
Back photo by Tina Curran
Dedicated to George Loftus
Thanks to Linda Jordan and Orlan Cannon (type and layout), Frank Eaton (studio time), Fred Frith (patience, advice).

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