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1 Ticket to Trauma (US 1987 SST 076) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Ticket to Trauma0:57Paper BagThink for Myself0:50Paper Bag
Through Your Eyes3:41Priests on Drugs3:09
Crankman3:19The Devil's Cha-Cha1:15
Sublimation2:06Ambient Languages3:14
Rain on Benares1:56Homeless1:41
Monkey Jack2:16Garberville4:02
What More Do You Want?2:14The Nile Cries3:26
The Ballad of Ed Gein6:41Closed City5:06
M. Segal: drums, percussion, toys & effects, flutes & whistles, words, voice
Greg Eric Segal: guitars, effects
Kenny Ryman: keyboards, tapes & tape loops, effects, words, voice
George Radai: bass guitar, bass pedals, effects
Aug., 1985 thru Feb., 1986 LBP Studios, Van Nuys, CA
No Overdubs-First Takes Only
Produced and engineered from 4 track recordings by C. Alleca
Mixed April, 1986 at Platinum Studios, Hollywood, CA
Photos by Ann Gardener
Cover Art by MS Art Services
Special thanks to Ken Rosser (fellow traveler) and Splatt of KXLU FM 88.9, Los Angeles

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1 Paris (1976 US Capitol ST-11464) M-/VG+ has the insert $20
Side 1Side 2
Black Book3:10Robert WelchNarrow Gate (La Porte Etroite)6:42Robert Welch
Beautiful Youth3:35Rock of Ages3:11
Nazarene3:56Red Rain3:21
Robert Welch-Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Cornick-Bass, Keyboard
Thom Mooney-Drums
Produced by Jimmy Robinson
Art Direction: Roy Kohara
Recorded at The Record Plant: Los Angeles and "The Pit" Sausalito
Engineer: Jimmy Robinson
2nd Engineers: John Henning, Deni King, Mike Braunstein
Logo Design: Glenn Cornick
Photography/Design: Herbert Wothington
See also: Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull

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1 I'm the One (US 1972 RCA LSP-4578) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
I'm the One6:45Annette PeacockBlood2:00Annette Peacock
7 Days3:54One Way6:12
Pony6:15Love Me Tender3:45Elvis Presley-Vera Matson
Been & Gone2:20Gesture Without Plot3:29Annette Peacock
Did You Hear Me Mommy?1:44
Direction: Annette Peacock
Produced by Annette Peacock and Bob Ringe
Liner Note 1: Pain & Pleasure are equal but different
One is no better than the other
They Are Equal....But Different.
"The Team"
Tom Cosgrove, Guitar
Stu Woods, Bass
Rick Morotta, Drums
Michael Garson, Organ on "one Way"; Piano & Organ on "I'm the One"
Paul Bley, Synthesizer & Piano on "Blood" & "Gesture Without Plot"
Glen Moore, Bass on "Blood"
Laurence Cook, Drums on "Gesture Without Plot"
Michael Moss, Tenor
Barry Altschul, Airto Moreira, Orestes Vilato, Domun Romao, Percussion
Apache Bley, Piano on "Did You Hear Me Mommy?"
Annette Peacock, Composer (music & words), Arranger, Producer, Singer, Electric Vocals, Pianos (acoustic & electric), Synthesizers, Electric Vibraphone, Liner notes
Liner Note 2: "It's Not About Music"
Recorded at RCA Studios B, C, D, New York City
Recording Engineer: Gus Mossler
Recording Technicians: Pat Martin, Mike Hartry, Dick Baxter
Cover image materialized by Richard Davis (photographer)
With special thanks to Acy Lehman
Liner Note 3: Dream to dream
it takes a little more than it did to see it the time before.

2 The Perfect Release (UK 1979 Aura AUL 707) M-/VG+ not quite black vinyl $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Love's Out to Lunch??Annette PeacockThe Succubus??Annette Peacock
Solar SystemsSurvival
American Sport
A loss of Consciousness
Rubber Hunger
Max Middleton keyboards
Robert Ahwal Guitars
Richard Bailey Sonar Drums
John McKenzie Bass
Daryl Lee Que Percussion Lennox Langton Steel Drums and Percussion
Produced by Annette Peacock
Executive Producer Aaron Sixx
Recorded at Konk Studios
Engineer John Rollo and Scorpio Sound Studios
Engineer Dennis Weinreich.
See also: Bruford

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1 Music From the Penguin Cafe (US 1976 Editions EG EGED 27) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Penguin Cafe Single+??Simon JeffesThe sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter+??Simon Jeffes
1. From the Colonies (for N.R.)
2. In a Sydney Motel
3. Surface Tension (where the trees meet the sky)
4. Milk
5. Coronation
6. Giles Farnaby's Dream
Giles Farnaby (1560-1640)
Simon Jeffes (1949- )
7. Pigtail
Chartered Flight*
Simon Jeffes - Guitar, Bass, Ukelele, Quatro, Spinet, Electric Piano, Mouth percussion, vocals, Cello (Sydney Motel), Cheng, Ring Modulator
Helen Leibman - Cello
Gavyn Wright - Violin, Viola
Neil Rennie - Ukelele (on Giles Farnaby's Dream)
Emily Young - Vocals
Steve Nye - Mixing
Penguin Cafe Quartet (the 4 musicians in green clothes)
Helen Leibmann - Cello
Gavyn Wright - Violin
Steve Nye - Electric Piano, Engineer
Simon Jeffes - Electric Guitar
Produced by Simon Jeffes and Steve Nye
Recorded on location between 1974-1976
Words by Neil Rennie except "Milk."
Painting by Emily Young.
+ Recorded in 1974
* Recorded in 1976
with thanks to the quartet for their developments & inspiration
Brian Eno-Executive production

2 Penguin Cafe Orchestra (US 1981 Editions EG EGM 113) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
Air a Danser4:27Simon JeffesYodel 24:25Simon Jeffes
Yodel 14:00Salty Bean Fumble2:07
Telephone and Rubber Band2:25Paul's Dance1:37Jeffes, Nye
Cutting Branches for a Temporary Shelter3:36Trad. Arr. JeffesThe Ecstacy of Dancing Fleas3:55Simon Jeffes
Pythagoras's Trousers3:14Simon JeffesWalk Don't Run2:56Johnny Smith
Numbers 1-46:46Flux1:39Simon Jeffes
Simon's Dream1:41
Harmonic Necklace1:12
Steady State3:28
Simon Jeffes-Guitar, Cuatro, Ukelele, Piano, Bass, Violin, Dulcitone, Harmonium, Shakers, Drums, Ring Modulator, Rubber Band, Penny Whistle, Electronic Organ
Geoffrey Richardson-Viola, Guitar, Bass, Bongos, Metal Frame, Ukelele
Peter Veitch-Accordian, Violin
Steve Nye-Electric Piano, Cuatro
Braco-Shakers, Drums, Bongos
Giles Leaman-Oboe
Gavyn Wright-Violin
Helen Leibman-Cello
Julio Segovia-Cymbals
Neil Rennie-Ukelele
Produced by Simon Jeffes for the Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Recorded at the Penguin Cafe between 1977-1980
Mixed at Farmyard Studios, Bucks, England by Colin Green and Ian Morais
Cover Painting by Emily Young
Photography by Roger Whitaker
Design & Typography by Ha Ha Ha Productions
Cutting Branches appears in Nightshift, a film by Robina Rose
Special Thanks to Rupert Hine, Trevor Morais, Geoff Jukes and Gillian McGregor

3 The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Mini Album (UK 1983 Editions EG EGMLP 2) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2 - Penguin Cafe Orchestra in Japan
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
The Penguin Cafe Single??Jeffes/Nye/Wright/LeibmannNumbers 1-4??Jeffes
Air a DanserJeffesSalty Bean Fumble
The ToyPiano Music
Simon Jeffes: electric guitar (1); cuatro, guitar, bass, piano, voice (2); omnichord, bass, electric guitar (3); guitar, pitch pipes (4); penny whistles (5), piano (6)
Steve Nye: electric piano (1); cuatro (2)
Helen Leibmann: cello (1,2)
Gavyn Wright: violin (1,2)
Geoffrey Richardson: violas (2,3,4,5); slide guitar (3)
Braco: shakers (2,5); bongos (4)
Neil Rennie: ukelele (3,5)
Peter Veitch: piano (4,5)
Marcus Beale: violin (4,5)
Giles Leaman: oboe (4); stick percussion (5)
Kuma Herada, bass
This album consists of six pieces of music, two from our previous albums, two recorded live in Tokyo last year, and two new pieces: Piano Music, recorded in a basement whilst I was staying in Tokyo after our tour, and The Toy which we recorded today. Simon Jeffes 23/3/83

Produced by Simon Jeffes for the Penguin Cafe Orchestra except The Toy Produced by Simon Jeffes with Geoffrey Richardson.
Paintings by Emily Young.
Photography, except The Toy, Mitsuru Tsubakino.
Typo, Calligraphy Martyn Atkins & Ching Ching Lee.
See also: Quantum Jump

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1 Illustrative Problems (US 1986 Cuniform RUNE 6) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
All Bach'd Up3:43PFMCold Shower2:00PFS
Civil Circus1:19My Neice From Pittsburgh in 19924:01
Hruspex3:3923rd Hour2:37
White Boys With No Rhythm2:18Nicht Shuldig6:36
Buster Keaton5:00Amsterdam3:14
Illustrative Problems2:17
Scott Brazieal: Piano, Digital Synthesizer, Cassettes
Herb Diamant: Tenor Sax, Basson, Quirmpaphonics
Gary Para: Percussion, Roof Jacks, Noises
Craig Fry: Violin on “Nicht Shuldig”
Recorded and mixed at Mobius 3/85, 6/85
Produced by PFS and Oliver DiCicco
Engineered by Oliver DiCicco
Cover Art Susan Scott Art Production Larry Evans
Mastering by Roger Siebel at Wakefield Mfg., Phx, AZ

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1 The Geese & the Ghost (US 1977 PVC 8905) M-/M- $12
2 The Geese & the Ghost (US 1977 Passport PP 98020) M-/M- cc, has inner sleeve $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Wind - Tales1:02PhillipsChinese Mushroom Cloud0:46Phillips-Rutherford
Which Way the Wind Blows5:51The Geese and Ghost15:40
Henry: Potraits From Tudor Times12:11Phillips-Rutherford
Part i
(i) Fanfare
Part ii
(ii) Lutes' Chorus
(iii)Misty Battlements
1:15Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West4:33
(iv) Henry Goes to War
(v) Death of a Knight
(vi) Triumphant Return
God if I Saw Her Now4:09Phillips
The Musicians
(The relevant tracks are shown in brackets)

Anthony Phillips; Acoustic 12 string, 6 string, classical guitar, electric 6 and 12 string guitars, basses, dulcimer guitar, bazouki, Synthesizers, mellotron, harmonium, piano, organ, celeste, pin piano, Drums, glockenspeil, timbales, bells and chimes, gong. Vocal on "Collections."

Michael Rutherford; Acoustic 12 string, 6 string, classical guitars, electric 6 and 12 string guitars, basses, organ, drums, timbales, glockenspeil, cymbals, bells.

Phil Collins; Vocals on "Which Way the Wind Blows" and "God if I Saw Her Now."

Rob Phillips; Oboes (6,8).
Lazo Momulovich; Oboes, Cor Anglais (3,6).
John Hackett; Flutes (4,7,8).
Wil Sleath; Flute, Baroque flute, recorders, piccolo (3).
Jack Lancaster; Flutes, Lyricon (8).
Charlie Martin; Cello (5,6).

Kirk Trevor; Cello (5,6).
Nick Haley + friend; Violins (6).
Martin Westlake; Timpani (3,5,6)(and thanks to Brendan and Viv)
Tom Newman; Hecklephone and bulk eraser (9).
Viv McCauliffe; Vocals on "God if I Saw Her Now."
Send Barns Orchestra and Barge Rabble conducted by Jeremy Gilbert.
Ralph Bernascone; Soloist.

Produced and Engineered by Simon Hayworth, Michael Rutherford and Anthony Phillips.
Recorded at Send Barns Studios; Argonaut Galleries;
Remixed and completed at Trident and Olympic Studios, (Engineer Anton Matthews).
Equipment: Nick Blyth, Tex Read and Geoff Banks.
Special thanks to: Bruce Elliot, Dave Rootes and Jumbo and to all at Hit and Run Music Ltd and to Send Barns for their patience and tenacity.
Michael Rutherford and Phil Collins appear throgh the courtesy of Atlantic Records.
Cover design and art by Peter Cross.
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, N.Y.C.

3 Wise After the Event GATEFOLD PROMO (US 1978 Passport PB 9828) M-/M- has photo and promo pack $20 SOLD!
4 Wise After the Event (US 1978 Passport PB 9828) M-/M- cos $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
We're All As We Lie4:34Anthony PhillipsPulling Faces4:32Anthony Phillips
Wise After the Event8:45Paperchase5:28Anthony Phillips
Now What (Are They Doing to my Little Friends?)8:30
The Players
Anthony Phillips:Vocals and harmonica
Michael Giles: Drums
John G. Perry: Bass (Wal custom)
The Vicar: Guitars, keyboards and sundries
Jeremy Gilbert: keyboards on "Greenhouse", Harp on "Now What"
Mel Collins: Soprano Sax on "We're All As We Lie", Flutes on "Birdsong" and "Trmulous"
Robin Phillips: Oboe on "Sitars and Nebulous"
Rupert Hine: Percussion, backing vocals, locks, probs, modes and vibes
Perkin Alanbeck: Synthesiser on "Birdsong"
Humbert Ruse/Vic Stench: Drums and bass on "Greenhouse"
Rodent Rabble (Including "No Hours From Neasden"): Clicks, claps and crampons
Orchestra on "Regrets" conducted by Gilbert Biberian
Assembles by David Katz; Arranged by A.P.
Produced by Rupert Hine.
Recorded at Essex Studios (Oct. 1977), Engineer-Richard "Papercup" Austen; Things in papercups-Andy.
And The Manor Mobile at the "Farmyard" (Nov/Dec. 77), Engineer and Twowood-Alan Perkins;
(Thanks to Trevor, Eva and the Fish that didn't fly away).
"Regrets" recorded at C.B.S. (Dec. '77), Engineer-Steve Taylor.
Mixed at Trident Studios (Dec. 77/Jan. 78); Starter: R. St. John Lumley
Maestro: Peter Kelsey; Assisted by Neil, Steve, Mike, John and Reno.
Designs and artwork by Peter Cross
Mastered at Trident by Ray Staff and at Sterling Sound, New York by George Marino.

5 Private Parts & Pieces (US 1978 PVC 7905) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1 - Home SideSide 2 - Away Side
Beauty and the Beast (1972)4:07Anthony PhillipsReaper7:38Anthony Phillips
Field of Eternity (Composed 1972, Recorded 1976)5:13Phillips/RutherfordAutumnal6:02
Tibetan Yak-Music (1976)6:17Anthony PhillipsFlamingo11:08
Lullaby-Old Father Time (1976)1:10Seven Long Years3:00
Harmonium in the Dust2:32
Tregenna Afternoons8:00
All titles self-produced except. "Tibetan Yak-Music": Harry "pivanhaphone" Williamson
Recorded at Send Barns (thanks to all at Radio Athens). Remixed, mitigated, mollified by Ray Staff at Trident Studios.
Chesse wine and Chick-

Kirk Trevor; Cello (5,6).
Nick Haley + friend; Violins (6).
Martin Westlake; Timpani (3,5,6)(and thanks to Brendan and Viv)
Tom Newman; Hecklephone and bulk eraser (9).
Viv McCauliffe; Vocals on "God if I Saw Her Now."
Send Barns Orchestra and Barge Rabble conducted by Jeremy Gilbert.
Ralph Bernascone; Soloist.

Produced and Engineered by Simon Hayworth, Michael Rutherford and Anthony Phillips.
Recorded at Send Barns Studios; Argonaut Galleries;
Remixed and completed at Trident and Olympic Studios, (Engineer Anton Matthews).
Equipment: Nick Blyth, Tex Read and Geoff Banks.
Special thanks to: Bruce Elliot, Dave Rootes and Jumbo and to all at Hit and Run Music Ltd and to Send Barns for their patience and tenacity.
Michael Rutherford and Phil Collins appear throgh the courtesy of Atlantic Records.
Cover design and art by Peter Cross.
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, N.Y.C.

6 Sides (US 1979 Passport PB 9834) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
7 Sides TEST PRESSING (US 1979 Hub-Servall PB 9834) M-/M- $25 SOLD!
Side 1 - UmSide 2 - Aargh
Um & Aargh4:50Anthony PhillipsSisters of Remindum4:29Anthony Phillips
I Want Your Love3:54Bleak House6:13
Holy Deadlock4:05Anthony Phillips/Martin HallMagdalen7:45
Lucy Will3:23Anthony PhillipsNightmare7:25
Side Door3:48
Anthony Phillips: Guitars, Keyboards, Obelisk
The Vicar (Vocals): Lead vocals on 'Um & Aargh', 'Lucy Will', 'Holy Deadlock'
Mike Giles (Drums): High hat, Bush, Sprang, Onion Bhajee
John G. Perry (Bass Wal Custom): (with time) Pull-off pedal pump
Dale Newman (Vocals): Lead vocals on 'Bleak House'
Dan Owen (Vocals): Lead vocals on 'Side Door', 'I Want Your Love'.
Ray Cooper (Percussion): Tambourine, Mark-Tree, Skulls
Frank Ricotti (M. Timpani)
Morris Pert: Monotroch, Congas on 'Lucy Will'.
Ralph Bernascone: Lead vocals on 'Nightmare'.
Humbert Ruse: Percussion on 'Lucy Will', Cor Anglais on 'Sisters of Remindum.'
Vic Stench: Cellos on 'Lucy Will', Bass on 'Bleak House'.
Hubert Rinse: Dungeon Vocals, Moravian Yam.
Slim Long: C# Crampons, Tuned Bicycle Clips.
Colonial Chorus & Rent-a-Rhyme: Man Newdale, Phil Anacoia, Wen O'Daniel
Recorded at Essex Studios, Oct. 1978
Engineer: Richard Austin, aidied & abetted by Andy 'Poppadom' Pierce.
Matrix Studios, Nov. 1978; Engineered by Module Repair Man and part-time billiard cue Nick Bradford, assisted by Jess 'Herbie' Sutcliff, Slick Huddersfield, Vic Grimsby and Dick Halifax.
Mixed at Trident Studios Nov-Dec. '78 by Steve 'No bedclothes from Kingbury' Short, Colin Green (both), John Brand helped and humoured by Reno, Craig, Simon, Adam and Simon.
Make-up: Sue Veneer & Justin Sane
Co-ordination: Jaenette & Robin
Physiotherapist, Equipment, Provisions, Lifts and Stanchions: Mick Shilton-Poole
Humbert Ruse and Vic Stench appear courtesy of the Excrement and Obelisk Records Inc.
Produced by Rupert Hine
Conceived between Send Barnes & Golborne Road, Aug./Sept. 1978.
Rehearsed at the Farmyard, Oct. '78.
Artwork by Peter Cross (Tactical talks & cross-fertilization by Dallas P. Smith).
Photography on inside cover by Robert Ellis

8 Private Parts & Pieces II - Back to the Pavilion (US 1980 PVC 7913) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1 - N.O.R. SideSide 2 - S.O.R. Side
Scottish SuiteAnthony PhillipsHeavens4:22Anthony Phillips
(i) Salmon Leap
2:46Spring Meeting3:52
(ii) Parting Thistle
2:26Romany's Aria:50
(iii) Electric Reaper
(iv) Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous
(v) Salmon's Last Sleepwalk
2:07Magic Garden1:56
Lindsay3:50Von Runkel's Yorker Music:41
K28:53Will O' the Wisp3:30
Postlude: End of the Season:32Tremulous1:06
I Saw You Today4:34
Back to the Pavillion2:51
Drums & Percussion: Andy McCulloch.
Bass on (i), (iv) "Scottish Suite": Mike Rutherford.
Oboe on "Von Runkel's Yorker Music": Rob Phillips.
Flute on "Tremulous": Mel Collins.
"Scottish Suite" recorded at Send Barnes and Olympic Studios June 1976, produced by Anthony Phillips and Anton Matthews.
Tracks 7, 8, 10, 12 recorded at Essex Studios, the Farmyard and Trident Studios, London, Nov-Dec 1977.
Produced by Rupert Hine.
The rest recorded at Slick Sound in the North Sea on the VICAR'S mobile oil rig ten and sponsored by Ralph Bernascone Aquasports Ltd.
Put in the right order at Atmosphere Studios by John "a work of inspired genius" Reiner.
Mastered at Trident by the celebrated cake-maestro, Ray Staff.
Remastered at Sterling Sound, N.Y.C. by Jack Skinner.
Photography and back cover: Pierrot Krols and Vic Stench of Thrombosis Productions.
Cover Design: Peter Cross
Any resemblance between themes in "Scottish Suite" and "Henry" from "The Geese and the Ghost" is entirely uncoincidental.

9 1984 (US 1981 Passport PB 6006) M-/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Prelude '844:19Anthony Phillips1984 Part 215:28Anthony Phillips
1984 Part 119:06Anthem 19842:29
Performed by -
Anthony Phillips: Keyboards, Drumbox (Roland CR78), Occasional Guitar, Basic Percussion
Richard Scott: Basic Percussion, Effects, Vocal Ideas
Morris Pert: Percussion (Timps, Tambourine, Gong, Congas, Bell-tree, Vibra-Slap, Marimbas, Vibes, etc.)
8-Track recorded at Send Barns August 1980 to January 1981. Produced and engineered by Anthony Phillips assisted by Richard Scott.
Completed, mixed at Atmosphere Studios, (Lexington Street) February 1981 to March 1981. Engineered by Chris David. Vocoder manipulated by Chris and Anita David.
Cover Design by - Under the Stairs Productions
Cut by - Ray Staff at Trident Studios
Peter Cross is on holiday with Ralph Bernascone

10 Private Parts and Pieces III (US 1982 PVC 8909) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1Side 2
Motherforest1:55Phillips/Berro GarciaDanse Nude1:31Phillips/Berro Garcia
Hurlingham Suite11:24Esperansa2:02
(i) Ivied Castles
(ii) Frosted Windows
Phillips/Berro GarciaOtto's Face4:23
(iii) Bandido
Sand Dunes8:24
(iv) Church Bells at Sunset
Old Wives Tales4:46Phillips
Suite in D Minor8:27
(i) Whirlpools
(ii) Cobblestones
(iii) Catacombs
Anthony Phillips: Classical, 12, 6 String Guitars, Bass Guitar.
Enrique Berro Garcia: Classical, 12 String Guitars, Electric Guitar.
Recorded at Send Barns June 1981.
Mixed by Chris David at Atmosphere Studios August 1981.
Produced by Anthony Phillips.
Album Sleeve by Peter Cross.
Cover Photography by Vic Stench of Thrombosis, Rome Sept. 81.
Photo Collage by Pierrot Krols.
Supper: Sylvie
Salads: Henry Watercress
We express our gratitude to the Institute of Coarse Art, Clapham, Ontario, for kind permission in using the Beach Sculptures of Bernascone.
Album conceived over a long weekend in the Banco di Roma.
This album is dedicated to the memory of Send Barns and (to) all therein.
Cut by Gordon at the Townhouse Studios.

11 Private Parts and Pieces IV: A Catch at the Tables (US 1984 PVC 8919) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Arboretum SuiteAnthony PhillipsBouncer3:05Anthony Phillips
(i) Set Piece
(ii) Over the Gate
2:05Heart of Darkness3:20
(iii) Flapjack
2:26The Sea and the Armadillo4:52
(iv) Lights on the Hill
Earth Man4:22
Dawn Over the Table10:55
All pieces composed, performed and produced by Anthony Phillips except "Sistine." Arboretum Suite Recorded Send Barns, July 1980.
Earth Man Recorded Send Barns, October 1979
Dawn Over the Lake Recorded Send Barns, March 1981
Bouncer Recorded Englewood Studios, June 1982
Eduardo Recorded Send Barnes , August 1981
Heart of Darkness Recorded Send Barnes, September 1980
The Sea and the Armadillo. Recorded Send Barnes, August 1981.
Sistine Recorded at Englewood originally in June 1982 with the help of Richard Scott, it was completed with the co-production of Trevor "If Professore" Vallis and the addition of the Bugle of Mark Emmey and the extraordinary Bagpipes and Harmonica of Judd Lander.
Chirange: Pedro Luigi Crass
Armadillo trained by Ralph Bernascone
Cut and rephased by the ever patient Ian "that sounds bloody awful" Cooper at the Townhouse, London.
Original painting and cover design by Elsworth.

12 Harvest of the Heart (UK 1985 Cherry Red BRED 66) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
1. Trail of Tears (-)??Anthony Phillips9. Erotic String (-)??Anthony Phillips
2. Esperansa (III)Phillips/Berro Garcia10. Bandido (III)Phillips/Berro Garcia
3. Salmon Leap (II)Anthony Phillips11. Sistine (IV)Anthony Phillips
4. Flapjack (IV)12. Lindsay
5. Bouncer (IV)13. Over the Gate (IV)
6. Beauty and the Beast (I)14. The Sea and the Armadillo (IV)
7. Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous (II)Lights on the Hill (IV)
8. Salmon's Last Sleep Walk (II)
(I, II, III & IV Refer to previous 'Private Parts and Pieces' Album Nos)
All titles produced by Anthony Phillips except Track 1 - with Richard Scott: Tracks 2 & 10 - with Chris David, Tracks 3 & 7 - with Anton Matthews: Track 11 - with Richard Scott & Trevor Vallis

The Musicians
Anthony Phillips: Guitars, Keyboards, Bells, Chiranga, Vocals.
Enrique Berro Garcia: Classical guitar on 2 & 10
Mike Rutherford: Bass on 3 & 7
Richard Scott: Roland TR 808 on 1 & 11
Andy McCulloch: Drums on 3 & 7
Judd Lander: Bagpipes and Harmonica on 11
Mark Emney: Bugle on 11
Ralph Bernascone: Suggestive Sarrusaphone on 9
There are also two previously unreleased tracks: Trail of Tears (1982) and Erotic Strings (1984)
Album Title: Theo Chambers
Cut at Town House Studios by Tony Cousins
Original Sleeve Painting 'Field of Eternity' by Peter Cross
'Harvest of the Heart' logo by Victor Napolski
Art Direction and Layout by Jim Phelan

13 Private Parts and Pieces VI: Ivory Moon (US 1986 PVC 8946) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Suite: Sea Dogs MotoringAnthony PhillipsThe Old House5:17Anthony Phillips
(i) Sunrise Over Sienna
3:18Moonfall (from Masquerade)3:59Anthony Phillips and Rupert Hine
(ii) Basking Shark
5:05Rapids8:23Anthony Phillips
(iii) Sea Dogs' Air
(iv) Safe Havens
Tara's Theme (from Masquerade)3:26
Winter's Thaw9:26
Produced and performed by Anthony Phillips at Englewood Studios, London, August, 1985
Thanks to understudy Nick Coster. Chris David for the Dolby and the Pull Shot.
Maintenace: Paul Graves.
Piano Tuning: John Armer.
Photography: Pierror Krols and Vic Stench of Thrombosis.
Cut at the Town House by Ian Cooper.
Album Title: Kim Cross.
Cover "Sea-Dogs Motoring" by Peter Cross, based on an impression of Leith Hill Tower, Dorking, England.

14 Private Parts and Pieces VII: Slow Waves, Soft Stars (US 1987 Audion SYN 308) M-/M- cc $12
Side 1Side 2
Ice FlightAnthony PhillipsCarnival1:34Anthony Phillips
(i) Flight of the Snow Petrel: Glacier Way
5:18Through the Black Hole3:16
(ii) Flight of the Whale Birds: Blizzard Mountain
3:39Pluto Garden2:10
(iii) Flight of the Albatross: Ice Island
(iv) White Heaven
(v) Cathedral of Ice
2:19Goodbye Serenade2:29
Beachrunner2:52Anthony Phillips/Enrique Berro GarciaBubble and Sqeak1:00
End of the Affair2:47Vanishing Streets4:10
The Golden Pathway1:44Anthony PhillipsSlow Waves, Soft Stars7:24
Behind the Waterfall3:32
Recorded at Englewood Studios between July 1983 and March 1987.
Technical Supervison: Paul Graves
Synthesizers: Roland Jupiter 8, Casio 5000, ARP 2600 Polymoog.
Guitars: Yari Classical, Rudloff 8-String and Alvarez 12-String on "Goodbye Serenade"
Percussion: Tom Drum Machine, Tibetan Bells and Chimes, Zither (thanks to J.Y. for tuning key!) on "Behind the Waterfall".
Ralph Bernascone: Frying-Pan on "Bubble and Squeak"
Tif Hunter: Front cover photo
Vic Stench of Thrombosis: Back cover photography
Murray Brenman: Design
see also: Genesis

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1 Elevator (US 1987 SST 136) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Micro4:01G. PhillipsVista Cruiser4:39P. Provost
Sex Messiah3:09DNA3:13G. Phillips
Inca Silver Metallic3:21B. ReaRememory4:03P. Provost
Arlo2:57P. ProvostTower of Babel3:48B. Rea
John Marshall6:07G. PhillipsRain Tonight5:01G. Phillips
The Death Ship2:02
Glenn Phillips: 6 and 12 string electric guitars and acoustic guitars, electric autoharp
Bill Rea: Fretless and fretted bass
Paul Provost: Keyboards
Doug Landsberg: Drums
Produced by Glenn Phillips
Second Production: Bill Rea
Recorded and mixed at Axis Sound Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Engineer: George Pappas
Assitant Engineer: Dan Vaganek
Cover Art Direction: Katie Oehler
Photo: Hugh Fenlon
Typeset: Elizabeth O'Hara

SHAWN PHILLIPS     Go to Next artist (Michael Pinder) Previous artist (Shawn Phillips)
1 Second Contribution (US 1970 A&M SP 4282) M-/M- gatefold $12
Side 1Side 2
She Was Waitin' For Her Mother at the Station in Torino And You Know I Love You Baby but it's Getting Too Heavy to Laugh4:54Shawn PhillipsSong for Sagitarians3:43Shawn Phillips
Keep On3:21Lookin' Up Lookin' Down3:55
Sleepwalker1:32Remedial Interruption1:56
Song for Mr. C3:49Whaz' Zat1:56
The Ballad of Casey Deiss6:12Schmaltz Waltz1:44
F Sharp Splendor:36Paul Buckmaster
Steel Eyes4:18Shawn Phillips
Producer: Jonathan Weston for Philijo Music Inc.
Engineer: Robin Cable (Trident Studios/London)
Orchestral Arrangements: Paul Buckmaster
Arrangement of SWWFHMATSITAYKILYBBIGTH (First cut on Side One): Ian Green
Photographer: Sanders Nicholson
Art Director: Michael Doud
Musicians: Peter Robinson
Paul Buckmaster
Ann Odell
Brian Odgers
Harvey Burns
Anello Capuano
Bruce Rowland
Jim Creegan
John Michael Palmer
Gerry Salisbury
Barry Dean

2 Spaced (Can 1977 A&m SP 4650) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Rant3:25Shawn PhillipsParisan Plight I3:42Shawn Phillips
Italian Phases2:22Prelude to a Leaving2:37
The Light From Between Your Eyes4:33All Our Love1:32
Stranded4:48I Don't Want to Leave You, I Just Came to Say Good-Bye16:06
From All Of Us3:42
Russ Kunkel: Drums
Leland Sklar: Bass
Joe Sample: Organ & Piano
Sneeky Pete: Steel Guitar
Shawn Phillips: Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Peter Robinson: Clavinet & Synthesizer, Electric Piano
Michael Baird: Drums
Brandy (a beautiful lady): Bass
Jim Horn: Soprano Sax
Chuck Rainey: Bass
Mike Miller: Bass & Lead Guitar
Al Wing: Sax
Steve R. Neilen: Drums
Anthony Nedza: Synthesizer & Electric Piano
Joseph Gaeta: Bass and Lead Guitar
Daniel Timms: Piano
Bruce Rowland: Drums
Brian Odgers: Bass
Chris Mercer: Sax
Johnny Almond: Bass Flute & Concert Flute Improvised, Alto & Tenor Sax
Mike Clark: Drums
Paul Jackson: Bass
Bill Summers: Percussion
"Rant" and "The Light" Recorded at Clover Studios in Los Angeles in 1973. Engineered & Mixed by Robert Appere. Produced by Jonathan Weston
"The Light" Mixed by Shawn Phillips
"Italian Phases" Engineered by Larry Forkner, Mixed and produced by Shawn Phillips
"Stranded," "Prelude," "All Our Love," and "I Don't Want" Engineered by Ellis Sorkin, Mixed and Produced by Shawn Phillips
"From All Of Us" Recorded May 16, 1977 at Cherokee Studios.
Engineered by Dee Robb, Mixed and Produced by Shawn Phillips
"Parisan Plight I" Engineered by Robin Cable and Produced by Jonathan Weston.

1 The Promise (US 1976 Threshold THS 18) M-/M- gatefold $12
Side 1Side 2
Free As a Dove4:10M. PinderCarry On4:18M. Pinder
You'll Make it Through3:50M. Pinder; J. DillonAir2:19
I Only Want to Love You3:28M. PinderMessage2:44
Someone to Believe In3:18The Seed1:02
The Promise8:02
Bill Berg: Drums, Percussion
Flym J. Johnson: Bass
Jim Dillon: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Harmony vocals, Electric Slide Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Sitar
Michael Pinder: Acoustic Guitar and Vocal, Piano, ARP, 12-string Guitar. Mellotron, Acoustic 6-string (Martin D-35S), RMI
Fred Beckmeier: Bass
Smitty Smith: Organ
Steve Beckmeier: Electric Guitar
Susan McDonald: Harp
Joe Dibartello: Upright Bass
Tom Peterson: Tenor Sax, Flute
Michael Azevedo: Congas
Dean Olch: Flute, Shakuhachi
Steve Madaio: Trumpet
Bobby Keyes: Tenor Sax
Vocal Background: Maxine Willard, Jeanne King, Julia Tillman
Recorded by Michael Pinder
Recording Asst: Richard Kaplan
Mix-Down: Engineered by Michael Pinder & Robert Margouleff
Associate Engineer: Chris Blunt
Tape Operator: Howard Siegal
Mastered by Rick Collins at Kendun Recorders, Burbank
Recorded at Indigo Ranch, Malibu
Recorded with DBX noise reduction
Front Cover: Organic Crystal Formation developed by Richard Kaplan at the Indigo Ranch Laboratory
Graphics and Calligraphy: Terry Lamb, Living Water Studio, Encinitas
Photography: Richard Kaplan
Co-ordination: Gerry Hoff
Cover Concept: Michael Pinder
Printing Co-ordination: Quees Litho
Color Separations by Reco Color
Produced by Michael Pinder in association with Bob Margouleff
Written & Arranged by Michael Pinder
See also: The Moody Blues

PINK FLOYD     Go to Next artist (Jean-Luc Ponty) Previous artist (Michael Pinder)
1 Ummagumma (US 1969 Capitol SKBB-388) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Live Album Recorded at Mothers Birmingham & Manchester College of Commerce, June 1969
Astronomy Domine8:25BarrettSet the Controls for the Heart of the Sun9:21Waters
Careful With That Axe Eugene8:47Waters- Wright- Mason- GilmourA Saucerful of Secrets
a. Sonething Else
b. Syncopated Pandemonium
c. Strom Signals
d. Celestial Voices
12:51Waters- Wright- Mason- Gilmour
Side 3Side 4
Studio Album
Featuring Richard Wright:Featuring David Gilmour:
SysyphusWrightThe Narrow Way-Parts 1, 2 & 312:14Gilmour
Part I4:29Featuring Nick Mason:
Part II1:45The Grand Vizier's Garden Party
Part 1-Entrance
Part 2-Entertainment
Part 3-Exit
Part III3:07
Part IV3:38
Featuring Roger Waters:
Grantchester Meadows7:23Waters
Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Groovong with a Pict4:47
Engineer: Brian Humphries
Produced by Pink Floyd
Sleeve Design & Photographs by Hipgnosis
David Gilmour: lead guitar & vocals
Roger Waters (and Jude): Bass guitar & vocals
Richard Wright: Organ, Keyboards & Vocals
Nick Mason: Percussion
Engineer: Peter Mew
Produced by Norman Smith

2 Atom Heart Mother (US 1970 Harvest SKA0-382) M-/M- gatefold $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Atom Heart Mother
a) Father's Shout
b) Breast Milky
c) Mother Fore
d) Funky Dung
e) Mind Your Throats Please
f) Remergence
23:38Mason- Gilmour- Waters- Wright- GeesinIf4:25Roger Waters
Summer 685:29Richard Wright
Fat Old Sun5:19Dave Gilmour
Alan's Psychedlic Breakfast
a) Rise and Shine
b) Sunny Side Up
c) Morning Glory
12:55Gilmour- Mason- Waters- Wright
Special thanks to John Aldiss Choir
Engineers: Peter Bown, Allan Parsons
Cover design & photos by Hipgnosis
Produced by Pink Floyd
Executive Producer: Norman Smith
Recorded at EMI Studios - Abbey Road

3 Meddle (US 1971 Harvest SMAS-832) M-/M- gatefold $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
One of These Days5:50Waters- Wright- Mason- GilmourEchoes23:31Waters- Wright- Mason- Gilmour
A Pillow of Winds5:10R. Waters- D. Gilmour
Fearless (Interpolating "You'll Never Walk Alone"- Rogers- Hammerstein)6:03
San Tropez3:42Roger Waters
Seamus2:09Waters- Wright- Mason- Gilmour
Produced by Pink Floyd
Sleeve Designed by Pink Floyd
Outer Sleeve Photos by Bob Dowling
Inside Photo by Hipgnosis
Recorded at Air Studios, EMI Abbey Road & Morgan Studios- London, 1971
Engineers: Peter Bown and John Lackie at Air & EMI
Rob Black and Roger Quested at Morgan

4 Obscured by Clouds [Music from the film "The Valley"] (US 1972 Harvest SW-11078) M-/M- $8 ON HOLD
Side 1Side 2
Obscured by Clouds3:02Waters- GilmourChildhood's End4:27Gilmour
When You're In2:22Waters- Gilmour- Mason- WrightFree Four4:07Waters
Burning Bridges3:24Wright- WatersStay3:58Wright-Waters
The Gold It's In The...3:00Waters- GilmourAbsolutely Curtains5:49Waters- Gilmour- Wright- Mason
Wots...Uh the Deal5:03
Mudmen4:16Wright- Gilmour
Produced by Pink Floyd Recorded in England

5 A Nice Pair (US 1973 Harvest SABB-11257) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold has inner sleeves woc $12
Side 1Side 2
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Astronomy Domine8:25BarrettInterstellar Overdrive9:42Barrett- Waters- Wright- Mason
Lucifer Sam3:06The Gnome2:11Barrett
Matilda Mother2:59Chapter 243:51
Flaming2:42The Scarecrow2:07
Pow R Toc H4:16Barrett- Water- Wright- MasonBike3:21
Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk3:06Waters
Side 3Side 4
A Saucerful of Secrets
Let There Be More Light5:32WatersA Saucerful of Secrets11:52Waters- Wright- Mason- Gilmour
Remember a Day4:27WrightSee Saw4:30Wright
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun5:23WatersJugband Blues2:57Barrett
Corporal Clegg4:07
Produced by Norman Smith
Recording Engineer: Peter Bown
Syd Barrett-Lead guitar & vocals
Roger Waters-Bass guitar & vocals
Richard Wright-Keyboards
Nick Mason-Drums
Produced by Norman Smith
Richard Wright-Keyboards
Nick Mason-Drums
David Gilmour-Lead guitar & vocals
Roger Waters-Bass guitar & vocals
Cover design and photographs for A Nice Pair by Hipgnosis
Graphics by George Hardie NTA and Richard Evans
Band photographs by Hipgnosis, Dave Larcher, Vic Singh, R. Failla, David Albert, and others

6 Animals (US 1977 Columbia JC34474) M-/M- gatefold $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Pigs on the Wing (Part One)??WatersPigs (Three Different Ones)??Waters
DogsWaters, GilmourSheep
Pigs on the Wing (Part Two)
Produced by: Pink Floyd
Engineered by: Brian Humphries
Recorded at: Brittania Row Studios, London
Sleeve Design Roger Waters
Organised by Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey Powell
Graphics Nick Mason
Photography Aubrey Powell, Peter Christopherson, Howard Bartrop, Nic Tucker, Bob Ellis, Bob Brimson, Colin Jones
Inflatable Pig Designed by E.R.G. Amsterdam

7 The Abdabs: A Great Set (US 1977 Night Plane RDRN-50977) M-/M-/M-/M- gatefold $60 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Welcome to the Machine19:21WatersPigs on the Wing (Part 1)19:33Waters
SheepPigs (Three Different Ones)
Side 3Side 4
Dogs21:02Waters, GilmourHave a Cigar20:13Waters
Pigs on the Wing (Part 2)WatersShine on You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5Waters, Wright, Gilmour
Side 5Side 6
Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-921:55Waters, GilmourUs and Them21:47Waters, Wright
Wish You Were HereWaters, Gilmour
Live at The Oakland Coliseum
Recorded May 9th, 1977

8 The Wall (US 1979 Columbia PC2 36183) VG+/VG+/VG+ gatefold has inner sleeves $8
Side 1Side 2
In the Flesh???WatersGoodbye Blue Sky??Waters
The Thin IceEmpty Spaces
Another Brick in the Wall part 1Young LustGilmour/Waters
The Happiest Days of our LivesOne of My TurnsWaters
Another Brick in the Wall part 2Don't Leave Me Now
MotherAnother Brick in the Wall part 3
Goodbye Cruel World
Side 3Side 4
Hey You??WatersThe Show Must Go On??Waters
Is There Anybody Out There?In the Flesh
Nobody HomeRun Like HellGilmour/Waters
VeraWaiting for the WormsWaters
Bring the Boys Back HomeStop
Comfortably NumbGilmour/WatersThe TrialWaters/Ezrin
Outside the WallWaters
Produced by (in alphabetical order)
Bob Ezrin, David Gilmour, Roger Waters
Pink Floyd:
Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Richard Wright
Co-produced and engineered by James Guthrie
Other Engineers: Nick Griffiths, Patrice Quef, Brian Christian, Rick Hart
Sound Equipment: Phil Taylor
Orchestra Arranged by Michael Kamen and Bob Ezrin
Backing Vocals: Bruce Johnston, Toni Tennille, Joe Chemay, John Joyce
Sleeve Design by Gerald Scarfe and Roger Waters
Recorded at Superbear, France Miravel
Producers Workshop Los Angeles
C.B.S. New York between April and November, 1979

9 The Screaming Abdabs: The Dark Side Of The Moo (US 1985 Trixie CUD-382) M-/M- $30
Side 1Side 2
Astronomy Domine4:08BarrettHeart Beat, Pig Meat3:09Waters- Gilmour- Mason- Wright
Candy and a Currant Bun2:43Crumbling Land4:12
Apples and Oranges3:01Embryo4:39Waters
It Would Be So Nice3:41WrightPoint Me At The Sky3:37Waters- Gilmour
Interstellar Overdrive3:04Barrett- Mason- Waters- WrightCome In Number 51, Your Time is Up4:57Waters- Gilmour- Mason- Wright
Scream Thy Last Scream4:44BarrettMademoiselle Knobs1:50
See also: David Gilmour, Nick Mason

JEAN-LUC PONTY     Go to Next artist (Roger Powell) Previous band (Pink Floyd)
1 Enigmatic Ocean (US 1977 Atlantic SD 19110) M-/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Overture0:47Jean-Luc PontyNostalgic Lady5:20Jean-Luc Ponty
The Trans-Love Express3:56The Struggle of the Turtle to the Sea13:10
Part I
Enigmatic Ocean12:02
Part II
Part I
Part III
Part II
Part III
Part IV
All music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Jean-Luc Ponty.
Jean-Luc Ponty: Electric violin, five-string electric violin, violectra, bells, grand piano on Nostalgic Lady
Allan Holdsworth: Lead electric guitar
Daryl Stuermer: Lead and rhythm guitar
Ralphe Armstrong: Electric basses (fretless on Nostalgic Lady)
Allan Zavod: Organ, synthesizer, electric piano, grand piano, clavinet
Steve Smith: Drums and percussion
Recorded and mixed in June & July, 1977.
Engineer: Larry Hirsch
Tape Handler: Mitch Gibson
Front Cover Photo: Andy Kent/Mirage
Liner Photo: Frank Moscati
Produced by Jean-Luc Ponty for JLP Productions, Inc.
Equipment: Joe Ocheltree & Larry Cell
Electric violins by Barcus-Berry, electric guitars by Hagstrom, Synthesizers by ARP, Drums by Sonor, Electric Basses by Gibson
This album is dedicated to Clara & Valerie

2 Mystical Adventures (Greece 1982 Atlantic 50872) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Mystical Adventures (Suite)20:28Jean-Luc PontyRhythms of Hope3:58Jean-Luc Ponty
Part I
3:58As5:44Stevie Wonder
Part II
3:36Final Truth6:59Jean-Luc Ponty
Part III
Part I
Part IV
Part II
Part V
Jean-Luc Ponty 5-string electric violin, classical violin, Yamaha electric piano and synthesizers, organ, vocoder & voices, effects, Barytone-violectra, bass synthesizer
Rayford Griffin: Drums
Chris Rhyne: Grand piano, Fender Rhodes, Prophet-5, Oberheim 8-voice, bass synthesizer
Jamie Glaser: Guitar
Randy Jackson: Bass
Rayford Griffin: Drums
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
All music composed, orchestrated and produced by Jean-Luc Ponty, except AS, composed by Stevie Wonder, Arranged by Jean-Luc Ponty and Co-Produced by Arif Mardin.
Recorded at Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California, August and September, 1981.
Recording engineer: Dee Robb, assisted by Brad Gilderman
Overdubs engineered by: Stuart Graham and Bruce Robb
Mixing engineer: Peter R. Kelsey
Mastered at A&M Studios, Los Angeles, California by Bernie Grundman
Cover concept: Claudia Ponty
Front cover painting: Daved Levitan © 1980
Back cover photography by Sam Emerson
See also: The Mothers

ROGER POWELL     Go to Next band (PFM) Previous artist (Jean-Luc Ponty)
1 Cosmic Furnace (US 1973 Atlantic SD 7251) M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Ictus-the promordial pulse4:57Roger PowellHermetic Enigma-the fixed volatile (the answer is but another riddle)5:47Roger Powell
Lumia-dance of the nebulae5:14Queene Enfineska3:24
Fourneau Cosmique-the alchemical furnace of Cleopatra7:42Tensegrity8:37
All sounds on this album are created on ARP Synthesizers, programmed by Roger Powell, except for electric clavichord, electric and acoustic pianos.

The electronic instruments are:
ARP 2500: Percussion & complex filtering
ARP Soloist: Strings
ARP 2600: Brass & bass
ARP Odysseys: Reeds & fuzz sounds
Recorded at Intermedia Sound Boston, Massachusetts
Recording Engineers:
Richard "Berred" Ouellette (Ictus)
Dave Baker (All Others)
Assitant Engineer: Bob Stoughton
Remixing: Dave Baker, Roger Powell
Photography: Mel Goldman
Album Design: Julia Pearl
Executive Producer: Gunther Weil
Produced by Dave Baker and Roger Powell for Intermedia Productions

PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM)     Go to Next band (Present) Previous artist (Roger Powell)
1 Photos of Ghosts (US 1973 Manticore MC 66668) M-/M- gatefold $12
Side 1Side 2
River of Life6:56Mussida- Premoli- SinfieldIl Banchetto8:34Pagani- Mussida- Premoli
Celebration3:50Mr. 9 'Till 54:07Mussida- Premoli- Sinfield
Photos of Ghosts5:20Promenade the Puzzle7:35
Old Rain3:40Premoli
Celebration and Old Rain produced by Pete Sinfield
who also remixed the other tracks
and produced the English vocals.

Engineered by Andy Hendriksen ar Command Studios, London, February 1973.
Original Italian production by P.F.M. and Claudio Fabi.
Engineered by Gartano Ria at Fonorama C.A.R. Studios, Milan, October 1972.
Illustrations by Julia Fryer.
Photography by Angela Williams.
Design by Nick Darke & Julia Fryer.

PRESENT     Go to Next band (Prism) Previous band (PFM)
1 Le Poison Qui Rend Fou (US 1985 Cuniform RUNE 3) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Le Poison Qui Rend Fou, Part 1: Ram Ram Va Faire "Pif Paf"15:25Roger TrigauxLe Poison Qui Rend Fou, Part 2: Didi, Dans Ta Chambre!9:42Roger Trigaux
Ersatz5:07Samana9:15Alain Rochette
Recorded and mixed at Studio Bobine, Mons, Belgium
Recording and mixing by M. Rorive and Present
Mastered at Wakefield
Cover photos by Marc Feltesse and Roger Trigaux
Design and graphics by Tom Shultz
Roger Trigaux: guitars
Alain Rochette: pianos and synthesizer
Daniel Denis: percussion
Ferdinand Philippoi: electric bass
Marie-Anne Polaris: vocals
See also: Univers Zero

PRISM     Go to Next band (Quantum Jump) Previous band (Present)
1 See Forever Eyes (US 1978 Ariola SW 50034) M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Hello+2:43C. Prest, W.K. McCollN-N-N-No!*2:51R. Higgs
Flyin'^4:34Allen HarlowTake Me Away*3:18Allen Harlow
Nickles and Dimes*4:04L. Mitchell, A. HarlowYou're My Reason^3:36Michael Koren
Crime Wave*4:36Lindsay MitchellJust Like Me*4:40L. Mitchell, A. Harlow, J. Hall, R. Norton, R. Tabak
You're Like the Wind%3:44R. HiggsSee Forever Eyes*5:10L. Mitchell, J. Hall
Allen Harlow-rhythm guitar/bass
Ron Tabak-vocals
Lindsay Mitchell-lead guitar
Rocket Norton-drums
John Hall-keyboards
produced by Bruce Fairbairn and Prism
chief recording and mixing engineer Rolf Hennemann
assistant engineer Jeff Tolman
*recorded and mixed at Mushroom Studios, January-February, 1978
+recorded at Mushroom Studios; recording engineer Keith Stein
%recorded and mixed at Little Mountain Studios, May, 1978
assisting engineer Roger Monk
^recorded at Pinewood Studios, May, 1978, recording engineer Jeff Turner
front cover photo by Peter Beard courtesy of Viva Magazine
art direction, photography, tinting James O'Mara
Prism management by Bruce Allen and Bruce Fairbairn.

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