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1 Bill Bruford's Earthworks (US 1987 Editions EG EGED 48) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Thud4:10BallamyMy Heart Declares a Holiday4:35Bruford/Ballamy/ Bates
Making a Song and Dance5:52Bruford/BallamyEmotional Shirt4:45Bates
Up North5:19Bruford/Ballamy/ BatesIt Needn't End in Tears5:04Ballamy
Pressure7:25BrufordThe Shepherd is Eternal1:50Bruford/Bates
Bridge of Inhibition4:15Bruford/Ballamy/ Bates
Bill Bruford: Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Percussion, Whirled Instruments
Iain Ballany: Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones
Django Bates: Keyboards, Eb Tenor Horn and Trumpet
Mick Hutton: Acoustic Bass
Produced by Dave Stewart and Bill Bruford for EG Records
Dave Stewart: Samples, Keyboard Bass, very occasional additional Keyboards
Recorded at Terminal 24 Studios, London, England, October 1986.
Mixed at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge, England
Recording Engineer: Martin Rex
Mix Engineer: Owen Morris
Assisted by Jim Abbiss
This record was direct metal mastered by Tony Cousins at the Townhouse.
Inset rear sleeve photography Aidan Sullivan except Iain Ballamy by Nick White
Artwork: Federation
Considerable thanks to Barbara Gaskin for her sampled vocals on "It Needn't End in Tears' and to Max Eastley for supplying the whirled instruments heard on 'The Shepherd Eternal'
Bill Bruford plays Simmonds Electronic Drums, Tama Acoustic Drums and Paiste Metals.
See also: Bruford

THE GRAEME EDGE BAND featuring Adrian Gurvitz     Go to Next artist (Manfred Eicher) Previous band (Dust)
1 Kick Off Your Muddy Boots (US 1975 Threshold THS 15) gatefold M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Bareback Rider5:15GurvitzMy Life's Not Wasted2:59Gurvitz
In Dreams5:13The Tunnel2:06Edge; A. & P. Gurvitz
Lost in Space4:38EdgeGew Janna Woman4:15Gurvitz
Have You Ever Wondered5:10Shotgun4:10
Somethin' We'd Like to Say3:32Edge
Credits : Instuments
G. Edge : Drums
A. Gurvitz : Guitar
P. Gurvitz : Bass
M. Gallagher : Keyboards

Lead - A. Gurvitz, except "My Life's Not Wasted" special guest appearance B. Parrish
Backing - P. Gurvitz R. Thomas G. Edge B. Parrish N. James Lesley Duncan Barry St. John Sunny Leslie Joanne Williams Ruby James
Summary - Special thanks to Ginger Baker for drumming with me on Gew Janna Woman
Arrangements: Group - A. Gurvitz; Orchestra - Martyn Ford, J. Bell
Recording Engineers: A. Martins, D. Varnals, J. Burns
Mixing Engineers: Anton and Paul Gurvitz, Except Shotgun - A. Martins
Producers: G. Edge, A. Gurvitz
Sleeve Design and Painting: Petagno III

2 Paradise Ballroom (US 1977 London PS686) gatefold VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Paradise Ballroom8:13Graeme Edge/Adrian GurvitzAll is Fair5:05Graeme Edge/Adrian Gurvitz
Human6:06Down, Down, Down5:54
Everybody Needs Somebody3:23In the Night of the Light5:07
Paul Gurvitz: Bass Guitar + Vocals
Graeme Edge: Drums
Adrian Gurvitz: Guitar, Keyboards + Vocals
Recorded at Threshold Studios, London.
Brass + Strings: Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.
Recording Engineers: Anton Matthews + Paul Gurvitz,
Mixing Engineers: Paul Cooper + Paul Gurvitz
Engineer: Ardent Studios Memphis: Ron Capone
Ann Odell: Keyboards + Moog
Tony Hymas: Keyboards
Blue Weaver: Organ + Synthesizers.
Rebop Knaku Baah: Percussion
B.J. Cole: Steel Guitar
Memphis Strings + Horns-Bill Easley: Sax, Tenor Alto, Flute + All Sax Solos
Ken Spain: Trombone
Ben Cawley: Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Edgar Matthews: Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Lawrie McMillan: Tenor Flute
Bill Floores: Trombone, Bass Tenor.
Emerson Able: Baritone Sax.
Produced by G. Edge + A. Gurvitz
Sleeve Design: Petagno III
See also: Baker Gurvitz Army, The Moody Blues

EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN     Go to Next band (Ekseption) Previous artist (Ivor Cutler)
1 Drawings of O.T. (US 1984 PVC 9902) M-/M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Vanadium-I-Ching4:54Einsturzende NeubautenZeichungen des Patienten O.T.3:23Einsturzende Neubauten
Hospital Istische Kinder Engel der Vernichtung5:09Finger und Zahne0:17
Neun Arme2:34Styropor2:24
Merle2:20Die Genave Zeit7:06
Side 3Side 4
Der Herrscher und der Sieger3:32Einsturzende NeubautenDurstiges Tier6:25Einsturzende Neubauten

EKSEPTION     Go to Next band (Electric Light Orchestra) Previous band (Einsturzende Neubauten)
1 00.04 (G 1972 Philips 6423 019) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Ave Maria2:34arr. R.v.d. LindenPartita No. 2 in C Minor5:44J.S. Bach/R.v.d. Linden
Body party3:32R.v.d. LindenPiccadilly Sweet14:28R.v.d. Linden
Monlope4:48J. Smith
Monkey dance2:41R.v.d. Linden
Produced and directed by Rick van der Linden
Direction Picadilly Sweet by Ferry Wienneke and Rick van der Linden
Supervised by Tony Vos
Sound Engineer: Pieter Nieboer
Ass. Sound engineer: Jaap de Jong
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Members of the Dutch Chamber Choir:
Erik van Lier - trombone
Tony Vos - alto and soprano saxophone
Recorded at Phonogram Studios, Hilversum, Holland
Command Studios, London, England
Bavo Church, Haarlem, Holland: pipe organ

Created by: Rick van der Linden - piano/spinet/hammond organ/pipeorgan/mellotron/ARP synthesizer
Rein van der Broek - trumpet/flugelhorn
Dick Remelink - alto and tenor saxophones
Peter de Leeuwe - drums
Cor Dekker - bass

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA     Go to Next band (Emerald Web) Previous band (Ekseption)
1 II (US 1973 United Artists UA-LA040-F) gatefold has inner sleeve M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
In Old England Town (Boogie #2)6:51J. LynneFrom the Sun to the World8:17J. Lynne
Roll Over Beethoven8:05Chuck Berry
Jeff Lynne: Guitar, Vocals & Moog Synthesizer
Bev Bevan: Drums
Wilf Gibson: Violin
Mike Edwards: Cello
Colin Walker: Cello
Mike Alberquerque: Bass
Richard Tandy: Moog Synthesizer, Harmonium, Piano & Guitar
Produced by Jeff Lynne
Recorded at Air Studios, London
Photography: Marty Evans; Al Vandenberg
Art Direction: Mike Salisbury
Design: Lloyd Ziff

2 Out of the Blue (US 1977 Jet JTLA-823-L2 1198) gatefold has inner sleeves & poster cos M-/M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Turn to Stone3:48J. LynneNight in the City4:02J. Lynne
It's Over4:08Starlight4:30
Sweet Talkin' Woman3:48Jungle3:51
Across the Border3:52Believe Me Now1:21
Steppin' Out4:38
Side 3: Concerto for a Rainy DaySide 4
Standin' in the Rain4:20J. LynneSweet is the Night3:26J. Lynne
Big Wheels5:10The Whale5:05
Summer and Lightning4:13Birmingham Blues4:21
Mr. Blue Sky5:05Wild West Hero4:40
Jeff Lynne - Lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, slide guitar, rhythm guitar, Gibson EDS 1274, Les Paul Custom, Marauder, Ovation 1615/4, 1619/4, Wurlitzer E.P. 200, Mini-moog, percussion.
Bev Bevan - Slingerland drums, Remo Roto Toms, Avedis Ziljian Cymbals, Slingerland 'Bev Bevan' drumsticks, Remo drum heads, gong, various percussion instruments, backing vocals.
Richard Tandy - Polymoog, Mini-moog, ARP 2600, Odyssey, Omni, Sequencer, minus noise mixer, Wurlitzer E.P. 200, Yamaha C 7B piano, SLM concert spectrum, mellotron M 400, Hohner clavinet, Gibson S.G. custom guitar
Kelly Groucutt - Vocals, backing vocals, Gibson G.3 bass, percussion
Mik Kaminski - Barcus Berry violin.
Hugh McDowell - William Lewis cello.
Melvyn Gale - William Lewis cello
Special Effects:
EMS, Vocoder 2,000, Eventide harmonizer, Digital delay, MXR flanger, Analog delay line, Electronic mistress, Systec flanger, Roland space echo, Shaffer Vega diversity systems, Musictronics octave divider, Mutron 3M, Maestro stage phaser, fire extinguisher/Tarzan.
Orchestra and choral arrangements - Jeff Lynne - Richard Tandy - Louis Clark.
Orchestra conducted by Lewis Clark

Produced by Jeff Lynne
Acoustic Control Corp, Harmon Kardon, Marshall amps (Tony Frank custom built for Jeff Lynne), Gauss speakers.
All road cases by Anvil

Recorded and mixed at Musicland Stusios, Munich, Germany.
Engineered by Mack.
Special effects by Mack.
All songs composed in Bassins, Switzerland.
Dance sequence by Spratley's Dancing Acadamy featuring Bladys and Goreen Turvis

Cover illustration by Shusei Nagaoka
Portraits by Michael Bryan
Art direction & design: Ria Lewerke with Kosh

EMERALD WEB     Go to Next band (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Previous band (Electric Light Orchestra)
1 Lights of the Ivory Plains (US 1984 Fortuna Records FOR-LP026) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Obelisk1:54Bob Stohl and Kat EppleImages of Purl2:39Bob Stohl and Kat Epple
Diamond Passage8:22Nether Flow8:53
Lights of the Ivory Plains4:37Koto Blue5:40
Dew Point7:52Auspice:39
Bob Stohl and Kat Epple perform on: Synthesizers: Synergy II/GDS Digital Synthesizer System with Kaypro 4 Computer, Roland JX 3P with PG200 Programmer, SCI 6 Track Synth, MSQ 700 Midi Digital Sequencer, Drumulator, Lyricon I Woodwind Synth, Roland String Synth, SCI Pro 1 Synth, Roland SH101 Synth and CSQ600 Digital Sequencer, SCI 64 Midi Digital Sequencer with Commodore 64 computers. Flutes: Concert flutes, bass flute, Japanese shakuhachi flutes, recorders, bamboo bird call, and various percussion instruments. Recorded 1984 at Bobkat Studio, Berkeley, CA. Multitrack and syncronised real-time tracks were digitally mastered (PCM)
Digitally remastered by George Hern at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
Matrix/Pressings by Record Technology, Inc., Camarillo, CA
Design Direction: Janaia Donaldson, Palo Alto, CA
Photos: Dan Draisin
Cover painting: Bruce Ricker
Copy: Jim Aikin, Associate Editor of Keyboard Magazine.

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER     Go to Next artist (Brian Eno) Previous band (Emerald Web)
1 Trilogy (US 1971 Atlantic SD 19123) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
The Endless Enigma (Part 1)6:37Emerson-LakeTrilogy8:54Emerson-Lake
Fugue1:57EmersonLiving Sin3:11Emerson-Lake-Palmer
The Endless Enigma (Part 2)2:00Emerson-LakeAbaddon's Bolero8:13Emerson
From the Beginning4:14Lake
The Sheriff3:22Emerson-Lake
Hoedown3:48Aaron Copeland
Keith Emerson: Hammond Organ C3, Steinway Piano, Zoukra, Moog Synthesizer III C, Mini Moog Model D
Greg Lake: Vocals, Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Carl Palmer: Percussion
Recorded at Advision, Production engineer: Eddie Offord
Produced by Greg Lake
Arranged by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Lyrics Greg Lake
Cover design & Photography by Hipgnosis
Tinting by Phil Crennell

2 Pictures at an Exhibition (US 1972 Cotillion ELP 66666) M-/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
The GnomeMussorgsky-PalmerThe Hut of Baba Yaga
PromenadeMussorgsky-LakeThe Curse of Baba YagaEmerson-Lake-Palmer
The SageLakeThe Hut of Baba YagaMussorgsky
The Old CastleMussorgsky-EmersonThe Great Gates of KievMussorgsky
Blues VariationEmerson-Lake-PalmerThe End/NutrockerKim Fowley
Recorded live, Newcastle City Hall, 26 March 1971
Arranged: Keith Emerson. Produced by Greg Lake for E.G. Records
Lyrics: Lake/Fraser. Engineer: Eddy Offord
Cover & Paintings: William Neal.
Photography: Keith Morris/Nigel Marlow

3 Brain Salad Surgery (US 1973 Manticore MC 66669) folding cover and poster VG+/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
Jerusalem2:41Perry/BlakeKarn Evil 9
Tocatta7:16Ginastera/ Emerson/ Palmer1st Impression-Part 24:43Emerson & Lake
Still....You Turn Me On2:50Lake2nd Impression7:08Emerson
Benny the Bouncer2:15Emerson, Lake & Sinfield3rd Impression9:05Emerson, Lake & Sinfield
Karn Evil 9 1st Impression-Part I8:39
Keith Emerson: Organs, Piano, Harpsichord, Accordian, Custom Built Moog Synthesizers & Moog Polyphonic Ensemble
Greg Lake: Vocals, Bass, Zemaitis Electric 6 string and 12 string guitars
Carl Palmer: Percussion and Percussion Synthesizers
Produced by Greg Lake at Advision Studios.
Engineers-Geoff Young; Chris Kimsey
Special thanks to Bob Moog, Dave Luce, Tom Rhea, Ray Updike and others at Moog Music Inc. for their technical advice.
Also to E.L.P.'s Nick Rose on his Percussion Synthesizers
Original cover painting by H.R. Giger by arrangement with the House of Ideas, Zurich.
Design and Art Direction-Fabio Nicoli Associates.
Photographs of Keith, Greg and Carl-Rosemary Adams.

4 Welcome Back, My Freinds, to the Show That Never Ends- Ladies and Gentlemen (US 1974 Manticore MC 3-200) triple die-cut gatefold M-/M-/M-/VG+ $15
Side 1Side 2 - Tarkus
Hoedown14:59Aaron CopelandEruption16:42Emerson
JerusalemPerry/BlakeStones of YearsEmerson & Lake
MassEmerson & Lake
Battlefield (including Fripp- McDonald- Lake- Giles- Sinfield's "Epitaph")Lake
Side 3Side 4
Tarkus - Aquataurus21:42EmersonPiano Improvisations (including Friedrich Guida's "fugue" & Joe Sullivan's "Litle Rock Getaway")20:19Emerson
Take a Pebble (including Still..You Turn Me On & Lucky Man)LakeTake a Pebble (Conclusion)Lake
Jeremy Bender the Sheriff (Medley)Emerson & Lake
Side 5 - Karn Evil 9Side 6 - Karn Evil 9
1st Impression17:19Emerson, Lake & Sinfield2nd Impression17:50Emerson
Includes percussion soloCon Brio, Palmer3rd ImpressionEmerson, Lake & Sinfield
Produced by Greg Lake
Engineered by Andy Hendriksen and Peter Granet
Recorded live on Emerson, Lake & Palmer's 1973/74 World Tour
Package Concept and Design: Michael Ross
Photography: Carl Dunn

5 Love Beach (US 1978 Atlantic SD 19211) M-/M- cos $5
Side 1Side 2
All I Want is You2:33Lake/SinfieldMemoirs of an Officer and a GentlmanEmerson/Sinfield
Love Beach2:44a. Prologue/The Education of a Gentlman5:33
Taste of My Love3:31b. Love at First Sight5:37
The Gambler3:19Emerson/Lake/Sinfieldc. Letters from the Front5:18
For You4:25Lake/Sinfieldd. Honourable Company (a March)3:45Emerson
Canario*3:57J. Rodrigo
*from “Fantasia para un Gentilhombre”
All arrangements by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Recorded at Compass Point Studio, Nassau, Bahamas during the summer of 1978.
Engineers: Karl Pitterson, Jack Nuber
Art Director: Bob Defrin
Photography: Jim Houghton
Special Thanks:
Ahmet Ertegun; Terry Holman; Ministry of Tourism Nassau; guitar synthesizers by Roland; guitars by Alembic; synthesizers: Yamaha GX1, Korg, Moog; percussion: Premier, Paiste, Gretch; Chris Young, Kenny Smith, Glenn Woo, Nick Rose.
See also: King Crimson, The Nice

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1 Here Come the Warm Jets (US 1973 Editions EG ENO 1) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Needles in the Camel’s Eye3:25Eno/ManzaneraOn Some Faraway Beach4:40Eno
The Paw Paw Negro Blow Torch3:00EnoBlank Frank3:35Eno/Fripp
Baby’s on Fire5:15Dead Finks Don’t Talk4:20Eno (arr. Thomson/Jones/Judd/Eno)
Cindy Tells Me3:30Eno/ManzaneraSome of them are Old4:40Eno
Driving Me Backwards5:15EnoHere Come the Warm Jets4:00
Keyboards: Nick Kool and the Koolaids (7) Nick Judd (4,8) Andy Mackay (6, 9)
Guitars: Robert Fripp (3, 5, 7) Phil Manzanera (1, 2, 4) Paul Rudolph (3, 10) Chris ‘Ace’ Spedding (1, 2)
Bass Guitars: Busta Cherry Jones (2, 4, 6, 8) Bill MacCormick (1, 7) Paul Rudolf (3, 5, 10) John Wetton (3, 5)
Percussion: Simon King (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10) Marty Simon (2, 3, 4) Paul Thompson (8)

Saxophone septet on 9: Andy Mackay
Slide guitars on 9: Lloyd Watson
Backing vocals on 6 and 7: Sweetfeed
Extra Bass on 8: Chris Thomas
Eno sings all other vocals and (occasionally) plays simplistic keyboards, snake guitar, electric larynx and synthesizer, and treats the other fine instruments

Recorded at Majestic Studios London September 1973:
Recording Engineer: Derek Chandler
Mixed at Air and Olympic Studios by Eno and Chris Thomas
Mixing Engineers: Denny Bridges, Phil Chapman, Paul Hardiman
Tape Mastering: Arun Chakraverty
Cover Photography: Lorenz Zatecky
Design Supervision: Carol McNicoll
Artwork: C.C.S. Associates
Produced by Eno for E.G. Records Ltd p 1973
All songs published by E.G. Music © 1973

2 Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (US 1974 Editions E.G. ENO 2) VG+/VG+ $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Burning Airlines Give You So Much More3:15EnoThird Uncle5:01Eno arr. Turrington
Back in Judy’s Jungle5:14Put a Straw Under Baby3:28Eno
The Fat Lady of Limbourg5:05The True Wheel5:20Eno/Manzanera
Mother Whale Eyeless6:00China My China5:45Eno
The Great Pretender5:15Taking Tiger Mountain6:00
Eno: Vocals, Electronics, Snake Guitar, Keyboards
Phil Manzera: Guitars
Brian Turrington: Bass Guitar
Freddie Smith: Drums
Robert Wyatt: Percussion and backing vocals
Special Guests:
Portsmouth Sinfonia: Strings on 7
Randi & the Pyramids: chorus on 8
The Simplistics: chorus on 2 + 10
Andy Mackay: Brass on 3
Phil Collins: Extra drums on 4
Polly Eltes: Vocals on 4
Recorded at Island Studios London, September 1974
Engineer: Rhett Davies
Ass. Eng.: Robert Ash
Special Aide: Nicholas Pearson
Special Equipment: Bill Kelsey
Arranged by Phil Manzanera and Eno
Assistant Producer: Phil Manzanera
Produced by Eno for E.G. Records
All songs published by E.G. Music © 1974

3 Another Green World (US 1975 Editions E.G. ENO 3) cos M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Sky Saw3:27EnoSombre Reptiles2:23Eno
Over Fire Island1:57Little Fishes1:32
St. Elmo's Fire3:01Golden Hours4:00
In Dark Trees2:32Becalmed3:55
The Big Ship2:37Zawinul/Lava2:56
I'll Come Running3:50Everything Merges with the Night4:03
Another Green World1:42Spirits Drifting2:47
Phil Collins: Drums (1,2,12)
Percy Jones: Fretless bass (1,2,12)
Paul Rudolph: Anchor Bass (1), Bass Snare Drums, Bass Guitar, Assistant Castanet Guitars (6), Guitar (12)
Rod Melvin: Rhodes Piano (1,12), Lead Piano (6)
John Cale: Viola (1,10)
Brian Eno: Snake Guitar, Digital Guitar (1), Synthesizer (2,4,5,6,11,14), Guitars (2,4,8,13), Tape (2, 12), Organ (3, 12, 14), Piano (3,7), Synthetic Percussion (3,5,6), Desert Guitars (3,7), Electric Percussion and treated rhythm generator (4,5), Castanet Guitars, Chord Piano (6), Farsifa Organ (7,9), Hammond Organ, Synthetic and Peruvian Percussion, Electric Elements and Unnatural Sounds (8), Prepared Piano (9), Choppy Organs, Spasmodic Percussion, Club Guitars, Uncertain Piano (10), Leslie Piano (11), Grand Piano (12), Bass Guitar (14)
Robert Fripp: Wimshurst Guitar (3), Restrained Lead Guitar (6), Wimborne Guitar (10)
Brian Turrington: Bass Guitar, Pianos (13)
For their (sometimes inadvertent) advice and encouragement, I would like to thank: Fred Frith, Bill Kelsey, Ian MacDonald, Phil Manzanera, Carol McNicoll, Ritva Saarikko, Peter Schmidt, Pete Townshend, Robert Wyatt
Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt
The cover is a detail from "After Raphael" by Tom Phillips
The back cover isa photograph by Ritva Saarikko
Typography: Bob Bowkett at C.C.S.
Recorded at Island Studios during July and August 1975.
Engineered by Rhett Davies
Assistant Engineers: Guy Bidmead, Bari Sage, Robert Ash.
Produced by Brian Eno and Rhett Davies for E.G. Records Ltd.

4 Discreet Music (US 1975 Editions E.G. EGS 303) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1 - Discreet MusicSide 2 - Three Variations On The Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel
Discreet Music 1 & 230:30EnoFullness of Wind9:58Eno
French Catalogues5:11
Brutal Ardour4:18
Recorded at Brian Eno's Studio 9.5.75 Performed by the Cockpit Ensemble conducted by Gavin Bryars (who also helped arrange the pieces).
Recorded at Trident Studios 12.9.75.
Engineered by Peter Kelsey.

Produced by Brian Eno.
The cover photograph is from a video by Brian Eno.

5 Ambient #1 Music For Airports (US 1978 Editions E.G. EGS 201) cos has inner sleeve M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
All compositions by Brian Eno except 1/1 which was co-composed with Robert Wyatt (who also played acoustic piano on this track) and Rhett Davies. The voices on 2/1 and 1/2 are those of Christa Fast, Christine Gomez and Inge Zeininger. Engineering was by David Hutchins (2/1, 1/2), Conny Plank (2/2), Rhett Davies (1/1) and Brian Eno.
Concept, Design and Production by Brian Eno.
See also: Fripp/Eno

ROGER ENO     Go to Next band (Esperanto) Previous artist (Brian Eno)
1 Voices (US 1985 Editions EG EGED 42) M-/M- cos $12
Side 1Side 2
Through the Blue4:19Roger EnoReflections on I.K.B.3:42Roger Eno
A Paler Sky3:21A Place in the Wilderness3:43
Evening Tango3:08The Day After3:45
Recalling Winter3:21At the Water's Edge2:40
Voices2:20Grey Promenade4:30
The Old Dance3:57
All Tracks Composed and Performed by Roger Eno
Produced by Daniel Lanois
Treatments by Brian Eno
Assistant Engineers: David Botrill & Roman Zak
Recorded at Bob & Dan Lanois' Studio
Cover Photographs by Anthea Norman-Taylor
Background Photographs Art & Design by Russell Mills
with Special Thanks to Jonah Arkwright and Walter Green

ESPERANTO     Go to Next band (Ethos) Previous artist (Roger Eno)
1 Danse Macabre (US 1974 A&M SP-3624) M-/VG+ $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Journey10:13Bruno Libert-Raymond VincentThe Cloister5:28Raymond Vincent-Bruno Libert-Glenn Sharrock
The Castle3:31Raymond Vincent-Glenn Sharrock-Bruno LibertThe Decision5:57Brian Holloway
The Duel7:03Raymond Vincent-G. & T. MalisanThe Prisoner7:25Raymond Vincent-Glenn Sharrock
Danse Macabre1:58Trad. arr. Raymond Vincent-Tony Malisan
Glenn Shorrock: Lyricist, backing vocals, ideas
Brian Holloway: Featured guitarist on "The Decision," "The Duel" and "The Cloister."
Brigette du Doit: Vocal on "The Duel"
"Fringe Members"
Raymond Vincent: 1st Violin and Cheif Arranger (Belgian)
Bruno Libert: Piano, Organ, ARP Odyssey, Vibes, Harpsicord, Arranger, Backing Vocals (Belgian)
Tony Mailsan: Drums (Italian)
Gino Malisan: Bass (Italian)
Keith Christmas: Lead Vocal (English)
Godfrey Salmon: 2nd Violin, Tenor Voice (English)
Tony Harris: Viola (English)
Timothy Kraemer: Cello (English)
Produced by Peter Sinfield
Engineers: Mike Cooper and Andy Hendrikkson
Recorded at Command Studios, London
Art Direction: Mike Doud
Design: Junie Osaki
Front Cover Photography: Laurence Sakman
Back Cover Photography: Peter Waldman

ETHOS     Go to Next band (Exchange) Previous band (Esperanto)
1 Open Up (US 1977 Capitol ST-11616) VG+/VG+ has inner sleeve $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Pimp City7:26W. Sharpe-M. Richards-M. PonczekThe Players (Of The Game)5:49Wil Sharpe
Start Anew3:22B. Stephenson-M. Richards-W. SharpeMarathon II5:24
U.V. Melody:32Wil SharpeSedona4:07
Memories7:09M. Richards-W. Sharpe-B. Stephenson-M. Ponczek-L. HammondClose Your Eyes5:45B. Stephenson-M. Richards
Wil Sharpe: guitars and voice
Brad Stephenson: bass and voice
Mark Richards: percussion
Michael Ponczek
Produced by Michael Stewart
Recorded October and November, 1976, at Sound City, Los Angeles
Engineered by Bill Drescher
Production Assistant: Kirk Butler
Cover conceptual design by Ethos (ardour)
Cover illustration by Burl Seslar
Photography by Bob Houston
Art Driection: Roy Kohara

EXCHANGE     Go to Next band (Face Dancer) Previous band (Ethos)
1 Into the Night (US 1988 Audion SYN 313) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Into the Night3:38eXchangeMagnetic Movements
a) Navigation by Numbers
b) True North
c) In-Line
Golden Point3:55
The Waiting Room5:54
A Change in Perspective3:25Visions of Sin4:55
Dreams of Fair Women5:00Stonewalk4:00
Produced by eXchange
Executive producer: Frank Dacies
eXchange is Steve Sexton & Geral O'Brien
Written, Arranged & Performed by eXchange
Engineered by: Wayne O'Brien at T.R.W. Studios, Toronto.
Assisted by Marcello Fortino.
Track 1: Mixed by Wayne O'Brien at In-Line Studios, Toronto
Tracks 2,3,7,8: Mixed by Paul Devilliers at Southcombe Studios, Los Angeles. Assisted by Wayne O'Brien.
Tracks 4,5,6: Mixed by Lenny De Rose at Phase One Studios, Toronto. Assisted by Randy Staub.
Artwork and album design by: Denise Sexton & Patricia Moore.
Photography: Studio 1313. Art direction: Murray Brenman.

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