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1 National Health (US 1978 Visa IMP 7002) M-/M- cos $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Tenemos Road14:43D. StewartBorogoves (Excerpt from Part Two)4:16D. Stewart
Brujo10:19A. GowenBorogoves (Part One)6:37
Elephants14:37A. Gowen/D. Stewart
Dave Stewart: Organ, Electric & Acoustic Piano, Clavinet
Phil Miller: Guitar
Neil Murray: Bass
Pip Pyle: Drums, Cowbell, Tambourine & Gong, Glockenspiel, Finger cymbals, Shaker, Bells, Pixiephone
John Mitchell: Percussion, Temple blocks, Guava, Congas
Alan Gowen: Moog, Electric & Acoustic Piano
Amanda Parsons: Vocals
Jimmy Hastings: Flute, Bass clarinet, Clarinet
Recorded at the Point, Victoria, London 1977 on the Mobile Mobile.
Engineered by Mike Dunne, Paul Northfield and Brian Gaynor.
Mixed by National Health and Paul Northfield.
Produced by National Health.
Intro to 'Elephants' recorded live at the M.L.T.S., Tiel, holland, 14/2/77.
Synth Hi-Fli and mixing by Nick Levitt.
Recorded (teac 2-track) by Mike Ruysbrock, Tape edited by Pip Pyle.
Sleeve designed by Kevin Burke.
Photography by Laurie Lewis.

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1 Escape from Noise (US 1987 SST 133) M-/M- w/booklet & bumper sticker $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Announcement1:51Negativland10. Methods of Torture1:23Negativland
1. Quiet Please2:1711. Yellow Black and Rectangular2:14
2. Michael Jackson2:0812. Backstage Pass1:15
3. Escape From Noise2:3613. Christianity is Stupid3:55
4. The Playboy Channel1:3214. Time Zones5:28
5. Stress in Marriage1:3515. You Don't Even Live Here2:30
6. Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song3:0816. The Way of It1:12
7. Over the Hiccups1:2817. Endscape:37
8. Sycamore2:29
9. Car Bomb2:03
Escape From Noise was made by:
Mark Hosler Singing, sythesizers, guitars, voice tapes, percussions, rhythm loops, bomb parts, David manipulation, tiny metal banjo, recorder, lots of other noises, mix.
Don Joyce Yelling, talking tapes, electric tympani, synthesizer, lyrics, singing, Booper bee, bomb parts and assembly, noises everywhere, mix.
Chris Grigg Drums, synthesizer, singing, computer & software, field recordings, mix.
David Wills Talking, shortwave, family tape, bomb parts, regular Booper.
Richard Lyons Singing, lyrics, voice.
With Contributions From:
Ian Allen Helicopter (8), Rhythm Loop (9), Bell (14)
Jello Biafra c/o Dead Kennedys Toilet Flushing (4)
Das c/o Big City Orchestra Voice Tapes (1)
Dina Emerson Wordless Vocals (15)
Steve Fisk Optigon and Voice Tapes (2)
Tera Freedman Voice Tape (12)
Phil Freihofner Bomb Parts (9)
Ed Markmann Paid Voice
Fred Frith Urban Drum and Halfspeed Violin (2)
Jerry Garcia c/o Grateful Dead Mouth Sounds and Chimes (12)
Alexander Hacke c/o Einsturzende Neubauten Metal Noises (13)
Mickey Hart c/o Grateful Dead Percussion and Processed Animals (12)
Tom Herman c/o Tripod Jimmie Torture Guitars (10)
Henry Kaiser Doublespeed Disco Guitars (1)
Louisa Michaels c/o Step One Nursery School Singing (7)
Mark Mothersbaugh c/o Devo Jazz Bass, Jimi Hendrix, E-cussion, Saxophone and Noises (4)
The Residents Hoots and Clanging (15)
Rev. Ivan Stang c/o The Church of the SubGenius Larynx (13)
Rand Weatherwax c/o CBS Orchestra Hits and E-cussion (1)
Rob Wortman c/o Kingshouse Leaf Blower (15)
Graphics/Art/Design by Negativland/Peter Montgomery/Francesca Freedman. Disk mastering by George Horn. Recorded at our home (R.I.P. IHS) and other people’s homes 1983 through 1987.

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1 Down to Earth (US 1975 Passport PPSD-98005) M-/VG+ gatefold coh $8
Side 1Side 2
astral man** ****3:07Nektarfidgety queen4:04Nektar
nelly the elephant**** ***5:02oh willy***4:00
early morning clown*3:21little boy*3:03
that's life* ****6:49show me the way5:55
nektar are:
roye albrighton - guitars/lead vocals
"taff" freeman - keyboards/vocals
ron howden - drums/percussion
"mo" moore - bass/vocals
mick brockett - visual minority/general hassles
p. p. arnold - backing vocals*
Kenneth cole - backing vocals*
phil brown - bass tuba**
stephan wick - tuba**
butch hudson - 1st trumpet***
ron carthy - 2nd trumpet***
chris pyne - trombone***
steve gregory - tenor sax***
chris mercer - tenor/baritone sax***
bob calvert - ringmaster****
duet on "show me the way" - roye and p. p. arnold
choir on "nelly the elephant" and "finale" - chipping norton mandies
a peter hauke and nektar joint production. recorded at chipping norton studios, england, 22nd march to 1st april 1974.
engineered by barry hammond (with help of engineers handbook page 128 § 4). remixed at dierks studios, germany, 18th, 19th april and 13th to 15th june 1974.
engineered by barry hammond (engineers handbook page 4 § 128 german version). special effects and sounds by dieter dierks.
Mastered by Robert Ludwig at Sterling Sound, New York City
"Astral Man" re-mixed at Air Studios, London, November 20, 1974.
Engineered by Geoff Emerick.
"Early Morning Clown" re-mixed at Dierks Studios, Germany, November 2, 1974. Engineered by Dieter Dierks.
photography (front): bryce attewell
photo finishing (front): bob seales
art direction (front): pierre tubbs
photography (inside and back): dieter weis
art direction (inside and back): helmut wenske
front-photography filmed on location in the wastelands of wandsworth england.
all other photographs made at circus krone at their site in dortmund, germany.

2 Recycled (US 1975 Passport PPS-9811) M-/M- gatefold coh $12
Side 1 - Part One (17:38)Side 2 - Part Two (19:07)
a. Recycle2:47NektarSao Paulo Sunrise3:05Nektar
b. Cybernetic Consumption2:12b. Costa Del Sol4:04
c. Recycle Countdown1:52c. Marvellous Moses6:37
d. Automation Horrorscope3:08d. It's All Over3:25
e. Recycling1:46
f. Flight to Reality1:18
g. Unendless Imagination?4:36
Nektar Are:
Roye Albrighton - guitars/lead vocals
"Taff" Freeman - keyboards/vocals
Ron Howden - drums/percussion
"Mo" Moore - bass/vocals
Mick Brockett - visual environment
Special thanks to Larry "Synergy" Fast for his orchestral moog arrangements and performance throughout.
Choir: The English Chorale, conducted by Robert Howes, arrangements by Christian Kolonovits.
Recorded at Chateau d'Herouville France and at Air Studios, London. (July & August 1975)
Recording Engineers: John Mills, Bill Price, Larry Fast (moogs)
Mixed at Air Studios, London (August 1975)
Mixing Engineers: Geoffrey Emerick, Steve Nye and Bill Price.
Tape Operators: Paul Higgins, Jon Kelly, Ross Culum, Peter Henderson, Steve Prestage, Jon Walls.
Cover Artwork by Helmut Wenske
Layout by Karlheinz Schuster

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1 Savage Gesture for Charms Sake (UK 1983 Cocteau JCM 3) M-/M- has the poster $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The man in the rexine suit??Bill NelsonNarcosis??Bill Nelson
Watching my dream boat go down in flamesAnother happy thought (carved for ever in your cortex)
The meat roomPortrait of Jan with moon and stars
produced by Bill Nelson
all instruments by Bill Nelson except saxaphone on the man in the rexine suit by Ian Nelson
cover painting by Bill Nelson
Photo by Paul Cox

2 Acceleration Picture Disc (UK 1984 Cocteau COQP15) M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Hard Facts from the Fiction Department??Bill NelsonAcceleration Long Version??Bill Nelson
Acceleration DubAcceleration Short Version
Produced by Bill Nelson Acceleration remixed by John Luongo

3 The Summer of God's Piano (UK 1984 Cocteau Connoisseur JC 6) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Antennae two??Bill NelsonTantra??Bill Nelson
Transmission (N.B.C. 97293)Soon September (Another enchantment)
The sleep of HollywoodRural shires
The celestial bridegroomPerfidio incanto
Under the red archThe lost years
Orient pearlThe charm of transit
SacramentNight thoughts (twilight radio)
Falling blossomsWysteria
The difficulty of beingSwing
The chinese nightingaleRealm of dusk
Over ocean
Photo: Antoine Giacomoni Montages: Bill Nelson

4 Sounding the Ritual Echo (UK 1985 Cocteau Connoisseur JC 12) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Annunciation??Bill NelsonAnother Willingly Opened Window??Bill Nelson
The Ritual EchoVanishing Parades
SleepGlass Fish (For the Final Aquarium)
Near EastCubical Domes
Emak BakiaAshes of Roses
My Intricate ImageThe Shadow Garden
Endless OrchidsOpium
The Heat in the Room
'Sounding the ritual Echo' was recorded in the privacy of my own home on broken or faulty tape machines and speakers, each track possessing its own technological deformity. For this I offer no apology as the music owes its existence to a very personal and selfish obsession. As a direct result, some pieces will require a little patience. This album, originally released as a limited edition in 1981, was the first in a series of purely instrumental albums issued by Cocteau Records from the archives of the Echo Observatory.
See also: Be-Bop Deluxe

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1 Autumn to Spring (US 1973 Charisma CAS 1) M-/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack4:12O'List/EmersonDiamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon3:00Emerson/Jackson
Flower King of the Flies3:35Jackson/EmersonDawn5:15Jackson/Emerson/Davison
Bonnie K3:20O'List/JacksonTantalizin' Maggie4:19Emerson
America6:03Bernstein/SoudheimCry of Eugene4:30Emerson/Jackson/O'List
Daddy Where Did I Come From2:45Emerson/Jackson
Keith Emerson - Keyboards
Lee Jackson - Bass and Vocals
Davy O'List - Lead Guitar
Brian Davison - Drums
Produced by The Nice
Recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes, London between Autumn 1967 and Spring 1968
Album Design: Glen Christensen
Packaging: Milton Sincoff

2 Ars Longa Vita Brevis (F 1975 Charly CR300019) M-/VG+ woc $8
Side 1Side 2
Daddy Where Did I Come From3:43Emerson/JacksonPrelude19:37Emerson
Little Arabella4:171st Movement - AwakeningDavison
Happy Freuds3:272nd Movement - RealizationJackson/O'List/Emerson
Intermezzo from "Karelia Suite"6:03Sibelius3rd Movement - Acceptance "Brandenburger"Jackson/Emerson/Davison
Don Edito el Gruva3:12Emerson/Jackson/Davison4th Movement - Denial
Coda - Extension to the Big NoteEmerson
Personnel: Keith Emerson (Keyboards) - Lee Jackson (Bass & Vocals), Brian Davison (Drums and Percussion).
Arranged and produced by : The Nice for Immediate Records, Inc.
Orchestra arranged and conducted by : Robert Stewart
Engineer and Consultant : Don Brewer
Cover Concept & Art : Patrice Larue.
Original Matrix No IMSP 020
Original Release Date : November 1968.
See also: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Refugee

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1 St. Giles Cripplegate (US 1972 Reprise MS 2092) M-/VG+ gatefold $25
Side 1Side 2
#65:00Jack Nitzsche#37:11Jack Nitzsche
#4 (for Mori)3:04#14:24
Producer: Elliot Mazer
Musicians:The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Measham
Cover Art: James Pandorian Moss McCracken
Published by North Spur Music (BMI)

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1 In Flagranti Delicto (US 1978 Capitol ST-11771) M-/VG+ coh $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Gestalt11:45Ian CarrHeyday6:15Ian Carr
Mysteries12:30Geoff CastleIn Flagrante Delicto16:00
Produced by Kurt Renker & Ian Carr
Supervised by Vera Brandes
Recorded live in Duren, Germany, 2-6-1977 by Dieter Dierks
Mixed at Cornet Studios, Cologne, 2-28 and 3-1-1977 by Wolfgang Hirschmann and at Capitol by Wally Trauggot
Ian Carr-trumpet, fleugelhorn, RMI electric piano
Brian Smith-tenor sax, soprano sax, percussion
Geoff Castle-Fender electric piano, Mini Moog synthesizer
Werimu Aata Teransiamoa Karaitiana (Bill Kristian)-bass guitar
Roger Seller-drums
Alf Dodd-P.A., Mixer
Cover Design: Heinz Bahr

MICHAEL NYMAN     Go to Next band (Off the Wall) Previous artist (Jack Nitzsche)
1 The Kiss and Other Movements (US 1985 Editions EG EGED 40) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Kiss9:06Michael NymanImages Were Introduced7:36Michael Nyman
Nose List Song7:00Water Dances (Making a Splash):
Tango Between the Lines4:551. Stroking5:31
2. Gliding3:05
3. Sychronising6:51
Performed by the Michael Nyman Band:
Alexander Balanescu violin
Andrew Findon tenor, baritone saxiphone
David Fuest clarinet, bass clarinet
John Greaves bass guitar
John Harle soprano saxophone
Michael Nyman piano, Kurzweil
Elizabeth Perry violin, viola
David Roach soprano, alto saxophone
Stephen Saunders bass trombone, euphonium

Recorded and mixed by Neil Drake and Paddy Kingsland at Music Works and Paddy Kingland Studio
Digital mixing at Nova Studio
Mastered at CBS Studios
Produced by Michael Nyman and David Cunningham
Dagmar Krause voice
Omar Ebrahim voice
Sarah Leonard voice
Mark Bennett trumpet
Lowri Blake cello
Martin Drover trumpet
Rosemary Furniss violin
David Purser trombone
David Staff trumpet
Crispian Steele-Perkins trumpet
Theresa Ward violin
Nigel Warren Green cello
Jonathan Williams cello

Cover painting by Paul Richards

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