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Birdsongs of the Mesozoic: EP (US 1983 Ace of Hearts AHS 1008) $20


THE ABDABS     Go to Next band (Abercrombie Quartet)
1 A Great Set (US 1977 Night Plane RDRN-50977) M-/M-/M-/M- $60 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Welcome to the Machine19:21WatersPigs on the Wing (Part 1)19:33Waters
SheepPigs (Three Different Ones)
Side 3Side 4
Dogs21:02Waters, GilmourHave a Cigar20:13Waters
Pigs on the Wing (Part 2)WatersShine on You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5Waters, Wright, Gilmour
Side 5Side 6
Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-921:55Waters, GilmourUs and Them21:47Waters, Wright
Wish You Were HereWaters, Gilmour
Live at The Oakland Coliseum
Recorded May 9th, 1977
See also: Pink Floyd

ABERCROMBIE QUARTET     Go to Next artist (William Ackerman) Previous band (The Abdabs)
1 M (US 1981 ECM ECM-1-1191) M-/M- promo $8
Side 1Side 2
Boat Song9:52AbercrombieFlashback6:13Beirach
M6:17To Be5:14Abercrombie
What Are the Rules7:28BeirachVeils5:42Beirach
John Abercromie: Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Richard Beirach: Piano
George Mraz: Bass
Peter Donald: Drums
Recorded November 1980 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Engineer: Martin Wieland
Design: Barbara Wojirsch
Produced by Manfred Eicher

WILLIAM ACKERMAN     Go to Next band (AD) Previous band (Abercrombie Quartet)
1 Conferring with the Moon (US 1986 Windham Hill WH-1050) M-/M- promo $8
Side 1Side 2
Conferring with the Moon7:31AckermanClimbing in Geometry6:08Ackerman
Improv 23:28The Last Day at the Beach6:52Ackerman/Eugene Friesen
Lago de Montanas (Mountain Lake)4:10Ackerman/Enrique CruzSinging Crocodile3:21Ackerman
Big Thing in the Sky (for Jess)6:35AckermanShape of the Land3:21
Conferring with the Moon (solo)2:20
William Ackerman: Guitar, charango
Chuck Greenberg: lyricon
Charles Bisharat: violin
Michael Manring: bass
Enrique "Quique" Cruz: zampona
Bob Hubbard: English horn
Ira Stein: piano
Philip Aaberg: piano
Eugene Friesen: cello
Produced by William Ackerman and Elliot Mazer
Engineered by Stephen Hart.
Recorded and mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.
Design by Anne Robinson.
Cover and liner photos by Dennis G. Olson.

This is an all digital recording courtesy of Bud Costanza.

Euguen Friesen appears courtesy of Living Music Records.

AD     Go to Next band (African Head Charge) Previous band (Abercrombie Quartet)
1 Art of the State (US 1985 Kerygma KRR-5401) M-/M- has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
All Creation Sings4:22Kerry LivgrenThe Fury5:34Kerry Livgren
We Are the Men4:41Progress4:39
Lead Me to Reason3:56Heartland3:42Mike Gleason
The Only Way to Have a Friend4:16Zion3:26Warren Ham and Kerry Livgren
Games of Chance and Circumstance4:18Mike GleasonUp From the Wasteland4:25Kerry Livgren and Mike Gleason
Michael Gleason: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Warren Ham: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Woodwinds & Harmonica
Dennis Holt: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Dave Hope: Bass Guitar
Kerry Livgren: Guitars & Keyboards
Additional Vocals: Debi Chapman & Suzan Shewbridge on "All Creation Sings", "Up From the Wasteland"
Produced & Engineered by Kerry Livgren for Grandy Zine Productions
Assistant Engineer: Mike Gleason
Executive Producers: Ken Marcellino & Mark Ferjulian
Recorded and mixed at: Camp Dunwoody Studio, Dunwoody GA, September 1984-February 1985
This album was mixed on the dbx 700 Digital Processor
Mastered by Glenn Meadows, Masterfonics Inc.
Front Cover Illustration: Tim Wild
Front Cover Concept: Mike Gleason, Ken Marcellino
Art Direction: Bill Murphy, Ken Marcellino

2 Reconstructions (US 1986 Kerygma KRR-5406) M-/M- has insert $15
Side 1Side 2
All Fall Down4:27Kerry Livgren/Michael GleasonWe Draw the Line3:43Kerry Livgren
Life of Crime4:16Michael GleasonWalking the Wire (With No Apologies to the Supreme Court)3:44Michael Gleason
No Standing3:58Kerry LivgrenYou Are the Distance4:06Mike Gleason/Kerry Livgren
Exiles4:15Highway to the Heart3:45Mike Gleason
One Golden Thread4:20Kerry Livgren
Produced and Engineered by Kerry Livgren for Grandy Zine Productions

Michael Gleason: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Kerry Livgren: Guitars, Keyboards and Percussion
Dennis Holt: Percussion
Dave Hope: Bass Guitar
Additional Background Vocals: Keith Evans on You Are the Distance, and Terry Brock on Walking the Wire, Exiles, We Draw the Line, Life of Crime, Highway to the Heart, One Golden Thread
Recorded at Camp Dunwoody Studio, Georgia, October 1985-June 1986
Art Direction by Jean Hoefel
Jacket Design by Jim Shaman
See also: Kansas

AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE     Go to Next artist (Jan Akkerman) Previous artist (William Ackerman)
1 Songs of Praise (F 1990 On U Sound ON-U LP 50) M-/M- $15 BUY!
Side 1Side 2
Free Chant (Churchical Chant of the Iyabinghi)3:30B. AndersonHold Some More6:18B. Anderson / A. Maxwell / D. Harrow
Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline and Dignity3:16B. Anderson / A. Maxwell / B. AlexanderHealing Father4:48D. Harrow / B. Alexander
Hymn5:30Healing Ceremony3:48B. Anderson / A. Maxwell / B. Alexander
Dervish Chant7:50Cattle Herders Chant4:15
All Percussion: Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah/Sunny Akpan
Drums: L.V. Scott
Bass: Junior Moses / Crocodile
Guitar / Keyboards; B. Alexander (a.k.a. Skip McDonald)
Piano: Bubblers
Effects: Prisoner
Programming: D. Harrow

Produced by Adrian Sherwood
Another ON-U Sound Recording
Recorded at the Matrix and the Manor
Engineers; Dave Pine (a.k.a. Deptford)/Hugo
Mastered at Townhouse by Kevin Metcalfe
Sleeve Design by Kishi
Very Special Thanks to Alan Lomax, Robert Marshall and Dr.Lion

JAN AKKERMAN     Go to Next artist (Daevid Allen) Previous band (African Head Charge)
1 Profile (US 1972 Sire SAS 7407) VG+/VG cover has light water damage at bottom $12
2 Profile (H 1972 Harvest 5CO56-24707) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Fresh Air
a. Must be my land
b. Wrestling to get out
c. Back again
d. The fight
e. Fresh air-blue notes for listening
f. Water and skies are telling me
g. Happy Gabriel?
19:50J. Akkerman Kemps jig1:28Anonym
Blue Boy2:24J. Akkerman
Andante Sustenuto4:05Diabelli
Maybe just a dream2:33J. Akkerman
Minstrel/Farmers dance2:45
Jan Akkerman:
Guitar on all tracks
Bass-guitar on Side 1, track e, f and g
Alto-lute on Side 2, track 1, 2, and 6
Spanish-guitar on Side 2, track 4

Album design: John Van Den Berg.
Photo: Dolf Straatemeter
Pierre v.d. Linden: Drums on Side 1, all tracks, and Side 2, track 3 and 5
Burt Ruiter: Bass-guitar on Side 1, track a, b, c, and d, and on Side 2, track 3 and 5.
Ferry Maat: Piano on Side 2, track 7
Jaap v. Eyck: Bass-guitar on Side 2, track 7
Frans Smit: Drums on Side 2, track 7
Intro side 1. Electric Fender piano: Jan Akkerman

3 Tabernakel (US 1973 Atco SD 7032) M-/M- gatefold $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Britannia by John Dowlsn3:55Jan Akkerman & George FlynnA Fantasy by Laurencini of Rome3:17Jan Akkerman
Coranto for Mrs. Murcott by Francis Pilkington1:26Jan AkkermanLammy14:06Jan Akkerman
The Earl of Derby, His Galliard by John Dowland1:36
I Am
Jan Akkerman & George Flynn
House of the King2:23Jan Akkerman & George Flynn
Asleep, Half Asleep, Awake
Jan Akkerman
A Galliard by Anthonie Holborne2:10Jan Akkerman
She Is
Jan Akkerman & George Flynn
A Galliard by John Dowland1:31
Lammy, We Are
A Pavan by Thomas Morley3:03
The Last Will and Testament
Anthonie Holborne, Jan Akkerman & George Flynn
Javeh3:22Jan Akkerman & George Flynn
George Flynn & Jan Akkerman
Jan Akkerman - lute & bass guitar, electric guitars & percussion, acoustic guitar, organ
Ray Lucas - drums
Tim Bogert - bass guitar
Carmen Appice
George Flynn - harpsicord, piano, Glockenspiel
Daniel Waitzman
Additional musicians:
Gene Orloff, Joseph Malignaggi, David Kunstler, Norman Carr, Harry Cykman, Arnold Eidus, Harold Cohon & Carmen Malignaggi, Frederick Buldrini, Guy Lumia, Elliot Rosoff, Kathryn Kienke, Raoul Poliakin, Lewis Eley, violin
Emanuel Vardi, Alfred Brown, Selwart Clarke, David Sackson, Richard Maximoff & Seymour Berman, viola
Lucien Schmit, Kermit Moore, Charles McCrackin, George Ricci, George Koutzen, Gloria Lanzarone & Jesse Levy, cello
Russel Savakus, Richard Davis, contrabass
Harold Bennett & Albert Block, flute
Alan Rubin, Raymond Crissara & Joseph Wilder, trumpets
Robert Alexander & Dominic Gravine, trombones
Tony Miranda, Ray Alonge, James Buffington & Earl Chapin, french horns
Philip Bodner, oboe
Charles Russo, clarinet
Walter Kane, bassoon
Stephen M. Johns, tuba
Eugene Levine, bass
Orchestra and chorus conducted by George Flynn
Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, N.Y.
Recording engineers: Gene Paul & Joel Kerr
Assistant engineer: Stephen Dowd
Re-mixed by Geoffrey Haslam, Jan Akkerman & George Flynn
Photos of Geoffrey Haslam & Gene Paul: David Gahr
Photo of Ray Lucas: Kathy Moore
Album photography & design: Norman Seeff
Produced by Geoffrey Haslam for R.T.M.

4 Eli [w/Kaz Lux] (US 1976 Atlantic SD 18210) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve, promo strip $12
Side 1Side 2
Eli4:25Jan Akkerman/Kaz LuxThere He Still Goes3:45Jan Akkerman/Kaz Lux
Guardian Angel4:58Strindberg3:06Jan Akkerman/Rick van der Linden/Kaz Lux
Tranquillizer4:20Jan AkkermanWings of Strings3:15Jan Akkerman
Can't Fake a Good Time5:25Kaz LuxNaked Actress5:45Jan Akkerman/Kaz Lux
Fairytale3:45Jasper van 't Hof
Kaz Lux - vocals
Jan Akkerman - guitars, bassguitar
Jasper van 't Hof - keyboards Rick van der Linden - keyboards
Warwick Reading - bassguitar
Pierre van der Linden - drums
Richard DeBois - drums
Neppie Noya - percussion
Margriet Eshius - backing vocals
Maggie MacNeal - backing vocals
Patricia Paay - backing vocals
Produced by Richard DeNois (Ladybird Productions) and Jan Akkerman.
Arranged by Jan Akkerman.
Recording Engineer: Jan Schuurman
Remixed by: Richard DeBois & Jan Schuurman
Recorded at the Soundpush Studios - Blaricum - Holland
Mastered by Henk Horden & Jacques Delemarre
Mastered at the EMI Studios - Heemstede - Holland
Design: Hans Tonino & Harry van Zijl
Photography: Joost Noordhoek
Retouch: Four Color-Amsterdam
Frame-maker: Mr. Kurvers
Art-Direction: Hans Tonino
See also: Peter Banks, Focus

DAEVID ALLEN     Go to Next band (Allman Brothers) Previous artist (Jan Akkerman)
1 Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life (F 1977 Tapioca TP 10017) M-/M- $15 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Flamenco Zero1:45BiblioniNonsense Rap1:00Allen
Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do?6:45AllenLady Dear Lady5:29
excerpt de un discours sur Planute Gong Mythology (ICA London PL-Lune Paques 1977) suive par big daddy camembert et "Tally & Orlando Meet the Cockpot Pixie"3:13I Am9:15
See You in the Moontower5:46Deya Goddess6:36
Poet for Sale3:55
Daevid Allen - vocal, guitar
Juan Biblioni & Pepsi Milan - acoustic guitars
Sam Gopal - tablas & chairs
Xavier Reba - violin
Ramon Farran - strings
Victor Perraino - synthis

2 Jungle Windo(w) 10" (UK 1982 Charly CYX 203) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Jungle Windo(w)??D. AllenMuch Too Old??D. Allen, B. Laswell
Materialism??D. Allen, C. Culteri
Notes: with New York Gong a.k.a. Material DAEVID ALLEN - vocal, guitar
GARY WINDO - tenor sax
CLIFF CULTRERI - lead guitar
BILL BACON - drums
FRED MAHER - drums
See also: Gong

ALLMAN BROTHERS     Go to Next artist (Thomas Almqvist) Previous artist (Daevid Allen)
1 Eat a Peach (US 1972 Capricorn 2CP 0102) M-/M-/VG+ gatefold $15
Side 1Side 2
Ain't Wastin' Time No More3:40Gregory L. AllmanMountain Jam (Theme from "First There is a Mountain" courtesy of Peer International)19:37D. Leitch, G. Allman, D. Betts, J.J. Johanson, B. Oakley, B. Trucks
Les Brers in A Minor9:05Dicky Betts
Melissa3:05Gregory L. Allman - Steven Alaimo
Side 3Side 4
One Way Out4:58Elmore James-Marshall SehornMountain Jam, Cont'd15:08D. Leitch, G. Allman, D. Betts, J.J. Johanson, B. Oakley, B. Trucks
Trouble No More3:28McKinley Morganfield
Stand Back3:25Gregory L. Allman - Berry Oakley
Blue Sky5:10Dicky Betts
Little Martha2:08Duane Allman
Dedicated to a Brother, Duane Allman
Produced by Tom Dowd by Special arrangement with Phil Walden and associates, inc. Cover by Wonder Graphics
Related: Captain Beyond's first album is dedicated to Duane Allman, their second to Berry Oakley

THOMAS ALMQVIST     Go to Next band (Alux Nahual) Previous band (Allman Brothers)
1 Shen Men (Sw 1984 Mistlur MLR 31) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Street Runner6:10AlmqvistTake Off5:42Almqvist
Blue Suite
Part I, Part II, Part III
12:25Hot Fingers1:41
Bad Breaks4:07
Sun Signs5:04
Thomas Almqvist: Guitars
Stefan Blomqvist: Keyboards, vocoder
Lars Lamberger: Bass (B2, B3)
Tommy Cassemar: Bass (B1)
Bengt Lindgren: Bass (A2)
Gunnar Wenneborg: Drums, Percussion
Magnus Persson: Drums, Percussion (B1)
Stefan Glaumann: Syn Drums (A1, B4)
Anders Karlen: Elecric Guitar Solo (B3)
Gustavo Bergalli: Trumpet
Baltasar Gorosabel: Trumpet
Hans Peter Andersson: Sax
Bass solo arranged by Bengt Lindgren (A5)
Horns arranged by Stefan Blomqvist
Linn programming: Thomas Almqvist, Stefan Glaumann
Synergy bass programming (A1): Greg Fitzpatrick

Engineered by Stefan Glaumann at Mistlur Studio 1

Logo painting: Thomas Almqvist
Photography: Ake Ostman Cover design: Ermalm's Egenart and Thomas

Produced by Thomas Almqvist and Stefan Glaumann

ALUX NAHUAL     Go to Next band (Amazing Blondel) Previous artist (Thomas Almqvist)
1 Hermanos de Sentimiento (Guat 1984 Discos de Centroamerica 84595) VG/VG has inner sleeve $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Hermandos de Sentimiento??Alux NahualMira el Sol Brillar??Ranferi Aguilar
Agui esta tu TierraAlvaro AguilarDime que has OlvidadoAlvaro Aguilar
Juego NuclearOscar CondeAl diablo el diabloPlubio Aguilar
El Espiritu del DuendePaulo AlvaradoLejos de la CiudadOrlando A.
Orlando: Bateria, Metalofono, timbales, bongos, tortuga, Canofono, campanas chinas, habas, manias, etc., aplausos
Plubio: Bajo y Coros, Voces y guitarra, aplausos
Alvaro: Voz y Guitarra, Sintetizador, percusion
Ranferi: Guitarra y coros, sinte polifonico
Oscar: Sax Alto, Flauta, Voz, Guitarra, Sax Tenor, Pandereta
Paulo: Piano, Cello, sintetizador, Sinte Monofonico, aplausos, Sintentizador de cuerdas
Jack: Violin, Auto-harp, mandolina, Salterio
Jorge Estrada: Sintetizador
Ingeniero de Sonido: Guillermo Castillo
Diseno y fotografia de cubierta: Luis Fernando Ponce, Fernando Alburaz, Fernando Duque, Beverly Dacaret, Eric Bonduel
Arreglos y Production: Alux Nahual.
Foto Interior: Rafael Vettorazzi
Diseno Onterior: Oscor Conde

THE AMAZING BLONDEL     Go to Next band (Ambrosia) Previous artist (Thomas Almqvist)
1 Evensong (UK 1970 Island ILPS 9136) M-/M- gatefold $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Pavan3:20J. GladwinThe Ploughman3:05J. Gladwin
St. Crispins Day2:18Old Moot Hall2:38
Spring Season3:38Lady Marion's Galliard3:44
Willowood3:22Under the Greenwood Tree3:15
Blondel Are:-
John David Gladwin: Lead Vocals, Lute, Theorboe, Cittern, Double Bass
Terence Alan Wincott: Crumhorn, Recorders, Pipe-Organ, Vocals (and occasional Lead Vocals), Tabor Pipe, Tabor, Flute, Harmonium, Lute, Harpsicord.
Edward Baird: Lute, Cittern, Vocals (and very occasionally Lead Vocals)
Other Musicians: Chris Karan: Percussion
Adam Skeaping: Viola Da Gamba, Violone
Our thanks to the Dean and Chapter of Linclon Cathedral, Richard for transcriptions, and Shepard Sherbell for photography.
Recorded at Island Studios
Roger Beale: Engineer
Produced by Paul Samwell-Smith

AMBROSIA     Go to Next band (Amon Duul II) Previous artist (Amazing Blondel)
1 Ambrosia (US 1975 20th Century T-434) M-/M- has insert $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Nice, Nice, Very Nice5:55Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. - Puerta - Pack - North - DrummondMake Us All Aware4:29Pack - Drummond - Puerta - North
Time Waits for No One4:53Pack - Puerta - Drummond - NorthLover Arive3:11Pack
Holdin On to Yesterday4:19Puerta - PackMama Frog6:05Puerta - North - Drummond - Pack
World Leave Me Alone3:18PackDrink of Water6:29Puerta - Pack - North - Drummond
Joe Puerta: Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals
David Pack: Guitars, Lead Vocals & Keyboards on "Lover Arrive"
Christopher North: Keyboards & Vocals
Burleigh Drummond: Percussion, Bassoon & Vocals
Arranged & orchestrated by 'us'
Realized, Recorded & Mixed at: Mama Joe's, North Hollywood, California
Engineers: Chuck Johnson, Billy Taylor, Freddie Piro & Tom Trefethen
Mixdown engineer & co-production of mixdown: Alan Parsons
Mastered by Doug Sax at Mastering Labs

Art Direction, Illustration & Design: Eddie Douglas

Our thanks to Gordon F. Parry and Chuck Johnson for their help and synergy.
"...So many people in the same device:"
Chuck Girard, Keith Johnson, Jim West, Splash Price, Fletch Wiley, Andy Toth, Odessa Balalaika Ensemble, Daniel Kobialka (violinist), Michael Granger and James Newton Howard (synthesizer programming). ...all waiting there for your pleasure

Dedicated to Russ Regan for his patience and belief. A Rubicon Production.

2 Somewhere I've Never Travelled (US 1976 20th Century T-510) M-/M- cover folds into a pyramid!! has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
And...0:47DrummondThe Brunt5:26Pack, Puerta, North, Drummond
Somewhere I've Never Travelled4:09Pack, PuertaDanse with me George7:47
Cowboy Star6:20Puerta, Pack, North, DrummondCan't Let a Woman4:18Pack
Runnin' Away3:27PackWe Need You Too5:31Puerta, Pack
I Wanna Know5:58Puerta, Pack
Christopher North: Acoustic and Electric Keyboards, Vocals
David Pack: Guitars, String Ensemble, Rhodes on "George", Vocals
Joe Puerta: Bass, Moog Pedals, Guitar on "Harbey", Vocals
Burleigh Drummond: Drums, Percussion, Bassoon, Vocals
Produced by Alan Parsons (for Rubicon Productions)
Executive Producer: Freddie Piro
Recorded and Mixed at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood, California
Engineered by Alan Parsons
Additional Engineering: Tom Trefethen
All arrangements by Ambrosia
Orchestral Arrangements by Andrew Powell, Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Art Direction: David Larkham for John Reid Enterprises, Inc.
Pyramid Art and Production, Clligraphy and Design: Hogin McMurtrie
Photography: Ed Caraeff

AMON DUUL II     Go to Next artist (Jon Anderson) Previous band (Ambrosia)
1 Vive La Trance (US 1974 United Artists UA-LA198-F) cc M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
A Morning Excuse3:19Amon Duul IIApocalyptic Bore6:38Amon Duul II
Fly United3:33Dr.3:00
Im Krater Bluhn Wieder die Baume3:08Pig Man2:38
Ladies Mimikry3:18
All music composed & arranged by Amon Duul II
Produced by Olaf Kubler & Amon Duul II
Recorded at Bavaria Studios
Remixed at Bavaria Studios & Union Studio Munchen
Many thanks to our engineer, Peter Kramper

F.U. Rogner & Gena Zimmermann

Design & Artwork:
Jurgen Rogner

Personal Manager:
Wolfgang Dorsch
See also: Stefan Zauner

JON ANDERSON     Go to Next artist (Laurie Anderson) Previous band (Amon Duul II)
1 Olias of Sunhillow (US 1976 Atlantic SD 18180) gatefold/insert M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Ocean Song3:12Jon AndersonSolid Space5:16Jon Anderson
Meeting (Garden of Geda)
Sound Out the Galleon
3:28Moon Ra
Song of Search
Dance of Ranyart
Olias (To Build the Moorglade)
4:14To the Runner4:26
Qoquao en Transic
Transic To
Flight of the Moorglade3:22
Mike Dunne
Sound advice and Recording engineer
John Martin: Co-ordination, equipment, goodies
Brian 'It's going now' Gaylor: Electonics
Music written and performed by Jon Anderson
Recorded at Seer Green
Matered at RCA by Brian East
Illustrated and designed by Dave Roe
Art direction by Hipgnosis
Portrait: Jeii Cummings
Portrait coloring: Richard Manning
For their help
MCI Florida USA, Richard Factor Eventide USA, Ken Freeman string, Mike King, Ian Hawes, Graham Davies and the Organ Master of Beaconsfirld Parish Church

For their energy:
Steve, Alan, Chris, Patrick, Brian, Alex, Sandy, Jill, Urszula, Phil Carson, Brian Gulland, Martin Dean, Donald Lehmkuhl, Keith Goodwin, Ilhan and Vangelis
For planting the seed: Roger Dean
See also: Yes
Related: Jon Anderson also sings on King Crimson's Lizard

LAURIE ANDERSON     Go to Next band (Ange) Previous artist (Jon Anderson)
1 Big Science (US 1982 Warner Brothers BSK 3674) has inner sleeve M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
From the Air4:29Laurie AndersonO Superman (For Massenet)8:21Laurie Anderson
Big Science6:14Example #222:59
Sweaters2:18Let X=X/It Tango6:52
Walking & Falling2:10
Born, Never Asked4:56
Produced by Laurie Anderson & Roma Baran
Assistant Producer: Perry Hoberman
Engineer: Leanne Ungar
Technical Consultant & Systems Design: Bob Biecki

Recorded at The Lobby, New York City
Mixed at The Hit Factory, New York City (Assistant Engineer: Jon Smith)
Additional tracks recorded at:
The Hit Factory (Assistant: Bob Musso)
Skyline Studios (Assistant: Arthur Payson)
Sorcerer Sound (Assistant: Al Fierstein)
Mastered at Masterdisk by Bob Ludwig
Plated at Europadisk

O Superman:
Engineer: Roma Baran
Mixed at The Lobby
Mastered by Bill Kipper and Bob Ludwig

Cover: Laurie Anderson
Art Direction: Perry Hoberman
Design: Cindy Brown
Front Cover Photo: Greg Shifrin
Back Cover Photo: James Hamilton
Inner Sleeve Photo: Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson:
Vocals, Vocoder, Farsifa, OBXa, Percussion, Electronics, Violins, Keyboards, Marimba, Sticks

Roma Baran:
Farsifa Bass, Glass Harmonica, Claps, Farsifa, Casio, Accordian, Whistling, Sticks

Bill Obrect: Alto Sax
Peter Gordon: Clarinet & Tenor Sax
David Van Teighem: Drums, RotoToms, Tympani, Marimba
Perry Hoberman: Bottles, Sticks, Claps, Flute, Sax, Piccolo, Backup Vocals
Rufus Harley: Bagpipes
Chuck Fisher: Alto & Tenor Sax
Richard Cohen: B-flat & E-flat Clarinets, Bassoon, Bari Sax
George Lewis: Trombones

ANGE     Go to Next band (Appaloosa) Previous artist (Laurie Anderson)
1 Moteur! (F 1981 Philips 6313 156) gatefold M-/M- $40
Side 1Side 2
Tant Pis L'indien3:46Christian Decamps/Francis DecampsDetective Prive3:01Christian Decamps/Francis Decamps-Didier Viseux
Saga5:07Un Autre Jazz3:13Christian Decamps/Francis Decamps
Rien n'est Trop Beau Pour Toi2:04Moi, Pas Idiot!4:08
Mourir, Souffrir3:40Christian Decamps/Didier ViseuxAssisi5:24
Touchez pas a Mon Cine!5:04Christian Decamps/Francis DecampsChatte, Chatte4:07
Un album de Ange avec par ordre d'apparition au bar:
Francis Decamps/Claviers
Christian Decamps/ chant/ pianos
Robert Defer/ Guitares
Jean-Pierre Guichard/ Batterie
Didier Viseux/ Basses/ backing vocal
Paroles/ Christian Decamps Torne et mixe a Maison Rouge Studio, London SW6
Son/ Tony "smart fart" Taverner
Assistance/ Colin "tea's maid" Leggett
Production/ Ken "Jouez avec moi" Burgess
Decors/ Elizabeth II
Travelling/ Mac Ewans/John Quito
Accessoires/ Vigier S.A. (incroyable basse ! n'est-ce pas Patrice?)
Savarez (Philippe Durand)/ Gur Music (merci Bernard)
Ludwig (Philippe Nicoly)/ Wolf Music (merci Harry)
M.D.I. Kustom (Jeanne, Gilles et Rudy/
S.P.L. (beau merle staff)
Mise en Page/Photographie/ Belle Journee en Perspective/Philippe Huart

APPALOOSA     Go to Next band (Aqsak Maboul) Previous artist (Ange)
1 Appaloosa (US 1971? Columbia CS 9819) VG+/VG $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Tulu Rogers??J. P. ComptonPascal's Paradox??J. P. Compton
Thoughts of PollyYesterday's Roads
FeathersNow That I Want You
Bi-WeeklyGeorgia Street
Rivers Run to the Sea
Produced by Al Kooper
Arranged and Conducted by Al Kooper *Arranged and Condcted by Charlie Calello
Personnal of Appaloosa:
John Parker Compton-Acoustic guitar, vocals and composing
Robin Batteau-Violin, vocals and string arrangements
Gene Rosov-Cello and string arrangements
David Reiser-Electric bass and California vibrations
Engineering: Fred Catero, Stan Tonkel and Glen Kolotkin
Fred Lipsius-Alto Sax
Al Kooper-Electric harpsicord, Electric guitar, Organ, Vibraphone, Temple blocks
Bob Colomby, Artie Schroeck, Jimmy Alcamo-Drums
Romeo Penque-Oboe
Tony Ackerman-2nd Guitar
Fred Catero-Sea Gulls
Robin Batteau-Harmony background voices
Front cover photo: Marie Cosindas
Back cover photo: George Kraus

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1 Un Peu de l'Ame des Bandits (B 1979 Atem/Crammed 002) M-/M- $40 Sold!
Side 1Side 2
TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
A Modern Lesson4:58HollanderCinema22:45Hollander & Wuyts except d. and part of a. by all players
Palmiers en Pots
  • incl. Trio from Nuits d'Argentine
  • 3:24Wuyts-Hollander
    Andre Verchuren
    a. Ce quon peut voir avec un bon microscope7:25
    Geistige Nacht5:18Frithb. Alluvions5:27
    I Viaggi Formano la Gioventu5:09traditionalc. Azinou Crapules7:05
    Inoculating Rabies1:47van Hecke-Wuytsd. Age Route Brra! (Radio Sofia)2:48
    Notes: controversial erect penis album cover, w/Frith & Cutler
    See Also: Henry Cow
    See also: Fred Frith, Henry Cow

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    1 Circus (US 1975 Epic PE 33422) has inner sleeve M-/M- $10 SOLD!
    Side 1Side 2
    TitleTimeComposer(s) TitleTimeComposer(s)
    Circus3:45Rod ArgentTrapese8:48Jim Rodford
    Highwire9:05Shine on Sunshine4:02Rod Argent
    Clown5:50The Ring1:20
    The Jester3:35
    Rod Argent: Hammond organ, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hohner electric piano, Moog, Mellotron, vocals

    Jim Rodford: Bass guitar, vocals
    Robert Henrit: Drums, Percussion
    John Grimaldi: Guitar
    John Verity: Guitar, vocals
    Produced by Rod Argent & Chris White

    Engineer-Mike Ross
    Second engineer-Mark Williams
    Recorded at CBS Studios, London
    Good Earth Management
    Cover by John Grimaldi

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    1 The World as it is Today (UK 1981 Re 6622) M-/M- w/booklet $15 Sold!
    Side 1Side 2
    the song of investment capital overseas??Cutler/FrithDemocracy??Cutler/Frith
    Truththe song of the martyrs
    (armed) Peacethe song of the Monopolists
    Civilizationthe songs of the bignitx of Labour under Capital
    Albion, Awake!
    Engineered (& much more) by Elienne Conrod & Robel Vogel at SUNRISE Studio CH 9533 Kirchberg between August 24 & Sept 7, 1980
    The Bears are:
    Fred Frith: guitar, keyboards, violin, viola
    Chris Cutler: drums, electric drums, noise
    Dagmar Krause: singing
    Cover by Art Bear IV
    Printed by Westerham Press, Sevenoaks
    Cut & Pressed by Nimbus, Wyastone Leys Monmouth NPS 35R, to whom many, many thanks.
    This booklet: Chris Cutler; illustrations pp. 2 & 18 E.M.Thomas
    See also: Fred Frith, Henry Cow

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    1 Asia (US 1982 Geffen GHS 2008) has inner sleeve M-/M- $8
    Side 1Side 2
    Heat of the Moment3:50Wetton/DownesWildest Dreams5:10Wetton/Downes
    Only Time Will Tell4:44Without You5:04Wetton/Howe
    Sole Survivor4:48Cutting it Fine5:35Wetton/Downes/Howe
    One Step Closer4:16Wetton/HoweHere Comes the Feeling5:42Wetton/Howe
    Time Again4:45Downes/Howe/Palmer/Wetton
    Geoffrey Downes - Keyboards and Vocals
    Steve Howe - Guitars and Vocals
    Carl Palmer - Drums and Percussion
    John Wetton - Lead Vocal and Bass Guitar
    Produced and engineered by Mike Stone for Mike Stone Enterprises Ltd.
    Recoded at Townhouse Studio London England
    Cover Design: © 1982 Roger Dean
    Inner Sleeve Photo: Brian Griffin
    See also: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, Yes

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    1 Cut in Ice (Sw 1984 Vertigo 818 416-1) M-/VG+ $10 SOLD!
    Side 1Side 2
    Cut in Ice3:26M. Bjorkman - H. SodorHard4:53T. Deander - H. Sodor
    I'm Alive5:18T. Denander - H. SodorIt's Alright3:20
    Reach Out3:42M. Bjorkman - H. SodorBursting Out4:05M. Bjorkman - H. Sodor
    Above the Clouds7:46Nobody's Heroes4:42
    Bass: Anders Gustafsson
    Rhythm Guitar: Mappe Bjorkman
    Lead Guitar: Tommy Denander
    Vocals: H. Spider Soder
    Drums: Per Liljefors
    Produced by Mikael Lundstedt
    Engineering: Lino Aiello
    Recorded and Mastered at Humlan Studio, January 1984, Stockholm
    Foto: Goran Lindsjoo . Artwork: Olle Erikson . Layout: Johan Brodin

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    1 Atlantis (US 1973 Vertigo VEL-1016) M-/M- swirl label $20
    Side 1Side 2
    Get Up5:20I. RumpfLet's Get On the Road Again3:33I. Rumpf
    Big Brother5:03Living At The End Of Time9:05F. Diez
    Rock'n Roll Preacher3:39F. DiezWords Of Love4:52F. Diez-I. Rumpf
    Maybe It's Useless3:39J.J. Kravetz-I. Rumpf
    Inga Rumpf: vocal, percussion
    Jean-Jaques Kravetz: piano, organ
    Frank Diez: guitar
    Karl-Heinz Schott: bass
    Curt Cress: drums, percussion
    Reebop Kwakuh Baah plays congas on "Big Brother" and "Let's Get On The Road Again"
    Jean Alain Roussel plays organ on "Maybe It's Useless," and "Let's Get On The Road Again" and electric piano on "Get Up."
    Background vocals by Inga Rumpf, Jackie Diez and Claire on "Maybe It's Useless" and "Get Up."
    Recorded and mixed at Island Studios, London - 13th-22nd of November 1972, Re-mixed 2nd - 5th of December 1972 at Island-Studios.
    Produced by John Burns and Atlantis
    Engineer: John Burns
    Re-mix engineers: John Burns and Phil Brown
    Mastering: Gilbert Kong

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    1 Live Oblivion, Vol. 1 (US 1974 RCA CPL 1-0645) M-/VG+ $10
    Side 1Side 2
    Beginning Again8:08Brian AugerBumpin' On Sunset9:55Wes Montgomery
    Don't Look Away14:10Lingertwood-Dean-MullenTruth9:55Alex Lingertwood
    The Oblivion Express
    Brian Auger - organ, electric piano, backing vocals
    Alex Lingertwood - lead vocal, percussion
    Barry Dean - bass
    Jack Mills - lead guitar
    Stephen Ferrone - drums
    Recorded live at the Whiskey a Go Go, Sunset Strip, Hollywood
    Special Thanks to Mario Maglieri and Elmer Valentine
    Recorded by Wally Heider's Mobile
    Remixed at CBS Studios, Whitfield Street, London, England
    Special thanks to our Remix Engineer, Mike Ross
    Cover design and logo from an idea by Ella
    Produced and Directed by Brian Auger. A Nasty Production.
    See also: Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger & The Trinity

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    1 Yes We Have No Mananas (US 1977 ABC Records AB-1021) M-/VG+ cos, has inner sleeve $12
    Side 1Side 2
    Star4:18Kevin AyersHelp Me2:40Kevin Ayers
    Mr. Cool3:00Ballad of Mr. Snake2:02
    The Owl3:14Everyone Knows the Song2:33
    Love's Gonna Turn You Round4:52Yes I Do3:08
    Falling in Love Again2:35Connelly/HollanderBlue6:26
    Drums/Rob Townsend
    Bass/Charlie McCracken
    Keyboards/Billy Livsey
    Rhythm Guitar/Roger Saunder and Kevin Ayers, Andy Roberts
    Lead Guitar/Ollie Halsall and Kevin Ayers
    Steel Guitar/B. J. Cole
    String Arrangemet/Pip Williams
    Drums/Tony Newman
    Bass/Rick Wills
    Keyboards/George Money
    Drums/Roger Pope
    Bass/Mick Feat
    Keyboards/Nick Rowley
    Choral Arrangement/David Bedford
    Produced by Muff Winwood
    Design Peter Shepherd EMI Design
    Cover photo of Kevin Ayers by Peter Vernon
    See also: Soft Machine

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    1 The Touchstone (G 1978 ECM 1130) M-/VG+ $10 SOLD!
    Side 1Side 2
    Eulogy10:22John TaylorJero6:18John Taylor
    All compositions by John Taylor

    John Taylor: Piano, organ
    Norma Winstone: Voice
    Kenny Wheeler: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
    Recorded June 1978 at Talent Studio, Oslo
    Engineer: Jan Erik Kongshaug
    Photo: Dieter Rehm
    Cover Design: Barbara Wojirsch
    Produced by Manfred Eicher

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