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1 Til You Came In... (Can 19?? New Born NB 7031) M-/VG+ $40 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Upon You Lord3:10Moses PerezCool3:20Abraham B. Cardenas
'Til You Came In4:03We Should Fly4:52
Natural High3:22Abraham B. Cardenas and Moses PerezOpen Your Heart4:42Abraham B. Cardenas and Moses Perez
You Send Me Love (Twinkle)3:06Abraham B. CardenasA Prayer For You1:40Abraham B. Cardenas
I'll Follow You4:15Moses PerezWork3:45
Produced by: Ed Nalle, Scott Gelnett, Abraham and Moses
Engineer: Scott Gelnett
Arranged by: Abraham, Moses, Bob Kauflin, Don Nalle, Mark Farley and Ed Nalle
Strings and Horns Arranged by: Walt Straiton, III
This album was recorded and mixed at Susquehanna Sound Productions
Vocals: Abe and Moe
Rhythm Guitars: Moe and Abe
Lead Guitar: Chris Davis
Piano and Keyboards: Bob Kauflin
Bass: Don Nalle
Drums: Mark Farley
Flugelhorn: Jim Gambini
Percussion: Craig Lauterbach
Album Design: Craig Heisey
Photography: Nick Frey

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1 If That Isn't Love (US 19?? Majestic LPS 1041) M-/VG+ $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Bridge Over Troubled Waters????Because He Lives????
If That Isn't LoveAmazing Grace
Beyond a Shadow of a DoubtThere's Enough of God's Love
I Wish We'd All Been ReadyThat Day is Almost Here
If It Keeps Gettin BetterI've Got Confidence
Producer: Don Storms
Studio: Baldwin Sound
Musicians: Envoys
Jacket: Susan MacGregor
Photo: Ken Pace

ACCEPTANCE WITH JOY     Go to Next band (AD) Previous band (Accents)
1 Thanks a Trillion (US 1979 Poiema 0) M-/M- has the insert $100 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Thanks a Trillion2:11M. CarrozzaDavid and Jonathan4:19T. Koeske, E. Tholander
Lo How a Rose1:45??Lonely Pilgrim3:05D. Williams
Little King4:09L. Connor, E. TholanderClean Heart2:17L. Connor
Matthew 11:282:33J. StreitzSceptics Song6:50P. McHugh
As His Sons4:07G. JonesCanvas for the Sun
Day of Salvation3:53L. ConnorBlind Man5:54E. Tholander
Heart of God2:20E. TholanderHoly, Holy
Vocals: Greg Jones, Linda Connor, Elizabeth Tholander
Guitars: Elizabeth Tholander, Linda Connor, Greg Jones
Bass guitar: Mark Boddeker
Drums: Jarold David
Piano & Fender Rhodes: Elizabeth Tholander
Synthesizer: Linda Connor, Elizabeth Tholander, Greg Jones
Trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn: Jack Clarke
Flute: John Lunsford
Violin: Dan Drake
Background vocals on "Holy Holy": Linda Connor, Elizabeth Tholander, Greg Jones, Julie Barrette, Gary Phillips, Rodd Christensen, Gary Miller, Anne Bracht, Jim Kopp.
Engineer: Bill Cobb
Recorded & mixed at Poiema Productions, Camarillo, California
Photography: front photo - Teresa Schulte, back photo - Les Featherston, insert photo - David Merisko
Calligraphy: Elizabeth Tholander, Graphics & Layout: Jane Holmes

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1 Art of the State (US 1985 Kerygma KRR-5401) M-/M- has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
All Creation Sings4:22Kerry LivgrenThe Fury5:34Kerry Livgren
We Are the Men4:41Progress4:39
Lead Me to Reason3:56Heartland3:42Mike Gleason
The Only Way to Have a Friend4:16Zion3:26Warren Ham and Kerry Livgren
Games of Chance and Circumstance4:18Mike GleasonUp From the Wasteland4:25Kerry Livgren and Mike Gleason
Michael Gleason: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Warren Ham: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Woodwinds & Harmonica
Dennis Holt: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Dave Hope: Bass Guitar
Kerry Livgren: Guitars & Keyboards
Additional Vocals: Debi Chapman & Suzan Shewbridge on "All Creation Sings", "Up From the Wasteland"
Produced & Engineered by Kerry Livgren for Grandy Zine Productions
Assistant Engineer: Mike Gleason
Executive Producers: Ken Marcellino & Mark Ferjulian
Recorded and mixed at: Camp Dunwoody Studio, Dunwoody GA, September 1984-February 1985
This album was mixed on the dbx 700 Digital Processor
Mastered by Glenn Meadows, Masterfonics Inc.
Front Cover Illustration: Tim Wild
Front Cover Concept: Mike Gleason, Ken Marcellino
Art Direction: Bill Murphy, Ken Marcellino

2 Reconstructions (US 1986 Kerygma KRR-5406) M-/M- has insert $15
Side 1Side 2
All Fall Down4:27Kerry Livgren/Michael GleasonWe Draw the Line3:43Kerry Livgren
Life of Crime4:16Michael GleasonWalking the Wire (With No Apologies to the Supreme Court)3:44Michael Gleason
No Standing3:58Kerry LivgrenYou Are the Distance4:06Mike Gleason/Kerry Livgren
Exiles4:15Highway to the Heart3:45Mike Gleason
One Golden Thread4:20Kerry Livgren
Produced and Engineered by Kerry Livgren for Grandy Zine Productions

Michael Gleason: Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards
Kerry Livgren: Guitars, Keyboards and Percussion
Dennis Holt: Percussion
Dave Hope: Bass Guitar
Additional Background Vocals: Keith Evans on You Are the Distance, and Terry Brock on Walking the Wire, Exiles, We Draw the Line, Life of Crime, Highway to the Heart, One Golden Thread
Recorded at Camp Dunwoody Studio, Georgia, October 1985-June 1986
Art Direction by Jean Hoefel
Jacket Design by Jim Shaman
See also: Michael Gleason, Kansas

THE AGAPE FORCE     Go to Next artist (Larry Ahlborn) Previous band (AD)
1 Potpourri (US 1974 Candle Company Music CMC1004) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
I'll Never Be The Same Again3:28Steve Shubin-Agape ForceFather, Thank You3:58Sherry Saunders
Nobody Like the Lord3:32Teena StewartHow Could You Love Me So3:01Jim Patton
Oh My Dove3:36Agape ForceCreation Song1:41Anne Clark
Simple Jesus Lovin' Man1:41Frank HernandezWalk by Faith3:03Frank Hernandez
Heartache2:30Dee PattonRest in Jesus4:42Diane Warner-Agape Force
The New Ninety and Nine3:52Diane Warner
Front and back original woodcarving by Andy Davis
See also: Candle

LARRY AHLBORN     Go to Next band (The Ambassadors) Previous band (Agape Force)
1 Sanctuary of Praise (US 1984? Lovenotes 112484) M-/M- $25
Side 1Side 2
I Will Sing & Praise the Lord??AhlbornHigher Ground??Ahlborn
Praise the Lord (edelweiss)Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You
A Time for RefreshingJesus, Jesus, Jesus
He LivesPrecious Memories
Washed by the Water of WordLove Me Jesus Love Me
The Holy CityPrayer Meetin' Time in Hollow
Christs Greatest GiftWhen You Pray
recorded - SyntheSound Studio 2529 Universal Road - Pittsburgh, Pa.
pressed - Precision - Nashville, Tennessee
art graphics - Studio 2 Graphic Design 1006 Ligonier Street - Latrobe, Pa.
photography - Gentile Studio 131 S. Main Street - Greensburg, Pa.
front/back jacket covers - Modern Albums Nashville, Tennessee
Music Credits:
keyboards - Haskell Cooley (former pianist - Cathedral Quartet)
bass guitar - JoLee Cooley
french horn - Dwight Hackett / Ken Coey
claves - Haskell Cooley
lead & harmony voices - Larry Ahlborn
producer - Larry Ahlborn

THE AMBASSADORS     Go to Next band (The Armageddon Experience) Previous band (The Agape Force)
1 Happy is the Man (US 197? Custom Fidelity 3399) M-/M- autographed by Tom Fritz $15
Side 1Side 2
Rise Up, O Men of God1:36Burroughs/BroadmanHappy is the Man*1:59arr. Skillings/Lillenas
The Seed and the Sower*1:32Carmichael/LexiconHow Rich I Am2:02Peterson/Singspiration
In the Arms of Sweet Deliverance2:22arr. Skillings/LillenasThe Happy Side of Life*1:31Smith/Lillenas
Redeemed*1:08Butler/BroadmanI Will Arise and Go to Jesus*2:18arr. Anthony/Singspiration
God and His Children3:15arr. Burroughs/BroadmanI've Come from the Darkness to the Light of the Lord1:31Chaplin/Broadman
Wherever He Leads I'll Go2:24arr. Burroughs/BroadmanHow Great Thou Art*2:59Hine/Manna
The Ambassadors:
Al and Mary Jane Lepp, Dwight Friesen, Larry Martens, Jim Glade
engineers: Terry Gaiser, Eric Seaberg, Hugh Davies
cover design: Louis Paul Lehman
color photography: Bilyeu
orchestrations: *Tom Fritz, Bob Bauernschmidt
conductor: Tom Fritz
See also: The Good News Singers

THE AMIGOS     Go to Next band (Amplified Version) Previous band (The Ambassadors)
1 Ten Thousand Angels (US 1977 Heart-To-Heart LPG-1878) M-/VG+ $25
Side 1Side 2
Come On And Lift Your Hands2:40Eli VelasquezJesus, Let Me Love You More3:25Eli Velasquez
I Must Go Away4:04He Is The Light2:38L. Velasquez/H. Velasquez
A Love Song to Jesus4:04Soon and Very Soon2:57A. Crouch
A Mama's Prayer5:12Ten Thousand Angels6:37R. Overholt
Keyboards-Don Johnson
Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm and Lead-Hadley Hockensmith
Acoustic and Harmonica-Jim Hockanadel
Bass-Laverne Berry
Steel Guitar-Jerry Hall
Drums-Steve Wright, Duane Nichols & Ricardo Quinbar
Horn Arrangements-Les Stalling
String Arrangements-Don Johnson
Front Cover Design: Eugene Anderson
Produced by Don Johnson
Engineered by Carl Warren
The Amigos:
David Velasquez, Eli (Chico) Velasquez, and Larry Velasquez

AMPLIFIED VERSION     Go to Next band (Andrus, Blackwood & Co.) Previous band (The Amigos)
1 So Free (US 19?? Custom NW-1005) M-/VG+ original custom pressing $40
Side 1Side 2
Space Captain3:01M. MooreYou Are the Sunshine of My Life3:16S. Wonder
Here is Love3:04PerkinsWe Are One3:21Hammer/C. Morgan
So Free2:56Carol MorganNever Said a Word4:20Craft
Something2:50Something About that Name3:40Gaither
I Can See Clearly Now3:30J. NashWhy Me Lord3:24K. Kristofferson
Paul Morgan, Carol Morgan, Marty Powell, Darryl Carter, Shirley Monroe
Fred Llapitan: Drums
Billy Morgette: Bass
Carol Morgan: Electric Piano
Darryl Carter: Organ
Engineer: Bobby Cotton
Arrangements: Carol Morgan
Studio: Cam Records, Oklahoma City
Cover: Paul Morgan
Front Photograph: taken at "Crossroads Mall" Oklahoma City, Oklahoma "Largest Mall in the Southwest"

ANDRUS, BLACKWOOD & CO     Go to Next band (The Archers) Previous band (Amplified Version)
1 Following You (US 1978 Greentree 2R3515) VG+/VG+/VG+ $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Following You3:30P. JohnsonThere Aren't Words Enough4:10M. Chappman
Starting All Over Again3:22T. SheppardNever Ending Love4:45D. McGuire
Story of My Life3:50B. HibbardFalling in Love2:49K. Voegtlin
Give it Up3:52T. SheppardSweet, Sweet Friendship2:25T. Sheppard
You Keep Me Happy2:53j. Sherberg
Side 3Side 4
Wonderful3:30S. FrommHe Must Have Lovin' Eyes4:35P. Johnson
For So Long3:17B. HibbardJesus is the Rock2:52B. Farell
You're Such a Comfort to Me3:32K. Voegtlin-P. JohnsonAll of Me3:54B. Hibbard
It Happened3:30B. VillarealHe's Here Right Now3:42R. Cook
You're So Good to Me4:30B. Hibbard
Produced by Phil Johnson
Recorded and Remixed at: Great Circle Sound
Engineer: Bob Clark
Shane Keister/Keyboard
Randy Goodrum/Keyboard
Larrie London/Drums
Jerry Carrigan/Drums
Jack Williams/Bass
Farrell Morris/Percussion
Jon Goin/Guitar
Steve Gibson/Guitar
Reggie Young/Guitar
Billy Sanford/Guitar
Joe Huffman/Guitar
Art Direction; Bob McConnell
Photos by: Dill Beaty

THE ARCHERS     Go to Next band (The Armageddon Experience) Previous band (Andrus, Blackwood & Co.)
1 ...Things We Deeply Feel (US 1975 Light LS-5679) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Music (He Brings A New Song)3:35Masters/ColeI'm With Jesus3:15David Erwin
Giver Of Life3:27MastersBrand New Day3:31Masters
Sit Yourself Down2:54ShortYou Are My Inspiration2:58
Lord, You've Been Good To Me2:47CrouchIf You Can't Believe in Love (You Don't Believe In Anything At All)3:17Paxton/Hellard
It Wouldn't Be Enough3:59AldridgeIt's Love to Me3:01Masters/Aldridge
Praise Him2:52
Producer: Bill Cole
Arrangers: Rhythm charts - Bobby Sisco
Strings/Brass - Clark Gassman
Engineer: Jerry Barnes
Recorded at Western Recorders, Hollywood, California
Art & Design/Thel A. Eichmann
Musicians: Keyboards/David Paich
Moog/Clark Gassman
Guitar/ Jay Graydon/ Dan Ferguson/ Ben Benay/ Lee Ritenour
Steel Guitar/Red Rhodes
Drums/ Ed Green/ Hal Blaine
Bass/ Leland Sklar
Percussion/ Allan Estes
Electric Fiddle/Harold Hensley

THE ARMAGEDDON EXPERIENCE     Go to Next artist (Tammy Bakker) Previous band (The Archers)
1 The Armageddon Experience (US 1970 MM MMS-300) M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Carpenter Man2:33J. ThompsonPeople in Motion2:33Omartian
I've Got the Love2:18OmartianRevolution Now2:35
I Believe in You2:34StookeyGod Leads a Sheltered Life2:50
Life is Out of Tune2:14McEverBethlehem3:38arr. Omartian
Oh Happy Day3:30Arr. Omartian
Produced by Jim Williams and Mike Omartian
Technical Coordination by Larry O'Nan
Photo, Cover Design and Layout by Weldon Hardenbrook
Engineers: Bill Schnee and Bob Sullivan
Recorded at Mark Studio, Hollywood, California
Summit Sound Studio, Dallas, Texas

ASSURANCE MEN QUARTET     Go to Next artist (Tammy Bakker) Previous band (Armageddon Experience)
1 Assurance Men Quartet (US 19?? Custom NR5923) M-/M- $30 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Assurance March2:30Wendell P. LovelessThe Lighthouse2:50Ronnie Hinson
Because He Lives3:54William & Gloria GaitherThe Family of God2:55William & Gloria Gaither
He Touched Me3:10Where Does a Man Go?3:35Dave Hogan/Gerald Cox
My God is Real3:44Kenneth MorrisDo You Know My Jesus?3:50V.B. (Vep) Ellis
Springs of Living Water2:20John W. PetersonIs There Room in Your Heart?3:50William J. Gaither
It Will Be Worth It All2:50William J. GaitherThe King is Coming!4:00Arr. by Harold DeCou
Over the Sunset Mountain2:40John W. Peterson
Recorded at Omega Recording Studios, Kensington, Maryland
Engineered by Bob Yesbek
Manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee for Omega Studios

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