BACK STREET CRAWLER     Go to Next band (Badger) Previous band (Azimuth)
1 The Band Plays On (US 1975 Atco SD 36-125) VG+/VG+ $5
Side 1Side 2
Hoo Doo Woman4:12A. Braunagel, P. Kossoff, M. Montgomery, T. Slesser & T. WilsonAll the Girls are Crazy3:32M. Montgomery
New York, New York4:37M. MontgomeryJason Blue4:56
Stealing My Way4:19P. Kossoff, M. MontgomeryTrain Song4:31A. Braunagel & T. Wilson
Survivor3:34M. MontgomeryRock & Roll Junkie3:15M. Montgomery
It's a Long Way Down to the Top5:56The Band Plays On5:04T. Wilson
Mike Montgomery
Terry Wilson-Slesser
Tony Braunagel
Paul Kossoff
Terry Wilson

Produced by Back Street Crawler for Oak Records Limited
Engineer: Rod Thear
On Jason Blue & Rock & Roll Junkie
Pete Van plays Baritone Sax
Eddie Quansah plays Trumpet & Flugel Horn
George Lee plays Flutes, tenor & soprano Saxes

Special thanks to Rod Thear for all his help & to Mike Johann, Jack & Ron for theirs: E,S & D.
Photography by Dick Polak
Art Direction by John Bull of CCS

BADGER     Go to Next band (Baker Gurvitz Army) Previous band (Back Street Crawler)
1 One Live (US 1973 Atco SD 7022) M-/M- gatefold $20
Side 1Side 2
Wheel Of Fortune7:04BadgerRiver7:00Badger
Fountain7:12The Preacher3:35Brian Parrish
Wind of Change7:00On the Way Home7:10Badger
Tony Kaye-Keyboards
Dave Foster-Bass Guitar
Roy Dyke-Drums
Brian Parrish-Lead Guitar

Produced by Geoffrey Haslam, Badger and Jon Anderson
Engineers: Geoffrey Haslam and Martin Rushent
Thanks for Tapes: Mike Dunn
Photography: Martin Dean
Cover designed and drawn by Roger Dean

Recorded live at the Rainbow Theatre 15th/16th December, 1972
See also: Flash, Yes

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY     Go to Next band (Bakersfield Boogie Boys) Previous band (Badger)
1 The Baker Gurvitz Army (US 1975 Janus JXS 7015) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Help Me4:34A. GurvitzMad Jack7:54G. Baker/A. Gurvitz
Love Is2:474 Phil4:25
Memory Lane4:46G. Baker/A. GurvitzSince Beginning8:05A. Gurvitz
Inside of Me5:33A. Gurvitz
I Wanna Live Again4:22G. Baker/A. Gurvitz
Ginger Baker-Drums/Percussion/Vibes/Vocals
Adrian Gurvitz-Guitars/Vocals
Paul Gurvitz-Bass/Vocals
John . Norman B. Normal . Mitchell-Keyboards/Synthesizer/Vibes

Produced by Ginger Baker, Adrian Gurvitz, Paul Gurvitz
Recorded at Ramport Studios . Engineer . Cyrano
Mixed at Trident Studios & Island Studios . Engineer . Anton Matthews

Orchestrations by Martyn Ford & John Bell
Arrangements by The Baker Gurvitz Army
Backing Vocals on 'I Wanna Live': Madeline Bell, Rosetta Hightower, Barry St. John, Lisa Strike

Cover Painting: Petagnoe
A Mountain Records Production

BAKERSFIELD BOOGIE BOYS     Go to Next band (Band of Joy) Previous band (Baker Gurvitz Army)
1 Bakersfield Boogie Boys (US 1980 Rhino RNEP 507) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Okie from Muskogee4:34Haggard-BurrisI Get Around7:54Wilson
Get Off My Cloud2:47Jagger-RichardsFlying Tigers4:25Conrad-Nelson
Produced by Harold Bronson and Richard Foos
Photography and Design by Andy Caulfield
Engineered by Bob Wayne and Richard McAndrew, Sunburst Recording
Thanks to: Harold Bronson, Richard Foos, Jo Hansch, Tim Fleming, Shari Famous (vocals on "Around" and Cloud"), Jeremy Gilian, Fred Grabert, Mushrooms Incorporated, Jed the Foish, Bob Marin

BAND OF JOY     Go to Next band (Peter Banks) Previous band (Bakersfield Boogie Boys)
1 Band of Joy (US 1978 Polydor PD-1-6133) M-/VG+ has inserts cc has ring wear $10
Side 1Side 2
3 A.M. in the City3:31Band of JoyLive Bait (to Highway 8)4:46Band of Joy
Woman3:44Like a River3:30
Overseer5:19Please Call Home3:48
So Cold5:41She's the One3:05
Shock House4:13
Paul Lockey: Vocals & Guitar
John Pasternak: Bass
Francesco Nizza: Drums & Percussion
Kevyn Gammond: Ld Guitar
Michael Chetwood: Keyboards
Recorded at "The Old Smithy," Worchester, Engineer: Colin Owen
Mixed at "Maison Rouge," Mixing Engineer: Robin Black
Mixing and Post Recording Production: Shel Talmy
All Titles Produced by Band of Joy
Art Direction & Design: Jo Mirowski
Photography: Bob Carlos Clarke
Artwork: WadeWood Associates

BAFFO BANFI     Go to Next band (Peter Banks) Previous band (Band of Joy)
1 Hearth (US 1981 Innovative Communication KS 80 008) M-/VG+ cos $15
Side 1Side 2
Indian6:35Giuseppe BanfiThis You Was8:50Giuseppe Banfi
The Incredible Doogy5:45Heart Circuit Machine8:40
Dancing on the Ship4:55
Baffo Banfi - Synthesizers and Keyboards
Bruno Bergonzi - Drums and Cybernetic Drums
Maurizio Gianni - Guitar
Maurizio Anesa - Bass
Recorded and mixed at -IC- Studio, and "La Basilica", Milano.
Arrangements by Baffo Banfi and Maurizio Anesa.
Frontcover-Photo by Michael Weisser, Bremen
Backcover-Photo by Claus Cordes
Produced by Klaus Schulze

2 Ma, Dolce Vita (US 1982 Innovative Communication KS 80 032) NEW/SEALED $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Oye Cosmo Va6:41Baffo BanfiFantasia Di Un Pianeta Sconosciuto17:57Baffo Banfi
Quelle Dolce Estate Sul Pianeta Venere6:05
Vino, Donne E Una Tastiera7:14
Baffo Banfi plays on this album: Moog Modular System, Minimoog, Yamaha CS-80, Korg Vocoder
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Klaus Schulze at his studio.
Produced by Klaus Schulze
Coverdesign by Ezio Geneletti

PETER BANKS     Go to Next artist (Tony Banks) Previous band (Band of Joy)
1 Two Sides of (US 1973 Sovereign SMAS-11217) gatefold M-/M- $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Vision of the King1:25P. Banks-J. AkkermanBeyond the Loneliest Sea3:04Jan Akkerman
The White House Vale
(a)On the Hill
(b)Lord of the Dragon
7:13Peter BanksStop That!13:41P. Banks-J. Akkerman
(a)The Falcon
(b)The Bear
6:53Get Out of My Fridge3:20
Battles2:23P. Banks-J. Akkerman
Knights (Reprise)2:13Peter Banks
Last Eclipse2:28P. Banks-J. Akkerman
Peter Banks:
Electric and acoustic guitar, ARP, Mini Moog, and Fender Piano
Jan Akkerman (by permission of Radio Tele Music): Electric guitar (left-hand channel) on "Vision of the King," "Battles," "Last Eclipse," "Stop That!," "Get Out of My Fridge";Acoustic Guitar on "Beyond the Lonliest Sea"
Ray Bennett: Bass guitar on "Knights," "Battles," "Knights (Reprise," "Stop That!," and "Get Out of My Fridge"
Phil Collins (by permission of Charisma Records): Drums on "Battles," "Knights (Reprise)," "Stop That!," and "Get Out of My Fridge"
Steve Hackett (by permission of Charisma Records): Electric Guitar on "Knights (Reprise)"
Mike Hough: Drums on "Knights"
John Wetton (by permission of E.G. Management): Bass guitar on "Knights (Reprise)"
Produced by Peter Banks
Engineered and Endured by Geoff Young
Assisted by Paul Northfield
Equipment and Interruptions by Mike, Paul and Chris
Management and Guidance by Ben Nisbet

Recorded at Advision Studios, between November, 1972 and June, 1973
"Stop That!" and "Fridge" on Side Two are spontaneous jams
A sincere thanks to everyone who played on this record without whom etc. etc.
Dedicated to the "Hoboken Dazzler"
See also: Flash, Yes

TONY BANKS     Go to Next band (Barclay James Harvest) Previous artist (Peter Banks)
1 The Fugitive (US 1983 Atlantic 80071-1) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
This is Love5:06Tony BanksBy You4:27Tony Banks
Man of Spells3:43At the Edge of Night6:01
And the Wheels Keep Turning4:45Charm5:26
Say You'll Never Leave Me4:31Moving Under6:03
Tony Banks-Vocals, Keyboards, Synth Bass & Linn Drum
Daryl Struermer-Guitars
Mo Foster-Bass Guitar
Tony Beard-Drums on Tracks 1, $ & 9
Steve Gadd-Drums, Percussion on Tracks 2, 3 & (6)
Andy Duncan-Drums on Tracks 7 & 8
Produced by Tony Banks
Assisted by Stephen Short
Engineered by Stephen Short
Basic tracks recorded at home on 8 track, added to amd mixed at The Farm, Surrey. Technical Assistance Geoff Callingham, Equipment & food etc. Dale and Clare Newman.
Thanks to Tony Smith, Carol Willis, Geoff Banks, Steve Jones, Andy Mackrill, Ian Tucker and Hit & Run.
Cover by Bill Smith
See also: Genesis

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST     Go to Next band (Barefoot Jerry) Previous artist (Tony Banks)
1 Everyone is Everybody Else (UK 1974 Polydor 2383-286) M-/VG+ $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Child of the Universe??John LeesCrazy City??Les Holroyd
Negative EarthLes Holroyd-Mel PritchardSee Me See YouJohn Lees
Paper WingsPoor Boy BluesLes Holroyd
The Great 1974 Mining DisasterJon LeesMill BoysJohn Lees
For No One
John Lees: Lead Guitar, Acc. Guitar
Mel Pritchard: Drums, Percussion
Les Holroyd: Bass, Acc. Guitar, Rhythm Guitar ('Picked' Guitar on 'Poor Boy Blues' and 'Mill Boys')
Stuart 'Woody' Wolstenholme: Keyboards
Produced by Rodger Bain
Recorded at Olympic Studios London
Engineer: Rufus Cartwright
Mixed at Trident Studios London
Engineer: Ted Sharp
Mastering: Trident Studios
Management Representation: Harvey Lisberg & Danny Betesh, Kennedy St Enterprises
Photography: Alex Agor
Art Direction: Vincent McEvoy

2 Octoberon (US 1976 MCA MSM-35037) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
The World Goes On6:24Les HolroydRock 'n' Roll Star5:17Les Holroyd
May Day8:00John LeesPolk Street Rag5:39John Lees
Ra7:18Woolley WolstenholmeBelieve in Me4:22Les Holroyd
Suicide?7:56John Lees
Produced by Barclay James Harvest Recorded in England

3 Eyes of the Universe (US 1979 Polydor PD-1-6267) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Love On the Line4:38Les HolroydSperratus4:58John Lees
Alright Down Get Boogie (Mu Ala Rusic)4:06John LeesRock 'n' Roll Lady4:30Les Holroyd
The Song (They Love to Sing)6:00Les HolroydCapricorn4:28John Lees
Skin Flicks6:52John LeesPlay to the World7:03Les Holroyd
Recorded at: Strawberry Studios (North) - between July and September 1979
Produced by: Barclay James Harvest and Martin Lawrence
Engineered and re-mixed by: Martin Lawrence
Assisted by: Richard Scott, Chris Nagle, and Glenn Mackintosh
Mastered By: Melvyn Abrahams at Strawberry Mastering
John Lees/ Les Holroyd/ Mel Pritchard: All Instrumentation and Vocals
Except: Kevin McAlea played: Grand piano and Mini Moog on: 'The Song (They Love to Sing') Yamaha CS80 and C3 Hammond Organ on: 'Sperratus'
Alan Fawkes played: Saxophone on: 'Play to the World'
Art Director/Design Alwyn Clayden
Photography John Shaw
Assisted by Tony Latham

BAREFOOT JERRY     Go to Next artist (Syd Barrett) Previous band (Barclay James Harvest)
1 Watchin' TV (US 1974 Monument KZ 32926) promo, has inner sleeve M-/VG+ $20
Side 1Side 2
Watchin' TV (With the Radio On)3:36W. MossFaded Love4:12B. Wills - J. Wills
Funny Lookin Eyes3:41W. Moss - B. ThompsonThere Must Be a Better Way3:18W. Moss - D. Doran
Pig Snoots and Nehi Red3:09F. Newell - B. SkipperIf There Were Only Time for Love3:46W. Moss
Hay Queen3:21R. HicksViolets and Daffodils2:57B. Thompson - W. Moss
Two Mile Pike4:02R. Hicks - B. SkipperMother Nature's Way of Saying High5:40W. Moss - B. Thompson
Lead Guitar: Dave Doran & Wayne Moss
Keyboards: Buddy Skipper & John Harris
Steel Guitar: Russ Hicks
Bass: Fred Newell, Wayne Moss, Dave Doran & Bobby Thompson
Percussion: Si Edwards & Kenny Malone
Acoustic Guitars: Wayne Moss, Bobby Thompson & Russ Hicks
Banjo: Fred Newell
Harmonica: Fred Newell
Condor Innovator: Russ Hicks
Orchestra Bells: Buddy Skipper
"Hendersonville Horns": Buddy Skipper & Russ Hicks
"Goodletsville String Sextet": Wayne Moss, Russ Hicks, Buddy Skipper & Fred Newell
Background Vocals: Wayne Moss, Russ Hicks, Dave Doran, Buddy Skipper, Fred Newell & Bobby Thompson
Special Thanks to: Fred Foster & Bill (Groover) Aikins
Personal Management: Bert Block
Produced by: Wayne Moss & Russ Hicks for Pumpkin Productions
Recorded & Remixed at Cinderella Sound-Madison, Tennessee
Recording Engineers: Wayne Moss & Paul Skala
Remix: Wayne Moss, Buddy Skipper, Russ Hicks, Fred Newell & Terry Dearmore
Mastering: Paul Richmond
Tea & Goodies: Aunt Lucy
Good Grease: "B&B" Cafe & "El Taco"
Vitamin C: Home Juice Co.
Inspiration: Each Other
Art Direction: Bill Barnes
Cover Illustration: Gene Wilkes
Flyleaf Photography: Ken Kim

SYD BARRETT     Go to Next artist (Robbie Basho) Previous band (Barefoot Jerry)
1 The Madcap Laughs (UK 1970 Harvest SHVL 765) gatefold M-/M- $20 Sold!
Side 1Side 2
*terrapin5Syd Barrettoctopus3.45Syd Barrett
*no good trying3.26golden hair1.56
*love you2.25long gone2.47
*no man's land3.5she took a long cold look7.59
dark globe2.10feel
*here i go3.13if it's in you
*late night3.12
Engineers: Jeff jarratt Pete Mew, Mike Sheady, Phil McDonald, Tony Clark
Cover design and photographs by HIPGNOSIS
Produced by David Gilmour & Roger Waters
except * produced by Malcom Jones
The lyric of "Golden Hair" is from a poem by James Joyce. Permission for use granted by The Society Of Authors, literary representatives of the estate of James Joyce.
See also: Pink Floyd

ROBBIE BASHO     Go to Next artist (Count Basie) Previous artist (Syd Barrett)
1 Venus in Cancer (US 1970 Blue Thumb BTS 10) coh wlp gatefold M-/VG+ $15 Sold!
Side 1Side 2
Venus in Cancer9:30Robbie BashoSong for the Queen9:30Robbie Basho
Eagle Sails the Blue Diamond Waters6:45Cathedrals et Fluer de Lis8:00
Kowaka D'Amour9:45Wine Song (Sweet Wine of Love)5:50
This album is dedicated to AVATAR MEHERA BABA
Ed Bogus - Producer / Recorded at Sierra Sound / Engineers: Robert C. Desousa & Roy Ward
Design: Tom Wilkes / Photography: Front cover - Barry Feinstein / Back cover - Paul Slaughter / Inside - Tom Wilkes.

COUNT BASIE     Go to Next band (Battered Ornaments) Previous artist (Robbie Basho)
1 Warm Breeze (US 1981 Pablo Today D2312131) M-/M- red vinyl $12
Side 1Side 2
C.B. Express6:05Sam NesticoCookie*3:58Sam Nestico
After the Rain7:15Flight to Nassau*4:27
Warm Breeze6:45How Sweet it is**7:58
Satin Doll5:56Ellington-Strayhorn-Mercer
Piano: Count Basie
Guitar, Shaker: Freddie Green
Bass: Cleveland Eaton
Drums: Gregg Field, Harold Jones*
Trumpet: Willie Cook, Harry "Sweets" Edison**
Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Sonny Cohn, Dale Carley, Frank Szabo, Bob Summers
Trombones: Mitchell "Booty" Wood, Dennis Wilson, Grover Mitchell, Bill Hughes
Tenor Saxophone: Eric Dixon
Tenor Saxophone & Flute: Bobby Plater, Danny Turner
Baritone Saxophone: Johnny Williams
Arranged & Conducted by Sam Nestico
Produced by Norman Granz
Photo by: Phil Stern
Layout & Design: Norman Granz & Sheldon Marks
Studio: Group IV Studios Hollywood, Ca. September 1 & 2, 1981
Engineers: Angel Balestier, Dennis Sands
Second Engineers: Greg Orloff, Paul Aronoff
This record was recorded and mastered using the 3M Digital Mastering System.

BATTERED ORNAMENTS     Go to Next band (Beaver & Krause) Previous artist (Count Basie)
1 Mantle-Piece (US 1970 Harvest SKAO-422) gatefold M-/VG $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Sunshades3:28Chris SpeddingStaggered4:04Nisar Ahmad Khan
Late Into the Night5:23Chris Spedding, Pete BrownTwisted Track4:24Chris Spedding, Pete Brown
Then I Must Go4:09Smoke Rings5:07Roger Potter, Chris Spedding
The Crosswords and the Safety Pins5:31Pete BrownTake Me Now3:00Roger Potter, Chris Spedding, Pete Brown
My Love's Gone Far Away3:32Chris Spedding, Pete Brown
Nisar Ahmad Khan: Gibson maestro, reeds, flute, vocals
Chris Spedding: guitars, steel guitar, Portuguese chittara, piano, organ, vocals
Roger Potter: bass guitar, vocals
Pete Bailey: conga drums, African percussion, vocals
Rob Tait: drums, guira, tambourine, vocals
Produced by Andrew King for Blackhill Enterprises Limited
Many thanks to engineer Peter Brown
Musical direction and arrangements by CHris Spedding
Steel guitar loaned by Rose-Morris
Cover art and design by Valery Allen
Layout and typography bt George Powell
From a trauma by Pete Bailey
Recorded at E.M.I. Studios, St. John's Wood, London

BEAVER & KRAUSE     Go to Next band (Be-Bop Deluxe) Previous band (Battered Ornaments)
1 Gandharva (US 1971 Warner Brothers WS 1909) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2 (Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, February 10-11, 1971)
Soft/White:52Beaver and KrauseGandharva1:12Beaver and Krause
Saga of the Blue Beaver4:19By Your Grace5:13Gerry Mulligan
Nine Moons in Alaska3:04Good Places3:37Beaver and Krause
Walkin'2:42Short Film for David5:23
Walkin' by the River2:39Bright Shadows4:53
Musicians: Paul Beaver - Moog, Hammond and pipe organ (Grace Cathedral) / Bernard L. Krause - Moog / Mike Bloomfield - guitar (appears courtesy of Columbia Records) / Ray Brown - bass / Lee Charlton - drums / Rodd Ellicott - bass (appears courtesy of the Fillmore Corporation) / Rik Elswit - guitar / Lamont Johnson - piano / Mike Lang - piano / Gail Laughton - harp / George Marsh - drums / Ronnie Montrose - guitar (appears courtesy of the Fillmore Corporation) / Gerry Mulligan - baritone sax (appears courtesy of A&M Records) / Howard Roberts - guitar (appears courtesy of ABC/Dunhill Records) / Bud Shank - altosax, flute
Voices: Clydie King - lead / Patrice Holloway - lead / Evaneline Carmichael / Vanetta Fields / Ron Lee Hicklin / Bill King / Bernard L. Krause / Lewis Morford / Edna Wright
Audio Supervision and Mixing: Robert Orban
Engineers: Phil Edwards / Robert de Sousa / Rudy Hill / Robert Orban / John Payne / Ed Peterson / Sol Weiss
Additional Technical Assistance: Coast Recorders / Different Fur Trading Company / Robert Easton / Sierra Sound Labs / Warner Bros. Records
Quadraphonic and Stereo Mixdown Facilities: The Villiage Recorder, Los Angeles
Concept Assistance: Denise Krause / Charles Swisher
Talent Co-ordination: Sid Goldstein
Cover Art: Satty / D. Singer (lettering)
Liner Photos: Jack Fulton / Gil Hubbs
Production: Paul Beaver / Bernard L. Krause
Special Thanks to: Staff of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

BE-BOP DELUXE     Go to Next artist (Jeff Beck) Previous band (Beaver & Krause)
1 Axe Victim (US 1974 Harvest SM-11689) M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Axe Victim5:12Bill NelsonRocket Cathedrals2:58R. Bryan
Love is Swift Arrows4:11Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape3:34Bill Nelson
Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus4:07Jets at Dawn7:07
Third Floor Heaven2:24No Trains to Heaven6:36
Night Creatures3:32Darkness (L'Immoraliste)***3:19
Produced by Ian McLintock
Arranged by Bill Nelson
except *** by Andrew Powell
Recorded in England
William Nelson: lead guitars, lead vocals, acoustic guitar and grand piano
Ian Parkin: rhythm and acoustic guitar (Organ on 'Rocket Cathedrals')
Robert Bryan: bass guitar, vocal (Lead vocal on 'Rocket Cathedrals')
Nicholas Chatterton-Dew: drums and percussion

2 Futurama (US 1975 Harvest ST-11432) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Stage Whispers3:01Bill NelsonMusic in Dreamland4:40Bill Nelson
Love of the Madman3:09Jean Cocteau2:50
Maid in Heaven2:24Between the Worlds3:21
Sister Seagull3:35Swan Song5:56
Sound Track6:14
Bill Nelson - All guitars Keyboards Lead Voclas and Percussion
Charles Tumahai - Fender Bass Vocals and Percussion
Simon Fox - Drums and Percussion
Cover art and Design George Hardie NTA
Photography Malcolm Taylor Jr
Produced for Be-Bop Deluxe by Roy Thomas Baker for The Muse in the Moon
Instrumental tracks recorded at Rockfield Studios, South Wales, and engineered by Pat Moran.
Vocals overdubs and mixing completed at Sarm Studios, London and engineered by Gary Lyons
The Grimethorpe Colliery Band played on Music in Dreamland, Conducted by John Barryman, and recorded at E.M.I. Abbey Road.
Brass band arrangement by Sir Peter Oxendale.
Thanks to Andy Evans who played string bass on Jean Cocteau.

3 Sunburst Finish (US 1976 Harvest ST-11478) M-/M- coh has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Fair Exchange5:20Bill NelsonBeauty Secrets2:50Bill Nelson
Heavenly Homes3:40Life in the Air Age4:07
Ships in the Night4:00Like an Old Blues3:26
Crying to the Sky3:50Crystal Gazing3:23
Sleep that Burns5:50Blazing Apostles4:30
Bill Nelson :- Lead vocals, all guitars, harmonica, tubular bells and percussion
Andrew Clark :- All keyboards
Charles Tumahai :- Bass guitar, vocals and percussion
Simon Fox :- Drums and percussion
Produced by John Leckie and Bill Nelson
Engineered by John Leckie
Tape operated by Peter James and Nigel Walker
Recorded at E.M.I. Studios, Abbey Road and Air London.
Thanks to Andrew Powell for the orchestral arrangement on "Crystal Gazing" and "Like An Old Blues"
Thanks to Ian Nelson for alto saxophone on "Ships In The Night"
Art direction: Mike Doud (AGI, London)
Photography by John Thornton
Cover Concept: Bill Nelson, Mike Doud
See also: Bill Nelson

JEFF BECK     Go to Next band (Beck Bogart Appice) Previous band (Be-Bop Deluxe)
1 Truth (US 1968 Epic BXN 26413) M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Shapes of Things3:17P. Samwell-Smith - K. Relf - J. McCarthyGreensleeves1:47Trad.: Arranged by A. Jeffrey
Let Me Love You4:41J. RodRock My Plimsoul4:11J. Rod
Morning Dew4:38B. Dobson - T. RoseBeck's Bolero2:50J. Page
You Shook Me2:28W. Dixon - J.B. LenoreBlues De Luxe7:32J. Rod
Ol' Man River3:57O. Hammerstein II - J. KernI Ain't Superstion4:53W. Dixon
Guitar: Jeff Beck
Vocals: Rod Stewart
Bass: Ron Wood
Drums: Mick Waller
Jeff Beck, Bass, on "Ol' Man River"
J. P. Jones, Hammond Organ, on "Ol' Man River"
Timpani by "You Know Who"
Nicky Hopkins, Piano, on "Morning Dew" and "Blues De Luxe"
Produced by Mickey Most
Arranged by Jeff Beck
Engineer: Ken Scott

2 With the Jan Hammer Group Live (US 1977 Epic 34433) M-/VG+ $5
Side 1Side 2
Freeway Jam7:22M. MiddletonDarkness/Earth in Search Of a Sun7:52J. Hammer
Earth (Still Our Only Home)4:38J. HammerScatterbrain7:26J. Beck
She's a Woman4:26J. Lennon - P. McCartneyBlue Wind5:47J. Hammer
Full Moon Boogie6:10J. Hammer - J. Goodman
Recorded live and remixed by Dennis Weinreich and Jan Hammer at Scorpio Sound Studios, London, England - A Fiberchem International Production

Many thanks to our long suffering & hard working road force: Andy Topeka, Chris Hill, Dave Cohen, Bob Schachner, John Dodd, and, of course, Alan Dutton and Elliot Sears.
Cover design: John Berg / Front photo: Larry Yelen / Back photo: Hue and Eye / Lettering: Joyce McGregor
Personnel: Jeff Beck-Guitar & special effects
The Jan Hammer Group: Tony Smith/Drums & lead vocal on "Full Moon Boogie"; Fernando Saunders/Bass, rhythm guitar on "She's a Woman" and vocal harmony; Steve Kindler/Violin, string synthesizer on "Darkness" and rhythm guitar on "Blue Wind"; Jan Hammer/Moog & Oberheim synthesizer; Freeman/Moog string synthesizer, electric piano, timbales, and lead vocal on "Earth (Still Our Only Home)." Jan Hammer appears courtesy of Nemporer Records

BECK BOGART APPICE     Go to Next artist (David Bedford) Previous artist (Jeff Beck)
1 Beck Bogart Appice (US 1973 Epic KE 32140) textured cover M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Black Cat Moan3:47D. NixSweet Sweet Surrender3:58D. Nix
Lady5:33J. Beck-T. Bogart-C. Appice-D. Hitchings-P. FrenchWhy Should I Care3:33R. Kennedy
Oh to Love You4:05J. Beck-T. Bogart-C. AppiceLose Myself with You3:18J. Beck-T. Bogart-C. Appice-P. Frence
Superstition4:19S. WonderLivin' Alone4:13J. Beck-T. Bogart-C. Appice
I'm So Proud4:11C. Mayfield
Engineering: Baker Bigsby, Gary Starr, Mike Colchamiro
Remix Engineer: John Fry
An Equator-Timcar Production
Thanks to: Danny Hutton (background vocal on "Sweet Sweet Surrender"), Duane Hitchings (piano and mellotron on "Oh To Love You"), Jim Greenspoon (piano on "Sweet Sweet Surrender")
Special thanks to "Magnet" for tea, coffee, pizza, booze, etc., etc.
Produced by: Don Nix and The Boys
Cover design: Ed Lee
Photo: Fred Lombardi
Logo design: Kelvin Hughes

DAVID BEDFORD     Go to Next band (Bedful of Metaphysicians) Previous artist (Jeff Beck)
1 Star's End (US 1974 Virgin VR 13-114) M-/M- cos $12
Side 1Side 2
Star's End23:18David BedfordStar's End22:26David Bedford
Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Vernon Handley
Mike Oldfield: Guitar and Bass Guitar
Chris Cutler: Percussion
Produced by David Bedford and Mike Oldfield
Recorded by the Manor Mobile at Barking Town Hall
Engineer: Phil Becque
Photography: Chris Callis

BEDFUL OF METAPHYSICIANS     Go to Next artist (Adrian Belew) Previous artist (David Bedford)
1 Bedful of Metaphysicians (US 1986 Digitek B2786) SEALED $15
Side 1Side 2
The Wish Id Gone to Vietnam Blues4:36Dirt Condominium/ Burma DiodeeMpTy-Vee3:23Dirt Condominium/ Burma Diode
Gravity Pulls the Trousers Down; Morality Pulls the Trousers Up6:54Sisters in Bed2:40
Its Hip to be Nip and Hype is Hip2:45The Amorous Days of the Legendary Henry K.3:36
Rambo Love1:16For Cash2:48Kid Trousers/ Burma Diode
BEDFUL is...

"Hunter, Illusionist"
Guitar, bass, Chroma

"Has greater contempt for private property than a Marxist"

"Rebel without a car"

"Soldier of Fortune"
Drums, percussion, piano

"A Threat to Aviation"
Electric guitar, bass

"Drives ten miles, to jog one mile, where he can be seen by women"
Vocal on "Vietnam Blues"
"Is to the theater, what Edison was to electricity"
Voice on "Gravity Pulls"

"Amway mystic"
Voice on "For Cash"

Larry Choli
Ted Naratil
Toshi Makihara

All compositions by Dirt Condominium and Burma Diode except For Cash by Kid Trousers vs Dirt Condominium

Cover painting by Biff Aerosol-Doglung
Vision by Dirt Condominium

Engineered by Michael Garrison
additional engineering by George Graham and Scott Heatherington

Recorded & Mixed @ Susquehanna Sound Northumberland, PA WVIA-FM Pittston, PA "One on One" Phoenix, AZ

Art Direction by Katrina Hellebush

Mastered by Masterdisk, New York City

ADRIAN BELEW     Go to Next artist (George Benson) Previous band (Bedful of Metaphysicians)
1 Lone Rhino (UK 1982 Island ILPS 9675) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12 SOLD!
2 Lone Rhino (US 1982 Island il 9751) M-/M- has insert $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Big Electric Cat4:51Adrian BelewHot Sun1:29Adrian Belew
The Momur3:45The Lone Rhinoceros3:57
Stop It2:45Swingline3:25
The Man in the Moon3:45Adidas in heat2:44
Naive Guitar3:58Animal Grace3:58
The Final Rhino1:24Adrian & Audie Belew
Adrian Belew: guitars effects drums percussives and lead vocals
Christy Bley: acoustic piano and vocals
William Janssen: alto/bariton sax and vocals
J. Clifton Mayhugh: bass/fretless bass guitar and vocals
Audie Belew (age 4): acoustic piano on "The Final Rhino"
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas in August/September 1981
Engineered by Plattski, assisted by Rich Denhart
Photography by Sukita
Produced by Adrian Belew for Macaque

3 Twang Bar King (US 1983 Island 90108-1) gatefold cos M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
I'm Down2:54Lennon/McCartneyPaint the Road3:19Adrian Belew
I Wonder4:39Adrian BelewShe is not Dead4:41
Life Without a Cage3:20Fish Head4:30
Sexy Rhino0:37The Ideal Woman4:08
Twang Bar King1:26Ballet for a Blue Whale4:44
Another Time3:02
The Rail Song5:39
Adrian Belew: guitars, percussion and lead vocals
Christy Bley: acoustic piano, vocals
William Janssen: saxophones, bass clarinet, vocals
Larrie London: drums
J. Clifton Mayhugh: bass, vocals

recorded with the full sail mobile unit at our rehearsal studio in the c.v. lloyde complex in greater downtown champaign, illinois february/march 1983

engineered by gary platt...
assisted by rytt hershberg
remixed to jvc digital at fifth floor studio in greater downtown cincinnati, ohio
remix engineer: gary platt...
assisted by kathy jo williams

edited and matered by the jvc cutting center in greater downtown los angeles, california
mastered by joe gastwirt

the lead guitar and vocal in twang bar king were recorded in 1979 at cwazy wabbit 8-track studio and former potato cooler in springfield, illinois
engineered by rich denhart
album design and artwork mike getz
produced by Adrian Belew
executive production stan hertzman
production assistant rich denhart for macaque, inc.

4 Desire Caught by the Tail (US 1986 Island 90551-1) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Tango Zebra7:30Adrian BelewPortrait of Margaret4:00Adrian Belew
Laughing Man3:45Beach Creatures Dancing Like Cranes3:28
The Gypsy Zurna3:03At the Seaside Cafe1:50
Note: this album uses the GR-300 guitar synthesizer

instrumental music for guitar and percussion
composed and performed by adrian belew

rich denhart

recorded at creative audio
mixed at royal recorders
assistant engineer jim bartz
technician bruce breckenfeld
mastered at sterling sound by ted jensen
margaret belew

cover design
sotto voce

calligraphy ginger lepley
front photo paul hixson
back photo
chris covatta

executive producer stan hertzman
produced by adrian belew
See also: King Crimson, Frank Zappa

GEORGE BENSON     Go to Next artist (Jeff Berlin) Previous artist (Adrian Belew)
1 Good King Bad (US 1976 CTI 6062) gatefold M-/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
theme from Good King Bad6:00David MatthewsCast Your Fate to the Wind6:56Vince Guaraldi
One Rock Don't Make No Boulder6:48Siberian Workout6:40David Matthews
Em4:53Philip NamanworthShell of a Man5:13Eugene McDaniels
Arranged by David Matthews
Rhythm arrangements on Em and Shell of a Man by Gary King

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios
Rudy Van Gelder, Engineer
Recorded July and December, 1975

Cover photograph by Pete Turner
Liner photograph by Pete Turner
Album design by Rene Schumacher

*courtesy Arista Records
George Benson, Eric Gale (all selections except Shell of a Man)

Ronnie Foster (Shell of a Man), Don Grolnick (clavinet Good King Bad, One Rock), Roland Hanna (Em), Bobby Lyle (Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout)

Gary King

Dennis Davis (Shell of a Man), Steve Gadd (Em), Andy Newmark (Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout

Sue Evans, David Friedman (vibes Good King Bad, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, solo of Shell of a Man)

*Randy Brecker (Good King Bad)
Fred Wesley

*Mike Brecker (tenor Good King Bad), Robbie Cuber (baritone Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout), David Sanborn (alto Good King Bad), Frank Vicari (tenor Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout)

Joe Farrell (solo Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout), Romeo Penque (Em, Shell of a Man), David Tofani (Em, Shell of a Man)

Max Ellen, Paul Gershman, Harry Glickman, Emanuel Green, Harold Kohon, David Nadien, John Pintavalle, Max Pollikoff

Harold Coletta, Theodore Israel

Charles McCracken, Alan Shulman

JEFF BERLIN & VOX HUMANA     Go to Next band (Michael Bierylo Ensemble) Previous artist (George Benson)
1 Champion (US 1985 Passport Jazz PJ88004) M-/M- cos $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Mother Lode5:30Jeff BerlinThree Nighter5:18Jeff Berlin
20,000 Prayers6:07Dixie3:11
Marabi5:34Julian "Cannonball" AdderlyWhat I Know Now5:12
Subway Music3:53Jeff BerlinChampion (of the World)4:41Jeff Berlin-Ronnie Montrose
Bass: Jeff Berlin
Guitars: Scott Henderson, Neal Schon
Drums: Steve Smith, Neil Peart
Keyboards: T. Lavitz, Clare Fisher, Walter Afanasieff, Jeff Berlin
Vocals: Keith England, Roger Love
Background Vocals: Jeff Berlin, Ronnie Montrose, Paul Kingery

Produced by Ronnie Montrose
Co-Produced by Jeff Berlin

Executive Producer: Jim Snowden for the P.A.R.A.S. Group

Engineered by: Roger Wiersema, Ron Malo ("Dixie" and Vocal on "Champion")
DX-7 Programming by: Walter Afanasieff
Oberheim Analog Programming by: Ronnie Montrose
Recorded: March 85 at the Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA
Mastered by: Steve Hall at Future Disc
Equipment: Carl Thompson Bass Strings, Booklyn, N.Y. (the best on earth), Keith Worsley / Klark-Teknik, Michael Tobias / Tobias Basses, L.A., CA (for the loan of his incredible instrument), Kevin Monahan / E-MU Systems, Kahler Guitar Bridges
Road Crew: Fred Lucero, Rick Garcia. Larry "Shrav" Allen
Art Direction: Kathleen Covert
Cover Computer Art: Neil Zachary
Back Cover Photo: Kristen Dahline

Special Thanks to: Glen Quan, Phil Mandel, Jeff Jampl, Ron Malo (for everything you've done), Davey Pattison, Dave Porter and the Staff at the Music Annex, Pat Hicks from the Musician's Institute (for your support), Gerry Weiner (thanks for all your special attention), Steve Smith, Neil Schon, Neil Peart (for your contribution and time).

Lyrics to "Champion" by Ronnie Montrose

Neal Schon & Steve Smith appear coutesy of Columbia Records
Neil Peart appears courtesy of Polygram Records

Apparently Jeff Berlin maintains his love for the Leo Quan Badass Bass Bridge.
See also: Bruford

MICHAEL BIERYLO ENSENBLE     Go to Next band (Big Dish) Previous artist (Jeff Berlin)
1 Cloud Chorus (US 1987 Inner Light IL-1107) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Cloud Chorus5:50Michael BieryloView From Above6:01Michael Bierylo
Fictional Characters2:48Frontiers5:20
Island X7:34Traveling Light3:20
Closing Time in Mexico4:31Fishermans Song1:53
Michael Bierylo: Guild D50 and Ovation Custom Legend acoustic guitars, Gibson Les Paul, processed
Matt Darriau: curved soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and wood flutes
Brian Capouch: cello
Produced by John Ashbrook

THE BIG DISH     Go to Next band (Biota) Previous band (Michael Bierylo Ensemble)
1 Swimmer (US 1986 Warner Brothers 25519) M-/M- cos has inner sleeve $10
Side 1Side 2
Prospect street3:21Steven LindsaySwimmer5:22Steven Lindsay
Christina's World4:10The Lonliest Man in the World3:39
Big New Beginning*3:21Her Town3:56
Another People's Palace***4:46Beyond the Pale3:57
Second Swimmer2:43Steven Lindsay/Brian McFie
The Big Dish are:
Steve Lindsay: singer, guitars, keyboards
Brian Mcfie: lead guitar, second guitar
Raymond Dochery: bass
With Ian Richie: programming, saxophone
Thanks to Steven Cheyne and Ronnie Gurr
Produced by Ian Richie;
engineered by Chris Sheldon
*produced by Paul Hardiman
**produced by The Big Dish
***produced by Glyn Johns
Art direction: Gary Wathen
Design: Red Ranch
Photography: Heather Angel
Thanks to Chris Andrews and staff at the London Zoo Aquarium

BIOTA     Go to Next band (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) Previous band (Big Dish)
1 Bellowing Room (UK 1987 Recommended RRC27) M-/M- w/ visual folio & full notes $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
A23:30Tom Katsimpalis/Mark Piersel/Steve Scholbe/ William Sharp/Gordon H. Whitlow/Larry WilsonB23:50Tom Katsimpalis/Mark Piersel/Steve Scholbe/ William Sharp/Gordon H. Whitlow/Larry Wilson
Autumn 1985 - Spring 1986
Engineering: Piersel/Sharp
Technical Assistance: Mark Derbyshire
Sources: organ/piano/accordian/guitars/banjo/cheng/zither /autoharp/psaltery/ukulele/voice/alto saxophone/ bass & b-flat clarinets/trumpet/bagpipes/harmonica/melodica & bellows/ flute/recorder/orchestra bells/kit drums/ congas/bodhran/kalimba/bongos/bass drums/...

Visuals by Mnemonists.
Jacket drawings: Tom Katsimpalis
Center label drawings: Dana Sharp
Folder cover:
Larry Wilson (photography & assemblage)
Jean Michel Papillion (letter illustrations, c. 1760
Folder inside:
Randy Yeats (drawings at left, & right overleaf)
Mareye Yeats (embroidery at left, & right overleaf)
Heidi Eversley (drawing above)
Ti Birchrose (drawings at right)
Tom Katsimpalis (all drawings, except...)
William Sharp (title page, after photographs by Guillermo Aldana E. & Fred Bruemmer)

Cutting Engineer: Roger Seibel
Wakefield Inc/Phoenix Arizona

Lacquer Pressing: Record Technology Inc/Camarillo CA
Pressing: Statetune Ltd/Leicester
Jacket silkscreen printing: Third Step Printworks/London
Folder/insert printing: Blackrose Press (TU), 30 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1, 01-251 3043
Camera: George Harms Reprographics Inc/Ft Collins CO

Invaluable assistance: Joy Froding/the entire RR staff/Carol Heineman Staley

Contact: Biota-Mnemonists/910 W Mulberry/Ft Collins Colorado/80521 USA

2 Tinct (UK 1988 Recommended RRC31) M-/M- w/dayglo poster $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Composition/Production/Mixdown: Biota

Tom Katsimpalis: organ/guitars/bass guitar/voice/harmonica/ recorder/bells/autoharp
Mark Piersel: trumpet/guitars/banjo/cheng/psaltery/ukulele/organ/voice/perc
Steve Scholbe: alto saxophone/bass clarinet/flute/guitars/cheng/bells/perc
William Sharp: tapes/voice/organ/bass clarinet/perc
Gordon H. Whitlow: bass guitars/guitars/piano/accordion
Larry Wilson: Kit drums/congas/bongos/bodhran
Randy Yeates: kalimba/toy piano

Recorded & Mixed: Bughouse & Dys Studios/Summer 1986 - Spring 1987
Engineers: Sharp/Piersel
Visuals: Mnemonists

Jacket front painting: Ken DeVries
Jacket back painting & backdrop: Tom Katsimpalis
Center labels: Larry Wilson

Insert: (top, l) Ann Stretton/Stan Starbuck
(top, r) Tom Katsimpalis
(middle, l) Randy & Mareye Yeates
(middle, r) Kay Tuttle
(bottom, l) Dana Sharp
(bottom, r) Heidi Eversley

Insert photography: Third Step Printworks/London
Jacket color photography: Dick Keslan/Loveland Colorado
Offset negatives: Spectrum Inc/Golden Colorado

BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC     Go to Next band (Black Sabbath) Previous band (Biota)
1 EP (US 1983 Ace of Hearts AHS 1008) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Sound Valentine3:15R. MillerThe Orange Ocean2:28R. Miller
Transformation of Oz2:20Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous6:15
Drift2:39R. Miller/M. Swope
Roger Miller- Piano, tom-toms (Oz, Triassic), snare drum, cymbals, reed organ (Valentine), wood block, voice
Erik Lindgren- Synthesizer, rhythm machine
Martin Swope- Electric Guitar, acoustic guitar (Valentine), manipulated bird calls (Triassic), cymbal loop, pre-recorded tape (Drift)
Rick Scott- Electric organ, maracas
With Guests:
Michael Cohen- Roto-toms & cymbals (Oz, Triassic)
Steve Stain- Chain on Metal (Triassic)
Peter Prescott- Tom-tom (Triassic)
Karen Kaderavek -'Cello (Ocean)
Leon Janikian- Clarinet (Valentine)
Produced by Richard W. Harte/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
Recorded Aug. '81-Dec. '82 at Downtown Recorders, Boston
Engineer- Jeff Whitehead
Cover design- Holly Anderson/Roger Miller
Photo- Kathy Chapman

2 Faultline (US 1989 Cuniform RUNE 19) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
The True Wheelbase2:59Eric LindgrenFaultline4:41Steve Adams
They Walk Among Us3:35Martin SwopeOn the Street Where You Live4:05Martin Swope
Coco Boudakian5:47Eric LindgrenMaybe I Will6:08Rick Scott
I Don't Need No Crystal Ball3:20Steve AdamsThere Is No One3:44Eric Lindgren
Chariots of Fire2:46Martin SwopeSlo-Boy4:26
Steve Adams: tenor and alto sax, synth, bass clarinet, percussion, drum machine
Martin Swope: guitar, samples
Rick Scott: synth, percussion, piano
Ken Field: alto and soprano sax, percussion
Erik Lundgren: piano, samples, trumpet, drum machine
Willie Loco Alexander: percussion (tracks B3, B4)
Produced by Bob Windsor and Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
Recording/mixdown engineer: Bob Winsor
Recording/mixdown done at Lyx Studio, Worchester, MA January/February 1989
Mastering: Roger Siebel at SAE
Cover: Martin Swope
Photography: Kathy Chapman, Ken Winokur
Special thanks to Steve Izzi and Alactronics (for customized digital mixdown equipment), Nancy Given (for cover assistance), Peter J. McDonald, D.M.D. (Ken's dentist), and Yvonne

BLACK SABBATH     Go to Next artist (Gary Blanchard) Previous band (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic)
1 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (US 1974 Warner Brothers BS 2695) has insert, slight water damage M-/VG+ $5 Sold!
Side 1Side 2
Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath5:35Black SabbathKilling Yourself to Live5:35Black Sabbath
A National Acrobat6:20Who are You?4:10
Fluff4:10Looking for Today5:00
Sabbra Cadabra5:55Spiral Archetect4:40
Tony-Electric and acoustic guitars, pianos, synthesizer and bagpipes
Ozzy-Vocals and synthesizers
Bill-Drums, percussion, timpani and fuzz bass-drum
Geezer-Bass, Fuzz bass, synthesizer, Mellotrons and nose
Rick Wakeman: piano and synthesizer on Sabbra Cadabra

The Phantom Fiddlers arranged by Will Malone and Black Sabbath
Conducted by Bill Malone
Produced by Black Sabbath for excellency productions
engineered by Mike Butcher
Coordination: Mark Forster
Direction: Patrick Meehan

special thanks to Mike Butcher and Spock Wall for all their help and enthusiasm throughout the production of this album. Thanks also to tape-operator George Nicholson and Frank Silvagni and Les Martin
Album concept and design: Pacific eye & ear
Illustrations: Drew Struzan
Photography: Shepard Sherbell

BLACK SWAN QUARTET     Go to Next artist (Gary Blanchard) Previous band (Black Sabbath)
1 Black Swan Quartet (G 1986 Minor Music 009) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Double-Up3:00Lee MorganLiberation Suite20:42Ali Akbar
Justification5:05Akbar AliSpider Dance3:23BSQ
Prelude to a Kiss3:48Duke EllingtonAll Talk2:56
Komor4:17Ali Akbar
For Rita7:13
Inside Mr. Outside3:53
Akbar Ali: violin
Abdul Wadud: cello
Eileen M. Folson: cello
Reggie Workman: bass
Studio: Quadrasonic Studio, New York City, June 1985.
Format: Live to Nakamichi DMP digital mastering processor using the Carlec Soundfield microphone.
Digital postproduction: Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, engineer: Johannes Wohlleben.
Cover paintin: Kelly Smith Spalding, 1983.
Album design: Claus Peter Bauerle, Christin Schindler.
Solo note: Folson solos on "Double-Up" and first on "Liberation Suite"; all other cello solos by Wadud.
Produced by: David Breskin
Engineered by: Ron Saint Germain.

GARY BLANCHARD     Go to Next band (Bloodrock) Previous band (Black Sabbath)
1 Original Soundtrack (US 1987 Phlamingo PHR-001) M-/M- $25
Side 1Side 2
Morning in the City?Gary BlanchardTin Man?Gary Blanchard
Polyester from HellWalk, Don't Walk
Ladies in MercedesSowebohemia
Time/SilenceButter Fly
Pink FlamingosBlue Diamonds
Technology MythologyTime Travel
The Big ChillPicture
Evening in the City
This album contains studio versions of the audio portion of "Show", a performance art program by Gary Blanchard with the Generic Art Ensemble. "Show" combines music & spoken with dance, acting & movement. To compensate for the visuals that cannot be provided on record, we have added many effects that are not used in the live performance. I would like to thank Erik Steensen of M&M Productions for his assistance in the production of this album. Thanks also to Janet Tracy for the phrase "Polyester from Hell"; & poet Ted Getzel, whose "Citizen Thomas Pleasure" provided the inspiration for "Technology Mythology". I'd like to give special thanks to Joan Mosca, dancer & choreographer of the Generic Art Ensemble, for her help, inspiration & friendship.
Recorded & mixed at M&M Production Studios Baltimore, Maryland
Cover Photo by Jeff Patti
Cover Design & Art by Monica Broere
Produced by Eric Steensen & Gary Blanchard
All songs written & performed by Gary Blanchard

BLOODROCK     Go to Next artist (Blowfly) Previous artist (Gary Blanchard)
1 Bloodrock 2 (US 1970 Capitol ST-491) VG+/VG+ w/DOA $20
Side 1Side 2
Lucky in the Morning5:43John NitzingerChildrens Heritage3:30John Nitzinger
Cheater6:43Rutledge-Hill-Grundy- Taylor-Pickens-CobbDier Not a Lover4:05Pickens-Hill-Gummett
Sable and Pearl4:12John NitzingerD.O.A.8:25Rutledge-Hill-Grundy-Taylor-Pickens-Cobb
Fallin4:00Rutledge-Hill-Grundy- Taylor-Pickens-CobbFancy Space Odyssey5:06John Nitzinger
Jim Rutledge: Lead Vocals
Lee Pickens: Lead Guitar
Nick Taylor: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Eddie Grundy: Bass/Vocals
Stevie Hill: Keyboards/Vocals
Rick Cobb: Drums
BLOODROCK is from Ft. Worth, Texas.
This is their second album.

Engineer: Kenneth Hamann
Recording produced by TERRY KNIGHT

BLOWFLY     Go to Next band (Blue Cheer) Previous band (Bloodrock)
1 Zodiac Blowfly (US 1970? Weird World WW-2023) M-/VG+ $20
Side 1Side 2
Narration.......BUTTER FLY

BLUE CHEER     Go to Next artist (David Borden) Previous artist (Blowfly)
1 Outsideinside (US 1968 Philips PHS 600-278) VG+/VG+ gatefold $20 Sold!
Side 1Side 2
Feathers From Your Tree3:29Peterson, Stevens and Wagner(I Cant Get No) Satisfaction5:07Jagger, Richards
Sun Cycle4:12The Hunter4:22Booker T. Jones
Just a Little Bit3:24PetersonMagnolia Caboose Babyfinger1:38Stevens, Peterson
Gypsy Ball2:57Peterson, StevensBabylon4:22Peterson
Come and Get It3:13Stevens, Peterson and Wagner
Organ and reeds on "Babylon": Ralph Kellogg

Outside sessions recorded at:
Gate Five, Sausalito, Calif., Engineers: Hank McGil & Jay Snyder
Muir Beach, Calif., Engineer: Jay Snyder
Pier 57 (Courtesy Department of Marine & Aviation, N.Y.C),
Engineer: Jay Snyder/Sound Consultant: Henry Cattaneo, Adams Ltd.

Inside sessions recorded at:
A & R Studios, N.Y.C., Engineer: Tony May
Olmstead Studios, N.Y.C.
Record Plant, N.Y.C., Engineer: Eddie Kramer
Pacific Recorders, Inc., San Mateo, Calif., Engineer: Eddie Kramer
Produced by Abe "Voco" Kesh
Lead vocals by Dick Peterson
Cover painting: Arab
Album design: Gut
Color photo: Stef Leinwohl
Black & white photo (sky): Jim Marshall
Black & while photo (on stage): Gut

    Go to Next artist (David Bowie) Previous band (Blue Cheer)
1 Anatidae (US 1985 Cuniform RUNE 4) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Part 57:50David BordenAnatidae 18:30David Borden
The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Part 211:17The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Part 312:08
Anatidae 2a3:02Anatidae 2b2:35
Rebecca Armstrong - voice (TCSOC Part3)
David Borden - synthesizers, electric piano (All but TCSOC Part 2)
Edmund Niemann - piano, synthesizer, electric piano (TCSOC Part 2 & 5)
Chip Smith - synthesizer (TCSOC Part 3)
Les Thimming - soprano sax, baritone sax (TCSOC Part 3 & 5, anatidae 1, 2a & 2b)
Nurit Tilles - piano, synthesizer (TCSOC Part 2, 3, & 5)
Special Guest Artists:
David Torn - guitar (Anatidae 2a & 2b)
David Van Tieghem - drums & percussion (TCSOC Part 5)
Produced by David Borden and Alex Perialas
Recorded in New York City at Seltzer Sound, and in Ithica, NY at Calf Audio and Pyramid Sound. Mixed at Pryamid Sound and Calf Audio
Engineered by Todd Hutchinson (Calf Audio) and Alex Perialas (Pyramid Sound)
David Torn appears through the courtesy of ECM
Cover design by David Borden & Michael Boyd
Front cover drawing by David Borden
Front cover photo by Steve Drews
Backliner photo by Wally Wiggins
Special thanks to the Department of Ornithology, Cornell University, Steve Feigenbaum, Jane Yockel, David Wickstrom, Lena Belle Mallard, Jake, and Bard Prentiss for his duck decoy sounds.

2 Migration (US 1988 Cuniform RUNE 10) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Trains I7:30David BordenDick Twardzik9:55David Borden
The Continuing Story of Counterpoint, Part Four19:25Enfield in Summer9:15
Trains II7:30
David Borden - Yamaha KX88 Midi Controller Keyboard, TX216+1, TX81Z, FB01, SPX90, Roland Juno 60, Macintosh computer, Performer sequencer.
David Swaim - Yamaha KX88 Midi Controller Keyborad, Roland JX-10, Prophet VS, Tom drum machine, Lexoicon PCM 70
Les Thimming - E flat Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Ellen Hargis - voice

Recorded at Calf Audio, Ithica NY
Todd Hutchinson, engineer
Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE
The creative input of the musicians on this record is gratefully acknowledged.
Cover design by Michael Boyd
Front cover painting, Lone Tree 1986 Acrylic on canvas, by Michael Boyd
Back cover computer graphics courtesy of the University of Michigan Center for the performing Arts and Technology, Michael Knight, Video Technology Consultant
Special thanks to Verlaine Boyd, Gabriel Borden, Flathead Flaherty, Lynne Abel, Jane Belonsoff, Tom Sokol, Nurit Tilles, Edmund Niemann, Jon Hassell, Jessica Fogel, Roy Groth, David Gregory, Eric Feinstein, Rich Crawford, Penny Crawford, Bob Moog, Steve Drews, Doug Wyatt, Phill Niblock, John Mavraides, David Van Tieghem, Mark Callisto, Matt Howarth, Harvey Pekar, Harmon Bro, June Bro, Marilyn Peterson, Herbert Avrum Levine, Kathy Arnaud, Bill and Lynn Purse, Jackie Brissette and the guy who once wrote a nice note to me on the back of a napkin when I was playing piano in a lounge.

Dick Twardzik is from the Boston Elegies, Trains is from Edward Hopper in Three Parts, Enfield in Summer is from Places, Times, The Continuing Story of Conterpoint has twelve parts and was composed over a period of eleven years (1976-1987)
See also: Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.

DAVID BOWIE     Go to Next band (Brand X) Previous artist (David Borden)
1 Low (US 1977 RCA CPL1-2030) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Speed of Life2:45BowieWarszawa6:17Bowie, Eno
Breaking Glass1:42Bowie, Davis, MurrayArt Decade3:43Bowie
What in the World2:20BowieWeeping Wall3:25
Sound and Vision3:00Subterraneans5:37
Always Crashing in the Same Car3:26
Be My Wife2:55
A New Career in a New Town2:50
Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti
Recorded at the Chateau and Hansa by the Wall
Mixed at Hansa by the Wall

Carlos Alomar: Rhythm Guitars, Guitar
David Bowie: ARP, Tape Horn and Brass - Synthetic Strings, Vocals, Saxophones, Tape Cellos, Guitar, Pump Bass, Tape Sax Section, Harmonica, Piano, Pre-Arranged Percussion, Vibraphones, Xylophones
Dennis Davis: Percussion
George Murray: Bass
Roy Young: Piano, Farsifa Organ
Eno: Splinter Mini-Moog, Report ARP, Rimmer E.M.I., Vocals, Guitar Treatments, Piano, Synthetics, Chaimberlain
Ricky Gardener: Rhythm Guitar, Guitars
Iggy Pop: Vocals
Mary Visconti: Vocals
Eduard Meyer: Cellos
Peter and Paul: Pianos, ARP

2 Bertolt Brecht's "BAAL" (US 1982 RCA CPL1-4346) M-/M- $5 Sold!
Side 1Side 2
Baal's Hymn4:02Bertolt Brecht/Dominie MuldowneyBallad of the Adventurers1:54Bertolt Brecht/Dominie Muldowney
Remebering Marie A.2:04Trad.-Adapted by Bertolt BrechtThe Drowned Girl2:24Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill Bertolt
The Dirty Song0:37Brecht/Dominie Muldowney
Arranged by Dominie Muldowney
Produced by Tony Visconti and David Bowie

BRAND X     Go to Next artist (Duncan Browne) Previous artist (David Bowie)
1 Unorthodox Behaviour (US 1976 Passport PB 9819) M-/M- $5
2 Unorthodox Behaviour (UK 1976 Charisma CAS 117) M-/M- has the insert $10
Side 1Side 2
Nuclear Burn6:25Collins/Goodsall/Lumley/JonesSmacks of Euphoric Hysteria4:25Collins/Goodsall/Lumley/Jones
Euthanasia Waltz5:37Unorthodox Behaviour8:13
Born Ugly8:10Running on Three4:35
Touch Wood3:03
Produced by Brand X and Dennis Mackay

3 Moroccan Roll (UK 1977 Charisma CAS 1126) M-/M- $8
4 Moroccan Roll (US 1977 Passport PB 9822) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Sun in the Night *+4:23GoodsallDisco Suicide7:55Lumley
Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)***11:19CollinsOrbits1:35Jones
"Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All"2:09Malaga Virgen8:27
Hate Zone4:41GoodsallMacrocosm7:23Goodsall
John Goodsall: Fender Stratocaster Electric guitar / Acoustic guitar / Zone Boxes / Space Echo / Sitar / Backing vocals / Voltage-controlled aluminium bidet
Percy Jones: Fender Bass / Amos effects boxes / Autoharp on "Orbits" / Marimba on "malaga Virgen"
Robin Limley: Fender Rhodes electric piano / Acoustic piano / Autoharp on "Collapsar" / Mini-Moog synthesizer / ARP Odyssey synthesiser / Roland String synthesiser / Backing vocals / Clavinet / Pulsar processor / Space Echo.
Philip Collins: Drums / Lead vocals / Acoustic piano on "Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All" / Frequency Eater.
Morris Pert: Percussion and a vast number of bits and things that he hit while the tape was running, including: the Q.E. 2, Idi Amin, and undiscovered parts of Scotland.
*+ The Sanskrit lyrics on this track mean: "Sun in the Night, Everyone is together, Ascending in the heavens, Life is forever"
*** This track was recorded "live" in the studio:-there are no overdubs.
Phil Collins appears courtesy of Atlantic Records
Recorded in Panavision at Trident Studios, London December 1976/January 1977, and mixed at Morgan Studios, London, February 1977 where the curtains are drawn, but the furniture is real.
Engineered by Dennis (face-Blaster) Mackay in association with Brand X
Tape Ops: Trident: Neil Ross, Geoff Leach, Steve Short, John Brand. Morgan: Chris Tsangarides.
Tea Boys: Trident: Simon, Nigel, Bob. Morgan: Perry, Mark, and Victim.
Album mastered by Ray Staff
Equipment: Pete Donovan, Geoff Banks, Andy Mackrill, Tex Read and Dale.
Thanks: to Tony Smith, Brian Murray-Smith, and Alexandra Sim of Hit and Run Music for their management and guidance; to Peter Booth and Navel Nitram for limiting studio chaos; to the Ifield Male voice Girls Choir for excessive yodelling; to Richard and John of Portobello Weird Languages Ltd.; to Bill Bruford and Marty Scott, to Sarah, without whom several cars would have been towed away.
Sleeve Design by Hipgnosis/Hardie
Cover Photograph by Hipgnosis
Group Photographs by Rob Brimson

5 Livestock (US 1977 Passport PB 9824) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Nightmare Patrol*7:50Goodsall/DennardIsis Mourning i)10:15Goodsall/Jones/Lumley/Pert/Collins
Euthanasia Waltz5:30Goodsall/Jones/Lumley/CollinsMalaga Virgen*9:35Jones
Phil Collins-Drums
John Goodsall-Guitars
Percy Jones-Bass
Robin Lumley-Keyboards
Morris Pert-Percussion
Kenwood Dennard-Drums*

Recorded on the Manor Mobile at Ronnie Scotts, London Sept. 1976 and at the Hammersmith Odeon and the Marquee Club, London August 1977
Mixed at Trident Studios London August 1977
Engineer-Jerry Smith
Assistants-John Brand, Steve Short, Neil Ross
Produced by Brand X
Sleeve design & photos by Hipgnosis
Equipment-Steve Hall, Pete Donovan
Management-Tony Smith, Hit & Run Music
Brian Murray-Smith & Alex Sim
Hammersmith concert produced by Straight Music, London
Phil Collins appears by courtesy of Atlantic Records

6 Masques (US 1978 Passport PB 9829) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
The Poke5:06J. GoodsallEarth Dance6:10M. Pert
Masques3:17P. Jones/P. RobinsonAccess to Data8:04J. Goodsall
Black Moon4:48M. PertThe Ghost of Mayfield Lodge10:08P. Jones
Deadly Nightshade10:54
Percy Jones: Bass
Morris Pert: Percussion (Fender Piano on "Black Moon")
Peter Robinson: Keyboards
Chuck Burgi: Drums
John Goodsall: Guitar

Grateful Thanks To: Tony Smith, Brian Murray-Smith, Steve Hall, Peter Thompson, Gail Colson, Walter O'Brien, Nancy Lewis, Mike Farrell, Clive Davis and Marty Scott, Bernadette Sheridan, David and Sharon, Shergold Custom Guitars, Wal Custom Basses, Rotosound Strings, Farmyard, Doc Dymond, H.H.B., The London Ambulance Service and The Norman Choir for Unphazed vocals on "The Poke"
Recorded and mixed at Trident Studios, London, May/June 1978
Producer: Robin Lumley
Engineer: Stephen W. Tayler
Asst. Engineers: Colin Green, Reno Ruocco, Mike Donegani
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NY by Jack Skinner
Brand X Equipment: Pete Donovan, Steve Jones, Dave Powell
Management: Hit & Run Music
Sleeve Design: Front Photo-Chris Kutschera
Back Cover-Hag ©.(Courtesy of the bag)
Layout-A D Design

7 Product (US 1979 Passport PB 9840) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Don't Make Waves*5:28GoodsallAlgon (where an ordinary cup of drinking chocolate costs £8,000,000,000)*6:07Lumley
Dance of the Illegal Aliens+6:52JonesRhesus Perplexus*4:06Giblin
Soho*3:47Goodsall & CollinsWal to Wal^3:09Giblin Jones
...And So to F....*6:34CollinsNot Good Enough-See Me!+7:27Jones & Robinson
Mike Clark-Drums+
Phil Collins-Drums, Percussion, Vocals*^
John Goodsall: Guitar & Vocals*+
John Giblin-Basses*^
Robin Lumley-Keyboards, Gunfire, Chainsaw*
Morris Pert-Percussion+
Peter Robinson-Keyboards, Gunfire, Vocals+
Percy Jones-Basses+^
Recording Engineers-Colin Green, Neil Kernon
Remix Engineers-Richard Austin, Colin Green, Neil Kernon, Reno Ruocco
Recorded at Startling Studios, Ascot, England, April 1979
Remixed at Farmyard Studios, Trident and Starling June/July 1979
'Soho" and 'Wal to Wal' recorded at 'Old Croft' Surrey. Eng: P. Collins (Modern, Noisy and Effective)
Mastered by Ray Staff Produced by Brand X with Colin Green and Neil Kernon
Sleeve Design-Hipgnosis/Elgie
Photos by Hipgnosis. Graphics by Colin Elgic
Photos of Morris and Peter by Paul Canty, LFI
Photo of Mike Clarke by Jon Giblin
Equipment: Pete Donovan, Andy Mackrill and Geoff Banks
Thanks to:
Munch by Rose(Ode to Joy) Levison, the invaluable Brian (Jaws) Murray hyphen Smith, Uncle Tony cash flow Smith and Hit and Run, Mike O'Donnell, Trevor and Eva Morais, Rupert Hine, Martin Howe and Superwound Strings, The Vibe Cats (Cloth Ears and ??thbert)
Occasional Title + handclaps by Edward Carson
The Belvedere Airship Hangar, Ascot
The Royal Argon Hotel Asgot
Brand X would like to thank each other for the warmth generated suring the making of this record.
Ambushes furnished by Robinson/Lumley Ltd.
Authentic Animal Noises by Authentic Animals
Research for 'Soho' by B.M. Smith + J. Goodsall
Entertainment by Basil, Sybil, Polly, Manuel, Linda Lovelace
Costumes by L. Taked'Ehemupp
What the Critics Said....
"Fantastic, I laughed 'til I stopped!" (A. Whicker)
"A fantastic year for sheep" (A. Sheep.[Min.of Certain Things])
"What a fine body of men they nearly are." (Mr O.W.A Giveaway)
"GR ST" (Mr. Jo Sm)
"EA UF" (Mr. Oh I)
"T F" (Mr Hn Th)
"Eeeaaayyyeeeaaagh!" (E. Waring)

8 Do They Hurt? (US 1980 Passport PB 9845) M-/M- co $8
Side 1Side 2
Noddy Goes to Sweden4:30P. JonesCambodia4:31J. Goodsall
Voidarama4:21J. GoodsalTriumphant Limp7:34J. Goodsal, J. Giblin, R. Lumley, P. Collins
Act of Will4:43D.M.Z8:49P. Jones
Fragile5:26P.Jones, P. Robinson
Percy Jones: bass & vocals
Peter Robinson: keyboards & tam tam
Mike Clark: drums
John Goodsall: guitars & vocals
John Giblin: bass
Phil Collins: drums
Robin Lumley: piano & keyboards
Recorded at Startling and Farmyard Studios, England
Engineer: Neil Kernon
Produced by Brand X & Neil Kernon
Morris Pert: Percussion on Noddy Goes to Sweden & Fragile
Title Spoken by: Michael Palin
Management: Tony Smith
Brian Murray-Smith Hit & Run Music
Cover Design & Photos: Hipgnosis (Not Again)
Colouring: Richard Manning

9 Is There Anything About? (US 1982 Passport PL 5006) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Ipanaemia4:30GoodsallSwan Song5:30Collins/Lumley/Giblin/Short
A Longer April7:00GiblinIs There Anything About?7:52Jones/Goodsall/Lumley/Collins
Modern, Noisy and Effective3:56Goodsall/Lumley/ShortTmiu-Atga5:07Giblin/Robinson/Lumley
Philip Collins: Drums and concussion
Percy Jones: Bass
John Giblin: Bass, Whitbread, a vocal
Robin Lumley: Keyboards and vocal
Peter Robinson: Keyboards
John Goodsal: Guitar
Raf Ravenscroft: Saxophone
Steven Short: Syndrums and vocal
Nora W. Deensman Eamonn Andrews: anagrams
See also: Quartermass, Suntreader

DUNCAN BROWNE     Go to Next band (Bruford) Previous band (Brand X)
1 The Wild Places (US 1978 Sire SRK 6065) has inner sleeve M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
The Wild Places5:59BrowneSamurai4:34Browne, Godwin
Roman Vecu4:42Kisarazu7:10Browne
Camino Real (Part 1, 2 & 3)8:28Browne, Hymns, Giblin, PhillipsThe Crash3:53
Planet Earth6:30Browne, Godwin
Duncan Browne - Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards on "Kisarazu", percussion.
Tony Hymas - ARP & Oberheim synthesizers, Roland string synth.
John Giblin - Fretless & Precision Bass.
Simon Phillips - Drums & percussion, piano on "Camino Real".

Strings & synthesizer arrangements by Tony Hymas.
Vocal arrangements by Duncan Browne.
Back-up vocals by Duncan Browne & Ray Hendriksen.
Cover concept and photography by Sanders
Femme fatale: Mary Dobson.
Make-up by Mary Vango.
Sleeve Design: Jean-Luke Epstein (Graphyk).

Recorded and mixed at Scorpio Sound.

Produced by Duncan Browne with Engineer Ray Hendriksen.

DAVE BRUBECK     Go to Next band (Bruford) Previous artist (Duncan Browne)
1 Brubeck Time (US 1955 Columbia CL 622) VG+/VG original $30
Side 1Side 2
Audrey??Brubeck-P. DesmondStompin for Mili??Brubeck-P. Desmond
Jeepers CreepersMercer-Warren-arr;CollinsKeepin Out of Mischief NowRazaf-Waller
Pennies from HeavenBurke-JohnstonA Fine RomanceFields-Kern
Why Do I Love YouHammerstein II-KernBrother, Can You Spare a DimeHarburg-Gorney
Dave Brubeck: Piano
Paul Desmond: Sax
Bob Bates: Bass
Joe Dodge: Drums

BRUFORD     Go to Next band (Budgie) Previous band (The Dave Brubeck Quartet)
1 Feels Good to Me (US 1977 Polydor PD-1-6149) VG/VG+ has inner sleeve $5
2 Feels Good to Me (US 1977 Editions EG EGLP 33) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Beelzebub3:16Bill BrufordFeels Good to Me3:49Bill Bruford
Back to the Beginning7:09Either End of August5:27
Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part One)2:30If You Cant Stand the Heat... 3:20Bill Bruford/Dave Stewart
Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part Two)4:25Springtime in Siberia2:43
Sample and Hold5:12Bill Bruford/Dave StewartAdios a la Pasada (Goodbye to the Past)7:56Bill Bruford/Annette Peacock
The music on this album was written between January and June 1977, rehearsed for three weeks and recorded and mixed at Trident Studios in London, August 1977. It's also a present for Carolyn and Alex.
Dave Stewart appears through courtesy of Front-Line Music, Inc.

Produced by Robin Lumley and Bill Bruford for E.G. Records Ltd.

The Players:
Bill Bruford: tuned and untuned percussion, kit drums; tunes and final say
Dave Stewart: keyboards - reasonably advanced harmonic advice
Allan Holdsworth: guitar
Annette Peacock: vocal
Jeff Berlin: bass
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn
Steve W. Taylor: engineer
John Brand, Colin Green, Stephen Short: tape operators
Pete Revill, Mick Rossi: equipment
Gered Mankowitz: sleeve photography
Dick Wallis & Jacquie Deegan: inner sleeve photography
Cream: sleeve design
with thanks to:
John Goodsall: additional guitar on "Feels Good To Me"
Neil Murray: a bass player when I needed one
Val Joseph: polymoog consultant
Apparently Jeff Berlin uses Leo Quan 'BAD ASS' Musical Products

2 The Bruford Tapes (US 1979 Editions EG [white label] EGS 106) co M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Hell's Bells4:02Stewart/GowenBeelzebub3:28Bruford
Sample and Hold6:18Bruford/StewartThe Sahara of Snow (part one)4:46
Fainting in Coils6:34BrufordThe Sahara of Snow (part two)3:07Bruford/Jobson
Travels with Myself - and Someone Else4:37One of a Kind (part two)8:06Bruford/Stewart
Bill Bruford-drums, percussion, electric chat
Dave Stewart-electric keyboards
Jeff Berlin-electric bass
The ‘Unknown' John Clark-electric guitar

3 Gradually Going Tornado (US 1980 Polydor PD-1-6261) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
age of information4:41bruford/stewartthe sliding floor4:58bruford/stewart/berlin
gothic 175:07palewell park3:57bruford
joe frazier4:41berlinplans for j.d.3:50
q.e.d.7:46bruford/stewartland's end10:20stewart
Bill Bruford: drums and cymbals
Dave Stewart: keyboards
Jeff Berlin: bass and lead vocals
The Unknown John Clark: guitar
cello on "gothic 17": georgie born
voices on "land's end": barbara gaskin, amanda parsons
sleeve art direction and design: paul neagu
recorded at surrey sound, leatherhead, surrey, october and november 1979
first engineer: ron malo
second engineer: martin moss
tape operator: peter buhlman
mixed at devonshire sound, north hollywood, california, engineer: ron malo
See also: Earthworks, King Crimson, Moraz/Bruford, National Health, UK, Yes

BUDGIE     Go to Next artist (Richard Burmer) Previous band (Bruford)
1 If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules (US 1976 A&M SP-4593) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Anne Neggen4:05Bourge and ShelleySky High Percentage5:57Bourge and Shelley
If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules5:53Heaven Knows Our Name3:51
You're Opening Doors4:17Black Velvet Stallion8:06
Quacktors and Bureaucats3:52
Produced by Budgie
Engineered by Pat Moran
Recorded at Rockfield Studios
(appreciation to Cyril & Henry)
Special Thanks to: Richard Dunn-Keyboards, Ray Le Goueze, Colin Jones, Jill of Wilderness Junction N.Z., Mick Owen, Pete Long, Tommy John.
Art Direction: Fabio Nicoli
Illustration: Alun Hood
Photographs: Gered Mankowitz

RICHARD BURMER     Go to Next artist (Kate Bush) Previous band (Budgie)
1 Mosaic - Electronic Vignettes by (US 1984 Fortuna FOR-LP025) M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Physics4:15Richard Burmer'882:54Richard Burmer
Solarsex6:11Ave Pladaelio4:36
Winter on the Wind5:00The Hill4:19
Riverbend2:18Under Shaded Water3:42
The Serum7:02Lamento Di Tristan3:07anonymous
Ela-A (Theme #2)4:45Richard Burmer
Richard Burmer: Emulator, synthesizers, Mellotron, Chamberlain
Debra Burmer: Voice on "The Serum" and "Ave Pladaelio"
Dennis Baglama: Saxophone on "Solarsex" and "The Serum"
Don Swanson: Bells and cymbals on "Solarsex"
Produced by Richard Burmer
Recorded by Richard Burmer at Symmetrical Sound.
Mixed by Richard Burmer and Darwin Foye at EFX Systems.
Disc mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley.
Matrix and Pressing by Record Technology, Inc., Camarillo, CA
Special thanks to Henry and Theresa Burmer, E-mu Systems, Kevin Monahan, Denise Gallant, Stephen Hill, and Ethan Edgecomb.
This album is dedicated to Jimmie.
Design Direction by Janaia Donaldson, Palo Alto, California.
Cover Photo by Stephen Mangold, digitally processed by Solzer & Hail.
Special thanks to Mik Lamming of Xerox PARC and William Stewart.
Richard's photo by Sue Consiglio.
Copy by Lee Underwood, Anna Turner, and Janaia Donaldson.

KATE BUSH     Go to Next artist (David Byrne) Previous artist (Richard Burmer)
1 Never For Ever (US 1980 EMI America ST-17115) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Babooshka??Kate BushThe Wedding List??Kate Bush
Blow AwayThe Infant Kiss
All We Ever Look ForNight Scented Stock
EgyptArmy Dreamers
Stuart Elliot - Drums, Bodhran
John Giblin - Electric Bass
Max Middleton - Fender Rhodes, string arrangement, Mini-Moog
Paddy Bush - Balalaika, backing vocals, Delius, star, bass voices, Koto, Strumento de Porco, harmonica, musical saw, Banshee, mandolin
Brian Bath - Electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Alan Murphy - Electric and acoustic Guitars, backing vocals, bass acoustic guitar
Gary Hurst - Backing vocals
Kate Bush - C.S.80
Roland - Percussion
Ian Bairnson - Bass voices
The Martin Ford Orchestra - Strings
Preston Heyman - Drums, Percussion
Del Palmer - Fretless bass
Morris Pert - Timpani
Duncan Mackay - Fairlight
Andrew Bryant - backing vocals
Mike Moran - Prophet 5
Kevin Burke - violin
Adam Screaping - Viol and string arrangement
Jo Screaping - Lironi and string arrangement
Larry Fast - Prophet
Roy Harper - backing vocals
Produced by Kate Bush and Jon Kelly; Engineer, Jon Kelley; Assistant Engineer at Abbey Road Studios, John Barratt, at Air Studios, Jon Jacobs; Art Direction, Kate Bush; Front Cover and Centre, Nick Price; Back Cover concept and photography, John Carder Bush, Lettering, Carol Bennett; Costume Design, Gini Hardy; Artwork Co-Ordination, Paul Maxwell Ltd,; Vocals, Piano and Harmonies, Kate Bush; Re-Mastered by Ron McMaster at EMI America/Liberty Recording Studio

Richard Burgess and John Walters appear courtesy of RCA Records.

Special thanks to Paddy for all his ideas; to Richard Burgess and John Walters for bringing in and programming the Fairlight, CMI, and for their warmth and enthusiasm; Max Middleton for all his help; Kevin McAlea for his ingenuity and for playing me Chopin; Herbie Flowers for making me feel happy; Roy Harper for holding on to the poet in his music; Peter Gabriel for opening the windows; Hannah and Jack for being there; Krishna and Ranchor for showers of gifts; and to Richard Ames, Jeremy, Andrew, Eddie, Lisa, Vera, Hil Bill and Tell, John, John, John, Jon, Jon and to all the musicians who have worked patiently and understandingly on this album to make it the way I always wanted it to be.

2 The Sensual World 12" (UK 1989 EMI 12EM102) M-/M- $10 has parallel grooves that will randomly play vocal or instrumental mix
Side 1Side 2
The Sensual World3:56Kate BushThe Sensual World (Instrumental Mix)3:56Kate Bush
Walk Straight Down the Middle3:48
Produced by Kate Bush
Recorded by Del Palmer
Mixed by Kevin Killen (Sensual World)
Engineered and Mixed by Del Palmer
Photography: John Carder Bush
Design: Kindlight/Bill Smith Studio

3 This Woman's Work 12" (UK 1989 EMI 12EM119) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
4 This Woman's Work 7" Picture Disk (UK 1989 EMI EMPD119) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
This Woman's Work (Single Mix)3:33Kate BushBe Kind to My Mistakes3:03Kate Bush
I'm Still Waiting*4:25
Produced by Kate Bush
Recorded by Del Palmer
Mixed by Kevin Killen (This Woman's Work)
Engineered by Del Palmer (with thanks to Nicolas Roeg)
Photography: John Carder Bush
Design: Kindlight/Bill Smith Studio

*this track not on picture disk

5 Love and Anger 12" (UK 1990 EMI 12EM134) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Love and Anger4:41Kate BushKen (from the comic-strip film "GLC")3:48Kate Bush
The Confrontation2:56
One Last Look Around the House Before We Go...1:00
Produced by Kate Bush
Recorded by Del Palmer
Mixed by Kevin Killen, Cut by Ian Cooper (Love and Anger)
Engineered by Del Palmer
Photography: Kindlight
Design: Kindlight/Bill Smith Studio

DAVID BYRNE     Go to Next artist (John Cage) Previous artist (Kate Bush)
1 The Catherine Wheel (US 1981 Sire SRK 3645) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
His Wife Refused4:26David ByrneEggs in a Briar Patch3:31David Byrne
Two Soldiers4:45Byrne/EnoPoison2:38
The Red House3:17David ByrneCloud Chamber2:42
My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)2:45What a Day That Was5:32
Big Business5:16Byrne/ChernoffBig Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)4:45
Light Bath1:08
David Byrne: Vocals, Basses, Guitars, OBX, Primetime, Percussion, Prophet, Fierce and High Guitars, Horses, Kitchen Metals, Triggered Flute
Yogi Horton: Drums, Concert Toms
John Chernoff: Ging Gong, Congas, Galloping Guitar, Percussion
Bernie Worell: Mini Moog, Piano, Clavinet
Adrian Belew: Steel Drum Guitar, Guitars, Floating Guitar
Brian Eno: Bass, Piano, Prophet Scream, Vibes
Jerry Harrison: Clavinet, Large Drum
Dolette McDonald: Vocals
Twyla Tharp: Water Pot
John Cooksey: Drums
Steve Scales: Congas
Sue Halloran: Vocals
Choreographed and Directed by Twyla Tharp
Studios: Celestial Sound Studios
Julie Last: Engineer
Cheryl Smith: Assistant Engineer
Olympic Sound (London)
Doug Bennett: Engineer
Bill Gill: Assistant Engineer
Blank Taes, Butch Jones: Mixing Engineer
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi
Design by Jim Feldman for Resource Manhattan
All cover photos by David Byrne
See also: Talking Heads

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