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1 This World (US 1979 Capitol ST-11934) woc has insert M-/VG+ $20 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Red Shoes2:30S. McGinn-J. AdamsCry Baby4:59S. McGinn-B. Trainor
Can't Stand Still2:37S. McGinnHeart's at Home2:48S. McGinn
Change3:39S. McGinn-C. KressHard to Please2:46
If I Could Kiss You3:22S. McGinnTime Bomb3:20S. McGinn-C. Kress
The Sphinx3:31S. McGinn-C. KressWhen You Said2:38S. McGinn
Face Dancer is,
Jeff Adams-Lead Guitar
Carey Kress-Lead Vocals
Scott McGinn-Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals
Billy Trainor-Drums
David Utter-Guitar & Vocals

Produced by Richie Wise
Executive Producer-Robert Aiss
Recorded in Los Angeles at Group IV., Sound City, Record Plant and Larrabee Sound
Engineered by: Doug Rider, Ron Saint Germain, Bob Merritt, D.C. Snyder, Joe Chiccarelli
Mixed by: Doug Rider and Richie Wise at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, California
Assistant Engineers: Ira Leslie, Mike Beiriger, Linda Corbin, Sherry Klein, Mitch Gibson
Mastered by Ken Perry at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California
Pre-Production: Sheffield Recording, Timonium, Maryland
Cover Concept: Face Dancer. Art Direction: Roy Kohara. Design: Art Sims. Cover Map Photo: Ron Slenzak. Group Photo: Jim McCrary. Special Color Effects: Daniel Catherine

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1 Anyway (US 1971 United Artists UAS-5527) cc woc M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Good News-Bad News7:22Chapman/WhitneyIn My Own Time3:30Whitney/Chapman
Willow Tree4:20Part Of the Load4:38
Holding the Compass3:40Anyway3:30
Strange Band3:11Whitney/Chapman/ WilliamsonNormans2:25Palmer/Whitney/ Welder
Lives and Ladies6:29Whitney/Chapman
John Weider - Bass, Vocals
Roger Chapman - Harmonica, Vocals
Poli Palmer - Bass, Keyboards, Vibraphone
Rob Townsend - Drums
John "Charlie" Whitney - Guitar

2 Bandstand (US 1972 United Artists UAS-5644) die-cut gatefold M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Burlesque4:04Whitney/ChapmanMy Friend the Sun4:20Whitney/Chapman
Bolero Babe4:11Glove4:53
Coronation3:49Whitney/Chapman/WettonReady to Go4:35
Dark Eyes1:48Chapman/PalmerTop of the Hill5:41
Broken Nose4:09Whitney/Chapman
John Wetton: Bass, Vocals
Roger Chapman: Harmonica, Vocals, Photography, Cover Art
Poli Palmer: Bass, Keyboards, Vibraphone
Rob Townsend: Drums
John "Charlie" Whitney: Guitar
Produced by Family & George Chkiantz
Linda Lewis: Vocal Assistance
Del Newman: String Arrangements
John Kosh: Design, Concept, Cover Design
See also: King Crimson

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1 5th Anniversary (I 1974 Charisma 9299 288) M-/M- $50
Side 1Side 2
Theme One??Van der Graaf GeneratorHappy the Man??Genesis
WTwilight Alehouse
Wake Up Little SisterCapabiity BrownWatcher of the Skies
Wind FallSympathyRare Bird
It's a GameString Driven ThingLady EleonorLindisfarne
Are You a Rock and RollerScotch Mist
Indian SummerAudienceNo Time to Lose
Realizzazione a cura di Ronnie Thorpe

FIRESIGN THEATER     Go to Next artist (Fish) Previous compilation (Famous Charisma Label)
1 Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him (US 1968 Columbia CS 9518) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
Temporarily Humboldt County??P. Austin - P. Bergman - D. Ossman - P. ProctorWaiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him??P. Austin - P. Bergman - D. Ossman - P. Proctor
W.C. Fields Forever
Le Trente-Huit Cunegonde
Philip Austin
David Ossman
Peter Bergman
Philip Proctor

2 I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus (US 1971 Columbia C 30737) VG+/VG+ $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Side .00120:55David Ossman, Philip Proctor, Peter Bergman, Phil AustinSide .00218:15David Ossman, Philip Proctor, Peter Bergman, Phil Austin
Rewritten from re-cycled materials and reproduced April 1971 by The Firesign Theater and performed by The Firesign Theater with Tiny as "Ann" and Annalee as "Mickey" and Sheliah & Amanda, Gai & Tracy, Bill & Joan, Jon & Katherine, Alizon & Devon, oona, Richard, Annie, Stephen, Edgar, Jill, Mike and C.D. as Bozos, Boogies and Beaners, and with Phil and Bill, the two Canteen ladies, two guards named Joe, Kenner, and Dan the Electrician speaking for the Future. Keyboard Stylings by Annalee of Mixville.
Album engineered by Bill Driml and Phil Cross.
Album photography by John Rose at C.D. Taylor's XMIX Studios.

3 Everything You Know is Wrong (US 1974 Columbia KC 33141) VG+/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Everything You Know is Wrong20:45The Firesign TheaterEverything You Know is Wrong21:15The Firesign Theater
Written and Produced by The Firesign Theater
Performed by Philip Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman & Philip Proctor
Recorded in Hellmouth, California Summer '74 and at "The Burbank Studios"
Engineered by Andy MacDonald
Assisted by Frank Jones
Designed by Brian Hagiwara Rod Dyer, Inc. and T.F.T.
Photos by Tyler Thorton
Art Direction: Ron Coro
Orchestral Music (ASCAP) licenced through "Music Industries"
Synthetape by Western Ralph
And "Thanks!" to Jim Winfree, The Nudists (Edgar, Marie and Fred) and Goldie at he bank.

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1 Big Wedge (UK 1989 EMI 12EMPD 125) M-/M- Picture Disc $15
Side 1Side 2
Big Wedge??Dick/SimmondsJack and Jill??Dick/Simmonds
Faith Healer (Live)Alex Harvey
Illustration Mark Wilkinson
Sleeve Design Russell Walker
Recorded during 1989 UK Tour

2 A Gentleman's Excuse Me (UK 1990 EMI 12 EMPD 135) M-/M- Picture Disc $15
Side 1Side 2
A Gentleman's Excuse Me??Dick/SimmondsWhiplash??Dick/Simmonds
A Gentleman's Excuse Me (Demo Version)
Produced by Jon Kelly
Arranged by Dick/Simmonds
Strings arranged by Simmonds
Orchestrated by Simmonds
Taken from the CD, Cassette, L.P. Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors
Arranged by Dick/Simmonds
Recorded at the Funny Farm in January 1989
Illustration - Mark Wilkinson
Artwork/Design - Artful Dodgers
See also: Marillion

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1 Flash (US 1972 Capitol/Sovereign SMAS-11040) gatefold M-/VG+ $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Small Beginnings (from the film "Record Review")9:23Banks-CarterDreams of Heaven12:57Banks-Carter
Morning Haze4:32BennettThe Time it Takes5:48
Children of the Universe8:55
Colin Carter: Lead Vocal, Incidental Percussion
Peter Banks: Electric, Acoustic and Spanish Guitars, Hooter, A.R.P. Synthesizer, Backing Vocals
Ray Bennett: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal (on "Morning Haze"), Acoustic Rhythm Guitar (on "Morning Haze")
Mike Hough: Drums, Cymbals, Percussion, Bandinage
Tony Kaye: Organ, Piano, A.R.P. Synthesizer
Produced by Derek Lawrence
Engineered by Martin Birch
Assisted by George and Hulk
Tony Kaye appears by kind permission of Atlantic Records
Recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, Wembley, between 11/8/71 and 11/21/71

2 Out of Our Hands (US 1973 Capitol/Sovereign SMAS-11218) gatefold has inner sleeve M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Open Sky:40BanksThe Bishop4:21Bennett
None the Wiser (King)3:17BennettPsychosync
(Farewell Number Two)
Farewell Number One (Pawn)1:37Manhattan Morning (Christmas '72)6:24Carter
Man Of Honour (Knight)4:45Shadows3:20
Dead Ahead (Queen)4:38
Produced by Flash
Colin Carter: Vocals
Ray Bennett: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Mellotron, Piano, Clavinet, Acoustic Guitar, ARP Synthesizer
Peter Banks: Guitars, Backing Vocals, Moog, ARP Synthesizer, Banjo
Michael Hough: Drums, Congas, Tablas
Recorded at Advision and Morgan Studios London April to June 1973
Engineers: Geoff Young and Mike Dunne
Assisted by Paul Northfield (Advision)
Mike Butcher (Morgan)
Cover Design and Photography by Hipgnosis
Tinting by Philip Crennell
See also: Peter Banks, Yes

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1 Black Noise (US 1978 Visa 7007) cc promo has insert M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Phasors on Stun3:48Hawkins/Nash the SlashSlaughter in Robot Villiage5:00Deller
One O'Clock Tomorrow6:04Aldeberan5:03Hawkins/Nash the Slash/Deller
Hours2:35DellerBlack Noise10:01Hawkins/Nash the Slash
Dilaing for Dharma3:12Hawkins/Nash the Slash
Cameron Hawkins: Synthesizer, bass guitar, piano, lead vocals
Martin Deller: Drums, percussion, synthesizer
Nash the Slash: Electric violins and mandolin, glockenspiel, vocals, effects
Producer: Keith Whiting, courtesy of Jake Productions.
Engineer: Mike Jones
Asst. Engineer: Ed Stone
Studio: Sounds Interchange, Toronto
Cover photo: Paul Till
Art Direction and Design: Murray Brenman
Management: Snuff Management
Box 6992, Postal Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1X7

2 City of Fear (US 1980 Passport PB 6004) cos gatefold M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Krakow4:37FMSurface to Air5:18FM
Power3:28Up to You4:21
Truth or Consequences4:13Silence3:22
Lost and Found4:25Riding the Thunder4:06
City of Fear5:07Nobody at All4:09
Martin Deller: Drums, Electronic and Acoustic Percussion
Ben Mink: Electric and Acoustic Mandolin and Violin, Vocals
Cameron Hawkins: Lead vocals, Synthesizer, Bass Guitar
Produced by Larry Fast
Engineered by Jim Frank and Charles Conrad
Assisted by Scott Rea and Cliff Hodsdon
Production Assistance by Ian Murray
Recorded at Soundstage, Toronto Ont. and House of Music, West Orange, N.J.
Additional material recorded at Phas One, Toronto by Mark Wright
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, N.Y.C.
Spoken word by Pamela Silverstein
Synthy maintenance by Rob Onedera
Pre-production with Ed Stone, Ian Dunbar, Jim Frank, Ian Murray, Mark Wright
Instruments used on this album: Gretsch Drums, Zildian and Paiste Cymbals, Glockenspiel, Moog Percussion Controller w/ Micromoog, PAIA Programmable Drum Synthesizer, Tympani, 5 string "Bent" Mandolin, 5 string "Violite", 5 sring Viola, 1912 "The Gibson" Mandolin, Fender Amplifiers, Mutron and Electroharmonix FX Pedals, 9.95, Prophet 5, Minimoog, Taurus Pedals, ELKA, Yamaha Grand, Rickenbacker Bass, Polyfusion Sequencer, Larry's Moog 15 and Mellotron
Words by Cameron Hawkins
Art Direction & design: Murray Brenman
Cover; Eric Staller
Inside Cover: Paul Till
Stand-ups; Bob Rock
Related Items: Ben Mink plays on Rush's "Signals" album

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1 In and Out of Focus (US 1973 Sire SAS 7404) coh M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Focus (Instrumental)9:45Thijs van LeerAnonymous7:00Thijs van Leer/Jan Akkerman/M. Dresden
Why Dream3:57Thijs van Leer/E. CleuverBlack Beauty3:05Thijs van Leer/E. Cleuver
Happy Nightmare (Mescaline)3:56Thijs van Leer/M. Dresden/M. HaysFocus (Vocal)2:44
Produced by Hubert Terheggen for RTM
Recorded at Sound Technique Studios, London
"In and Out of Focus" was originally released by Sire in 1970. (SES97027)

2 Focus II (Hol 1976 EMI-BOVEMA) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Hocus Pocus4:35Thijs van LeerEruptionBasical idea: Thijs van Leer
Le Clochard (Bread)1:55Jan Akkerman1.
1:20Thijs van Leer
Janis3:00Jan Akkerman - Middlepart: Thijs van Leer
Moving Waves2:30Thijs van Leer - Words: Inayat Khan
Focus II4:00Thijs van Leer2.
1:45T. Barlage
0:30Thijs van Leer
The Bridge
5:15Jan Akkerman
1:40Thijs van Leer - E. Nobel
2:05Thijs van Leer
Endless Road
1:35Pierre van der Linden
0:35Thijs van Leer
1:30Thijs van Leer - E. Nobel
Drums: Pierre van der Linden
Organ - Harmonium - Melotron - Soprano and Alt Flute - Piano: Thijs van Leer
Solo - Bass and Acoustic guitar: Jan Akkerman
Bassguitar: Cyriel Havermans
Voices: Thijs van Leer and Cyriel Havermans.
Produced by Mike Vernon.
Sound Engineer: Jerry Boys
Recorded in Sound Techniques and Morgan Studios London between:
April 13th and May 14th 1971.
Coverphoto: Janos Barendsen
Sleeve design: Dennis Kloeth

3 Focus 3 (US 1972 Sire SAS 3901) die-cut gatefold M-/M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Round Goes the Gossip5:16Thijs van LeerFocus III6:07Thijs van Leer
Love Remembered2:49Jan AkkermanAnswers? Questions! Questions? Answers!14:03Jan Akkerman, Bert Ruiter
Sylvia3:32Thijs van Leer
Carnival Fugue6:02
Side 3Side 4
Anonymus II (Part 1)19:28Thijs van Leer - Jan Akkerman - Pierre van der Linden - Bert RuiterAnonymus II (Conclusion)7:30Thijs van Leer - Jan Akkerman - Pierre van der Linden - Bert Ruiter
Elspeth of Nottingham3:15Jan Akkerman
House of the King2:23
Thijs van Leer: vocal, organ, piano, alto, flute piccolo, harpsicord
Jan Akkerman: solo, acoustic guitar
Bert Ruiter: bass guitar
Pierre van der Linden: drums
Produced by Mike Vernon for R.T.M.
Recording Engineer: George Chkiantz
Recorded at Olympic 'B' Studios, Barnes, U.K.
Disc Mastering: Robert Ludwig (Sterling Sound, N.Y.)
Art Direction: Bill Levy
Design: Fred Marcellino

4 Live at the Rainbow (US 1973 Sire SAS 7408) cc M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Focus III3:53Thijs van LeerEruption (Excerpt)
I. Orfeus
II. Answer
III. Orfeus
IV. Answer
V. Pupilla
VI. Tommy
VII. Pupilla
8:44Thijs van Leer?T. Barlache
Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!11:37Jan Akkerman-Burt RuiterHocus Pocus8:30Thijs van Leer-Jan Akkerman
Focus II4:22Thijs van LeerSylvia2:48Thijs van Leer
Hocus Pocus - Reprise2:49Thijs van Leer-Jan Akkerman
Thijs van Leer: vocal, organ, piano, alto, flute piccolo, harpsicord
Jan Akkerman: solo, acoustic guitar
Bert Ruiter: bass guitar
Pierre van der Linden: drums
Produced by Mike Vernon for R.T.M.
Recording Engineer: George Chkiantz
Recorded at Olympic 'B' Studios, Barnes, U.K.
Disc Mastering: Robert Ludwig (Sterling Sound, N.Y.)
Art Direction: Bill Levy
Design: Fred Marcellino

5 Hamburger Concerto (US 1974 Atco SD 36-100) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Delitiae Musicae1:12Trad. Arr. & adpt. Jan AkkermanHamburger Concerto20:15Jan Akkerman - Thijs van Leer
Harem Scarem5:51Thijs van Leer1. Starter2:00Trad. Arr. & adpt. Thijs van Leer
La Cathedrale de Strasbourg4:592. Rare3:20Jan Akkerman
Birth7:46Jan Akkerman3. Medium I4:05Thijs van Leer - Jan Akkerman
4. Medium II6:05Jan Akkerman
5. Well Done3:25Thijs van Leer
6. One for the Road1:15Jan Akkerman
Thijs van Leer: Vocal, organ, flute
Jan Akkerman: Guitar
Bert Ruiter: Vocal, bass guitar
Pierre van der Linden: Drums
Production and Mix-down by Mike Vernon for RTM
Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre, London, Saturday, 5th May, 1973
Location recording: Pye Studios Mobile Unit
Engineer: Phil Dunne
Mix down at AIR (London) Studios-Engineer: John Punter
Assisted by Gareth Edwards
Photography: Marshall Fallwell, Jr.
Design: Peter Corriston-AGI

6 Ship of Memories (US 1977 Sire SA 7531) cos M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
P's March4:48Thijs van LeerGlider*4:38Jan Akkerman
Can't Believe My Eyes5:22Jan AkkermanRed Sky at Night*5:50Thijs van Leer - Jan Akkerman
Focus V3:02Thijs van LeerSpoke the Lord Creator**2:32Thijs van Leer
Out of Vesuvius5:50Thijs van Ler - Jan Akkerman - Bert Ruiter - Pierre v.d. LindenCrackers*2:42Jan Akkerman
Ship of Memories1:48Pierre van der Linden
Produced by Mike Vernon for R.T.M. except
*Produced by Focus for R.T.M.
**Produced by Terheggen for R.T.M.
Remixed by Mike Vernon at The Chipping Norton Recording Studio
Engineer - Barry Hammond
Mastered by: Joe Gastwert at Master Disk, New York
Art Direction and design by Cream, Amsterdam
See Also: Jan Akkerman, Tys van Leer

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1 4 Out of 5 Doctors (US 1980 Nemperor 36575) has inner sleeve M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Modern Man3:37J. SeversonNew Wave Girls3:45G. Pittaway
Jeff, Jeff3:55Mr. Cool Shoes4:11C. Everett
Waiting for a Change4:00C. EverettDanger Man3:48J. Severson
Elizabeth2:36Mushroom Boy4:35
Opus 102:45G. PittawayNot From Her World4:37C. Everett
I Want Her3:19C.Everett
4 Out of 5 Doctors are:
Jeff Secerson: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Cal Everett: Lead Vocals, Bass
George Pittaway: Vocals, Guitar
Tom Ballew: Drums

Produced and Engineered by Alan Winstanley
Assistant Engineer: Patrice Carroll
Recorded at Coconuts Recording Company, North Miami Beach, Florida
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Greg Calbi
Sound Advice: Joe Mills
Additional Players:
Vocal Chorus on "Modern Man": Maine Men
Background Vocal on "Jef, Jeff": Patrice Carroll
Sax on "Jeff, Jeff"/Flute on "Waiting for a Change": Jeff Kirk

Art Direction: John Berg
Front Cover Drawing: Scott Severson
Photography: David Gahr

2 2nd Opinion (US 1982 Nemperor 37700) has inner sleeve M-/VG $15
Side 1Side 2
Good Pretender4:05G. PittawayWaiting for Roxanne3:11J. Severson
Dawn Patrol3:47G. Pittaway - C. EverettLonely Ones3:54C. Everett
Anna with Antennae3:42J. SeversonHeart on a Chain3:35J. Severson
Breaking Rocks3:35C. EverettCall Me at Home3:26C. Everett
Never Say Die3:29Young World4:02
Jeff Severson
George Pittaway
Cal Everett
Tom Ballew
Jeff Glixman
Produced by Jeff Glixman
Recorded at Axis Studios, Atlanta, Georgia; Summer 1981
Assistant Engineer: Les Horn
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, New York by George Marino
Art Direction: Carlin Goldberg
Back Cover Photograph: Carol Friedman
Illustration: Braldt Bralds
Inner Sleeve Photograph: Joanna Lawton
Concept: Scott Severson
Management: Entertainment Services Unlimited, Ltd.
Larry Mazer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Equipment: Veneman Music

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1 Exposure (US 1979 EG/Polydor EGLP 101 PD-1-6201) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
You Burn Me Up I'm a Cigarette2:23Fripp/HallHaaden Two2:53Fripp
Breathless4:41FrippUrban Landscape2:35
Disengage2:46Fripp/Hammill/WaltonI May Not Have Had Enough of Me but I've Had Enough of You3:50Fripp/Walton
North Star3:06First Inaugural Address to the I.A.C.E. Sherborne House0:03Bennett
Chicago3:12Water Music I1:27Fripp/Bennett
NY32:16FrippHere Comes the Flood4:01Gabriel
Mary2:06Fripp/Hammill/WaltonWater Music II4:16Fripp
Recorded mainly and mixed entirely at The Hit Factory, New York between January 1978 and January 1979
Engineer: Ed Sprigg
Assistant Engineers: Jon Smith, Michael Ruffo, David Prentice
Track for "Exposure" recorded at Relight Studios, November 1977.
Engineer: Steve Short
Track for "Here Comes the Flood."
Engineer: Steve Short
"Water Music II" recorded at The House of Music, New Jersey, July 1977.
Engineer: Jim Bonneford
N.B. Ms. Roche's voice on "Exposure" was Fritched.
All Frippertronics other than "Water Music II" - recorded at the Fripp Mobile in Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Hell's Kitchen and the West Village of New York between June 1977 and November 1978. Engineer: Fripp.
Location recordings mainly at W. 51st and the West Village.
Barry Andrews (courtesy of Virgin Records)
Phil Collins (courtesy of Charisma Records)
Brian Eno
Robert Fripp
Peter Gabriel (courtesy of Charisma Records)
Daryl Hall (courtesy of RCA)
Peter Hammill (courtesy of Charisma Records)
Tony Levin
Jerry Marotta
Sid McGinness
Terre Roche (courtesy of Warner Bros.)
Narada Michael Walden (courtesy of Atlantic Records)
And the voices of (among others)
Shivapuri Baba (courtesy of Mrs Elizabeth Bennett)
J.G. Bennett (courtesy of Mrs Elizabeth Bennett)
Mrs Edith Fripp
Mrs Evelyn Harris

Album Cover:
Chris Stein: design and photography
Steve Sprouse: colorist
Amos Poe: VTR images
Thanks to Mick and Ernie
Mary Lou Green: hair
Cream: typography

2 Let the Power Fall - An Album of Frippertronics (US 1981 Editions EG EGS 110) cos M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
1985 was the first piece, 1984 the second, played at the Robson Square Theatre, Vancouver, on August 4th 1979 and 1987 on August 6th, 1986 is the second piece from Tower Records, Berkeley, on July 30th, Red Two Scorer being the first. 1988 is drawn from the concert at the Walker Arts Centre, Minneapolis on June 22nd and 1989 from the Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco on July 29th. Photo of Robert Fripp in Amsterdam by Joep Bruinje
Hair by the famous Mary Lou Green
Front Cover by Danielle Dax
Cover Assemblage by Alwyn Clayden & Rob O'Connor
Produced and Engineered by Robert Fripp

1984 is featured in the Amos Poe film 'Subway Riders'
Selections featured in the Victor Schonfeld film 'Animals'.

3 God Save The King [w/The League of Gentlemen] (US 1985 Editions EG EGED 9) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
God Save the King13:11FrippInductive Resonance4:35Robert Fripp and the League of Gentleman
Under Heavy Manners4:53Cognitive Dissonance2:54
Heptaparaparshinokh2:03Fripp/League of GentlemenDislocated4:35
H.G. Wells3:25
Eye Needles3:12
All tracks on this current record re-mixed by Brad Davies and Robert Fripp to Sony Digital Stereo System at Marcus Studios, London.
Front cover by Danielle Dax
Photo of Robert Fripp by Ron Cohen taken at the first Frippertronics Concert in Europe, Pizza Express, Notting Hill Gate, London, April 25th 1979.
Photo of The League of Gentlemen by Marjori, taken at Gramercy Park, New York, July 1980.
Sleeve Layout Stylo Rouge
Strategic Interraction Paddy Spinks.
Frippertronics for "Under Heavy Manners" were the first piece at the Calgary Planetarium, August 8th, 1979. Paul Duskin (drums) and Busta Jones (bass) and Robert Fripp (guitar) were recorded at The Hit Factory, New York in September 1979, engineer Ed Sprigg, producer Robert Fripp. The guitar solo to "God Save the King" was overdubbed at Arny's Shack, Parkstone, Dorset in 1983, engineer Tony Arnold, re-producers Tony Arnold and Robert Fripp. David Byrne added vocals to "Under Heavy Manners" at Island Studios, London in November 1979.

The League of Gentlemen began rehearsing on March 19th 1980 in a 14th century hunting Lodge adjacent to Badbury Rings, near Wimborne, Dorset. The personnel were Barry Andrews (organ), Robert Fripp (guitar), Sara Lee (bass guitar) and Johnny Toobad (drums). Johnny Toobad was replaced by Kevin Wilkinson on November 22nd and on this album Kevin Wilkinson plays all but "Heptaparaparshinokh" and "Dislocated." Recorded at Arny's Shack during 1980, engineer Tony Arnold, producer Robert Fripp.
See Also: Fripp/Eno, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Toyah/Fripp
Related items: Robert Fripp played on Van der Graff Generator's "H to He" and "Pawn Hearts" albums, and on Peter Hammill's Fool's Mate

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1 No Pussyfooting (UK 1973 Island HELP 16) M-/M- gatefold $15
2 No Pussyfooting (US 1973 Editions EG EGS 102) M-/M- cos $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Heavenly Music Corporation20:53Fripp/EnoSwastika Girls18:52Fripp/Eno
Recorded at Eno’s Studio 8.9.72
Equipment: Gibson Les Paul
The Fripp Pedalboard
2 Modified Revox A77 Tape Recorders

Mastering Engineer: Arun Chakraverty
Cover Design & Photography: Willie Christie
Produced by Robert Fripp & Eno for E.G. Records
Recorded at Command Studios 4/5.8.73
Engineer Ray Hendricksen
Mixed at Air Studios 21/22.8.73
Equipment: Gibson Les Paul
Frizzbox/VCS3 Synthesizer with
Digital Sequencer/Modified Revox
A77 Tape Recorder

3 Evening Star (US 1975 Editions EG EGS 103) cos M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Wind on Water5:35Fripp & EnoAn Index of Metals27:55Fripp & Eno
Evening Star7:41
Wind on Wind3:04Eno
"Wind on Water" recorded live at The Olympia, Paris and at Olympic Studios, London
"Evening Star" recorded at Island and Air Studios
"Evensong" recorded at Olympic Studios
"Wind on Wind" and "An Index of Metals" recorded at Eno's Studio.
Engineered by Denny Bridges, Phil Chapman and Rhett Davies

The cover is a reproduction of a painting by Peter Schmidt.
The back cover photograph is by Antonio Tiedra.
Special thanks to Nick Bell and Malcom le Grice.

Produced by Eno and Fripp for E.G. Records

Robert Fripp - Guitar
Brian Eno - Loops and Synthesizer
See Also: Brian Eno, Robert Fripp

FRED FRITH     Go to Next band (Fred Frith/Rene Lussier) Previous band (Fripp/Eno)
1 Speechless (US 1981 Ralph FF 8106) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Kick the Can (part 1)??Fred FrithA Spit in the Ocean??Fred Frith
Carnival on Wall St.Navajo
Ahead in the SandBalance
Laughing MatterSaving Grace
Women Speak to Men; Men Speak to WomenFrith/CurranConversations with White ArcFrith/Laswell
Domaine de PlanoussetFred Frith
Kick the Can (part 2)
Fred Frith: guitar, violin, mellotron, bass and organ on 1, voice on 3
with Etron Fou LeLoubian:
Guigou Chenevier: drums, tenor sax and voice on 3
Margot Mathieu: soprano and tenor saxes, voice on 3
Ferdinand Richard: bass, guimbarde, voice
Jo Thirion: organ, harmonium
Tina Curran: recorders, unusual edits
Roger Kent Parsons: bagpipes
Asha and Storm: singing on 6

The tapes used on this side were recorded in New York City at street fairs, demonstrations and, along with the bagpipes, in Washington Square. Thanks to Bob Ostertag.

Recorded July/August 1980 at Studio Freeson, Pujaut, France and Studio Sunrise, Kirchberg, Switzerland
Engineer in France: Francois Riether
Fred Frith: guitar, violin, keyboards; bass on 3,5 and 8; drums on 2, 3; voice
with Massacre:
Bill Laswell: bass
Fred Maher: drums
Steve Buchanan: snake sax on 2
George Cartwright: alto sax
Tina Curran: recorders, bass on 2, 7
Ferdinand Richard: guimbarde
Mars Williams: baritone sax
Tracks 1, 4 and the end of track 2 are based on a live concert recorded at CBGB in New York, April 1980; subsequently altered and added to in Switzerland. Track 6 is from the same concert and is an improvised piece heard as played.

Recorded July/August 1980 at Sunrise
Engineer at CBGB: Charlie Martin
Engineers in Switzerland: Etienne Conod and R. Vogel
Cover: Tina Curran
Produced by Frith/Curran and Conod/Vogel (with Francois Riether on side one)

2 Cheap at Half the Price (US 1983 New Ralph FF 8356) M-/M- cc $15 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Some Clouds Don't??Fred FrithInstant Party??Fred Frith
Cap the KnifeWalking Song
EvolutionFlying in the Face of Facts
Too Much, Too LittleFrith/CurranHeart Bares
The WelcomeFred FrithAbsent FriendsFrith/Trad. Swedish
Same Old MeThe Great HealerFrith
Some Clouds Do
All songs written by Fred Frith except where noted and recorded at home on a 4-track.
Drums recorded at various times and places. Thanks to Frank Wuyts, Fred Maher, Paul Sears and especially to Hans Bruniusson who let me make a tape of generic drum examples 4 years ago without having any idea what I would do with them.
Bass on "Too Musch Too Little" by Tina Curran
Bass on "Same Old Me" by Bill Laswell
Clapping on "Absent Friends" by Aksak Maboul
Instruments used: Guitar, 6-string bass, Casio-101, violin, xylophone, voice, home-mades.
Cover photos: Tina Curran
Type: Eugene Nowacki

3 The Technology of Tears and Other Music for Dance and Theatre (US 1988 SST 172) M-/M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side A: The Technology of TearsSide B: The Technology of Tears
Sadness, its bones bleached behind us13:05FrithYou Are What You Eat [continued]11:39Frith
You Are What You Eat7:22The Palace of Laughter, The Technology of Tears10:08
Side CSide D: Propaganda
Jigsaw14:39FrithShelter For Them All1:36Frith
Jigsaw Coda3:04A Deeper Understanding of Conflict0:54
The Turning of an Hourglass2:04
Birth of a Rebel1:51
Your Beautiful Corpse1:17
The Excellent Hyena1:24
The old man moves a mountain1:06
The Wolf Demon [part 1]1:07
Meditation Upon Propaganda3:06
The Relentless Lndscape0:59
The gaze that sings1:03
The Wolf Demon [part 2]1:05
Sides A & B:
Alto sax: John Zorn
Voice: Tenko
Turntables: Christian Marclay
Recorded at BC Studio, June '86 and Noise New York, Nov '86-Jan '87
Engineers: Martin Bisi [BC] & Kramer [Noise]
Assistant Engineers: Sue Fisher & Louie Fleck
Synclavier recorded in California, June '86, with programming guidance from Henry Kaiser
Side C:
Trombone: Jim Staley
Recorded at Noise, Oct '86
Side D: Recorded at Noise, April '87
All instruments and voices by Fred Frith unless otherwise noted.
Digitally re-mastered at New York Digital, Aug '87
Engineer: Paul Zinman
Cover images and photos: Pierre Hebert
Cover design: Peter Bader
See Also: Fred Frith/Rene Lussier, Henry Cow, Bob Ostertag
Related items: Fred Frith produced Doctor Nerve's Armed Observation album

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1 Nous Autres (Can 1987 Victo 01) M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Cage de Verre3:38LussierDe Mémoire1:33Lussier
The Same Wide3:19FrithTwo Squares and Three Circles6:09Frith/Lussier/Cora
Wall5:02Frith/Lussier/UenoCage de Fer2:08Frith
Ketsui2:52LussierJ’aime la Musique5:00Lussier/Anders
Plaisirs Instantanés6:03Lussier/LetarteDomaine Revisited3:41Frith/Letarte
Solo en ré Mineur1:26FrithRiaville Bump2:14Lussier/Morton
Fred Frith: guitare, basse, batterie, violon, piano, voix, boîte à rythme.
René Lussier: guitare, pieds, percussions, basse, voix, cassettes.
Tenko Ueno: voix. (A-3)
Christoph Anders: voix, cassettes, (B-4)
Geneviève Letarte: voix. (A-5, B-5)
Chris Cutler: divers contenants de peinture et autres objets trouvés. (A-1)
Enregistré "LIVE" au 4ième FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE MUSIQUE ACTUELLE DE VICTORIAVILLE le samedi 4 octobre 1986 par Guillaume Bengal du Studio Mobile
See Also: Fred Frith

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1 Aqua (US 1974 Virgin VR 13-111) gatefold VG+/VG+ $15
2 Aqua (G 1974 Brain 1053) gatefold VG+/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
ngc 89113:50edgar froeseaqua17:00edgar froese
recorded from nov.'73 to march '74 in berlin
produced by edgar froese
special sounds with the artificial head system (kinstkopf) by gunther brunschen
cover design & photography: monique froese
thanks to chris franke for moog sounds on "ngc 891"
contact: 1000 berlin 30, schwabische str. 7B
030 211 46 88 phone

3 Stuntman (US 1979 Virgin International VI 2139) M-/M- cos $12
Side 1Side 2
Stuntman4:13Edgar FroeseDrunken Mozart in the Desert9:55Edgar Froese
It Would Be Like Samoa10:40A Dali-Esque Sleep Fuse8:26
Detroit Snackbar6:26Scarlet Score for Mescalero4:12
Produced, Recorded and Engineered in Summer 1979 by Edgar Froese at the Amber Studio Berlin
Mixed by Edgar Froese at the Hansa Studio Berlin - Mixing Engineer Eduard Meyer
All Instruments Played by Edgar Froese - Only Electronic Analog and Digital Equipment were used, except Grand Piano
Sleeve Photographs by Monique Froese

4 Pinnacles (UK 1983 Virgin V2277) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
specific gravity of smile9:35Edgar Froesepinnacles22:00Edgar Froese
the light cone4:22
Produced by Edgar Froese
All material written and played by Edgar Froese
Recorded May 1983 at the Amber Studio Berlin
Sleeve design Monique Froese
See Also: Tangerine Dream

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