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1 Voyage of the Acolyte (UK 1975 Charisma CAS 1111) gatefold VG+/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Ace of Wands??Steve HackettStar of Sirius??Steve Hackett
Hands of the Priestess Part IThe Lovers
A Tower Struck DownSteve & John HackettShadow of the HierophantSteve Hackett & Mike Rutherford
Hands of the Priestess Part IISteve Hackett
The Hermit
Steve Hackett: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, mellotron, Harmonium, bells, autoharp, vocal, effects
John Hackett: Flute, Arp Synthesiser, bells
Mike Rutherford: Bass guitar, Bass pedals, Fuzz 12-string
Phil Collins: Drums, vibers, percussion, vocals
John Acock: Elka Rhapsody, mellotron, harmonium, piano
Sally Oldfield: Vocal
Robin Miller: Oboe, Cor Anglais
Nigel Warren-Green: Solo Cello
(Special Thanks to Percy Jones for extra bass on 'Tower')
Johnny Gustafson bass on 'Star'
Steve Tobin parrot and cough
Produced by Steve Hackett/John Acock
Engineering by John Acock
Assistant Engineers-Paul Watkins, Rob Broglia
Engineering help on 'Hierophant' by Louie Austin
Recorded at Kingsway Recorders between June/July 1975
Equipment: Tex Read, Geoff Banks, Steve Baker
Organisation: Tony Smith, Alex Sim of Mole Valley Management
Album Cover Paintings by Kim Poor to whom this album is also dedicated

2 Please Don't Touch (US 1978 Chrysalis CHR 1176) M-/M- has inner sleeve, cc $10
Side 1Side 2
Narnia (based on the childrens book - "The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis)4:05Steve HackettHoping Love Will Last4:23Steve Hackett
Carry On Up the Vicarage (A Musical Tribute to Agatha Christie)3:09Land of a Thousand Autumns1:35
Racing in A5:05Please Don't Touch - For Maximum Effect This Track Should be Listened To As Loudly As Possible With As Musch Treble and Bass as Your System Can Muster - Not to be Played to People with Heart Conditions or Those in Severely Hallucinogenic States of Mind3:39
Kim2:11The Voice of Necam3:11
How Can I4:36Icarus Ascending6:24
Electronic and Acoustic Guitars: Steve Hackett
Vocals: Seve Hackett - Richie Havens - Steve Walsh - Randy Crawford
Keyboards: Dave Lebolt - John Acock - Steve Hackett - John Hackett
Drums: Chester Thompson - Phil Ehart
Percussion: Chester Thompson - Phil Ehart - James Bradley - Steve Hackett - Richie Havens
Flutes, Piccolos, Bass Pedals: John Hackett
Bass: Tom Fowler
Violin - Graham Smith
Cello - Hugh Malloy
Produced by John Acock - Steve Hackett
Recorded at (studios) Cherokee - Kingsway - Record Plant - De Lane Lea
Engineered by John Acock
Assisted by - Chip - Rob - Mark & Rafe
Cover Illustration Kim Poor
Sleeve Design Kim Poor & A.D. Design
Photography: Cover - John Brown, Inner Sleeve - Armando Gallo
Special Thanks to: John Hackett for immeasurable assistance and guidance
Gail Colson and Russ Shaw for unceasing moral support, Dale Newman & Dan Owen for equipment and Guest Vocals on 'Icarus Ascending'.
Maria Bonvino - (Guest Female Soprano on 'Hoping Love') and EMU Keyboard Systems
Also Starring Necam - The Computer (Computer assisted mix down, manufactured by Neve of Royston
The Robert Morton Pipe Organ (Since destroyed by fire at the Record Plant L.A.)
Automata & Mechanicals c/o Jack Donovan
Recorded between November '77 & February '78
Steve Hackett - Equipment List:
Roland Guitar Synthesiser - Les Paul - Stratocaster - 12 string Zematis - 12 string Hokado, Yamaha - Giffen, Yairi Nylon - (Guitars) Pedal Board - Comprising - Octave Dividers, Phasers, Fuzz Boxes - Wah - Wah - Volume Pedal Etc. Computer - Automata - Mechanicals - Musi Box - Mellotron, Psaltery, Bells, Wind Chimes, Vocal Tape Loops Roland Space Echo & Jazz Chorus 150 amps & Speakers Harmoniser - Lexicon - Marshall Time Modulator - Sleigh Bells - Maracas - and anything else that I could lay my hands on at the time!

3 Spectral Mornings (US 1979 Chrysalis PV 41223) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Every Day6:15Steve HackettLost Time in Cordoba4:11Steve Hackett
The Virgin and the Gypsy4:28Tigermoth7:30
The Red Flower of Tachai Blooms Everywhere2:05Spectral Mornings6:32
Clocks - The Angel of Mons4:14
The Ballad of the Decomposing Man (Featuring "The Office Party")3:46
Steve Hackett: Guitars, Roland Guitar Synth, Koto (Cantonses), Harmonica, Vocals, Extras
Pete Hicks: Lead Vocals and Harmonies
Dik Cadbury: Bass, Bass Pedals, Violin, Vocals
Nick Magnus: Keyboards, Vox String Thing, Novotron, Harpsichord, Clavinet, RMI, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog, Roland String Synth & SH 2000
John Hackett: Flutes, Concert and Chinese Bamboo Models, Bass Pedals
John Shearer: Drums & Percussion
Produced by John Acock/Steve Hackett
Recorded in Holland at Phonogram Studios, Hilversum

Front Cover by Kim Poor (c) 1979
Sleeve by Cooke Key
Back Cover Photography by Tom Sheehan
Guidance: Kim & Leo

4 Defector (US 1980 Charisma CL-1-3103) has the insert M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Steppes6:05Steve HackettJacuzzi4:36Steve Hackett
Time to Get Out4:11Hammer in the Sand3:11
Slogans3:46The Toast3:42
Leaving3:16The Show3:40
Two Vamps as Guests1:58Sentimental Institution2:44Steve Hackett and Peter Hicks
Steve Hackett: Guitar, Vocal, Optigan, Roland GR500
Nick Magnus: Keyboards
John Hackett: Concert and Alto Flute
Pete Hicks: Vocal
John Shearer: Drums & Percussion
Dik Cadbury: Bass, Vocal
Recorded at Wessex Studios
Produced by Steve Hackett and John Acock
Gear by Jed and Vince
Insight + Cover Paintings (Front and Back) Enamels, - by Kim Poor (c) 1980.
Cover Design Kim and Kobz
Inner Sleeve Photo by Danny Padua
Collage Photos by Armando Gallo, Gered Mankowitz & Friends

5 Cured (US 1981 Epic ARE 87632) has inner sleeve M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Hope I Don't Wake3:46Steve HackettFunny Feeling4:02S. Hackett- N. Magnus
Picture Postcard3:54A Cradle of Swans2:47S. Hackett
Can't Let Go5:39Overnight Sleeper4:30S. Hackett- K. Poor
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare3:16Turn Back Time4:19S. Hackett
Steve Hackett: Equipment:- Les Paul, Stratocaster, Ovation Nylon, Yairi Nylon, Ovation UK2, Cimar, Roland GR500 Guitar Synth, Fender Precision Special Bass, E-Bow, Pete Cornish Pedal Board

Nick Magnus: Equipment:- Prophet 5, Mini Moog, Clavinet, RMI Piano, Roland Vocoder Plus, Korg CX3, Novatron, Fender Rhodes, Vox String-thing, Acoustic Piano, Linn Drum Computer, SDS5 Drum Synth, Cymbals, Claptrap

Bimbo Acock: Sax on "Picture Postcard"
John Hackett: Flute on "Overnight Sleeper" Bass Pedals on "The Air-Conditioned Nightmare"
Cover Photos by: Kim Poor
Design by: Bryan Hemming & Kim Poor
This Album is dedicated to Kim with all my Love & Affection
Produced by Steve Hackett, John Acock, Nick Magnus
Recorded at: Redan Studios
Engineered by: John Acock
Mastered at: CBS Recording Studios, New York, N.Y., on the CBS DisComputer System by Ray Janos.
Assistant Engineer: Johnnie Schinas
Mastered at Utopia by Kevin Metcalfe
Road Crew: Jed and Vince
Inner Photo: Amando Gallo

6 Highly Strung (UK 1982 Charisma HACK 1) has the insert M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Camino Royale??Steve Hackett/Nick MagnusGive it Away??Steve Hackett
Cell 151Steve HackettWeightless
Always Somewhere ElseGroup Therapy
Walking Through WallsIndia Rubber Man
Hackett to PiecesSteve Hackett/Nick Magnus
Chris Lawrence: Contrabass
Nigel Warren-Green: Cello
Ian Mosley: Drums
Nick Magnus: Keyboards & Devices
Steve: Guitars & Vocals

Produced by Steve Hackett & John Acock
Front & Back Paintings by Kim Poor
Steve's Guitars: Ovation UK II, Les Paul, Stratocaster, Giffen, Marshall 100w & 50w Amps, Pete Cornish Pedal Board, Echoplex, Energy Bow, Slide, Hohner Harmonica

Nick's Keyboards: Jupiter 8, Memory Moog, Steam Piano, Moog Source, Mini Moog, Korg CX3, Vocoder Plus, Emulator, Rhodes, Harpsicord, Prophet 5, Linn LM1

Ian's Drums: Yamaha with Evans heads

Creative Engineering & Good Vibes from John Acock, Rafe McKenna & Brad Grisdale.
Assisted by Bob Kraushaar
Recorded in London at Berry Street Studios, Marcus Music & Redan Recorders.
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Utopia Studios, London.
Equipment: Neil Biscoe & Ged Fitzpatrick
Furry cuddles to Kim, my eternal partner in crime.

7 Bay of Kings (US 1983 Chrysalis PV 41572) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Bay of Kings4:53Steve HackettPetropolis2:41Steve Hackett
The Journey4:12Second Chance*1:53
Kim+2:26Cast Adrift2:14
St. Elmo's Fire3:00Black Light2:27
The Barron Land3:44
+ Re-arranged version
* From the TV series starring Ralph Bates and Susannah York
Produced by Steve Hackett and John Acock
Steve Hackett=Acoustic Guitar Keyboard Strings
John Hackett=Flutes
Nick Magnus=Keyboard Strings and Effects
Recorded at Berry Street & the Town House London
Mastered by Kevin Metcalf at Utopia
Cover illustration=Kim Poor
Design and illumination=Bryan Hemming
For Kim who showed me the most beautiful place in the world
Photo: Steve Morgan

8 Till We Have Faces (UK 1984 Lamborghini LMGLP 4000) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Duel (based on the film by Stephen Speilberg)??Steve HackettMypoia??Steve Hackett & Nick Magnus
Matilda Smith-Williams Home for the AgedSteve Hackett/Nick MagnusWhat's My Name
Let Me Count the Ways (for Uncle Charlie)Steve HackettThe Rio ConnectionSteve Hackett
A Doll That's Made in JapanTaking the Easy Way Out/ When You Wish Upon a StarSteve Hackett/ Harline/Washington
Steve Hackett: Guitars, Guitar Synth, Koto, Rainstick, Etruscan Guitar, Marimba, Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals
Nick Magnus: Keyboards, Percussion, Yamaha DX7, Jupiter-6, Juno 60, Moog Source, Jupiter-8, Memory Moog, Emulator, Vocoder, Linndrum
Rui Motta: Drums, Simmons Drums
Serginho (Roupa Nova): Drums
Ian Mosley: Drums, Percussion
Waldemar Falcao: Flute, Percussion
Fernando Moura
Ronaldo Diamante: Bass
Clive Stevens: Wind Synthesizer
Kim Poor: Japanese voice on "Doll"
The Brazillian Percussionists:- Sidinho Moreira, Junior, Jaburu, Peninha, Zizinho, Baca
Recorded at Som Livre Studios (Rio de Janeiro)
Marcus Music (London) (except "Doll" at Silo.)
Mixed at Marcus Music 'Ambisonicaly' a 48 track recording.
Recording Engineers: Rio- Carlos E. Cesar, Andy P. Mills, Felipe Nery, Waldemar Falcao
London- John Acock, Gwyn Mathias
Mixdown Engineer: John Acock
Assistant Engineers: Jackson Paulino - Rio, Nick Ryan-James - London
Front Cover Illustration (c) Kim Poor 1984
"Till We Have Faces" is dedicated to Kim for all her support and love; never underestimate the power of a partnership!
Produced by Steve Hackett
Co-produced by John Acock, Nick Magnus and Waldemar Falcao
See also: Jan Akkerman, Genesis

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1 The First Seven Days (US 1975 Nemperor NE 432) M-/VG $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Darkness/Earth in Search of a Sun4:30Jan HammerThe Animals6:09Jan Hammer
Light/Sun6:40Sixth Day - The People7:11
Oceans and Continents6:14The Seventh Day6:08
Fourth Day - Plants and Trees6:08
Jan Hammer: Piano, elecric piano, Moog synthesizer, Oberheim synthesizer and digital sequencer, drums, percussion, Freeman string synthesizer, Mellotron
On The Animals & Sixth Day - The People, David Earle Johnson, congas & percussion is added
On Light/Sun, The Animals, Sixth Day - The People & The Seventh Day, Steve Kindler, violin is added
Recorded & re-mixed at Red Gate Studio, Kent, New York
Assistant engineer: Andy Topeka
Management & encouragement: Nat Weiss
Custom audio installations: Andy Topeka
Cover Illustration: Milton Glaser
Art Direction: Paula Scher
Produced & Engineered by Jan Hammer

For those concerned: There is no guitar on this album.
See also: Jeff Beck

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1 Fool's Mate (US 1972 Charisma CAS-1037) gatefold M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Imperial Zeppelin3:38Hammill/SmithSunshine3:55Hammill
Happy2:33Summer Song (In the Autumn)2:14
Vision3:11The Birds3:37Hammill
Re-Awakening3:55I Once Wrote Some Poems2:40
Guy Evans - drums + percussion
Martin Pottinger - drums
Hugh Banton - piano, organ
Rod Clements - bass, violin
Nic Potter - bass
Ray Jackson - harp, mandolin
Dave Jackson - alto + tenor saxes, flute
Bob Fripp - electric guitar
Paul Whitehead - tam-tam
Peter Hammill - all lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
* and the Fluctuating Chorale:-
Guy, Hugh, Dave, Ray, John, Norman, Alastair, John, Peter
Produced by John Anthony
Engineered by Robin Cable
Cover by Paul Whitehead
Cleen Mashine Studio
photo - Sebastian Rich

Thank you for the loans of:-
Bob Fripp - Island Records and King Crimson
Rod Clements -
Ray Jackson - Lindisfarne (the fabulous Holy Islands)
Martin Potlinger - Aberdeen College of Archetecture

Recorded at Trident Studios, London W.1.
April 20/21/27/28 1971.

2 Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night (G 1973 Charisma 9124 051) gatefold M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
German Overalls (Jaxonsax)24.40HammillWhat's it Worth (Mellifluteous David)24.12Hammill
Slender ThreadsEasy to Slip Away (Ni.... and Davi....)
Rock and Role (Nic "Killer" Potter, Randolph (a), The Honker)Dropping the Torch
In the End(In the) Black Room (Sandwiching)
The Tower (Electrostatic Retrospective)
The Umbraceous Ensemble:

Peter Hammill: Vocals and tesseraschizoid warbling, acoustic and electric guitars, electric and grand pianos (bar leapfrog), one flight of mellotrons and some Gothic harmonium
Guy Evans: (a) Drum and cymbal (b) The Thundering Horsemen of the Darkest Dawn
David Jackson: Acoustic and electric tenor and alto saxophones, flute, screams in the night and icy waterfalls.
Hugh Banton: Bomber, banshee, organ and leap frog piano, foot and hand bass, the Rack.
Nic Potter: Bass and Cortina
All "Songs" by Peter Hammill (courtesy of Panel Enterprises)
Cover by Paul Whitehead (in contact with subject, Endeavour (B.M.A.) and Arcturus)
Photography: O.D. Troeller (Sussex and Scacchi)
Bettina Hohls (Hamburg foliage)
Conducted by John Anthony and Peter Hammill (Mr. Anthony's costum: Fab Creations (Millinery) Ltd.)
Gordianisation: O.S.A. Troeller
Ancillaries: The Tin, dogs, socks, the Beaufort Arms, Antipodeanism ("The tape is rolling"), pink champagne, General Hospital, Nationwide and Subbutio (Poland 3 Scotland 2).
Recorded in February and March, 1973 at Sofa Sound, Sussex
Engineer and factorium: Rodney Sofa and Rockfield Studios, Monmouthshire
Engineers: Ralph "Newport" Down, Pat Morahan
Mixed at Trident Studios, London W.1.
Engineer: David Hentschel.

3 The Silent Corner & the Empty Stage (UK 1974 Charisma CAS 1083) M-/M- gatefold $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Modern??HammillRed Shift??Hammill
The Lie (Berninis Saint Teresa)A Louse is not a Home
Forsaken Gardens
Produced by Peter Hammill

4 In Camera (UK 1974 Charisma CHC 33) has insert M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Ferret and Featherbird3:43HammillThe Comet, The Course, The Tail6:00Hammill
(No More) The Submariner5:47Gog17:21
Tapeworm4:20Magog (In Bromine Chambers)
Faint-Heart and the Sermon6:42
In Camera by Peter Hammill who wrote, arranged, recorded, performed and produced the music on this album between December 1973 and April 1974*

Guitars, bass, piano, harmonium and oddments were recorded at Sofa Sound, Sussex
Voice, synthesizer, mellotron + Guy Reduction } Trident Studios
These recordings would not have been possible without:
Guy Evans: Dums on "Tapeworm" and "Gog"
Paul Whitehead: Cymbal, drum cello + percussion on "Magog"
Chris Judge Smith: Lignaphone, minikit, percussion and choral voice on "Magog"
David Hentschel: Trident engineering, ARP Programming + sound wizardry
Thanks also to:-
Hugh for the loans of bass and piano
Mr. Higgs for tuning the latter
David for the loan of his wah-wah pedal
Nick for tape ops. and pan-pots
John for haulage
Alice for coping with the chaos

Outer photography: Mike Vander Vord
Inner photography: O.D.
Sleeve getting together: Frank Sansom + PH

These recordings are dedicated to my brother Andrew
*'Ferret + Featherbird' was written in 1969 + 'Tapeworm' in August 1971

5 Nadir's Big Chance (UK 1975 Charisma CAS 1099) has insert M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Nadir's Big Chance3:27Peter HammillShingle Song4:10Peter Hammill
The Institute of Mental Health, Burning3:50Hammill/SmithAirport3:02
Open Your Eyes5:10Peter HammillPeople You Were Going To5:10
Nobody's Business4:15Birthday Special3:40
Been Alone So Long4:20Judge SmithTwo or Three Spectres6:20
Pompeii4:50Peter Hammill
Recorded at Rockfield, 1-7 Dec. 1974. At the desk: The Meringue
Mixed at Trident, 10-13 Dec 1974. At the desk: The Stone

Peter Hammill/Rikki Nadir: guitars, pianos, bass, vox
Hugh Banton: bass, keyboards
Guy Evans: drums
David Jaxon :saxes + flute

Gordianisation: Troeller
Truck'n'hump: Buonuomo
Cover: Dinu M'Brela

Produced by Peter Hammill
Playing, technical + back-up correction, clarification + amendment:-
i) Flute: There wasn't any (Jaxon having been glued to his tenor almost throughout!)
ii) Tambourine: was stoically shaken, rattled + rolled by Guy
Singing: Nadir's Nodeo on 'The Institute...' + 'Birthday Special' were Guy, Hugh + David, + myself.
iv)Confusions of Identity: PJAH { Bass on 'Two or Three Spectres' (mit plasters), elec. piano on 'People...' + 'Open your Eyes'
HRB { All other bass, elec. piano on 'The Institute..', 'Pompeii' + 'Two or Three Spectres'
The grand piano on 'The Institute...' was su fo ftob
The Meringue, replete with canned headgear, was a close approximation to Pat Moran, The Stone, lapidaceously Mike.
Tape Ops. (Trident): Peter, Gerry + Neil
Mysterious + intermittent hands at the mixer (ditto): Lizard Bixarre + Pancho
Cut by George Peckham in the Master Room.
Rockfield featured:-Alice - cuisine + catt, John - wah-wah surgery, Gordian - wine cellar + head waiter, Dylan - alarm calls

6 Over (Greece 1977 Charisma/Virgin VG 50150) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Crying Wolf*??Peter HammillThis Side of the Looking Glass+??Peter Hammill
Time Heals*(On Tuesday she use to do) Yoga
Alice (Letting Go)Lost and Found*
*Drums: Guy Evans/Pharoah
*Bass: Nic Potter/Blade
^Violin: Graham Smith
+Orchestra arranged and conducted by Michael Brand
All other voices, instruments and arrangements by Peter Hammill
Recorded and partially dubbed at Foel Studios, Llanffair Caerinion, Wales, June 27-July 4, 1976
Engineer: Ian Gomm/Cumulo, with David Anderson/Drek
Final dubbing, recording of +, mix at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, July 5-14, 1976
Engineer: Pat Moran/Splat
Photography: Sebastian Keep/Heap
Produced by Peter Hammill
Art direction: Frank Sansom
Artwork: A.D. Design

7 The Future Now (UK 1978 Charisma CAS 1137) has folding insert VG+/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Pushing Thirty??Peter HammillThe Future Now??Peter Hammill
The Second HandStill in the Dark
The Mousetrap (Caught In)A Motor-Bike in Africa
Energy VampiresThe Cut
If I CouldPalinurus (Castaway)
Recorded at Sofa Sound Surrey 18/3 - 26/4 1978
Mixed at Rockfield Studios Monmouth 27/4 - 3/5 1978
Produced played sung and engineered by Peter Hammill bar
Saxophone David Jackson
Violin Graham Smith
Mixdown Engineer Pat Moran
Photography Brian Griffith
'If I Could' and 'The Cut' feature the Aphex Aural Exciter
Special thanks Immediate: Hilary, Cracky, Gordian, John and the Black Prince
Ling-term: Judge, Bjorn, Brian, San Carlos, Mozart, Hoover, Beckie, Flag and Mentor

8 Vision (US 1978 Visa IMP 1016) cos M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Imperial Zeppelin3:38Hammill-SmithSunshine3:55Hammill
(No More) The Submariner5:43HammillNadir's Big Chance3:27
Modern7:28The Institute of Mental Health, Burning3:50Hammill-Smith
Dropping the Torch4:10The Comet, The Course, The Tail5:57Hammill
Vision3:11In the End7:21

9 ph7 (US 1979 Charisma CA-1-2205) M-/M- wlp with extra song "Polaroid" has insert $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
My Favourite2:47Peter HammillThe Old School Tie5:02Peter Hammill
Careering (Don't Ask Me)4:03Time for a Change3:11C.J.J. Smith
Porton Down3:36Imperial Walls4:15Peter Hammill
Mirror Images3:46Mr. X (Gets Tense)6:05
Handicap and Equality3:53Faculty X4:05
Not For Keith2:22
This album was recorded at Sofa Sound and mixed at Rockfield
The Cut was by Arun at the Master Room
The violin was played by Graham Smith,
The saxes and flute by David Jackson,
and the desk and sounds at mix by Pat Moran.
-special thanks to these three, and to Gail and Hilary.
The photographs are by Dan Kirk for Bowtie Studios
The layout by Rocking Russian
The rest .... pH.

10 A Black Box (UK 1980 Virgin OVED 140) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Golden Promises??Peter HammillFlight??Peter Hammill
Losing Faith in WordsFlying Blind - The White Cane Fandango - Control^ - Cockpit^ - Silk Worm Wings - Nothing is nothing - A Black Box
The Jargon King
Fogwalking ^*
The Spirit
In Slow Time *Hammill/Ferguson
The Wipe *Peter Hammill
Recorded at Sofa Sound, Wiltshire Nov '79-Apr '80
Mixed at Cresent Studios Bath, Apr 6-13, '80
Arranged, Performed and Produced by Peter Hammill
David Lord - mixing engineer
David Jackson - saxes and flute^
David Ferguson - synths and tambourine*

11 Sitting Targets (UK 1981 Virgin V 2205) has insert M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Breakthrough*3:56Peter HammillSitting Targets*+^5:21Peter Hammill
My Experience*3:14Stranger Still%4:55
Empress's Clothes+^4:02What I Did+^3:37
Glue3:40Central Hotel+4:41
Recorded at Sofa Sound, Nov '80 - Feb '81
Dubbed and Mixed at Crescent Studios, Bath, Feb/Mar '81
Produced, arranged, recorded and played by Peter Hammill, with invaluable contributions from:
David Lord: Engineering (Crescent)
Guy Evans: Drums(*)
Phil Harrison: Synthesizers(%)
David Jackson: Saxes + whistles(+)
Morris Pert: Percussion(^)
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Ltd
Design by Rocking Russian

12 Enter K (UK 1982 Naive NAVL-1) has inner sleeve M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Paradox Drive4:31Peter HammillDon't Tell Me4:45Peter Hammill
The Unconcious Life5:05She Wraps it Up4:20
Accidents4:35Happy Hour9:15
The Great Experiment5:05
K - PH
Mozart - Nic Potter
Brain - Guy Evans
Fury - John Ellis
Jaxon - David Jackson

Recorded in 1982 at Sofa Sound, Wiltshire (Engineer: R. Sofa)
and Crescent Studios, Bath
Dubbed and mixed at Crescent Studios, Bath
Production - PH
Engineering - David Lord
Songs - PH
Publishing - Static Music Ltd
Management - Gailforce Ltd., 55-59 Shaftesbury Ave, London W.1.
Cover - Steve Byrne and Valerie Hawthorn
Photography - Jo Swan
Cut - Arun at the Master Room
Special Thanks - Hilary, Gail, Norma, Mal, Alan, Protolog, Peter G. and all at Crescent
Sofa Sound - P.O.Box 66, Freshford, Bath, BA3 6EE

13 Patience (UK 1983 Naive NAVL 3) has insert M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Labour of Love*??Peter HammillTraintime??Peter Hammill
Film NoirNow More Than Ever
Just Good Friends^Comfortable?*
Jeunesse d'OreePatient
This music was recorded, dubbed and mixed at Crescent Studios, Bath in Dec., 1982. Backing tracks for 'Labour of Love' and 'Comfprtable?' were recorded by PH at Sofa Sound, Avon.
A K Production
Engineered by David Lord

The K Group:
K/PH - Vox, painos, a/c guitars
Fury/John Ellis - Elec. & a/c guitars, b.vox
Brain/Guy Evans - Drums and percussion
Mozart/Nic Potter - Bass
David Jackson - Sax, pan-pipes*
David Lord - Prophet 5^
Stuart Gordon - Violin^
Cover Photograph and Design: John Ellis
The Cut: Arun at The Master Room

14 The Love Songs (UK 1984 Charisma CAS 1166) has insert M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Just Good Friends??Peter HammillIf I Could??Peter Hammill
My FavouriteVision
Been Alone So LongChris Judge SmithDon't Tell Me
OpheliaPeter HammillThe Birds
AgainThis Side of the Looking Glass
Produced and engineered by K at Sofa Sound, except
1) Produced by David Lord/K, engineered by David Lord at Crescent Studios
3) & 10) Produced by K, engineered by Ted Sharp at Rockfield Studios
Photography: Adrian Peacock
Cover, cannons and conjecture: Paul Ridout
Cut by Arun at The Master Room

15 Searching for Diamonds (US 1984 Mediaevil MRLP-11548) Limited Ed. 8/300 M-/M- $50 SOLD!
Side 1 - Peter Hammill/Dave Jackson (In Concert Session)
Beard Side:
Side 2 - Peter Hammill (John Peel Session)
Cheek Side:
My Room (Waiting for Wonderland)??Peter HammillTime for a Change??Chris Judge Smith
The Future NowGerman OverallsPeter Hammill
Mirror ImagesEasy to Slip Away
Porton DownIn the End
Faculty XFaint Heart and the Sermon
PH - Piano & Vox
Jaxon - Saxophone & Flute

This is a Limited Edition of 300
This is #8
PH - Acoustic Guitar, Piano & Vox

16 The Margin - Live (UK 1985 Foundry) NEW/SEALED gatefold $25
17 The Margin - Live (G 1985 Foundry/Virgin 302 533-370) gatefold M-/M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Future Now3:46Peter HammillThe jargon King3:15Peter Hammill
Porton Down5:38The second Hand5:57
Stranger Still6:22Empress's Clothes5:49
Sign6:38The Sphinx in the face5:12
Side 3Side 4
Labour of love5:48Peter HammillFlight20:35Peter Hammill
Sitting targets5:44
K - Peter Hammill: vox, guitars, piano.
Fury/John Ellis: lead guitar.
Mozart/Nic Potter: Bass.
Brain/Guy Evans: drums, percussion.

Recorded live in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, December 1983.
Mixed at Sofa Sound.
Produced by K. Recorded by Paul Ridout, Desk by Ray Smith.
Sound and lights by Protolog Ltd.
Front cover photography: Anton Corbijn.
Inner Photography: John Ellis.
Cover design: Paul Ridout.
No applause, and no overdubs - This is what happened on stage.

18 Skin (US 1986 Enigma ST-73206) M-/M- rare first pressing with incorrect and missing songs has insert $20
19 Skin (US 1986 Enigma ST-73206) M-/M- second pressing with correct songs. Cover has promo stamp, and "SECOND PRESSING CORRECT SEQUENCE" sticker, has insert $8
Side 1Side 2
Skin4:12Peter HammillYou Hit Me Where I Live4:25Peter Hammill
After the Show4:15A Perfect Date4:10
Painting by Numbers4:00Four Pails4:24C.J.J. Smith-M. Hutchinson
Shell4:10Now Lover9:45Peter Hammill
All Said and Done3:35
Performed and produced by Peter Hammill in 1985 with
Guy Evans: drums and percussion
David Jackson: saxophones
David Coulter: didjeridu
Stuart Gordon: violin
Hugh Banton: perfect mad cello
David Luckhurst: an alternative vox and
Paul Ridout: manipulation - umi, midi, wave and 'what if?'
Recorded at Sofa Sound and The Wool Hall by Hammill, Ridout and Coach, Steve Street and Neil Perry
Cover by Hammill and Ridout
Image digitisation by Gladstone Electronics
Cut by Arun at The Master Room

20 And Close As This (US 1986 Enigma ST-73246) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Too Many of My Yesterdays4:38HammillBeside the One You Love5:07Hammill
Faith4:22Other Old Cliches4:00
Empire of Delight4:35Emerson/HammillConfidence6:30
Silver5:25HammillSleep Now4:38
Performed and produced by Peter Hammill
Macintosh and MIDI by Paul Ridout
Recorded and mixed at Sofa Sound Aug 7th - Sept 15th 1986
Photography by Anton Corbijn
Cut by Arun at the Master Room

21 In a Foreign Town (US 1988 Enigma ST-72337) has insert M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Hemlock6:30Peter HammillAuto3:57Hammill
Invisible Ink4:18Vote Brand X4:01
Sci-Finance (Revisited)4:19Sun City Nightlife4:31
This Book5:11Hammill/Columbo/AmeliThe Play's the Thing4:52
Time to Burn5:11Peter HammillUnder Cover Names4:17
Performed and produced by Peter Hammill with
Paul Ridout - Sound Creation and Consultancy!
David Lord - Mix Engineering! and
Neil Perry - Maintenance!
Recorded at Sofa Sound, Avon, Oct '87-Jan '88
Mixed at Crescent Studios, Bath, Jan-Feb '88
Photography: (Poolside) Hilary Hammill (Stageside) Armando Gallo
Sleeve by: Ridout
See also: Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Van der Graaf Generator

HERBIE HANCOCK     Go to Next artist (Bo Hansson) Previous artist (Peter Hammill)
1 Headhunters (US 1973 Columbia BL 32731) M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Chameleon15:43P. Jackson, H. Mason, B. Maurin, H. HancockSly10:19H. Hancock
Watermelon Man6:30H. HancockVein Melter9:10
Produced by: David Rubinson and Herbie Hancock for David Rubinson and Friends, Inc.
Recorded at: Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco.
Recording Engineers: Fred Catero, Jeremy Zatkin.
And at: Different Fur Trading Co., San Francisco.
By: Dane Butcher, John Vieira
A Product of Catero Sound Co., San Francisco
The Herbie Hancock Group:
Herbie Hancock: Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, hohner D 6 Clavinet, ARP Odyssey Synthesizer, ARP Soloist Synthesizer, Pipes
Bennie Maupin: Soprano and Tenor Saxophone, Saxello, Bass Clarinet, Alto Flute
Paul Jackson: Electric Bass and Maimbula
Harvey Mason: Yamaha Drums
Bil Summers: Congas, Shekere, Balafon, Agogo, Cabasa, Hindewho, Tambourine, Log Drum, Surdo, Gankoqui and Beer Bottle.
Cover Design: Victor Moscoso. Photos: Waldo Bascom.

2 Sunlight (US 1978 Columbia JC 34907) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
I Thought it Was You8:54H. Hancock - J. Cohen - M. RaginSunlight7:09H. Hancock
Come Running to Me8:23H. Hancock - A. WillisNo Means Yes6:18
Good Question8:31
Engineers: Fred Catero and David Rubinson
Assistant engineers: Chris Minto and Cheryl Ward
Recorded at: The Automatt, San Francisco
Mastered at: The Automatt by Phil Brown
A product of Catero Sound Co., San Francisco
Brass recorded at: The Villiage Recorder, Los Angeles.
Assistant engineer: Terry Becker
Additional synthesizers recorded at: Different Fur Trading Co., San Francisco
Engineer: Steve Mantoani
String, brass and woodwind arrangements on "I Thought It Was You," "Sunlight" and "Come Running To Me" by Herbie Hancock
Strings: Terry Adams, Nathan Rubin, Lawrence Granger, Roy Malan, Linda Wood, Emily VanValkenburgh
Brass: Garnett Brown, Bobby Shew, Robert O. Bryant, Sr., Maurice Spears
Woodwinds: Fred Jackson, Jr., Ernest J. Watts, David Willard Riddles, Jack Nimitz
Photography: Kaz Tsurata
Design: Tommy Steele
Drums: Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, James Levi, Harvey Mason, Tony Williams
Bass: Byron Miller, Paul Jackson, Weather Report
Guitars: Wah Wah Watson and Ray Parker, Jr.
Congas: Raul Rekow
Percussion: Bill Summers
Tablas: Baba Duru
Soprano sax: Bennie Maupin
Additional synthesizers: Patrick Gleeson
Produced by David Rubinson & Friends, Inc. and Herbie Hancock
Herbie Hancock: Oberheim Polyphonic Synthesizer, Obie I, Yamaha CP-30, Hohner D6 Clavinet, ARP 2600, Mini-Moog, ARP String Ensemble, Yamaha Polyphonic Synthesizer and Sequential Circuits Prophet Synthesizer, ARP Odyssey, Poly-Moog, Micro-Moog, Acoustic Piano, E Mu Polyphonic Synthesizer, Rhodes Electric Piano.

BO HANSSON     Go to Next band (Happy the Man) Previous artist (Herbie Hancock)
1 Lord of the Rings (US 1972 Charisma CAS 1059) has insert M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
Leaving Shire2:47B. HanssonA Journey in the Dark1:07B. Hansson
The Old Forest3:42Lothlorien3:22
Tom BombadilShadowfax:50
Fog on the Barrow Downs2:28The Horns of Rohan3:58
The Black Riders3:48The Battle of Pelennor Fields
Flight to the FordDreams in the House of Healing1:50
At the House of Elrond4:23Homeward Bound2:11
The Ring Goes SouthThe Scouring of Shire
The Grey Havens4:56
Musicians:Bo Hansson: Organ, guitar, Moog, bass
Rune Carlsson: Drums
Gunnar Bergsten: Saxophone
Sten Bergman: Flute
...and a few anonymous ‘freinds’
Music composed and arranged by Bo Hansson
Produced by Bo Hansson and Anders Lind
Sleeve illustrations by Jane Furst
Picture of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien by Snowdon

HAPPY THE MAN     Go to Next artist (Annie Haslam) Previous artist (Herbie Hancock)
1 Happy the Man (US 1977 Arista AL 4120) M-/VG+ cos, has inner sleeve $20 BUY!
Side 1Side 2
Starborne4:22Kit WatkinsKnee Bitten Nymphs in Limbo5:22Stanley Whittaker
Stumpy Meets the Firecracker in Stencil Forest4:16Stanley WhittakerOn Time as a Helix of Precious Laughs5:22Frank Wyatt
Upon the Rainbow (Befrost)4:42Kit Watkins-Frank WyattHidden Moods3:41Kit Watkins
Mr. Mirror's Reflections on Dreams8:54Kit WatkinsNew York Dreams' Suite8:32Frank Wyatt
Carousel4:06Frank Wyatt
Happy the Man is:
Stanley Whitaker: Six and Twelve String Guitars, Lead Vocals
Kit Watkins: Mini Moog, Acoustic Piano, Rhodes Piano, ARP String Ensemble, Hammond B3, hohner Clavinet, Flute, Marimba
Frank Wyatt: Saxes, Flute, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Kennell: Electric Bass
Mike Beck: Percussion
Produced by Ken Scott
Recorded and Mixed at A & M Studios, November and December 1976 by Ed E. Thacker
Cover Art: Mary Walsh Photo
Dennis Luzak Illustration
Back Cover Photography: Mary Walsh
Inner Sleeve Photo: Benno Friedman
Design & Art Direction: Bob Heimall

2 Better Late (US 1983 Azimuth AZ 1003) M-/VG+ $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Eye of the Storm3:54WatkinsShadow Shaping4:28Watkins/Wyatt/Whitaker
The Falcon6:07Wyatt/WhitakerRun Into the Ground5:06Watkins/Kennell
At the Edge of This Thought5:25WyattFootwork4:21Watkins
While Crome Yellow Shine6:13Wyatt/WatkinsLabyrinth7:34
Kit Watkins: multi-keyboards, flute
Frank Wyatt: electric piano, alto sax, flute
Stanley Whitaker: electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Coco Roussel: drums, percussion
Rick Kennell: bass

Produced by Kit Watkins
All Titles Arranged by: Happy the Man
Engineered by: Wayne Garber & Kit Watkins
Road and Stage Managing: Kenny Bailey
Lighting and Equipment: Steve Meeks
Recording Equipment & More: Ace Pace
Master Tape Duplication: Jim Fox/Lion and Fox
4-Track Recorder: Gandalf/Paul Joslow
Dedicated to: Our Fans
See also: Kit Watkins

ANNIE HASLAM     Go to Next artist (Jon Hassell) Previous band (Happy the Man)
1 Annie in Wonderland (US 1977 Sire SR 6016) gatefold M-/M- $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
introlise/if i were made of music4:59j. camprockalise - to allison6:08r. wood
i never believed in love3:38r. woodnature boy4:53e. ahbez
if i loved you4:38rodgers & hammersteininside my life4:50j. camp
hunioco7:32r. woodgoing home5:06dvorjak/w.a.fisher
annie haslam - lead vocals and backing vocals
roy wood - electric and acoustic guitars, bass gtr, string bass, cello, balalaikas, saxophones, drums, bass clarinet, trumpet, african drums, percussion, string ensemble, moog, piano, clavinet, backing vocals.
jon camp - bass guitar on 'i never believed in love,' 'nature boy' and 'inside my life.' together with bass pedals and acoustic guitar on 'if i were made of music.' backing voclas on 'inside my life.'
dave donovan - drums on 'nature boy' and 'if i were made of music.'
louis clark - polymoog on 'rockalise,' flute on 'going home,' also string arrangements 'rockalise' and brass arrangements and choir arrangements 'going home.'
produced and arranged by roy wood.
engineering and backing vocals - dick plant.
assistant engineer - barry kidd.
recorded and mastered at the music centre wembley, middlesex, england.
album title and inside cover concept - annie haslam.
cover artwork - roy wood.
inside photographs of annie - po.
small photos by annie, roy, jon, michael dakota.

this album is dedicated to my mum and dad.
See also: Electric Light Orchestra, Renaissance

JON HASSELL     Go to Next band (Hawkwind) Previous artist (Annie Haslam)
1 The Surgeon of the Nightsky Restores Dead Things by the Power of Sound (US 1987 Intuition C1-46880) has insert M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Ravinia/Vancouver20:58Jon HassellHamburg7:10Jon Hassell
Paris II8:41
Jon Hassell: Trumpet, Keyboards (A1, 2; B1, 2, 3)
J.A. Deane: Electric and Acoustic Percussion (A1, 2; B1, 2, 3)
Jean-Philippe Rykiel: Synthesizers (A2; B1,2,3)
Richard Horowitz: Synthesizer (A1)
Michael Brook: Guitar (A2; B1, 2, 3)

Jult 1986/January 1987 (A1).
May 1985 (A2; B1, 2)
May 1986 (B3). Live Sony PCM F1 digital recordings assembled and processed June 1987 by Brian Eno and Jon Hassell at the Wilderness Studio, Woodbridge, UK.
An excerpt from a poem by Ira Cohen: From the Whole Magillah, A Crystal for Bob Kaufman. (Collection: "On Feet of Gold", Synergistic Press, London 1986).

Art: The Swamp, 1983. Melissa Miller. Oil on linen 72 x 59 inches (Collection: Holly Solomon. Courtesy Holly Solomon Gallery, New York).
Photo: D James Dee.

Sleeve Design by Anthony McCall Associates, New York; Kerstin Stelter, Cologne
Jon Hassell-Photo: Curtis Knapp
An Opal Production

HAWKWIND     Go to Next band (Justin Hayward/John Lodge) Previous artist (Jon Hassell)
1 Space Ritual, Alive in Liverpool and London (UK 1973 United Artists UAD 60037) triple gatefold M-/M-/VG+ $20 SOLD!
2 Space Ritual, Alive in Liverpool and London (US 1973 United Artists UA-LA120-H-0789) triple gatefold M-/M-/VG+ $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Earth Calling11:41B. CalvertLord of Light6:36D. Brock
Born to GoB. Calvert-D. BrockThe Black Corridor2:25M. Moorcock
Down Through the Night6:02D. BrockSpace is Deep8:13D. Brock
The Awakening1:53B. CalvertElectronic No. 12:33D. Dettmar-Dikmik
Side 3Side 4
Orgone Accumuolator10:00B. Calvert-D. Brock7 x 76:10S. MacManus
Upside Down1:59D. BrockSonic Atack2:55M. Moorcock
10 Seconds of Forever2:00B. CalvertTime We Left This World Today5:45D. Brock
Brainstorm9:18N. TurnerMaster of the Universe7:39N. Turner-D. Brock
Welcome to the Future1:59B. Calvert
Bob Calvert: Poet and swazzle
Dave Brock: Guitar and vocals
Lemmy: Bass and vocals
Nick Turner: Sax, flute and vocals
DikMik: Audio generator and electronics
Del Dettmar: Synthesizer
Simon King: Drums
Heavy Metal Kids:
Roadies: Graham, Bob, teve, Pete and Higgy
Lights by Liquid Len and the Lensmen, Jonathon Smeeton, John Lee, John Perrin, Mike Hart and Alan
Mothership control: Andy Dunkley, Dancers: Stacia, Miss Rene and Tony Carrera
Costumes: Debbie McNeedles
Equipment: Gerry Fitzgerald
Valuable assistance: Mike Moorcock
Cosmic coordination Paul Fenn/Asgard, Doug Smiff and Val
The Space Ritual was recorded live at Liverpool Stadium 22.12.72 and Brixton Sundown, London 30.12.72 by the Pye Mobile Studio.
Engineered by Vic Maile.
Mixed by Vic Maile and Anton Matthews at Olympic Studios.
Produced by Hawkwind
Packaging Barney Bubbles.
Photography Laurie Lewis and Gabi Naseman.
Art Direction: Pierre

2 Hall of the Mountain Grill (US 1974 United Artists UA-LA328-G-0698) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve, cover has some water damage $10
Side 1Side 2
Psychedelic Warlords (disappear in smoke)7:07D. BrockYou'd better believe it7:13D. Brock
Wind of Change4:06Hall of the Mountain Grill3:24S. House
D-Rider6:18N. TurnerLost Johnny3:26Kilmister/Farren
Web Weaver3:14D. BrockGoat Willow1:37D. Dettmar
Paradox5:25D. Brock
Dave Brock: lead guitar, 12 string guitar, synthesiser, organ and vocals
Lemmy: bass, vocals (rhythm and lead guitar on Lost Johnny)
Simon House: Keyboards, mellotron and violin
Nick Turner: sax, oboe, flute and vocals
Del Dettmar: keyboards, synthesiser and kalimba
Simon King: drums and percussion ..." and my old lady and kids, 'cos I'm going home now
Thanks to Lighting: Jon Smeeton, Sally Vaughn, John Lee, John Perrin and Dick
Humping and Sound: Steve, Bob, Pete and Higgy
Dancing: Stacia
Coordination: Doug Snif, Fenstein and Oggy
Office: Val, Mike and everybody else including Andy (poke it and toke it) Dunkley
Support: Andrew Lauder, Joan Ferguson, Mike Moorcock, dealers (conspiracy) and let's not forget Martin Davis
Artwork: Back cover, David Hardy. Front cover, Barney Bubbles. Photography: Phil Franks
You'd better beleive it and Paradox recorded live at Edmonton Sundown 26.1.74 on Pye Mobile Studio
Engineer: Vic Maile
Everything else recorded at Olympic Studios, Barnes May through June 1974
Produced by Hawkwind, Doug Bennett and Roy Baker on You'd better beleive it
Engineer: Doug Bennett
Assistant engineers: David Hamilton Smith and Andy Morris

3 Quark Strangeness and Charm (UK 1977 Charisma CDS 4008) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Spirit of the Age??Brock/CalvertQuark Strangeness and Charm??Brock/Calvert
Damnation AlleyCalvert/Brock/HouseHassan I SahbaCalvert/Rudolph
Fable of a Failed RaceBrock/CalvertThe Forge of VulcanHouse
Days of the UndergroundBrock/Calvert
Iron DreamKing
Robert Calvert voices, percussion, morse and strangeness
Dave Brock guitar synthesizer, sound FX, vocals and quark.
Simon House keyboards, violin, anvil, vocals and charm
Adrian Shaw base guitar, vocals and hand-claps.
Simon King drums, percussion and no-vocal
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Amberley Court, Monmouth February 1977.
Engineer Dave Charles and assistance from Dave Brock/Bob Calvert.
Produced by Hawkwind
Design & Photography Hipgnosis
Graphics Geoff Halpin

JUSTIN HAYWARD/JOHN LODGE     Go to Next artist (Heavy the World) Previous band (Hawkwind)
1 Blue Jays (US 1975 Threshold THS 14) gatefold has insert M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
This Morning5:55HaywardSaved by the Music6:08Lodge
Remember Me, My Friend5:27Hayward, LodgeI Dreamed Last Night4:27Hayward
My Brother3:27HaywardWho Are You Now2:30Hayward
Nights, Winters, Years3:36HaywardWhen You Wake Up5:19Hayward, Lodge
Produced by Tony Clarke
Recording Engineers: Derek Varnals, Dave Baker
Recorded at Threshold Studios, Decca, London
Assistant Engineers: Nick Raymonde, Graham Meek
U.S. Mastering: Kent Duncan, Kendun Recorders
Graham Deakin: Drums
Kirk Duncan: Piano
Jim Cockey: Violin
Tim Tompkins: Cello
Tom Tompkins: Viola
All other instruments: Justin Haward and John Lodge.
All photographs: Mike Putland
Illustration and Design: Phil Travers
See also: John Lodge, The Moody Blues

HEAVY THE WORLD     Go to Next artist (Michael Hedges) Previous band (Justin Hayward/John Lodge)
1 Runes (US 1986 HTW USA 001-006) M-/M-/M-/M- has booklet & sticker RARE!!! $400
Side 1Side 2
Flying Castles5:12M. Harris, S. GreenNature Song17:49M. Harris, B. Knox, S. Green
Consequences of Stupidity6:32M. Harris, B. Knox, S. GreenHeavy the World12:40M. Harris, B. Knox, S. Green, D. Mudd
Only Sound Knows3:32M. Harris
The First Two Hours6:08M. Harris, B. Knox, S. Green
Side 3Side 4
Tri-Winds (of a New Existence)12:54M. Harris, S. GreenEnemies of Imagination8:52M. Harris, B. Knox, S. Green
Ultra-Violet Jazz13:49Salute the Fool3:26M. Harris
Mila5:57M. Harris, S. Green
I.C. Mornings9:17M. Harris, B. Knox, S. Green
Side 5Side 6
Satisfaction Guaranteed6:50M. HarrisInfra-Irredescent Blues8:22M. Harris, B. Knox, S. Green
Theme From an Imaginary Pirate Movie8:42M. Harris, B. KnoxFucus Coranean10:22
Metropolis Raindog6:15M. HarrisOutroduction9:10
Eruption/Battlefield4:53K. Emerson, G. Lake
Mike Harris: electric and acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, lead vocals, E.H. mini-synth., efx., cymbals, bass on 3, 9, 10, 11.
Brad Knox: bass guitar, Korg synth., background vocals, efx. 2nd guitar on 6, 9.
Scott Green: drums, percussion, kalimba, background vocals.
Danny Mudd: electric piano, Korg synth., flute, background vocals on 1, 2, 4, 5, 6.
Recorded at Quarternote Studio, Baltimore Highlands 1982-83. Engineered by Tom Horsey and mixed by Heavy the World. Later re-worked with Steve Palmari at Studio North in the Foothills of the Headlands of Merry Maryland.
Photo of Heavy the World at Chester's Place, Johns Hopkins University by Larry Gillette.
Cover by Trash 1 Graphix.
Special thanx to Caveman for the World-class saboteurship & Heavy inspiration.
Produced by Brad Knox for Heavy the World and the People
Where Credit is Due (the folks who made the haps happen)
Record press,etc...Stan, Melanie, et al...A&R, Dallas
Visual co-ordination...Barry Day...Typeworks
Typesetting...Leonard Horne...Typeworks, Eric Prahl...Govans Uptown
Phototransmutations...B.G. III...Blakeslee Lane
Rune supplication, Preface to Nature Song...Caveman Dave H
Photo of Paris from atop Notre Dame Cathedral used on lyric page to Metropolis Raindog...Tara Knox-Kornick
"Atlas" and "Pirate" drawings...Andrew Macsberry
Drawing used on lyric page to Only Sound Knows...Trash 1
Cameo appearance on lyric page to I.C. Mornings...Darshan Singh-Ji
Limo Driving...James Phillips
Concept, design, execution, overall co-ordinator (or lack thereof) Brad Knox
Mandala/Sun used as stage backdrop on back cover courtesy of Powerhouse Natural Foods, Inc., Towson, Md., makers of the original Powerhouse
"The Magician" and "The Fool" from The Aquarian Tarot deck, "Ace of Cups" and "Ten of Cups" from Morgan-Greer Tarot deck.
On behalf of Heavy the World; Mike Harris...Los Angeles, Brad Knox...Baltimore, Scott Green...San Diego, Danny Mudd...Boston
It's been a blatency. (Gentlemen still prefer blatencies)
Be Seeing You!

2 Reunion (1987 Imaginary Pirate T133) M-/M-/M- #23 out of 100 RARE! $300
3 Reunion (1987 Imaginary Pirate T133) SEALED same as above but cover is not hand numbered and is printed instead of the original paste on graphics $50
Side 1Side 2
Inner View (w/Rod Misey, WCVT-FM, Towson, Md. 9/14/84)24:05Heavy the WorldSanctionfatis Guaranteed*23:40Heavy the World
Shuttle Bluffin1st Two Hours*
Wudu SmileMy Clone's Fault
Erupting Battlements*Astro D/Reverbs
Broadway Blues
1/2 Tri-Winds*
Side 3Side 4
Critique23:40Heavy the WorldRajheen Fun33:30Heavy the World
Heavy the World*Flying Castles*
Interplanetary CaravanpsoriasisSchoolgirl (1 and 2)
9-2-U (007 Version)Psychedelic Ranger
Postlude (Rehearsal 9/14/84)
Their First Gig in 1.22512011 Earth Years
Recorded at Heavy the World's first reunion concert at Brad's Fully Rad Pad, Baltimore, USA, 9-15-1984
Mike Harris: Guitar, Brad Knox: Bass, Scott Green: Drums
recording engineer and contributing analyst: Rappin' Robbie Reverbs
Digitally Mastered by Steffy Palmbeach, studio N
99 44/100 % Live. Warning: Contains (Almost) No Lyrix.
NOTE: In September of 1986 Heavy the World published a 3-record album entitles "Runes" on HTW Records. Studio versions of material marked (*) can be found on Runes. While far too stylistically grandiose, artistically escteric and aesthetically intense to receive much commercial attention, many said the album to be inextricably linked to Nordic mysticism
"Erupting Battlements" is based on Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Tarkus." "Interplanetary Caravanpsoriasis" is based on Black Sabbath's "Caravan."

4 The Next World (US 1991 Imaginary Pirate FDS 2291) M-/M- gatefold has insert $50
Side 1Side 2
Earth Stranger5:45Green-Harris-KnoxBreak the Devil's Hand6:08Harris
Creation5:13World Tension5:27Green-Harris-Knox
Walk Away From Dreams4:36Harris-KnoxKika3:17Harris
Reach for the Days II3:26HarrisTocatta4:14Bach; arr.-H.T.W.
I Wanna Cry3:32Friends4:41Harris
Mike Harris
Brad "Trash 1" Knox
Scott Green
with: Dean Scavone-Drums on Treasure, Kika, and I Wanna Cry.
Ed Montano-Gong on Creation and Walk Away From Dreams; Tom-Toms on Tocatta.
Recorded at A&R Studios, Hollywood, Ca.
Produced by Heavy the World and Dito Godwin
Engineered by Michael Carnevale (Who drove the mix around the block before arriving at the appropriate Cartoonland stew.)
Mastered by Joseph L. Steiner, III ("The Hendrix of underground mastering") with H.T.W. at FDS/Quad Teck Labs, Los Angeles, Ca.
"I can testify to it. I done been there."-Trash 1.
Note: "Creation" guitar solo mimicks Van der Graff Generator's "Theme One"

5 Dog (US 1993 Imaginary Pirate FDS 112993) M-/M- has insert $50
Side 1Side 2
Muscle Head3:03Harris, Knox, ScavoneRock 'em Child3:22Harris
War3:11U2, arr. H.T.W.Fuckin'4:49Harris, Knox, Robinson, Scavone
Scream Baby Scream4:00Harris, KnoxNever3:24Harris
Sweet Saturday2:00HarrisC-Horse3:01
Monica's Favorite2:56Harris, Knox, Scavone, ShermannDog:33??
Punky2:27Harris, ScavoneDog's Nightmare6:46Harris, Peck, Scavone
Mike Harris: Guitar & Lead Vox, Bass on Sweet Saturday and intro to Fuckin'
Brad "Trash 1" Knox: Bass & Support Vox, Guitar on Sweet Saturday, tape effects on Dog's Nightmare
Dean Scavone: Drums & Support Vox
Produced by Heavy the World and Ross Robinson
Executive Producer and Sponsor - Trash 1
Engineered by Mikey Davis
Jacket Art and Design by Trash 1 and Graphic Visions
Recorded at Sound Chamber Studios, L.A., March 20 - April 19, 1993
Lyrix to Muscle Head and Monica's Favorite by Trash 1 and Mike Harris.
Lyrix to War by U2, rearranged by H.T.W.
All other lyrix Mike Harris.
Thanx to Henry Spiegel at Red Light District (Concerts) Hollywood, Elyse Steinhardt, and because he didn't make it on last time, crazed stage tech run amok, Mike Otell.
Thanx also to Ted Andreadis for his keyboards on Never and Dog's Nightmare.

MICHAEL HEDGES     Go to Next band (Heldon) Previous band (Heavy the World)
1 Breakfast in the Field (US 1981 Windham Hill WH-1017) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Layover2:30Michael HedgesTwo Days Old4:46Michael Hedges
The Happy Couple3:20Peg Leg Speed King3:20
Eleven Small Roaches3:00The Unexpected Visitor2:46
The Funky Avacado2:03Silent Anticipations3:23
Baby Toes2:10Lenono4:03
Breakfast in the Field2:24
Michael Hedges: Guitar
Michael Manring: Fretless Bass
George Winston: Piano
Produced by William Ackerman
Recorded at The Music Annex Menlo Park, CA
Engineered by Russell Bond
Original Half-Speed Mastering by Stan Ricker Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Matrix and Pressing by RTI Camarillo, CA
Cover Photo by Leo Holub
Liner Photo by Ron May
Design by William Ackerman
This album was recorded without overdubs or multitracking on a MCI JH 110 A analogue two-track tape recorder at 30 inches per second through a Neve 8036 console with minimal equalization. No noise reduction was employed. The guitar was close-miked in stereo with a matched pair of AKG 452 EB condenser microphones in a cardioid pattern.
This album is dedicated to my teachers of composition; E.J. Ulrich who sent me on my way, Jean Ivey who let me go my own way, and Morris Cotel who asked me where I was going and why.
Thanks to Ervin Somogyi of Berkeley, CA who built the splendid guitar used on most of the tunes in this recording. Thanks also to Ken DuBourg of Arbutus, MD who made the guitar used on Eleven Small Roaches, Babytoes, and Two Days Old.

HELDON     Go to Next artist (Jimi Hendrix) Previous artist (Michael Hedges)
1 Heldon IV (US 1978 Aural Explorer AE 5001) cc M-/VG+ $20
Side 1Side 2
Perspective I10:25Richard PinhasPerspective IV7:05Richard Pinhas
Perspective II3:10Virgin Swedish Blues7:26
Perspective III10:47Psylocybine8:20
Interlude: Bassong2:47Michel Ettori
Richard Pinhas: electronics and Les Paul guitar (1954), synthesized guitar, mellotron, ARP synthesizer
Philibert Rossi: mellotron
Coco Roussel: drums, percussion
Michal Ettori: guitars
Gerard Prevost: bass Alain Bellaiche: bass guitar
Patrick Gauthier: mini-moog
"Moogi-le-moog": guitars and electronics (courtesy R.P.)
George Grunblatt: mellotron
Recorded between September 1975 and January 1976 at Schizo Studio, except "Perspective IV" at Davout, Paris
Engineer: Daniel Schaez
Frontcover: Daphne Mouchoux
Liner design: Leo Bliok
Liner photo: Patrick Jelin
Licensed by: Urus

JIMI HENDRIX     Go to Next band (Henry Cow) Previous band (Heldon)
1 Live at the Forum Los Angeles - April 25 1970 (US 1970 Munia M1622) M-/M-/VG+ $40
Side 1Side 2
Spanish Castle Magic5:11Jimi HendrixMessage to Love4:30Jimi Hendrix
Foxy Lady4:00Easy Rider2:53
Getting Your Brothers Shoes Together2:40Machine Gun9:58
Getting My Heart Back Together Again9:24
Side 3Side 4
Room Full of Mirrors20:22Jimi HendrixThe Star Spangled Banner and Purple Haze11:00Jimi Hendrix
Voodoo Child7:56

2 Roots of Hendrix (US 1972 Trip TLP-9501) M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Wipe the Sweat2:50Jimi HendrixAll I Want3:32Jimi Hendrix
Wipe the Sweat Seque I3:25Under the Table Part I4:20
Wipe the Sweat Seque II2:44Under the Table Part II2:50
Goodbye Bessie Mae2:22Psycho2:40
Two in One Goes2:17
Jimi Hendrix: Guitar/Vocals
Lonnie Youngblood: Sax/Vocals
Herman Hitson: Guitar
Lee Moses: Guitar
Produced by: John Brantley
Graphics: Frank Gauna
Engineer: Abe Steinberg
Concept Design: Frank Favata
Recorded at Abtone Recording Studios N.Y., N.Y. 1966

3 Moods (US 1974 Trip TLP-9512) M-/VG+ gatefold $10
Side 1Side 2
A Mumblin' Word2:19Jimi HendrixGet Down2:32Jimi Hendrix
Miracle Worker2:54So Called Friend2:24
From This Day On2:27Girl So Fine2:46
Human Heart2:41Every Little Bit Hurts3:20
Feel That Soul2:12You Say You Love Me2:22
All Alone2:28
Produced by: Lee Moses & Johnny Brantley Recorded in 1966

4 Kiss the Sky (US 1984 Reprise 25119-1) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Are You Experienced?4:10Jimi HendrixKilling Floor* (previously unreleased)3:27Chester Barnett
I Don't Live Today6:40Purple Haze2:50Jimi Hendrix
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)5:10Red House (unedited version)3:52
Stepping Stone4:07Crosstown Traffic2:16
Castles Made of Sand2:46Third Stone From the Sun6:44
All Along the Watchtower3:56Bob Dylan
*Recorded by Wally Heider at the Monterey International Pop Festival, June 18, 1967.

Released under the Supervision of Alan Douglas for Are You Experienced? Ltd. and A.R.M.N.V.
Compilation Produced by Kevin Laffey, Chip Branton and Alan Douglas
Compilation engineered by Mark Linett
Digitally mastered at JVC Cutting Center, Inc.
Engineer: Joe Gastwirt
Art direction by Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff and Mick Haggerty
Cover design by Mick Haggerty
Research and notes by Paul Diamond
Jimi Hendrix: Guitars and Vocals
Noel Redding: Bass and Back-up Vocals, Rhythm Guitar on "Red House"
Mitch Mitchell: Drums
Billy Cox: Bass on "Stepping Stone"
Buddy Miles: Drums on "Stepping Stone"

HENRY COW     Go to Next artist (Steve Hillage) Previous artist (Jimi Hendrix)
1 Henry Cow (US 1973 Virgin VR 13-107) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Nirvana for Mice4:37FrithExtract from 'With the Yellow Half-Moon and Blue Star'3:35Frith
Amygdala7:10HodgkinsonTeenbeat Reprise6:30
Teenbeat Introduction5:15H. CowThe Tenth Chaffinch4:33H. Cow
Teenbeat5:55Frith/GreavesNine Funerals of the Citizen King5:24Hodgkinson
Geoff Leigh - saxes, flute, clarinet, recorder, voice
Tim Hodgkinson - organ, piano, alto sax, clarinet, little bells, voice
Fred Frith - guitars, violin, viola, piano, voice
John Greaves - bass, piano, whistle, voice
Chris Cutler - drums, toys, piano, whistle, voice

Front cover by Ray Smith
Special thenks to Tom, Sos, Jane, Lady June, John Walters, John Peel and all other encouragers, explorers and friends
Produced by: John Brantley
Graphics: Frank Gauna
Engineer: Abe Steinberg
Concept Design: Frank Favata
Recorded at Manor Studios, May/June ‘73
Sound by Tom ‘Greasy Patches’ Newman and Henry Cow.
(First bit of ‘Nirvana for Mice’ engineered by Mike Oldfield).
For Teenbeat Chorale we were augmented by Sarah Greaves, Maggie Thomas and Cathy Williams.
The Pixiphone on ‘Yellow Half-Moon’ is by Jeremy Baines.
The tenor solo on ‘Nirvana for Mice’ is by Geoff, the alto solo on ‘Teenbeat pt. Two’ by Tim.

2 Unrest (UK 1974 Virgin V2011) M-/M- gatefold $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Bittern Storm over Ulm2:44FrithSolemn Music1:09Frith
Half asleep; Half awake7:39GreavesLinguaphonie5:58H. Cow
Ruins12:00FrithUpon entering the Hotel Adlon2:56
Tim Hodgkinson: organ, alto sax, clarinet, piano.
Fred Frith: stereo guitar, violin, xylophone, piano. John Greaves: bass, piano, voice.
Chris Cutler: drums.
Lindsay Cooper: bassoon, oboe, recorder, voice.
Recording engineers: Phil Becque with Andy Morris; parts of Ruins by Mike Oldfield.
Mixing engineers: Side 1, Phil Becque: Side 2, Henry Cow.
Certain vocals and engineering assistance by Charles Fletcher.
All the sounds were made with the instruments listed above; however, in parts of Ruins and Linguaphonie, the bassoon, alto, voice and drums were recorded at half or double speed.
Cover paintings and inside photograph by Ray Smith.
Cover paintins photographes by Anne Lamberty.
Bittern Storm over Ulm acknowledges its debt to O. Rasputin's 'Got to Hurry' by the Yardbirds.
For manythings other than the record we would like to thank Charles Fletcher, Jack Balchin, D.J. Perry, Ray Smith, Lol Coxhill, Henk Weltevreden and Geoff Leigh.
Recorded at the Manor Feb./Mar. 1974.
Produced by Henry Cow and dedicated to Robert Wyatt and Uli Trepte.

3 In Praise of Learning (US 1975 Red 003) M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
War2:24Moore/BlegvadBeginning: The Long March5:58H. Cow/S. Happy
Living in the Heart of the Beast15:30HodgkinsonBeautiful as the Moon - Terrible as an Army with Banners7:00Frith/Cutler
Morning Star6:02H. Cow/S. Happy
Tim Hodgkinson: Organ. Clarinet. Piano on II
Fred Frith: Guitar. Violin. Xylophone. Piano on IV John Greaves: Bass. Piano.
Chris Cutler: Drums. Radio.Dagmar: Voice. Peter Blegvad: Guitar on II & III. Voice and Clarinet on I.
Anthony Moore: Piano on I & II. Electronics & Tapework.
Lindsay Cooper: Basson & Oboe.
Also on I: Geoff Leigh Soprano Sax Mongezi Feza Trumpet
on IV: Phil Becque Oscillator.
Produced by H.Cow/S. Happy/P. Becque.
(WAR was originally engineered by Simon Heyworth. Nov. 74.)
Recording and mixing engineer Phil Becque.
Recorded at the Manor February - March 1975.
Noise reduction D.B.X. Cutting engineer Pete Norman.
Thank you all - especially Virgin Records for the free hand.


4 Concerts (UK 1976 Compendium FIARDO 1) M-/M-/M- gatefold $40
5 Concerts (UK 1984 Broadcast BC 2) M-/M-/M- gatefold $40 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Beautiful as the Moon; Terrible as an Army with Banners22:50Frith/CutlerBad Alchemy25:36Greaves/Blegvad
Nirvana for MiceFrithLittle Red Riding Hood Hits the RoadWyatt
Ottawa SongFrith/CutlerRuinsFrith
Glora GloomWyatt/MacCormick
Moon RepriseFrith/Cutler
Side 3Side 4
Oslo29:02Henry CowGroningen26:15Hodgkinson/Henry Cow
UdineHenry Cow
Groningen Again
lindsay cooper: bassoon, flute, oboe
chris cutler: drums
dagmar: voice
fred frith: guitar, piano
john greaves: bass, voice, celeste
tim hodgkinson: organ, clarinet, alto saxophone
Side 1 5.8.75. Recorded & mixed by Bob Conduct & Tony Wilson.
Released by arrangement with B.B.C. records and tapes
Side 2 with Robert Wyatt.
21st May 1975, New London Theatre.
Mixed: Sarah Greaves, Recorded: Norman Jon.
Bad Alchemy. Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road. piano: John Greaves.
13th. October 1975 at the Palamostre Auditorium, Udine, Italy. Mixed: Neil Sandford, recorded: Sandro Pascolo.
Ruins. piano: Dagmar Krause.
Side 3 25th. July 1975 at the Hovikodden Arts Centre, Oslo.
Recorded and mixed by Jack Balchin, Harold Clark.
recorder: Lindsay Cooper, piano: Chris Cutler, violin, xylophone: Fred Frith.
Visual Concert: Fresnes, France, 16th. November 1975.
Side 4 (1)Vera, Groningen, Holland. 26th Sept. 74. mixed Sarah Greaves. recorded Vera Club
(2) at Palamostre Auditorium. Udine. Italy. 13 Oct. 75 mixed Neil Sandford. recorded Sergio Pascolo; Stephano Spizzamiglio.
piano: Lindsay Cooper
(3) Vera, Groningen.
mastered at kaleidophon with David Vorhaus
cutting engineer Peter Norman.

6 Western Culture (F 1978 Celluloid LTM 1.013) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1: History & ProspectsSide 2: Day by Day
Industry??HodgkinsonFalling Away??Cooper
The Decay of CitiesGretels Tale
On the RaftLook Back
1/2 the Sky
Tim Hodgkinson: Organs, alto sax, clarinet, Hawaiian guitar on "Industry" & "The Decay of Cities", Piano on "On the Raft".
Lindsay Cooper: Basson, oboe, soprano sax, & soprano recorders.
Fred Frith: Electric & acoustic guitars, bass, soprano sax in the background of "On the Raft"
Chris Cutler: Drums, Electric drums, noise, piano on “Falling Away” & trumpet in the background of "On the Raft"
Anne-Marie Roelofs: Trombone & violin throughout.
Irene Schweizer: Piano on "Gretels Tale."
Georgie Born: Bass on 1/2 the Sky.
Recorded & Mixed by Us & Etienne Conod at Sunrise Studio, Kirchberg Ch.90.30 Switzerland between 26th July & 8th August, except 1/2 the Sky, Jan 1978.
Cover etc. by Chris Cutler.
Cut & pressed by NIMBUS
See also: Art Bears, John Greaves, John Greaves/Peter Blegvad , Fred Frith, Slapp Happy, The Last Nightingale

STEVE HILLAGE     Go to Next artist (Roger Hodgson) Previous band (Henry Cow)
1 Motivation Radio (US 1977 Atlantic SD 19144) M-/M- has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
Hello Dawn2:48S. Hillage-M. GiraudyWait One Moment3:15S. Hillage-M. Giraudy
Motivation4:08Saucer Surfing4:24
Light in the Sky4:10Searching for the Spark5:28
Radio6:11Octave Doctors3:30S. Hillage
Not Fade Away3:28Charles Hardin-Norman Petty
Performed by Jo Blocker/drums; Reggie McBride/bass; Malcolm Cecil/T.O.N.T.O. synthesizer (The Original New Timbral Orchestra); Miquette Giraudy-Synthesizer & Saucersiser, Ladyvoice; Steve Hillage/guitar, guitar synthesiser, synthesiser, voice & shenai. Produced and Engineered by Malcolm Cecil.
Assistant Engineers: Ron Alvarez & Dion Forrer.
Mixed at Westlake Audio (assistant Lynn Peterzell)
Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, (mastering engineer Rick Collins)
Designer and photographer/Bob Cato/Image Control Howard Carriker & Ted Staidle.
Equipment engineer/John Newsham.

2 Live Herald (UK 1979 Virgin VGD3502) M-/M-/M- gatefold $15
Side 1Side 2
Salmon Song*7:38Hillage/GiraudyLight in the Sky+5:16Hillage/Giraudy
The Dervish Riff*4:24HillageSearching for the Spark^11:15
Castle in the Clouds*7:00Electrick Gypsies% 6:00Hillage
Hurdy Gurdy Man*Donovan
Side 3Side 4 (Studio Side)
Radiom*15:23HillageTalking to the Sun5:56Hillage/Giraudy
Lunar Musick Suite*Hillage/Giraudy1988 Aktivator2:31Hillage
Meditation of the Dragon*HillageNew Age Synthesis (Unzipping the Zype)8:46Hillage/Giraudy/Anderson/McKenzie
It's All Too Much+7:17HarrisonHealing Feeling6:11Hillage/Giraudy
The Golden Vibe+Hillage
*The Rainbow Theatre, London, March 26th, 1977.
The band:- Clive Bunker-drums Colin Bass-bass, vocals Christian Boule-glissando and rhythm guitar Phil Hodge-keyboards Basil Brooks-synthesizer, sequencer, flute Miquette Giraudy-synthesizer, vocals, bells
Steve Hillage-lead guitar, vocals.
Recorded with the Maison Rouge Mobile, engineer Trevor White.
+ Oxford Polytechnic, May 25th, 1978.
The band:- Andy Anderson-drums John McKenzie-bass, vocals Christian Boule-glissando and rhythm guitar Miquette Giraudy-synthesizer, sequencer, vocals, bells Steve Hillage-lead guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Recorded with the Manor Mobile, engineer Malcom Heeley.
^ The Marquee Club, London, August 7th, 1978. Same band as "Light in the Sky." Recorded with the Manor Mobile, engineer Jeremy Allom.
% The Rainbow Theatre, London, November 3rd, 1977.
The band:- Joe Blocker-drums, vocals Curtis Robertson-bass Miquette Giraudy-synthesizer, sequencer, glissando guitar, vocals, bells Steve Hillage-guitar, vocals.
Recorded with the Manor Mobile, engineer Phil Newell
Side 4: Andy Anderson-drums, percussion John McKenzie-bass, triangle Miquette Giraudy-synthesizer, sequencer, guitar synthesizer, glissando guitar, lead guitar, vocals.
Studio recording and live remix - Sawmills Studio, Fowley, Cornwall.
Produced by Steve Hillage.
Engineered by Simon Fraser.
Assistant engineer and Live sound - John Newsham
Synthi mix-Miquette Giraudy.
Sleeve Design by Hipgnosis
Photos: Hipgnosis/Brimson
Colour prints by: Robin at Maintide
Group photos: Jerry Levy, Rod Lynton, Murray Close, Chuck Pulin and Ian Dickson

STEVE HILLAGE     Go to Next artist (Roger Hodgson) Previous band (Henry Cow)
3 Open (F 1979 Virgin 201050) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Day After Day6:17Hillage/ Giraudy/ StewartDon't Dither Do It5:04Hillage
Getting in Tune3:16HillageThe Fire Inside6:15Hillage/Giraudy
Open5:16Hillage/ Giraudy/ FrancisEarthrise8:34Hillage: Adapt. d'apres une musique Arabe d'Oum Kaboum
Definitive Activity4:43Hillage/ Giraudy/ Francis/ Anderson/ Stewart
Steve Hillage: Guitar, Voice, Sequencer, Vocoder, Moog Solo on "Earthrise"
Andy Anderson: Drums, Percussion, Gong, Vocoder
Dave Stewart: Slide Guitar, Voice
Miquette Giraudy: Synthesisers, Vocie, Vocoder
Paul Francis: Bass Guitar
Special Guests
Jean-Philippe Rykiel: Prophet Synthesiser, First Moog Solo on "The Fire Inside"
Dave Stewart: Second Moog Solo on "The Fire Inside"
Recorded at Ridge Farm, August 1979
Engineer Mike Dunn
Assisted by Brian Gaylor
Mixed at Marquee Studios
Engineer Phil Harding
Produced by Steve Hillage
Management - Smart Management Ltd.
Design - Simon Ryan
See also: Gong

ROGER HODGSON     Go to Next artist (Allan Holdsworth) Previous artist (Steve Hillage)
1 In the Eye of the Storm (US 1984 A&M SP 5004) M-/M- has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy)8:49Roger HodgsonGive Me Love, Give Me Life7:33Roger Hodgson
In Jeopardy5:59I'm Not Afraid7:03
Lovers in the Wind4:11Only Beacuse of You8:40
Hooked on a Problem5:10
Written, Arranged and Produced by Roger Hodgson
All instruments and voices by Roger Hodgson except:
Michael Shrieve-Drums on 1,2,5,6,7
Ken Allardyce-Harmonica on track 6, Additional vocals on tracks 2,3,5
Jimmy Johnson-Fretless Bass on tracks 3,7
Clair Diament-Female Voice on track 7
Scott Page-Saxophones on track 4
Recorded at Unicorn Studios, Nevada City
Recording Engineers: Scott Litt, James Farber
Assistant Recording Engineer: Ken Allardyce
Technical Assistance: Chris Amson
Mixed at Power Station, New York
Mixing Engineer: James Farber
Assistant Mixing Engineers: Ken Allardyce, Malcom Pollack
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York by Howie Weinberg
Cover Concept: Roger Hodgson
Art Direction: Richard Frankel and Chuck Beeson
Design and Photo composite: David Coleman
Phootography: Charles Reilly
Globe model: Timothy Eames
Storm photo: © Image Bank West
Storm enhancement art: Cliff Boule

ALLAN HOLDSWORTH with I.O.U.     Go to Next artist (Steve Howe) Previous artist (Roger Hodgson)
1 Metal Fatigue (US 1985 Enigma 72002-1) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Metal Fatigue4:54Holdsworth-WilliamsThe Un-Merry-Go-Round (in loving memory of my father)14:05Holdsworth
Devil Take the Hindmost5:33HoldsworthIn the Mystery3:49Holdsworth-Korda
Panic Station3:31Holdsworth-Williams
Allan Holdsworth: guitar
Jimmy Johnson: bass guitar
Chad Wackerman: drums (Side 1)
Paul Williams: vocals (Side 1)
Alan Pasqua: keyboards (The Un-Merry-Go-Round)
Gary Willis: bass guitar (The Un-Merry-Go-Round)
Gary Husband: drums (The Un-Merry-Go-Round)
Mac Hine: drums (In the Mystery)
Paul Korda: vocals (In the Mystery)
Side 1 Recorded and mixed at Music Grinder
The Un-Merry-Go-Round recorded and mixed at Music Grinder & Mad Hatter
In the Mystery recorded at Front Page mixed at Music Grinder
production: Allan Holdsworth
engineers: Robert Feist, Allan Holdsworth, Dan Humann, Dennis McKay, Biff Vincent & Gary Wagner
cover art: Francois Bardol
photo: Robin D'Arcy
design: Henry Marquez
See also: Bruford, Gong, Soft Machine , U.K.

STEVE HOWE     Go to Next band (However) Previous artist (Allan Holdsworth)
1 Beginnings (US 1975 Atlantic SD-18154) M-/M- gatefold $12
Side 1Side 2
Beginnings7:30Steve HoweDoors of Sleep4:05Steve Howe/Alice Meynell
Will O' the Wisp6:00Australia4:08Steve Howe
Ram1:56The Nature of the Sea3:58
Pleasure Stole the Night2:55Lost Symphony4:40
Break Away From it All4:20
Steve Howe- Guitars, steel, bass, mandolin, harpsicord, moog, organvocals
Alan White- Drums
Graeme Taylor-Gutiar
Malcolm Bennett-Bass, flute
David Oberle- Drums
Colin Gibson- Bass
Patrick Moraz- Piano, harpsicord, moog, mellotron
Bud Beadle- Baritone/Alto-saxophone
Mick Eve- Tenor saxophone
Chris Laurence- Double string
Bill Bruford- Drums, percussion
Members of the Philomusica:
Patrick Halling- Violin.
William Reid- Violin.
John Meck- Viola.Peter Halling- Cello.James Gregory- Flute piccolo
Sidney Sutcliffe- Oboe.
Gwyd Brooke- Bassoon.

'Beginnings' was orchestrated by Patrick Moraz. The album was produced by Steve Howe and Eddie Offord and engineered by Eddie Offord, Jeremey Stenham, Paul Northfield, and Deelan O'Doherty, it was recorded at Morgan & Advision Studios in 1975. The cover was designed and drawn by Roger Dean, the incorporated photograph by Martyn Dean. Inside cover photographs by Steve Howe. Claude Taylor is responsible for the equipment with thanks to Sho Bud, and harpsicord from Alexander Sheaping and sustenance was supplied by Manna and Brownies.

2 The Steve Howe Album (Greece 1979 Atlantic 50621) M-/M- coh gatefold $12
Side 1Side 2
Pennants4:35Steve HoweMeadow Rag2:40Steve Howe
Cactus Boogie2:00The Continental2:50Conrad-Magidson
All's a Chord4:55Surface Tension3:25Steve Howe
Diary of a Man Who Vanished2:35Double Rondo8:12
Look Over Your Shoulder5:00Concerto in D (Second Movement)4:50Vivaldi arr. Steve Howe
Steve Howe- Guitar and Bass, Moog & Vocal
Ronnie Leahy- Korg & Arp Synthesizers, Hammond Organ
Alan White- Drums
Clive Bunker- Percussion
Patrick Moraz- Piano
Bill Bruford- Drums
Clair Hamill- Vocal
Graham Presket- Violin
59 Piece Orchestra Conducted & Orchestrated by Andrew Jackman
Producer: Steve Howe
Studios: RAK & EMI Engineer: Greg Jackman
Redan Engineer: Roger T. Wake
Mix down: RAK Engineer: Greg Jackman
Tape Operator: Pete Schwier
Equipment Manager: Claude Johnson-Taylor
Photos: Miki Slingsby (Guitar Photos), Bart Nagel
Cover designed by Magnetic Storm Ltd.
Cover painting by Roger Dean
Steve Howe plays:

Kohno Spanish Guitar (3)
Martin 0018 (3,5,6)
Gibson EB6 Bass (1,2,3,5)
Gibson The Les Paul (9,10)
Fender Stratocaster (4,5)
Gibson Florentine Electric Mandolin (1)
Martin Mandolin (3)
Danelectro Coral Sitar Guitar (3,5)
Bacon & Day Banjo Guitar (2,3)
Gibson Les Paul Recording (3)
Gibson ES 175 D (3,7)
Fender Telecaster (1)
Sho Bud Pedal Steel (2,3,5)
Fender Twin Neck Steel (1)
See also: Asia, Yes

HOWEVER     Go to Next band (Incredible String Band) Previous artist (Steve Howe)
1 Sudden Dusk (US 1981 Random Radar RRR011) M-/M- $30 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
It's Good Fun3:35Bill Kotapish and Peter PrinciottoSudden Dusk4:00However
Hardt2:15Bill KotapishLamplight3:10Bobby Read
In the Aisles2:12Peter PrinciottoGrandfather Was The Driver3:15Bill Kotapish and Peter Princiotto
Louise Sitting in a Chair4:20Trees For The Forest5:05Peter Princiotto
Beese7:03Mark Holmes and Peter PrinciottoIn The Midst Of Making4:55
Bill Kotapish: Guitars, Bass on Louise
Peter Princiotto: Vocals, Basses, 12 String Guitar, Clavinet, Piano on Louise and Beese, Synthesizer on Fun
Bobby Read: Vocals, Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet, Marimba, Synthesizers, Piano
Joe Princiotto: Drums, Cymbals and Bells
Thank You: Mark Holmes: Words to Beese
Harold Howland: Vibraphone on Beese and Trees
Gary McAleer: Violin on Aisles
Tim Valdes: Marimba on Beese
Whitz: Recorder and Voice on Hardt, Bassoon and Recorder on Sudden Dusk
Recorded in 1980-81.
Engineeres and Mixed by Bobby Read in the Black Hole of Calcutta
Arranged by However
Cover Photography and Design by Mark Holmes

2 Calling (US 1984 Cuniform RUNE 2) M-/M- has insert $12
Side 1Side 2
Stop Sign2:10words by Anne Sullivan and Jodie Davis; music by Peter PrinceAirplay3:15Peter Prince
Spheres of Action3:22Terresa Gayle - Peter PrinceCalling2:42Mark Holmes - Peter Prince
Favour Me Oblivion4:53Peter Prince - Bob ReadLittle Ricky (the next generation)5:50Bill Kotapish - Peter Prince
Sigh2:07words by Premarthi David Litman; music by Peter PrinceWild/cold with monotony and trio8:48Peter Prince
On the Face of the World6:50Peter PrinceThe World War0:30
Heroes Return4:07Bob ReadChips2:33Bill Kotapish
Don Berkemeyer (Whitz) - flute, bassoon, voice, recorder
Bob Read - Soprano, tenor and alto saxophones, voice, clarinet, organ, Rhodes piano, synthesizers
Terresa Gayle - voice
Bill Kotapish - guitar, chimes, bass, drums
Peter Prince - voice, piano, bass, 12-string, string synthesizer
Joe Prince - drums, bells
Kit Watkins
Gary McAleer
Julia Meeks
Vaugn Lynette VW-Terpak
Chris Vine
Harold Howland
Engineered and mixed by Bob Read in Soundscape Recording

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