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1 Essence/Universe (US 1987 Audion SYN 310) cos M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Produced by Laraaji and Richard Ashman
Instrumentation: Electronic mode zither, chimes, voice
Composed and performed by Laraaji
Treatments by Richard Ashman
Recorded March 1987, Washington, D.C., USA
See also: Edward Larry Gordon

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1 Last Exit (US 1986 Enemy 88561-8176-1) M-/M- coh $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Discharge??Last ExitEnemy Within??Last Exit
Catch As Catch CanPig Freedom
Red LightVoice of a Skin Hanger
Zulu Butter
Sonny Sharrock-Guitar
Peter Brotzman-Saxes
Bill Laswell-Six String Bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson-Drums, Voice
Bill Laswell appears courtesy of Celluloid/OAO/Material
Ronald Shannon Jackson plays Sonor drums and Paiste cymbals
Distributed by Important Record Distributors
187-07 Henderson Avenue, Hollis, New York
Recorded in Paris, Feb 16, 1986
Recording arrangements Nicky Skopelitis
Mixed by Robert Musso at Quadrasonic
Assistant engineer-Peter Sturge
Mastered at Masterdisk by Howie Weinberg
Photograph-Val Telberg
Design-Thi-Linh Le
Material administration-Roger Trilling
ENEMY Records Administration-Michael Knuth

1 The Last Nightingale (UK 1984 Re 1984) has the insert M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1 - Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler, Bill Gilonis, Tim Hodgkinson, Robert WyattSide 2 - Adrian Mitchell & Henry Cow
Moments of Delight??Cutler/HodgkinsonBack in the Playground Blues??Mitchell
In the Dark YearCutler/CooperBittern Storm RevisitedFrith
On the Beach at CambridgeMitchell
Lindsay Cooper : Piano, Electric Piano, Soprano Sax, Bassoon.
Chris Cutler : Drums &c
Bill Gilonis : Guitar, Bass
Tim Hodgkinson : Piano, Electric piano, Moog, Baritone & Alto Saxes
Robert Wyatt : Singing
Both tracks written specifically for this record & recorded at Cold Storage. 52 Acre Lane. Brixton, between 29-31 October.
Engineered by Bill Gilonis & Tim Hodgkinson.
Tracks 1 & 3 : Adrian Mitchell
Track 2 : Henry Cow
Lindsay Cooper : Bassoon
Chris Cutler : Drums
Fred Frith : Guitars
John Greaves : Bass
Tim Hodgkinson : Alto Sax
Adrian Mitchell recorded at Cold Storage on 21 October. Henry Cow remixed there.
(original recording 1973)
Front Cover: Ralph Steadman
Back Cover: Graham Keatley
See also: Henry Cow, Robert Wyatt

BILL LASWELL     Go to Next artist (K. Leimer) Previous compilation (The Last Nightingale)
1 Baselines (US 1983 Elektra Musician 60221-1) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Active3:20B. Laswell/M. BeinhornBarricade4:06B. Laswell/M. Beinhorn/G. Lewis
Work Song7:11B. Laswell/M. Beinhorn/G. LewisUpright Man3:50B. Laswell/M. Beinhorn
Hindsight3:54B. Laswell/M. BisiMoving Target1:51B. Laswell/M. Bisi
Uprising1:03B. Laswell/F. Frith/R.S. Jackson/D. MossLowlands4:24B. Laswell/M. Beinhorn
Conversation4:51B. Laswell/F. Frith/R.S. Jackson/D. Moss
Bill Laswell - Steinberger bass, Fender fretless precision bass, Music Man Stingray bass, Fender six string bass, Ibanez eight string bass
Michael Beinhorn - Prophet 5 synthesizer, shortwave, tapes. 1,2,4,5,6,8,9
Ronald Shannon Jackson - Drums. 1,4,5,8,9
George Lewis - Trombone. 1,2,5,8
Ralph Carney - Bass saxophone, contra bass, clarinet. 1,2,5
Fred Frith - Guitar, violin, Steinberger string console. 4,5,8,9
Daniel Ponce - Congas. 2,3,6,8
Martin Bisi - Drums, percussion, synare, metals. 3,6,7
David Moss - Voice, non-metric percussion, steel drum. 3,9
Phillip Wilson - Drums. 2
Recorded by Martin Bisi at OAO studio, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Produced by Material for OAO Productions
Executive Producer - Karakos/Celluloid
Administration - Roger Trilling
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, N.Y.C.
Cover Art - Felipe Orrego
Photograph - Thi-Linh Le
Art Direction - Peter Corriston

Thanks to - Bruce Lundvall, Ned Steinberger, Nicky Skopeleitis, Thi-Linh Le, Felipe Orrego, Phillip Wilson, Verna Gillis, Howie Weinberg, Vic Chirel
See also: Daevid Allen with New York Gong, Last Exit

K. LEIMER     Go to Next band (League of Nations) Previous artist (Bill Laswell)
1 Closed System Potentials (US 1980 Palace of Lights .03/3000) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Aerial5:55K. LeimerA Little Figure and the Weather3:01K. Leimer
Derivative1:59Stationary Image2:40
The Random in Nature6:51Four Pages from an Unfinished Novel7:33Leimer/Barreca/Carlberg
Red Line2:35Field Characteristics6:07K. Leimer
Districts4:28An Idea and its Map2:24

2 Imposed Order (US 1983 Palace of Lights 17/2000) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
The Human Condition??K. LeimerWater Music??K. Leimer
ShallowsSimple Hierarchies
Three Forms of DecayAspects of Order
Life of the PoetMethod, Language and Silence
Wajang Kulit

LEAGUE OF NATIONS     Go to Next artist (Tys van Leer) Previous artist (K. Leimer)
1 Music for the New Depression (US 1984 Glaze GZLP 102) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Illuminous??David SinfieldFade??David Sinfield
OverlordSystematic Eyes
Index of MotionFor a Moment
Laurie Jean: Drums, Syncussion, Rhythm Programmes
David Sinfield: Piano, Synthesizer, Voice.
Produced by League of Nations and John Gillis.
Mixed at Studio 9, Los Angeles CA: John Gillis Engineer
Contact League of Nations at: 5277 Ellenwood Drive, LA, CA 90041 USA

TYS VAN LEER     Go to Next artist (Craig Leon) Previous band (League of Nations)
1 Nice to Have Met You (US 1978 Columbia 35345) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
My Sweetheart+4:14T. van Leer - J. Akkerman - B. RuiterHocus Pocus++4:03T. van Leer - J. Akkerman
Nice to Have Met You (Concrete)+5:02T. van LeerTonight Beneath the Sky++3:24T. van Leer - R. van Leer
Pastorale+3:17Rosebud+4:57T. van Leer
Bahama Mama++4:53A. JohnsonSuper Ffishell++4:08T. van Leer - B. Ruiter - W. Eaton
Produced by Ralph MacDonald and Tom Scott
Recorded at Rosebud Recording, Inc.
Engineered by Richard Alderson
Assisted by Eddie Heath, Jr.
+Arranged by Tom Scott
++Arranged by William Eaton
Album Coordinator: Diane Johnson
Assisted by: Linda Kyser
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound
Cover Art: Richard Hess
Design: Paula Scher
Tys van Leer-Flutes, Oberheim Polyphonic Synthesizer
Rhythm Section-
Ralph MacDonald-Congas & Percussion
Richard Tee-Piano & Clavinet, Organ
Eric Gale-Guitar
Anthony Jackson-Bass
Harvey Mason-Drums
Eef Albers-Guitar
Steve Khan-Guitar
Brass and Woodwinds-
"Hocus Pocus";"Super Ffishell";"My Sweetheart";"Nice To Have Met You":
Tys van Leer-Flute
Jon Faddis-Trumpet & Fluegel Horn
Randy Brecker-Trumpet & Fluegel Horn
Barry Rogers-Trombone
Dave Taylor-Bass Trombone
James Buffington-French Horn
John Clark-French Horn
Fred Griffen-French Horn
Alex Foster-Alto Sax
Michael Brecker-Tenor Sax
Ronnie Cuber-Baritone Sax
Tom Scott-Tenor Saxophone (solo-"Super Ffishell")
Brooks Tillotson-French Horn
Don Corrado-French Horn
Lou Marini-Tenor Saxophone
Strings-"Pastorale";"Nice To Have Met You";"Rosebud":
Gene Orloff, Jesse Levy, Paul Gershman, Julien Barber, Alan Shulman, Jonathan Abramowitz, Frederick Buldrini, Joe Malin, Theodore Israel, Selwart Clarke, Harold Kohon, Sanford Allen, Matthew Raimondi, Ariana Bronne
Vocals-"Super Ffishell";"Bahama Mama":
Vivian Cherry, Brenda White, Ken Williams, Gwen Guthrie, Raymond Simpson, Zach Sanders, Bill Eaton
See also: Focus

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1 Visiting (US 1982 Arbitor/Thunderbolt ARB 1) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
One Hundred Steps5:54Craig LeonVisiting6:12C. Leon-T. Roche
Region of Fleeing Civilians5:04Details Suggest Fidelity to Fact2:40C. Leon-C. Webb
Three Small Coins6:45The Customs of the Age Disturbed8:00C. Leon
Written and Performed by Craig Leon
Additional Performances by Cassell Webb (Vocal & Piano) & Terre Roche (Guitars)
Recorded by Craig Leon & Cassell Webb at Excaliber Sound.
Mixed at Chateau Recorders, No. Hollywood, Ca.
Mastered by Ron Lewter at the JVC Cutting Center, Hollywood, Ca.
Special thanks to Denny Bruce, William Hein, Wesly Hein, Louis Cabaza & Ira Rubnitz.

LIGHT     Go to Next band (Lighthouse) Previous artist (Craig Leon)
1 Keys (US 1981 Abintra AR 13731) M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Keys2:00PatonIt's for You Part II4:40Hornbeck/Lantz/Paton
Do What You Gotta Do4:37Hornbeck/PatonSay What You Mean5:06Paton
Light of the World4:08Lantz/PatonI.B.S.0:43
Wild Goose Chase1:03PatonWon't You Come Home4:34
Tryin' to Reach You4:24Lantz/PatonMove On, Move Up4:07Lantz/Paton
It's for You Part I2:10Hornbeck/Lantz/Paton
This Album is Dedicated to Matthew David Bleier
Orchestral Arrangements Lantz & Paton
Lyrics by Skip Paton (It's For You) Lantz/Paton
Produced by Skip Paton
Mixed by Bill Brown & Skip Paton
Engineered by Bill Brown
Assistant Engineers: Garry Smith, Greg Riker, John Toffolo
Recorded at the Music Mother/TRC Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Mixed at Shadetree Recording Studios, Playboy Resort, Lake Geneva, Wisconson 53147
Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Master Disk Corporation, NYC, NY 10023
Bass guitar & vocals - John W. McDowell III
Keyboards - Jeff Lantz
Drums, percussion, & vocals - Steve Walker
Guitars & vocals - Jeff Hornbeck
Additional Percussion - Robin Steele & Kevin Kaiser
Saxophones - Jim Farrelly
Vocal Contributions - Karl Hinkle ("Tryin' To Reach You"), Shawn Phillips ("It's For You")
Additional keyboards, guitars, vocals, violins, violas, cellos, & wind instruments by Skip Paton and Clout.
Front Cover by Michael Fentz
Back Cover by Dick Ridge

LIGHTHOUSE     Go to Next band (Lindisfarne) Previous band (Light)
1 Thoughts of Movin' On (US 1971 Evolution 3010) VG+/VG+ gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
Take it Slow (Out in the Country)3:07R. Cole-L. Smith-K. JollimoreI Just Wanna Be Your Friend3:07S. Prokop-B. McBride
What Gives You the Right3:19H. ShoreI'm Gonna Try to Make It3:52L. Smith-K. Jollimore
You and Me4:47Rockin' Chair3:35S. Prokop-R. Cole
Fly My Airplane3:42P. Hoffert-B. HoffertWalk Me Down3:49B. McBride
I'd Be So Happy4:01S.ProkopInsane3:53S. Prokop-B. McBride
Skip Prokop - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Paul Hoffert - Vibes, Keyboard
Ralph Cole - Gutiar, Vocals
Don Dinovo - Electric Violina
Richard Armin - Electric Cello
Louis Yacknin - Bass
Keith Jollimore - Sax, Flute, Vocals
Larry Smith - Trombome, Vocals
Howard Shore - Sax, Flute, Vocals
Mike Malone - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Bob McBride - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Recoded at: Thunder Recording Studios, Toronto
Phil Sheridan-Engineer
Mixed at: O.D.O. Recording Studios, N.Y.C.
Vincent Oddo-Engineer
Mastered at Mercury Sound Studios, N.Y.C.
Gilbert Kong-Engineer
Special Thanks to: Moses, Vinny, Mike Bourne, Pat Bud, Peter
Drums: Coutesy of Permier of England
Electro Vibes: Courtesy of Deagan Musical Instruments
Couesnon Trombone: Courtesy of Long and McQuade, Toronto
"Teeth" didn't sing on this album
Production and Sound: Jimmy Ienner
All Arrangements by Lighthouse
Cover Design: Brad Johannsen

LINDISFARNE     Go to Next artist (Buzzy Linhart) Previous band (Lighthouse)
1 Happy Daze (US 1974 Elektra 7E-1018) M-/G $8
Side 1Side 2
Tonight*3:25DuffyDealer's Choice*#2:57Hull
In Year Head@3:08CraddockNellie*^3:51Craddock
River#4:15HullThe Man Down There*%3:50Duffy
You Put the Laff on Me*3:53Gin and Tonix All Round#3:24Hull
No Need to Tell Me*2:22Tomorrow^5:12Craddock
Juiced Up to Lose%2:48Duffy
Lindsay Raymond Jackson - vocals, mandolin, harp, percussion
James Alan Hull - vocals, recorder, all guitars
Thomas Duffy - bass, vocals
Kenneth Craddock - piano, electric piano, organ, guitars, vibes, vocals
Keith Alfred Charlie Harcourt - led guitars, all guitars
Paul Nichols - drums, etc.
Produced by Eddie Offord, (Assisted by Genaro Ripple), Lindisfrane
Recorded at Trevor's place, June 1974
Lots of Brass and things from Buddy Beadle and Steve Gregory
Many thanks to Mr. Billinge and Mr. Boulden at Nat West

Lead vocals - *L.R.J, @Everybody, #J.A.H., %T.D., ^K.C.

BUZZY LINHART     Go to Next artist (John Lodge) Previous band (Lindisfarne)
1 Buzzy (US 1972 Kama Sutra KSBS 2053) M-/VG gatefold fold-out insert promo $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Tornado2:30B. Linhart-A. TraumTake Me to the Pilot5:00B. Taupin-E. John
Rollin' On3:20B. LinhartEye 1-2-C-U Shuffle2:30Buzzy Linhart
You Got What It Takes2:45B. Gordy-G. Gordy-T. CarloTell Me True3:50
Boogaloother or "Captain Hornbone's Last Desparate Truck"1:10L. Luther RixDon't You Pay Me No Mind3:55
Sing Joy-Tutti Frutti8:30Linhart-Callos / Penniman-LaBostrie
Buzzy Linhart: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vibes, Marimba, Drums, Percussion & Piano
Peter Ponzol: Acoustic & Electric Woodwinds, Soprano & Tenor Sax & flute
Danny Trifan: Bass, Organ, Background Vocal, Clavinet, Harmonium & Percussion
L. Luther Rix: Drums, Conga, Timbales, Cencerro & Background Vocal
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Petal Stel Guitar, Conga & Background Vocal

Special "Friends":
Mark Klingman: Piano on "You Got What It Takes", Organ on "Eye 1-2-C-U Shuffle"
Peter Plonsky: Electric Tamboura

Produced by Buzzy Linhart
Mixed by Todd Rundgren
Associate Producers: Todd Rundgren, L. Luther Rix, Danny Trifan, Peter Ponzol, Skunk Baxter

Sing Joy/Tutti Frutti Recorded Live Studio "A" Record Plant, N.Y.C.
Recorded at Bell Sound Studios, N.Y.C. Engineered by Harry Yarmark
Recorded at Record Plant, N.Y.C. Engineered by Shelly Yakus

This could never have been done without Harry Yarmark, Shelly Yakus, All B.P.'s, the Buddah Family, Jude & all the Piggys, and our "unbelievable" road manager Larry Waterman.
Photography: Ira Wexler
Album Cover Design: Ira Wexler & Jeannie & Buzzy Linhart
Art Direction: Glen Christensen
Mixed at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, N.Y. & Record Plant Studios, N.Y.C.

JOHN LODGE     Go to Next band (Rudiger Lorenz) Previous artist (Buzzy Linhart)
1 Natural Avenue (US 1977 London PS683) M-/VG+ gatefold, has the insert $15
Side 1Side 2
Intro to Children of Rock 'n' Roll1:05John LodgeBroken Dreams, Hard Road4:32John Lodge
Natural Avenue3:55Piece of My Heart3:55
Summer Breeze5:22Rainbow3:51
Carry Me5:46Say You Love Me6:30
Who Could Change6:19Children of Rock 'n' Roll4:30
John Lodge: 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, bass & harmonica
Steve Simpson: Spanish & 6-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar
Kenny Jones: Drums & percussion
Mick Weaver: Piano, organ, electric piano, celeste
Mel Collins: Soprano sax
Martin Dobson: Alto sax
Jimmy Jewel: sax
Brian Rogers: Orchestra
Chris Spedding: Electric guitar
Denis Lopez: Percussion
Vocal harmonies: John Lodge, Gary Osborne, John Richardson, Alan Williams, Billy Lawrie, Steve Simpson
Produced and engineered by Tony Clarke
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Brian Rogers
Management: Jerry Weintraub
Recorded at Threshold Studios, London
Recording engineers: Derek Varnals, Dave Baker
Mixed at Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles
Mixing engineers: Tim Sadler
John Lodge portraits by Terry O'Neill
Album cover produced by Martyn & Roger Dean © 1977 Dragons Way Ltd
See also: Justin Hayward/John Lodge, The Moody Blues

RUDIGER LORENZ     Go to Next band (Lucifer) Previous artist (John Lodge)
1 Angaria (G 1987 Syncord RL 006) M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Fennosarmatia5:46Rudiger LorenzSinia7:34Rudiger Lorenz
sampler: dss-1
poly synth: dx 7, dw 6000, cz 3000, polysix
modular system: 100m, ppg, formant, bme, custon built modules
sequenzers: steinberg 24, pr-300, csq-600, mc-202, ppg 314
vocoders: dvp-1, vc 10, vp 330
drums & percussion: ddd-1, wersi cx-5, mr-16, ddm 110 + 220, tr-808
sleeve design: andreas egerland
composed, arranged, played & produced by Rudiger Lorenz

LUCIFER     Go to Next band (Lucifer's Friend) Previous artist (Rudiger Lorenz)
1 Black Mass (US 1971 UNI 73111) VG+/VG $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Solomon's Ring3:20Mort GarsonExorcism3:45Mort Garson
The Ride of Aida (Voodoo)3:07The Philosopher's Stone3:27
Incubus3:29Voices of the Dead (The Medium)2:05
Black Mass3:39Witch Trial3:00
The Evil Eye2:10ESP1:01
All selections ASCAP
Electronic music composed & realized by MORT GARSON
Direction by DAVE WILLIAMS
Electronic engineering by EUGENE HAMBLIN
Jacket design by VIRGINIA CLARK
See also: Mort Garson

LUCIFER'S FRIEND     Go to Next band (Mahavishnu Orchestra) Previous artist (Lucifer)
1 Good Time Warrior (US 1978 Elektra 6E-159) M-/M- wlp, has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
Old Man Roller4:16Lucifer's FriendSweet Little Lady4:38Lucifer's Friend
I'll Meet You in L.A.4:03Gamblin' Man4:30
My Love5:57Warriors10:11
Good Times4:20
Little Dancer4:03
Produced by Peter van Aster (Ladybird Music B.V.) and Lucifer's Friend
recorded at Soundpush Studios - Blaricum/Holland, recording engineer: Jay Denson
mixed by Lucifer's Friend at Russl Studio Hamburg, mixing engineer: Geoffrey Peacey
photo-directio: Rens Benerink
cover-photographs: Govert de Roos
graphic design: Franzi Froeb
innersleeve photos: Kluas Thumser, Rainer Drechsler
legs: Konah
the group uses Dynacord P.A. Systems
Lucifer's Friend are: Mike Starrs: lead + backing vocals
Peter Hecht: acoustic piano, Hohner Clavinet, Hammond organ, Roland String Ensemble, Roland E. Piano, Polyphon Synthesizer, mini Moog, Fender Rhodes
Herbert Bornholdt: drums, syndrums, percussion, backing vocals on "Warriors" and "Old Man Roller"
Peter Hesslein: electric + acoustic guitars, backing vocals + Sailor lead vocal on "Warriors"
Dieter Horns: bass + Roland Space Chorus
backing vocals on several tracks: Peter van Asten

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