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1 The Aerosol Grey Machine (US 1969 Mercury SR 61238) M-/VG+ $20 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Afterwards2:48P. HammillAersol Grey Machine†0:56P. Hammill
Orthenthian St (Part I)2:23Black Smoke Yen1:18Ellis-Evans-Banton
Orthenthian St (Part II)3:53Aquarian8:27P. Hammill
Running Back%6:32Necromancer^3:30
Into a Game*5:56Octopus7:41
Recorded at Trident Studios, London, July 31/Aug. 1, 1969.
Recorded at Marquee Studios, London, Jan. 1969
Engineers: Robin Cale, Gerry Collins
Hugh Robert Banton: piano, organ, *sa sa ka, †dissent, ^vocals
Keith Ian Ellis: ^wah wah bass, ^added vocals, bass, *chant, †croon
Guy Randolph Evans: drums, *talking drum, %sa sa ka
Peter Joseph Andrew Hammill: vocal, acoustic guitar, *chant, †hype
Jeff: Flute

2 The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other (UK 1969 Charisma CAS 1007) gatefold M-/M- $15 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Darkness (11/11)??Peter HammillWhatever would Robert have said???Peter Hammill
RefugeesOut of my BookHammill-Jackson
White HammerAfter the FloodPeter Hammill
Hugh Banton: organ, piano and backing vocals
Peter Hammill: acoustic guitar and lead vocals
Nic Potter: bass guitar and electric guitar
Guy Evans: drums and percussion
David Jackson: tenor and alto sax, flute and backing vocals
Recorded at Trident Studios, London, on the 11/12/13/14/December 1969.
All titles done on 8-track 'After the flood', on 16.
Produced by John Anthony (of Tynemouth and Playgrounds)
Engineered by Rob ('Oh sorry I forgot to take that') Cable*
Tape Jockeying: Dave and Alan. *but he's great really!!
Thanks for added things: Gerry Salisbury, Cornet on 'White Hammer'
Mike Hurwitz, 'Cellos on 'Refugees'
The 'Cello parts were written by Hugh
Piano on 'Refugees' played by Peter
The quote in 'After the Flood' was from Albert Einstein
Transport: Courtesy of Reg King Transhire (London) Ltd. and Goldie
Amplification: Hiwatt
Bananas by North End Road Market, SW6
Liquid sustenance by LaChasse and The Ship
Papers: MM/NME/Beano/Rizla Red
Reading matter: Asimov/Donleavy
Dedicated to L. & M., without whom everyone would have been much happier....

3 H to He Who am the Only One (US 1970 ABC Dunhill DS-50097) gatefold M-/M- $15 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Part I - The Dance In Sand and Sea
Part II - The Dance in Frost
House With No Door6:12Hammill
The Emperor in His War Room
Part I - The Emperor
Part II - The Room
8:15Pioneers Over C12:44Hammill/Jackson
All arrangements by the band
Guy Evans: Drums, Tympani, percussion.
Hugh Banton: Hammond and Farsifa organs, piano, oscillator, vocals.
Peter Hammill: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar.
David Jackson: Alto, tenor and baritone saxophone and devices, flute and vocals.
Produced by John Anthony
Engineered by Robin Cable
Assistant engineer: Dave Hentschel
Middle cover: "Checkmate" by Paul Whitehead
Front and back cover: "Birthday" by Paul Whitehead
Bass on Killer, Emperor and Lost: Nic Potter
Bass on House and Pioneers: Hugh
Piano on House: Peter
Guitar on Emperor: Robert Fripp
Transport Supervisor and Muscle Beach: Martin
Grateful thanks for long-time support and advice to Alastair Banton.

4 Pawn Hearts (US 1972 Charisma CAS 1051) gatefold VG+/VG+ $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Lemmings (including cog)11:35HammillA Plague of Lighthouse Keepers
Eyewitness - Pictures/Lighthouse - Eyewitness - S.H.M. - Presence of the Night - Kosmos Tours - (Custard's) Last Stand - The Clot Thickens - Land's End (sineline) - We Go Now
Theme One2:55Martin
All arrangements by the band
Hugh Banton :- Hammond E & C, Farfisa Professional organs, Piano, Mellotron, ARP Synthesizer, bass pedals, bass guitar, psychedelic razor, vocals.
Guy Evans :- Drums, tympani, percussion, piano.
Peter Hammill :- Lead vocals, acoustic & slide guitar, electric piano, piano.
David Jackson :- Tenor, alto & soprano saxophones and devices, flute, vocals
Fripp :- Electric guitar.
Producer: John Anthony
Engineers: Robin Cable, David Hentschel, Ken Scott
Tape op. Mike and Dave C.
Brightest Hope:- Howard.
Cover by Paul Whitehead/Cleen Machine Studio
Photography: Keith Morris!
Recorded at Trident Studios, London W.1. July through September 1971 aided and abetted by Mohjndijcrackycracky

5 Godbluff (US 1976 Mercury SRM-1-1069) M-/VG+ has the insert $15
Side 1Side 2
The Undercover Man7:24P. HammillArrow9:45P. Hammill
Scorched Earth9:45P. Hammill - D. JacksonThe Sleepwalkers10:29
Hugh Banton - Organs & Bass
Guy Evans - Drums & Percussion
Peter Hammill - Voice, Pianos & Guitars
David Jackson - Saxophones & Flute
Recorded and mixed at Rockfield Studios, Monmouthshire between 9th and 29th June 1975.
Cut by George Peckham at The Master Room
Produced by Van der Graaf Generator for Charisma Records, Ltd.
Engineered by Pat Moran
Transport & Technicals: John & Martin
Cuisine: Nicole
Visits: Sue, Sue & Tamra
Peaking: Blair (The Man in the Green Suit)
V.D.G.G. logo design: John Pasche
Mastering: Gilbert Kong

6 Still Life (UK 1976 Charisma CHC 55) M-/M- $8 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Pilgrims??Hammill/JacksonMy Room (Waiting for Wonderland)??Hammill
Still LifeHammillChildlike Faith in Childhoods End
La Rossa
Hugh Banton: organ, bass pedals and guitars, mellotron & Piano
Guy Evans: drums & percussion
Peter Hammill: vox, guitars & pianos
David Jackson: alto, tenor & soprano saxophones, acoustically, electrically and collectively, & flute
Produced by Van der Graaf Generator
Engineered by Pat Moran
Recorded and mixed at Rockfield Studios between June 9-29, 1975 and January 12-25, 1976 and cut by Arun at CBS; Arun also did the final cut of ‘Godbluff’ - time prevented due credit appearing upon its notes. Thank you - Maintenence: Otto-A Serious Word/Hut building: Splat Meringue-Most Promising Newcomer: The Flanger-Times, tobacco & transport: Mike-Here there & everywhere: John & Alan-Cuisine: Maggie & Sue-Flying visits, fort holding/guest chef: O.S.A. Timely visits: Ray, Dave & Nick- The Great Unknown courtesy of - contracts lawsuits letters of the inducement the Monmouth bank homelessness shell-shock the rapist cold and absence-GORDIANISATION fortissimo by TROELLER for STATIC ENTERPRISES Ltd. Front Cover Photography: Paul Brierley-Back cover Photography: Mike Van der Vord-All lyrics by Peter Hammill

7 World Record (US 1976 Mercury SRM-1-1116) M-/VG+ $15
Side 1Side 2
When She Comes8:01HammillMeurglys III: The Songwriter's Guild20:50Hammill
A Place to Survive10:00Wondering6:34Hammill/Banton
Produced by Van der Graaf Generator
Engineered by Pat Moran
Hugh Banton: Manual and Pedals (Manuel and his Music of the Pdeallos)
Guy Evans: Drums, cymbals, percussion & fingerpop
Peter Hammill: Vox, Meurglys II and Wassisterpunktenbacker
David Jackson: Alto, tenor and soprano saxophones and accoutrements, and flute (all in The Grotto)
The albumwas recorded and mixed at Rockfield Studios 1 & 2, between May 10-30 1976.
and rehearsed at Headley Grange through April 1976.
The Cut: by Arun at CBS
Cuisine: (Rehearsal) Maggie & Mike (Recording) Joan & Sue.
Crew: Mike & Buonuomo
Maintenance & comb: Otto
Accredited observers: Mrs Parp & the Parplet, CarlbergSpecials, Martin, JA & Debbie, Charlie, Geoff, Gail, Nigel, Colin, Stuart and Keith, Rose, Dave E & some CBs
Production overview: Buzz Carlberg Jr. Rich (What the Point?) Zabriskie, Ard Parp and Bunty
The Controller was played by Splat Meringue, The Mentor by Geept, and Trevor by the Repertory Company.
Aura: Dormatory Phase, peaking, psychotic reaction (give it ten), The thing from behind the Wall, echoed lawnmower, The Ice Cream Man, Charisma Day, the upcoming EMT, Domestics, Babylon, the Big Push and absence.
Gordianisation and Troeller for Static Enterprises
Sleeve Designed by A.D.Design, Art Direction Frank Sansom.

8 The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome (UK 1977 Charisma CAS 1131) M-/M- has the insert $15 SOLD!
Side 1 - The Quiet ZoneSide 2 - The Pleasure Dome
Lizard Play4:28HammillThe Wave3:12Hammill
The Habit of the Broken Heart4:34Cat's Eye/Yellow Fever (Running)5:20G. Smith/P. Hammill
The Siren Song6:01The Sphinx in the Face5:58Hammill
Last Frame6:12Chemical World6:10
The Sphinx Returns1:12
Graham Smith: Violin, Viola
Nic Potter: Bass
Peter Hammill: Vox, Guitars, Keyboards
Guy Evans: Drums, Percussion
...with sphinx-like saxophone inserts by David Jackson...
Cover Photography: Robin Schwartz/Painting: Jess Artem/Logo + Layout: John Pasche
Liner photography: Anton Corbijn v.W./Calligraphy: Jet/Collator: Frank Sansom
Produced by Peter Hammill
Gordianisation by Troeller
Arranements by the band
Recorded, dubbed and mixed between 13th May - 12th June 1977 at Foel, Llantair Caeriuion; Morgan, London; Rockfield, Monmouth
Engineering: Ian Gonun is Dave Anderson; Dave?; Pat Moran

9 Vital (US 1978 PVC 9901) M-/M-/M- cos $15
Side 1Side 2
Ship of Fools6:43HammillMirror Images5:50Hammill
Still Life9:42Medley
(1) Plague of Lighthouse Keepers
(2) The Sleepwalkers
Last Frame9:02
Side 3Side 4
Pioneers Over 'C'17:00Hammill/JacksonDoor6:00Hammill
Sci-Finance??HammillUrban Part 1
Killer (Section)
Urban Part 2
Nadir's Big Chance3:40Hammill
Graham Smith: Violin
Charles Dickie: Cello, Electric Piano, Synthesizer
David Jackson*: Saxes and Flute
Nic Potter: Bass
Peter Hammill: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Guy Evans: Drums
(*Not until Side Two)
Recorded live at the Marquee Club, London, January 16th 1978
Recording Engineer: Mike Dunne
Mixed at: Foel Studio, Llanfaircaereinion, Powys
Engineering by: Dave Anderson
Cut by: Allen Landau at C.B.S.
Produced by Guy Evans
Existential Producer: Peter Hammill
Front Photo by: Gordian Troeller
Centre Photos by: Guy Evans, Peter Hammill & Ria Granneman
Stage Lighting, Model & Back Photo by: Rod Illingworth
Stage Equipment by: Mike Faraday & John Goodman
Sound by: H.H.B., Martin Westwood, Noel Mawer & Graham Hayes
16 Track by: Brian
Gordianisation by: Troeller
No overdubs have been employed in this recording

10 The Long Hello (US 1976 Butt NOTT 002) M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Theme From (Plunge)??D. JacksonFairhazel Gardens??D. Jackson & P. Messina
The O Flat SessionP. MessinaLooking at YouD. Jackson
Morris to Cape RothD. JacksonI've Lost My Cat
Brain SeizureH. Banton
David Jackson: Saxophones - Flute - Piano
Hugh Banton: All instruments on Brain Seizure
Bass on O Flat Session
Guy Evans: Drums
Nic Potter: Bass
Ced Curtis: Electric Guitar, Bass on Fairhazel Gardens
Piero Messina: Electric guitar - Acoustic guitar - Piano
Produced by Guy Evans
Engineered by Hugh Banton
Recorded at Foel Studios - Cefn Coch - Montgomeryshire - Wales - August 1973
Mixed at Chalk Farm Studios - London
Sleeve by Graphic Workshop

11 Repeat Performance (UK 1980 Charisma BG 3) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Afterwards??P. HammillNecromancer??P. Hammill
RefugeesThe Emperor in His War Room
(i) The Emperor
(ii) The Room
Boat of Millions of Years
White HammerMan-Erg
Concept and Sleeve-notes by David Brown
Compilation Engineered by Neil Slaven
Graphics Jon Sellers
All tracks produced by John Anthony.

12 Time Vaults (Port 1985 Demi-Monde MOV 10123) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
*The Liquidator??Hammill*Roncevaux??Hammill
*Rift ValleyHammill/Jackson/EvansIt All Went RedHammill/Jackson/Evans
TarzanHammill/Jackson/Evans/BantonFaint and ForsakenHammill
+Coil NightJackson+Black Room
Time Vaultsmiscellaneous
Drift (I hope it won't)Banton
(1)Location/Date: Rockfield 1973
HB: bass; PH: piano, vox; Guy Evans: drums; David Jackson: sax
(2)Location/Date: Norton Canon 1975
PH: guitar, vox; Guy Evans: drums; David Jackson: sax
(3)Location/Date: Rockfield 1974
HB: bass; PH: piano; Guy Evans: drums; David Jackson: sax
(4)Location/Date: Norton Canon 1975
PH: bass; DJ: piano, sax; Guy Evans: drums
(5)Location/Date: Compilation
(6)Location/Date: Ross-on-Wye 1972
HB: organ; Guy Evans: drums
David Jackson: sax
(7)Location/Date: Ross-on-Wye 1972
HB: organ; PH: piano, vox; Guy Evans: drums; David Jackson: sax
(8)Location/Date: Crowborough 1971
PH: organ; Guy Evans: drums; David Jackson: sax
(9)Location/Date: Norton Canon 1975
HB: organ; PH: piano; Guy Evans: drums; David Jackson: sax
(10)Location/Date: Ross-on-Wye 1972
HB: organ; PH: piano,vox
Guy Evans: drums
David Jackson: sax
Treatments, editing and mix by Peter Hammill at Sofa Sound
*Vox dub., +Sax Dub; all other tracks from original tapes.
See also: The Famous Charisma Label 5th Anniversary, Peter Hammill

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1 Albedo 0.39 (US 1976 RCA LPL1-5136) VG+/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Mare Tranquillitatis1:47Albedo 0.394:25
Main Sequence8:12
Sword of Orion1:55
Recorded at Nemo Studios, London 1976
All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Vangelis
Kayboards, various synthesizers, drums, bass and all other sounds by Vangelis*
Sound Engineer: Keith Spencer-Allen
Sleeve Design: Graves/Aslett Assoc.
Cover Photograph: Ray Massey
*Speaking Clock: Post Office Telecommunications
Astronaut conversations during Apollo Moon Landing courtesy of NASA


Best of Ralph    1982 Ralph RR8251   $20
Notes:  with Snakefinger, The Residents, Fred Frith, Tuxedomoon, Yello, Art Bears, MX-80
Sound, Renaldo & the Loaf
The Greater Antilles Sampler    1977?     Antilles                                     $12
Notes:  with Nick Drake, Osamu Kitajima, Steve Winwood, Fripp/Eno, Tim Hardin, Gary
Shearston, Phil Manzanera's Quiet Sun, Dave Swarbrick, Country Gazette (featuring Byron
Berline, Roland White, Alan Munde, Roger Bush), Shirley Collins, John Cage, Albion Country
Band (featuring Ashley Hutchings, John Kirkpatrick, Simon Nicol, Roger Swallow, Sue Harris,
Martin Carthy), Tom Newman, Gay & Terry Woods, Don Cherry Trio, White Noise (featuring
David Vorhous), Allen Fontenot & the Country Cajuns, Grimms (featuring Mike McGear, Neil
Innes, Andy Roberts, Roger McGough, Ollie Halsall, Gerry Conway), Remi Kabaka, Abdul
Lasisi Amao, John Surman, Terje Rypdal, Malcom Griffiths, June Tabor, Tibetan Bells
(featuring Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings), Portsmouth Sinfonia & Choir.  appearances by Peter
Frampton, Mike Oldfield, John Cale, Maddy Prior, Richard Thompson, Andy Bown, Jimmy
Horowitz, Dave Mattacks, Pat Donaldson, Dave Pegg, Timi Donald, Zoot Money, Dave Jarrett,
B. J. Cole, Paul Lytton, Annie Bird, Jon Field (of Jade Warrior)

Gyrations Across the Nation     1985 Hybrid 1  $12
Notes:  with The Lime Spiders, The Beasts of Bourbon, The Vandals, Spikes, Guadalcanal Diary
1 The Famous Charisma Label 5th Anniversary (I 1974 Charisma 9299 288) M-/M- $50
Side 1Side 2
Theme One??Van der Graaf GeneratorHappy the Man??Genesis
WTwilight Alehouse
Wake Up Little SisterCapabiity BrownWatcher of the Skies
Wind FallSympathyRare Bird
It's a GameString Driven ThingLady EleonorLindisfarne
Are You a Rock and RollerScotch Mist
Indian SummerAudienceNo Time to Lose
Realizzazione a cura di Ronnie Thorpe

2 The Last Nightingale (UK 1984 Re 1984) has the insert M-/M- $15 SOLD
Side 1 - Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler, Bill Gilonis, Tim Hodgkinson, Robert WyattSide 2 - Adrian Mitchell & Henry Cow
Moments of Delight??Cutler/HodgkinsonBack in the Playground Blues??Mitchell
In the Dark YearCutler/CooperBittern Storm RevisitedFrith
On the Beach at CambridgeMitchell
Lindsay Cooper : Piano, Electric Piano, Soprano Sax, Bassoon.
Chris Cutler : Drums &c
Bill Gilonis : Guitar, Bass
Tim Hodgkinson : Piano, Electric piano, Moog, Baritone & Alto Saxes
Robert Wyatt : Singing
Both tracks written specifically for this record & recorded at Cold Storage. 52 Acre Lane. Brixton, between 29-31 October.
Engineered by Bill Gilonis & Tim Hodgkinson.
Tracks 1 & 3 : Adrian Mitchell
Track 2 : Henry Cow
Lindsay Cooper : Bassoon
Chris Cutler : Drums
Fred Frith : Guitars
John Greaves : Bass
Tim Hodgkinson : Alto Sax
Adrian Mitchell recorded at Cold Storage on 21 October. Henry Cow remixed there.
(original recording 1973)
Front Cover: Ralph Steadman
Back Cover: Graham Keatley

3 Music and Rhythm (US 1982 PVC 201) M-/M-/M- gatefold $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Drums of Makebuko: Burundi
Recorded by La Radiodiffusion Nationale du Burundi, 24th September 1977.
??Drums of Makebuko The Beat: Mirror in the Bathroom
Saxa: Saxophone
Andy Cox: Guitar
David Steele: Bass
Everett Moreton: Drums
Ranking Roger: Voice
Dave Wakeling: Voice, Guitar
"Mirror in the Bathroom" was re-mixed at The Roundhouse, London, May 1982.
??The Beat
Peter Gabriel: Across the River
Peter Gabriel: Fairlight CMI, voice, surdu
Shankar: Double-necked violin
David Rhodes: Guitar, voice
Stewart Copeland: drums, percussion
Produced by Peter Gabriel and David Lord
Engineered by David Lord, Arranged by Peter Gabriel
Recorded and mixed at Shabby Road Studios and Crescent Studios, Bath
Gabriel, Shankar, Rhodes, Copeland Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz: Sweet Mother
Produced in Nigeria 1976 by Rogers All Stars (Nigeria) Ltd.
Prince Nico Mbarga: Lead guitar, vocalist
Thommysoo Kumm: Vocalist
Pirol: Vocalist
Franeo Okolo: Conga player
Jean Chachua: Rhythm guitarist
Morris: Bass guitarist
Ashagasha: Drums
Prince Nico
Ekome: Kpan Logo
Ekome Arts are:
Barry Anderson, Lorna Anderson, Norman Stephenson, Pauline Anderson, Angela Anderson, Pauline Hawthorne, Thelma Hawthorne, Sharon Francis (who are all dancers) and George Dzikunu, Richard Davis, Trevor Francis, Stephen Blagrove, Garnet Patterson, Maxine Hawthorne (who are drummers)
The majority of the company sang.
Recorded at Crescent Studios, Bath, 1981.
Produced by David Lord, engineered by Steve Street.
Ekome Mighty Sparrow: Music and Rhythm
Produced by Slinger Francisco.
Arranged by U. Belfast and Slinger Francisco
Engineered by N. Case
Re-mix by B Lee
Slinger Francisco
XTC: It's Nearly Africa
Andy Partridge: Lead and backing vocals, semi-acoustic guitar, alto-sax
Colin Moulding: Fender bass
Dave Gregory: Prophet 5, backing vocals
Terry Chambers: Drums, drum synthesizer, percussion
Hans de Vente: Special guest vocal support
Produced and mixed by Hugh Padgham and XTC
Engineered by Hugh Padgham
Recorded at The Manor, Oxfordshire, Autumn 1981
Andy Partridge Rico: What You Talkin' Bout
Rico Rodriquez: Vocal, trombone
Dick Cuthell: Cornets, percussion, backing vocal
Jerry Dammers: Organ
Wims Wimshurst: Guitar
Satch Dixon: Percussion
Tony 'Groco' Uta: Percussion, backing vocal
John Bradbury: Drums
Horace Gentleman: Bass
Produced by Dick Cuthell
Recorded at Riverside Studios, London, December 1981.
Mixed at Jam Studios, London, May 1981
Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulai and his Dagbamba Cultural Group: Zuu-Waa
Leader: Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulai
Gungon captain: Fuseini Alhassan
Drummers: Adam Iddi, "Lun-Naa", Aburari Alhassan
Recorded in Northern Ghana by John Miller Chernoff in 1981
Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulai Morris Pert: Marrakesh
Morris Pert: Percussion, Prophet synthesizer
Garry Kettle: Percussion
Tim Holmes: Soprano sax
Morris Pert
Side 3Side 4
Pete Townshend: Ascension Two
Pete Townshend: Guitar, Violin, Keyboards, vocals.
John Entwistle: Bass
Rabbit: Piano
Kenny Jones: Drums
Produced and mixed by Pete Townshend and Steve Lillywhite at Eel Pie Studios, Twickenham.
??Pete Townshend David Byrne: His Wife Refused
David Byrne: Vocals, bass, guitar
Yogi Horton: Drums
John Chernoff: Gung Gong
Bernie Worrell: Mini Moog
Adrian Belew: Steel drum guitarProduced by David Byrne
Commissioned by The Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation Inc.
Recorded at Celestial Sound and Olympic Sound (London)
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi
??David Byrne
Vic Coppersmith-Heaven: Pengosekan
Preston Hayman: Percussion, Gamelan
Vic Smith: Guitars, Gamelan
Tony Levin: Bass
Paddy Bush: Gengong
Johnny Warman: voice
Produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven at Eel Pie Studios, Twickenham, and The Manor, Oxfordshire, Spring 1982
Engineered at The Manor by Richard Manwaring
Remixed at Crescent Studios
Vic Coppersmith-Heaven Alhaji Bai Konte and Malamini Jobate: Sudurum Kumbosora
Alhaji Bai Konte: Lead voice, Kora
Malamini Jobate: Kora, Voice
Engineered and produced by David Lord at Shabby Road Studios.
Alhaji Bai Knote and Malamini Jobate
Balinese Ketjak - A short excerpt from The Ramayana Monkey Chant
Recorded by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven in Bali, February 1982.
Balinese Ketjak Lonesi Chewane and Joni Hetara: Mkazi Wa Mulomo
Lonesi Chewane: Magogodo xylophone
Joni Hetara: Magogodo xylophone
Recorded by Hugh Tracey, Katunga, Malawi, 1958
Lonesi Chewane and Joni Hetara
Jon Hassell: Ba Benzele
Recorded in concert at Ontario College of Art, Toronto, November 14 1981
Jon Hassell: Trumpet
Michael Brook: Mbira
Aiyb Dieng: Talking Drum
Brian Eno: Treatments/synthesizer background
Richard Henderson: Live mixing
Recorded by Paul Fitzgerald
Remix by Michael Brook
Jon Hassell Shankar and Bill Lovelady: Himalaya
Shankar: Violin, vocals
Peter Oxendale: Prophet 5
Chu Chu Merchan: Bass
Nick France: Drums
Recorded on The Virgin Barge Studio, London, on March 26th-28th
Produced by Shankar and Bill Lovelady
Engineered by John Rowland
Remixed at Crescent Studios, Bath, by David Lord.
Shankar and Bill Lovelady
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Noor Azli Chamkia
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Lead Vocals
Mujahed Mubarek Ali Khan: Vocals
Farakh Ali Khan: Harmonium, voclas
M. Iqbal Qusoori: Vocals
Thalid: Vocals
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Holger Czukay: Persian Love
Holger Czukay: Guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, short waves, bass
Jaki Liebezeit: Drums, congas
Composed, recorded, mixed, edited and produced by Holger Czukay
Advised by Conny Plank
Recorded at Inner Space Studio
Mixed at Connie's Studio
Holger Czukay
Peter Hammill: The Ritual Mask
Peter Hammill: Voice, Kora, Chinese drum, Bodhran and lentil shakers
Recorded at Sofa Sound and mixed at Crescent Studios, Bath, 1982
Peter Hammill
Sleeve design by Steve Byrne and Valerie Hawthorne
Photography by Jo Swan
Illustrations by Chrissie Hill
Typeset in Optima by Jane Hopkins of I.C.M.
Typesetting and corrections by Helen Bereznicki
Album co-ordination and liner notes by Thos. Brooman and Mike White
Album concept by Music Arts and Dance Expo
Digital production master tape compiled on the Sony PCM system at Crescent Studios, Bath, and edited at Feldon Audio Ltd

4 Music Without Frontiers: A Venture Sampler Volume I (US 1988 Venture 90659-1) M-/VG+ cc $8
Side 1Side 2
£7.50: Itchy Fingers
Producers: Richard Cottle and Mike Mower
??Mike MowerThe Pursuit of Pleasure: Darryl Way with Opus 20
Producer: Darryl Way
??Darryl Way
Vibe Waltz: Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy
Produced by Lester Bowie/Brass Fantasy
Frank LacyThe Dancer's Song: Cassell Webb
Producers: Craig Leon and Cassell Webb
Craig Leon & Cassell Webb
For Vic: Niebla & Forcione
Producer: Mick Williams
Niebla & ForcioneNebuchadnezzar's Dream: Klaus Schulze & Andreas Grosser
Producers: Klaus Schulze & Andreas Grosser
Klaus Schulze & Andreas Grosser
The Fox Chase: Micheal O'Suilleabhain
Producer: Declan Colgan
Trad. arr. Michael O'SuilleabhainPas de Deux: Hans-Joachim Rodelius (with a Czjzek Saxophone)
Producer: Hans-Joachim Rodelius
Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Myoho: Peter de Havilland
Producer Peter de Havilland
Peter de Havilland
Compiled by Declan Colgan.
Digitally Nastered at Tape One Studios, London, by Jack Adams.
Mastered by Greg Fulginiti at Artisan Sound Recorders.

5 Musique Action Internationale 85 (F 1985 Van d'Oeuvre 8501) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Trio de Batterie: Three Legs for Two Birds2:22Brown/ Chenevier/ HaywardDavid Thomas & The Pedestrians: Whale Head King7:20Thomas/Cooper/Cutler/Maimone
Jacques Veille Quartet: Randonnee8:20Veille/ Binkeloe/ Vignon/ StaehleHans Reichel-Keith Tippett: Duet Improvisation4:50Reichel/Tippett
Keith Tippett: Solo Improvisation3:44TippetLa Marmite Infernale: Sardenia7:10Merle
Catalogue: La fille au Pantalon Noir4:25Catalogue
Ces extraits ont ete enregistres au cours du festival "Musique Action International 85", organise par le Centre Culturel Andre Malraux de Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy du 6 au 12 mai 1985. Ce disque, malgre ses imperfections, est une trace de ces journees consacrees aux nouvelles musiques. Les interviews ont ete realisees par Michel Pages pour Radio France Nancy. Nous remercions tous ceux qui ont contribue a l'organisation de ces concerts. Production: Centre Culturel Andre Malraux - 1, place de l'Hotel de Ville - B.P. 126 - 54504 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Cedex
Responsable de la production : A. Gindt / Pochette : D. Koskowitz / Photos : L. Remy

Production for Allman Brothers and Captain Beyond

1 The Six Wives of Henry VIII (US 1973 A&m SP-4361) M-/VG+ gatefold $10
Side 1Side 2
Catherine of Aragon3:45Rick WakemanJane Seymour4:44Rick Wakeman
Anne of Cleves7:50Anne Boleyn 'The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended'6:31E. J. Hopkins-Rick Wakeman
Catherine Howard6:36Catherine Parr7:00Rick Wakeman
Mini-Moog Synthesizer (2)
Mellotron 400-D Brass, Strings, Flutes
Mellotron 400-D Vocals, Sound Effects, Vibes
Custom Mixer
Frequency Counter
Steinway 9' Grand Piano
Custom Built Hammond C-3 Organ
RMI Electric Piano and Harpsicord
In addition to the above instruments a Thomas Goof Harpsicord and A.R.P. Synthesizer were used. All sounds put through two stereo Leslies, Fender Dual Showman Amp & two JBL Cabinets. Also used a custom built Oscillator, Fuzz & Wahwah Pedal and Binson Echo Unit. Keyboards & Amplification set up by: John Cleary, Michael Tait, Philip Hepple, Claude Johnson Taylor. The organ on 'Jane Seymour' was recorded at St. Giles Cripplegate
Bass: Dave Winter (ii, vi), Chris Squire (i), Chas Cronk (iii), Les Hurdle (i, v)
Guitar: Mike Egan (i, ii, v, vi), Dave Lambert (iii), Steve Howe (i)
Drums: Alan White (ii, iv, vi), Bill Bruford (i, v), Barry de Souza (iii)
Ray Cooper (i, v), Frank Riccotti (ii, iii, vi)
Electric Banjo: Dave Cousins (iii)
Vocals: Liza Strike (i, v), Laura Lee (v), Barry St, John (i), Sylvia McNeill (v), Judy Powell (i)
'Catherine of Aragon' was engineered and mixed by Ken Scott at Trident Studios, London.
'Anne Boleyn' was engineered by Ken Scott at Morgan Studios, London and mixed by Dave Henshall at Trident Studios.
All the remaining tracks were engineered and mixed by Paul Tregurtha at Morgan Studios.
Assistant Engineer: Pete Flanagan.
Produced by Rick Wakeman and recorded between February and October, 1972.
Art Director: Michael Doud
Design: Ken Carroll
Front cover photograph by Bruce Rae at Madame Tussauds
Inside-Ruan O'Lochlainn

2 The Myths and Legens of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (US 1975 A&m SP-4515) VG+/VG gatefold, has the book $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Arthur7:24Rick WakemanMerlin the Magician7:49Rick Wakeman
Lady of the Lake:44Sir Galahad6:54
Guinevere6:30The Last Battle8:19
Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight5:18
Produced by Rick Wakeman
Words and Music written by Rick Wakeman
Recorded at Morgan Studios London, 16th October 1974-10th January 1975
Engineer: Paul Tregurtha, Assistant Engineer: Jeremy Stenham
Orchestral arrangements by Wil Malone
Orchestra and Choir conducted by David Measham
Orchestral Co-Ordination by David Katz
The English Chamber Choir, Choirmaster: Guy Protheroe
Narration: Terry Taplin
The Band
Ashley Holt, Gary Pickford Hopkins: Vocals
Jeffrey Crampton: Lead & Acoustic Guitars
Roger Newell: Bass Guitar
Barney James: Drums
John Hodson: Percussion
Art Direction: Fabio Nicoli, Paul May
Design: Paul May
Photography: Bob Elsdale
Illustrations: Bob Fowke, Dave Bowyer
Engravings from the Mansell Collection

3 Country Airs (US 1986 Coda NAGE 10) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Dandelion Dreams4:10Rick WakemanQuiet Valleys4:21Rick Wakeman
Stepping Stones3:46Nature Trails3:10
Ducks and Drakes3:54Heather Carpets3:57
Morning Haze3:04Lakeland Walks3:55
Waterfalls3:54Wild Moors3:23
Written and Produced by Rick Wakeman
Engineered by John Davis. Recorded on a Bosendorfer Grand Piano.
Photography Charlie Waite.
Sleeve Neil Cavagan.
See also: Yes

1 Labyrinth (US 1981 Azimuth AZ 1001) M-/M- $25
Side 1Side 2
Glass of Time4:37Kit WatkinsSpring 19803:50Kit Watkins
Mt. St. Helens4:57While Crome Yellow Shine4:34Frank Wyatt & Kit Watkins
Coin-Op Era4:10Two Worlds4:47Kit Watkins
Labyrinth7:324 Bars - 1 Unit5:51
Kit Watkins: pianos, Minimoog, Clavinet, B3, Solina, flute, classical guitar, synthesizer percussion, triangle
Coco Roussel: drums, big bass drum, saw blades, ash tray, gong, percussion
Spring 1980 and Cycles were recorded by Kit Watkins at home in 1980.
All other selections were recorded in April 1981 at Island Studios, Clarksburg, MD.
Engineered by Joe Thompson and Kit Watkins.
Train brakes recorded underground by Skip Pizzi
Mixed at Omega Studios, Kensington, MD
Engineered by Billy Brady and Kit Watkins
Cover photography and design: Kit Watkins
See also: Happy the Man, Kit & Coco

1 Dogface (US 1982 Europa JP2011) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Puppy Kisses*4:32Gary WindoDogface@2:25Gary Windo
Feela Dog^2:53Rufus ThomasThe Husky*3:09Pam and Gary Windo
Guard Duty%3:39Terry AdamsDon't Be Cruel#3:37Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley
Rex and Spot Meet the International Bitches^5:59Pam and Gary Windo and Ted OrrBaxter%2:35Al Anderson
Hound#4:07Gary WindoThat's All%4:12Sister Rosetta
Lassie Breaks Out+3:07Gary Windo
Gary Windo: Vocals, all Saxophone Solos, Lead Tenor Saxophone on all tracks except Puppy Kisses where he plays alto sax
*The K9's:
John Platania-Guitar
Pam Windo-Piano
John C. Marsh-Bass
Ron Riddle-Drums
@The Wet Dogs:
Joseph Spampinato-Bass Harmonica
Tom Ardolino-Drums
The Dogface Barking and Clapping Ensemble
^Pam and Gary Windo Band 1982 (Doglovers):
Gary "Spot" Windo-Tenor Saxophone, Vocals
Pam Windo-Kayboards, Xylophone, Vocals
Ted "Rex" Orr-Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Robert Gelles-Guitar, Percussion
David Oliver-Keyboards, Moog Bass, Marimba, Percussion
Nicky Parker-Drums
Donn Adams-Trombone
Al Anderson-Guitar, Lead Vocal on "That's All"
Terry Adams-Piano, Clarinet, Organ
Joseph Spampinato-Bass
Tom Ardolino-Drums
+The Chows:
Ian Bennett-Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Brocco-Guitar
Pam Windo-Piano
Ed Fitzgerald-Bass
Chris Grassi-Drums
#The Woofs:
Ken Day-Trumpet
Chuck Ver Straeten-Trombone
Susan Pilla-Piccolo, Flute
Peter Buettner-Alto Saxophone
Ian Bennett-Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Brocco-Guitar
Pam Windo-Piano
Ted Orr-Guitar (on 5)
Ed Fitzgerald-Bass (on 5)
Chris Grassi-Drums (on 5)
John Platania-Guitar (on 8)
John C. Marsh-Bass (on 8)
Ron Riddle-Drums (on 8)
Historical Note: Except for NRBQ, all bands in this record were variations of Pam Windo and The Shades.
Recorded and mixed at Grog Kill Studio; Willow, NY
Many thanks to Mike "Achtung" Mantler and Carla "Lingerie Exotic" Bley
Reocrding and remix engineer: Vince McGarry
Assistant engineer: Steve Gilmour
Except: Rex and Spot Meet the International Bitches, and Feela Dog, which were Recorded at Olivers Kennels; Bearsville, New York
By Rohn Kuhnke assisted by Geoff Baer, mixed at Sorcerer's Sound, New York
By Rohn Kuhnke assisted by Geoff Baer and David Avirdor
Produced by Hal Willner and Gary Windo for Deep Creek Productions, Ltd.
Cover photographs by David Gahr
Cover design by Iris Weinstein
See also: Daevid Allen & New York Gong

1 Boulders (US 1973 United Artists UA-LA168-F) M-/M- gatefold, cc $15
Side 1Side 2
Songs of Praise4:40Roy Wood(a) All the Way Over the Hill
(b) Irish Loafer (And His Hen)
4:49Roy Wood
Wake Up3:20Miss Clarke and the Computer4:19
Rock Down Low3:24When Gran'ma Plays the Banjo3:13
Nancy Sing Me a Song3:27Rock Medley
(a) Rockin' Shoes
(b) She's Too Good for Me
(c) Locomotive
Dear Elaine4:07
All instruments and voices: Roy Wood
except harmonium on "Songs of Praise": 'Surfin' John Kurlander
All songs composed, arranged, and Produced by Roy Wood
Album engineered by Alan Parsons, John Kurlander, and Nick Webb at E.M.I. Studios, London, and by Roger Wake at Phonogram Studios, London.
Mastering: Bill Austin
Sleeve concept and front cover painting: Roy Wood
See also: Electric Light Orchestra

1 Woz (US 1981 Ulterior 1000) VG/VG $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Straight Ahead??Paul Woznicki2nd Attempt??Paul Woznicki
Tongue DepressorWozzy's Waltz
Thank you Rita, John, Kim, WXPN, and Philadelphia for adopting me.
Recorded at Studio 604, Delaware, U.S.A. 1981.
Produced by Paul Woznicki.
Executive producer - Gino Wong.
Cover photo/design - Stephen Spera.

1 Old Rottenhat (UK 1985 Rough Trade Rough 69) gatefold M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Alliance??Robert WyattThe British Road??Robert Wyatt
The U.S. of AmnesiaMass Medium
East TimorGharbzadgi
The Age of Self

2 The Peel Sessions (UK 1987 Strange Fruit [metallic finish] SFPS 037) M-/M- $10 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Soup Song3:10Hopper/WyattI'm a Believer3:40Neil Diamond
Alifib3:15Robert WyattSea Song8:10Robert Wyatt
Producer: John Walters
Recorded: 10th September 1974
First Transmission: 26th September 1974
Cutting Engineer: Bob Jones, CTS
See also: The Last Nightingale, Matching Mole, Soft Machine

Rock Bottom (US 1974 Virgin VR 13-112) VG/VG+ $8
Notes: with Richard Sinclair, Hugh Hopper, Ivor Cutler, Gary Windo, Fred Frith,
     Mike Oldfield.  Produced by Nick Mason
Robert Wyatt (I 1981 Base RT 0007) M-/M- $15
The Animals Film (UK 1982 Rough Trade Rough 40) M-/M- $10
Shipbuilding 12" (UK 1982 Rough Trade RT115T) M-/VG+ $8
Notes: with Dave Macrae
Work in Progress (F 1984 Rough Trade 80125) M-/M- $12
Nothing Can Stop Us (US 1986 Gramavision 18-8614-1) wlp has insert M-/M- $10
Notes: with Bill MacCormick, Elvis Costello

Time and a Word 1970 Atlantic SD 8273    $8
Chord of Life (US 1972 UFO Records) M-/VG+ $40
Notes: 2-LP set. This doesn't specify which show from 1972.  This has a great Roger Dean cover
of a dragon doing a dive bomb maneuver.  The back cover has Rick's Crossword.
The Affirmative: Tales from Mabel Greer's Toy Shop (US 1984) M-/VG+ $30
Notes: cover has some lacerations. Sticker on cover says "The Great Lost Yes Tapes, with seven
totally unreleased
demos from 1978 + Awaken Live in London 1979"  Full color cover has Steve Howe on front
and Jon Anderson on back
with lots of little characters and landscapes.  Cover design is by TOPOgraphics.

Shiek Yerbouti (UK 1979 EMI EN 5001) Digitally Remastered VG/VG+/M- gatefold/has inserts
Joe's Garage Acts II & III (US 1979 Zappa SRZ-2-1502) M-/M-/VG gatefold $20
1 Prism & Views (G 1978 Vinyl 6.23451 AO) M-/VG+ has the insert $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Mr. Loveday's Evening Store7:05Zauner - LischeckPrism & Views5:14Zauner - Lischeck
Cathedral4:18Bogey Man4:58Zauner - Palmer
Morning Bitter4:28Billy Miller5:36Zauner - Lischeck
Magic Carpet5:21Zauner - Palmer
All songs written by Stefan Zauner
lyrics on 1,2,3,4,6, Barbara M. Lischeck
on 5, 7, Richard Palmer
Arranged by Stefan Zauner and Klaus Ebert
drums - percussion: Evert van der Vaal
guitars bass: Klaus Ebert
vocals, chorus, keyboards: Stefan Zauner
recorded and mixed at Country Lane Studio Munich
engineer Harald Thuman
produced by Harald Thuman and Stefan Zauner
See also: Amon Duul II