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1 Quantum Jump (UK 1978 The Electric Record Company TRIX 1) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
Capt. Boogaloo??Quantum Jump/David McIverAlta Lama Road??Quantum Jump/David McIver
Over RioCocabana Havana
The Lone RangerConstant Forest
No American Starship (Looking for the Next World)Jeanette ObstojSomething At The Bottom Of The Sea
Part I. Stepping Stones
Part II. The Roving Finger
Part II. Stepping Rocks
Part IV. ______/\/^-------
The Band:
Bass Guitar & Vocals: John G Perry
Drums & Percussion: Trevor Morais
Guitars & Vocals: Mark Warner
Lead Vocals, Keyboards & Multilectras Varium: Rupert Hine
Percussion: Ray Cooper, Morris Pert
Engineered by Steve Nye
Recorded at Farmyard (Bucks., U.K.)
Re-mixed at Air (London) by Steve Nye and Denim Bridges
Assited by Mike Sellers, John Walls and Ross Cullum
Splendidly lacerated by the original Pork
Electric Money: Jeff Levinson
Design & Artwork: David Juniper, Trevor Smith, (Wurlitzer)
Photographs: John G Perry, Mark Warner, Mark Lawrence, Fin Costello and Anthony Stern
Drift by, and from, Jeremy Thomas.
Produced by Ruprt Hine

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1 Quartermass (US 1970 Harvest SKAO-314) M-/VG+ gatefold, coh $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Entropy1:13P. RobinsonGemini5:54S. Hammond
Black Sheep of the Family3:33S. HammondMake Up Your Mind8:43
Post War Saturday Echo9:47Robinson- Gustafon- RossLaughin' Tackle10:41P. Robinson
Good Lord Knows2:53J. Gustafon- String arr/P. RobinsonEntropy (Reprise):36
Up on the Ground2:05J. Gustafon
John Gustafon - Vocals & Bass Guitar
Pete Robinson - Keyboards
Mick Underwood - Drums
Engineers: Jeff Jarratt, Andy Stevens
Produced by: Anders Hendriksson
Cover Design and Photographs by Hipgnosis
Recorded at E.M.I. Studios Abbey Road.
An A.I.R. (London) Production
Tony Gilbert (Leader), John Kirkland, David Katz, Billy Millar, Charlie Vorsanger, Les Maddox, Gerald Enns, Harold Parfitt, Paul Schermann, Homi Kanga, Jack Rothstein, Henry Datyner, Bill Armon, Michael Jones, Laurie Clay, Derek Jacobs
Steve Shingle, Chris Wellington, Henry Myerscouh, Ian White, Bernard Davis, John Graham
Paul Buckmaster (Leader), Boris Rickleman, Francis Gabarr, Peter Wilson, Freddy Alexander, Chris Green
Double Bass: Frank Clarke, Joe Mudele, Arthur Watts
See also: Brand X

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1 Paintings (US 1972 Evolution 3011) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Paintings8:00Mike QuatroLife3:27Mike Quattro
Time Spent in Dreams4:39Rachmaninoff's Prelude6:45
Circus (What I Am)3:55M. Quatro and S. QuatroDetroit City Blues3:00
Each Day I Want You More3:25Court of the Crimson King5:26I. McDonald-J. Sinfeld
Produced and Arranged by Mike Quatro
Mike Auztro: Electro-Piano, Mini-Moog, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Strings, Organ, Flutes, Keyboard Bass, Wah Wah, Sound Effects, Percussion, Vocal "Court of the Crimson King"
Terry Mullen: Percussion
Ted Nugent: Guitar on "Super Jam" and "Court of the Crimson King"
John Finley: Lead Vocals
Pat and Nancy Quatro: Vocals
Cover Design: Brad Johannsen
Typography: Stephanie Tevonian

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1 Tournee Mondiale/ete '89 (Can 1990 Ambiances Magnetiques 010) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Ton Corps dans ma Memoire de Jaguar (enrigistree a Beyrouth)3:27Cossette/Morissette (Mer Morte)Des Murs, Des Murs et Derriere..La Lumiere (enregistree sur l'ile d'Aran, Irlande)8:11Duchesne
Les Tetes Vont Tomber (enregistree a Paris)3:43Duchesne/GiulianiLa Chute de la Maison Usher (enregistree a Baltimore, USADuchesne/ Boudreault/ Poe
Doux Blocus (enregistree a l'Apocalypso Bar)3:10Duchesne
III - La Fin
La Chute de la Maison Usher (enregistree a Baltimore, USA)
IV - Danse
I - Prelude
2:21Neige Sale (enregistree en Thailande)4:19Duchesne
II - Danse
2:58Apocalypso (enregistree a Montreal)4:23
Oh! Je Tangue Tant a t'Attendre (enregistree a Lima, Perou)4:58
Jean-Pierre Bouchard
Rene Lussier
Andre Duchesne
Roger Boudreault
et Chris Cutler a la Batterie

Ltd. ed. of 1000

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1 A Night at the Opera (US 1975 Elektra 7E-1053) M-/VG+ gatefold $8
Side 1Side 2
Death On Two Legs3:43MercuryThe Prophet's Song8:17May
Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon1:08Love of My Life3:38Mecury
I'm in Love With My Car3:05TaylorGood Company3:26May
You're My Best Friend2:50DeaconBohemian Rhapsody5:55Mercury
'393:25MayGod Save the Queen1:11Trad. Arr. May
Sweet Lady4:01
Seaside Rendezvous2:13Mercury
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker and Queen
Executive Engineer Mike Stone
Freddie Mercury: vocals, vocals, Berchstein Debauchery and more vocals.
Brian May: guitars and orchestral backdrops
Roger Taylor: percussion
John Deacon: electric bass
Recorded at Sarm, Roundhouse, Olympic, Rockfield, Scorpio and Landsdowne
Mixed at Sarm Studios
Invaluable additional engineering - Gary Lyons
Equipment supervision - John Harris
Art Direction - David Costa
No Synthesizers!

2 The Game (US 1980 Elektra 5E-513) M-/VG+ has inner sleeve $8
Side 1Side 2
Play the Game*??Mercury*Rock It (Prime Jive)??Taylor
Dragon Attack*MayDon't Try SuicideMecury
Another One Bites the DustDeaconSail Away Sweet SisterMay
Need Your Loving Tonight*Coming SoonTaylor
+Crazy Little Thing Called LoveMercurySave MeMay
Recorded June/July 1979
*Recorded in various sessions between February 1980 and May 1980 at Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
Produced by Queen
Co-Produced by Mack
Sleeve concept by Queen
Sleeve design by Cream
Photography by Peter Hince and Christopher Hopper
This album includes the first appearance of a Synthesizer (an Oberheim OBX) on a Queen album

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1 Quill (US 1970 Cotillion SD 9017) M-/M- gatefold $20 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Thumbnail Screwdriver??Cole-ColeBBY??Cole-Cole
The Tube ExudingYellow Butterfly
They Live the LifeToo LateRodgers
Shrieking FinallyCole-Cole

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1 Basic (US 1984 Editions EG EGED36) M-/M- cos $8
Side 1Side 2
Pickup5:18Robert Quine/Fred Maher'656:00Robert Quine/Fred Maher
Bluffer5:48Bandage Bait6:11
Fala3:53Dark Place2:34
Summer Storm4:04Village7:52
Robert Quine/Fred Maher: Guitars, Bass and Drum Programs
Recorded in New York City December 83-May 84
Mixed at Sorcerer Sound, Engineer: Mario Salvati
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Photography and Design: Marcia Resnick
Produced by Robert Quine and Fred Maher

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