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1 Rumours in Our Own Time, Legends in Our Own Room (US 1980 Gohog B-004) has insert M-/M- $80
Side 1Side 2
#1 Man3:00David JarkowskiFun in Nicaragua 2:45OConnor-Graboski
Lamented Love2:30Back on the Streets3:05David Jarkowski
Good Boy2:40Blow it Up!2:08OConnor-Graboski
Scared Straight2:43OConnorYou Should Envy Me2:25J.P. Graboski
Bondage2:33J.P. GraboskiRendezvous2:33Bruce Springsteen
Nobodys Girl2:35David JarkowskiDown the Tubes3:00J.P. Graboski & David Jarkowski
Cant Get Used to It3:05David Jarkowski
David Jarkowski: bass guitar, lead vocal
Mark O'Connor: organ, synthesizer, lead and backing vocals, piano, guitar, harpsichord, mellotron, balloon, kazoo, Muson
Jay Graboski: 6 & 12 string guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals, electric sitar, castanets, baloon
Jeff Graboski: drums and tambourine, sleigh bells
Steve Simcoe: soprano and tenor sax
Dave Donovan: bassoon
John Shock: harmonica
Richard Dorsey: tenor sax
Chuck Gross: backing vocals
Jeff Pivec: congas, tambourine
T. Craig Considine: trombone
Jim Furst: trumpet
Produced by Paul Rieger and The Dark Side
See also: OHO

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1 2nd Honeymoon/Don't Stop the World (US 1977 Warner Brothers 2LS 3011) gatefold has inner sleeves M-/M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
What a Way to End it All2:56Langer/AllenGet Set Ready Go2:44Langer/Allen
Where's the Weekend3:13Langer/Allen/Lindsey/MartinNearly Moonlit Night Hotel4:19
Cocktails at 83:06Langer/AllenRoom Service4:00Wood/Allen
Bigger Splash3:34Hi Jo Ho2:23Davis/Langer
Knock Knock Knocking3:28LangerSnapshots5:05Langer/Allen
2nd Honeymoon4:57Langer/AllenFinal Act3:58Lindsey
Side 3Side 4
Don't Stop the World3:14Langer/AllenHypertension Yeah Yeah Yeah2:56Langer/Allen
What a Jerk3:42Langer/SharkIt's a Boys World3:27
Darling3:18LindseyRock Ferry2:50Langer/Shark
Everything for the Dancer1:08Langer/AllenTaxi3:27Langer/Allen
Capaldi's Cafe4:51Langer/SharkOperator2:02Lindsey/Allen
2nd Honeymoon:

This album was produced by Rob Dickens at Orange Studios in London between July 5th and 9th 1976 and at Air Studios, London, between July 10th and 18th. Tracks 1,5,9,10 were recorded by Muff Winwood at Island Studios in London between April 27th and May 14th, 1976. Vocals were recorded both at Orange and Air Studios and all tracks were remixed at Air. The engineer at Island Studios was Phil Ault, at Orange Studios Steve Churchyard and at Air Studios the engineer for all remixes was Peter Swettenham.

Enrico Cadillac Jnr.: Vocals
Eric Shark: Vocals
Bette Bright: Vocals
Rev. Max Ripple: Keyboards, Accordian
Steve 'Mr. Average' Lindsey: Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals
'Cliff' Langer: Guitar, Piano
Timothy Whittaker: Snare Drum, Cymbals, Tomtoms and Bass Drum
Ian Ritchie: Saxophones, Recorder
Paul Pilnick: Guitar, Accordian, Bass Guitar, Banjo

Art Direction: Kevin Ward
Cover Photography: Colin Thomas
Inner Sleeve Photo: Monty Rakusen
Executive Production: Frank Silver and Derek Taylor
Management: Frank Silver for Swingbest Ltd.
Don't Stop the World

Bette Bright: Vocals
Enrico Cadillac: Voclas
Eric Shark: Vocals
Cliff Langer: Guitar
Steve 'Average' Lindsey: Bass
Max Ripple: Keyboards
Ian Ritchie: Saxophones
Tim Whittaker: Drums

Produced by Rob Dickens, Mixed by Rob Dickens
Engineered by Peter Swettenham, Steve Churchyard, Steve Holroyd & Dennis the Menace.
Art Direction: Kevin Ward
Photography: Colin Thomas
Executive Production: Frank Siver & Derek Taylor.
Management: Frank Silver for Swingbest, Ltd.

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1 Detective (US 1977 Swan Song SS 8417) has inner sleeves VG+/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Recognition4:27Monarch- Miller- Des BarresDetective Man3:25Monarch- Hyde
Got Enough Love*3:39Ain't None of Your Business*4:29Hobbs-Anderson
Grim Reaper*4:10Monarch- Des Barres- Pickett- HydeDeep Down3:06Monarch- Pickett
Nightingale4:54Monarch- HydeWild Hot Summer Nights4:17Monarch- Hyde
One More Heartache*5:22
Produced by Andy Johns and Detective except *produced and engineered by Jimmy Robinson - mixed by Andy Johns
Recorded and engineered by Andy Johns
Assistant Engineers: Doug Rider, John Henning, Deni King, Andy Zine, Pete Carlson
Recorded and Mixed at: Record Plants in Los Angeles and Sausalito, and Sound City, Los Angeles
Photography: Sam Emerson
Design and Art Direction: Kosh
Bobby Pickett
Tony Kaye
Michael Des Barres
Jon Hyde
Michael Monarch

2 It Takes One To Know One (US 1977 Swan Song SS 8504) cos, has inner sleeves M-/VG+ $10
Side 1Side 2
Help Me Up4:14HydeWarm Love5:24Hyde- Monarch
Competition4:37Des Barres- Kaye- Monarch- MillerBetcha Won't Dance4:24Des Barres- Pickett
Are You Talkin' to Me?4:35Des Barres- MonarchFever4:40Hyde- Monarch- Pickett
Dynamite5:25Hyde- MonarchTear Jerker4:30Monarch- Kaye- Hyde
Something Beautiful4:19Des Barres - Arrangement: Monarch
Michael Des Barres: Lead vocals
Michael Monarch: Guitars
Jon Hyde: Drums, percussion and vocals
Bobby Pickett: Bass guitar and vocals
Tony Kaye: Keyboards
Produced by Steve Smith for Warbux Productions
Engineered by Richard Digby Smith
Associate Producers: Detective
Assisted by Gary Boatner at United/Western Studios, Michael Bieriger at the Record Plant and Gene Meros at Clover Studios
Mastered at Sterling Sound-New York City by Ted Jensen
Art Direction: Bob Defrin
Photography: David Alexander
Management: Greg Mundy-Lookout Management/An Elliot Roberts Co.
Coordination and Smarts: Steve Vando
See also: Yes

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1 Programm 2 (G 1981 Innovative Communication RR 9990) M-/M- $25 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Satisfactory11:47Marc EinsLasst Uns Singen4:58Marc Eins
Tight Pants5:20Logischer Gefrierpunkt6:43
Harrakiry Mon Amour4:00
Mark Eins - vocals and ideas
Andy - organ on "Harrakiry ..." (with thanks to K.H. Hausmann)
Funky Gotzner - drums (with thanks to Davis Volksmund Prod.)
K. S. - sequencer and sounds (with thanks to K. S. Prod.)
Special thanks to Genee Romee in Berlin
Recorded at IC-Studio, Winsen, by Profenius, and at Klaus Schulzes Studio
Mix by Klaus Schulze
Video by Claus Cordes
Cut from the Original Master Tapes by Klaus Schulze
Produced by Klaus Schulze

2 Come Into My Satisfactory (US 1983 American Phonograph NCH LP 001) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Die Siebziger6:10Marc EinsSatisfactory11:47Marc Eins
No Repeat3:00Lasst Uns Singen4:56
Vocals and Ideas: Marc Eins

Compiled by Pete Chalcroft for American Phonograph
Genee Romee
Funky Gotzner
Klause Schluze

THE DIXIE DREGS     Go to Next band (Doctor Nerve) Previous band (Din a Testbild)
1 Freefall (US 1977 Polydor CPN 0189) NEW/SEALED $12
Side 1Side 2
Freefall??Steve MorseCruise Control??Steve Morse
HolidayCosmopolitan Travaler
Hand JigDig the Ditch
Moe DownWages of Weirdness
Refried Funky ChickenNorthern Lights
The Dixie Dregs:
Rod Morgenstein-Drums, Percussion
Andy West-Bass Guitar
Allen Sloan-Electric Violin, Viola, Strings
Steve Morse-Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Banjo
Steve Davidowski-Synthesizer, Keyboards
Twiggs Lyndon-Road Manager, know-it-all, and part time churl
John Phillips-Sound man and occasional churl
John Curtis-Management
Produced by Stewart Levine for Outside Productions, Inc.
Associate Producer Rik Pekkonen
Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders.
Engineered and mixed by Rik Pekkonen.
Mastered by Bernie Grundman.
Art Direction: Diana Kaylan
Photography: Bob Seidemann
Concept & Design: John Kehe

2 Industry Standard (US 1982 Arista AL 9588) M-/VG+ cc promo stamp has inner sleeve $10 SOLD
Side 1Side 2
Assembly Line4:22Steve MorseRidin High3:38Music: Steve Morse, Lyrics by Patric Simmons
Crank it Up3:32Music: Steve Morse, Lyrics: The DregsWhere's Dixie?3:54Steve Morse
Chips Ahoy3:39Steve MorseConversation Piece6:10
Bloodsucking Leeches3:56Vitamin Q5:32
Up in the Air2:25
Steve Morse - guitars
Andy West - bass guitars
Rod Morgenstein - drums
T Lavitz - keyboards
Mark O'Connor - violin
Jeff Burkhart - Lighting Director
Mark Mytrowitz, A.K.A. "Microwave" - Stage Manager
Dave Colvin, A.K.A. "Dopp" - Sound Engineer
Patrick Simmons (vocals on "Ridin' High")
*Steve Howe (guitar on "Up in the Air")
Alex Ligertwood (vocals on "Crank It Up")
*Recorded at Townhouse Studio, London, England
Produced by Eddy Offord and Steve Morse
Engineered by Eddie Offord and Chuck Allen
Den Mother - Valma Offord
Recorded and Mixed at the Eddy Offord Studio, atlanta, Ga.
November 1981-January 1982
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC
Direction: Joel Cherry - Kat Family Management
Design- Daved Levitan Cover Painting © 1982
Inner Sleeve photography - Tom Hill
See also: Crazy Backwards Alphabet, Steve Morse

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1 Out to Bomb Fresh Kings (US 1984 Punos DRN1123)M-/M- $20 SOLD!
Side ThisSide That
Mink Shadows#4:56DidkovskyNothing You Can Do Hurt Me^5:52Didkovsky
Unna#2:30A Hammer in His Hand^5:47
It's a Tincture:30A God That Can Dance^1:34MacLean
Spy Boy%3:20Personnel Dept.:18Didkovsky
Spy Pie#4:15Doctor Nerve#5:34
Souls of the Rich^3:11
The following musicians will do their best to please you. Let the hex sign help you locate them

Didkovsky: Guitar, prepared conduits
Don Davis: Tnr Sax, Authenticity
Yves Duboin: Sop Sax, Eccentricity
Mike Leslie: Bass Guitar, Electricity
Michael Lytle: Clarinet, Expansibility
Jim Mussen: Drums, Agility
Marc Wagnon: Vibraphones, Exercitation

Didkovsky: Guitar, Nail Violin, Tapes
Anne Brudevold: Electric Violent
Duboin: Sop Sax, Foresight
Brian Farmer: Drumming
Joachim Litty: Alto Sax, Teutophone
Steve MacLean: Bass Guitar, No Jazz
Chuck Verstraeten: Overtones and Trombones
Stan Micro: Guitar, Raincoats
Doug Brown: BMF Bass
Lucian Burg: Sax, Vacuum Cleaner
Brian Carter: BMF Drums
Bill Lippencott: Sax, Center

We All Now are Nerve

This LP is the result of 8 track recording at Michro Sound and 4 track recording in Farmer's living room. Mastered at Sterling Hex, Inc. and pressed at Hub Servall. Deepest gratitude to C W Vrtacek, Lauren Weinger, Ted Goldberg, Stuart Leigh, Baikida, and Herbert for the necessary sparks, shoves, and shocks. They are all nerve, though history will not judge them harshly.
Cover by Marsan

2 Armed Observation (US 1987 Cuniform RUNE 8) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Out to Bomb Fresh Kings1:24DidkovskyElectric Guitar Solo0:18Didkovsky
Mister Stiff Fries a Dozen2:54Three Curiously Insubstantial Duets
Sister Cancer Brother Dollar2:33I1:11
I Am Not Dumb Now3:32II1:13
Keine Jazz Platte0:10III0:48
Don’t Be a Hog1:37Portland Applauds the Radio0:11
Not Everyone’s As Rich as Your Parents4:58Atypical Tiple1:47
Wir Sind Dickhauter1:53
Don’t Worry Do4:48
“That is when they start to have their own way that is when they start to get out of hand”7:16
“Three Curiously Insubstantial Duets” composed automatically under stress

Musical Constants:
Didkovsky: Guitar, tiple, syllables
Yves Duboin: Soprano sax, fanfare
Dave Douglas: Trumpet, flugelhorn, piano on “That is when...”
Mike Leslie: Fender bass
Michael Lytle: Bass and contrabass clarinets
James Mussen: Drums, reflex testing on Hog
Kyle Sims: Spector bass, door knocks on Hog
Marc Wagnon: Vibraphone, percussion, piano on Hog
Musical Guests:
Samm Bennett: Percussion on “Don’t Worry Do”
Anne Brudevoid: Violin in “That is When...”

This LP was produced and mixed by Fred Frith and Didkovsky, exceptions follow:
“Electric Guitar Solo” recorded live at Punos Music
“Three Curiously Insubstantial Duets” produced by Didkovsky in Klein’s Studio
“Atypical Tiple” recorded live at PEMC Event Four.

Sixteen track engineering by Formosa at Michro Sound Studios in NYC. Mastered at Wakefield by Roger Siebel
Cover designed by Georgiana Goodwin
Photography by Jennifer Sloan and Dennis Cowley

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1 Ralph Dorper's Eraserhead (UK 198? Rough Trade opt 018) M-/M- $50 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
assault??Ralph Dorperlorelei??Ralph Dorper
eraserheadlm himmel
(p)operation twilight
See also: Die Krupps, Propaganda

GEOFFREY DOWNES/THE NEW DANCE ORCHESTRA     Go to Next artist (Julie Driscoll) Previous artist (Ralph Dorper)
1 The Light Program (UK 1987 Geffen GHS 24156) has inner sleeves M-/M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Symphonie Electronic14:45Geoffrey DownesOceania16:44Geoffrey Downes
(Prophecy/ Mountain/ Majesty/ Softly/ Funkratl/ Megalyth)(French/ Daybreak/ Steam/ Surfin'/ Polar/ Seapeace/ Stellar/ Spring)
Side 3Side 4
Ethnic Dances11:47Geoffrey DownesUrbanology15:38Geoffrey Downes
(Bouree/ Merrydown/ Jigtime/ Jethro/ Finale/ Icedance)(Groundfunk/ Geoffunk/ Stevie/ Curryclub/ Safari/ Redrap/ Regiman)
East West14:46
(Shooters PNO 1/ Chopstik/ Synthcry/ Bazaar/ Indosax/ Shooters II)
The New Dance Orchestra was formed in 1986. It performs an alternative form of music designed to bring tone and colour to the stereo sound spectrum, and at the same time retaining a deep musical foundation, upon which are built a series of images to stimulate the listener in his or her own personal domain. Produced by: Geoffrey Downes
Engineer: Owen Davies
Technical Administration: Peter Lorimer
Assistant Engineer: Noel Harris
Design: Glenn Travis Associates
Photography: Tim Simmons
Management: Brian Lane
Additional Engineering: Alan Douglas
Digitally recorded, mixed & mastered at the Townhouse Studios, London, England.
See also: Yes

JULIE DRISCOLL/BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY     Go to Next band (Drnwyn) Previous artist (Geoffrey Downes)
1 Street Noise (US 1969 Atco SD 2-701) M-/M-/VG+ $15 SOLD!
Side 1 - How Good it Would Be to Feel FreeSide 2 - Kiss Him Quickly, He Has to Part
Tropic of Capricorn5:30Brian AugerLight my Fire4:30Jim Morrison
Czechoslovakia6:45Julie DriscollIndian Rope Man3:00Havens
Take Me to the Water4:00Nina SimoneWhen I Was a Young Girl8:00Trad. arr. Julie Driscoll
A Word About Color1:35Julie DriscollThe Flesh Failures (Let the Sun Shine In)3:05Ragni, Rado & McDermot
Side 3 - Looking in the Eye of the WorldSide 4 - Save the Country
Ellis Island4:10Brian AugerVauxhall to Lambeth Bridge6:20Julie Driscoll
In Search of the Sun4:25Dave AmbroseAll Blues5:40Miles Davis & Oscar Brown
Finally You Found Out4:15Brian AugerI Got Life4:30Ragni, Rado & McDermot
Looking in the Eye of the World5:05Save the Country4:00Laura Nyro
Julie "Jools" Driscoll-vocals, acoustic guitar
Brian "Auge" Auger-organ, piano, electric piano, vocals
Clive "Toli" Thacker-drums, percussion
David "Lobs" Ambrose-4- and 6-string electric bass, acoustic guitar, vocals

Arrangements by all
Recorded at Advision Studios, 83 New Bond Street, London, England
First engineer: Eddie "Edwit" Offord
Second engineers: Philip "Peedee" Dunn and Roger "Sel-Sync" Wilkinson
Art: Ralph Steadman
Liner photo: Barry Wentzel
Album design: Paragon "Give Us Time" Publicity, London
Produced by Giorgio "Rubbishenko" Gomelsky
An original Marmalade Recording

DRNWYN     Go to Next artist (Kevin Dunn) Previous artist (Geoffrey Downes)
1 Gypsies in the Mist (US 1978 Wilderland 000) SEALED/NEW $200 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Empty Bars4:55David W. HoagGypsies in the Mist6:27David A. Hoag
Summer Sun4:36Places, Faces, Pages5:26
Secrets of the Past4:50The Madman and the Angel5:22
Brothers3:03Something to Hang on to5:17
Move a Mountain5:02
David A. Hoag; acoustic guitar, mandolin, synthesizer, vocals
John Volio; acoustic guitar, vocals
Randy Pregibon; lead guitar
Kevin McIlvaine; bass guitar
Larry Davis; drums
Greg Smith; keyboards
Nancy Fannin; vocals
Cheryl McIlvaine, vocals
Recorded and Mixed at
Wilderland Recording Studios
Salem, Ohio
Chief Engineer, Tim Smith
Engineer, James Kundravi

Cover Design, Bekki Shoop

KEVIN DUNN     Go to Next band (Dust) Previous artist (Drnwyn)
1 C'est toujours la meme guitare (US 1978 Press P 2007) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Shuttle2:55K.M. DunnSharks4:07K.M. Dunn
Fourth of July5:04Timelife3:51
Ad Hoc3:40Mona3:44McDaniels
The Chief Perpetrators
K.M.Dunn: vocals, guitars, bass, dumb keyboards, silly percussion
Marty Kearns: pro keyboards
Joey Stowe: drums, percussion.
Kevin Paxon: timbales on "Shuttle"
The G.O.Y.I.M. (Grasping Occidental Youth Invested by Mercy) Choir, a/k/a Vera, Finlan and Randy: mass action on "Sharks"
Billy Lindsey: first unit engineering on "Mona"
Produced by K.M.Dunn and Peter Dyer
Engineered by Richard Head at Songbird Studio, Atlanta, 26-27.viii./12-13.ix.83.
Photography by Ann States
Caligraphy by Rick Berman
Sleeve design by Peter Dyer
Mona Recorded live at 688, Atlanta, 23.xii.82: K.M.D.-live guitar, dead vocal, taped bass and keyboards; J.S.-drums

DUST     Go to Next band (The Graeme Edge Band) Previous band (Drnwyn)
1 Dust (US 1971 Kama Sutra KSBS 2041) M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Stone Woman4:02Kerner, WiseFrom a Dry Camel9:49Kerner, Wise
Chasin' Ladies3:34Often Shadows Felt5:10
Goin' Easy4:28Loose Goose3:48Kenny Aaronson
Love Me Hard5:25
Richie Wise, Electric & Acoustic Guitars and Vocals
Marc Bell, Drums
Kenny Aaronson, Bass, Steel Guitars, Dobro, Bottleneck Guitar
Produced by Dominic Sicilia, Kenny Kerner, Kenny Aaronson, Marc Bell, Richie Wise.
Cover Design: Dominic Sicilia
Back Cover Photo: Len Zeigel
Group Photo: Daffy
Front Cover Photo: From the Archives of the Catacombs

2 Hard Attack (US 1972 Kama Sutra KSBS 2059) gatefold M-/VG+ $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Pull Away/So Many Times4:59Kerner, WiseAll in All4:03Kerner, Wise
Walk in the Soft Rain4:18I Been Thinkin2:14
Thusly Spoken4:18Ivory2:38
Learning to Die6:20AaronsonHow Many Horses4:18
Kenny Aaronson: Bass, Slide & Pedal Steel guitars
Marc Bell: Drums & Percussion
Richie Wise: Electric & Acoustic guitars, Lead & Background Vocals

This album was produced and arranged by Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise.
Recording & mixing engineer was Harry Yarmark at Bell Sound Studios, New York City
Piano & Organ courtesy Fred Singer of Thog
Strings arranged & conducted by Larry Wilcox.
Personal Management: Dominic Sicilia
Special thanks to Joel, Stan & Alan (more than just a road crew)
Cover painting by Frank Frazetta
Inside cover photos by Bob Gruen
Art Direction: Glen Christensen
See also: Ramones, Stories

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