Lunachicks  Oct '99 in Philly Photo by Shydoll

Theo: Vocals Helen: Drums Gina: Guitar & Vocals Squid: Bass & Vocals

Hey! Welcome to my Lunachicks page, Buttplugs! Doughnuts! Sporks! YEAH!!, dedicated to the one of the most rockin' bands in my world! The Lunachicks were one of the hardest working bands on the planet, and they never stopped for the 12 years they were together. Officially, the band took a "hiatus"  after constant touring for 1999s "Luxury Problem" (including two years on the Warped Tour in a row), but it doesn't seem the band will be recording anything soon. Much love to the Lunachicks. Enjoy the page!


Lunachicks Solo Update!


Feb. '06 update! Theo's new band, "Theo and The Skyscrapers" are about to release their debut album on March 28! Get advance signed copies on the website. Also, TOUR DATES! (I'll be at several!)

Thursday Mar 9 @ Rex's Bar
      West Chester PA, Doors at 9pm 21+ $7

Friday Mar 10 @ The Silo Nightclub
      Reading PA, Door at 6:30pm ALL AGES $9

Saturday Mar 11 @ Coyotes Saloon
      Seaford DE, Doors at 8pm ALL AGES $10

Thursday Mar 23 @ The Sidebar Tavern
      Baltimore MD, Doors at 9pm ALL AGES $10

Thursday Mar 30 @ WFMU on air performance
      TUNE IN AT 91.1fm/90.1fm for New York/New Jersey (broadcast worldwide on around 11PM

Friday Apr 14 @ Club 218
      Philadelphia PA, Doors at 9pm 21 $10

Friday May 5 @ Metasin (aka Ultrasound Lounge)
      Levittown NY, 18+ Doors at 9pm $10

Old Theo News: Theo has a self-released album out! Check out Theo's new website at for ordering info, pics, and show dates! Her solo stuff has been described as "incorporating the dance-floor joy of Dee-Lite and the infectious white light of old Blondie" (Timeout). Also-catch Theo the actress in the new Meg Ryan flick "In the Cut." Theo is also the advice mistress for the Philly zine, Chord. 


Gina's band, Bantam, which she sings and plays guitar in, has two albums out, including the recent, "Suicide Tourist"! Go to for more info. 


Above photos: Vicki Craddock
Finally! Re-released on CD! Get the much sought after and constantly bootlegged Lunachicks first album, Babysitters on Acid for $10.00 from Go Kart Records!

 Ring & Run. These are the contents:

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++Official Releases++ Exclusive! A complete album/video discography. Completely official.

++Articles/Interviews++ Various media clippings; some old, some new.

++Stories/Reviews++ Exclusive show reviews by fans, from 1997-present. 

++Pictures++ Exclusive live pictures taken by fans that you can't see anywhere else, plus press photos & more.

++Bio/Press Release++ Press kit for Luxury Problem, written in a cool way, plus a press release from Girlie Action.

++Links++ If you're gonna leave, go somewhere cool. Links to all the best Lunachicks pages on the net, plus info on where to get Lunachicks merchandise.

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FEB 2006! 

May 01-Links, New review, new pics

April 28-I'm in the process of making-over the site (much needed updates)...There will be photos of the DC show up soon, as well as some reviews....stay posted!!! xo (ps-I'm updating the links page, so send me any new links! Unfortunately, a ton of Lunachick pages no longer exist. sob.)

April 22-See ya in Washington, D.C.! Anyone got a place for me to stay Sat nite? xo.

June 11, 2003 -Solo update...Also-I haven't forgotten about the page! I'm still here and I love everyone of you who has supported the page for the past 6 (or is it 7?) years...The Lunachicks still rock my little world, so this page isn't going anywhere! If you have anything to add to the page, send it to me and I'll put it up!!! In the meantime, check out my zine, DOTTI HORROR .

Disclaimer---Everything on these pages has been obtained by me (articles, pics, etc..), and all the pictures have been scanned by me (x-cept where noted), so do me a favor and keep off! Nothing may be removed from this page without proper permission. Thanks.

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