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 All the pictures on this page were contributed by other fans, taken by me, or are used with specific permission. All were scanned by me (except where noted) and may not be removed from this page in any way without proper permission.
If you need pics for your publication, website, etc email me and I'll hook you up, just DO NOT remove pics without permission! Thanks. 


April 24, 2004 + Washington, D.C. + 9:30 Club + March for Women's Lives Benefit

Below pics taken and contributed by Lesley Edwards.

Squid shows her ass/Squid smiles (her shirt says "My Choice")/The band-from above/Theo is adorable/Squid


July 6, 2000 + Calgary, AB + Race City Speedway -Warped Tour-

Below pics were taken and contributed by Lorilee.  

Lorilee & the Lunachicks at the AP meet & greet booth//Lunachicks at the table//Theo, Squid & Helen//Theo live//Squid live


May 4, 2000 + Syracuse, NY + Lost Horizon 

The pics below were taken and contributed by Jeni

Gina screaming into the mic & Theo//Theo & Squid//Theo singing w/a fan on stage//Theo//Theo & fan with arms around each other//Theo & Squid//Theo & Squid again//


Feb 29, 2000 + Melbourne, Australia + Swinburne 

The following pics were taken and contributed by Rijn. Outside show!

STRETCH!!//Arms up!//Vertical shot//Theo takes a bow//


Feb 6, 2000 + Netherlands + Doornroosje 

Below pics taken by Barbie. Read her review of the show here!

Squid rockin on bass and vocals//Theo//Gina guitar-star//Gina rocks out//Side pic of Helen//Theo dancing under the lights//Squid facing the light//Squid//


            Feb 4, 2000 + London + Garage

The pics below were taken/contributed by Steven Guillot ( 

Squid setting up, cords in hand//Squid setting up//Gina pointing to Theo//Theo...vampress!//Theo Helen & Squid//Shot of crowd and band on stage//Squid, eyes closed//Gina & Squid butt heads//Theo belts out those harmonies//Helen & Squid//Theo looks out into crowd while Squid sings//Theo looking at Squid//Squid close up rock shot//Squid looking over//


Jan 29, 2000 + Europe Glasgow + King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

The pics below were taken by Purple Kaz and contributed by Zelda

The light shines down on Gina as she sings//Squid, eyes closed//Squid close to the mic//Squid opens wide and screams//Theo & Squid singing//Theo in the air//Theo & Squid//Helen & Theo//Theo looks over//Theo singing//Gina..and her guitar//Theo!//


Dec 11, 1999 + New York City, NY + Continental

Below pics were taken and contributed by Jenne.  *Photos have been cropped due to obstructing heads!

Theo//Gina picking up her guitar//Gina tuning & Theo//Theo looking worn out//Theo, hands folded//Gina & Squid go head to head//Theo, hand on hip//Theo & Squid singing//THEO!//Gina singing//A fan snapping a pic of Gina & Theo//Gina & Theo//Squid takes on vocals//Gina & Theo rockin' out//Helen & Theo with their arms raised//


Nov 1999 + Austin, TX + Stubb's BBQ 

Below pics taken and contributed by David ( 

David w/Squid up close//Ginas rockin' side view//Theo and Gina..what a pair!//Theo up close, looking down//Theo looking straight into the camera//


Oct 8, 1999 + Pittsburgh, PA + Club Laga

The pics below were taken and contributed by Megan Buday (see misc pics below for more of her pics)

Gina up close & Theo off to the side//Theo & Helen//Gina strikes a riff...//Gina screaming into the mic & Theo//Theo & Squid//Gina, Helen, & Theo//Theo//Theo looks out into the audience//


July 22, 1999 + Buffalo, NY + LaSalle Park -WARPED TOUR-

Pics taken & contributed by Rudy DE DONCKER.

Squid and Theo talking on side of stage//Theo puts an arm up//Gina playing with her shades on//Theo..grrrr!//Theo leaning forward, profile shot//



July 7, 1999 + Northhampton, MA + Fairgrounds -Warped Tour-

Below pics taken and contributed by Heidi

Theo profile-up close//Theo from side//Theo from side again//The back of Squid & Theo//Theo singing into mic//Chip//Theo w/Gina behind her//Squid up close//Chip singing into the mic//Gina with her hair in her face//Gina playing and grinning//Squid w/her head back//


July 7, 1999 + Northhampton, MA + Fairgrounds -Warped Tour-

All the pics below were taken and contributed by Joshua Sherer

Shot of whole band//Chip!!//Gina singing into the mic//Theo in her shades, Satan!!//


July 25, 1999 + Detroit, MI + Pontiac Street -Warped Tour-

The following pics were taken and contributed by Jen.  Linked w/permission.

Squid w/her shades on//Theo up close//Theo & Chip//Gina puts her arm towards the audience//Squid, w/shades on smiling//Theo..mic cord..yum!//Gina//Profile shot of Theo making faces into the mic//Chip..carrying beer? (A bit blurry)//


July 21, 1999 + Philadelphia, PA + First Union Lot -Warped Tour- 

The following pics were taken and contributed by Melissa. Linked with permission.

Theo & Squid//Whole band from a distance//Theo//Side pic of Theo//


June 12, 1999 + New York City, NY + Bowery Ballroom 

Luxury Problem Release Party!

The following pics were taken by ME. May not be used without written permission. (C)1999 Shydoll. Read my review of the show HERE
Theo in motion//Gina smiling & Theo looks ready to pounce!//Theo//Gina looking up//Theo & Squid give Gina the evil eye//Side pic of Theo//Theo invites Sid the Smelly Intern & his girlfriend onstage & cheers them on (read my review)//Theo puts the camera on the crowd//Theo in front of Lunachicks banner//Squid//Theo, arms raised, behind Gina//Theo stares down at a sticker she put on her chest that reads "Barbie is a Slut"//Theo shaking the fans hands while singing//Walking off stage//


Sept. 18, 1998 + New York City, NY + Coney Island High 

The following pics were taken and contributed by Jason Freehling. 

Band in front of crowd//Sing for Theo!//Theo//Band on stage//


March 27, 1998 + Philadelphia, PA + Pontiac Grille

The following pics were taken by me at the Pontiac Grille,
PA. 3-27-98 (C)1998 Shydoll
Close up of Squid //Squid in space//Theo //Gina solos off  (very dark pic)
Theo makes faces//Theo, Squid, and a barely visible Chip

March 27, 1998 + Philadelphia, PA + Pontiac Grille 

The following pics were taken and contributed by Kerry

Towering Theo!//Theo & Squid share the mic//Gina//Ole! Theo,Gina & Squid//Ole! #2//Gina & Theo//Theo in desperation!//Squid//Squid and her famous stage smirks//Theo with her arm up//Theo close up//


Dec. 7, 1997 + Tucsan, AZ + Skrappy's  

The following pics were taken and contributed by Jessica

Theo, Gina, & Chip are all smiles!//Full shot of Squid//Gina looking down & smiling//Chip!!//Gina rockin' out//Theo & Squid//Theo


Aug. 13, 1997 + Cincinnati, OH + Sudsy Malones 

The following pics were taken & contributed kindly by Mike Durian. 

Gina the Angel//Theo & Gina//Theo in control//Theo pouts,Squid sings//Theo, Tia, & Squid//Bitterness Theo!//Superstrong! Theo on drums//Theo's dreads 'a flyin!//Squid rocks!//Theo up close//Screamin' Squid//Theo!//Theo admires Squid//


Live in New York '97 & '98

The pictures below were taken and contributed by Jason Freehling. The dates of the shows are in month/day/year format.
Theo & Squid (8-9-97)//Gina (8-9-97)//Squid (8-9-97)//Theo (3-29-98)//Theo & Squid (3-29-98)//Gina & Theo (3-29-98)//Squid (3-29-98)

Stills from the "Don't Want You" video

All pics were stilled and contributed by Loni. If you want to see the video in action, click here!
Watching TV//Theo//Gina, Theo & Chip w/disco ball shining//Superwoman Gina, Schoolgirl Theo, and a mohawked Chip//A disgusted Squid!//Gina rocks out//Awesome shot of Squid & Sindi//Side view of band//Squid close up on vocals//Chip!//Squid ain't interested!//Theo doesn't want you!//Whole band//Sindi isn't too happy about her date!//Theo as a contestant//Chip on the show//


These pics were taken and kindly contributed by Rob... Taken at J.C. Dobbs (now the Pontiac) in Philly, PA. -PHOTOS MAY NOT BE REMOVED-

Gina..and her hair rollers flyin'!//Gina, Theo, Sindi rockin in a small space//Gina & Theo back to back//Gina & Theo!//Gina, Theo, Sindi, & Squid//Sindi on the drum riser & Squid//Squid-rock with me//Squid flashing the crowd while on Sindi's shoulders!//Squid on vocals//


Misc. Pics

Want your pics here? Email me.

Theo & Squid live at Warped in Anaheim, CA. 6-00 Photo by Nisha
Live audience shot of Theo & Squid. Warped 2000. Anaheim, CA. Photo by Nisha
Theo and fan Nisha in Fresno, CA 6-00 Photo by Nisha
Theo live @ Orbit Room. 1997 Dallas, TX Photo by Terry Gilmer
Far away live shot @ Warped in Anaheim, CA 6-00 Photo by KC
The' Chicks @ Warped 2000, busy meeting fans at the meet and greet 6-00 Anaheim, CA Photo by KC
Theo & Sean from APs "couples in rock" issue (10/00) Photo by Chapman Baehler contrib by Jemmgrrl
Theo Galore! 4 good pics from various NY mags Photos scanned & contributed by Mel & Shawn
Theo & Squid snuggle with koala bears in Australia! Photo by Vicki Craddock
Theo face down of the floor, under Gina! In Brisbane, AUS Photo by Vicki Craddock
Theo down on one knee, in Brisbane AUS @ Arena Photo by Vicki Craddock
Theo & Gina live, Australia Feb 25, '00 @ Uni Melbourne Photo by Rijn
Squid & Theo live, Australia Feb 25, '00 @ Uni of Melbourne Photo by Rijn
Theo in the Offspring video, "I Choose" (in the back)
Theo & Gina defacing a Mariah Carey standee @ an instore in PA 1999 Contrib. by Megan
The band posing w/fan and the Mariah Carey standee Oct 99 Contrib. by Megan
Squid doing a handstand! Contributed by Jessica
Theo & Sindi live in Calgary Nov. 97 Contributed by Jessica
Warped pic of the 'Chicks Contributed by Jessica
Theo the model in CMJ mag Dec '99 Contributed by Jessica
Luna fan Marisa poses with Helen Photo by Amanda
Close up of Theo, live Oct. 19 @ Irving Plaza, NYC Photo by Amanda
Sindi & Squid live from Jan 1993 at the 8X10 Club, Baltimore, MD Photo by Billy, contrib. by Liz
Group pic from Kerrang! Mag, (UK) Contributed by Kerry
Jessica w/band 7-12-99 Contributed by Jessica
Theo in Phoenix 7-12-99 Contributed by Jessica
Luna-fan Britt posing w/the band 7-12-99 in Phoenix Contributed by Jessica
Fans posing w/ the band 11-22-99 in Phoenix Contributed by Twink
Nice shot of the band on stage @ Warped in NJ 1999 Photo by Joey
Lunachicks @ Warped in NJ Photo by Joey
Lunachicks live at Warped in Asbury Park Photo by Joey
Live in Asbury Park, Warped '99 Photo by Joey
Theo live at the Orbit Room, TX Photo by Terry Gilmer
Theo's CK BE ad Contributed by Emily
Theo, Sindi, Chip and some huge diaper pins! AP '95 Photo by J. Kessler
Squid, Gina, spiked heels, and panties! AP '95 Photo by J. Kessler
Lunachicks at the Fashion Awards May '99 from Paper Mag site
Art contest winning pic of Squid by toilet punk (An art contest was held on this page a few years back)
Fans posing w/band -Warped Tour- NJ 7-18-99 Contributed by Katie
B&W Autographed promo pic Contributed by Katie
1999 Color promo shot
coming someday!Lust for Life 3-21-99 pass featuring Theo as MC
coming someday!Lust for Life pass- Rock n Roll Theo
Luxury Problem ad
Theo & Squid @ Bowry Ballroom Nov '98 Contributed by Marisa
Group Pic Photo by Ted
Lunachicks show their *loving* side! Photo by Brian Garrity
Theo with Krista and Lisa Contributed by Marisa
Theo live! Contributed by Marisa
Side pic of Gina playing  Photo by Brian Garrity
Ad for shows in 1997, including one that I was supposed to attend.
Theo and the dude from Mighty Mighty Bosstones, as it appeared in AP.  


Thanks! Without the help of the following people, this page would suck: Megan, Barbie, Jenne,Mike Durian, Jason Freehling, Sally Tampon, Marisa , Katie, Jen, Jess, Terry Gilmer, Liz Jones, Josh Sherer, zoom, Twink, Emily, Loni, Joey, Kerry, Jessica, Zelda, Vicki Craddock and AP Magazine.

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