Lunachicks Show Reviews -2000-

July 1, 2000 Pier 30 / 32 San Francisco, CA (WARPED TOUR)

It was such a long flight from San Francisco to New York and then to Zurich, Switzerland! Well, I've slept a few hours and here's my review of the Vans Warped Concert in San Francisco.

Well, I will start at the very beginning of my journey: When I was sitting in the plane from Zurich, Switzerland to New York, they showed us some movies aboard. And then, after the movie, they showed us something really weird: the Brady Bunch! What a cool beginning for my vacation in America where I would see the Lunachicks again! And it was so cool to see New York - the city of the Lunachicks - from above!! By the way: from the flight from New York to San Francisco, they showed us Brady Bunch again.... I was in San Francisco a few days before the concert. The day before the concert I went to 222 tattoo in San Francisco, where I met Eddy Deutsche. He called me "hey lunachick", because I was wearing a luna-shirt. Eddy told me that he tattooed Squid a few years ago and he's a Lunachicks fan, too. Well, Eddy had no time to ink me, so I got a really cool tattoo from Jesse Tuesday, who works at 222 too. And then, it was finally July 1st! Early in the morning me and my friend (she didn't know Lunachicks before and she doesn't like punkrock, but she decided to come with me to the concert) went to Pier 30/32. I injured my leg a few days before and had to go on crutches, but that was no problem! The door opened at 11 am and then the concert started. I spent my time till the Lunachicks played with talking to the girl on the go-kart booth, the one at the Lunachicks booth and of course by listening to the other concerts. I mostly just sat there because of my hurting leg. When I went to the Lunachicks booth again, I was surprised, seein' Helen sitting there! I said hello to her and told her, that I came from Switzerland just to see them live again. I got a autograph from Helen and she told me when and on which stage they would play. Then, finally at 4.45 pm it was time for the Lunachicks gig. I was standing in the middle of the crowd in front of the stage. I had my photocamera with me, but I was to far away to get some very good pics. While the girls where doing soundcheck, I shot some photos, but I was at the right side, so I caught mostly squid... The concert was so great! They kicked ass! I was on 7th heaven! I can't remember all the songs they played, but they played mostly songs from "luxury problem" and the most popular old songs. While they where singing "Drop Dead", instead of the "Olé"-Part, they played Sisqos "thong song". That was so cool! And then, at the end of the gig, Theo said that they were going to sing a song and that we could sing with them. We just had to sing "oi, oi, oi", and then squid said: "but just the homosexuals"! All the girls around me were yelling! Then they sang "down at the pub". It was a really cool concert! 30 minutes full of great songs. I had such a good time! After the concert, at 6 pm we all had the chance to meet them at the AP booth (alternative press). When I gave Theo, Gina and squid my poster to sign (remember: Helen already signed it), Helen told the girls, that I'm the one who came from Switzerland to see them live. They all said that it's really cool. I was shortly chatting with them, took some photos and then I had to go..... After that concert, my friend and I went to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. (by the way: my friend is still not a Lunachicks fan, but she started to like them...!). In Switzerland, I just met about 5 people who know the Lunachicks. The chicks are not very known here. But in Los Angeles, they're known! I met a guy at a tattoo shop who likes the Lunachicks. And then I was in a gay club in west Hollywood, where a guy told me, that he really loves the Lunachicks! It was funny to meet people who know the Lunachicks! The pictures to that concert will follow in the next 2 or 3 weeks on my site
Written by: Nicole (

June 25, 2000 Manzanita Speedway Phoenix, AZ (WARPED TOUR)

Well ok i'll start out by saying i caught the girls at the Phoenix Warped tour show, which was way to hot but worth it, and they put on an awesome full of energy show. After their performance they had a signing and all of them were so extremely down to earth and they seemed so pleased to be out there greeting their fans. They all smiled as they signed my poster and said hey. They were also very friendly. Then Gina was at the LUNACHICKS tent selling merchandise and she was so awesome because as you can imagine phoenix in June is HOTTER THAN A MOTHER FUCKER and she was kind enough to offer me her water. I said thanx soooo much and left. So to conclude my LUNACHICKS experience at the end of the night when the people were filing out Gina and Theo were walking by and to my surprise they must of remembered me cuz they waved at me
and said bye. I think that shows the fans a lot when the musicians are that in touch with not only their fans but reality as well. That only makes them much more cooler. I totally respect them.

Written by: Zavia Lee (

June 23, 2000 @ CSUF Amphitheatre. Fresno, CA (WARPED TOUR)

I live in Fresno and just saw them on tour at Warped on the 23 of June, 2000. I have NEVER heard of them before and not a really big punk fan, yet I listen to quite a bit still. Anyway I was extremely impressed. I can't say the set of songs they played but they really impressed me. The drummer (I haven't' learned names) was great, really play so hard! :) and the singer is wonderful too. The only bad things about this show was they got stuck before Weezer and the assholes here were quite rude to them because they wanted to hear Weezer perform. Some idiot flicked coins at them (which the lead singer replied something like): don't throw pennies you fucker throw something worth something. I cant say much more then that, but apologize (i wish i could write them) about these assholes to treat them like that. because i really enjoyed their set. i will buy their cd this week if can find it here in town (impossible) or order online. i guess that's all i can say, sorry for my review...anyway i hope this is ok

Written by: Aaron Suarez

May 14, 2000 @ The Swing Set Long Island, NY

ON MOthers Day( I know im horrible) i saw the lunachicks. The show started at 7:30 opening with some hardcore band called earth(something),they only played like 5 songs cause they show started late. Next came 2ManAdvantage--they were really hockey oriented and the lead singer was the hairest and fattest man ive seen, he was like 40 years old and said he used to play softball with Squids dad.sometime when they played the leadsinger jumped into the audience but they dropped him and he started rolling around and people were kicking him and throwing there drinks on him- he was histerical-overall they were pretty good. Next came Mindless Self Indulgence-they were hysterical.the lead singer johnny urine was running around and singing and dancing with the crowd he even took a piss in the bathroom while playing, the bassist vanessa was
really into it and kept sticking her tongue out, kitty the drummer had awesome hair and was hysterical, and the guitarist who's name i forgot kept spitting on people and talking like big gay al from Southpark.(they were awesome)

Over the course of the night i saw helen and asked her if she was a lesbian--because that seemed to be a pattern for their drummers-she got insulted but later on i apologized and got a picture with her-she was nice, and i think she was with her girlfriend who also seemed really nice. I also stopped gina and talked to her for a while and i gave her my old underwear that said gina is hot on them-i think she liked em -but of course i
forgot to ask for a picture with her! Finallly they came on and the lunachicks started with bad ass bitch----i took tons of really good pictures -if i had a scanner id send em but i don't-after that theo talked to the crowd and i told her i loved her, but she said what about the age difference, when i said i didn't care she said what if i used to be a guy-then
they ripped into F.D.S and i got to sing "Yourrrrrrreeeee AAAAA" Later on i threw a pair of painties at theo and they landed on the drum set, she picked em up and said ."oohhhhh panties,,,and that whoever threw them needs help and she knows who to write to and they played "Dear Dotti" and then right before "Shut you out" theo told me it wouldn't work out because she was practically married, oh well! From what i remember they played "DropDead","Don't Want you","luxury problem","less teeth , more tits","Dear Dotti","KNuckle Sandwchich","Crash","Bad Ass Bitch",and a cover of " i guess your just what i needed"

It was fucking awesome even though everyone left for their set.they can put on a really good show, gina and squid were awesome, theo was great and helen was really good too.
Written by: Frank (

May 13, 2000 Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint

This was my first time seeing the Lunachicks so I was just dorking out over the fact i was seeing them but thats besides the point.

The club was small as hell I was shocked it fit more then like 30 people. I don't remeber what the opening band was called i really didn't see to much of them I was waiting about 20 minutes for some girl to get out of the bathroom which sucked but I lived.

Next was Mindless Self Indulgence who were just great The guitarest spit on the people and i got spit on my arm which i wipped on some guys shirt (who was way to excited to have spit on his shirt) They got some guy to shave his head for a t-shirt...he never got the t-shirt but i doubt he really cared ,they threw some girl out of the club and the lead singer Jimmy Urin spilled water on some girl and made everyone point and laugh at her. They were awesome if you ever get a chance to see them you gotta.

Then the Lunachicks come one heres where I dork out.

There were a lot of people there who were just so dull they just stood there doing nothing really not even singing along. There was little action going on pit wise. People don't smoke in pits jeez!!! I think my hair got cinged at one point but anyways. During FDS Theo was asking the crowd how they were and she asked my friend Jackie if she was angry which was pretty funny cause she always looks angry. They played a lot of great songs but there was very little reaction from the crowd.

After the show was over I left the club and saw her the goddess my role model theo!!! so i got a picture with her she was quite sweaty but it was awesome. The coolest thing I ever saw though was a seven year old girl hugging theo in a lil lunachicks shirt I was talking to her dad and he said thats her second lunachicks show i thought that was fucking awesome!

All and all it was a great show it was my first Lunachicks show and I loved it hope to see them again sometime hopefully with a better crowd.

Written by:

May 13, 2000 Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint

This was my first time at The Saint, and I thought it was a pretty cool venue..really small (cap. 90!?), low/wide stage, etc... Doors opened at 3:30, and Deathrace 2000 went on.. nothing much to say about them... hardcore metal, blah. Then Mindless Self Indulgence...most notable stage antic of the set....-the guitarist pulls his pants down half way, bends over, and the lead singer pisses in his crack! Needless to say, when he went to jump in the crowd afterwards, everyone tried to clear out of his way. A bunch of people to one side of the stage decided to sit down during their girl in the bunch was put to shame by the lead singer ("everyone laugh at her." the whole rooms laughs...)... it was pretty funny. Poor girl.

The Lunachicks set was a few songs shorter than the night before, and there was no encore. But it's probably because the audience sucked for the most part. There were some people rockin' out, but for the most part everyone seemed calm and subdued. Strange. Compared to the show in Philly the night before, Down at the Pub and PMS were ommited from the set list, maybe a few more, I'm not sure. Depite the lame audience and the band's attempts to get the crowd going, the Lunachicks rocked the small club!

Written by: Shydoll (keeper of this page)

May 13, 2000 Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint

It's amazing that there are this many reviews for this show, considering as the two other
reviewers noted, that the Saint is the size of a matchbox and that it was not really packed
for the matinee performance.
Since this show has been reviewed already, no sense in beating it to death again. I do agree that the opening band, Deathrace 2000, was no great shakes. (not terrible, just
nothing to get excited about) Mindless Self Indulgence was very interesting and kept the
crowd on it's toes. ( the poor guy who had his head shaved for a T-shirt, didn't even get
a full head shave, but a horrible Rudy Guiliani 'combover' hairstyle )
The Lunachicks, were what I was there for, and they did not disapoint me, I had wanted to see them about three years ago when they opened for Joan Jett in the NJ area, but
that fell thru. They played a good chunk of the new release-'Luxury Problem' ( 'Crash'
being a memorable tune) the new drummer was very good, and they even threw in a cover of the Car's 'Just What I Needed'.
As with the other reviewers, the crowd response was lukewarm to the LunaChicks, which was a shame. Even I felt kind of 'blah' but that was due to a hangover, as well as the fact that I was at the show as my boring male self. The prior week when I saw
Theo at Squeezebox's anniversary bash with the Toilet Boys & Debbie Harry, I was bouncing off the walls as my tranny self. ( I wanted to let loose with a coyote howl at the Saint but felt a little out of place ) Anyway can't wait to see them again.

Written by: Tara Michels (

May 12, 2000 Philadelphia, PA @ Pontiac Grille

One of the best Lunachicks shows I've been to. The crowd was awesome and the band was rockin, as always. A local punk band, The Boils, opened up- but due to their lateness arriving, their set was cut very short. Next up- Mindless Self Indulgence from NYC... too many things to say about this band! They are entertaining, that's for sure. It is impossible not to pay attention to the band while they are playing..The lead singer got into the crowd at one point, grabbed a guy & kissed him. How cute! If this band comes to your area, GO SEE THEM! You cannot be disappointed!

After MSI, Lunachicks came on, wearing camoflauge outfits...opening with Bad Ass Bitch. Other songs in the set included FDS, Luxury Problem, The Day Squid's Gerbil Died, Dear Dotti, Don't Want You, Say What You Mean, Crash, Spork, Jerk of All Trades, Just What I Needed (Cars cover), Less Teeth More Tits, Return of Brickface & Stucco, Knuckle Sandwich, Drop Dead, Bitterness Barbie, & Shut you Out. The encore was PMS (aka the curse) and Down at The Pub! There were tons of screaming fans (high pitched screams in my ears!) and the show just rocked, plain and simple.

Written By: Shydoll (keeper of this page)

N E W ! May 11, 2000 Washington, DC @ Black Cat

The Lunachicks played with Enemy Mine (we got there to late to see) and
Mindless Self Indulgence (they really suck, it sounded like a tape was
playing while the singer snag and the rest of the band posed and tried to
look good).

The Lunachicks opened with bad ass bitch (i think) they also played (not in
order) drop dead, down at the pub, shut you out, p.m.s., just what i needed
from the cars, dear dotti,the day squids gerbil died,crash,f.d.s,say what
you mean,spork,i think some other ones too, i can't remember, during kunkle
sandwich Theo tried to put her fist in her mouth, it was pretty funny, Squid
informed us that Darsi from the smashing pumpkins was on crack, and Theo
read from a newspaper before Dear Dotti.It was awesome cause i was right in
front of Squid and i had a good view of the whole stage.

Written by:

May 4, 2000 Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon, my friend jessica and my friend fruit saw the
lunachicks w/ msi at the lost horizon in syracuse, ny
rocked...they were so good and it was awesome because they were so
close to us.... fruit got on stage and it was crazy...theo grabbed my
penis squirt gun and sang into it...all in was one of the
best shows i have been to !

Written by: jeni (
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March 5, 2000 Sydney, AUS @ Iron Duke Hotel

March 8, 2000 Sydney AUS @ Wentworth Bar

The Iron Duke Hotel, Sunday Night(I can't remember the date)
I've never had so much fun jumping up and down to a band on a Sunday night.
Their lyrics were witty and poingant (sorry about the spelling). In a single
word they ROCKED.

Manning Bar, Wednesday Night.
I'm shortish, so I went up the front to see my new favourite band. They
played just as rockingly and excellently as before, but I spent most of the
time being squashed by some rough dancers, but it was worth it. Theo's voice
is unique and gutsy, she hit every note and word perfectly at both gigs,
this is the same with the other members, they were just so cool and such
professional entertainers. I just can't say enough good things about the
Lunachicks and I look forward to seeing them again some time soon, maybe
I'll even travel to America one day............. .

Written by:

LUNACHICKS Australian Tour Diary! Feb 25, 26, 29, 2000!
A die-hard Lunachicks fan catches the band on 3 dates in Australia!

My usual Wednesday custom of flicking through 'Beat' magazine on the tram to work
was jolted by a few words of small print: 'coming soon, the Lunachicks, from the
USA'. Delighted but disbelieving, I waited until I had phoned the bookers at each
venue listed before I accepted that, after eight years of waiting, of writing the
Lunachicks and begging them to tour down under, of listening in envious excitement
to overseas penpals describe their gigs ......... finally, my favourite band was touring

They were coming as part of a 'college campus' tour that celebrated the first week of
the Australian uni year, and had them playing at institutions such as the University
of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Swinburne TAFE, as well
as several pub gigs, including two under-age performances. All in all, we were
spoiled for choice! And with my obsessive nature I was determined to see them as
many times as my wallet and my job schedule would allow.

The excitement at being front and centre at the first gig of the first Lunachicks tour
was amazing - not even the technical problems, the poor mixing, the absence of a
merchandise stall, or the zealous security could diminish the pleasure of seeing
them in the flesh for the first time. Melbourne Uni was a strange choice, reflected in
the fact that for their set I was one of only two dozen or so fans - they were the
support act for the latest Aussie sensation, a radio-friendly teenage band called
Killing Heidi whose headlining set brought out hundreds of dancing fans, making me
question the musical appreciation of the students who I'd be attending class with
two days later.

The final gig of their Melbourne tour took place at the Punter's Club in Fitzroy and
was everything the Melbourne Uni gig wasn't: absolutely packed, a full house
turning away disappointed fans, a hot and sweaty club filled to the brim with
slamming, singing fans shouting out requests, knowing all the songs, and showing
the Lunachicks just how appreciated they are in this far away land. Theo enabled us
to vote for either Apathetic or Jan Brady, the latter winning, and we were treated to
'the first song we ever wrote together', Sugarluv, followed by 'the last song we wrote
together', the fabulous Down At The Pub - a brilliant way to end the gig, the night,
the tour, a club full of exhilarated Aussies singing along to the oi oi oi chorus before
I staggered off down the road at 3am, a pair of blood-red Lunachicks knickers in my
bag, tequila in my bloodstream, and a grin a mile wide across my face.

But my favourite memories are of the second gig I saw. I'm not sure how I found out
about it, as it wasn't advertised, but my phone calls had led me to Swinburne
campus at midday on the last day of February. After stumbling into the Christian
Union by mistake, startling the students with both my appearance and speech
impeded by a fresh tongue piercing, I eventually found the Courtyard Caff where I'd
been told the gig was. To my amazement, it was a tiny coffee shop with a handful of
tables scattered outside on the brick paving ........ and there on the path, under white
canopies, were their instruments, looking for all the world as though buskers were
setting up, albeit well organized ones! It was such a casual atmosphere, with a few
people sitting at tables eating lunch, others strolling by to class, but only one other
identifiable Lunachick fan waiting. I chose a prime position on the steps, checked
my camera batteries, and prepared to wait. Then I saw a Chick.

Helen's fire red hair was unmistakable as she walked up to the drumkit, followed by
Gina in her yellow and black LUNA top. As she set up her guitar I knew I had to
take advantage of the casual circumstances and go up to chat; meeting Babes in
Toyland years earlier still made me smile, and I didn't want to miss this chance.
Besides which, I had messages from friends in the US to pass on - always a good

Gina grinned as I approached, her gold teeth capturing my attention. If they were
disappointed in the 'venue', it didn't show in their attitude - if anything, the
mirthful glances and teasing comments they exchanged during the gig showed their
amusement. After chatting to Gina I stepped behind her to the drumkit, introducing
myself to Helen with the comment "I think you know a friend of mine" and watching
her almost fall off her drumstool with surprise. I had to laugh, telling her "Jess said
you'd react like that!" and we discussed the tour, Australia and our mutual friend,
Jess, who has apparently managed to say hello to Helen through various friends as
far afield as the US, Scotland and Germany. Happy to provide the Australian
connection, I sat back down for another dose of my favourite band.

I considered three Lunachicks gigs in one week to be a fabulous treat in itself, but I
was about to find out how much better it could get. With Theo and Squid joining the
group, adding to the yellow and black outfits and donning sunglasses against the
bright Aussie sunshine, they kicked into the best gig I'd see. From the opening of
Luxury Problem they did not let up, throwing themselves into it with such energy
and humour that I couldn't keep still, treating us to Say What You Mean, Less Teeth
More Tits, F.D.S., Subway, where I was surprised to see it's Squid who rips into my
favourite part, 'and when I walk through the door' with her powerful voice, Crash,
Nowhere Fast, Drop Dead with Tequila in place of the Spanish guitar and Theo
dancing across the stage, Bad Ass Bitch with its immensely catchy chorus, The Day
Squid's Gerbil Died, and my favourite from the new album, the wonderful Shut You
Out: pure Lunachick power.

They seemed both bemused and amused at the setting, continually laughing as
students strolled past them on the way to class. I felt like grabbing each and every
student by the shoulders, shaking them and exclaiming "hey, this is the best band
in the world, who I've been waiting eight fucking years for! How can you even think
about class?l" Theo clearly decided to have some fun with them, announcing
solemnly "I want you to know, all who walk by, I WILL be checking out your ass".
And she did, following several students across the footpath in uncomfortable
proximity for close inspections and the thumbs up sign. She accosted several other
students with pleas for some of their fairy floss (for the non-Aussies, cotton candy),
which went ignored - in fact, footsteps were quickened! Several students wandered
by deep in conversation, seemingly oblivious to the setting, jumping in surprise to
Theo's amplified "Oi! You! Yes, YOU!" and stopping in their tracks, jaws dropping, to
see such flamboyant tattooed punk Goddesses rocking out just outside their local
cafe, causing our mirth to increase considerably.

Although I knew they were touring to promote Luxury Problem, I was surprised at
the lack of older songs played. There are several songs that I consider Lunachick
classics, such as Plugg (one of my favourites), Superstrong, Bitterness Barbie and
Light As A Feather, and to not hear these disappointed me slightly. I didn't expect
my absolute favourite, the glorious Making It, the reason I first became hooked on
them eight years ago and to me the kind of music the Lunachicks exel at: short, fast,
furious punk at its exhilarating best. However, they went this route after a short
introduction from Theo: "university is all about experimenting, and so is this song",
kicking into the rapidfire masterpiece of Buttplug that for me was the highpoint of
each gig.

Except for the next song. Squid and Theo were teasing the gathered crowd, which by
this point numbered around 50, about their study choices, enquiring whether
Satanism 101 was available in Melbourne and pointing out who was clearly majoring
in pottery (Squid to one squirming guy: "come on, you've got 'potter' written all over
you, admit it! Look at your clothes"). Squid then asked "does anyone here manage to
study AND hold down a job?" and before I knew it my hand was raised. The
magnificent raven-haired bassist grinned at me, nodded and said "this one's for you
then honey" and they launched into Jerk Of All Trades, making me laugh with
pleasure and giving me a wonderful story to tell my penpals. To hear my favourite
band belt out the lyrics "she can dance, she can sing, she can do most anything", to
watch their synchronized arm movements as Theo howled "she .... is ..... WOMAN" and
to feel it was directed at me ...... well, I couldn't have asked for a better end to the gig,
and their Melbourne tour.

Afterwards I introduced myself to Theo, mentioning a mutual friend in the US,
Jeanine from Bitterness Barbie zine. I told her how long I'd been waiting for them to
tour Australia and she laughed as she signed my book, replying "not half as long as
we've waited to come here!" I then stepped up to Squid, gorgeous, feisty, so so sexy
Squid; I can't even recall what we spoke about, her presence was so compelling. I do
recall her eyes being drawn to my arm tattoos and I thought "having a Lunachick
check out my tatts after dedicating a song to me ...... what a day". After chatting
some more to Helen, and asking the singer of Nitocris to take a photo of us all
together that would, unfortunately, come out with me looking completely stunned, I
damn near skipped home, knowing full well that eight years were well worth the

Written by: Rijn

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February 10, 2000 Lindau, Germany @ Club Vaudeville

Well, it's about 2.45 am and I'm really tired, because I worked as a DJ in a club till 2 am... but here's my review (in a very bad English, I know...): February 10th, 2000. The day I always remember: The day I saw the Lunachicks live for the first time. I heard about the concert on your homepage and so I planned my trip to Lindau, Germany. I worked that day till noon and then I went to a garage, where I rented a car. I had to drive all the way through Switzerland, then a few miles through Austria and then I was finally in Lindau, Germany. When I arrived in Lindau, it was 1.30 P.M. and the concert was going to start at 8 P.M. I sat in the car and was waiting for the show. I was so tired, I slept for a while in that car, and it was so terribly cold! When it turned 7.30 P.M., I got out of the car and stood by the door to the Club Vaudeville. A guy told me that the Lunachicks hadn't arrived yet. I was the only one there, waiting for the Lunachicks... and then, the small red van arrived at the club. The first of the Lunachicks I saw was Gina. She was wearing blue jeans and a sweater. Then I saw Theo. She wore blue jeans and a sweater, too. Then Helen got off the bus. She was wearing tracksuit trousers. All the girls looked like they just woke up. I heard them say that they had a very bad trip from Berlin to Lindau. It took 14 hours for that route (normally it takes 8 hours). Then I heard someone say "fuck, fuck..." - it was squid. She was wearing tracksuit trousers, too. The girls said all "hi" to me and went into the club. I asked someone if I could help to lug the instruments and stuff... but they said that it's okay, they are enough. I just stood there at the door and watched the girls unload the van. I was unable to talk to the girls... I just stood there and watched... by the way: I'm not sure, but I think I saw squid crying, when she got off the van... well, about an hour later, some punks arrived at Club Vaudeville and then they opened the doors. In the club, Helen and Gina were walking around and talking to the guys at the merchandise stand, but no one paid attention on them. It seemed to me that no one knew the Lunachicks. I stood right at the stage when Helen, Gina and Squid were doing soundcheck. Squid was angry. One guy always yelled "squid" but she didn't pay attention to him. Then the girls went away and a few minutes later, that ska band from London went on stage to perform. They were really cool, but I can't remember the bands name... then finally the Lunachicks went on stage! For me, their show was great, although everything went wrong at the beginning. First they didn't find Theo's microphone, then Squids amplifier and microphone were too silent... and we all couldn't hear Squid sing. The girls didn't laugh on stage, they just stood there and played their songs, but for me it was cool to see the Lunachicks live! Well, they played many songs and I shot many pictures. At the end of the show, I took Gina's setlist. First I wanted to wait for the girls to ask them for autographs , but then I decided to go home, because I was so tired and I had a long way home... well, I hope to meet the girls the next time. I will go to their show in San Francisco on July 1st (vans warped tour).

Written by: Nicole

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February 6, 2000 Nijmegen-The Netherlands @ Doornroosje

A nice day for some noise from The Lunachicks.
We were playing the dj's that night so in the afternoon we went to Doornroosje, to bring our albums and cd's for that night.
As we came there The Lunachicks already arrived, walking around in somewhat of a daze, due to the gig they had the evening before I think!
There wasn't much action, so we decided to go home and see and talk to the Lunachicks later that evening.
Finally the time was there and the supportact was on stage, it was an all-girl band from the Netherlands, called Facehugger, but although it was not our cup of tea, Rock'n'Roll is always better than techno!!!
In the meantime we were amusing the crowd with our PUNK music and Barbie went to the lockerroom to give the Lunachicks 4 cd's of our band LOVE KILLS.
They really liked it. Spread the punk around the world!
Than the Lunachicks came on stage and they played a real good and tight set.
We were standing right in front of the stage (you get the best spots if you work at the place!) and we're able to make several nice pictures very close.
As we were the dj's we had to watch when the Lunachicks stopped and ran back to our dj-set. That's a different way to look at a gig, but it was a nice rock'n'roll one.
At last we went home and had a big hangover the next day, but that's always less worse when you had a real nice time.

See her pics of the show here!

Written by: Barbie (

January 26, 2000 U.K. NEWPORT @ TJ's

The Lunachicks started their European tour off playing their first gig at the well known
TJ's club in Newport, South Wales, the girls first played there 6 years ago and were
making a very welcome return to the UK. TJ's has played host to a wide variety of
bands in the past which has included Manic Street Preachers, NOFX, Huggy Bear
and Green Day, also a certain Kurt Cobain went to see a band called Hole play there
many years ago. Information on TJ's with pictures and history can be found on there
site which is and believe me its a darn good watering hole!.

The evening was started off by a band called Five Knuckle Shuffle a five piece
banging they way through a thirty minute set and they reminded me a little of Atari Teenage Riot and no effort was spared by these kids during their set.

The next band on stage was called Southport and yes you guessed it the reason behind
the name was they are all from Southport !!. Now these guys where very good, for
these three guys blasted out a darn good set which was well received by the crowd.
Although I consider myself a fan of the Lunachicks what I didn't realize until after
Southport's set that Gina from the Lunachicks was stood beside me and my friend
Paul watching their set but my excuse is she had a coat with a hood on but it wasn't as
bad as the one worn by Kenny in Southpark !!.

Finally the girls came on stage and set up with my first glimpse of the bands new
drummer Helen Destroy who looks and drums like she has been with the band
for years. When the band had set up and Theo made her sweeping entrance!! The
confidence, image and power of the band was apparent straight away. The girls ripped
through the set every song as tight as the previous track and they played a evenly
spread selection of tracks from Jerk of all Trades, Pretty Ugly and Luxury Problem
blasting out 'classics' like Buttplug, The day Squids Gerbil Died to keep us happy. I
wish I could remember the set they did but with beer and the guy beside me smoking
joints beside me my memory is a little hazy !!.

But the band lived up to and surpassed all my expectations the set was so tight it was
perfect in every way it was a very good set and the band don't get the credit they
deserve especially by the British music press who find it strange a female band can do
a gig as well as guys but believe me there would have put many to shame and if they
did the Glastonbury Rock Festival. Theo was the perfect lead singer and entranced the
fans with her performance and put down a few guys with a few one liners between
songs. Gina rocked her way through the set with limitless energy and shit she can play
the guitar. Squid what can I say, stunning to look at and slams a tight bass with vocals
complimenting Theo like you would not believe. Finally Helen Destroy you deserve
praise, I thought that she worked her nuts off (If she had them) I haven't seen a pair
of arms move so fast.

Sadly not many turned up for the gig I guess there where only about fifty plus there
and I wish the set could have been longer but then I am biased anyway !!. Thanks
Ladies I have seen the best gig I'll will see this year I hope to get to see the final UK
gig in a few weeks time.

Written by: Pete Ellis (

The Lunachicks were absolutely fantastic!!! I was so awestruck! I mean I knew they would be great but they were even better than I could have imagined and they all looked beautiful! I think the Luna's were wearing their Lunachick outfits, Theo had her black dress and Gina & Squid were wearing the Luna & Chick tops. The support bands were firstly The Pedantics and then a band called Lowlife who had all the stupid fansI got to talk a little bit to Gina & Squid, Helen smiled at me but I only saw Theo about a bit before the show before she was dressed up and she looked a bit tired & fed up so I thought I wouldn't bother her. Gina's guitar bust a fuse about halfway through the set and it was funny cuz she was like playing air guitar in Knuckle Sandwich! I think they were great for putting up with half the stupid crowd cuz there were like all these stupid men like shouting stuff at them and there was this guy next to me asking them to play a song, I couldn't quite hear what he was saying I think called Mable Rock something or other, and Squid was getting really pissed off with him saying "we can't even remember that fucking song" and Theo said "is that even one of our songs?". Squid really was getting mad with him though, she was like " we aren't playing the song so shut the fuck up". It was great, I still can't believe I saw them. I can try and remember the set list if you want but I don't know if I know it exactly. I know they started with Dear Dotti and I think they finished with Down At The Pub, and none of the dicks shouting stuff at them realized they were taking the piss. Helen sounded great she hits really hard! I was pissed cuz I thought the mics were a bit low, especially Squids, but it was still great. When they finished I climbed on the stage where Squid was packing up and I tried telling her how much I loved them and that I wanted to take more photos but I'd used up my film. I don't think she could hear me cuz the music was loud but she nodded and smiled and gave me a sticker! Gina signed this vest I got and Squid also sold us some knickers. It was great, I wanted to try and get to one of the other shows too but I don't think anyone will come with me and they are all a lot further away. I took a whole film of photos and I'll try to get them developed soon, I really hope they come out well!

Written by: Nel (

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