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Official site at Go Kart Records- News, info, etc...

(DOWN! TELL ME IT'S COMING BACK!!!) Less Teeth, More Pics- The webmaster is from NYC, so he's got the info that noone else can get easily. Contains tons of original pics, videos (live!), MP3's, contests, & more.

Spoon or Fork- Ariela's site w/original in person/live pics from a bunch of NYC shows (98-99), plus a quiz to take, links, and bootlegs. 

Billy Caldwell Photography- Photographer from New Hampshire..has many great original Lunachicks pics.

The Lunachicks are Apathetic- Adrienne's page; Lots of original live pics, news, bio, & more...

Lipstick Kills- Pics from the Santa Barbara show on 7-9-99 plus polls and more.

If The Lunachicks Ruled The World...-Older site with pictures & info.

The Lunachicks Index Page- Choose your poison. Cool page with lots of info, lots of links, etc. Hasn't been updated in years, but it's still cool....

Rolling Stone- Articles, bio, links, pics from Warped, etc...

Tanja's page- Page with pics, links, bio, disco, lyrics, etc...Can also be viewed in German.

Apathetic- Fan page, w/mostly reprinted info and an "interesting facts" section, & more...


Drummergirl- An awesome interview with Chip, conducted in March 2000 (post Lunachicks.) 

Troma- Interview with Theo about her part in Terror Firmer & more.

"Warp Speed Ahead"- Article including comments from Gina about women & the Warped Tour, plus a pic of Gina.

Jeff of the future- MP3 of an on-air interview w/the band from Oct 26, 1999.

Teenwire: In Focus- Interview with Theo & Gina on "sex, music, self-image, and relationships."

HELL7- A really cool interview from Halloween 1995.

Rock Out Censorship-Interview with all the Lunachicks.

NY Rock's Lesson of the Warped Tour- Pic of interview with the band plus quotes in article

NY Rock's sex Poll- Chip, Theo, and Gina answer a very personal question...

Live Pics & Reviews

Katrina del Mar's photography- A friend of the Lunachicks and an awesome Photographer who did the shots for Drop Dead Live and Luxury Problem.

Kala Mandrake ~underground photography~ A bunch of REALLY good b&w shots circa '96. Cool live pics. Two pages of professional close shots from Warped '99. (Check out the other bands-this page rocks)

Metal Maidens review- Review of Feb 5, 2000 show.

Lunachicks Take Over!- Captain Purple's page w/ live pics from D.C. @ Black Cat. May 11, 2000.

Pooped- Pics and a lil review of the Warped show in Pittsburgh, 1999.

Lunachicks-Café Atlantik in Freiburg 5-6-98- Review (in German, I think) of the show, plus a couple pics.

Johann Florendo's pics- Tattoo artist in NY! He's got pics of the 'chicks @ the Continental, NYC 12-11-99!

Steve Pyatt's Review- Review from the show @ The Galaxy, 11-8-99 (click on "music" link)

SadomasoExpialo's Photos- Cool pics of the Lunachicks rockin on a haunted ship!

Review from Warped 7/17!- A transcript from the on stage chatter plus a review!

Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews- Reviews of Binge and Purge, Jerk Of All Trades, Pretty Ugly, & Luxury Problem.

Tabs, Video, Side projects & misc. things...

Bantam-Gina's band.'s site for her art work, etc. Theo's site for her solo work. Includes pics, showdates, press and more.

Devil Kit-Helen's former band. 

Theo fanlisting- Extreme Theo fans can get their pages linked together, or something like that......

VH1 site-some old news and pics.

Blare Bitch Project-Former drummer Becky Wreck's recent band. Although she no longer drums in the band, it is fronted by Betty Blowtorch's Blare N. Bitch, so it's worth checking out!

Bodies of Subversion w/Theo- From the book by Margot Mifflin, featuring a pic (before she had full tattooed sleeves!) and quote by Theo.

Betsey Johnson Spring 2000- Contains a pic of Theo modeling the line. Cool site w/tons of punk music videos, includes "Don't Want You." 

"Punk Princess Tells All"- Theo writes a Warped 2000 report for Paper magazine, includes pics.

Goddamn Funnies- Pretty funny comic strip featuring the Lunachicks.

The diary of a Lunachicks merch girl- A taped diary of one of the Lunachicks merch people, while on Warped '99. She includes a "heart to heart" conversation w/ Gina and live audio clips. It's pretty pathetic, in a good way.

let it rock- short sound clip of the chicks..introducing themselves, plus a pic.

Open Return- The official site of the indie movie that Squid stars in. Pics and clips included.

Fan stuff. Mailing Lists, Message boards, Clubs, etc..

To get on the official Lunachicks mailing list, email and ask to be added.

Go Kart Records message board- All the crazy (in a good way), diehard fans hang out here, so go introduce yrself!

Lunachicks at Onelist- same as below, except this list has more members and more activity.

Lunalist at Onelist- This is an "unofficial" e-mail list where fans of the Lunachicks can talk about and share info on the lovely ladies.

Yahoo Lunachicks Club- Become a member & post messages, chat with other fans, add photos & links, & more.

Yahoo Lunachicks Forever Club- same as above

Epinions- Opinions on the band, made by fans alike. Post reviews, read reviews, read articles, & tour dates





Lots of people have asked me about finding Lunachicks albums and other merchandise, so this section should help you out. Just remember, if you don't wanna order online or over the phone, go to your local music store and ask them to order what you're looking for, because they can!


Go-Kart  Records

  The best place to go, since it's the Lunachicks record label. Order by mail, over the phone., or on the net. Click here for their catalog, which includes cds, LPs, shirts, etc...Ordering instructions are on the page.

Go-Kart Records Homepage // Go-Kart Records E-mail // Phone # 212-253-2906// An official sponsor of the Go Kart Across America Tour, support them! Used Lunachicks cd's- CHEAP! 


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