Lunachicks Official Releases

-Full Lengths-

Babysitters On Acid (Blast First Records 1990)

TRACKLIST: Jan Brady/ Glad I'm Not Yew/ Babysitters on Acid/ Makin' It (With Other Species)/ Mabel Rock/ Theme Song/ Born 2B Mild/ Pin Eye Woman 665/ Cookie Core/ Octopussy/ Sugar Luv/ Complication

NOTES: Only pressed in Europe. First pressings on vinyl came with a 12 page color photo booklet, which is no longer made. CD versions available, without photo booklet. (recently bootlegged) Only available in the US as an import.

Binge and Purge (Safe House Records 1992)

TRACKLIST: Apathetic/ Plugg/ P.S. Hell/ Binge + Purge/ Mom/ Superstrong/ This is Serious/ Whole Lotta B.S. /2 Bad 4 U/ 11/ Rip U/ C.I.L.L.

NOTES: Available on CD, LP, and Cassette. There is a German version also available, released by SPV.

Jerk of all Trades (Go Kart Records 1995)

TRACKLIST: Drop Dead/ Fingerful/ F.D.S./ Light As A Feather/ Edgar/ Dogyard/ Buttplug/ Bitterness Barbie/ Deal With It/ Brickface + Stucco/ Jerk Of All Trades/ Spoilt/ Ring + Run/ Fallopian Rhapsody/ Insomnia/ Why Me

NOTES: Available on CD, LP, & Cassette. LP comes with a poster and a 7"- 500 7"s were puke orange. There is a Japanese version available on Toys Factory (bonus tracks which later appeared on the first pressings of Punk Uprisings.) There is an Australian version available on Mushroom Records.

Pretty Ugly (Go Kart Records 1997)

TRACKLIST: Yeah/ Throwin It Away/ The Day Squid's Gerbil Died/ Dear Dotti/ Mr. Lady/ Spork/ What's Left/ Gone Kissin/ Don't Want You/ The Baby/ *@%!*/ Wing Chun/ Mmm Doughnuts/ Missed It

NOTES: Available on CD, LP, and cassette. Released Feb 1997. There is a Japanese version on Toys Factory.

Drop Dead Live (Go Kart Records 1998)

TRACKLIST: Yeah/ FDS/ The Day Squid's Gerbil Died/ Gone Kissin'/ Fingerful/ Throwin' it Away/ Spork/ Don't Want You/ Jerk Of All Trades/ Wing Chun/ Bitterness Barbie/ Drop Dead/ MMM Doughnuts/ The Passenger/ Buttplug/ Crash/ Dear Dotti/ P.M.S./ Spoilt

NOTES: Available on CD and DLP gatefold. Recorded live at Coney Island High, NYC Feb 1998.

Luxury Problem (Go Kart Records 1999)

TRACKLIST: Less Teeth More Tits/ Luxury Problem/ I'll Be the One/ Crash/ Terror Firmer/ Say What You Mean/ Nowhere Fast/ Bas Ass Bitch/ Shut You Out/ Cumming into My Own/ Hope to Die/ Knuckle Sandwich/ The Return of Brickface & Stucco/ Subway/ Down at the Pub

NOTES: Available on CD and LP. Released June 8, 1999. First pressing of CD has silver logo.



Sushi Ala Mode (Benten 1993)

TRACKLIST: Ring + Run/ Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board/ Curve of a Mother's Axe/ Bring Me Down/ More Than A Feeling

NOTES: Made and distributed only in Japan. EP available on CD only-reissued in 1995 by Toys Factory Japan.


Sugar Luv/Get Off The Road/Makin' It (With Other Species)/Jan Brady 7" & CD (Blast First Records 1989)

NOTES: Out of print. Was pressed as a CD and double 7".

Cookie Moshter/Complication 7" (Blast First Records 1990)

NOTES: Out of print. Some pressings contain a big fold-out poster.

C.I.L.L./Plugg 7" (Vital Music 1992)

Apathetic/Plugg/Lil' Debbie CD (Safe House Records 1992)

F.D.S./Light As a Feather (Stiff As A Board) 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry 1993)

-Songs on Compilations-

Split 7" on Blast First (Blast First Records 1989) Side A: Butthole Surfers "Jimi." Side B: Lunachicks "Jan Brady"

New York Scum Rock: Live at CBGB's (ROIR 1989)- Live versions of "Makin It (With Other Species) + "P.S. Hell"

NOTES: Was available on cass only: recently rumored to be coming out on CD.

Every Band has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them (1990)- Lunachicks cover "Antonia Baka Guy"

Wreck Room Vol. 2 (Safe House Records)

Somethings Gone Wrong Again-Buzzcocks Covers (C/Z Records 1992)- Lunachicks cover "Noise Annoys/Promises"

I Hear Ya! (Caroline Records Summer 1995) Jerk of all Trades

Tommy in 7 minutes 7" (Vital Records 1995 or 1996) Lunachicks do 30 seconds of "Acid Queen."

Go-Kart Vs. The Corporate Giant (Go-Kart 1997)- "Pretty Ugly" (unreleased) & Jerk of all Trades

We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute (Royally Records 1997)- Lunachicks cover "The Passenger"

Expose Yourself (Go Kart 1997) The Day Squid's Gerbil Died

Punk Uprisings Vol. 2 (Go Kart 1997) Live version of "Superstrong" (Squid on vocals) -OR- "PMS" (later pressings)

NOTES: Superstrong originally on Punk Uprisings, then replaced with PMS on later pressings.

Cinema Beer Nuts (Hopeless Records 1997) Don't Want You

i hear ya- Cd Sampler (Caroline Records 1997) Mr Lady

Double Exposure- (Go Kart Records) Throwin it Away

Cooler Than Your Mom- 2 CD sampler (Various labels 97 or 98) Throwin' it Away

Skippy Sampler- (Go Kart Records 1998) The Day Squid's Gerbil Died

Short Music for Short People (Fat Wreck Chords 1999) Pretty Houses

Alright this time Just the Girls (Sympathy for the Record Industry 1999) Shit Finger Dick

Go Kart Vs. the Corporate Giant Vol. 2 (Go Kart Records 1999) Ay Chihuahua & The Return of Brickface & Stucco

World Warped III Live (SideOneDummy Records 2000) Throwin' It Away (live)


Terror Firmer (Go Kart Records 2000) Terror Firmer


NOTES: The "Don't Want You" video debuted on 120 Minutes (MTV) in August, 1997. You can find this video on compilation video called "Cinema Beer Nuts", on Hopeless Records. Also available on Lunachicks home video, XXX Naked!

XXX Naked (Go Kart Records 1999)

NOTES: Contains all their videos up to Don't Want You (plus interviews, live clips, etc), but mysteriously excludes videos for Sugar Luv and Babysitters on Acid...too embarrasing!?

"Say What You Mean" video

NOTES: Filmed Summer '99. Directed by Troma's Lloyd Kaufman. 3 versions were made, but only 2 were made available.

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