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AP Magazine Nov 1989

Lunachicks talk jokingly about their favorite lies, their idols, and more.

Option Magazine No. 30 Jan/Feb 1990

Article with quotes from various band members about how they were "discovered" by Kim and Thurston from Sonic Youth, being girls in the "scumrock" scene, and more.

  Seconds Magazine Issue#20 1992

Squid, Gina, Chip, & Sindi talk about how they hate their first album, their favorite Little Debbie snack cakes, and more non-serious rambling to the questions spewed at them...

Flipside interview from 5-16-95

Pretty long interview with whole band that includes talk about the worst records they own, Jan Brady, and tons of other stuff...

Alternative Press Issue 88 Nov 1995 +with pictures!+

"Eight Reasons to Love the Lunachicks" Enough said. Read it.

Lollipop Magazine July/Aug '97

Interview with Theo. Topics include: sporks, Dear Dottie, Barbie, Theo's feet, drag queens, John Waters, & Theo's modeling.

Deal With It fanzine Issue# 1 1998

Lindsay Anderson, guitarist/singer of NYC band The Kowalskis, interviews Theo, Squid, & Chip, asking them about seeing the Spice Girls movie, groupies, bands they've toured with and more...


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