Yes, Natasha Lyonne is a goddess.

she's not crazy 'cause she takes the right pills...everyday.

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    WELL, SINCE (formerly are a bunch of assholes, I had to delete a bunch of stuff from my page, mostly old stuff that no one goes to anymore, but still.....gone is my L7 page, gone is my Undergirl page (but check out for better stuff!)


Some stuff to check out around here:

Lunachicks -since 1998 or something, and still the biggest, baddest site on the planet. Ha. 

Dotti Horror - my zine, since 2000. Free! Check out the page for more info.


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Below are pages you must visit, because they rock and/or they were nice enough to link my pages! (If you wanna link any of my pages, PLEASE let me know so I can return the link!) BTW-I went thru and threw out the dead links-there were a ton of them!


  Kim's page rocks! Original art and more!//Paroxysm Records//*~Violet~*//The Glitter Death Dollhouse//Tuuli//Punk Rock Gang//Joe'z Joint//Sweetest Cherry in an Apple Pie//Grrrl in the Spotlight//Rebel-A-Go-Go/PMS Excuse Distro//Ragdoll Distro//The Women of 1970s Punk//Bitchcat//Baby Monoxide//Girlush Figure//Prefekt//Throw Rag//Rockerchick//Fickle Fancy, Fickle Grrl//Punki Grrrl's page//Scarling.//Devil Kit (ex-Bitchcat)//The Teacups//

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