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April 2002 News

NEWSFLASH FROM GO KART RECORDS! NO, the Lunachicks have not broken up! They are just on a hiatus after constant touring and recording. Read the official statement here

As to what the 'Chicks have been up to, Gina has formed her own band, BANTAM and she sings and plays guitar. She also has a brand new site up at Check it out for Gina's artwork and more info on Bantam. 

Theo has been keeping busy modeling and doing press for her upcoming roles in various movies, including her starring role in High Times Magazines "Potluck, " which should be released soon. She recently appeared on the cover of  TEAR magazine.



Gina's New band, BANTAM!

Check out Gina's new website at, where you can find info on her new band BANTAM. Bantam will be playing at a benefit show in NYC for Betty Blowtorch/Butt Trumpet bassist Bianica Butthole, who was killed in a car crash in December. 

Show info: The Memorial Rock Show for Bianca in New York:
Club Luxx (256 Grand Street in Brooklyn) on February 12, 2002
Featuring sets by: Supagroup, Angel Rot, Bad Wizard, Bantam (with Gina of the Lunachicks), Candyass, Firegods (with Sean of Toilet Boys), The Humanoids, and the Munts. Nashville Pussy bassist Tracy Almazon will reunite her band Helldorado for the show, and it will feature Blare N. Bitch as special guest. (from

-Jan 31, 2002-

AP Loves Theo (and for that, they ROCK!)

Pick up the new issue of AP magazine (the "Girls Rockin Out" issue with Shirley Manson on the cover, JUL '01, #156), which yields the following comments about Theo's new side project:

"There were hundreds of talented women we wanted to feature in this month's issue, but we couldn't let the issue run without a mention of the wonderful Theo Kogan. The Lunachicks' frontwoman, model (that's her listening to discs in the spread of AP 151), actress (she's appearing in the new Ben Stiller movie Zoolander) and all-around swell person unveiled her new band in Early April with a gig at NYC's Spa club. Kogan's new music is keyboard driven pop, with a wonderously lush vocal style that caught many fans expecting "Jan Brady 2001" off guard. Hey, label-types, show her your checkbook." -Greg Siebel

The issue also contains a small pic of Theo and her new "musicmates."

-May 25, 2001-

Theo Models for Stewart Cohen

Theo modeled for Dallas photographer Stewart Cohen in Feb. 2001, for a forthcoming coffee table book titled "Identity." For the shoot, Theo posed  in the men's bathroom at CBGB's! The book is due out this summer, and you can get a peek at a couple shots at

-April 21, 2001-

Babysitters on Acid CD Reissue- OUT NOW!

The reissue of the Lunachicks first (and always super-sought-after) album Babysitters on Acid, is out now on Go Kart Records. Stop paying $20+ for it on Ebay, it's only $10 @ Gokart! Order it direct from Go Kart Records

-Apr 07, 2001-

Theo Models for Alternative Press!

    Pick up the new issue of AP magazine (AP#152 Mar 01), which features their suggested list of "100 New Bands You Need to Know in 2001," with Theo on the (inside) cover ! Although the Lunachicks aren't mentioned, there are a few pics of model Theo inside.  If AP isn't carried in your area, then order it direct. Click here for more info on the issue and ordering info.

 -Jan 24, 2001-

Theo starring in "Pot Luck"

Theo will star in the first movie by High Times Magazine, called "Pot Luck," also starring Jay Mewes (Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma.)The basic plot goes something like this (reprinted from official site):

Theo as "Jade"

 Frank is a loyal mob soldier whose eyes and mind are opened when he gets turned on to some killer weed by Jade, a beautiful young punk rocker who fronts an all-girl band. A suitcase full of high-quality reefer follows them throughout the film-- the suitcase is bought and sold, then stolen and restolen by an unlikely cast of gangsters, artists, drag queens and activists. The movie erupts in downtown Manhattan at a rally for the legalization of marijuana, where all the characters come together, making this the "Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of Pot."

There is a small blurb on the movie including a pic of Theo in the new issue of High Times.

Check out the official movie site, for more info, pics, links, and more.

-Dec 17, 2000-

Buy Gang Girls 2000!

The new Katrina del Mar movie, Gang Girls 2000, featuring Squid, is now on sale at the official web site, where you can also purchase prints, t-shirts, and more! Scroll down on this page to find out more about the movie.


-Dec. 7, 2000-

New Lunachicks Releases

There has been news of 2 future Lunachicks releases: 1.) Re-release of Babysitters on Acid 2.) Compilation of rarities/b sides/ etc...release dates are slated for sometime in 2001, but that could change.

-Oct 24, 2000-

"Punk Princess Tells All"

Check out Paper mag's (outta NYC) site for an exclusive Warped 2000 report, written by Theo. Yum.

-Sept 11, 2000-

Lunachicks Press!!

-Check out the new issue of the 'zine "Rude International" (Issue #5) for a short interview with Theo, conducted during Warped '99. If you can't find the mag in your city, order it direct. Click for official website.

-2 small pics of the 'Chicks can be found in the newest issue of "Teen People" (98 Degrees cover), who did a special on the 2000 Warped Tour. Witness the pre show glory of make-up application!

-August 27, 2000-

Theo & Sean...the press!

Theo and her boyfriend, Sean Pierce of the Toilet Boys, have turned up in a couple magazines recently, displaying their love for one another in some blunt ways...

-In Issue #2 of "Nerve" magazine, which has a feature entitled "Do Not Disturb," features photographs taken by Marcelo Krasilcic of Theo and Sean gettin it on in various positions, etc...Many pages of high color shots of the tattooed beauties for your viewing pleasure. You can view some of the pics in the mag (and some that were omitted) here at the official site. But all the shots aren't included on the site, so you gotta buy the mag for more!

 Photo by: Chapman BaehlerPhoto by: Chapman Baehler  -Check out Alternative Press (AP) issue #147/Oct 2000, which has a feature on rock couples, for a page on Theo & Sean, with a great pic of them and a short Q & A on their relationship. If you can't find AP in your area, check out their site.

-August 27, 2000-

Lunachicks on Warped 3 Compilation

A live version of the Lunachicks "Throwin' it Away" can be found on the new Warped Tour compilation, "World Warped 3 Live" on SideOneDummy Records. Also featuring live or unreleased tracks from Bad Religion, NOFX, 7 Seconds, H2O, Pennywise, Blink 182 & more. You can order it from

-July 14, 2000-

Gang Girls 2000, featuring Squid!

No, it's not a porno! Gang Girls 2000, a new flick directed by Miss Katrina del Mar is now being screened in select cities around the world, including New York. Squid plays Cookie, and is part of the "Sluts" gang, along with Andrea P. (Lunachicks former manager). The cast includes some 30 women, ranging from The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black's Kembra and MinxTV's Shannon O' Kelley White. All the women belong to one of the four gangs: The Sluts, The Glitter Girls, The Blades, or The Ponies.

Check the official page for screening info to see if you can see it in your city. If not, it will be available on the internet in the future.

Click here to buy the movie, plus tshirts, prints, & more!

-June 17, 2000-


Terror Firmer, the forever talked about Troma movie that features appearances by Theo (although all her lines got cut) and the Lunachicks can now be yours! For a price. It's fifty-seven bucks (including shipping), but it's the only place to find it right now. The limited 'bootleg" comes with a mini-poster and the Terror Firmer comic book. Click here for ordering info.

You can find an interview that Troma had with Theo here.

-June 15, 2000-

Theo & Squid in new movie, Hairburners!

Theo & Squid will be starring beside each other (playing girlfriends) in the upcoming film by Ned Ambler, Hairburners. You may know Ned Ambler for his 1996 movie starring Theo and the Lunachicks, Rockstar, where Theo played a messed up rock star and the rest of the 'Chicks played as the band members in the movie. I was able to ask Ned a few questions concerning Hairburners and his other projects involving the band. Enjoy!

What's the plot of the film? HAIR BURNERS is a comedy about three bad-assed broads who are released from a women's correctional facility and open a hair salon in a haughty upstate neighborhood.
When will we be able to see it? I completed it a few weeks ago and have entered it in the following festivals: Real To Reel Film and Video Festival (in North Carolina), Chicago Underground Film Festival, Seattle Underground Film Festival, Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival, ResFest Digital Festival + EuroUnderground Festival (both traveling festivals), Helsinki Film Festival, and New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival. Most of these take place late-summer/early fall.
I'm actually also applying to two Black urban festivals right now ; Night Of The Black Independents (in Atlanta) and Urbanworld (here in NY) even though there are no African-Americans in the film. One of the main themes of the film is the hybridization of our culture and I think a Black audience will think the movie is mad-crazy too.
I hear that Theo and Squid from the Lunachicks are in the this true, and if so, could you elaborate on their characters in the film...? Yes, the film stars Squid and Theo (of Lunachicks), Allison Luongo (head hair diva at Pat Fields), Phylli (who we borrowed from our friends at Bangor Films), and Sophia Lamar (legendary nightclub goddess). It was also scored by white rap mogul, Princess Superstar.
The film begins as Ray (Squid) is released from prison and picked up by her girlfriend Flo-Jo (Theo). Ray squealed on an old drug-dealer boyfriend, Flocko (Kenny Jossick), to get a lesser sentence, and expects him to be waiting outside the prison gates to blow her away but for some reason he's not there. In a panic Ray and Flo-Jo take a bus upstate and try and hide out with Ray's Aunt Minnie (Phylli) who also happens to be a witch. And yada-yada-yada. It's a retarded movie.
What is your affiliation with the Lunachicks? I've seen some shots you took of Theo, (rockin'!)-what else have you worked with the band on? I met Theo in 94 and cast her as the lead in a film I was working on, Rock Star. So I got to know the other Lunies then. My day job at the time was casting fashion advertising and I cast Theo in a Calvin Klein ad campaign, as well as editorial shoots for for ;Uomo Vogue, Io-Donna, Mario Testino's book "Any Objections", and others. (I also cast Squid in a Cone Denim Catalog and Annie Liebovitz's book "Women".) Later, I started taking photographs myself and shot Theo for Interview Magazine, an ad campaign for a German Department store, and Time-Out NY. I wouldn't say I've worked so much with the band but that Theo and Squid have become good friends and we've worked on creative projects together too.
You directed the film "Rockstar", right? I've only seen bits and pieces of it available anywhere to buy or is it shut away in a closet somewhere for good? I just directed a set of promo spots for MTV's new all Rock + Roll video channel (called MTV-X) starring Kembra and Samoa (of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black). Included in the deal was Rock Star which I edited into 10 ten seconds spots (featuring music by Lunachicks). The Rock Star Spots are presently running on MTV-X. So, no, you won't see Rock Star because MTV now owns it, but you might see the spots.

Visit Ned Ambler's site, which includes some of his shots of Theo, plus Hairburners update info.

Note from NED:**If anyone is interested in seeing HAIR BURNERS, and they can't wait to see it on the big screen, there is a homemade copy-TO RENT ($1.00)- at Kim's Video on St. Marks (NYC) now. Look for it in the 'New Acquisitions section, and later it will be in the 'Lesbian and Gay' section.

-May 30, 2000-




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