One World * One God * Many Faces

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One World * One God * Many Faces
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Please read the "Cover, Dedication" first.

Cover, Dedication
Chapter OneWelcome
Chapter Two Struggling and Not Finding (Experience)
Chapter ThreeA Growing Numbness (Experience)
Chapter FourWaking Up: Est and Lifespring (Experience)
Chapter FiveBrenner, Paary and the Ba'hai Faith (Experience)
Chapter Six Gurumayi's Ashram (Experience, Comparison of Siddha Yoga to Christianity, the Bible)
Chapter Seven A Call to Spiritual Excellence (Practices Designed to Purify Christians)
Chapter Eight Devotion: Thy Will Be Done (A complete devotion weekend-workshop that you can take with friends, with or without a facilitator. Includes an exercise in which you may invite your image of God or Christ to visit every room of the house of your heart.)
Chapter 9Meditation Manual (How you can meditate and why you should, drawing on Yoga and on the Bible.)
Chapter 10 God's Favorite Prayers. (What does the Bible tell us about how to pray?)
Chapter 11 Meditation for Christians (Reflections on the Bible. Are Christians called to meditate?)
Chapter 12 Readings About Grace. (Selections from the Bible and from Siddha Yoga literature, inviting comparison.)
Chapter 13 Readings About Faith (Selections from the Bible and from Siddha Yoga literature, inviting comparison.)
Chapter 14 Let Us Usher in the Kingdom (An Invitation to do God's Work. Let God's Will be Done on Earth.)

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