Q. What will I learn in a workshop or Meditation Therapy weekend?
A. You will learn what form of
meditation works best for you:

Q. What is the purpose of attending a retreat?
A. You will have fun discovering beauty and truth. You will practice honest communication. You may discover fixed patterns and beliefs that keep you from enjoying life fully. A weight may seem to be lifted from your shoulders. You may be able to experience a fresh perspective that will renew your appreciation for life and your commitment to appreciate and use every precious moment. In addition to learning about meditation, you will experience the deep effectiveness of Meditation Therapy.

Q. What do Meditation Therapy weekends cost?
A. Weekends have a suggested contribution of cost $110 US or $160 Canadian, or less than $5 per hour. You may voluntarily make an additional contribution out of gratitude for the results you have experienced. You may also contribute less if you choose.

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