Mediation: Personal and Commercial;
Therapist Trained in Law

Peter Bloch
Peter Bloch, M.A., LL.B., LL.M.
Mediator, Psychotherapist

83 Glenholme Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario M6H 3B2

Q.What is mediation?
A. Mediators resolve disputes by providing confidence that even tough problems may be resolved with patience, avoiding the expense of continued conflict. Peter Bloch is a mediator skilled in both law and psychotherapy, qualified to understand complex personal or commercial disputes and to assist the parties to find a reasonable, emotionally sound solution. Peter is quietly convinced that all can win and no one need lose. Mediators have available a wide variety of tools that may be used artfully and appropriately to
resolve an impasse that prevents conflict resolution. However, a mediator should not be too invested in assuring that the mediation results in agreement. Settlement and reconcilliation may have lasting benefits. They may be achieved when the participants, given encouragement, are willing to settle.

If a disagreement is not resolved by direct discussion, we prefer to mediate, with the assistance of a mutually acceptable mediator, rather than allowing the disagreement to remain unresolved or to result in litigation.

For more information about mediation, visit The Mediation Information & Resource Center (MIRC):

Q. Do you offer mediation services?
A. Yes. Peter Bloch is a peacemaker, reconciling people arguing over tough problems. He is a retired administrative judge experienced in tough technical and scientific disputes. He also has a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and is highly intuitive. He may use any of the following methods, when appropriate: instructing the parties in successful negotiation techniques, developing creative legal and economic alternatives, counseling, prayer, and "shuttle diplomacy."

Training in both law and counseling make Peter aware of subtle barriers to settlement and of creative ways to overcome them. He is a trained mediator. He may be able to resolve your dispute by E-mail or by telephone! Request mediation; get information. See Peter's qualifications.

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Q.Does Peter Bloch also offer psychotherapy or counselling services?
A.Yes. You may find a fuller description of these psychotherapy services by clicking on this link.

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