Cherishing Silence

Q. How can I build my appreciation for silence?
A. We teach the practice of meditation, which restores the sense of the sacred. Meditation slows us down and frees us from the noisy, endless rush of modern life.

Q.How can silence improve the quality of my life?
A.Silence helps us to enjoy life. It helps us to reflect and to examine our thoughts and actions without judgment. It places our noisy, obligation-filled life in perspective. Through reflection, we learn self-understanding and how to live creatively and responsibly. The appreciation for silence replaces the need for addictive thoughts and activities. When we love silence, there is no reason to run away from our thoughts and fears. Meditation brings unspeakable peace.

Q. Is it helpful to combine meditation with psychotherapy?
A. Yes. Most people do not understand the relationship between the two. However, Peter Bloch and MeditateNow offer a unique form of psychotherapy, called
Meditation Therapy, which enhances meditation and which is more effective when you combine the therapy with meditation.

Q. May I believe in God and meditate?
A. Believers in God quickly enjoy meditation, which brings them closer to God. Non-believers also love meditation, which is a way to relax and to appreciate life.

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