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Where Are You Going?: A Guide to the Spiritual Journey,Swami Muktananda. $12.95. In this book, Swami Muktananda explores in depth the most basic of all spiritual questions: What is the purpose of your life? Unless you reflect on this question, you may wander through life as a lost person. An excellent introduction to Siddha Yoga Meditation. The book provides a complete map of the process of selfknowing, from the first flash of questioning to the achievement of the state of perfect joy and freedom. Essays and questions and answers explore the different stages of the inner journey; the awakening of the Kundalini energy, the recognition of the inner Self, the function of the master, and the practice of mantra and meditation. An excerpt from this book:
O friend, where are you going?
You belong to the supreme Truth,
But you have forgotten your origin.
Now it is time to get back on the main road.


Dark Night of the Soul, St. John of the Cross. List: $10.95 ~ Our Price: $8.76 ~ You Save: $2.19 (20%). St. John of the Cross has been called "the most sublime of all Spanish mystics," and his spiritual masterwork, Dark Night Of The Soul, stands as one of the greatest contributions to the literature of mysticism.

The Dark Night of the Soul and the Living Flame of Love, St. John of the Cross. List: $7.00 ~ Our Price: $5.60 ~ You Save: $1.40 (20%). In 1564, St. John of the Cross, a Spanish mystic, was arrested and banished to a remote Andalusian monastery for his involvement in leading the Carmelite order to reform. During his captivity, he had frequent visions of God and composed many mystical poems. Two of the greatest are "The Dark Night of the Soul," which explores the pain of his felt absence of God, and "The Living Flame," a paean to the joy and peace experienced by the soul after reunion with God.

Meditate, Swami Muktananda. $9.95. My indebtedness to Gurumayi makes me doubly indebted to Swami Muktananda, who is her Guru. Muktananda's writings contain the secrets that helped to make Gurumayi a realized being. This is a practical how-to book of meditation techniques. Swami Muktananda explains, "Meditation happens through the grace of a Siddha Master; it is our birth-right. All we must do is to shift our focus from the outside to the inner Self."

This book is highly recommended for the new meditator and for anyone wishing to deepen their meditation experience. Here is an excerpt from this book:
Meditation is such a great purifier that it washes away the sins of countless lifetimes and removes all the impurities and tensions which beset the mind. Meditation rids us of disease and makes us more skillful at everything we do. Through meditation, our inner awareness expands and our understanding of inner and outer things becomes steadily deeper. Through meditation, we travel to different inner worlds and have innumerable inner experiences. Above all, meditation stills the mind, which constantly wanders, which constantly causes suffering, and establishes us forever in the state of supreme peace, which is independent of any external factors. Ultimately, meditation makes us aware of our own true nature. It is this awareness which removes all suffering and delusion, and this awareness comes only when we see face to face our own inner Self.

Yoga : The Iyengar Way , Silva Mehta, Mira Mehta (Contributor), Shyam Mehta (Contributor) List, $23.00; Our Price, $18.40, You Save: $4.60 (20%) This book is highly recommended both for relaxing stretches and for general conditioning. A comprehensive, practical, and authoritative guide to the method developed by Iyengar. 100 key postures with detailed step-by-step instructions and photographs. Not only are the pictures of the asanas clear and helpful, but they include many helpful hints for holding the pose correctly, and suggest modifications for yogis of different levels. There is also a lesson plan at the end of the book, which is helpful for people who wish to follow a yoga exercise regime at home.

Video: Power Yoga 1-Energize (1995) , Bryan Kest, et al. List, $14.96; Our Price, $12.99, You Save: $1.97 (13%) Anyone wanting to get in shape like the stars need go no further than Bryan Kest's videos. Kest teaches wildly popular yoga classes in Santa Monica, California--so popular that stars like Rhea Perlman, David Duchovny, and Elisabeth Shue willingly sweat alongside the hoi polloi in Kest's packed, ancient loft studio. If you don't happen to be in the neighborhood, not to worry: Kest's yoga videos are nearly as good as being there. Volume 1: Energize is a beginner level class that nonetheless is smartly designed to provide challenges for all levels of users. Kest's Jersey-boy voice at first seems in contrast to the serene environment and inner-peace objectives, but it gradually becomes soothing and hypnotic in its own right. Stretches and strengthening moves are alternated with just enough repose to keep even first timers on track. After mastering Vol. 1, practitioners can go on to Volume 2: Tone or Volume 3: Sweat to further challenge themselves. As long as you keep in mind Kest's personal mantra--"If you're doing the best you can, you're doing this class perfectly"--you and this video should have many satisfying years of workouts together.

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Creating Health : How to Wake Up the Body's Intelligence, Deepak Chopra. List: $11.95 ~ Our Price: $9.56 ~ You Save: $2.39 (20%). Dr. Chopra, who is one of my favorite people, has revised his groundbreaking book about the healing power of the mind. Based on Dr. Chopra's recent work and new perspectives, this book includes the techniques of mindfulness meditation, a simple but powerful form of breath-focused meditation. When Mr. Chopra speaks, it is well worth contemplating his thoughts.

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