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The Annotated Aa Handbook: A Companion to the Big Book, Frank D., Bill Alcoholics Anonymous W., Frank Dwyer. List: $20.00, Our Price: $16.00, You Save: $4.00 (20%). The entire text of the original first edition Big Book, including the personal accounts of many of the earliest members of A.A. are reprinted here. Frank D. has added several valuable features certain to help you put the principles of the A.A. program into practice:

Donna T. from Challenges Magazine writes:
Looking for a particular passage? Can't remember where it is? This labor of love and scholarship exemplifies "a calling"--the entire original first edition text of the book Alcoholics Anonymous has extensive cross references tied to concepts found in the book, an accomplishment similar to constructing a diagramless crossword puzzle in 3-D. Historical notes and definitions of terms are included as well as profiles of Dr. Silkworth, Bill W., and Dr. Bob. All of the original first edition personal stories are included along with information about the authors of these stories. This book is a valuable tool for any student of the Big Book or anyone wishing to awaken spiritually through the practice of the 12 Steps.

A Simple Program: A Contemporary Translation of the Original Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W., J, J., Alcoholics Anonymous. List: $9.95 ~ Our Price: $7.96 ~ You Save: $1.99 (20%). The first and only modernization of the "bible" of Alcoholics Anonymous, A Simple Program provides an accessible, gender-equal translation for today's readers while maintaining the book's complete core text, which serves as the basis of all 12-step programs.

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, Hazelden Foundation. List: $10.00 ~ Our Price: $8.00 ~ You Save: $2.00 (20%). The first trade book ever to explore the meaning of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous--a wise and compassionate guide for recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book), Published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. List: $4.60 ~ Our Price: $4.60 + $2.35 special surcharge. This is the original Bible of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a must read if you are trying to figure out if you are an alcoholic or if the AA way to recovery can work for you. You also must read this book if you want to know about a book that has helped hundreds of thousands to recover their lives from alcoholism and drug abuse. Alcoholics Anonymous in Spanish, List: $3.50 ~ Our Price: $3.50 + $2.85 special surcharge.

The Miracle Method: A Radically New Approach to Problem Drinking, Scott D., Phd Miller, Insoo Kim Berg. List: $13.00 ~ Our Price: $10.40 ~ You Save: $2.60 (20%). Author and therapist, David Treadway remarks, "At last! A how-to-book that describes a tailor made approach to each individual rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. He explains,

Your spouse nags you about your drinking. Your boss suggests Alcoholics Anonymous. You know you have a problem. You need a solution; you need a miracle. This book presents a new approach to therapy that focuses not on the past or the present but on the future, not on problems but on solutions. The authors ask readers to imagine a miracle: Suppose while you are asleep tonight a miracle happens and your problem is solved, just like that! Because you were sleeping, you didn't know that this miracle occurred. What is the first thing tomorrow morning that will let you know that there has been a miracle and that your problem is solved? From that "first thing," the authors help readers to imagine a future when drinking is not a problem and to specify small, concrete, obtainable goals that will make that future a reality. Neither the humiliation of "hitting bottom" nor a lifetime commitment to AA is necessary to make this approach work. Instead the individual learns to recognize exceptions (times when drinking is not a problem), catch himself "doing things right," handle setbacks, and revise the "miracle picture" when things aren't working. Highly practical, The "Miracle" Method is a radically new and effective approach to problem drinking.
The Miracle Method provides a way for each person to create his own vision of success and the path he needs to follow to get there. In this book you learn:

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself, Melody Beattie. List: $12.95 ~ Our Price: $10.36 ~ You Save: $2.59 (20%). A New York Times bestseller, this is the definitive book about codependency written by a recovering codependent and former family counselor for all those who, like her, have suffered the torment of loving too much. A reader writes:
This book helped me to see myself honestly and within the privacy I needed to face my codependency. Some of the discoveries I have made have been painful, and the book provided a guide for me to work through them at my pace--I could put it down and pick it up whenever I was ready with no pressure from others. The author has been very straightforward and open in her discussion of both the topic and her own experiences.

The Language of Letting Go, Melody Beattie. List: $14.95 ~ Our Price: $11.96 ~ You Save: $2.99 (20%). Focusing on self-esteem and acceptance, these daily meditations give voice to the thoughts and feelings common to men and women in recovery. While this book is applicable to all people in recovery, the meditations were extremely helpful to a mother who regularly attends Toughlove because of difficulties with her teenage son.

Beyond Codependency: And Getting Better All the Time, Melody Beattie. List: $12.95 ~ Our Price: $10.36 ~ You Save: $2.59 (20%). This sequel to Codependent No More speaks to an audience that has grown beyond the understanding of codependency and is striving to continue their journey.

Toughlove, Phyllis York, David York, Ted Wachtel. List: $6.50 ~ Our Price: $5.20 ~ You Save: $1.30 (20%). This book spawned the Toughlove movement. Phyllis and David York got involved in community work that arose from personal trauma. One of their three daughters was arrested for robbing a cocaine dealer, the capping point of a history of troubles. The'd tried everything they knew to help her (and they were family therapists themselves in Philadelphia). A threshold had been crossed: they couldn't bring themselves to bail their daughter out of jail. Instead they turned to their friends for help. They asked for community support, and they got it. What do you do when someone you love behaves impossibly? How do you break the cycle of the "game" -- unacceptable behavior, making up, rescuing and helping? What effect does it have to refuse to keep rescuing someone you love? See Bethesda Toughlove, for information about one local group.

Local Heroes, Bill Berkowitz. List: $15.95 ~ Our Price: $15.95. This book is distributed by Tough Love. Read about a tough decision to kick the kids out.

Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families, Published by Hazelden. List: $11.00 ~ Our Price: $11.00. Wonderful readings to help families survive alcoholism and addiction by living one day at a time. These are very poetic and faith-filled thoughts. For example, the September 1 text begins: "Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark." --Sir Rabindranath Tagore. The day's reading ends: What faith can I celebrate right now?

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