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Learn meditation for your beliefs and tastes.  Free on-line meditation manual. Learn to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  Quiet critical thoughts. Learn to practice meditation patiently until you witness your own thoughts, feelings and experiences lovingly and without panic.   Learn from mistakes you have made.  Appreciate silence and lose the need to be always doing something. Improve your relationships.

Meditation is an ancient practice used by people of many faiths, including Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Ba'hai and agnostic. It is now well accepted in medical circles.

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We combine instruction in meditation with psychotherapy. Why? Because psychological issues may interfere with effective meditation. Meditation helps you to see your own mind, thoughts and feelings in a more tranquil way. This helps you to become your own therapist and to resolve your own problems. There is a natural alliance between psychotherapy and meditation. We help you with both. Our work is a special form of psychotherapy called "Meditation Therapy" because of our concern with both meditation and therapy. Help is offered for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress and for chronic illness, including partners of the chronically ill.


These pages contain self-assessment tools that will permit you to evaluate the benefits you will gain from meditation, what you most cherish about life, and how well your closest relationship works. Consider attending a Meditation Therapy Weekend, learn about the next weekend and learn about a recent weekend.  Resolve your doubts.  Get free advice.

This page was designed with your interests in mind. New features are planned. Feel free to browse these pages, to ask questions, and to make suggestions.



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