Reflecting On Your Relationships

How do you get along with others?

Consider the possibility that your partner (or your past partners) may not be as much at fault as you may think. This is a very helpful reflection because you can control your own behaviour, to some extent, but you have little control over your partner. Reflecting on this possibility will help you to see how you affect your partner (or have affected past partners) and how you may be able to improve things just by improving yourself.

Take an honest inventory of your important relationships. Consider how much improvement there may be. Here are some things to consider:

 How often are you and your partner:
  • Emotionally honest (showing how you feel),
  • Spontaneous,
  • Loving,
  • Willing to ask for what you want,
  • Playful,
  • Giving.
 How often do you and your partner:
  • Bicker,
  • Complain,
  • Acknowledge each otherís strengths,
  • Blame or find fault,
  • Feel irritated,
  • Get angry,
  • Pretend not to be angry when you are.
 How often do you:
  • Initiate fun activities,
  • Become sexually playful,
  • Solve problems faced by both of you,
  • Avoid contact by busyness (including TV and radio),
  • Fail to hear what your partner has said,
  • Fail to speak loud enough to be heard by your partner,
  • Blame your partner for not understanding you,
  • Look for ways to improve your relationship by changing your own behaviour.

Please reflect on these questions. Do not judge or blame yourself. By doing this, you may gain insights that will help you to improve your life. Through this little experiment, you will have a taste of how the regular practice of meditation may help you to understand yourself better and to make positive changes in your behaviour. You also may decide to join us for a
Meditation Therapy Weekend, one of the best and most meaningful weekends of your life.

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