Meditation Therapy Retreat, June 2002

Three people participated in the June 2002 Meditation Therapy Retreat. Each had thought deeply about the retreat before coming. Yet no one knew in advance how powerful this weekend experience proved to be. The three participants have each volunteered the use of their photo and their personal testimony so that others will know the value of this work. Each person's comments is included below.

With love and respect,
Picture of Participants
 WillistineThe retreat weekend was great; it was like a 48 hour therapy session. Having potluck meals and not having all the luxuries of home was also a good experience it brings you back to nature.

The weekend made me realize that it's time for me to forget my bad childhood and to move on with my life. I will not bring up the past again when I meet people. My week after the retreat was very difficult I became more aware than usual about my judging other people and my other short comings. I was constantly reminding myself that people were not doing anything that I wouldn't do and I should stop criticizing.

The weekend was an excellent starting point for me to start focusing on my life today & now and not from the past. I think I still have a lot of work cut out for me and I'm looking forward to recovering from all of my past experiences and to begin a life of happiness & love. I will work on find something other than my grandson to make my heart sing that does not mean that he will stop doing that. I just need to find something by way of a career path/part time something that will make me enjoy life to the fullest.


The weekend retreat was a wonderful break from the busyness of a hectic life in the city. The surroundings were meant to establish all the comforts the soul seeks; nature at it's best, green beauty all around, lots of beautiful trees, flowers and colourful natural fields of herbs and vegetables.

There was an immediate feeling of calm. Meeting new people with such diverse backgrounds and experiences was a real delight. The deep connection with each other was made ever apparent through the loving techniques used by Peter in various exercises. I have never looked into the eyes of another stranger with such love, love of the person they are, with no judgment existing. It was truly a blessed experience.

There are people who have overcome huge obstacles and survived, it makes me thankful for the experiences and lessons I have gained in my own life. I know I am on the right path, that only by going into my deeper self, continually, will I stay tuned to the messages from my intuition and innate intelligence. The light is in all of us, and it is up to each of us to use this powerful tool.

The meditation helped me to bring out these elements. The sharing of stories, and time together also led to new insight into group consciousness and the connection we all have as human beings. No matter what our ethnic background is or country of origin or life experiences, we are all one.

This weekend retreat brought me closer to my feelings about people, life, nature, all threads that lead us to true purpose in life.

 EddieRemembering the retreat rejoices my heart;I can finally hear it sing with spirit.

Three spirits were guided by your wisdom on that weekend. Within that truth you helped us soar ourselves beyond the great divide that separates the three dimensional world and those of the spiritual realm. Totally bathed in the love of your presence, Willistein's and Donna's, my heart really did sing louder and stronger than at any moment I could remember in my life.It also helped me relive good memories when my heart sang in the course of my life and also bad memories when my heart cried and was filled with bitterness and anger.

And if the retreat didn't teach me anything else it taught me how much a heart can really sing and rejoice out of love. Love of nature, song and spirit. Love of brother and sisterhood. Love of family and soul-mates. Love of life! A passion for life and a zest to live it! Knowing that if your heart is not happy and singing you are not living life but are slowly dying.

There are two ways to experience the destiny brought before us. One of them is the experience of dying. This is what happens when are hearts are shut out from engaging in our daily lives. When our minds are made up to quiet the song of life laid in our hearts.

The logic within us can only reveal the truth governed by our material world. It lives in fear of death and thus lives death because its the reality it knows: We are born. We therefore die. Everything comes to an end. We must take and take and take because nobody knows when the end will come. When disaster will hit. Beyond death there is no reality in our three dimensional world. Beyond death is nothing according to hard-core science fact, an institution greatly governed by the mind.

The second way to experience this journey through the cosmos is to experience it by living. Yes, letting our physical bodies engage and interact with our hearts. The heart is where the spirit and love abide. Love brings life to spirit. Spirit adds purpose to life. Both are forever intertwined.

Spirit can never die but transcends the material world; the physical reality of death. To find the light within our hearts is to engage in the eternity of life; only then can our physical form enjoy life instead of living in fear. God is within us all and within are hearts. God is love.

Let your heart sing and rejoice the presence of God. My heart is truly singing. Peter. Donna. Willistein. Thanks for the love. Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your wisdom.

"Success is a journey not a destination"

 PeterIt was an honor to facilitate the work of this Meditation Therapy Weekend. I will remember the work we did and the people who I grew to love during this weekend.
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