Peter Bloch
Peter Bloch, M.A., LL.B., LL.M.
Psychotherapist, Mediator
Meditation Therapy

83 Glenholme Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario M6H 3B2


We practice a special kind of psychotherapy called "Meditation Therapy." It blends psychotherapy and meditation, an ancient practice now also accepted by medicine. Meditation therapy is helpful for sadness, stress, fears, low self-esteem, problems with people or problems caused by chronic illness of yourself or another. You need not be ill.

Meditation Therapy uses meditation to help you to relax and to increase your ability to understand yourself by increasing your skill in being an objective observer of your mind, emotions and behaviour. You are encouraged to meditate between psychotherapy sessions. Meditation also is an important part of each session. This is very helpful in building equanimity and tranquility and developing meaningful insights.

Meditation Therapy also may include tools that help you to learn to be an objective observer, such as Gestalt therapy or Metaphor Therapy (developed by Richard Kopp, Ph.D.), which helps to identify and modify internally generated images that affect behaviour even without your knowledge.

The Value of Therapy

Meditation Therapy helps your life blossom.  Too often people mistakenly think they are unimportant, ineffective or unable to manage their relationships or their life.   If you choose, you may immediately begin to work for deeper self-understanding and a deeper appreciation of the joy of life. This attitude change may help you to acquire the skills you need to be more effective with people and at work.

Finding a Therapist

Peter Bloch practices meditation and is a trained psychotherapist. His goal is to help you to be your own therapist by improving your ability to observe your own mind and feelings and to make fresh, free choices. However, do not accept his word for this. First, check his resume. Also browse the MeditateNow home page, which he has written and which explains his approach to meditation, to life, and to psychotherapy. Then consider making appointments with at least two other mental health professionals (psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, ministers or priests or rabbis, physicians or social workers). Choose to work with a professional who can best support you to understand and change your life.

Questions, Information or an appointment

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