Meditate Now

 Peter Bloch


Dear Friend:

It is a pleasure to invite you to attend a Meditation Therapy Weekend. By asking to attend a Weekend, you will have priority to attend. Most weekends are near Toronto, Ontario, but weekends may be held anywhere that there are enough interested people. As soon as you ask to attend, you will begin receiving regular, periodic assistance by E-mail, telephone and in person. This will help you to establish your meditation practice and prepare you to make your retreat a landmark experience.

A Meditation Therapy Weekend is a great time to review your life and let new flowers bloom. Our work is focused and loving. We begin at 8 PM on Friday evening and leave on Sunday at about 3:30 PM.

The weekend will encourage you to build or strengthen your meditation practice and to work through personal issues and relationship issues. Everyone is welcome, including couples and singles. We meet at lovely locations near to parks or natural settings. If you want to attend or if you need more information, let me know soon. As soon as you enroll, you may begin the work of preparing for the Weekend.


The methods used in a Meditation Therapy Retreat are described on my Home page. They include a variety of kinds of meditation, silent reflection, pen and paper exercises, sharing with one other person or before a group, gestalt exercises (including role play and dream exercises), metaphor therapy (working with images that may affect your thoughts and behavior), art, movement, exercises in nature and just plain fun.

Once the dates for the weekend are set, there is a $50 non-refundable deposit and the minimum fee for the weekend is $165 per person ($300 per couple), Canadian. Larger contributions -- based on the ability to pay, generosity and on the value of the weekend -- are welcome. Time payments and scholarships may be arranged in advance.

By the end of a Meditation Therapy Weekend, you may expect to feel appreciated, warmed and loved. You may also expect to be free to take notice of your own life more objectively and to be willing and able to make necessary changes!


Sincerely and enthusiastically!

P.S. Please check the Disclosure Statement, which includes a discussion of confidentiality at the retreat. All participants to the retreat will agree to this statement in advance.