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When is Hbee Inc. Radio?
Hbee Radio is brought to you every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

Where is Hbee Inc. Radio?
Hbee Radio can be heard on WMFO 91.5 FM in Boston. Also, theorectically, you can listen via the web but it hasn't been working lately.

What Is Hbee Inc. Radio?
Hbee Radio is a musical melange spinning a span of a century of song in alliterative attitudinal audio. Amen. The playlists speak for themselves. We (the imperial "we", we mean) also play host to some of the brightest and smartest of Boston's literary and comic minds.

Where Are The Playlists?

Why Hbee? Why not...

Abee - Too rudimentary
Bbee - Vaguely Nixonian
Cbee - Too reminiscent of a '70's nightclub
Dbee - Too geekish
Ebee - Nobody starts anything with e anymore
Fbee - Possibly offensive
Gbee - Sounds like an Irish playwright
Hbee - Perfect!
Ibee - Too cloying
Jbee - Possible lawsuit by community organization
Kbee - Too childish
Lbee - Too close to "elbow" - not dignified
Mbee - Empty? Huh? What?
Nbee - Sounds footnotey
Obee - Star Wars - Feminine Protection
Pbee - And j? I don't think so
Qbee - I never liked Leon Uris
Rbee - Used to work there. Hated it.
Sbee - Braverman? No way?
Tbee - Too medical
Ubee - Bad reggae
Vbee - Too Microsoft
Wbee - They cancelled Felicia
Xbee - Yah, right
Ybee - Painful memories
Zbee - Nobody starts anything with z anymore


1st Show
04-16-03 04-23-03
06-11-03 06-18-03
07-09-03 07-16-03


Previous Guests - Denise Robichau, Stash, Kim Davis, Chengda Lee, Tim Gager, Joe Randazzo, Derek Gerry, Peter Dutton, Corey Manning, The Rev. Tim McIntyre, Baratunde Thurston, Winston Kidd, Eric Riley Moore, Janet Cormier, Dan Sally, Sam Walters, Erin Judge

If you have a suggestion for a guest, let me know!


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