Get Up, Stand Up

Upcoming Dates:

6-4 Legends Bar in Waltham
6-18 The Comedy Studio
6-26 The Comedy Studio

I have an email list to announce performances, so if you'd like to increase your spam collection, send me an email and I'll add you to the list.

Places I've Peformed

The Lizard Lounge
The home of swell comedy. Kim and Chengda run a wonderful thing.

Stash's Comedy Jam
A wonderful place with a swell host.

The Midway Cafe
Jessica is ever perky, chipper and gracious. Oh, and swell.

The Comedy Studio
The home of smart comedy. If you're looking for bright, intelligent humor this is the place to be.

Other Comedy Things
(Or Sucking Up)
[Note: If I have not sucked up to you
and you think I should just email me!]


The Kvetch Board
Brought to you by The Comedy Studio, this is an online forum for comics and civilians what? Self professed Web Dom, Kyria Abrahms, has done a Strict and Disciplined job revamping it.

Amusing Notions
A lovely humor site that I contributed piece to.

Rev Tim McIntyre
Bald, ballsy and brilliant, Tim McIntyre's wife has called him "the Lenny Bruce of my generation." He's a standard to work towards.

Kyria Abrahams
If I hadn't already used the "of [enter time range] generation", I'd use it to describe Kyria. But I did. So I shouldn't. It's redundant and stylistically stupid. Instead, read her blog. Daily. For the rest of your life.

Comedy Gods

Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks died too goddamn soon. Of all the comics, he wrote with a precision and insight that was utterly astounding. "I think the last thing Jesus would want to see when he came back is a fucking cross." His cross between pragmatism and outrage won't be duplicated for a very long time.

Lenny Bruce
The comic that made it possible for all comics working today. Lenny Bruce was not always funny, nor was he even coherent. But when he wasn't whacked out on herion, he could be brilliant. The obscenity trials that Bruce went through opened the doors for other comics to talk about "taboo" subjects and to say the word "fuck" without being sent to jail. A new book The Trials Of Lenny Bruce documents the trials. It's a good read, though dry at time. One of the highlights has a prosecutor asking a minister if "motherfucker" is not a violation of "Love thy mother and thy father."

Bob and Ray
It's hard to describe Bob and Ray without quoting them. And they don't quote well out of context. This duo from the 60's broke all the rules about how to be funny. There are rarely any punchlines. Their jokes work solely from the build up with in the sketch. Classic sketches like "The Slow Talkers Of America" where the interviewee speaks maddeningly slowly don't sound funny in the description, but it's one of the few sketches I laugh consistently out loud.

Peter Cook
Before Monty Python came Beyond the Fringe. They were the first English troupe to publically ridicule current government officials. Out of Beyond the Fringe came Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Dudley Moore quickly descended into the land of talentlessness. Peter Cook descended into alcoholism, but along the way never lost his brilliance.

Monty Python
When we were kids, we liked Monty Python mostly because they had tits on their show. Then we started understanding the jokes. There's barely anything you can say about Monty Python that doesn't make you sound like you're a drooling fan quoting them.


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