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1 Warm Breeze (US 1981 Pablo Today D2312131) red vinyl M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
C.B. Express6:05Sam NesticoCookie*3:58Sam Nestico
After the Rain7:15Flight to Nassau*4:27
Warm Breeze6:45How Sweet it is**7:58
Satin Doll5:56Ellington-Strayhorn-Mercer
Piano: Count Basie
Guitar, Shaker: Freddie Green
Bass: Cleveland Eaton
Drums: Gregg Field, Harold Jones*
Trumpet: Willie Cook, Harry "Sweets" Edison**
Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Sonny Cohn, Dale Carley, Frank Szabo, Bob Summers
Trombones: Mitchell "Booty" Wood, Dennis Wilson, Grover Mitchell, Bill Hughes
Tenor Saxophone: Eric Dixon
Tenor Saxophone & Flute: Bobby Plater, Danny Turner
Baritone Saxophone: Johnny Williams
Arranged & Conducted by Sam Nestico
Produced by Norman Granz
Photo by: Phil Stern
Layout & Design: Norman Granz & Sheldon Marks
Studio: Group IV Studios Hollywood, Ca. September 1 & 2, 1981
Engineers: Angel Balestier, Dennis Sands
Second Engineers: Greg Orloff, Paul Aronoff
This record was recorded and mastered using the 3M Digital Mastering System.

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1 Good King Bad (US 1976 CTI 6062) gatefold M-/VG+ $8
Side 1Side 2
theme from Good King Bad6:00David MatthewsCast Your Fate to the Wind6:56Vince Guaraldi
One Rock Don't Make No Boulder6:48Siberian Workout6:40David Matthews
Em4:53Philip NamanworthShell of a Man5:13Eugene McDaniels
Arranged by David Matthews
Rhythm arrangements on Em and Shell of a Man by Gary King

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios
Rudy Van Gelder, Engineer
Recorded July and December, 1975

Cover photograph by Pete Turner
Liner photograph by Pete Turner
Album design by Rene Schumacher

*courtesy Arista Records
George Benson, Eric Gale (all selections except Shell of a Man)

Ronnie Foster (Shell of a Man), Don Grolnick (clavinet Good King Bad, One Rock), Roland Hanna (Em), Bobby Lyle (Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout)

Gary King

Dennis Davis (Shell of a Man), Steve Gadd (Em), Andy Newmark (Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout

Sue Evans, David Friedman (vibes Good King Bad, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, solo of Shell of a Man)

*Randy Brecker (Good King Bad)
Fred Wesley

*Mike Brecker (tenor Good King Bad), Robbie Cuber (baritone Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout), David Sanborn (alto Good King Bad), Frank Vicari (tenor Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout)

Joe Farrell (solo Good King Bad, One Rock, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Siberian Workout), Romeo Penque (Em, Shell of a Man), David Tofani (Em, Shell of a Man)

Max Ellen, Paul Gershman, Harry Glickman, Emanuel Green, Harold Kohon, David Nadien, John Pintavalle, Max Pollikoff

Harold Coletta, Theodore Israel

Charles McCracken, Alan Shulman

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1 Unorthodox Behaviour (US 1976 Passport PB 9819) M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Nuclear Burn6:25Collins/Goodsall/Lumley/JonesSmacks of Euphoric Hysteria4:25Collins/Goodsall/Lumley/Jones
Euthanasia Waltz5:37Unorthodox Behavious8:13
Born Ugly8:10Running on Three4:35
Touch Wood3:03
Produced by Brand X and Dennis Mackay

2 Moroccan Roll (UK 1977 Charisma CAS 1126) M-/M- $8
3 Moroccan Roll (US 1977 Passport PB 9822) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Sun in the Night *+4:23GoodsallDisco Suicide7:55Lumley
Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)***11:19CollinsOrbits1:35Jones
"Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All"2:09Malaga Virgen8:27
Hate Zone4:41GoodsallMacrocosm7:23Goodsall
John Goodsall: Fender Stratocaster Electric guitar / Acoustic guitar / Zone Boxes / Space Echo / Sitar / Backing vocals / Voltage-controlled aluminium bidet
Percy Jones: Fender Bass / Amos effects boxes / Autoharp on "Orbits" / Marimba on "malaga Virgen"
Robin Limley: Fender Rhodes electric piano / Acoustic piano / Autoharp on "Collapsar" / Mini-Moog synthesizer / ARP Odyssey synthesiser / Roland String synthesiser / Backing vocals / Clavinet / Pulsar processor / Space Echo.
Philip Collins: Drums / Lead vocals / Acoustic piano on "Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All" / Frequency Eater.
Morris Pert: Percussion and a vast number of bits and things that he hit while the tape was running, including: the Q.E. 2, Idi Amin, and undiscovered parts of Scotland.
*+ The Sanskrit lyrics on this track mean: "Sun in the Night, Everyone is together, Ascending in the heavens, Life is forever"
*** This track was recorded "live" in the studio:-there are no overdubs.
Phil Collins appears courtesy of Atlantic Records
Recorded in Panavision at Trident Studios, London December 1976/January 1977, and mixed at Morgan Studios, London, February 1977 where the curtains are drawn, but the furniture is real.
Engineered by Dennis (face-Blaster) Mackay in association with Brand X
Tape Ops: Trident: Neil Ross, Geoff Leach, Steve Short, John Brand. Morgan: Chris Tsangarides.
Tea Boys: Trident: Simon, Nigel, Bob. Morgan: Perry, Mark, and Victim.
Album mastered by Ray Staff
Equipment: Pete Donovan, Geoff Banks, Andy Mackrill, Tex Read and Dale.
Thanks: to Tony Smith, Brian Murray-Smith, and Alexandra Sim of Hit and Run Music for their management and guidance; to Peter Booth and Navel Nitram for limiting studio chaos; to the Ifield Male voice Girls Choir for excessive yodelling; to Richard and John of Portobello Weird Languages Ltd.; to Bill Bruford and Marty Scott, to Sarah, without whom several cars would have been towed away.
Sleeve Design by Hipgnosis/Hardie
Cover Photograph by Hipgnosis
Group Photographs by Rob Brimson

4 Livestock (US 1977 Passport PB 9824) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Nightmare Patrol*7:50Goodsall/DennardIsis Mourning i)10:15Goodsall/Jones/Lumley/Pert/Collins
Euthanasia Waltz5:30Goodsall/Jones/Lumley/CollinsMalaga Virgen*9:35Jones
Phil Collins-Drums
John Goodsall-Guitars
Percy Jones-Bass
Robin Lumley-Keyboards
Morris Pert-Percussion
Kenwood Dennard-Drums*

Recorded on the Manor Mobile at Ronnie Scotts, London Sept. 1976 and at the Hammersmith Odeon and the Marquee Club, London August 1977
Mixed at Trident Studios London August 1977
Engineer-Jerry Smith
Assistants-John Brand, Steve Short, Neil Ross
Produced by Brand X
Sleeve design & photos by Hipgnosis
Equipment-Steve Hall, Pete Donovan
Management-Tony Smith, Hit & Run Music
Brian Murray-Smith & Alex Sim
Hammersmith concert produced by Straight Music, London
Phil Collins appears by courtesy of Atlantic Records

5 Masques (US 1978 Passport PB 9829) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
The Poke5:06J. GoodsallEarth Dance6:10M. Pert
Masques3:17P. Jones/P. RobinsonAccess to Data8:04J. Goodsall
Black Moon4:48M. PertThe Ghost of Mayfield Lodge10:08P. Jones
Deadly Nightshade10:54
Percy Jones: Bass
Morris Pert: Percussion (Fender Piano on "Black Moon")
Peter Robinson: Keyboards
Chuck Burgi: Drums
John Goodsall: Guitar

Grateful Thanks To: Tony Smith, Brian Murray-Smith, Steve Hall, Peter Thompson, Gail Colson, Walter O'Brien, Nancy Lewis, Mike Farrell, Clive Davis and Marty Scott, Bernadette Sheridan, David and Sharon, Shergold Custom Guitars, Wal Custom Basses, Rotosound Strings, Farmyard, Doc Dymond, H.H.B., The London Ambulance Service and The Norman Choir for Unphazed vocals on "The Poke"
Recorded and mixed at Trident Studios, London, May/June 1978
Producer: Robin Lumley
Engineer: Stephen W. Tayler
Asst. Engineers: Colin Green, Reno Ruocco, Mike Donegani
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NY by Jack Skinner
Brand X Equipment: Pete Donovan, Steve Jones, Dave Powell
Management: Hit & Run Music
Sleeve Design: Front Photo-Chris Kutschera
Back Cover-Hag ©.(Courtesy of the bag)
Layout-A D Design

6 Product (US 1979 Passport PB 9840) cos M-/M- $5
Side 1Side 2
Don't Make Waves*5:28GoodsallAlgon (where an ordinary cup of drinking chocolate costs £8,000,000,000)*6:07Lumley
Dance of the Illegal Aliens+6:52JonesRhesus Perplexus*4:06Giblin
Soho*3:47Goodsall & CollinsWal to Wal^3:09Giblin Jones
...And So to F....*6:34CollinsNot Good Enough-See Me!+7:27Jones & Robinson
Mike Clark-Drums+
Phil Collins-Drums, Percussion, Vocals*^
John Goodsall: Guitar & Vocals*+
John Giblin-Basses*^
Robin Lumley-Keyboards, Gunfire, Chainsaw*
Morris Pert-Percussion+
Peter Robinson-Keyboards, Gunfire, Vocals+
Percy Jones-Basses+^
Recording Engineers-Colin Green, Neil Kernon
Remix Engineers-Richard Austin, Colin Green, Neil Kernon, Reno Ruocco
Recorded at Startling Studios, Ascot, England, April 1979
Remixed at Farmyard Studios, Trident and Starling June/July 1979
'Soho" and 'Wal to Wal' recorded at 'Old Croft' Surrey. Eng: P. Collins (Modern, Noisy and Effective)
Mastered by Ray Staff Produced by Brand X with Colin Green and Neil Kernon
Sleeve Design-Hipgnosis/Elgie
Photos by Hipgnosis. Graphics by Colin Elgic
Photos of Morris and Peter by Paul Canty, LFI
Photo of Mike Clarke by Jon Giblin
Equipment: Pete Donovan, Andy Mackrill and Geoff Banks
Thanks to:
Munch by Rose(Ode to Joy) Levison, the invaluable Brian (Jaws) Murray hyphen Smith, Uncle Tony cash flow Smith and Hit and Run, Mike O'Donnell, Trevor and Eva Morais, Rupert Hine, Martin Howe and Superwound Strings, The Vibe Cats (Cloth Ears and ??thbert)
Occasional Title + handclaps by Edward Carson
The Belvedere Airship Hangar, Ascot
The Royal Argon Hotel Asgot
Brand X would like to thank each other for the warmth generated suring the making of this record.
Ambushes furnished by Robinson/Lumley Ltd.
Authentic Animal Noises by Authentic Animals
Research for 'Soho' by B.M. Smith + J. Goodsall
Entertainment by Basil, Sybil, Polly, Manuel, Linda Lovelace
Costumes by L. Taked'Ehemupp
What the Critics Said....
"Fantastic, I laughed 'til I stopped!" (A. Whicker)
"A fantastic year for sheep" (A. Sheep.[Min.of Certain Things])
"What a fine body of men they nearly are." (Mr O.W.A Giveaway)
"GR ST" (Mr. Jo Sm)
"EA UF" (Mr. Oh I)
"T F" (Mr Hn Th)
"Eeeaaayyyeeeaaagh!" (E. Waring)

7 Do They Hurt? (US 1980 Passport PB 9845) M-/M- co $8
Side 1Side 2
Noddy Goes to Sweden4:30P. JonesCambodia4:31J. Goodsall
Voidarama4:21J. GoodsalTriumphant Limp7:34J. Goodsal, J. Giblin, R. Lumley, P. Collins
Act of Will4:43D.M.Z8:49P. Jones
Fragile5:26P.Jones, P. Robinson
Percy Jones: bass & vocals
Peter Robinson: keyboards & tam tam
Mike Clark: drums
John Goodsall: guitars & vocals
John Giblin: bass
Phil Collins: drums
Robin Lumley: piano & keyboards
Recorded at Startling and Farmyard Studios, England
Engineer: Neil Kernon
Produced by Brand X & Neil Kernon
Morris Pert: Percussion on Noddy Goes to Sweden & Fragile
Title Spoken by: Michael Palin
Management: Tony Smith
Brian Murray-Smith Hit & Run Music
Cover Design & Photos: Hipgnosis (Not Again)
Colouring: Richard Manning

8 Is There Anything About? (US 1982 Passport PL 5006) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Ipanaemia4:30GoodsallSwan Song5:30Collins/Lumley/Giblin/Short
A Longer April7:00GiblinIs There Anything About?7:52Jones/Goodsall/Lumley/Collins
Modern, Noisy and Effective3:56Goodsall/Lumley/ShortTmiu-Atga5:07Giblin/Robinson/Lumley
Philip Collins: Drums and concussion
Percy Jones: Bass
John Giblin: Bass, Whitbread, a vocal
Robin Lumley: Keyboards and vocal
Peter Robinson: Keyboards
John Goodsal: Guitar
Raf Ravenscroft: Saxophone
Steven Short: Syndrums and vocal
Nora W. Deensman Eamonn Andrews: anagrams
See also: Suntreader

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1 Brubeck Time (US 1955 Columbia CL 622) VG+/VG original $30
Side 1Side 2
Audrey??Brubeck-P. DesmondStompin for Mili??Brubeck-P. Desmond
Jeepers CreepersMercer-Warren-arr;CollinsKeepin Out of Mischief NowRazaf-Waller
Pennies from HeavenBurke-JohnstonA Fine RomanceFields-Kern
Why Do I Love YouHammerstein II-KernBrother, Can You Spare a DimeHarburg-Gorney
Dave Brubeck: Piano
Paul Desmond: Sax
Bob Bates: Bass
Joe Dodge: Drums

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1 Feels Good to Me (US 1977 Editions EG EGLP 33) M-/M- $8
Side 1Side 2
Beelzebub3:16Bill BrufordFeels Good to Me3:49Bill Bruford
Back to the Beginning7:09Either End of August5:27
Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part One)2:30If You Cant Stand the Heat... 3:20Bill Bruford/Dave Stewart
Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part Two)4:25Springtime in Siberia2:43
Sample and Hold5:12Bill Bruford/Dave StewartAdios a la Pasada (Goodbye to the Past)7:56Bill Bruford/Annette Peacock
The music on this album was written between January and June 1977, rehearsed for three weeks and recorded and mixed at Trident Studios in London, August 1977. It's also a present for Carolyn and Alex.
Dave Stewart appears through courtesy of Front-Line Music, Inc.

Produced by Robin Lumley and Bill Bruford for E.G. Records Ltd.

The Players:
Bill Bruford: tuned and untuned percussion, kit drums; tunes and final say
Dave Stewart: keyboards - reasonably advanced harmonic advice
Allan Holdsworth: guitar
Annette Peacock: vocal
Jeff Berlin: bass
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn
Steve W. Taylor: engineer
John Brand, Colin Green, Stephen Short: tape operators
Pete Revill, Mick Rossi: equipment
Gered Mankowitz: sleeve photography
Dick Wallis & Jacquie Deegan: inner sleeve photography
Cream: sleeve design
with thanks to:
John Goodsall: additional guitar on "Feels Good To Me"
Neil Murray: a bass player when I needed one
Val Joseph: polymoog consultant
Apparently Jeff Berlin uses Leo Quan 'BAD ASS' Musical Products

2 The Bruford Tapes (US 1979 Editions EG [white label] EGS 106) co M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Hell's Bells4:02Stewart/GowenBeelzebub3:28Bruford
Sample and Hold6:18Bruford/StewartThe Sahara of Snow (part one)4:46
Fainting in Coils6:34BrufordThe Sahara of Snow (part two)3:07Bruford/Jobson
Travels with Myself - and Someone Else4:37One of a Kind (part two)8:06Bruford/Stewart
Bill Bruford-drums, percussion, electric chat
Dave Stewart-electric keyboards
Jeff Berlin-electric bass
The ‘Unknown' John Clark-electric guitar

3 Gradually Going Tornado (US 1980 Polydor PD-1-6261) M-/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
age of information4:41bruford/stewartthe sliding floor4:58bruford/stewart/berlin
gothic 175:07palewell park3:57bruford
joe frazier4:41berlinplans for j.d.3:50
q.e.d.7:46bruford/stewartland's end10:20stewart
Bill Bruford: drums and cymbals
Dave Stewart: keyboards
Jeff Berlin: bass and lead vocals
The Unknown John Clark: guitar
cello on "gothic 17": georgie born
voices on "land's end": barbara gaskin, amanda parsons
sleeve art direction and design: paul neagu
recorded at surrey sound, leatherhead, surrey, october and november 1979
first engineer: ron malo
second engineer: martin moss
tape operator: peter buhlman
mixed at devonshire sound, north hollywood, california, engineer: ron malo
See also: King Crimson, Moraz/Bruford, UK, Yes

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1 Body Meta (US 1978 Artistshouse AH1) gatefold M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Voice Poetry8:00Ornette ColemanMacho Woman7:35Ornette Coleman
Home Grown7:36Fou Amour8:31
European Echoes7:40
Produced by Ornette Coleman

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1 CCC Vol. II (US 1976 Muse MR5097) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
No More White Gloves (with Sand Under Your Shoes Doing a Dance)-Part I17:30L. JenkinsNo More White Gloves (with Sand Under Your Shoes Doing a Dance)-Part II16:58L. Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins: Violin, viola, recorder, toy xylophone, harmonica, bicycle horn
Anthony Braxton: Alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet, flute, contrabass clarinet, orchestral chimes
Leo Smith: trumpet, flugel horn, french horn, seal horn, misc. percussion
Muhal Richard Abrams: piano, cello, clarinet
Richard Davis: bass
Steve McCall: drums, misc. percussion
Recording Supervisor: Ornette Coleman
Recorded at Washington Square Methodist Church (Peace Church NYC)
Concert Production: George Conley
Recording Engineer: Orvelle O'Brian
Cover Painting by: P. Givens
Art Direction: P. Givens
Cover Design: Doug Dunn

1 The First Seven Days (US 1975 Nemperor NE 432) M-/VG $8
Side 1Side 2
Darkness/Earth in Search of a Sun4:30Jan HammerThe Animals6:09Jan Hammer
Light/Sun6:40Sixth Day - The People7:11
Oceans and Continents6:14The Seventh Day6:08
Fourth Day - Plants and Trees6:08
Jan Hammer: Piano, elecric piano, Moog synthesizer, Oberheim synthesizer and digital sequencer, drums, percussion, Freeman string synthesizer, Mellotron
On The Animals & Sixth Day - The People, David Earle Johnson, congas & percussion is added
On Light/Sun, The Animals, Sixth Day - The People & The Seventh Day, Steve Kindler, violin is added
Recorded & re-mixed at Red Gate Studio, Kent, New York
Assistant engineer: Andy Topeka
Management & encouragement: Nat Weiss
Custom audio installations: Andy Topeka
Cover Illustration: Milton Glaser
Art Direction: Paula Scher
Produced & Engineered by Jan Hammer

For those concerned: There is no guitar on this album.