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Welcome to! This site answers your questions about viewing and using Chinese on computers, and has related explanations, links, and sample programs.

This site also offer a wide variety of Chinese computing-related software libraries and consulting services
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Chinese Environments
Windows (2000/XP), Macintosh, Linux, DOS, PalmPilot, ...

Chinese on the Internet
Web, E-mail, CGI, ...

Chinese Text Editors
Fonts, MS Word, Emacs

Input Methods
Keyboard, Speech, Handwriting, OCR, ...

Chinese Computing Terms
Glossary, Microsoft
Programming for Chinese
Java, C/C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Localization, Databases, Companies, ...

Character Encodings
Big5, GuoBiao, Unicode, ...

Chinese Language Data
Radical/Stroke, Mandarin Pinyin, Romanizations

Computing in China

Natural Language Processing
Segmentation, Dictionaries, Machine Translation, Companies, ...

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